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    1. Nonlucid Bits&Bobs

      by , 02-24-2015 at 04:52 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a full beard/mustache. I was trying to shave it off with my electric razor. (Strange cause IWL, despite being 19, I hardly have more than a few stray hairs on my face.)

      Something to do with the boardwalk behind my subdivision. I was exploring it. Everything was overgrown, however. There were huge fern/palm trees growing. The creek (normally polluted and full of garbage) was running crystal clear. It was very foggy and somewhat dark. I also remember being very hot and being partially lucid. I think I was flying around.

      I was at college. I had wanted to take this girl out to lunch after she told me about how here scholarship stopped paying her and now all of her money was going into paying for her classes and she couldn't afford her meal plan anymore.

      I got distracted though. There was some kind of drawing competition where you would trace around a person and then texture their body. You were rated on the creativity of how you textured the body. I remember that my group was upset because I hadn't been there for the competition.

      They had traced around the girl that I was supposed to be taking out to lunch, but the legs were very out of proportion and very small. The texture they had chosen for her body was fish scales. She then got very angry with all of us for drawing her with fish scales.

      The RA came and told her that it was just an art project and was supposed to be fun, but she lost it.

      There was something to do with the bottom floor of our dorm being converted to an art supply store.

      There was also a complex plot about the girl that I was supposed to take to lunch. I think that her scholarship was made void by her controlling boyfriend, who was able to pull strings in order to keep this girl with him out of need, even though she would have broken up with him long ago...

      I think I need to hit the autosuggestion notebook and set some proper dream goals before tonight. I think that the reason for my sludgy recall and lack of lucidity might be lack of organization and clarity. It's basically a put-good-in, get-good-out kind of thing. If I organize my thoughts in my autosuggestion notebook, then becoming lucid, recalling dreams and accomplishing goals should be much easier.

      While I'm writing side notes, last week, I started a daily journal on my computer. I've heard quite a few dreamers recommend this for dream recall and clarity. So far, I have only noticed a slight improvement.

      I like to use the daily journal to also track things that I would normally not track in my dream journal, but can still pertain to lucid dreaming, such as my bedtime and daily activities.
    2. Finn's Future Nightmare, Rocket ships growing from foam cutouts, old bullies try to take my computer

      by , 10-31-2014 at 09:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This was a very strange one. I was in what felt like a Wendy’s or McDonalds, save for the place was deserted, and it felt like it was closed. I was sitting in the corner along with a dream character who I did not recognize, but was a male.
      [Dream Logic] They showed me a box full of these cutouts that were made out these really tough foam. They were cut into radial snowflake like patterns and he told me about how they were ‘Grow your own spaceships’. All you had to do was add water and they would turn into a spaceship. [/Dream Logic]
      To be honest, the DC might have been Marcus, but I can’t remember. The dream was so blurry. This seems crazy even for something he would come up with.
      So I took two of them out of the box. We had a cup of water and we used these little eyedroppers to get them started. The foam starts to puff up, and sure enough metal paneling begins to emerge and build. Watching this thing self-assemble is strange. It is fascinating to watch. The assemble seems something like a transformer, and I eventually see a rocket engine assemble in the center.
      “Ya see that? That’s the kind of engine that will get you to Mars!”
      The dream carried on for a long time as the spaceship continued to grow, transform and change. For some reason my spaceship turned into a large dark green suitcase with rocket motors on the bottom, and lights on the inside. The DC told me that the foam cutout was faulty and that I would try with another one. I lost the dream around there.

      Something to do with being in a rather small room with a pool and a hot tub. For some reason all of the tiles are a rich forest green and there are high, narrow windows running along the top of the wall.

      I am with S. We are in my room together and there is a large wall-mounted flatscreen TV on the wall where the dresser should be. We are sitting on the end of my bed, wrapped in blankets and eating popcorn out of a huge bowl. S wants to watch an adventure time episode called 'Finn's Future Nightmare'
      The episode is supposed to center around Finn's future son who in the episode is this nightmarish monstrosity. There are a couple of blurry indistinguishable scenes that go on for a minute or two, then one of his shadow. It pans up to show a silhouette of the character. He is huge and brawny and has sword blades in the place of his hands.
      There are then some scenes of him terrorizing innocent candy people. For some reason they are in this really realistic setting. This is followed by a scene of adult Finn rushing at him with the Grass Sword and Jake who has morphed into a shield. Supposedly in this future of adventure time, Jake can change not only the shape of his body but the composition; so his shield transformation actually looks like a shield.
      His son steps out of the shadow. He looks like a little bit like the basic Finn (Save for muscles and sword hands) with the same outfit, and he has five or six of these pinwheel devices running up his shirt like buttons. They open and expand and fire energy out in different colors. Finn blocks them with the sword and he charges into melee range.
      Finn wakes up from his nightmare, and Jake asks him what he dreamed about. He says he doesn't want to talk about it.

