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    1. Tuesday, January 28

      by , 01-29-2020 at 11:03 PM
      I am in a fairly large used bookstore. The shelves are dark wood, tall, and full. The aisles are large and grid-like, but the place seems dim. It has a cluttered but homey atmosphere. I’m looking through the large ‘H’ section for Aldous Huxley. There is a couple looking at this section too; I politely step around them, but I think they are right in front of where I need to be. I think they move and I find a couple of Huxley books. I am now looking at a narrow shelf at the end of one of the aisle shelves. There are two cassettes? and their covers are two different pictures of Makayla and some guy on the beach. They are both in swimsuits and standing next to each other, arms around one another. It looks like Hawaii. I find it slightly odd that these are here and wonder why they are. There is also a haphazard stack of small, square, used notebooks. I flip through one, intrigued by going through someone else’s writing. I notice a date - 2000 or 2001. At the end, there is a picture of a hand holding a pen or pencil.

      (I think this may be a part of the last dream, but it also may not be). I have arrived in Hawaii. I think it is the big island and I think I may be meeting up with Jim and Rhianna. I’m walking through some foliage, toward the beach. The plants thin and give way to an expanse of sand that slowly slopes to the ocean. The sun is shining languorously on the interspersed people enjoying this space, and the whole scene is peaceful and beautiful. Now, I am on a plane back. It is very dark out, but I notice buildings that are dangerously close… until I realize that this plane is graceful landing on a wide freeway, on which I think there are still cars. It looks like the bay area.
    2. Sunday, July 14

      by , 07-24-2019 at 07:18 PM
      I am walking along the sidewalk through what seems like midtown closer to downtown, I think on my way to work. There is a brick building that appears to be a neat looking bookstore through the window. I decide to go in. Inside, it seems like mostly a large, square area with tall, wooden bookshelves. Many books seem to be facing out, their covers on display. I’m surprised and delighted by the selection of books about dreams, spirituality, etc. I am also holding a book that I think I’m returning. I make my way to the counter to wait. The apparent manager is an older middle aged lady that is currently talking with another woman or two. She gives the impression of being very kind and homey. She also has not noticed me or has disregarded me, but I find it hard to fault her as she seems to be in an engaged conversation with the other two. I check my phone for the time (:55?) and know I have to get going. I think I’ll have to come back sometime later.
    3. Book Store Peculiarity

      by , 03-26-2019 at 09:26 AM
      Morning of March 26, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,090-03. Reading time: 1 min 20 sec.

      I enter a second-hand bookstore in La Crosse in late morning, with no recall of my waking life. I am still subliminally aware I am dreaming.

      The bookstore represents one from real life from years ago though is oriented differently. The checkout is perpendicular to how it was in real life, though the entrance is in the same location. The young female cashier reminds me of the one from real life, but there is also an unfamiliar man behind the counter.

      I am here to retrieve about five of my dream journals. I put them here not to sell but to have for later access but in a bookcase with public access. They are journals in hardcover form from 1995 to 2000; designs I only saw in Australia, yet their presence does not trigger recall of living in Australia.

      There are other books I temporarily left here. I walk around the store and pick them out. I have an interest in four similar books of a set that seems to be about the pre-Capetian House of Bourbon (a play on a street name that intersects with our present home). They all feature heads of kings. I take these as well although they are possibly not mine.

      I am wary about walking out without saying anything. I think about what I should say about taking my dream journals and other books home, as I am uncertain if the cashiers remember the dream journals are mine. I walk out with no reaction on their part other than a puzzled appearance.

      False “memory” fascinates me in subliminal mode dreams. Another factor that has always interested me is how my dream self, even without dream state awareness, knows how to manipulate dream content without recall of my waking life. Instinctual dreaming typically takes priority over waking life memory.

      A checkout is a feature in my dreams since childhood and links to the waking process, indicating that I am leaving the dream state as I would exit a store after looking around.

    4. At a Nundah Bookshop

      by , 09-30-2018 at 12:06 PM
      Morning of September 30, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 58.

      With my transient dream self’s presence in a non-lucid dream, when the personified subconscious loses its viable connection to both the unconscious mind and the current conscious self identity and my conscious self is virtually annihilated, there are still threads that hold logical potential to pull my dream self back into reality.

      Having studied the subliminal, liminal, and lucid modes of my dream self since early childhood, most of my dreaming and waking processes have remained unequivocal. Since childhood, certain anchoring factors have maintained the foundation of the dream state by way of the virtuous circle effect, either by establishing non-lucid dream control or the presence of the emerging consciousness that brings about apex lucidity or clarity in otherwise distorted erroneous sequences. Understanding such processes is what brings about non-lucid dream control and eradication of so-called bad dreams (other than when prescience or transpersonal communication is a factor, especially when biological or health-related).

      Certain aspects of the dream state may seem strange and illogical but have known explanations inherent to the dream state itself. For example, the library and bookstore settings have a dream self essence that is closer to my current conscious self identity. That is a result of subliminal preparedness for using thinking skills that typically do not exist in the dream state, modes of thought that automatically vivify and clarify my dream (as the subconscious self is incapable of discerning spoken language, symbolism, numbers, or text unless subliminal, liminal, or lucid conscious threads are present). I knew this in childhood and was able to take advantage of it.

