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    1. The House by the Waterfront; Furious Panda

      by , 03-07-2018 at 04:09 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m driving in an unfamiliar town, where I’m going to attend an event of some kind. I have the impression it has something to do with Kyabje Düd’jom Rinpoche? At first, I’m trying to find a parking spot near a junction, but all the spots there seem to belong to the nearby buildings, so I turn the car around and head towards the waterfront, closer to where the event will actually be held. It’s a long, straight street with small, gray paving stones and narrow, wooden houses painted light colors on either side. At one end of it, I can see boats, their masts blocking the view further out—to the harbor itself, presumably.

      I look around for house no. 11, which is where the event will take place, so I can park nearby. The address plates are large and clearly display the numbers, rather like the Prague address plates do. The plates seem to be in the right general order, and so I don’t have trouble finding it—but there do seem to be both odd and even numbers on a single side. I’m not sure whether it was this that clued me into the fact that I was dreaming, but it definitely happened right around then.

      This is a dream: what will I do? Checking out no. 11 still seems like a pretty good idea, but first, I decide to take a look around the area. I walk along the street, towards the harbor—but as I walk, it seems to change from a street to an underground tunnel, and when I reach the end, I’m not by the open sea, but looking into a square room full of water. It seems completely closed off and is made of some yellow-red stone, mossy where it's close to the waterline. The water is packed with boats—not big ones like I saw before, but little ones, more on the order of rowboats.

      There’s something a little ominous about this place; it’s impossible to imagine what purpose it could possibly be serving. If this were a Zelda game, I’d fully expect the door to slam behind me and some giant monster to rise up out of the water and attack. I wait. The water seems to be rippling in a rather odd way. After a little while, a couple of larger waves swell up, rolling beneath the layer of boats. But they just die down again, and the water becomes perfectly still. I watch for a little while longer, but it looks as if that’s all that’s going to happen, and so I head back towards the house—now, an entrance partway along the tunnel. I open the door and step in.

      An Asian woman greets me: it seems I’ve been expected, although there doesn’t seem to be any kind of a gathering here as I thought. The woman also seems to be expecting me to have a female friend along. I consider telling her that I’m here alone, but actually, there’s no reason I can’t invite someone else. I tell the woman I’ll send them a text message and they should be here shortly.

      I pull my iPhone out of my pocket. But somehow, all the people I can think to invite are male. An idea occurs to me: I start spelling out A-N-I-M-A using the numbers which correspond to those letters. The phone is a bit shifty, as such devices often are in dreams, but not enough to impede me. But partway through, I remember that I’m not supposed to have an anima, being female and all. So I make it end U-S instead and send the ‘coded’ message off. Well, I guess I’ll see what happens. I put the phone back in my pocket and we sit down at the table in the next room to eat.

      The table is a large one, but there are only three places set—hers, mine and the empty one. We have some kind of fish dish, which tastes good. Not much in the way of conversation is happening, and so I’m mostly focusing on remaining aware, making sure I don’t forget this is a dream. It’s an interesting feeling, being here in this place, which feels so real and yet so unreal. I could get up and do something else, but I want to see where this is going.

      But at some point, I wake up—due to some environmental noise, possibly. But it’s only a short time before I fall asleep again, and find myself back in the house, in an upstairs bedroom this time.

      Through a window, I see branch falls onto the roof of a neighboring building—a large, blocky structure. The roof looks like it’s in bad shape, with large chunks of tile missing—this place must have got hit by the storm too, I figure.

      I’m eating a cup of yogurt there. It’s chalky and bland. Probably low-fat. Why am I eating this awful stuff? This is a dream, I don’t have to eat it. I place the cup on a dresser or some similar piece of furniture. Downstairs, I hear the door of the house opening, voices in conversation—somebody has arrived. Maybe it’s the person I invited in the earlier part of the dream. I’ll go down and check. But right now I’m wearing a nightgown, so I ought to put something else on first.

      I step over to the full-length mirror, which is standing near the door, and look at my reflection. I’m wearing a plain nightgown, like a short dress with spaghetti straps. Oddly, I don’t seem to look quite like myself—my face is different, though not completely different, and my eyes seem to be the usual color. I step back. It’s been a while since I’ve done this—and actually, I’ve never done exactly what I’m about to try, but it doesn’t seem like it should be too hard. I’ll create myself something more appropriate to wear. I extend my hands, palms upward, feeling energy gathering.

      But it doesn’t feel right—there’s some kind of a resistance there. As I notice that, I also see something standing behind me in the mirror—a furious-looking panda bear approaching me. I turn around, looking into the room—but it's empty. There's nothing there. I look back at the mirror: furious panda. Well, this is a little creepy. But because it’s a panda, being furious just makes it look ridiculous rather than menacing. I step backwards into the room with one hand behind me, feeling for the spot where the panda ought to be based on its reflection—but I wake up before I can get to it.

    2. Yesterday & today's journal: 2 non's & 1 lucid

      by , 01-09-2017 at 11:45 PM
      Non-lucid: I was a part of an oddly large family. We were moving from boat to boat to live. A male was helping to load the boat w/ clothes that he had put in some kind of order. He had to dive into & under the water to retrieve them. Later we all were put into groups. Grouping by male & female & put into separate boats. I didn't recognize anyone, even the ones that were supposed to be my family. I was now the person who had to dive under the water to retrieve the females clothes.
      I am so not sure what this dream means.