      I am casually strolling along in the industrial park that is a few blocks from my house. The area has become a swamp and the factories are abandoned and flooded. It was some kind of post-apocalyptic future where my town had been destroyed and flooded, and the boardwalk had been built as a means for the new generation to walk around and explore what past towns and cities looked like.
      Also, for some reason in this dream, I was like 14 or 15 years old. (I was walking around in the body that I had when I was 14 or 15. Something to do with cloning me.)
      I had my computer with me. I approached a sitting area on the boardwalk and opened it up. I began typing up (in a word document) my dreams from earlier in the night when I was approached by a group of maybe six people. Some of them had vague resemblances to kids who used to bully me in middle school. One of them tried to grab at my computer, but I closed it.
      I then remembered that it was when I turned fifteen that I started taking self defense classes. I wondered if my skills were any good. I saw one of the bullies try to do a mock kick to make fun of that fact, but he fell over backwards.
      Another bully tried to grab my computer from my arms but I backed away. I leaped into the air and kicked him in the face. He fell over and I landed. A guy charged at me from the right and swung at me. I ducked. He then tried to uppercut me. I leaned back. Another guy came at me from the left. I kicked him in the gut and he fell over. The guy on my left swiped at me, and two more guys were coming in. I threw my computer up over me and caught it behind my back. I thought to myself how I should be careful doing stunts because I don't want my laptop to be broken or stolen.
      Even though I was holding my own in this fight, for some reason I decided to try to get these guys off of me.
      I yelled: "Police Officer!" and pointed behind them. All of the bullies looked where I pointed.
      There was nobody there.
      One of the bullies yelled "Oh, Sh*t!", and they all started running as if they were actually in trouble.
      Dream characters don't get much more stupid than that.
      But if that wasn't strange enough, I started running too. I can't remember why. I guess I figured that they might realize that there actually was no police officer and would try to chase me down. As I was running, I noticed that I was barefoot, and I seemed to be pushing off the ground with just my toes.
      I then noticed that the frequency of my steps was very low. I was taking one step every ten feet and the way I was bounding off the ground; I almost seemed to be floating.

      I became partially lucid, dropped my computer and started flying when the dream ended.
    3. First WILD?! (LD #128)

      by , 10-30-2014 at 03:40 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Kind of a funny story behind this one. I was very tired/bored today and at around 6:30 I got in bed and a few minutes later I was out cold. I slept for about three hours until my roommate came in with this random girl and woke me up.
      Then the random girl left and my roomate got into bed as well, I went back to sleep and for the first time ever, I WILDed. And completely by accident.
      I began seeing wispy images, that I was in the water. It was third-person at first, and I was dreaming more about the big waves crashing down on me trying to drown me. Got some good views of my dream-self though. Gonna draw him soon, along with Manei.
      The waves were not as big as they have been in the past, but big nonetheless. I flew in and in the strangest feeling ever I gained control of my body. I was standing in knee-deep water and the big wave was coming down on me, about a foot higher than my head. I used Waterbending to split it, like I had done before. For some reason the Waterbending made like a box cut out of the wave.
      I got out of the water and onto the beach. I was nowhere familiar. Just one of the billions of tropical/beach island locations that my dreams manifest. This island was small and had a comparitively very steep rocky mountain on it.
      I realized how wispy the dream felt, like I could wake up at any moment. I began laying down some aggressive dream stabilization, shouting "I'm dreaming" and clapping and rubbing my hands together to get a better feel for the dream.
      There was no way this dream was going to last for any considerable amount of time, but I should still enjoy it while it lasts. I began walking up the side of the island with the most gentle slope and somehow found myself in the parking lot of my high school, only the high school had been replaced with this huge ornate white building. It was mostly low-laying, but there was this massive clock tower that had to be at least 20 stories high. Quite an epic construction.
      For some reason, I decide that I want to fly to the top of the clock tower. Jets on, I start hovering. For some reason, I find myself hovering just a few feet off the ground. I try to give myself more power to rise higher but it causes me to fly sideways and smash into somebody's car.
      "No! I want to go up!"
      I look back and the building looks completely different; now looking more like my actual high school. When I managed to get a good look from above, I saw that there was this huge wooden boardwalk on the back. It was going out over this lake that isn't there IWL. I wanted to go inside the building and see what I could find, but the main entrance had this huge line of DCs going out of it. There is no way I'm waiting in that. So the only logical thing to do was to try and land on the platform and go in the back door.
      I for some reason, my flying cuts out on me at the absolute worst time; just as I am getting up and over the building. I am flying much faster than I usually do and then my jets just cut out.
      I 'fly' on a trajectory over the building and land on the boardwalk structure. I then proceed to tumble and bounce across it several times, breaking the floorboards of the boardwalk before hitting the railing and breaking that too. This hitting this thing gives me a strange sensation, it's not really pain, but just more of hard impacts with the boards. (I suppose a tumble like this would kill most mortals though.) I try to focus in on the sensation and use it as dream stabilization.
      I sit up, and look back at the path of damage along the boardwalk. A couple of dream characters look at me with looks of shock and confusion. I lose the dream and FA.

      Something to do with my roommate installing a tiny urinal inside our dorm room. (About 6" by 10") There is this little step in the floor that hides the plumbing, and it is this little urinal. I have many a question for him; like how we're supposed to get any privacy and how we're supposed to pee in this tiny thing in the first place, and why we even need it. The dream dragged on for a few minutes before I woke up for real.

      It is now 10:40 where I am. I'm gonna try and go back to bed and see if I can get another lucid. Glad I'm LDing again. Hopefully I can still catch some of my momentum from before. Having only half of my lucid barrier still standing probably helps.
    4. Star Trek Sneezes, Wooden Barge-Island (LD#120)

      by , 10-12-2014 at 01:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Man, I don't know what happened to me the night before last.

      I recall bits and pieces some dream about forgetting a paper for a class in college, and then going back to my room to get it.

