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    1. Interdimensional Bathhouse; Music Box #5

      by , 11-12-2018 at 03:15 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m in what seems to be a bathhouse—a basic, no-frills rectangular room with a concrete floor, on the large side, with a number of small pools and folding screens that can be moved around. Although the setting also seemed shifty and indefinite in a more basic way—a “I had this dream early in the night” kind of way.

      Weird things are constantly happening there, strange figures materializing and disappearing again in a sort of timeless convergence - it almost seems like there's nothing outside of this place, even though in one sense I arrived here at a definite point of time - but nobody else seems aware of it. But this is normal: I hadn’t been able to see them once, but I had been through a long process—all of it, every stage. I go over it in memory: some parts of it had been unpleasant or even frightening, but there’s nothing frightening about it now that I can see the whole of it instead of just pieces. It’s familiar—it even feels like home somehow.

      I seem to have come here with two young women, and at some point—it’s very difficult to say what order things happened in in this dream—I say to one that this is a special place, that you can feel it in the atmosphere. I’m curious if she can feel it too, on some level. At some other point, perhaps earlier or perhaps later, one asks me if there’s anyone here I’m interested in romantically. I say that there is one person, but I’ve only spoken to him a couple times. And he hasn’t shown up here for a couple hundred years now—but I feel it’s best not to mention that.

      Also, at one point, one of them is arranging stuff around a pool we're going to use. There isn't enough space for two people to do it without getting in each other's way, but I don't want to just sit there, so I clean up some of the central area at the same time.

      Later on, towards morning, I have another dream. I’m now in a large house with my bouzouki instructor for a lesson. I have the impression that it’s not his house or mine—that he’s an employee here. There are interruptions to our lesson—we have to temporarily leave the house at one point and go somewhere else in a car.

      But we do make it back inside eventually, and he tells me to go get something. He gives me directions to the room and tells me to get #5, indicating approximately where in the room I’ll be able to find it.

      It’s only a few rooms away, and I make it there without difficulty. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this house a mansion, but the room I now find myself in wouldn’t be out of place in a palace. It’s richly decorated, 18th-century style, in blue and silver. There’s another doorway on the other end, and one of the longer walls, to my left, is covered with shelves, all of which are lined with ornate silver music boxes. They’re all individually numbered, and #5 is one of the farthest to the left, about mid-way up.

      It occurs to me that people who decorate rooms like this usually don’t like other people coming in and messing with them. But, at the same time, this place has the look of an archive. It will probably be OK, then. I take the music box off the shelf. It has its number and what seems to be some notes about it carved onto the top in a rather messy handwriting.

      I open it there—but unfortunately, I can’t really remember what happened then, although the dream kept going. Before carrying it back, I notice what looks like a bone flute lying on the floor, the only thing out of place here. Perhaps a child was playing with it and left it there, I think.

    2. In a Dark Place

      by , 09-09-2018 at 02:45 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      There is a woman—some dark entity had reached out for her, badly frightening her. She has shut herself away somewhere to get away from it, but it can still reach her. I can hear her screaming there—but I’m on my way to help her.

      The first thing I have to do is get out of a sort of wooden elevator running down the center of the building. I seem to have entered this way, going down, but none of the doors are opening. Somehow, I can see perfectly fine into the space beyond the shaft, but the walls are definitely there, and the doors are not only solid but quite heavy. I’m alone here in the elevator, but in communication with someone else—someone I know to be my mother, although she isn’t my actual, waking life mother. She seems to be playing some kind of guiding or teaching role.

      Above my head, everything just fades into darkness, like the heights of a cavern. Apparently, it doesn’t occur to most people who come here to look up for a while, and so this comes as a bit of a shock to them, but I can remember having been through this series of events before, and so this place holds no surprises for me. Besides that, I have access to a deeper understanding of the space I’m in: it’s defined by solfege, as if the intervals and their syllables are acting as some kind of abstract structural parameters, and they are also structuring what I am able to do in it and do to it.