      Today: Dream 1/Non-lucid: I'm in a house w/ an incredible amount of rooms which is a common dream sign for me. My grown daughters & their kids live there also. My daughters keep telling me to get the ceilings fixed because there are holes in some places & I keep telling them that it requires money that we don't have. Some person I don't know tells me to at least get an estimate but I persist & saying that they will call social services & take the kids away because I can't afford to have it fixed & it will cause unnecessary troubles for us. IRL Meesha wakes me up & I pull my covers over my head & chain the same dream scene but I'm lucid now & the scene changes. (D2: Lucid) I'm in a store that looks like a big box warehouse like a Sam's Club. A man appears & I'm behind him & we seem to be waiting in line like you would be at a Wal-Mart Pharmacy. I just bumped right into him as I fell into the scene. I apologize & explain that I am deaf in my left ear. IRL this happens a lot because of my hearing loss so naturally I automatically say this. I'm confused that I just got dropped into the scene this way & turn around to take in my surroundings. I see rows & rows of these absurdly large bins are there. It reminds me of another dream I had about Christmas, when it wasn't remotely Christmas season. The bins just go on & on w/ discount items in these big bins. Meesha is relentless & pounces on me IRL & wakes me from this. How annoying. I would've just got up & shut the door but Josh is still here from Christmas break so I can't shut my door incase he needs to use our bathroom.

      Mike & I have been making changes in our house to make the lighting low & calming. But right now my son is home from college & has interrupted what has been our only time off for a long period like this. I'm still waiting for the clips to come in to keep our lights in place. We also changed the lighting in our bedroom & only watch TV in the living room which is liberating but unfortunately disturbed by our son being here. He yells into his damn headset while we are watching tv & sleeping but Mike never says anything to him. I just come off as been irrational which is insane. I just want to hear what we are watching. Hence me dropping into the lucid scene. I do not want to be forced back into my bedroom. It was the whole point of getting a new TV & system for Christmas. We are finally at a place in our lives that we need to be alone & can't be. So I guess my dreams actually make sense if I look at it in that respect. He is in his 5th yr of college so that means about a year & a half before we are actually alone unless he gets an internship that isn't here in our town. But even then he will come back for his breaks to see his friends.
    3. Bear, Boats and Other Stuff.

      by , 07-01-2016 at 06:24 PM
      I worked in cafe but it was a different building than in waking life, a nice big space. It was evening or late at night and we were getting ready to close. I was attempting to make vegan cookies and trying to find some vegan chocolate I could add. I remember seeing a Christmas tree that was in an adjacent room, and I unplugged, or plugged the lights in, I can’t remember. A lingering customer was remarking about how slow I drove my car, and I had an image of my [dream] car, with the entire front smashed, like a memory of a crash. I told him I drove slow because I had once crashed my car, and I showed him a fading bruise on my right inner bicep.
      Outside, me and co-worker (old friend?) were going to our cars when we noticed two suspicious men on the roof of the cafe. We ducked down and tried to hide behind some structure. I think the men could see me, and I decided instead of remaining in hiding that we needed to distract them. I made an urgent look to a customer that was also outside- some man- and he seemed to get it and we both loudly talked about something and started to go back into the cafe.

      Fragment: Editing some trailer or excerpt of a movie. Lots of problem solving dreams last night of this kind. Designing, editing, creating. Left me feeling tired when I initially woke up.

      Wrote down notes on dreams, read a little and went back to sleep. More dreams below.

      I was in my front room with my husband. We were sitting on the couch and a giant black bear was excitedly trotting back and forth between the couch and the front door, like my dog does when she wants to go out. In fact, the bear completely had my dog’s essence. I jokingly asked my husband, ‘Want to let her out?’ I got up and walked on the couch to reach for the front door, realizing that the bear could attack me at any moment. I opened the door and watched the bear run out and run down the street. I briefly wondered if I should warn the neighbors that a bear was running around.

      I was making a movie with some people- maybe I was related to the director? We were hanging out on an urban street sidewalk, in an area that looked like an east coast city. An old male actor was standing next to me, and a slightly chubby man (my relative?). After a few minutes of discussing the movie or something else, we went inside a door behind us and it was this old man’s apartment. The carpet was old and stained and there were various rugs around. He mentioned something about liking my dog, or enjoying having her there, and he had a large dog that came in and tried to get near my dog but she seemed defensive. In the kitchen on the counter there were 3 bubbling pots- one was a tea kettle I think, the other perhaps coffee? And the third was apparently and experiment I had going on in a giant mixing bowl. It looked like bread dough in water with cayenne pepper, and I added something like apple cider vinegar. I have the idea that it was fermenting, not boiling.

      I felt like an outsider. My mom and my brother were there. They each got a text from my aunt asking if they were going to the annual family boat reunion. I never attended this (dream event) but I was slightly hurt that I didn’t get this text as well. I was playing on my iPad/iPhone, editing movies or watching clips of a movie I was working on.