      I recall being on the cast of Star Trek. I cannot recall if the dream was just about filming Star Trek, and if everything was being faked or if I was actually dreaming about a 'real' Star Trek scenario.
      We are in this area (that I'm pretty sure isn't actually on the show) called the data core room. It is this huge maze of passages on the back of the enterprise with all of these clear blue glowing crystals on mounts in the wall. Supposedly they were some kind of memory crystals for the ship's computer system that kept track of all the star systems and alien races.
      There is a group of 8 or 10 people. The only ones I recognize are Kirk, Picard, and Spock. I think some other famous characters were there. (I don't know, I've only seen a few episodes of Star Trek in my life.)
      Anyways, we are back here because supposedly the air quality here is the best in the ship, and doing some experiment with this new disease that is supposed to be harmless. They release it and everyone seems fine except for this other character; A teenager with brown hair made into an afro.
      The guy starts sneezing (ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo!) repeatedly, without stopping. He starts sneezing more and more violently, and eventually starts to sneeze up blood. Spock calls up a medical technician, but for some reason the guy on the other end is just screaming "AMBULANCE! AMBULANCE! CALL AN AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW!!"
      Something seems familiar about the sneezing disease, but I can't put my finger on it.

      I also notice that for some reason there are racks of candy in the area, and decide not to focus on the guy sneezing, even though I can still hear him. I look at the candy and consider buying some. Somehow the data core room was mixed with a candy store.
      I somehow get 'outside'. I am on this (either cruise ship or island, I think it was an island but felt like a cruise ship). I get a little confused thinking this is actually the exterior of the Enterprise. There is this big wooden boardwalk with all of these restaurants along it. There are also these huge wooden wheel sculptures.
      I see someone I know in WL (we'll just call her E). I go over next to her and we start talking about the sculptures.
      Awww... what a charming, romantic moment in a dream. Wait a second, doesn't this person hate me in WL? Oh, yes she does, and right then she pushed me over the edge into the water. I fall into the water, and (ignoring the laws of buoyancy) I sink about five hundred feet all the way to the bottom.
      I remember very clearly looking up and seeing the sunlight streaming down under the water and thinking about how deep I was.

      I become fully lucid and thrust upward to get above water. Once I make it to the surface, I try to fly up out of the water and get back up there. I can't seem to lift out of the water. I then, for some reason, think of Avatar, and decide to try and make a waterspout and ride it back up onto the platform.
      I begin to spin around, and I can see the water beginning to form a vortex around me, but then it just splashes back into the sea and comes apart.
      I look back and see that (because it's a dream) I am now about half a mile away from the island. Great. Now I've got to get up onto the boardwalk and travel all of this horizontal distance.
      Again, I think of the Waterbenders in Avatar. How they can 'surf' sometimes even without a surfboard. I start to push forward, and start to lift out of the water. I manage to get to the point where only my lower legs are submerged and I am moving along at a lazy 10-20mph. I don't feel like I am getting any closer to the island though.
      I feel like I should be going faster. I try using a hand motion to accelerate. I try a couple different hand motions, looking to find the one that feels most fluid. None of these seem to be working.
      Then, I see a massive wave coming up on the right. Higher than the island. It envelops (and probably destroys) the entire island. It is then coming for me.
      It hits me and I immediately find myself deep underwater unsure of what direction is up or how deep I am. I can't see. It's just nothing.
      But I still have my lucidity. I think maybe I can manifest a new dream. I try to picture being on another island somewhere. I start to see some palm trees and grass, as well as a calm, sandy beach. I start breathing and begin plotting where my body should be. Just as I think I've got it, I lose the dream and wake up.

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    5. Lost 'Em // Took the FOOD // Boardwalk

      by , 07-21-2014 at 06:53 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 20, 2014

      On a random note, you know how sometimes you drift off to sleep and see random images... Zukin and I had spent the weekend camping, and just before falling asleep Saturday night, I had a vision of an ostrich doing a backflip. Except it was like a piece of paper with an ostrich drawn on it pinned to a board and spun around.

      I Lost Them

      Zukin was in my cohort, and in my teaching group. I was in the class with the students and teaching partners, and I had to go to the bathroom. When I got back to the classroom, everyone was gone, and I spent the rest of the dream searching the school, trying to find them.

      They Took the FOOD

      I got back to my apartment, and noticed that my sliding door was open. I went inside, and searched around, paranoid that something had been stolen. It seemed that everything was in order, and then I got hungry and went to the fridge to find something to eat. I opened the door.... It was completely empty. They stole all the food. And cleaned the fridge; it was all wiped down and spotless. But empty. I was so mad. I waited for M.M, a classmate of mine, to get home. She was apparently my roommate. So was a random Asian guy from Zukin's coop. I showed M.M. the fridge and we were all //jaw-drop THE FOOOODDDDD.

      We checked the cabinet as well, and most of it was there, but all of the "ready-made" meals were gone. M.M. turns to me and says, "They took all the easy things to make." With a deductive nod of her head. We shook our heads in disgust.


