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    1. 2 Dec: Time loop after bomb explodes in school

      by , 12-02-2019 at 09:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Caught on a time loop with some people who are also aware of it. We are at school, the afternoon class was canceled and I am not sure if I stay and eat at the canteen or if I go lunch at home. Out of nowhere there is an explosion and we all die and go back to half an hour before and relive the moment. It seems we can't get out of it or change it and I watch each and every one of the others losing it, going insane. But I also start noticing small changes in the history every time we relive it. I start exploring the moment from other angles. Until I finally find the bomb and the guys who set it up. It won't be easy to disable it but now there is hope, so I go back to my friends and tell them the news just before the explosion happens again.
    2. 5 Sep: In a group of amateur spies

      by , 09-05-2019 at 10:26 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With a group of amateur spies who volunteered to keep an eye and report on the leaders and regimes that threaten the world. I mostly spy the Chinese government's tentacles abroad, but had a chance to infiltrate the Brazilian government and they are with crazy ideas. The president picked up Trump's idea of nuking hurricanes and he shows me excited a bomb they have ready to use in the next extreme weather phenomena. There seems to be no one around him smart enough to see the stupidity of it. Instead they are all so proud of their tech.
      Back to headquarters they don't wanna believe me but someone else confirms my story with complementary info. Meanwhile some colleague is on the phone with a Chinese dude we are monitoring, and she claims he invited her to lunch and there will be no time for us to set up a mission to go with her. She has to go alone. We are all listening in silence, but we almost blow it, with our whispering - we cannot believe she really will go out with this guy.
    3. Monday, June 10

      by , 06-27-2019 at 08:56 PM
      I am with Dad at his house. I think it looks mostly the same, but the view out of the front window is different. Instead, there is a view of a slight desert ravine or at least some fairly steep desert hills. There is nothing but sand, rock, and sagebrush until a very tiny patch of what looks like buildings on the very far horizon. In a corner of the house opposite the window there is some machine, no bigger than a small couch, that apparently launches missiles/bombs. I think there is an atom bomb, a hydrogen bomb, and a magnet bomb? The last is the smallest, but still a very serious bomb. One of the larger bombs, still a long, thin cylindrical shape that fits on the device, is loaded and ready to be sent to Russia. I think this must have been Dad’s idea, and it is all very nonchalant. It has been launched out through the open front window now, and I am waiting. After a while, I see dark clouds forming on the horizon. They aren’t really black, but look more like storm clouds. After these clouds form, I see dense, white smoke. It is coming this way, slowly, from my vantage point. The sunlight seems to dim here now, and I look again at the approaching white smoke. The mass is travelling up the hills, and I know it won’t stop for us. The ravine’s length is quickly becoming consumed; it is moving a bit faster than I thought possible at this distance. I fear it might break the window, so I turn away and move towards the kitchen. In an instant, the light is drained, looking like there is an eclipse or total, dark cloud cover. It is only the smoke though, as I hear it pass over the house with an airy impact, like a plane passing through clouds. I see it cover the far windows and pass seemingly slower than it came. I wonder what Russia looks right now, what city had the most impact, what history has been completely erased or rewritten. I then wonder who will retaliate and send a bomb to the US, thinking it inevitable. I think about dying like that, and it is not something I want. It all feels too real.
    4. Tuesday, April 23

      by , 05-07-2019 at 07:17 PM
      I am in what seems like a large, dim room. The building seems industrial and empty/abandoned. There are only a few others here. They are doing some sort of bomb test. I think I ask someone if it’s a hydrogen or atomic bomb. I think they say it’s a big bomb, but not that big. Now, the bomb (that looks more like a grenade) is being throw from the other side of the room to over here. There are actually two of them, and they land in a corner/inlet to my right. There is a wall between them and me, but still I panic a little. They then detonate with a much smaller explosion than I had expected. The explosion looks like mostly black smoke in a sort of mushroom head. After a moment it sort of goes off again, sending a powerful wave of aftershock. There are people against a fence on the far side of the room; I watch as they are violently thrown up and against the fence. I go look at the location of impact, finding two small craters. The bottom is bright yellow orange, like it has turned the ground molten. I think about sending a Snapchat of it.
      Tags: bomb, explosion
    5. 3 Dec: Detonation of a harmless bomb

      by , 12-04-2018 at 10:59 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something about russians and some test. Something on a public swimming pool, with a couple of ladies, crossing the locker room to avoid or meet someone, but then getting excited about a swim in the pool.

