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    1. 26th February 2012

      by , 03-03-2012 at 12:18 AM
      Last Nights Dream

      I'm in a Hospital, I'm not sure why but I'm ill. I walk down a corridors and come to a room where there is a boy in a wheelchair, I look at him and then I go into a shop, I forget what I go in the shop for and the owner says "what do you want?" I say "ummmmm..you got any of those things for a sore throat?" I see some herbals and a Woman says "what tooth for?" Lol I think "uhhhh!!" and say "the back left" she says "these are what you want" and she throws me a packet of herbals.
      I have now gone back to bed but all the beds have disappeared apart from mine, they now bring in lots of baby cribs, people are lying on the floor wrapped up in blankets, these people all have a disease and are all being sick, it's really thick, cheesy like sick all different colours..it's totally gross . I'm walking in sick, I can smell it and it's getting all over me. I see a woman lying on the floor wrapped in a blanket, she is about 40 or so and has beautiful black hair it's in a up-do style, she looks old fashioned and I hold her hand and I say "it's ok, you can go now" she then dies but then comes back to life again, this happens about 4 times before she actually dies. I now look for the boy in the wheelchair, he's sad. I now sit and paint with a red pen which turns black aswell which I find a little odd, he comes but goes again ((the boy in the wheelchair that is)).
    2. The Jewellery Store (Between August 15 2011 and August 16 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 01:17 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a mall
      I enter the mall and go to a Jewellery

      I dont like what i see on the first Jewellery
      store, so i leave the store and go to another Jewellery

      On this second one, there´s another costumer beside me customer.

      I look at the owner, who is behind the counter.

      He´s around thirty years old, has black hair and a brown cream shirt.

      He complimented me and asked me if he can help in anything.

      I tell him I'm interested in seeing the papier maché package of a ring, and that i want to know the price of a thick silver silver necklace.

      He and the client have a strange behaviour during the time I'm talking, they look like they´re not understanding very well what I´m saying.

      Comment: It seems that during the time I speak, the owner and the client freeze...I think i was close to lucidity, as during the time they were frozen, I realized that there was something wrong, something unreal in all that...

      The owner and the customer return to normal and the owner tells me he thinks he can help.

      The owner begins to show me different jewelry.

      The counters are made of dark brown wood,they look a bit old; the counters have glass, both on the shelves and on each side of the counters.

      Herein appears the owner of the first Jewellery store where I entered before.

      It´s S.

      She shows up and starts looking for anything on display in this Jewellery store.

      She says, "Okay, I'll have to sell here."

      From what I understand, it seems that S will sell some of her merchandise in this jewlery, but she will keep the profits.
      The owner of this Jewellery store does not seem to matter.

      I look to S, and I notice that she has a very prominent forehead ....
      I look better and notice two tops in her head, like two misshapen and large blisters.

      I go to another store that has clothing and surf articles.

      I enter the store and i see a blue bodyboard on the wall.
      Behind the counter of this store is S A.

      Me and the owner of the second jewelry are eating something at a bakery in the shopping.

      During the breakfast he says that he would eat S's pussy if I could.
      I turn to him and tell him I know S from elementry,throughout high school.

      He is embarrassed for saying what he said to me.
    3. Old Days (Between 6th December 2010 and 7 th December 2010 ---- Third Dream)

      by , 10-08-2011 at 08:03 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      Judging by the style of people and cars it was apparently 1920 or 1936.
      I was in a house in a forest, it was Autumn, because the trees were "dry", and the leaves were falling. There were dirt roads..with the width of a car.

      I was in a house (hospital?). Another person was with me (had black hair, dark suit with white stripes, like a gangster). The hair was combed to the side.
      This person reminded me physically Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Inception. I, despite being sick,in bed, wanted to leave, to visit a twenty year old woman, but that person didn´t let me go visit her, because like me, he was in love with her. So he did everything for me not to go. He tried to chase me and lock me inside the house.
      I got out of the house.

      I grabbed my car, which was one of those old convertible Mercedes, painted in a dark green color, and went to see the woman.
      He must have called the police because I was on the way (still in the woods) and I see and hear an old police car coming towards,it had a loud siren. And behind that car,there was another, one that I knew it was the FBI. The car was dark. And it was that blond "Cold Cases" detective that was driving it.

      As i saw these 2 cars approaching, turned right to an "open terrain in the woods" where there was a white house made of wooden boards, seemed likethose houses of the Quakers ... And the car parked there, I lay on the ground waiting for them to go on the main road and not see me. Even lying on the ground, as the police car approached I was afraid they could see me, but they moved on, when the second car was coming, I thought that if the first did not see me, the second also wouldn't see me ... but the second car saw me. I was discovered by the blonde detective.

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    4. Sci-Fi themed apocalypse

      by , 01-24-2011 at 08:17 AM (Torra)

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      non-lucid , memorable