      I was with Zukin on a boardwalk of some sort. I had to go find my cohort-mates and ask about something, since we were on an assignment. When I got back to Zukin and the boardwalk, I walked under it, and Zukin said that my head was supporting it really well, and made the boardwalk stiff (she said it in an if you know what I mean sort of way, of course) Then we started lifting up all the boards and found three layers of graded papers underneath the wood. We collected the papers and walked to the car, which was parked a few meters away from the entrance of the boardwalk. We left the parking lot and then, as I was stopped at a light, Zukin got out of the car and started frolicking through the traffic.
    6. misc. 22 boardwalk

      by , 06-30-2014 at 08:25 PM
      i was walking along a boardwalk that looked like it was next to the ocean and one of my friends ex girl friends was standing at the end of the board walk and when i saw her i felt almost relieved and she came over and hugged me as if we were in a relationship.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. 5/9/14 - tyra banks?

      by , 05-09-2014 at 05:35 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment: Me and like three other girls have military fleet ships in the sea, I purposely ignored the other ships radioing me because I was tired, and when we got back to shore the other girls walked away from me into the netted base and whispered stuff to tyra banks. Tyra then said she wanted to have a talk with me and sat next to me and I told her "I know, now you're gonna take my fleet ship away from me, and I have to leave". She looked at me in shock and said "No, just answer the radio next time". Then she walked away, and I walked down some boardwalk confused contemplating how I got my punishment so wrong and admired tyra's mercy.
    8. Lucid Dreams 522, 523, 524, 525

      by , 06-29-2013 at 03:49 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 21, 2013
      Lucid Dream 522: Bar King
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 15
      Technique: FA

      I can remember pretty much nothing prior to having a FA (false awakening). I awoke in a strange apartment that I didn't recognize. I thought to myself, "Where the f*** am I?" It only took a couple more moments for me to recognize that this situation wasn't right. I couldn't remember how I got there, so I performed a nose pinch RC. As expected, I was actually dreaming.

      I turned toward the nearby sliding glass door and attempted to melt through it. I was successful, but there was another layer of glass in front of me. I melted through it and there was, again, another layer of glass in front of me. I thought, "Oh c'mon now!" I had to phase/melt through 3 more layers of glass before finally making it outside on the balcony. I noticed glass was slowly forming in front of me again so I thought, "Ok, I've got to get the hell out of here." I took flight and quickly flew away from that house.

      I decided to try and have an "Attack on Titan" dream. I flew into a town and a building caught my eye. I landed in front of it and entered. It was a bar. I walked up to the counter and said, "Give me a bottle of your finest dream vodka." She looked skeptical and said, "The whole bottle?" I gave her a, "I'm not going to ask twice" look and she handed me a bottle of gold flakes vodka. It was glowing a brilliant gold color. She held out her hand as if to take money and I said, "I own this place. I'm the master of dreams." She was taken aback and began apologizing saying she didn't know. I just ignored her and walked back to a table.

      I started chugging the the bottle and I then slammed it on the ground. It shattered. The DCs looked at me strangely. It seemed they weren't sure what to do, so I shouted, "Its ok. If you want to slam your glasses on the ground, go ahead." Everyone looked timid and nervous. One guy held up a mug and, with much hesitation, let it slip out of his fingers. It fell to the ground and smashed. I cheered, "There you go! Its fun isn't it?" I grabbed a nearby mug and slammed it on the ground. The DCs all cheered and everyone started slamming bottles and mugs all over the bar. I forgot to mention, I felt the effects of the alcohol immediately after chugging the bottle.

      After my glass breaking party, I walked outside and was in a fairly primitive town. I knew I was where I wanted to be. I walked up to the nearest DC and asked, "What is the fastest way to wall Maria?" The DC pointed and I took off flying in that direction. I got excited upon seeing the wall and the dream began to fade. I landed on top of the wall and immediately prepared to DEILD.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      June 21, 2013
      Lucid Dream 523: Titan Slayer
      Series: Meiseki na Yume, Episode 5

      I smoothly transitioned back into the dream. I could tell I was now outside the walls. I was on a large, square, wooden platform in the middle of a thick forest. I could tell the trees were tall, but they only reached to the same level as my platform. I looked out into the sea of green treetops. A patch of trees to my right began shaking violently. Suddenly, battle music began playing in the background and I knew what was about to happen. A huge titan emerged from the shaking trees. It was about 20 feet taller than the treetops and the platform. I held out my arms as if I was holding two blades like the ones from AoT (Attack on Titan - A currently airing anime that is awesome. The japanese name is Shingeki no Kyojin). The blades didn't appear, but I acted like I was holding them anyway. The Titian swung its arm in an attempt to grab me. Its arms were abnormally long and stretchy. I performed a dive-roll over the arm and siced the Titans arm with my invisible blades. Its cut a bloody gash into his arm. I dodged a few more attacks and the blades were now visible and solid in my hands. I dodged an attack and then leapt behind the Titans head. I sliced through the Titan's weak spot (back of the neck) with both of my blades. It let out a monstrous groan and fell to the ground, disappearing in the sea of trees.

      Suddenly, Titans began popping up all around and I cut them down one after another. The dream went into a 3rd person view as I continued to battle Titans. I noticed that I also had now become a Titan, but I was still the same height as a normal human. I was just jacked like a body builder and had the face of the Armored Titan (from the show). The dream switched in and out of third and first person as I fought a fat Titan that just wouldn't die. I finally managed to kill him and no more Titans came. I decided to head back inside the walls. I could see the wall off in the distance as I began to wake up. Again, I prepared to DEILD.

      Note: This dream was sometimes animated like the show, but also was fully 3D/real world graphics at times.

      Series Details
      "Meiseki na Yume" is Japanese for, "Lucid Dream." In this series, I take my passion for anime and combine it with my passion for lucid dreaming. Join me as I explore the world of anime the best way I know how, in my dreams! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      June 21, 2013
      Lucid Dream 524: Time to Alter Time
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 16

      I transitioned smoothly and was back within the inner walls of the city. I decided to just explore the area. It was night time, but there were many lights and neon lights scattered throughout the city, so it was very lit up. I made my way to a boardwalk with many shops and buildings. None of the buildings here had doors and the boardwalk traveled through many of them. It was like a big, open, outdoor mall. There were people partying and setting off fireworks all around.

