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    1. 18-08-13 Rising Seas, Bomb FBI Building

      by , 08-15-2018 at 09:54 PM
      I was a character, a woman. I was trapped on a steep beach, with the ocean's waters steadily rising. The sky was covered in grey clouds and the atmosphere was very dark and foreboding. I climbed the beach to escape the water, but was then blocked by a fence. I climbed the fence and run away from the ocean. I was shocked this worked, as I somewhat subconsciously realized this never works in nightmares. I traveled a ways until I got to a large house. The headquarters of my 'faction'. We were a faction aligned with some ideal I agreed with, and we had some problems with the government. I think we needed to silence someone who'd been captured by the FBI. The others were discussing a plan to just bomb the whole FBI building. I didn't feel right about this. It felt was too extreme to my liking.
    2. Alien Attack - Firework in Skies

      by , 10-23-2012 at 04:12 PM
      I was going to my old school in the dream.As I was in my way to one of the busy roads in my city,gradually the sky was darkening.It become so dark that stars were seen in day.I was looking up in the sky,suddenly,I saw bunch of shooting stars marching across the sky in parallel.Just I was noticing its movement,I saw one of the shooting stars fell vertically near the horizon,and there was a blast and my dream was over.It was very vivid and I remembered fine details of it.I saw it between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM in morning.Awesome experience.
    3. "Ohhh No! There goes Tokyo!..."

      by , 10-05-2012 at 03:53 AM (A Peak Into Tyler's Mind.)
      I am in Tokyo, I think. I am staying inside of this bunker-like thing in a park. David, a friend of mine, hands me some guns and explains what all of them do. I just laugh at him, wondering why I would need to know what all of these guns do. After my "briefing" on the guns, we decide to head outside. To get outside we have to go through iron doors - much like the doors to get inside of Sandy's Dome in Spongebob. While looking around, guns still in out hands, we notice an astonishing amount of aircrafts flying around. While walking around a bit, David yells, "Watch out!" At the sound of his voice, I turn to see why he would yell that. I see a plane diving out of the air, heading straight for the two of us!! We panic and begin firing our weapons at the incoming plane. It pulls up at the last second, barely missing us, and begins flying around again like the other aircrafts. Soon, it repeats the same procedure. Noticing that this pilot is clearly not a normal pilot, I begin watching the plane very carefully. After it pulls up - again, at the last second - it heads towards a city block. Upon reaching the block, I see a bomb drop from the plane. I yell at David to get down as I dive to the ground. From this point, all hell breaks lose. There are explosions everywhere, so we retreat to the bunker and I wake up.
    4. 4/3/12 Who is this mysterious guy that keeps popping up in my dreams?

      by , 04-03-2012 at 12:38 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember being with my friend, S, and we were going exploring I think. A couple of boys she knew were going to come with us. They were playing football or something while we were walking. S and I started running ahead, to this place in a forest. I started running really fast, but not as much as I wanted to.

      Once S and I reached a certain point, one of the guys had already beaten me, and was now smiling at me like it was nothing. I laughed, but was a bit embarrassed.

      We walked for a while through the forest. I’m not sure what we were looking for, though. After a while, it started turning into more rocky parts. Then we were under some sort of cave with vines hanging down everywhere.

      S got lost from us, so we were looking for her. I can’t remember much of what happened, but we split up and I was with the guy that had beaten me at running. Now that I looked at him, he was kind of cute.

      We eventually found her with some weird animal.

      Bombs? Really?
      I was with a guy I had a crush on I guess. I forgot what we were supposed to do, I just know that we had to get to my house. Along the way, we “teleported” into several houses that looked exactly like mine, and looking outside to see which one was my real house. They were side by side each other, down the street. I don’t know why.

      Finally, we teleported into another one. I looked out of the window.
      “Look, there’s a hill or wall thing.” I pointed. There was what looked like a tall mound of grass almost blocking my window. Our deck was gone, though.
      The boy walked outside and I followed. I saw the familiar house beyond ours on a hill.
      “Yep. This is my house.” I said.

      We walked a little more out. All of a sudden, we looked up on top of the far hill by the trees and saw what looked like a pirate ship just sitting there.
      I heard voices, concluding that there were actually people on there!

      Then I heard a man yell in a pirate-like voice:
      “We’re gonna bomb ya, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do ‘bout it!”