      I was catching rides on large cruise-like boats by walking into the center of a bridge and stepping out as the boat passed under. I was able to step directly onto the boat without jumping using this method. Soon though a boat came and I wasn’t able to get on, but I notice a crowd of people, including an attractive woman around my age, were able to get on that boat in a way I couldn’t access. Then another series of boats show up, these are smaller, and several groups of teenage girls are on the bridge with me. They are dressed like they are on a sports team, mostly red and white colors, and they jump into the water next to the boats, or jump directly on the boats themselves. I contemplate doing this and then decide those boats aren’t for me and I think it’s too dangerous to jump anyway. An old school friend is near me and she agrees. I decided to wait for the next boat.

      A lot of this seems mundane. Bears are a common theme for my dreams, they used to be nightmares, now they just show up randomly. Im not sure why this one seemed like my dog, if that means anything to me. I think bears mostly symbolized anxiety for me in the past, or my father…now they seem to symbolize something that I am slightly afraid of, but think I can get around.
      Boats and water are reoccurring a lot lately. These definitely seem symbolic, perhaps of subconscious emotions, or finding ways to navigate those emotions.
      I live far away from my family, and have for a long time. I love them but I don’t want to live where they are, and it’s hard for me to travel to see them very frequently. I suppose I do feel left out, and although I talk to several of them frequently, I worry if I will regret this one day. Or if they think that I don’t care about them as much as I do. I am very introverted and could go days without talking to any human and be fine. I often realize that I have gone a while without reaching out, and wonder if I’m more oblivious than others when it comes to maintaining relationships.

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    4. Changed Resort

      by , 05-24-2015 at 12:45 PM
      Morning of May 24, 2015. Sunday.

      I have returned to a fictional recurring dream location that I had been to several times before in past dreams, which is some sort of fancy resort, or was by this point, with a large lake mostly on the southern side in most cases and the fictional “enchanted forest” region north of the resort. Although it slightly reminds me of an area of the Mississippi River (or Black River area) of La Crosse, it also somehow reminds me of the essence of my elementary school’s playground in Florida, especially in this dream.

      I talk to a younger male (who has a female staff member with him) about how I used to enjoy going out on the lake in a boat. However, as I grow closer to the end of my dream, I notice that most of the lake is gone, with only a few puddles remaining. There are still boats on the muddy ground, even a fishing boat farther out. I think about going out to look around but realize that the ground is probably too soft to safely walk on. I wanted my family to enjoy the area, although we may be staying here for a time anyway. There are not that many patrons in the area. I do not know or learn what had caused the lake to disappear. I even ponder upon why the resort would even be open with no more lake to supplement it.

      This may be a very similar situation in meaning to my lifelong recurring fishing dreams (as well as similar dreams of the past where lakes or rivers become shallow or vanish during the course of my dream). One of the first ones similar to this regarding a body of water getting lower over time was “The Angler” from 1965. Over the last thirty years, I have more and more come to understand that it simply represents the waking process. As the water becomes lower over time, so also does the “deepness” or “impact” (or more “realistically” rendered detail in some cases) of the dream. It may also be that flood dreams sometimes represent a “struggle” with the waking process (especially if latent apnea is relative). In fact, even “escape” dreams (where you are trying to get away from something) may possibly only represent a “struggle” with the waking process in some cases, especially if the dream is also influenced or “scripted” by environmental sounds during sleep.
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    5. The Party Ark in Venice

      by , 09-30-2014 at 09:45 AM
      Monday, 29th September 2014

      Moon Cycle: 30% illuminated waxing crescent in Sagittarius
      Tarot card: 9 of Pentacles
      Mayan Calender: White Resonant Wizard


      I appeared to be in the shallow dock yards of Venice. The long and wide megalithic canal walls where lined with many open topped boats and people sat and enjoyed their sundowners. Our boat was old, unpainted and wooden resembling a small version of Noah's Ark.

      My friends steered on deck as I jumped off and pushed the boat outward, a little journey was in order. As the ark began to move I noticed my friends where fooling around and not controling the rudder to steer. The Ark now headed toward some other expensive looking yachts. Luckily the people on the other yacht soon realised danger and swiftly moved just in time.
      "Idiots!" I think to myself about my friends.

      The crew from the yacht that we almost just hit into shot us disapproving death stares, and signalled to the coast guard security closeby, who had seen everything anyway.

      They signalled us to come over immediately.
      "Uh-oh...now we're in shit",I exclaimed out loud. My mind immediatly asked if we had any illegal substances on the boat...its wasn't our boat and who knows what could have been stowed away.
      I sat in the front of the ark,legs hanging of each side, steering toward the coast guard.

      As we got closer a short man tanned with a mustauche climed down the ladder from the watch tower to receive us.
      Beaming my most sincere smile, I greeted with a "how are you sir" as if the previous events didnt occour.
      Strangely, the guard was cheerily friendly and we began a conversation consisting of unrelated small talk.

      After observing his body language and facial expressions for a while I soon realised that he was intoxicated and merely was looking for another drink from any unsuspecting citizen.
    6. Cersei

      by , 08-26-2014 at 07:48 PM
      I started questioning the dream in a fairly dull IRL-based scene, and then questioned why I was questioning it - but I did eventually become lucid. Once becoming lucid, however, I as Jaime immediately started looking for Cersei.