      Once I finally manage to get out, I find myself in what seems to be an iteration of my old house in M---. This version looks twisted, hollowed out, dark—actually, there doesn’t seem to be a source of light anywhere, which would explain why, even though I feel vividly present here, it has an odd visual quality to it, and the only non-black color I can see here is blue. I’m using night vision. The blue is brightest in the fog hovering throughout the house, moving as though stirred by currents of air. When this fog is concentrated, it indicates the presence of a ghost—or perhaps it simply is the ghost.

      This whole place gives off a decidedly creepy vibe—a palpable sense of decay and malevolence. But the fact that I already know where all the dangers are takes the edge off the creepiness, as does the fact that this seems to be a case where there is no outcome but success. I already know things are going to turn out fine, and so I don’t let the place bother me too much.

      Now the person who is my mother is physically here with me, a couple rooms away—although, either because the walls are in ruins or because I can see through these ones too, she’s still visible from where I’m looking around the living room. Nothing much seems to be happening at the moment. I’m just keeping an eye on the blue fog. There are some mirrors there in the room: I use them to check my form as I practice jumping from side to side, moving between stances I might need to use later.

    3. Shop of Shiny Things

      by , 06-13-2018 at 04:15 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      In this dream, I ampart of a group, possibly of students, although we seem to be doing whatever it is we’re doing out in the streets of a city rather than in a classroom. At some point, I go into a shop with a few others. It’s selling clothing—skirts mostly, long, summer-y ones that look handmade, in a variety of colors and patterns, but some belts and scarves and things as well.

      The things in the shop don’t seem to be in any particular order: in one part of the room is a big pile of loosely-folded skirts. I think one skirt looks interesting and pull it out to get a closer look, but it now seems to be a sheepskin vest with pictures and words on it, not really like anything else in the shop. I put it back.

      I then look at a display of jewelry on one wall. It all appears to be carved out of some kind of iridescent mineral of many colors—definitely something natural, judging by the variations. Next to the jewelry are some plectra made from the same material. A young woman from the class tells me that there are more in another part of the room, so I go to look at those as well.

      I find one plectrum there that’s blue, in a kind of boomerang shape. It looks interesting, but I’m concerned that it’s too blunt. Another is a brilliant red with little flecks of black and white on the edges and basically triangular, but with slightly concave edges going up to the point. I’ll buy that one, I decide.

    4. A Direct Path

      by , 02-22-2018 at 06:29 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      Almost all of the details of this dream faded from memory when I woke up. All I can remember of the earlier parts was of a complicated plotline that seemed to involve three main character and ended with everybody getting onto buses.

      I was watching everything take place, and I knew that something was going to happen soon—some conflict, I think. I now had a sort of abstract representation in front of me, a rectangular box filled with a blue sand-like substance. It was arranged in little wavy lines, most of them going only a short distance before being interrupted by other little wavy lines going in different directions. I traced a wavy line going all the way from one corner of the rectangle to the opposite one, cutting across the other lines. This would allow the people in the dream to move into action quickly once it became necessary. Their reinforcements would be able to arrive in the same amount of time as it would have taken them to travel along only one of the hundreds of tiny lines.

      Tags: blue, buses, lines, travel
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. monstrous

      by , 03-17-2017 at 06:37 PM
      D1 - I'm on top of a bus trying to escape a horde of zombies, with some other people. While we are deciding how best to proceed time passes. When I look down again the bus is moving and there is a serious horde of zombies climbing up the buss/hanging on. We have spades to try and knock them off. I think of jumping off but feel I will be to badly injured.

      D2- Two managers from work in inside a barn where there is a big oven thing with a load of kids heaped in it. They are deciding which to eat.

      D3 - I am escaping but am Lilliputian and all the plants in the way are enormous.