      I looked to my crush. “Oh no.” I breathed. “Get inside!”
      As soon as we got in, the first bomb was fired from their cannon. Since they were far away, it wasn’t even close to reaching the house. Looking out the window, I saw the pirate ship moving forward slowly.

      “We don’t have much time!” I yelled.
      Looking up at the fireplace mantle, I saw a rectangular TV that showed the pirate ship outside and how close it was to the house.

      The boy went outside, trying to confront the “pirates”.
      I didn’t want him to, but he didn’t listen to me.

      I heard a loud knocking on my door. I ran to the door, and opened it. I found four of my neighbors. One man was carrying a pistol, and another carried one that looked like a machine gun. I quickly hurried them inside along with their wives.

      “You need to get to the basement, quick!” I urged. I heard more bombs going off in the distance.

      The women were almost in tears, hanging on to their husbands for support. The older man was talking to me about something, but I couldn’t hear him over the bombs exploding.

      I turned to the mantle and my mom was now standing there watching the TV. I walked over to her. Then I turned back to the couples and tried to get them to put their guns away and go to the basement for safety.

      As soon as I turned back around, a bomb went off, and it blew up the camera’s screen, so we could no longer see very well on the TV. With that same bomb, my crush was hurtled at the window.

      I woke up.
    5. Dream in the Middle East

      by , 07-18-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream take place somewhere in a middle eastern country but I do not know which one. The area was very poor and all the buildings were made of local materials, like mud bricks.

      I am about quarter of a kilometer outside of a small poor city. It is about midday and very hot. The atmosphere is arid and no vegetation of any kind can be seen. Clusters of people in varying degrees of Islamic or Western clothing surround me. Some people are sitting, some laying down, some standing, but no one moves very much or talks loudly. Everyone is of Middle Eastern decent except for a small group of people with whom I am following. I do not recognize anyone at first and they slowly make their way towards the city in the distance.

      Several men from outside the group are staring at me with angry or contemptuous expressions and I uncomfortably look around to try an figure out why. I soon realize that all the women I see are covered up with burkas or hijabs, save for the two or three non-Middle Eastern women in the group I am with. I get the impression that I am the only one being stared at and I lower my gaze though I am angry and frustrated that people are staring at me.

      When the group of people I am with are nearing the small city, someone from behind me says that we should avoid going there because American soldiers are about to initiate a fight with some insurgents. I cannot see who said that and the group of people continue on their way, even when I hesitate. Some tall building near the center of the city suddenly explode and sand and debris flys everywhere. I can hear bombs and gunfire but am not scared. I remember feeling more annoyed then anything.

      I head back out into the desert where the dream started and suddenly it is nighttime and I am back with the group of people I had been following before. This time however, my mom and dad are with the group and we are being lead by a tour guide somewhere. The group stops for a moment under a large wooden frame, on the egde of what looks like a dry creek bed. There is a wooden billboard that is half standing and half collapsed and a young boy in a white shirt and red baseball cap that is climbing over it. Tangled barbed wire fence separates the group I am with from the creek bed, but I find a spot that I can jump over without getting caught or cut on the barbs.

      I start toward whats left of the billboard because I want to climb too, but my mom stops me and tells me that I have to stop acting out and behave or I am going to get kicked out of the group. I reluctantly and begrudgingly rejoin them just as the tour guide leads us between some more indescernable wooden structures until we reached a tall, elaborate building with a large tower in the center. I get the impression that it was a mosque or something but I am not sure.

      The tour is stopped and everyone is interrogated one by one by several men in clerics robes. I cannot remember why we were being questioned or what the questions were, but if we answered "correctly" then we were allowed to continue on with the tour. When I was being questioned I kept my head down and did not make eye contact with anyone. I figured that there was no way these men would allow me to continue on because my face was uncovered and every man in the room was staring at me because of it.

      They did let me go on, however, and I immediately led up the narrow spiralling staircase of the central tower. The stair went up about six or seven stories and the entire way was intricately handpainted with natural scenes. At the very top of the stairs was a circular room that looked like an art store. There were display cases containing paintbrushes all around the outside and a Middle Eastern woman in the center giving away free art supplies. She was uncovered, dressed in blue, very pleasant and greeted my parents warmly. I noticed at this point that no one else in the group had been let into the tower. I was intrigued with an elaborate painting that encircled the entire room and studied it intently as my parents and the woman in blue talked. When the woman tried to offer my father some paintbrushes, he told her to give them to me because I was the artist in the family.