      (Side note: this was an interesting level of lucidity. Fully lucid in most respects - lucid about the fact that I was dreaming, lucid about my ability to control the dream, no desire to stick to the previous dream storyline - but I wasn't lucid about my own identity. On top of that, I only started playing Jaime's role when I became lucid - up until that point I'd been my IRL self. It's standard for me to play the role of other people when I'm non-lucid, but I'd thought that conflicted with lucidity - apparently not.)

      I was still in a room that was meant to represent my IRL home, but it had no doors, which I understood signified a resistance against me taking control and changing the scene. I had the feeling I had to get out in a hurry if I wanted to maintain lucidity. So I turned around in a full circle in order to create a door that would be there when I turned around again. It was a wooden door, rounded at the top, and when I opened it I saw a scene that was meant to represent my IRL neighborhood.

      I closed the door, called out to Cersei, and opened it again, understanding that this will have changed the location it links to. Now on the other side of the door there's a dark stone enclosed walkway with large windows overlooking a castle courtyard. Better, but this isn't the place I was looking for. I have a mental image of a glittering gold-and-white castle that I want to get to, where I expect Cersei to be. I try again - I close the door, call to Cersei, and open it again. The scene on the other side of the door hasn't changed this time - it's still the dark stone walkway. I decide that this means Cersei must be in this scene somewhere, so I walk through the door.

      Recall gets increasingly shaky after this. After walking through the castle a bit I found Cersei in the courtyard, and after a short conversation she took me to a rowboat that we'd both have to row - she gave me some explanation involving the word 'knowledge,' and I made an (apparently less than successful) effort to remember her phrasing so I'd recall it after I woke up, it seemed symbolically important. The boat carried us briefly along a waterway running through the castle, and I think I began losing lucidity at this point. There's a memory gap, and very little recall after that - before I woke up I'd wound up back in an IRL-based scene, and I'm unsure how much lucidity I had by then.

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    7. Competition night #13

      by , 08-10-2014 at 11:38 AM
      Fragment 1:
      Whizzing around in boats

      Dream 1:
      A loop about lucid dreaming. I am trying to pull off some kind of lucid challenge and keep going back to sleep after not quite managing it.

      I manage to avert a nasty violent argument on the final attempt, a bystander appears to remember the argument that happened in the previous loop and is scared when I turn up but is relieved when I manage to change the story this time around

      Fragment 2:
      Dancing on the sofa to the band outside

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    8. Nuclear Crisis Averted

      by , 07-05-2014 at 06:25 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am some sort of god-like entity, an awareness with power, lacking physical form, helping a large group of people and animals live their lives. I become aware that there is a hostile ship, going to another land to bring back nuclear weapons to use against everyone on the island I am familiar with. Going over to it, I attempt to stop it with lightning strikes. Despite several direct hits on the ship, it continues on and reaches the distant shore to pick up the nuclear weapons.

      I take human form, and go to speak with the leader of this operation, but he kills me before I can do or say anything right as I enter a wooden lodge he is in. Still having an awareness of what's going on in the lodge, a large group of women enter, all dressed the same, all with their hands in their identical bags. They surround him and say something to the effect of, "You had this coming for a long time, now the time has come" He tries to run, but a group of women hold him as he is assassinated. All the women had guns in their bags.

      Now a young boy just on the outskirts of the town, holding hands with a young girl, we watch the town mill about. People going here and there. Boats coming and going. The large ship from earlier has turned into a smaller ship with no where to go. Very peaceful, a dam slowly raises out of the nearby river, filling a large reservoir.
    9. The Hotel and the Magic Show

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:23 AM
      11-14-2013 -- [Can't remember all that much of this one, but what I could remember had some small parts that were kind of interesting.] First bit that I can remember was a lot of running around, chasing and being chased in what was part school, part lab, part hospital. At lest part of the time I was naked or part naked, and though I can remember nothing specific, I am almost sure some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters were there. One of the dreams where there are doors in unexpected places leading to secret passages, and went on for quite a while with lots of people and running, but no details I can remember.

      Soon it turns into a Disney hotel with seven floors (in real life it reminds me of the Radisson) that I have frequently dreamed about. I find I am on the third floor, and instead of moving to a room or a elevator, I walk to the side and push a button that makes a balcony appear outside of one of the rooms, and climb on to it. I planned to continue on to the rest of the balconies, but the button I pushed only created the one, and there are no more buttons. I think for a couple of minutes, then just speak to the air like I were on a Trek holodeck, and speak into being the entire row of balconies, and walk to the other end, where I move back into a hallway and am waiting for an elevator. When it opens, Endora (from Bewitched) walks out, and kind of glares at me, which makes me a little nervous.

      I dodge into the elevator and push a button, trying to head up for the fourth or fifth floor, but the elevator won't go where I want to go. A couple other people get on, and I eventually manage to get off, but I exit into a sort of fancy restaurant located halfway between the second and third floors. (It is a restaurant I have dreamed of between floors at least two or three times before.) I try to make my way through it, and climb up to the third floor, but the floor plan is getting more and more complicated, and I eventually have to get help from a bus boy to find my way out of the restaurant.

      As I exit the restaurant I instead find myself entering the three-wing shopping mall (that somewhat resembles the Westminster Mall) that I frequently dream about, and find the area I am entering is right next to the arcade. There are video games and flashing lights, and it is a multi-level arcade. I quickly realize that it is a cross between the five-story Disney Quest and the game center that I once invaded in a dream as Spider-Man, but this time I just walk right past it and find myself in the fourth floor of what is turning from a hotel to a cruise ship. (Though it is a cruise ship that has seven decks. That part is remaining stable.) I take the stairwell up to the fifth floor where I walk into a strangely familiar bar.

