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    1. I love you BBQ/ blue light

      by , 06-17-2019 at 09:45 AM
      I had10 LD this week maybe 11. One earlier in the week and 9 today. Will write down stuff from today to note what I did. And maybe add dreams from earlier in the week later.

      Practices :
      A nap earlier on Sat afternoon was tired sleep dep, 2-6pm ish.

      Did Mild here before sleep

      Then again from 1130-3am, 8 ld

      Slept one more sometimes in the morning maybe 9-10am one ld

      **I also remembered visualizing myself meditating in sleep

      For mild I just said mantra in 3 languages first, then asked my subconscious if it thought we could do it. Then addressed any feelings or doubts with past examples. Repeated in other language. Then repeated mantra with excitement.

      Night dreams : maybe missed one more bbq themed ld

      Nld: I was reading a book of sorts that could transform into comic book and stuff. As I flipped pages it had touchscreens each page and you could play games and stuff pretty cool.

      Wake: wake up a bit and hear sounds just lay still thought about ld maybe or just relaxed. Also took non ld related supplement and drank water.

      Ld: I was in my bedroom and I felt very scared or nervous. I walked towards the bathroom and an electric blue lightening like thing flashing in the room. I decide to sit down to the left to meditate.

      Ld: I think I was back in the bed rm with same fear. I decide to meditate again.

      Ld: I recalled I mediated in dreams twice already so I should keep having lds. I began rubbing my hands to clarify the environment.
      It becomes clearer and it was a BBQ scene with some ppl I knew.

      Ld: I was at home by the breakfast table. I just let the dream play. It was sped up progression of events of a life of I'd live in a certain way. I just observed the events. Mostly social media . I headed outside and climbed outside on roof. Then on neighbors roof. There were endless amounts of wooden planks and I kept climbing.

      Ld: I was back at the BBQ scene earlier I found my mom. I was parkouring around like last dream while ppl cooked BBQ.

      LD: It Das all darkness. Could not see anything. I began to pretend to swim and in a bit I swam on water, appeared at a shore. Either beach or lake. More likely a lake. Saw ppl on shore maybe we friends. Maybe bbqing again lol. Walked on shore I think .

      Ld: I was at a kind of a strange sex workshop or something. Wanted to get out of there. Bunch of ppl and symbolism regarding sperm.

      Ld: I was at kitchen, at breakfast table again. I saw my parents with nicely grilled chicken thighs on the table likely bbq, browned and liked crispy and moist. I ate some and it was delicious. I talk to my parents standing to the left and tell them.
      "I know this is a dream so I can tell you that I love you." they embrace and hug me with a pained bittersweet smile.

      I head out to the other kitchen where the garage was suppose to be. They're were chefs there cooking with tall pots. I wake up crying.

      Blue lightening was related to something I wanted to meet from a book.

      Went to 2 BBQ the 2 days prior. I was disappointed with the second one. Rude hosts. The ribs were hard as tree bark and the chicken wings tasted expired. I suppose it influenced dream theme. Ate the ideal chicken I wanted in dream.

      My friend talked about how she took sex workshop, likely the source of that dream.

      I also did not dream much last day or two, sleep dep.

      Morning dream :

      LD: I was on a paved road by a shore of a lake. lucid. I saw a beautiful tree and approached it. I observed its leaves and it was a pine tree. I decided to chew on some of the needles and try to taste its juices. It was too dry though and I couldn't taste the sour juices.

      -saw a couple of beautiful conifers during the day

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    2. Changing my appearance, sending for help, taking my skin off, battling

      by , 05-10-2017 at 07:54 PM
      Semi-Lucid: I am trapped in a car and need help. I send my spirit to go get help. Now, I am first person as the spirit. I go into the building to get help from others. Before I do, even though I (the trapped-in-the car me) needs help right away, I decide to explore a little bit. I don't find much and soon some people come my way. I try to get their attention (without them seeing me) and finally they come outside.

      I go to the car and want to see what I look like. When I am in front of the windshield- it appears more like a mirror. I focus and see that I look like my mom. I want to look different and I focus my intent on changing, until I look completely different. I succeed.