      I do not remember anymore because I woke up.
    6. Island Air Raid and the Translucent Stones.

      by , 07-17-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off on some sort of island. There is one small town near the north side of the island, but it is a very poor slum. Most of the houses are small trailers or huts that are dirty and barely standing. The town is surrounded by a temperate forest and the entire island is elevated several meters above the sea level. Because there are only steep cliffs along the sea sides, crudely constructed wooden piers and ladders have been built to allow access to the water. It is never explained why or by who, in the dream, but the little island is subject to frequent air raids.

      I am standing outside of my hut/trailer and I am looking at the clear blue sky. I can hear an air raid siren blaring through the town, and even though I can not see where the sound is coming from, I know what it means. I can see black dots in the distance and they are rapidly approaching the island. Everyone in the town is scrambling to find shelter, most heading for the forest because they know that the slum town is the target of the on coming attack. I run into the forest also, but still feel exposed being so close to the town and head for the closest pier on the seafront. I am hoping to escape the attack by boat.

      When I am at the outside edge of the forest (at a cliff that overlooks the sea) and I can see the on coming attack planes. There are about 12 of them and they are flying in a diamond formation. Most of the planes look like WW2 bombers, while two or three look like sea planes. All of them are painted entirely black except for the wing tips which are painted bright red.

      I am afraid that I will be seen and scramble down the cliff side and underneath the long wooden pier. I remember that the wood of the pier was dark brown and smelled like it was rotting. The planes suddenly decend rapidly, break formation and start bombing everything in sight that is moving. My plans of escape by boat are thwarted when several people attempting a similar escape in their watercraft are obliterated by the attack planes before they can get very far. The very end of the long pier I am hidding under is blown apart by a bomb and I am too afraid to move from my spot.

      I cannot see what is happening to the town but I can hear a constant barage of bombs, planes wizzing close by and screams from people in the forest behind me. To my right I suddenly see one of the sea planes land in the water and come towards the pier that I am hiding under. I panic and try to climb up the cliff but it is suddenly muddy and I slip down and into a large cravat. There is an outcropping of the cliff that I can hide under and I do so.

      While still aware of the sea plane coming towards me, I feel something hard in the mud below me and thinking it is a rock, I dig it out. It turns out to be translucent yellow stone about the size of my fist. It's not shiny and cut but I think it is jewel and I put it in the pocket of my tattered pants. I try to adjust my weight in the mud underneath the outcropping but doing so causes me to slip out from my hiding place. I grab onto something that I think is a stick to steady myself and discover that is a cylindrical, translucent red stone. There are actually three of them sticking out of the mud but I only grab one and stick it in my other pocket.

      The sounds of the air raid have stopped, though I can still hear several bombers flying overhead. The sea plane reaches the wooded pier and because I think I can be seen I make another attempt to climb up the muddy cliff. I am successful this time and dash into the forest. I do not look back and see the face of the enemy. The forest is thick with smoke from things burning and I am quickly lost. I run towards where I think the town is and trip on several bodies or body parts. I do not see anyone alive along the way.

      I do eventually find the town but the damage doesn't seem to be as bad as I thought it would. My home has been destroyed and I scurry between burning ruins and debris until I find a trailer that is elevated off the ground with cinder blocks. I crawl underneath the trailer and dig a small hole. I rip off a peice of my shirt and wrap the yellow and red stones in it, which I then bury, believing that they are valuable or will be useful to me later. I remain hidden under the trailer, even after I can no longer hear any bombers flying overhead.

      People start emerging from the forest and return to the town. I don't know any of them nor do I feel anything for them. Even at the beginning of the dream I felt very detatched from the other people in the town. I watch from my hiding place as people try to find anything valuable to salvage or their loved ones. I am chased from my hiding spot when the owner of the trailer returns and yells at me to get lost, probably thinking that I was going to try and move into his place or something. I make a mental note to retrieve the stones later.