      D4 - Inside something like a tube train there are loads of green and blue alien looking things. we are trying to catch the monstrous one among all the others. When the doors slide open we try and catch it before it escapes.
      Tags: blue, green, ogres
    6. blue lightning

      by , 02-27-2017 at 06:49 PM
      In my dream there was someone who really messed up my plans, so I shot at them I think. Then I kind of exploded them. There was still some of them left so I used my powers to conjure up blue lightning (which seemed to be some kind of antimatter annihilation thing). There was nothing left.
      But I felt a certain amount of remorse so I used my powers to materialise them none worse for wear.
      Tags: blue
    7. The artist in the arena

      by , 01-11-2017 at 08:41 AM
      I'm talking to a man, a great inventor or artist of some kind, who's been given an arena to work in. The structure is very white and the sky is very wide and very blue, and the arena's filled with shadowy figures he's been given to work for him, something like automatons, not alive. Human-shaped, but when I focus on them they look a bit like something that's been burned to charcoal, flaking at the edges, except for their teeth, which are white and sharp; inactive right now.

      Until this moment I had a lot of contempt for this man. But he's saying to me, "I'm not an idiot," and that he knows he's already made his last great work. Though he's currently working on a project, and though his masters who gave him this arena have great expectations of him, he doesn't expect to live to complete it. His bitterness makes me think a little more highly of him.

      Working for these things was a mistake. I don't say this to him out loud. There are a couple floating hooded figures with white masks in the arena, and we're both putting on something of an act for them. They're not his bosses, or guards, exactly, but they are effectively monitoring him at the moment. Something more like citizens, as opposed to slaves like him, however honored a slave he might be. He turns off the music he's been listening to while he works, and he's trying to give the impression that he's simply stopping work for now and going to bed as usual, that there's nothing wrong.
    8. November 7 2016, Semi-Lucid

      by , 11-07-2016 at 11:16 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Off and on sleep at around 11am, when I noticed my body was very sleepy and I knew I was about to go into either SP or a lucid. So, I thought to myself 'okay let's go lucid' as my body started to feel that numbing high feeling that comes with lucid sometimes. I needed to create a dream scene, so I decided on the skydiving example that I've used in the past. For a moment, I could see the open door of a plane and blue sky out of it, but then that faded quickly. I tried to imagine another scene. For some reason, a girls face appeared in front of my view. She was blue and had darker hair, I couldn't make out any of the details in her face but I've seen her before, probably in the same way as last time, coming into a lucid.

      The girl's face fades away, and now I appear in my room from Mechanicsville, except the bed is against my window looking at the wall. The first thing I notice is my hands. I flip them over a couple of times. I notice that the room is very dark, so I shout "illuminate!" but nothing happens. I can sort of tell that the dream is collapsing, so I tell myself "no" and start rubbing my hands together. I can feel friction, and the dream stabilizes. Next, I look up at the ceiling fan and shout "illuminate!" again, and this time the room flickers and then lights up. I celebrate to myself and then decide I was going to go look at myself in the mirror because the image is fucked up in dreams. So I walk into the hallway and into the bathroom. There, I see myself in the reflection, except it's like I'm in a carnival fun house or something where the mirrors distort how you're shaped. I get up close and see my face is all smooshed together and I laugh. Then, I remember that IRL I wrote an "A" on my left hand for the "awake" reality check. I looked down at my left hand and see that where there was an "A", there was just a semi-circle with some lines coming off of it. Then, I noticed under that symbol the words "A MOOSE OWWES" written in red pen. This confuses me one because I thought that people couldn't read in lucid dreams and two that sentence doesn't make any sense at all.

      After that, I walk downstairs but halfway through need to take a seat because the dream is collapsing. I rub my hands again and shout "illuminate." I can hear my mom yelling at me from the kitchen. She's telling me that I'm going to distract my sister who is sitting at our counter doing some sort of puzzle. I walk past them
      and then the dream collapsed.