      I quickly realize it used to be the Adventurers Club, and I am on the Zebra Mezzanine, but they have removed all the artifacts, lined all the walls with bars, and the main focus of the room is now two very large cages. Greg Schuerman climbed up on top of one of the cages to make a speech about the loss of the Club and his memories of it, but he can't actually remember what he is trying to say, so he climbs down, then climbs in the cage with a 'wild animal' that may just be a man in a gorilla suit as a tribute to Marcel. There are a couple of other wild animals in a sort of giant circus wheel type of gadget, and as they approach, Greg flees out the door in 'terror.' Once the door closes behind him, he grabs a small wooden crate (about 18" square by 6" deep) and starts to fold himself into it, in preparation for a magical appearance. But never mind the trick, I am just amazed he can squeeze himself into such a small space.

      A fellow dressed up as Frankenstein comes slowly wandering out with a pallet jack, and he is supposed to pick up the crate, but he is acting really unintelligent, and pretending he doesn't know what he is supposed to be getting, so keeps half loading up the wrong things, while some woman sitting in a wheel chair is disgustedly telling him he is an imbecile and a stupid thing, and is trying to direct him to the right crate. I'm just standing there thinking it is an interesting, if bizarre, show.
    10. Hurricanes, bombs

      by , 11-10-2013 at 07:32 PM
      I took 3 mg melatonin before bed. I don't know if it did my dreams any good, but I slept pretty well.

      I dreamed that I was staying at somebody's house... a couple, who were maybe in their 60s. I don't remember the man very well, but the woman had shoulder-length dyed brown hair and wore sort of flowy pastel blue clothing with lots of jewelry. Their house was on the edge of the water. It was mostly open to the air, with pastel curtains hung between pillars. It reminded me a lot of some of the houses in Florida. When I asked about hurricanes, they said they'd rather live on the edge of the water than relocate to a hotel on slightly higher ground where they would just drown anyway.

      Then, there was some sort of hurricane/typhoon. The house was blown to pieces. Somehow, the couple was unaffected by the craziness going on around them, but extremely concerned about me. Even though I hung on, I ended getting blown away.

      The dream shifted. I was entering a city that was built on the water. I descended on the city from the air, somehow. The houses' walls were made of white plaster, and the rooftops were glittering ceramic tiles in all sorts of jewel tones. The architecture reminded me a lot of the American Southwest. There were canals between all of the houses. Somehow, all of this was on top of a mesa that rose out of the sea. I recall that I was able to get into the city because my cousin J helped me get a passport.

      The environment around the mesa reminded me a lot of coastal South Africa. There was a cave system inside of the mesa, with different levels to it, all of them filled with enough water to pilot a boat around. The poorest people lived in boats in the lowest levels of the cave system (which also opened to the sea, through a tunnel that looked very mouth-like). The richest people lived in the houses on top of the mesa. The lowest level was very dimly lit, and the cave walls were made of sort of a brown clay.

      I was at the lowest level, and suddenly had a boat. My boat was a little house-boat, about as small as a house-boat can get. The lowest level of the mesa, where I was, had terraces, with waterfalls. I thought the sound of one particular waterfall was very annoying, so I tried to pilot my boat to a higher level. One of the other residents was an extremely skinny man with tan skin and a shaved head. He stopped me and said they wouldn't allow boats at the higher levels, because the water was too shallow. I thought that sounded like bullshit, but turned around anyway.

      The dream shifted. I was somehow involved in a plot to detonate a bomb somewhere in Sweden. I don't remember why. I remember moving there because my friend had moved there to teach English (which she does in real life) even though I really wanted to move to Norway instead.

      My great grandfather lived in a run down little shack there, and wore a ratty red robe. I remember thinking that he looked very thin and frail. He was trying to tell me in broken English that what I was doing was evil, and begging me not to do it. I was doing it for his good as well as my own, although I don't remember how. After I had completed the task, I was able to move my great grandfather to a much better apartment. He still wore the same ratty red robe, and he refused to talk to me.

      I woke up, rolled over.

      Dreamed my roommate was talking about getting married to one of our other friends, but I don't recall anything else.

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    11. 2013; October 1: Magnum PI and Boats

      by , 10-01-2013 at 11:42 PM
      > I was hanging over a pit of black water by a rope and my hand and some electronic gadget fell out of my pocket into the water. Something else had to do with other people in this dream, Earlier.

      > A boat sank with people still on it and then someone activated thrusters when the boat was rear-end facing down, Which caused it to propel out of the water and regain buoyancy.

      > I was Thomas Magnum and was being seduced by a woman - Or someone was trying to seduce me - And then i thought of a highway and going back to the boat with Higgins. On the way something happened to the small boat we were on, I think we had trouble getting the small boat attached to the larger one so we could board it.
    12. Lucid Dreams 522, 523, 524, 525

      by , 06-29-2013 at 03:49 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 21, 2013
      Lucid Dream 522: Bar King
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 15
      Technique: FA

      I can remember pretty much nothing prior to having a FA (false awakening). I awoke in a strange apartment that I didn't recognize. I thought to myself, "Where the f*** am I?" It only took a couple more moments for me to recognize that this situation wasn't right. I couldn't remember how I got there, so I performed a nose pinch RC. As expected, I was actually dreaming.

