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    1. Old high school building

      by , 03-30-2016 at 07:48 AM
      At my dads there is this old highschool building thats been there for like 200 years. For some reason its abandoned and a bunch of teenagers are loitering there just kinda being mischievious. I'm walking around the school whenever I notice a girl with blond hair and bright blue eyes following me. I start running she's getting closer and closer still. Somehow I'm now wearing skates and I'm flying down the hallway. She cries out," Wait Katelyn, let me see your face! I'm dead! You went here with my descendants!" I fly into a window AWAY from her. The last thing I remember is seeing a browser pop-up and one of my friends's picture is up there. And he's got long blonde hair like when he was in high school.
    2. 6/28/14 - Monster Child

      by , 06-29-2014 at 05:41 PM
      My little sister and I are walking towards Almond Drive. I keep looking behind us. It feels like something is coming. I notice a small boy. He's no more than five years old with blond hair and blue eyes. He's not right. We start running. We make it to our house and try to shut the door. It won't shut. There is a gap about two or three inches wide. As we struggle to shut the door, the boy appears in front of it, snarling and trying angrily to get to us. We keep pushing him back and hitting him and doing everything we can to keep him away. He just keeps coming back.

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    3. 15th April 2012

      by , 04-17-2012 at 10:56 PM
      Last nights dreams
      Dream 1

      I am with 3 or 4 friends they may have been colleagues of mine from the station but I'm not 100% sure. There are 2 lads in my dream and they are horrible and had kicked the shit out of a friend of ours. I am now with a friend and also with the boss of the leisure Center and we are looking for the 2 lads, a friend of mine had been attacked in the gully by them so my friends didn't want me to go up the gully but I had to as I was sure they were up there somewhere. I get to the top of the gully and see the 2 lads, they are walking in the street not far from me. One of the lads looked like he had already had a good hiding, his nose was all bloody and looked smashed up like it had been put through a shredder his mate was sort of holding him up.
      I go back and find the boss of the leisure Center and my friend, I see them and shout "come on, there up here" the boss says "right leave it to me, I'll sort them pair of bastards out!" I find this odd because he is only skinny and looks terrified about confronting them. We now all walk back up the gully and wait for the 2 lads, the lads come over to us and start taking the piss. The one with the smashed up nose grabs me and pushes me against a metal fence that is behind me and my face is all squashed up against it. I look at my friend as if to say help me but he does nothing and I think "shit...I need to get out of this!" I begin to panick and feel really dizzy then I think "perfect...I'll pretend to faint" so I drop to the floor and pretend to be sparks my friends now come to my aid and I say "I got so scared I fainted!" a girl is here now and she looks at me and says "you should have just drop-kicked him" . I get up and the boss of the leisure Center breathes a sigh of relief and looks very relieved that the 2 lads have now gone and looks quite embarrassed that he didn't do anything lol

      Dream 2

      Me, my daughter L and another girl with blonde hair are helping someone do something. The girl with blonde hair keeps getting praised for all her hard work but me and L don't. The man and us 3 are now in a car, ohh yeah it's come back to me now......we are all on duty and the Sarg says to the one with blonde hair "you can do traffic because your bound to stop all the cars with your good looks" lmao she turns to me and L and has a smarmy look on her face, me and L just want to rip her face off now I look at her again and now she looks really ugly and I think "what is he seeing that I'm not" lol