      A friend says he invented a simulation of a nuclear bomb, but without radiation and the blast is harmless so wants to test it. I'm not feeling sure about that, but he insists on blowing it up and says we can hide in an underground shelter nearby. Strangely enough, he sets it off in the middle of a town, so I wonder about all other people if the test goes wrong. Anyway, he is not going to stop for anything and he blasts the thing off. The shock wave is strangely slow, so we can run ahead of it and seek the shelter. He doesn't go, but me and Alex and Zilla we run to it. Zilla is the only one who knows where it is. Alex trips when we cross a bridge and he grabs a piece of my clothing asking for help. But I tell him "it's ok, the bomb is harmless, you'll be fine." And I shrug him off and keep going (watch a bitch I can be). I look back a few steps later and ask him if he'll be ok? He ain't sure, but he doesn't complain and gets up to keep running.
      Zilla finally stops behind a building with a garden and I ask if the bunker is there. She says no and that she also wants to experience the blast on the surface, but she is taking cover behind the building She finds a hose on a wall and takes an improvised shower. Recommends me to do the same, in case the blast is hot. I feel pretty upset with all this and think these guys are just fucking insane. The blast is coming.

      I am a at a supermarket with Riverstone, shopping for food. Some troll just put 200€ of frozen fish on our trolley. We're vegetarian, I ask the cashier to keep it and take it away, but Riverstone is looking at all the codfish and saying maybe we should buy it for special occasions. I am pissed he is even considering that and say "absolutely no".

      Everyone seems to be losing his/her voice. I am also starting to loose mine. It's some virus that's going around and infecting more and more people. It's afflictive.
    6. Lightning Bomb [LDs]

      by , 09-30-2018 at 06:11 PM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      //Been meaning to write this down for about a week now. Oops. I'll put the lucid parts in a different color.

      Dream 1

      I'm walking around in a dark room, so I can't see much of my surroundings. I'm not sure what happens, but I suddenly become suspicious; I cannot remember how I got here. Since I'm alone, I jump, to see if anything strange happens. Nope, just a normal jump. I'm not convinced, so I jump again, expecting myself to float. I hover in the air a bit before floating back to the floor. I realize I'm dreaming!

      It takes me a second to push down the excitement. I shout for clarity a couple of times, and the dream stabilizes. I'm unsure what to do for a moment, then decide to examine my surroundings after jumping around a bit. Yes, it's still dark, but I can still see a little bit. There's a staircase to my left, so I go up. The stairs lead right into a bedroom with glass panes on the wall to my left and just ahead of me. There's a queen bed in the center of the room; someone rises out of it and stares at me, but I pay them no mind. I instead look out the window. It's stormy out, rain pelting the glass and the doors leading to the balcony. I'm about to explore more until I remember a goal I'd had for a while: to make a ball of energy in my hands. Better try it now before the dream dissolves!

      I move my hands to make the energy ball; I can feel energy rush into my hands, but cannot see it visually. I speak aloud and describe what I want, speaking of a blue mist. Blue wisps emanate from my hands, but no "ball" so to speak. I then describe it as a lightning ball, but then my brain associates the word "ball" with "bomb". Yeah. A loud explosion comes from outside. The glass shatters inward, the results of the bomb nearing me at a rapid rate. I'm not afraid; I simply open my physical eyes to get out of the situation.