      NL: We are in a long battle. We are beat up. I take some of my skin off (odd!) to help repair one of the stronger team mates. We can't survive without her help. My skin looks like birch bark- it will need to be boiled and we will use the softer side's residue that will form a gelatin. This gelatin is then used to recharge her powers. Her power is a blue light.

      We charge forth and I end up in the middle of all the bad guys, forgetting what I should do to fight. I end up hitting these bad guys with my extra large arm- like an enhanced mechanical huge arm. When I hit them, they were just as hard. Everyone seemed to have metal parts.
    3. August 2013, 1-6th

      by , 05-02-2017 at 08:00 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/1/13 (L) Value: 0 | Generic Lucid 2
      I became lucid in my dream room, where I stabilized the dream. I rubbed my hands together and followed them with my eyes. That caused my real body to start to wake up, so I stopped for a second, then tried again. This time, I constantly moved around to keep the dream stabilized. I don’t remember anything after that.
      Time: 30-50 seconds

      8/2/13 | EMP, Blue Light in the Sky
      I had to eat an EMP, which was actually a stamp with a cruise ship on it. It was to stop a missile that was going to kill Sarah. When it almost exploded, I saw it dropping out of the sky. It shined a blue light for a second.

      8/6/13 (L) Value: 0 | Blue Magnetic Tornadoes, Leather Jacket, Changing the Main Male
      (L)-These magnetic tornadoes were all around a city me and my dream friends were in. A police officer drove up to the house we were taking refuge in as the blue one closed in on us. Somehow, the police car had flipped over, and the guy inside was killed by the tornado as it passed next to him. We all ran upstairs just as it hit us. When it hit us, all the metal stuff went flying, and then it dissipated. So we went back downstairs, and that is when the thought of dreaming crossed my mind. We walked out a door, and I woke up from forgetting to stabilize.

      -Dad and I walked into somewhere in a forest with shotguns and suddenly were sitting on a bench without them. The guns were now in a shed protected by a huge hornet nest barely 20ft away from it. I pulled on the rope connected to it, and ran onto the road leading out. Of course, and as usual, it’s hard to run in dreams for the most part, so when I tried to run, I was slow and floaty. Suddenly, I was wearing a leather jacket and a useless nerf gun, and I was suddenly at my house. [New Scene] I was in a video game and playing it at the same time with Ocarina of Time’s graphics. I was Link when I was playing it. When I tried to open a door, some text said, “You can’t open this door, but you can change the main male.” I went over to and talked to a Kokori dude with blue clothes, and he said something about his brothers being goofy and bringing that goofiness and irrational stuff to the kingdom.
      Time: 6-10 seconds
    4. Calling the Blue Pearl (Merkaba)

      by , 07-31-2015 at 08:55 AM
      Morning of July 31, 2015. Friday.

      Notes: The included images are from one of my wife’s many journals, this one being from age fourteen. The two scans are from the same journal page, one showing a distorted Merkaba form, and the other inclusive of the line “I feel you around me even though you have not found me”.

      Dream notes:

      Yet again, many years of my life and memory “vanish” and I am probably about nineteen years old. I am apparently in La Crosse at the Post Office (though it is actually a typical muddled composite location). Several other people are around (mostly males around twenty to thirty years of age) even though it is seemingly late at night (and the post office would otherwise be closed to the public by then in reality). I do not seemingly know anyone else though there is a friendly atmosphere.

      As I am seated across from another male, a Blue Pearl event (Merkaba portal) blocks my left eye’s field of vision (though not entirely) as in real life. However, this does not activate my memory (likely as it is just a rendered dream event and the Merkaba portal only appears in full wakeful consciousness). The other male had been aware of seeing the “blue flame” around me and seems somewhat surprised. “Did you see that?” I ask him and he nods.