      The preparatory process is extant and dominant in this dream. I am in the Nundah bookstore with Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now. The bookstore, as since childhood, is an anchor of my current conscious self. That is why I am aware of threads of my present life and marriage even if we have not been to the Nundah bookstore in many years in reality and its layout and appearance in my dream is erroneous in many ways. (Additionally, my focus on where we live is incorrect as is most often the case. I think of Barolin Street, where we have not lived in years, which was also in Bundaberg, not Brisbane. Once again, I find fascination with the multiple errors in specific combinations that my dreams never render more than once.)

      The bookstore has new and secondhand books and a lot of comic books. I walk past a section with history books. Before I look around, I tell our youngest son to come into the store, as he is standing in the heavy rain. Our middle son is outside as well but in the storefront portico. I consider that they may want to go home, but after several attempts, I get them to come into the store. I am calling them from about the center of the store rather than near the entrance. That may be because I am subliminally aware that a door is a dream’s exit point (though can be used to trigger or augment lucidity).

      I study many comic book covers, too numerous to describe in detail. I decide to buy four. The last one is a hardcover graphic novel wrapped in plastic. The price is $19.95. The cover features Spider-Man, in a black costume, with his left arm missing with some gore. The story relates to a long battle with Puma, similar to a comic book story I have not looked at or thought about for years.

      I see a display with four new comic books with different titles that have a related storyline. It relates to a new X-Men series. I consider buying one but decide not to, as I would have to buy them all to understand their continuity (which would be too expensive).

      I tell Zsuzsanna that the total is about fifty dollars. It is $35.94. Two are fifty cents, and another is $14.99.

      I notice Christmas decorations in one section of the bookstore. I see Zsuzsanna’s baby pram near the back of the store. We will be going home soon.

      Vestibular system correlation begins in the final scene, personifying as a young girl performing ballet in an open area that looks like the local library rather than a bookstore and where a few people are sitting at tables and reading. She does a cartwheel “into” me. I wake.

      There was a storm today, so my dream was correct about heavy rain coming when there has been hardly any rain for months.

    5. Buying Magazines in an Unfamiliar Store

      by , 06-12-2017 at 05:16 AM
      Morning of June 12, 2017. Monday.

      I am walking through an unknown city in a commercial area, where there are a number of small stores to my left as I walk. It seems to be late morning. I seem to be on my own at first. I have an interest in looking around in a store and turn to enter a store I think I recognize. When I walk in though, I see it is a clothing store.

      “Whoops, wrong store,” I say as I soon turn around to leave. Another (unfamiliar) man who had been walking behind me also enters the store and turns around to leave when I do. It is almost as if he had been having the same thought orientation as I had and was simply following me as if I was “leading”, apparently also looking for whatever I am (even though we had not spoken and I am not even sure where I am going).

      I continue to walk, but only a short distance and into another store that has a different type of entrance as the previous. There is a large long checkout counter on my right and an interior wall to my left so that it seems almost like walking through a narrow hall. I continue towards the back and see that it is a large bookstore.

      I see a magazine that I find interest in after first noticing what I take to be an Omni magazine. When I pick it up and look through it, I see that it is a science-fiction comic book (in color) about dinosaurs and a group of men. I decide that I will buy it. I look in my wallet and I am somewhat surprised to find at least two one-hundred-dollar bills, a few fifty-dollar bills, and more. I illogically reason that my mother (who died in real life in 2002) had placed the money in my wallet. I have no memory that she had died even though I assume I am my present age.

      I then see another magazine I want. I look through it and find it interesting. It also has at least one story relating to dinosaurs but is seemingly for older readers as well as being thicker. It is supposed to come with a CD, but I decide I will ask at the checkout if they have it. Our youngest son appears to my right as I decide to buy one more thing. I see a few groups of Casper comic books to my left. There are about four different covers (different issues) in the groups. I ask my son if he wants one and he says yes and points to one in another area to the right, but I already have one I find interesting and inform him that it is also larger. It is a fifty-two pages “giant” edition. He seems happy.

      I go to the checkout and there is an unfamiliar cashier who is a female of perhaps fifty. She has gray hair. I remember to ask about the CD. However, when I look at the magazine, which is wrapped in (transparent) plastic, I see the CD is already there. I tell her that I had thought it would be in a jewel case attached to the cover. She looks at me with wary concern and asks if I had put anything on the CD (such as a computer virus, I assume) and I sarcastically ask her how I could have done that, asking her if I used the cover as a computer. Then I consider that technology might very well allow one to use a magazine cover as a computer, which I talk to her about for a very short time, but nothing negative commences and I remain cheerful.

      As I pay, holding my wallet open and taking out a fifty-dollar bill, I notice an unknown female on my right cheerfully looking at the hundred-dollar bills in my open wallet as I hold it up near the counter. It almost seems as if she never saw one before and, slightly wary, I put my wallet away. It turns out however, that she had not been looking at my wallet or even at me; perhaps something on the counter.