      Dream 2

      I wake up at this point and go back to sleep. I end up in the same dark room. I recognize this once more and go lucid. This time, I open the front door and will it to be nice and sunny. It works, sort of. I practice flying and other forms of dream control. I try to change location by closing my eyes and asking to go somewhere else, but the other location falters a bit before shooting me back in the one I first was in. Oh well. I believe I slowly lose lucidity after this.
    7. Toty #2

      by , 08-25-2018 at 04:04 PM (Exterminate)
      I had two dreams prior to this one. I'll list them below the main dream regardless. I woke up to my 5am alarm and got out of bed for a bit. Drank some water, used the restroom. I went back to bed hoping I could still have a lucid dream when I am sick.

      TOTY #2 - Mephistopheles and Faust
      I found myself in a dream and made it clear I was going to accomplish a lucid task this dream. I took a big risk and sat down on a thorny bush and closed my eyes to meditate for a moment. I had heard meditation does some spooky shit at times but does work quickly. I figured this would make the dream stable without me having to nurse it the whole dream. Normally when I close my eyes in a dream I wake myself up, but I made sure to focus on the sensation of the thorny bush and of birds tweeting around me. After a few seconds I decided to begin my task. As I am listening to the birds and feeling the thorny bush I try to will my eyelids open but it didn't work. I took risk #2 and opened my eyes like I would if I was awake. Thankfully I could indeed see. It didn't feel like the most vivid or lucid dream. (Lucid as in awareness) When I opened my eyes I looked directly into the sun and looked away with the after image burned into my retinas for a bit. It appeared to be dusk. I walk down the street and find my victims. There was a car that just arrived at their house. There was a mother, father, and 2 daughters. The parents went inside while the younger daughter noticed me. I said I had the power to grant her greatest desire. I then asked her what it was she wanted.

      She said she was always treated like a princess, therefore she really wanted a tiara. I smiled and snapped my fingers. Done. The parents saw me and invited me inside. I went to a nearby bed and grabbed a beautiful silver crown from the bed and put it on the girl's head. I was feeling generous, so I also summoned a tiara for the older sister. I then grabbed one more larger and more adorned silver crown and placed it upon the mother's head. This crown was different as it was a full circle and had rings that went down on either side of her head. Finally, I couldn't leave the father out of the party, so I said I had a splendid crown for him as well. I reached back and to my surprise no crown was there this time. I turned around again with expectation and found it lying near the other end of the bed. I moved over and grabbed it and then waked over and put it on the father's head. Unfortunately either he had a real big head or this crown was much smaller than I intended. It looked more like a cheap accessory than a crown of power.
      It was still adorned with jewels and whatnot, but it's size meant it did not fit on his head.

      The father walked away to another room of the house, while the mother thanked me profusely for being so generous. I said to her that I was so happy as well that I was able to complete this goal of mine that I have been attempting for a long time now, at least a few months. I was almost ready to end the dream until I realized that I forgot to take their souls! I said to her she needs to bring her husband back so I could leave my final parting gift. He came over and I told them to lock arms together. I said I had left out an important detail before, and that I must not leave until I do what I had to do. I told them I was Satan, king of hell. Due to my profile I couldn't ask God to give them what it was they desired, so I had to do it out of my own power. And my power doesn't come for free. Unfortunately the price that must be paid is their souls. I put one hand on her shoulder and the other on his shoulder. There was a flash of light, everything went dark as if the sun just burned out. The kids were gone, and the parents were both very thin and gaunt. They didn't look so good. It may have been the lighting, but I wasn't sure what taking people's souls was going to do to them. The man didn't move. I wasn't so sure either were even alive any more. The woman walked toward me while acting sexy and kissed me. I was kinda shocked. She was behaving so erratic and different than before. When she backed away from the kiss she had an evil grin on her face. I came to the conclusion that without their souls they no longer had any morals and their impulse control was gone. They turned instinctual.

      Obese angry woman
      I had a short dream earlier on in the night where some large chick was flying through the air and going on a rampage. She kept calling me a slut and acting all mad. I asked if she was accusing me of being a rapist and I explained that I most certainly am not. Whatever her problem was I kept talking to her and calming her down. As I talked with her I saw a visual indicator going down from 10. When it reached 2 I started talking intellectually with her. Whatever set her off I do not know.