      I entered one of the shops and saw a fortune teller-like woman seated on a fancy blanket. I had remembered something I wanted to try, just moments before. I asked the lady, "Where can I find the time dilation machine?" She pointed to a nearby door, so I proceeded through the door. I was now in a bathroom. There was an ancient metal computer-like device on the wall. It looked like a mix between a breaker box and an old apple computer. I attempted to type in 3 hours. The numbers were not being cooperative. I repeatedly typed up a jumbled mess until it finally showed "3 Hours." Of course, there were some jumbled characters on each side of the "3 Hours," but I didn't pay them any mind, I clicked the "start" button and exited the bathroom.

      I went back to exploring. There were so many random shops and objects scattered across the huge boardwalk that I couldn't remember everything. There were canoe shops, fishing shops, clothing stores, fireworks venders, beach balls randomly bouncing around, tumble weed, balloons, stuffed animals, etc. There was way more shit, but that is all I remember (had wrote down). There were also open houses along the boardwalk. The boardwalk was like a huge, winding, pier on a huge lake. Anyway, I entered one of the houses and there was a pool. There was a hot, naked chick sitting on the side of the pool. There was a long line of men in front of her waiting their turn to have sex with her. I watch for a moment and pondered cutting the line and having a go. I fought off the temptation and went back to exploring.

      I saw some speed boats and jet skis out on the lake, so I took off flying after them. I began chasing the speed boats around through the air, playing freeze tag with them. I was skimming the top of the water as I flew. I was "it" and soon "froze" all of the speed boats and jet skis. When I touched them, they literally froze in time. After winning the game of freeze tag, I landed back on the boardwalk. I walked into another house and there was a party going on. I saw a huge kite and attempted to fly while riding on it. I kept crashing into piles of random objects/toys/gear/etc. I could get the kite elevated, but it was out of control and crashed moments later. Always crashing into random piles of things. The dream soon began fading, so I, once again, prepared to DEILD.

      Note, the dream only lasted about 30-45 mins (dream time) after I typed in 3 hours, so it didn't exactly work out .

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      June 16, 2013
      Lucid Dream 525: Jet Gunner
      Series: The Mind of a Gamer, Episode 7

      This DEILD transition took longer than usual. I got some HI of the moon and space. I could hear "My Song" playing on my computer as I transitioned into the dream (the song from the anime, Angel Beats!). I had left my iTunes up as I had been sleeping this whole time.

      Anyway, I transitioned into the dream. I was in a fighter jet and was going through a video game-like stage. I couldn't control the speed or the jets direction of travel. I could strafe left and right with great maneuverability. I controlled the jet's guns with my mind. The environment went from realistic to PS3-like game graphics. I pummeled enemy jets as they approached from the background. It felt a lot like I was playing StarFox in a more realistic setting and great graphics. After a bit of this, the dream began to fade and I allowed myself to wake up in order to not forget too much of the previous dreams.

      Series Details
      With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    9. Clear water and animal enclosures,

      by , 06-28-2013 at 03:52 AM
      Sorry if it's a bit much to read, this is my first DJ

      When I woke up from this dream I couldn't remember it at first, I knew it was one of the greater dreams I had in a while but It just couldn't come to mind. After sitting for a minute thinking hard telling myself to remember it, I eventually did.

      I was in some kind of zoo. The entire place was like a giant boardwalk/forest kind of thing with huge trees. People could stay in tree house type rooms and live there or at least stay overnight from what I could tell. Somehow I wandered off down the boardwalk and walked through a random door thinking it was someone's home. It was completely dark and as I walked to the center of the poorly lit room I heard a growl and then a huge roar. Apparently it was a huge Lion pen and the one in it jumped at me (the walls of the enclosures are giant trees but there was also two small trees in the center of this one) for a short time I was just yelling running in and out of the trees in the center or the room to avoid the lion because it was blocking the door. It moved out of the way and I finally ran out but sadly the door got bigger and the lion was able to run out after me. I turned a corner and up some wooden stairs (I think this was the entrance to one of the tree houses you could stay in) but I tripped and turned around and the lion was jumping at me over and over trying to bite me growling and snarling at me but somehow something invisible was blocking it an inch from my face and all I could do was yell at the top of my lungs.

      Suddenly I felt weird and to what I'm guessing happened was a false awakening but instead I was awoken by my parents telling me I had a nightmare and that I was yelling. When I sat up I was actually in one of the tree house rooms. The dream skipped a bit but I was till in this tree house (In it was my Girlfriend, some random boy I hated the minute I saw his face even thought of course I can't remember it, my parents and from what I could tell the boys dad. My girlfriend was ignoring me from some reason, the boy as well) Automatically I knew the boy was supposed to be doing something off by himself but when I walked into what was my room in this tree house it was trashed with clothes and him and my girlfriend were laying there watching TV. For some reason all I could do was throw myself down and say "This isn't right" so I left to go ask my mom why the boy was there and all she told me was he wasn't supposed to be in my room, he was supposed to be somewhere else but the dream skipped again.