      I turned toward the nearby sliding glass door and attempted to melt through it. I was successful, but there was another layer of glass in front of me. I melted through it and there was, again, another layer of glass in front of me. I thought, "Oh c'mon now!" I had to phase/melt through 3 more layers of glass before finally making it outside on the balcony. I noticed glass was slowly forming in front of me again so I thought, "Ok, I've got to get the hell out of here." I took flight and quickly flew away from that house.

      I decided to try and have an "Attack on Titan" dream. I flew into a town and a building caught my eye. I landed in front of it and entered. It was a bar. I walked up to the counter and said, "Give me a bottle of your finest dream vodka." She looked skeptical and said, "The whole bottle?" I gave her a, "I'm not going to ask twice" look and she handed me a bottle of gold flakes vodka. It was glowing a brilliant gold color. She held out her hand as if to take money and I said, "I own this place. I'm the master of dreams." She was taken aback and began apologizing saying she didn't know. I just ignored her and walked back to a table.

      I started chugging the the bottle and I then slammed it on the ground. It shattered. The DCs looked at me strangely. It seemed they weren't sure what to do, so I shouted, "Its ok. If you want to slam your glasses on the ground, go ahead." Everyone looked timid and nervous. One guy held up a mug and, with much hesitation, let it slip out of his fingers. It fell to the ground and smashed. I cheered, "There you go! Its fun isn't it?" I grabbed a nearby mug and slammed it on the ground. The DCs all cheered and everyone started slamming bottles and mugs all over the bar. I forgot to mention, I felt the effects of the alcohol immediately after chugging the bottle.

      After my glass breaking party, I walked outside and was in a fairly primitive town. I knew I was where I wanted to be. I walked up to the nearest DC and asked, "What is the fastest way to wall Maria?" The DC pointed and I took off flying in that direction. I got excited upon seeing the wall and the dream began to fade. I landed on top of the wall and immediately prepared to DEILD.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      June 21, 2013
      Lucid Dream 523: Titan Slayer
      Series: Meiseki na Yume, Episode 5

      I smoothly transitioned back into the dream. I could tell I was now outside the walls. I was on a large, square, wooden platform in the middle of a thick forest. I could tell the trees were tall, but they only reached to the same level as my platform. I looked out into the sea of green treetops. A patch of trees to my right began shaking violently. Suddenly, battle music began playing in the background and I knew what was about to happen. A huge titan emerged from the shaking trees. It was about 20 feet taller than the treetops and the platform. I held out my arms as if I was holding two blades like the ones from AoT (Attack on Titan - A currently airing anime that is awesome. The japanese name is Shingeki no Kyojin). The blades didn't appear, but I acted like I was holding them anyway. The Titian swung its arm in an attempt to grab me. Its arms were abnormally long and stretchy. I performed a dive-roll over the arm and siced the Titans arm with my invisible blades. Its cut a bloody gash into his arm. I dodged a few more attacks and the blades were now visible and solid in my hands. I dodged an attack and then leapt behind the Titans head. I sliced through the Titan's weak spot (back of the neck) with both of my blades. It let out a monstrous groan and fell to the ground, disappearing in the sea of trees.

      Suddenly, Titans began popping up all around and I cut them down one after another. The dream went into a 3rd person view as I continued to battle Titans. I noticed that I also had now become a Titan, but I was still the same height as a normal human. I was just jacked like a body builder and had the face of the Armored Titan (from the show). The dream switched in and out of third and first person as I fought a fat Titan that just wouldn't die. I finally managed to kill him and no more Titans came. I decided to head back inside the walls. I could see the wall off in the distance as I began to wake up. Again, I prepared to DEILD.

      Note: This dream was sometimes animated like the show, but also was fully 3D/real world graphics at times.

      Series Details
      "Meiseki na Yume" is Japanese for, "Lucid Dream." In this series, I take my passion for anime and combine it with my passion for lucid dreaming. Join me as I explore the world of anime the best way I know how, in my dreams! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      June 21, 2013
      Lucid Dream 524: Time to Alter Time
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 16

      I transitioned smoothly and was back within the inner walls of the city. I decided to just explore the area. It was night time, but there were many lights and neon lights scattered throughout the city, so it was very lit up. I made my way to a boardwalk with many shops and buildings. None of the buildings here had doors and the boardwalk traveled through many of them. It was like a big, open, outdoor mall. There were people partying and setting off fireworks all around.

      I entered one of the shops and saw a fortune teller-like woman seated on a fancy blanket. I had remembered something I wanted to try, just moments before. I asked the lady, "Where can I find the time dilation machine?" She pointed to a nearby door, so I proceeded through the door. I was now in a bathroom. There was an ancient metal computer-like device on the wall. It looked like a mix between a breaker box and an old apple computer. I attempted to type in 3 hours. The numbers were not being cooperative. I repeatedly typed up a jumbled mess until it finally showed "3 Hours." Of course, there were some jumbled characters on each side of the "3 Hours," but I didn't pay them any mind, I clicked the "start" button and exited the bathroom.