      Bomb threat
      Another dream later one involved our family going to a bowling alley. We had heard there was a bomb threat but we didn't believe it. When we arrived it was dark and there were many ambulances there. The location was in a slums with graffiti and broken windows all around. The focal point appeared to be a high-rise building. It looked like an office building or an apartment maybe. I counted at least 6 or 7 ambulances. I didn't see any police or other emergency vehicles. Some people were being carried on gurneys into the backs of some ambulances. There were EMTs all around. I made the stupid remark questioning what the hell had happened here. I looked around at the graffiti and it was all referring to bombs. There were paintings of bombs and words showing the threats of blowing up the place. I pieced together that a bomb must have already gone off and many had been injured and killed. I noted that it did not seem as if we would be playing bowling tonight, given the circumstances. Good thing we left our equipment in the car or we would have really looked dumb.

      As I turned to go back to the car I heard a large boom. I turned to see a giant fireball hurling toward me. I ducked behind a wall and just barely missed being incinerated. A few more large explosions followed and giant fireballs kept being thrown in every direction from the building. I managed to avoid getting hit by two or three until I hightailed it out of there and ran down the street and around the corner. As I fled the scene the dream ended.
    8. 18-02-15 Blowing Up Boss With Huge Bomb

      by , 02-15-2018 at 05:36 PM
      All I remember was being in a building, and fighting a video game 'boss'. The whole setting was 100% realistic, not all all like a game, but I could retry the fight as often as I wanted. The boss was just a person, but taller and very strong. Conventional weapons didn't seem to hurt him very much. I had this bomb, it looked like a German stick grenade from the second World War, but it had multiple explosives. I say 'bomb' and not 'grenade' because this thing was utterly devastating. I think I put the grenade in his backpack (or somehow attached it to his back) while distracting him. Then I ran away very fast. The explosion pretty much vaporized the large, multi-storey building. I assumed this killed the boss. I tried that fight a few more times. At some point, the explosion happened underground. I ran outdoors, yelling to people to flee as fast as they could, as the blast radius was easily a kilometer. We were on the street when the bomb went off. The ground literally started cracking open, releasing hot gas from the explosion. Someone yelled at people to avoid the cracks.
    9. Heart of War

      by , 12-27-2017 at 07:16 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I really don't remember much on how this started but somehow from the sky we were transported to a place of red armor roof tops and grey slated buildings. Upon arriving, we ( a group of people who I do not know) could hear explosions and shooting from pretty much all directions. Then the people that I was around all ran away. I didn't knew where to go or what to do. That's when I heard someone yell something in what I suspect to be in chinese.

      That's when you could see a huge bomb land and shook the entire area for a good minute. People kept running and almost bumping in to me. That's when I saw a man in grey trying to shoot people. After killing a few people, he see's me and attempts to take a couple rounds at me. I somehow manage to not get hit but very quickly it partial became clear to me that I wouldn't get hurt. I said it to myself in my head that I am dreaming. Upon realizing this I made an attempt to get shot so that the shock of it will wake me up. I also was curious to know what the dream would make me feel once I did take a bullet.

      Before I knew it, I had a false awakening and was lying in my bed with my lucidity gone. When my eyes open this weird looking sharingan was present for about 5 seconds with in my eye sight. I got up from the bed and could see a few people and what look to be my father running. I could tell by the design that we were at the entrance of an airplane. People were rushing through the hall way to get on to it as everyone had this feeling the entire area was going to blow up.

      The door's open and was quickly closing itself, leaving anyone who did not get on to it fast enough screwed. I had miss the first one but fortunately got the chance to get on the second one.
    10. No Explosion After All

      by , 06-18-2017 at 11:12 AM
      Morning of June 18, 2017. Sunday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are in an unknown bedroom which is seemingly implied to be part of our home. I have some sort of booby trap set up. It is a jury-rigged device with an explosive. It is set up like this to prevent any imposer from having more access to our home.