      This time I was on a dock (Still in this tree house/zoo forest type world. The tree houses and animal enclosures were off to the center of the area but it was like a giant island surrounded by a big clear water river and on the other side was jungles and mountains) I was looking at this little cottage on the dock with my friend Brianna and somehow even thought it had no windows or doors it was filled to the top with absolutely clear water. I was walking in and out of it quickly, it slowed you down when you walked in but when you walked out you were dry. I thought the water was pretty neat so without control or thinking I jumped backwards off the dock into the water head first without taking a breath. It wasn't such a great idea when I realized this time I couldn't breath and Brianna was yelling my name from the dock. (For some reason even thought I couldn't breath I refused to move or swim up to catch my breath) Brianna dived in a grabbed my arm to pull me up and all I could say was a simple thank you. I then woke up and the dream was over.
    10. 3/24/13 - Futile chase

      by , 03-24-2013 at 09:23 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm by myself, just walking on what appears to be an old boardwalk, I can't tell where I am because it's gloomy and foggy. I see a silhouette up ahead walking away from me, I can tell it is a female. I call out to her and every advancement I make, or call I call out to her she seems to move farther away from me. I decide to brake into a fast run, I start to see her more clearly as I get closer, then she makes an abrupt turn between these two buildings with large windows that have men wearing Hawaiian shirts pressed up against the glass staring at me with menacing grins. I decide to brush them off and keep running after this elusive girl. Behind the buildings the grass gets thicker and thicker, taller and taller, and the fog isn't letting up. I notice the solid ground that was once beneath me is now slowly turning into swamp, I hear alligators splashing around aggressively. Now I'm chasing the girl worried for her well being. Then suddenly I just drop into a deep pit in the water and the water goes above my head and I just hate that I let the girl get away. I think and hope she got out of the swamp safely.
    11. Agent Six with Guns, Driving down a Boardwalk and False Awakening

      by , 08-06-2011 at 07:11 AM
      Dream 1

      I was with Generator Rex and Agent Six for some reason Six had guns (if you don't know Six he doesn't use guns) we were on a covert mission and my sister for some reason was on an e-computer whatever that is and our cover was blown.

      Dream 2

      I was just in a car like the mystery machine it was a van of some sorts and I was driving down a boardwalk that went up a hill and down and straight a bit like GTA:San Andreas

      False Awakening

      I was writing this DJ entry.
    12. July 23 Briefly Exploring the Dreamworld

      by , 07-23-2011 at 04:32 PM (Dreams of Hash)
      Going to bed 1:00-1:30
      Goals: Detailed recall
      Just rem talking to jess, maybe her bro to, i think about a song, i rem the number 3 being significatnt

      6:36 I just rem being in a restaurnant and waiting for something in particular to be out on this buffett table. I just rem watching it as an employee goes back and fourth between there and some room adding more to the table each time.

      8:20 Had a dream i was standing in line for something school realated, the line is quite long and where i am standing the only person i recognize is janade from a long time ago. In the dream i think her name is sarah. I tell her, last night i dreamt this exact scene, standing in line and you being here.

      9:OO Briefly Exploring the Dreamworld Me and jesicas brother are in school for a class, somehow i become lucid. I dont think i tell him or anything, in the dream it felt like i had dreamed this scenario already so i knew it was a dream. This dream shifts like crazy, sometimes i just think of where i want to go or what i want to do and its happening. This actually made it quite difficult to remember and piece together but i gave it my best shot.

      I leave the school and i am outside in the dark down the street from my house, a small walkway leads down from the entrance of the school to my street, people here and there on the walkway. The dream is shifting like crazy and i dont even rem traveling most of the time, im just somewhere new. i get to my house and go inside, i tell my brother im dreaming. The dream shifts and i rem being in like vietnam or something with some local, dude with black shirt dark skin dark hair, and we are in a house that is collapsing, the house has a giant beam in the center, Firs the center room falls in like a sink hole, then rooms on each side of the house, we run out of the house and hide for a bit from people passing by a road, they look like refugees or something and give us weird looks when they see us.

      we hide under a food trough protected by many plants it has a red dead redemption feel to it. just sand all around and montains in the distance, inside of the fence around the house everything has kind of a tropical feel, outside the fence is more like west texas or something. We get up just as a girl passes and follow her down into a valley. She is telling us something and trying to help us, she wants to give us something but i cant rem what. Down in the valley the local left and i rem standing with that girl and her horse i think. She had changed in appearance from before, first she had dark skin and dark hair and was somewhat attractive, now much lighter skin and hair and kind of strange looking.

      I randomly start kissing her when we are down there, it was weird i just walk up to her, she looks at me and i think gets ready to say something when i start kissing her. i rem her mouth and tongue felt really cold and tasted quite strange, it grossed me out, so i quickly stopped, she kept trying to kiss more and i kind of had to push her away. I stop and she tells me about something but i dont really pay attention. The dream shifts and I end up back home and tell my bro we are dreaming again, that i have been in a dream for a while now and i try to remember some of it. I sit down, in the floor in my room, in lotus to meditate and try to rem but im too excited and quickly get back up.

      I get up thinking i want to smoke, i ask my bro if he does, he says yes, i go into my room and get some weed, it looks like good stuff but pretty much the same as what i have in waking life, i ask my bro what does it feel like to be a dream character, he says something like, hmm idk what did i say last time you asked. i start to break some weed up but before i finish i change my mind and go outside. When i walk outside it is like a theme park, there is a ferris wheel in the distance, some other rides on each side, and many people walking around, it is beautiful outside, sun is shining, sky is blue, i seem to be standing on some sort of boardwalk.

      I want to ride a skateboard and without even finding one i start riding, i go across this wooden bridge that takes me down to some area lower in the park almost like a parking area, i think about trying some tricks but dont because im afraid of hurting myself, I lose the skateboard and walk down a small road towards a building. i rem going inside the building with, theres an escalator. I ride the escalator down into some room, there are people behind a counter up front and people sitting in rows on either side, it reminds me of jury duty, the room is blue and grey.