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    9. blue collar

      by , 10-29-2016 at 05:11 PM
      D1 - Working for a company. We are joined by another and new company that seem reputable unfortunately they have been duped by others so that they can use our facilities, therefore gaining a back door entrance as we are not allowed to check their premises.
      Inside the office of the new firm they have received an assignment of boxes. In my minds eye I see them as containing some kind of weird green plant.
      In actuality when an employee opens the first box to find a very small insect like creature in some brown viscous gloop on his desk. He looks closer only to find the insect produces a mini-screen with red border, on the screen is written a statement saying they have nothing to fear. I can hear the thoughts of the insect as it laughs having fooled the humans.
      He then feeds the insect some food, it immediately starts to grow dramatically in size. It is now almost human size and gaining. It is a blue and yellow giant ant (help!). It tries to put it back in a box in a filing cabinet but it has its pincers around his head and he is now trapped instead of the insect.

      D2 - At my parents house they have made a much bigger plot of compost heaps, which they're are steps up and down to.
      Tags: blue, insect, work, yellow
    10. WILD / Purple Mountains in the Distance

      by , 10-16-2016 at 04:16 AM
      Awake after about seven hours of sleep.

      Meditate for 26 minutes.

      Do energy body work, i.e. Inner alchemy, chakra activation.

      Conditions: In room. Laying on back on slight incline. Lights on.

      Methods use: imagine floating above body, walk around courtyard, swaying above body, sphere coming out of head and seeing self from above; energy body stimulation, autosuggestion, and so forth .

      After about fifteen minutes of going through the several methods described I allow myself to fall asleep while maintaining a moderate level of concentration and awareness.

      After a estimated three minutes I suddenly become fully conscious in my bed, seeing that I can see through my closed eye lids and there is a strange feeling of 'energy' in my body I quickly conclude I am in the dream state.

      It takes a few moments to be able to rise from the dream bed, I visualise and Will my subtle body to coagulate and solidify, I then attempt to role on to the floor, after several tries I am successful.

      I walk slowly out of my room into the hallway allowing my vision to crystallise into a steady state, when I walk into the living room I notice that the coffee table is no longer there, but this does not surprise me a great deal.

      I walk outside through one of the many living room windows, I am on a second story. The ocean is again extremely close, only some thirty feet from the door. To my great surprise however there was perhaps one of the most magnificent landscapes I have ever seen in this word or that one. The first thing that drew my attention on the other side of the water was a towering and jagged mountain covered with snow, it reminded my of pictures of mount Everest. The next aspect of the scene was also remarkable, behind and to the right of the mountain was a purple and blue sun set, (or sunrise) there were a great variety of shades of the colours, coupled with multi textured streams and clumps of white clouds.

      After enjoying the view I decide I would like to interact with some people, to my left down the shore about one quarter of a mile I see a small building, it looked at first like a store or small home. I lift only five feet off the ground and fly quickly toward it, stopping was a little tricky, my momentum wanted to carry me a bit farther. I walk in, it is a bar, there are maybe ten people standing around drinking, some by the bar, others chatting next to the several pool tables.

      Break in memory. I am in the dream bed again. First I hear a stand up comedian talking, it was Joe from the show 'impractical jokers', it went on for a little while but i only recall one line accurately. He says "Why are there so many gays now days?" and then says "One thing:finger paint". Needless to say I found this a very odd stand up routine. Next there was the voice of a man who lectures on the evidence of alien structures on the moon and other things similar to that I had heard recently, this went on for some time.

      Break in memory. I am again in my dream bed. There is a extra TV in front of the bed, I watch it few a moment and ascertain it is a dream re make of the classic movie 'the exorcist', that did not worry me, but I looked away not wanting to freak myself out.

      I am walking through the hall next to my room again. A old old friend walks by and quickly reaches over and pinches my back causing a mildly unpleasant sensation. I attempt to talk to him but he ends up walking through the wall next to the bathroom, it did not occur to me to follow him.

      I was in bed for something like one or two hours, I cannot help but feeling that a large portion of the lucid dream was forgotten sadly.