      The setting has the essence of some sort of unlikely composite of the lounge room of our present home and my fourth grade portable classroom that was north of the main building, with the classroom layout here mirrored from right to left when inside. When the imposer comes in through the doorway, there will be an explosion.

      I consider the setup. The imposer will perhaps not be killed; only surprised. I talk to Zsuzsanna about the setup. Our bed is longways (adjacent to the wall) just to the left of the entrance. (I am not even sure if there is an actual door covering the entrance.) The foot of our bed comes up to near the entrance directly on the left side. The booby trap is right at the foot of our bed.

      I consider that perhaps it is not that great of an idea. I tell Zsuzsanna that the explosion will probably be big and that it might destroy a part of the house or even reach us.

      I go over to the device and pick up an oversized nine-volt battery. It has two wires at the top, each connected to what would otherwise be snap connectors. The two wires then lead to the explosive pack. However, instead of two polarized snap connectors at the top, there are two smooth electrodes with the same positive polarity implied for each, each of the appearance of an electrode from a singular cylindrical battery. I remove the wire from one, which will probably prevent the pack from exploding. Still, I also remove the second wire. I now know that I have disabled it.

      Of course, this setup makes no sense. In the first place, the nine-volt battery, other than being over twice the size it should be, would have no polarity in reality due to its invalid design. In the second place, one could not wrap wire around a cylindrical electrode (as it would just slide off). In the third place, there does not seem to be any kind of tripwire for when the imposer comes in, but just a small container of some sort on the foot of the bed, attached with two long wires to the oversized nine-volt battery.

      Still, as would be expected, disabling my fictional device caused a softer waking, with no hypnopompic jerk. I find it fascinating how the majority of dreams are internally premonitory (in a biological sense) of the waking mechanism, especially related to the seemingly infinite ways a dream renders the lead up to waking symbolism.

      So what is happening in this particular dream? Well, the bomb is at the foot of the bed. When I disable it, I (or rather my unconscious essence) have done something biologically that prevents the type of hypnopompic jerk that is like my leg spontaneously kicking upwards. The location at the foot of the bed validates this quite obviously, and the different locations relate to the subliminal awareness that my hypnopompic kick might also disturb Zsuzsanna (so thus I am talking about the imposer, as subliminally expecting my emergent consciousness factor rather than the preconscious). It is also to the left of a doorway. A doorway symbolizes a real-time shift in consciousness, often the symbolic state directly between dreaming and waking up, as has been validated in thousands of my dreams since early childhood (and which I have typified when only about ten years of age as the “threshold” type). Zsuzsanna is to my left in my dream as she is in reality in bed as we are sleeping (a repeating orientation in my dreams.) Additionally, the battery and wires represent nerves and disabling it is symbolic of softening the nerve impulses of my real physical body. As with common symbolic (but subliminal) reinduction, this is not clear to me until directly after waking.

      I have, since very young, always found it far more meaningful and important to understand the true meaning of non-lucid dreams than the pretend game of “interpretation” in the naïve sense. To each his own.

    11. Easy Come, Easy Go

      by , 05-01-2017 at 09:35 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I decided on a whim to attempt DEILD as I went gack to sleep after waking up in the morning (I had today off) and I woke up in my room, except there was a poster on the wall. I was immediately lucid.

      However, a big note hug from the ceilingnona piece of rope, just beyond my bedroom door. Apparently, I tried to buy a bomb to murder someone who had angered me, and the shopkeeper explained in the note that they had notified the police. For some reasons I forgot that I was in a dream and panicked as I tried to recall when I tried to buy a bomb, and then when I remembered I was in a dream, I simply woke up to escape my situation.
    12. 2 alien dreams & an apocalyptic dream

      by , 02-10-2017 at 07:37 PM
      These are the dreams I could make some sense out over the last week but the last few days I have been so busy & those dreams reflected that with things that were hard to explain.