      I don't know if it is the next day or later in the week but the dream skips ahead a bit and I am talking with someone in the middle of the slum, most of which is still smoldering ruins. There are a few people trying to rebuild but many people don't see the point since they know the island will probably be bombed again in the near future. The young man I am talking to says that there is a man who lives in a cave on the other side of the island who grants wishes or something to anyone who brings him rare or precious items. I remember my yellow and red stones (having forgotten them until now, apparently) and wait until night to try and dig them up.

      Thankfully the stones are still there and I make my way along the island's outer edge to try and find the cave. The full moon is large and supplies ample lumination for me to find my way. The muddy cliffs give way to icy formations that are just as difficult to traverse. I slip several times and almost drop my stones in the sea, which seems to have gone calm to violent and frothing the farther I get from the slum town. The sea is also freezing and I assume that is why the cliff face is covered in ice.

      I feel like I have been walking forever, and indeed the sun starts to rise before I see the cave in the distance. The icy cliff gives way to sand, but not before I pluck a peculiar looking stone from the frigid ice. It is similar to my yellow and red stones, being translucent and about fist size, but is a bright blue. I put it in with the others and continue on my way. I am happy to reach the sand because it is warm and soft, though I have to avoid being sweapt away by large waves that are crashing onto the beach. The tide must be coming in or something because even when I walk directly away from the sea, the waves still reach my feet no matter how far inshore I go.

      What looked like a cave from a distance now looks like a large door made of gold and encrusted with shining jems. There are gold and silver gears and chains surrounding it and there does not seem to be a door handle. I think at first that it is some sort of puzzle but before I can get much further in my thoughts, the gears start turning, the chains squeak and the door swings open. It is all dark inside and I cannot see anything at first, but with the sea level rapidly rising behind me, I do not hesitate to go inside.

      I am exhausted and cold and am hoping that this journey has not been in vain. I feel my way through the dark until I find a wooden door. I open it and am stunned by what I see behind it. It looks like a standard, modern day home (kitchen to my right, living room dead ahead, bedroom to my left), but everything is made of precious material and jewels. The walls are solid gold, the light fixtures are made of crystal, the carpet under my feet is soft and luxuriant. I am appauled by the excess of the place, thinking of the utter poverty and slum conditions in which my town on the other side of the island exists.

      As I walk towards the large high ceiling living room. A tall, handsome, muscular man (in his late 20s/early 30s) comes out of no where and greats me. A woman appears by his side and offers to make me some tea. She seems kind of "empty," and does not even look directly at me. She is forcing a smile. I can not see them, but I can hear children playing somewhere. Still overwhelmed by the opulance of the place I forgot what I had come for, even thought I still clutched the stones closely to my chest. Despite their apparently welcoming demenor, I do not feel safe because everything feels "fake."

      The dream ends there.
    7. They’re After Baby Huey

      by , 04-04-1996 at 10:04 AM
      Afternoon of April 4, 1996. Thursday.

      This turned out to be an odd combination of the otherwise very common “return flight” type, subtype “failed flight”, for the waking transition (though both bird and airplane symbols are integrated in this one). It also uses the bomb metaphor as the waking trigger (which is sometimes linked to a hypnopompic event though not in this case). Bombs sometimes are triggered by or linked to a real noise in the environment (even a barely audible sound depending on the state of consciousness at the time), though that is not always the case.

      I am watching Baby Huey (the cartoon ducking) in an unusual movie (which I assume is fictional). Airplanes are bombing the area but only to get to him for whatever reason. (It seems he may be considered a threat by the military.) Sometimes I actually seem to be present but there is no direct threat to me.

      Baby Huey, in the last part of the last segment, hardly notices an atomic bomb (a common dream cessation symbol) that is dropped in the area. It seems a bit strange that everyone else in one region is apparently wiped out yet this annoying cartoon duckling remains, randomly walking around, mostly oblivious to the chaos around him.

      There are a couple layers here that add to the overall meaning. Huey is technically a flight symbol (though cannot actually fly, so represents the band of liminal space closest to full consciousness - additionally as such since him being a cartoon represents the dissolving dream state or its instability) though is also a play on the UH-1 Huey Helicopter, which is where the notion of war and bombs comes from. This is an odd middle-ground of different flight symbol types in conflict, as if I am subliminally trying to decide whether to keep sleeping or to wake up. The baby association may also be partially influenced by our son. Huey is yellow so may also relate to dawning consciousness (as the sunrise symbol) during the transition.

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