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    11. Jumping through hoops

      by , 10-10-2016 at 01:00 PM
      D1 - I was at my parents house, everything was really white (as usual in my dreams). I threw some rubbish out of the window and was spyed by a neighbour so I scooted out of there. Apparently I was running late for work (a lot) and ran down the road to the only bus stop in thre little village.
      Got to work late wearing black jeans and there was some kind of function going on (reminded me of old work place). I then am climbing across a semi circular structure made of giant metal hoops, it is not easy at all but the other employees are trying to use the stairs? as well a man and a woman in evening dress. The man is particularly annoying, criticising my method of climbing. I am practically falling off by this point.

      D2 - The are two kinds of bees, blue and green. Although they look fairly alien, nothing like bees at all.
      The blue ones make a clicking noise and clip together?
      Next Billy is trying to carry a load of gold and bees? precariously on the top of a car that is being driven slowly around a sloping road. He is on top. Somebody tries to stop us and I get fed up and cut his head off with some kind of wire. We then have to run for it. We are in a posh edwardian building wearing black tailored tailcoats. We have metal trays to protect against the impending barrage of bullets heading our way. One of us has green on and one blue.

      The blue and green seemed to represent the two people I contacted, yesterday or two possible routes for me to take in life.
      Blue for the blues, green for go I guess.

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      Tags: blue, edwardian, green
    12. Moving fragments

      by , 10-01-2016 at 11:47 AM
      D1 - [Repeat dream] I need to meet a deadline for a performance
      I have no instruments for my class or choice of song. We start to make our own instruments and manage to make a few percussiion things. Then a second group make something else etc. Next the song we make up at random.
      I go from the usual panic in the dream to feeling things are achievable.

      D2 - Outside school parents are being run over by traffic but due to holes in the road filled by flooding, they are knocked underwater tempoarily only, but it is upseting to watch and i am very concerned each time it happens. I see the face of a blond woman going under water then breath sigh of relief as I see she is unhurt.

      D3 - At last I am moving to a house where I will have a proper bed. I imagine my previous homes in the dream. One place where I had to stay on a L-shaped black leather couch in the front room of a modern style apartment. And another place where I had to sleep on a black leather gym bench and remember it being cold in the morning with the sun light of early morning shining in.
      I awake in the new house next to shonuh, she is kissing me but i am still half a sleep and dont realise what is happening until she has stopped. She says she knew she shouldnt but had always wanted too. I feel its a shame I wasnt awake LOL.

      Frag - Going out the exit before remembering to get shopping and having to go long way round to get back in.

      D4 - At school I am a kid and am rooting for our favourite teacher with other kids. There seems to be some kind of silent power struggle between to teachers.
      One teacher tries to humiliate our teacher by getting a kid to bring him a dish of what looks like pinky orange melon in a star anise shape. I looks horrible, wet and cold.
      He tries to eat it and it goes everywhere. The girl next to me brings him a load of tissues. He flinches when she dabs at his chin, then excepts thankfully.
      He gives us the thumbs up saying something about the red t-bones we are wearing as neck ties.

      D5 - Decorating the front room, which has a rectangular padded black bath in it. Behind the bath the wall needs painting. I cant complete painting it light blue as there is a patch where the condensation makes it impossible to apply the paint. The peeling paint around the long gap is in the shape of many pairs of hands. I suggest having a tank of sand to absorb the excessive moisture in the air. At the end of the bath I put the sand with some shells on it, there are strong objections to this idea.