      D1: Aliens took away our air on this planet & made us unable to reproduce. Somehow I was chosen the be the breeder for the human race which was odd. I told them I couldn't be because I no longer have the anatomy to do such a thing. This is a dream sign trigger for lucidity since this is something that is very personal to me. They also chose some other women that I would be in charge of that were also to me a baby maker for them. I was informed that the typical human reproduction won't matter in this case. Then handed us these green wand like stick which was about 7 inches long. They had these bumps on it & the whole thing glowed. I had the feeling that these were eggs of some form because we were to insert them in ourselves during a process where they would be fertilized. We were angry about the whole thing but then they gave us pure oxygen around our bodies to breathe. Unfortunately it was what seemed to be stale air. Meesha woke me up.

      D2: I chained right back into the dream. Now we were being led through the streets & up a hill through masses of ppl. Tubes were waiting for us at the top that look like water slides. We were to impregnate our selves & as we slid down the slide an alien that looked human would fertilize us in the tube some how. Our strategy was to kill the alien some how as we went down the slide. One woman failed & I had to kill the alien in her tube.

      Next day: Every race of ppl are immediately in my line of sight. I notice all are represented. The world is over as we know it & ppl are living in this burnt out city of rubble. I found that I was happy that the initial race war accompanied w/ crazy ppl had not exceeded in wiping out whole races of ppl yet there weren't many families intact where I was. Mostly they were ppl who took in a child here & there. I walk through to see what my surroundings are. I can't help but become lucid at the sadness of it all but I just want to see more. I now know I can't be hurt but it feels like a cautionary message to me. I can see a child here or there running through the streets playing near the rubble in their clothes which are basically tattered rags and I see a lone child sitting on a front stoop of a burnt out brownstone on the stairs. A particular group of children are playing near this woman who is making me very nervous. She has something that looks like a M80 firework with a thick yet rather short green fuse that is about 2 1\2 inches long. She is showing customer after customer how her fuse is special & slow. She would light & the person was always trying to not look leery & I'm just kind of in shock looking at this woman do this repeatedly. It seems insane because I know this is no typical M80 in this scenario. She lights it & we wait, it takes a while for it to even get to the M80 but right before it gets there she pinches the fuse with her finger & snuffs it out & then pulls the fuse out of it. The person then buys it from her. This happens over & over. I don't remember ever being lucid like this looking at someone repeat a process like this. It seemed strange on so many levels. The more she does it the more I start to get nervous. I just know one of those kids are going to get hurt running around her kicking up dust. Finally a man walks up & she does her thing & it blows up. She is now gone & so is the man. A child is laying on the ground all mangled but alive. I pick him up & no one is helping me. I go into a nearby apt building & finally a man takes him from me all panicked like he may be the one who was caring for this child in this new world. I realize I had gotten up in my own lucid dream & that this of course was not real but I just can't shake that moral duty of mine even in a dream. I then turn to my right & I see my first husband & run to him because he's the only familiar face in this dream & hug him. Even though in real life I don't want anything to do w/ him but I know if the world went to shit & I came across him he would take care of me so seeing him wasn't that odd. I thought maybe he was there to help make sense of this dream but I no sooner see him than I look to my left & see this man w/ what looks like a popcorn machine. But the front looks like a giant gumball machine chute. Kids are getting cotton candy out of it. I know what my dream means now & I choose to just wake up.

      I'll continue another day in a separate journal entry.
    13. Shaving a Timebomb

      by , 02-04-2017 at 03:26 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I entered a small store that sold jewelry or something. Three guys were there. I got a deja vu and knew something was wrong. I looked at the clock and it was like a square wave starting from 8 o'clock and ending at 1 o'clock. But of course that had a perfectly good reason in the dream. It was the path through the maze. What maze? you might ask. Well, the maze that disarms the timebomb that the robbers activated. One of the robbers had a razor and was shaving the path through the maze. When he got closer to the end of the maze, I started to feel nausea when he moved the razor. He made a mistake while shaving the bomb. I was already down on my knees from nausea, when the whole place exploded. The explosion had no effect on me, but the nausea wasn't going away so I woke up.