      A little later, I try to “call” it but nothing happens other than a light blue veil-like impression in my left eye that quickly disperses. That is, it is very subtle and does not come “closer” or briefly flash and darken before fading. I end up trying over about twenty minutes in about three locations where other people are around. A couple people think I am jesting and make jokes about other colors such as yellow. One even pushes me near the shoulder (though lightly in a friendly manner). I am somewhat frustrated I cannot call back the Source for whatever reason, though I have no focused intent on why - just the idea of the appearance and not how I would relate to it. (Although there is information about “Metatron’s Cube” I have only ever seen the star tetrahedron that forms the blue portal when the normal and inverted pyramids come together and rotate in opposite directions, although my wife had drawn variations on it in her journal during her childhood and early teen years, along with, of course, the opossum under the airplane and hundreds of other remote-viewed confirmations.)

      There is one scene where a male is kneeling on the floor and seemingly doing some sort of occult ritual against another person (which I assume is metaphorical of people connected to the Source being manipulated by “normal” people and their false views of life). I immediately mumble some Latin (though I am not sure of the phrase; part of it was something like “dimittam”) and the implied villain falls over and is unable to move and the other person goes on his way.

      From here, I hear people talking about how the bus is late. I go out and see (on the other side of the street from the post office) two different buses, though there is another one on the post office side. The bus I have to get, second one across the street (facing southward) does not have a driver, as he seems to be involved in a fight - not a violent or physical fight but chasing someone from the area for some reason. The area north of the post office (on the side of the street I am on) is modeled fairly accurately after the bus stop area of the Chermside Shopping Center that was several blocks away when we lived on Stadcor Street, but this does not dawn on me. (Thus, once again, Australian and American settings join in an in-dream composite rendering.)

      I am feeling inside my right pocket for change and can clearly feel the coins (of which there are about seven of various denominations) and try to determine what they are by feeling the size - and reflect that there is at least about a dollar, though I am somewhat concerned if I have enough money for the bus (though I am not sure what the fee is), though I do not even reflect on what my destination is. My dream fades from around this point (before I get to the bus). It is possible, though not certain, that “trying to determine the denomination of a coin by feeling it” has something to do with a focus on trying to relate (blindly) to other people’s religions without really knowing at all what they mean, as “denomination” can also be defined as “a recognized autonomous branch of the Christian Church”.

      Although I do not typically document it online as it is almost continuous (and is sometimes so precise, it would almost make my dream extraneous by description - and who wants an extraneous dream journal), yet again a dream utilizes something my wife had been thinking (without her saying anything to me) or a detailed subject of something she and our oldest daughter had talked about (without any way of me knowing about it - unless there is some sort of invisible intercom on my computer desk that relays the information - a bit of dry humor). She and our daughter were talking about the “blue moon” last night (of which I did not know anything about otherwise).

      At the same time, it is also precognitive of something I see immediately after waking (also typical from day to day). In this case, it was a rather idiotic local article called “‘Blue moon’ doesn’t mean the moon is actually blue” and seemed almost like a humorous “continuation” of a couple in-dream concepts (from others in the post office).
    5. The Blue Light

      by , 06-29-2015 at 01:06 PM
      I am in a house with a couple of female friends I don't recognize from waking, and I'm semi-lucid. We're all standing in the kitchen which reminds me a bit of my grandmother's old house. Suddenly we begin to move towards the back room and I realize we're in a little train on a track. The train approaches the door, which opens automatically. On the other side is the outside world which drops far far down to the ground below. The metal tracks are suspended over it. Another track is merging with ours from the left and beyond that the tracks just end. It looks like it was built that way, but I "remember" that it wasn't that way before and this makes me nervous. The train is going too fast and I call to my friends to try and slow it down. I use the weight of my body to try to help. We slow down a little, but as we hit the bumper at the end of the rails, the train starts pitching forward, doing a front flip.

      Somehow I get out of this situation and back into the house, feeling more lucid. I think my grandma is standing in the kitchen now. I try to leave the house and the doors keep closing on me. The front door is sliding slowly closed like elevator doors as I approach, but I manage to stick my hand in at the last second and stop it. I float out and up, fleeing this madhouse of falling trains. I feel like the situation is pursuing me, so I angle more up, hoping to get into open skies, but instead of seeing sky, I see flat blue light covering most of my vision. It feels good though, so I plunge myself into it, letting it surround me. I no longer feel my body. I just let go of everything, including awareness unfortunately, and let myself BE in the light. Not sure if this ended when another dream began or ended on awakening.