      - Person with red paisley shirt with skin burnt/cut stuck to it.
      - Staying at house with no heating waiting for repairman.
      Tags: black, blue, music, red
    13. Moving on

      by , 09-26-2016 at 06:27 PM
      Finding a new home. The house was a split building with a shared garden in the middle with a giant blue bouncy inflatable thing and a section of newly planted trees.
      The house sections were square with wood and glass sections. The place felt very cosy and I was glad to be moving. I still needed to move stuff out from my old place The new place had a giant set of keys in a pyramid kind of shape, black and silver.
      Tags: blue, glass, house
    14. Work it out

      by , 09-24-2016 at 11:56 AM
      D1 - In a building from a previous dream (not WL) it has two floors, all paintwork and fixtures are white. The building is cube shaped with a central open (mezzanine) area.
      I am worried as I am supposed to be teaching but don't know where my class is. I should know but have to check the timetable outside the staff room to try and find out (This reminds me of previosuly when my timetable would always be changing). The headteacher is giving me glances, I pretend all is ok. Ed helps me look at the info. but its no good.
      I wander around looking for the class and eventually find them.

      D2 - In an ancient village, Very large luminescent symbols appear. They change colour. We are trying to get the right colourc combination (apparently). This will help us achieve something.
      A man is supposed to have taken the correct combination for me to a village elder but for some mysterious reason he was late. He put it into the elders hand just as the time elapsed. So I didn't get anything.
      I am pondering as to why he was late.
      In my mind's eye I see the large patch that he was handing to the elder.

      D3 - Children are doing some art. when I go to look at a child's work they have painted a concentric pattern of butterfly wings, tear drops onto a shell that should have been a snail pattern.
    15. dragons and more dragons but no lucid

      by , 08-03-2016 at 05:37 PM
      D1-At a beach side pool the people are all really annoying, they think I cant understand the moronic things they are saying. They think I am spanish and dont understand.
      Even their own children are getting hurt and crying they are so dumb.
      I make out certificates for 1st,2nd and 3rd place idiot family.
      I give out the 3rd place certificate but then unsuprisingly get into an argument.

      D2- Really long ass dream about dragons.
      I am in a bar and a woman sees I have a dragon, just a tiny spirit one that circles round my arm. I tell her she is messing with me as no one can see the dragon except me. Turns out she can as she has an unawakened dragon in her. More chat about legend surrounding dragon.
      I tell her she is in danger and that I can train her if she wants.

      D3- I am back talking about dragons to the woman. We are outside the bar.
      I have been exiled as when I tried to awaken my dragon 110 years ago ar age of 16 I was almost killed and my soulmate was killed. I felt was my fault at time and agreed to exile. I tell her I am bad news but if she wants to I can teach her meditation and dream work (she needs to be lucid) she needs to grow her dragon spirit, which is a rare white one. Mine was silver but I only have bit of red dragon from gf that died.
      Anyways badies detect her power output which is super high and before I can cloak her, I have to face off against them.
      Oh I already kicked some rich families kids ass so they are supposed to kill me for the family to save face.
      I have learnt some techniques so that I could take powers from the kid dragons I fought (who were suitors for white dragon) so I have blue,green,red and black dragons at level 5 tier. So even though they are higher level I still end up flying around and punching at super speed and take them all down.But I dont kill them.
      I catch interest after fight from dragon mafia , who enlist me (I dont nind as I hate all the privelidged familes that exiled me) and come out of exile and take white dragon with me.
      I tried to cut details down was long ass repeating dream.

      D4- Now I am third person watching story unfold in a cafe. New woman looking like dream girl from dreams I had a while back.
      She spots a dragon spirit , guy who looks like philip marlow detective, he is stone dragon.
      He does some detective work and finds out as her nickname is "goldie" that she is legendary gold dragon that only appears once every few thousand years and only in one realm.
      A silver dragon exists in London that is her soul mate of legend.
      But the dragon has been cursed by dragon soceity for a crime and should be dead.
      Detective sends goldie to dragon school in another realm where she can find out about dragons and info on how she may break curse on the silver dragon.
      She finds out silver dragon was banished as he did not accept privelidge of dragon title and wanted equality between all dragons. Academic tutoring goldie scoffs at stupidity of idea and likens it to equal rights in human world. She hides her anger but he sees through it and says it is ok she has spent to much time among normal humans and will see sense in time.
      She sets off to rescue silver but is being tailed by agents and has to leave a coded message to meet stone dragon.

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