      Never felt like that in a dream. Extreme nausea. What the hell?
    14. The Woman with the Bomb

      by , 06-15-2016 at 02:10 PM
      Okay, I was married to someone (Jasper? I'm not sure), and some other woman was trying to come between our marriage. She was beautiful, but I don't remember much from her appearance except that she had blonde curls. For some reason it was "required" that she come and live with us, stay at our vacation homes, etc.--so we let her, even though I knew what she was up to. I can't remember if my husband was suspicious or not, but I did my best to keep a close watch on her.

      So, we went to a vacation resort. Perhaps that place was an island, I'm not sure, but there was a lot of land and water, and several pathways that clearly hadn't been explored. To try to paint a clearer picture, there was the town that everyone (local and vacationer) stayed at, but you could go into the woods of the town to have a real adventure. If you went far enough in the woods you would come to a clearing of sorts, and then you would be able to walk through the field, left or right, and look at several other pathways.

      At some point my husband and I, when exploring that field, realized that the other woman was nowhere near us. We--and especially he--became worried that she had gotten lost in one of the other pathways and was injured or dead. We began looking for her, and he almost went through one of the pathways before I stopped him. I told him that it would be better for us if we actually went to the town first, so that we could check the places that she probably was, before we started checking place where we don't even know she had gone near.

      So, we followed the field along until we came more to the town's western end. I remember that the post office was just to our left, and I decided that we should check their first. Almost as soon as we opened the door is when we seen her, holding a letter that would go off to someone. My husband and I were both relieved, and we stopped to talk to her a bit.

      Then the three of us went to a party. There was a new thing that kept going around, that people with different sun signs were able to enjoy different sweets that were catered to them especially. It was revealed that the woman was a journalist, and so at the party she was talking to people about that, and about their food. One Scorpio woman told her that they were "very traditional" when it came to their food--in other words, every year at that party they would bring their links, their burgers, their cake, their French fries, and every year they would not care at all about anything else (and in any case, you could tell that woman didn't like the idea of "Scorpio cookies").

      I sat down and thought about the poverty of the town we were in, and also our own poverty that my husband and I lived in.

      When the party was over, the three of us left.

      Maybe the dream just skipped forward into the future, or maybe I just can't remember, but suddenly my husband and I were trapped in a small dark room--possibly even a closet. It was clear that she had done this, and neither of us were able to figure out how to get out. The point of view switched from first person to third person, went out the door and down the hallway. As the POV was travelling I noticed wires upon wires, with a few machines here and there. The hall almost looked like a cave (but I was pretty sure we weren't in a cave). Finally, after a considerable distance, the woman was there, as was another man. They were wearing all black and were discussing my husband's and my demise. I can't remember exactly why they were going to kill us--either it was for our money (what money) or because they were assassins and it was their job to. Either way, she had not been able to "come between our marriage" like she had wanted to.
    15. Terrorist??

      by , 04-23-2016 at 12:54 AM
      I had a very intense dream last night that involved me being with a group we could have been criminals or terrorists because we went into a masquerade party with a service cart that had food on top and a bomb in the bottom part, we set the cart in the middle of the room. ( we had hoodies on underneath that we had like gorilla masks and on top of those masks were those kind of half masks that you would normally find at a masquerade party and after we placed the cart in the middle of the room we pulled down our hoods and took off the top mask just leaving us with our gorilla masks and we all left very fast and no one even seemed to notice us. We had about 5 people including me and the leader because I remember as we tried to leave I was going first but the leader told me to wait and let the other two go ahead of me so I stopped by the doors and let them go ahead of me and then the leader and I left at the same time. I did not see an explosion or anything but after we left and went out the doors the dream restarted and we did it all over again the exact same way, I was aware of this but I let it play out anyway and this time when we got to the doors, the leader told me to wait again, the other two left first followed by me and the leader and then I woke up instead of having the dream repeat. I have noticed that sometimes my dreams repeat once or twice while I am asleep and I must be lucid dreaming because I am aware that it is a repeat but I don't do anything about it I just let it play out.
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