      I went back to exploring. There were so many random shops and objects scattered across the huge boardwalk that I couldn't remember everything. There were canoe shops, fishing shops, clothing stores, fireworks venders, beach balls randomly bouncing around, tumble weed, balloons, stuffed animals, etc. There was way more shit, but that is all I remember (had wrote down). There were also open houses along the boardwalk. The boardwalk was like a huge, winding, pier on a huge lake. Anyway, I entered one of the houses and there was a pool. There was a hot, naked chick sitting on the side of the pool. There was a long line of men in front of her waiting their turn to have sex with her. I watch for a moment and pondered cutting the line and having a go. I fought off the temptation and went back to exploring.

      I saw some speed boats and jet skis out on the lake, so I took off flying after them. I began chasing the speed boats around through the air, playing freeze tag with them. I was skimming the top of the water as I flew. I was "it" and soon "froze" all of the speed boats and jet skis. When I touched them, they literally froze in time. After winning the game of freeze tag, I landed back on the boardwalk. I walked into another house and there was a party going on. I saw a huge kite and attempted to fly while riding on it. I kept crashing into piles of random objects/toys/gear/etc. I could get the kite elevated, but it was out of control and crashed moments later. Always crashing into random piles of things. The dream soon began fading, so I, once again, prepared to DEILD.

      Note, the dream only lasted about 30-45 mins (dream time) after I typed in 3 hours, so it didn't exactly work out .

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      June 16, 2013
      Lucid Dream 525: Jet Gunner
      Series: The Mind of a Gamer, Episode 7

      This DEILD transition took longer than usual. I got some HI of the moon and space. I could hear "My Song" playing on my computer as I transitioned into the dream (the song from the anime, Angel Beats!). I had left my iTunes up as I had been sleeping this whole time.

      Anyway, I transitioned into the dream. I was in a fighter jet and was going through a video game-like stage. I couldn't control the speed or the jets direction of travel. I could strafe left and right with great maneuverability. I controlled the jet's guns with my mind. The environment went from realistic to PS3-like game graphics. I pummeled enemy jets as they approached from the background. It felt a lot like I was playing StarFox in a more realistic setting and great graphics. After a bit of this, the dream began to fade and I allowed myself to wake up in order to not forget too much of the previous dreams.

      Series Details
      With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    13. Online Games with Mom, Sailing in Cardboard, Flying Transports in the Desert, Fighting as the Doctor

      by , 05-21-2013 at 05:33 PM
      05-21-2013 -- [As always, earlier bits MIA.] Playing some kind of computer game, might be Runescape, though very little matches up. There is something that recharges a talent or skill or such (like a prayer alter, or a summoning obelisk) and in some way I can keep track of exactly one person who uses the obelisk, knowing what else they are doing while they are online. The problem is, I'm not interested in following anybody who is currently online. But finally I see somebody it might be fun to keep track of. I think it might be Skilledman, but if it is, he is using a different character name at the moment, with many more Ss.

      I am just about to follow him (think of it like sending the thoughts of a VIP in Roller Coaster Tycoon to the screen, so you know what he is thinking of your park) when my mom shows up. She got a membership to the game long ago, but she never got very far, but she has finally decided she wants to learn this part of the game, and asks for my help. So I follow her, instead.

      She wants to get fully involved, but one part of the game involves folding up little model boats (five or six inches long) made out of cardboard that you kind of poke free from the pre-cut spots on the piece of cardboard they gave you when you joined. Since that was several years ago, mom admits she long ago threw out the sheet of cardboard, so we have to go looking around the world, trying to find a couple of sheets that somebody else has thrown out.

      So mom is out searching one area, and I seem to be searching near a beach, along with a cute girl who is following my orders. I send her onto the beach to look for some of the boat cardboard, and she comes back and says she didn't find any. I am almost sure I saw some there, so go down to the beach, myself. Unfortunately, there is no small cardboard for mom, but I do come across a guy who has made a life-size boat (around the size of a small power boat, but more like a rowboat) made entirely of cardboard. When I ask him about it, he explains he belongs to a group that makes these, and he has sailed it all the way up from Miami. I'm wondering how the thing didn't disintegrate in the water. He invites me to join them the next time they go sailing, but I think it is not likely.

      Meanwhile, we do manage to find one of the right pieces of cardboard for mom, and we are heading back to the meeting place in the desert. We rejoin a group that seems to be mostly women (I think I am the only guy here), and we have this sort of wagon train of several large barge-like vehicles that float in the air, and we use them to cross the desert. At least one of them is a large barge filled with our water supply. I am new to this group, and I soon discover they are being ordered about by a rather mean alien fellow that looks kind of like Trakis from Babylon 5.

      He pushes around the girls, gives them orders, tells them what to do, and is probably using them to do illegal stuff. When he starts to choke one of the girls, I attack him, and am soon choking him while holding him up against a wall. We're very evenly matched, and neither of us can beat the other, but I am able to stop him from attacking the ladies. Instead, he gives us our latest orders, supposedly from the government, and sends us into the desert to steal something, and also gives us a new module to replace an old one that is supposed to let the FBI keep track of where we are and what we are doing.