      Cant rem what i did in there, i rem going back up the escalator when somehow the dream shifts and im back in the neighborhood, i head towards my yard and start thinking of dream goals, I decide to eat something so i go to my neghbors tree and look for fruit on the ground, now its dark outside, i rem tripping out at the way the dreamtrees looked at night, i pick up a smal black fruit but its also juicy like its already been bitten into so i throw it in the street. i go into my yard, its day now and pick up a small blackish blue rock and eat it, it cracks in half with very little pressure in my mouth and becomes chalky, it tastes terrible, i spit it out.

      I end up back inside, i rem one time thinking about my real body, when i did this the scene got very yellow, like yellow spots were bursting into my vision, but i was able to stabilize in time by rubbing something that was randomly in my hand, i rem a small rock. I rem going out into the study and there being a random dc there, light skin, i think maybe red or light brown hair, looks anywhere from 16 to my age. For whatever reason i start trying to manifest a gun to shoot him with. First i use my fingers and make sound effects, then i rem the airsoft guns out there, i pick up one and pretend it is real,, i pretend to shoot the guy, it no longer appears i am holding an airsoft gun, just my hand. I shoot him and he falls back as if he was faking getting hit.

      I try to summon a sword by stretching out my hand and imaginging it but it doesnt work. I head back to my room. I rem my bro sitting in my room and im trying to teleport from one side of the room to the other. I try imagining viewing the scene from a different spot. It doesnt work so i try to teleport behind him. I pretend to start running and then i blink but it didnt work. I sit down and my sister comes in. I tell her ive been dreaming for a long time, im afraid i wont be able to rem it all but i dont want to wake up. I tried recapping everything in my head. Now no body is in the room with me, i decide to look at my dream jorurnal, i pull it up, and lay down on my bed.

      the dj looks pretty close to waking life except my list of goals is longer and the print is bold in certain spots. The window is also much bigger than i usually have it. I dont rem what goals are listed but i rem when i read them they all seemed correct. I rem thinking about how stable the text is despite people often saying its hard to read in dreams. I was going to try and write this entry now, in dream, so i could rem better when i wake but I start to see yellow spots again and before you know it
      im staring at my eyelids
    13. Legolas and Gandalf's bog adventure

      by , 06-08-2010 at 07:52 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with Gandalf the White and Legolas from the Lord of the Rings trilogy making their way along a wooded boardwalk through a swampy forest. They are looking for a mystical talking animal which will help them on their quest but thy do not know what the animal looks like. Gandalf and Legolas occassionally come to clearings where they find very short people working the open bogland like they were tilling soil on a farm. One woman they meet asks them if they ever come across a girl child with orange hair. Gandalf and Legolas reply in the negative and the woman laments that she will never find her lost daughter.

      Gandalf and Legolas continue deeper into the boglands and after passing through a particularily thick forest they come to a clearing were a large house sits upon a hill that overlooks the whole area. The door is locked and no one seems to be home so the two continue on their way. The boardwalks beyound the hill split into many directions and some loop back and rejoin the original path, leading absolutely nowhere and making finding one's way very confusing. Gandalf uses his magic to help find the right path and they eventually come to a barrow with a large stone entranceway.

      Out of cave comes a mighty African elephant who greets them and says that he has been expecting them. Gandalf and Legolas are happy to have found the mystical creature which they travelled so far to find, and the elephant agrees to return with them to Gondor, but only on the condition that they do something for them when they get there. Despite it's large size the wooden boardwalk magically supports the elephant's weight and they travel out of the boglands with no problem.

      Once in Gondor the elephant insists on travelling to an isolated village in the wild Northlands before he will lend his magic and wisdom to King Aragorn. Gandalf and Legolas take him to where he wants to go and the elephant leads them to a small home outside of a village called Wallakeya (or something like that) where they find a young woman with orange hair living by herself. The elephant says that this is the girl child that the bog farmer woman is looking for and that she should be returned home to her mother.

      Gandalf explains to the young woman (who looks like my dream incarnate Kalima) the situation and then entrusts Legolas with the task of returning to girl home before reutning to Gondor with the elephant. Legolas and the young woman leave immediately and head towards the boglands, with Kalima riding on Legolas's white horse and him walking beside. They travel to where Gandalf and Legolas first met the bog farmer, but she is nowhere in sight. As they continue to travel they come across a man walking along the boardwalk who tells them that the farming season is over and that most of the residence of the bog have gone home and they can probably be found at the big house on the hill.

      Legolas and Kalima continue on their way and somewhere along the way get another travelling companion, an unnamed woman dressed like a peasant, but somehow knows Kalima. The three travellers come to the big house on the hill and they are directed to the Chief's house deep in the forest, for it is his wife who was lamanting losing a child. Before they even get there Kalima starts questioning the claim that she is they child because everyone living in the boglands is short and stocky like dwarves while she herself is normal size. Legolas says that the magical elephant could not be wrong so they continue on their way.

      They arrive at the Chief's house in the dead of night and Legolas is asked by Kalima to sleep outside because somehow she knows that the Chief is an extremely jealous man and will not permit another man to sleep in his home while women are there. In the morning the Chief greets Legolas but he is a gruff unfriendly man and offers no reward to the Elf Prince and demands that he leave right away. Legolas is uneasy but heads home anyway after say his goodbyes to Kalima and the other woman.