      This light experience was had by Robert Waggoner as well, in a somewhat different way. I think I'll try seeking it out again sometime!
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    6. Flying Lucid, Healing with Blue Energy 03.13.12 (6:00am) and 03.14.12 (6:00am)

      by , 04-01-2012 at 06:05 PM
      Strange RV and House
      I climb in an RV. There are clothes everywhere. I notice that the piles of clothes are organized by color order the exact same way I organize mine - some even resemble clothes I own. All of the curtains are drawn, so I pull them back to let in some light, then head to the front of the RV to drive. I drive with ease. As I drive, the RV seems to be getting smaller. Eventually, I end up walking with a strange, mini RV strapped to my shoulders. I am in a house now and look in a mirror. I am now a boy (who kinda looks like Justin Beiber). I take of the "RV" and go into the nearby bathroom. There are tow doors. I walk over to close the other door. This door leads to another, secret room. I decide to explore. It is an opulent room that looks familiar. A woman who looks a little like Morgan Fairchild is sitting on a couch, petting a Pomeranian. I compliment her on her house and tell her it is like a maze. She says, yes, they designed it that way.
      Next I am reading a chart on how this house induces dreams.

      • A see a vision of "The Star" tarot card and hear a voice saying "Focus on the God of Dreams"
      • Boxes
      • Glitter explosions
      • Alyzarin sends me a "lover" request on DV. (I guess its kinda like a friend request.) It turns out to be a mistake. She ment to send me a request to help her find missing peices of a red shoe.

      (Sivason posted a technique for retraining your brain to WILD. Instead of doing the technique as intended, I somehow practice it during a FA and achieve a lucid.)

      FA - I am lying in bed watching the back of my eyelids, I am surprised to realize that I can easily create light to form a hand and arm. Movement comes effortlessly also. I easily step out of my "sleeping body" and a dream forms around me. I know I am in a dream, but don't realize that the body I just stepped out of was a dream body as well. As the dream forms around me, I realize I am in my room, although some details are different. I step through the mirror in my bedroom. I end up in black void. I stay in the void for awhile, then form a dream around me. I am back in my house again. I keep trying different mirrors in the house, but the mirrors keep putting me in void, which coalesces back into the house. I run into my mom (who lives in another city, not with me) and am surprised that she can see me - thinking she is in a WR body and I am in an astral body. Eventually, I decide to just jump out a high window and fly around a bit. I continue to spend most the dream flying around
      I fly through a window of one building. I see a bed with a boy around 12 or 13 sleeping. The bed is next to a glass window with a really great view. I hover over the bed and sit on the window ledge, ready for the next jump. Suddenly, the boy wakes up and asks me who I am and what I am doing here, and tells me he is very sick. I tell him I am a dreamer and can heal him. I place my palm above him and began shooting blue energy out of my palm until he is completely bathed in it. When I am done, he thanks me and tells me he is already feeling better.
      I jump out his window and start flying about again. I fly over many breathtaking landscapes. Once is a city full of skyscrapers, only instead of the usual grey, each is a different brilliant color.
      I keep bouncing off houses, then realize I have a dream goal. My goal was to visit my dream guide again. I remember Sivason's advice to call out to your dream guide and say "I am ready." I call out loudly as I fly "Dream Guide, please come to me, I am ready to learn." This is one of the first dreams where I can fully yell with my dream voice. I test my newfound voice and yell, "Hellllooooooo!" The sound is surprisingly loud and clear and ripples across the dreamscape. I look around as I'm flying and see no sign of my DG. I am still rather unfocused, even though I am lucid and know my goal. I land and contemplate flying into space, but then realize that it would be rude to call for my DG, then leave.
      Somehow, next I am in a large, wooden room. I am not sure how I ended up here. There is a dream plot about the people there throwing me a party. I keep trying to fly through the roof, but keep meeting resistance. Unable to escape, I end up giving into the dream plot. I see a pretty girl at the party, fly over to her, pick her up, and start waltzing with her in the air.
      Possibly, still at the party, I am standing on a high kitchen counter, in front of a cupboard. I realize the orange earplugs I fell asleep in are in my ear. I take them out and throw them on the floor. As I do, they turn into shipping peanuts. Soon as I pluck them out, however, another pair appears. I continue to pull them out and toss them on the floor until the floor is covered in shipping peanuts, only to continuously have a new pair reappear in my ear. I consider holding my nose, blowing, and popping them out my ear, but decide to just not focus on them instead.