      He leaves, and I explain to the ladies that I believe him. I think the new module will help the FBI keep an eye on us. Unfortunately, I think he has been using them to steal stuff for him, and is now framing them, so the FBI will come after us, as he goes and finds a new crew to steal for him. I say we have to destroy this new module so we can't be tracked, and we do a little reading, and discover the thing would have to be submerged in water to destroy it. One of the girls goes slightly crazy, and tears a hole in the side of the water barge, and water starts spilling out as she pushes the new module into the interior. I'm thinking there had to be a better way to do that!

      Meanwhile, we're scrambling to get the caravan moving across the desert, when I quickly find myself facing Trakis again, but things are shifting a little bit. I am the 10th Doctor, and one of the attractive ladies is my companion, and Trakis is being chased by what seems to be another attractive lady. He is a minor villain, but really fairly harmless, but you can't say the same for the alien that is chasing him. I urge them both into the TARDIS while I face this thing, and it is trying to spit some green slime on me. I'm not sure if this green slime will take me over, or just burn me, but either way it is bad news, and therefore I am a little nervous that, while I dodged the mass she spit at me, I did seem to get splattered with a few drops. I'm soon running again, trying to stay away from it.

      I am not sure, but the thing attacking me at the end might be the monster I faced with the Doctor (as opposed to as the Doctor) in this dream last November.
    14. outside

      by , 11-10-2012 at 11:06 PM
      amusement park
      i was walking through a really crowded amusement park and following a random person while my 2 youngest siblings followed me....we were going to go on the bounce castle.....there were a few with different things in them....i looked down because there were steps...and my feet weren't touching the ground...more like low gravity than flying.....i got lucid but got so excited and my dc distracted me that i lost it....the one bounce thing had slides, and arcade, and a washing machine in it...i screwed up the laundry by accidentally burning it with the iron

      i was swimming in a small lake.....and i kept finding small boats underwater....so i took them out so i could fix them...i was after a canoe and found myself standing on the ground of the lake...which turned out to be a pool.....and the water was held back by a golden light so he could paint the place and people could still swim.....i took the rest of the boats easily (the ground was dry and there was no water in them) and walked them to the opposite shore without getting wet or needing to breath.....then i helped him stir paint....the whole thing was in a building and fully painted when i took the last boat out

      i was in a pool like the one at university..there was a lady who had pool noodles and was teaching a group of about 7year olds how to swim...and there was another guy at the other end of the pool doing the same thing...but no one from the class wanted to be near him.....there were 2 guys holding a this dc guy under water....he turned into a teen and i got him back out.....then they did it again..so i got the guy out of the water and at the same time took the rope he was using to tie the other guy underwater and tied him down.....the other guy rescued him but it gave us enough time to get out of the water safely.......then this lady saw us asked what happened and i told her but left out the bit where i did what the guy was doing back to him......and i got a lecture about revenge not being good because it's just going to keep going and that i should have told her.....she was a lifeguard or swim coach or something

      i was with this dc....and we were at the house of an old lady who wanted us to help someone....there were bikers outside that we had to avoid by hiding....and we found her on the ground with a bunch of smashed glass and blood on the ground....i directed large trucks around us because we were in the middle of the road.....i carried her inside and put her on a chair while the dc i was with went to tell the old lady she was fine....than the girl locked me in her living room and said she was going to burn the place down (she thought it was my house)....i petted the cats and took out my cell phone to text the dc that went out that the girl is an arsonist and woke up irl

      the most normal and likely to happen dream (the amusement park) is the one where i go lucid....but the ones where i breath underwater are seen as not dreams to me....but yay on my first lucid in a while

      note: xanax
    15. Driving+Shooting+Story= AWESOME DREAM :D

      by , 09-18-2012 at 07:58 PM (Dimension X)
      This one was incredible It's like I was in a video game. First... I remember being at this house with this one girl and she was telling me something. Like some big plan was about to go underway. The house itself was on a dock, close to water. There were boats outside. She named one of them and told me not to destroy it. The name was... Victory -something. I don't remember it fully. Next, I was outside a tunnel, around the corner of something with other people. I'm guessing they were on my side... Then somebody gave an order, and we all started running to the tunnel. There were enemies in there. I had a gatling gun strapped to my back, but I was able to use it by my side. When it needed to be reloaded, there were some beads and I had to pull them out of the gun, and then some random person walked up and added more to the gun. I could shoot at people So it was pretty fun. Then when we were a bit farther into the tunnel, and things kind of changed. I didn't have bodily limit as to what I could do and how fast I could go. Keep in mind, we're still in the same tunnel. Almost like I turned into a car. But I remember that I was driving because I could hear it. It was a Ferrari... lol

      There were other cars ahead of me now. I was still able to shoot them with the gatling gun, but I don't know how. I shot and destroyed like 10 cars before I reached a... finish line...? We were launched out of the tunnel and onto a city street. Only my car was flipping a lot, but I didn't die or get hurt. It looks like this whole thing was a race. I finished in 6th place, apparently. So I basically failed the mission... Oops. Then there was a voice over.

      "Logan, (Not my name lol) next time, finish in the top of the Hentak list."

      "Then, we'll see about what you have in store."

      "Just shoot her MOTHER."

      Looks like I failed the mission pretty badly if I only had to shoot a car that contained someone's mother. LOL
      This dream had a story and was pretty awesome! I hope there's another episode or something

      I rate this dream 5/5 awesome dances.

      Perfect score!
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