      While the Chief's wife is happy to have her daughter back she is not allowed to show it because the Chief forbids displays of affection in his presence. There is a meeting happening at the big house on the hill and Kalima follows the Chief there and sees that he is a meanspirited cruel man as he threatens and bullies the bogland people into obediance, who visibly resent the Chief's treatment of them but cower in fear and say nothing.

      The dream ends with Kalima storming out of the meeting house and contemplating running away.

      (I just realized that the title probably sounds hilarious if you're British)

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    14. Rainbow Serpents and the underwater contraption

      by , 12-05-2009 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with me standing on a wooden board walk along the right side of a river I know to be the Thames river of my home town, even though the environment looks different. The water is dark but there doesn't seem to be anything in the river. Ahead of me I see two large, flying snakes that are technicoloured and moving away from me by spiralling around each other in a corkscrew pattern. I am excited because I believe the snakes to be spirit guides and I start to follow them. (I was reading about spirit guides before I went to sleep. I also recognized the archetypal symbolism of the mystical Rainbow Serpent from Aztec and Aboriginal Austrailian mythology).

      The snakes fly into a large stone well into which the boardwalk and river seems to end. The water flows into a large opening on the side of the well and seems to disappear. When I get to the well I see that there is no water but a wooden spiral stair case leading down. I can see the rainbow snakes, still spiralling around each other, deep in the well where the stairs disappear into darkness. I walk as far down the spiral steps as I can but lose sight of the snakes. There are several other random people walking along the stairs, some going up, some going down. It becomes so dark that I cannot see anything. I can hear the river roaring around me but I cannot see or feel any water. I walk back up the spiral staircase and out of the well. I frustrated that I lost the snakes.

      I start backtracking along the water but this time I am walking on the left side of the river. I stop and take a look at the river as I notice it is now jammed with large sticks and logs. A large metal tube thing has appeared just underneath the surface of the water and it is violently sucking in all of the wooden debris. The end of the metal contraption is attached to the side of the stone well. I cannot see the inside of the metal contraption but with the spead and ferocity at which it is sucking in the sticks and logs.

      I walk for a bit more and come to a grassy hill by the fork of the river. There are two males standing near the waters edge, ready to step in for a quick dip. I try to warn them about the deadly metal contraption but they ignore me. The older of the two boys jumps into the river and tries to swim across, but is unable to because of all the wooden flotsam in the water blocking his way. He ends up being dragged down the river and into the metal contraption. I re-enter the well in an attempt to find out what happened to him but there is still no indication of where the river is flowing even though it disappears into the side of the well.

      I walk down the stairs a bit and pass many people and come across a door that wasn't there before. I open it and go through and find myself in the laundry room in the basement of my parent's house. The young man, whom I thought was surely killed, is sitting on a wooden rocking chair by the back door which is open. I talk to him for a moment (but I cannot remember what was said now) and then follow him out the back door.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    15. Three dreams - February 25th, 2008

      by , 02-25-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      1) This dream took place in the front yard of my parent's house. The entire yard was covered by a thinck layer of snow and slithering through the snow was a giant python that could hear me running around on the surface. The giant snake kept lashing out at where it could hear me moving around and trying to pull me under. There was some relation of the giant snake to one of my brothers but I cannot remember what now.

      2) Second dream took place in a wintery scene as well, but not one that I recognize. I was following a soldier armed with an AK47. He was escorting me through the area because I was looking for something and was determined not to leave until I found it. I cannot remember why I nneded an army escort. We came across a lake and along the shore I found my cat Zrinyi half frozen to death on the water's edge. I picked her up and put her inside my jacket to keep her warm and told the army dude that I was ready to go now. We started walking away back the way we came. I cannot remember any more of this dream.

      3) Third dream starts of in a small grocery store or something. I am wandering around, not really interested in buying anything. I walk towards the check out and notice an opening to a much larger grocery store to the left. I go in it and everything is labelled "Food Basics." I eventually wander out of the big grocery and outside, where a long wooded boardwalk follows a beach/ocean shoreline to a bunch of buildings in the distance. The sun is beginning to set and it is starting to grow cold. I start towards the buildings and I pass a group of young pre-teen boys on the boardwalk, who start throwing rocks, debris and insults at me. I try to ignore them and keep walking. There are other people on the boardwalk but I cannot see any details and everyone is cast in shadow.

      The bunch of buildings are three storeys and are college campus apartments. It is never revealed in the dream for what I am attending college though I think that it is summer holidays or something. I share one with four people and we are constantly fighting over space. I do not remember any details of my roommates but there was two young men and two young women. All three of us young women shared the second floor while one of the boys lived in the spacious third floor and the other slept on the couch on the first floor. All the the amenities of our apartment was on the first floor. I cannot remember why exactly but the young man living in the third floor offered to switch rooms so I could have his room. I accepted but this made the other women extremely jealous and they completely turned against me and did everything they could to turn the guys against me.

      At some point I leave the apartment to go to the grocery store and as I am walking I come across the group of boys who threw things at me earlier. They threaten to throw large rocks and what looks like hunks of concrete at me but instead I challenge them to see who can throw the farthest and they agree. I suddenly have a vision of one of the boys (in a hat) accidently throwing a hunk of concrete and severely hurting one of his friends (in a blue shirt) by hitting him in the face. Just as the hat boy is about to throw his projectile I grab his blue shirt friend by the collar and pull him out of the way. Sure enough hat boy lets go of the hunk of concrete too early and it lands where blue shirt boy was just standing. There is a bit more to this dream but I cannot remember any of it.