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    7. The pain from a needle

      , 01-01-2012 at 11:47 AM (PRo's journey to the lucid light)
      Before I go to bed I do a breathing exercise where I draw white light into my bones. I can feel the energie very well and as I fall asleep I awake from a pain in my right side.

      I move my body a little but one's more a pain (stronger) let me show whats going on. I see my body full with yellow and blue light and there where the pain is a little lightpoint which moves straight into me. I try to wipe the pain away with my hands, but I have difficult to move then. The pain and county from the needles get stronger and stronger - finally I roll my body to the left and awake.

      I remember that I have in past many short nightmares immediately after fallen asleep when I do strong energie-exercises before. I should this statement integrate into my daily dream-exercises .
    8. 24 January 2011

      by , 01-25-2011 at 12:54 AM
      I was staying at my friend Jake's house. It was nighttime. Something strange was going on so I went outside to investigate. An unknown little boy came outside with me. We saw a sudden flash of blue light. An image of a figure drenched in blue fire came into my head. The boy and I went back inside. I told Jake what we saw, but he said it was probably my imagination. He was about to go to bed and asked another girl staying with us, Shannon, if she was going to sleep with him. She said yes and that Megan was too (Shannon and Megan actually used to date, but Jake is gay so he has no attraction to either).
      dream fragment
    9. Supernova

      by , 01-10-2011 at 06:31 PM
      My dream began at my ex's house, though I didn't recognize much of it. He was apologizing for getting me sick. People were walking through his room and leaving through the window, and I remember thinking how odd it was. I tiptoed on the border of lucidity, but I don't think I crossed over. Suddenly I found myself in another house...in someone's living room. It was O's place. It was night and he was sitting on this dark leather couch watching tv. I walked over and curled up next to him. It felt so natural, as if this was something we did every night. Sexy details omitted. We laid together on the couch, and I just remember feeling content and protected.

      The dream changed and I was in a scene from a movie, still just barely on the border of lucidity. I watched as the main character from Ink spoke to someone in the street. He was standing outside his car, as though he had just been in an accident. He was speaking slowly and seemed very sad. Although he wasn't dead, the view kept focusing in on his nose. I remember making a comment to someone next to me that I couldn't get over the fact that he was wearing a false nose. I think I was speaking telepathically with Edge, although he wasn't really there with me.

      The scene transformed again and the same man was flying at incredible speeds through space. The stars were leaving trails of light behind him. He had one fist out flying superman style, the other arm was also out in front of him. It moved backward as he put is hand forward and began collecting energy with his hand as he flew. He was summoning energy from all around him and I could see a cloud of glowing blue light, like lighting, forming in front of him. There was a tremendous amount of energy in that blue light. He was fighting something. I couldn't see what it was. It may have been his own shame. The cloud of energy exploded and the darkness of space was lit up like a supernova in every color. I could feel the light reflecting in my own eyes, and reverberating throughout my entire being. It was there. Knowing.

      Suddenly his entire body became superimposed with grid lines, as did the universe around him. He fell and landed with an enormous thud into a world made up of grid lines, almost pieced together like legos. There was a soft glowing blue ambiance. He had transformed into a huge inorganic sort of being made of these grids and blocks. He was still fighting...something. But the whole time I just watched and contemplated the beauty of the scene. I remember thinking how amazing it was...lucid dreaming...and how difficult it was to help others who haven't experienced it to understand. I remember thinking that *I* had flown through space and collected that energy cloud...which burst into a supernova in space. I remember thinking how different it was to actually live the experience rather than merely imagine it. It was just so beautiful. I remember thinking that they'll never understand.