      This dream is a very good example of why dreams are nothing like stories. I am looking through a magazine, planning to ask the cashier where the cover CD is. The magazine is somehow then commercially wrapped, implying it always had been (thus I could not have been looking through it even though I was). I then tell the cashier that I thought it would be in a jewel case, which makes no sense as I said this spontaneously and had really not considered it in this manner. Then the cashier asks if I had “put something” on the CD. Obviously, being wrapped, I could not have, and even if I had, I am buying it, so whatever I might have put on it would only be in my possession and with no problem or concern for others.

      Additionally, my mother died in 2002, yet my son, born in 2007, is with me at his present age. My mother only ever lived in America and would not have had Australian money of such an amount to give me, thus making the setting itself ambiguous by location. Omni magazine stopped publication (in print) in Winter 1995. The Casper comic book, though new, was like one from around 1971. The threads of the fictional dream self always seem completely different each time and from many different timelines and temporary false memories.

    6. Quaint Town, Strange Brothel in Cafe

      by , 01-30-2017 at 07:11 PM
      First thing I remember, I was sitting on a horse in a quaint town. There was another guy on a horse who was leading the way. He showed me how to speed up and we galloped through the town. He disappeared while we were riding. I stopped when I saw a boy trying to open a big warehouse door for a delivery. I helped him open the door and a man from inside the warehouse took it and secured it open. Then a large box was delivered (a piano?) A woman handed me a money order and said that I could cash it at the local bank and she gave me directions. I asked her about a bookstore in town. She told me there was a new one that would be opening tomorrow.

      I walked through the town admiring its quaintness and thinking that Peg and I might want to move here. I saw where the new bookstore would be opening. It was to be mostly a used book store. People walking on the street seemed to be pleasantly buzzed. I mentioned to a middle-aged, female, passerby that it was a little bit like the movie, The Stepford Wives. I was not sure if she would get the reference but she did and agreed with me.

      I went into a diner. I had a bag with clothes in it. I noticed a woman smoking at the table next to me. I asked her to confirm, “We can smoke in here?” At first, she seemed to think I was messing with her and kind of gave me a snarky response. Then I looked and saw that there were ashtrays on all the tables. I thought, “Peg would love this place.” I lit a cigarette and decided that I should take a selfie photo of me smoking a cigarette in a restaurant. By this point there were more people wandering up to nearby tables and chatting, mostly attractive women. I took the selfie and noticed that there was a flirtatious-looking woman in the background. It occurred to me that Peg might not be that happy with me hanging out at this place. I tried to text her the selfie on my phone but I could not find the photo. There were a bunch of photos that I had not seen before, of a wedding that my sister Christine had attended. I struggled with the phone for a minute but had to give up on sending the photo. (tech fail)

      Then an attractive woman approached me and asked me in a flirtatious manner if I wanted to go downstairs. I asked her what happens downstairs. She said something like, “Generous men buy subscriptions to our magazines.” I thanked her but said maybe another time. Then a young guy approached me and asked me about my refusal to go downstairs with the woman, intimating that I would have a good time. I told that man that I was married and politely refused. An older gentleman sitting nearby said that I should have gone downstairs but not engaged in anything saying that this would make me intriguing to them.

      I was getting ready to go and I started organizing the clothes I had in my bag. A middle-aged woman took my lunch tray and began walking off with it. I said that I still had to pay and she stopped. I worked out the payment with her. There was also a large pile of change that I had left on the tray. She tried to give it back to me but I told her to keep it as a donation to the women who were selling magazine subscriptions.

      I walked through a different room, intending to exit the restaurant through a different door. There were some little private boxes that were like free standing closets. I realized that men were meeting women in these boxes to chat privately before going downstairs. I ended up stepping into one of these boxes. It was a particularly small one, about the size of a phone booth. A woman stepped into the box and spoke with me for a minute explaining that the magazines were around $12 per issue. That seemed kind of expensive to me. But I said that I could probably buy a three-month subscription. We left the box and I was presumably going to meet her downstairs. But then I was captured by a group of men and put into a primitive box with sticks going through the top so the box could be carried by several men. I was afraid that they were going to send me to South America to be a slave.

      They brought me to a darkish room downstairs where there was an auction going on. They were auctioning off men for sexual encounters with men and women. I was not too happy about this. Some people told me that it was not that bad. One gave me a clear plastic glove to make things less messy.
      By then Peg had showed up and we discussed the pros and cons of the two of us working at a place like this. I guess it paid pretty well. But we would have to have sexual encounters with people of either sex. I think we were leaning against the idea. But then I woke up before we had decided.

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    7. Melt My Heart, Why Don't You

      by , 10-10-2016 at 09:22 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I am with my dad, at a bookstore in Thailand. My dad picks a large volume, "I was looking to buy this one for you" he says. I do not remember the title or the topic of the tome.

      There are vague interactions between me and a boy who looks like one of those kids from Mr. Osomatsu. I haven't seen that anime. He is drawn in anime style, but nobody seems to notice or care. He is cute, as in my dream has decided that I should find him cute. His behavior is endearing. He holds my hand a lot. I am a big sucker for that, I admit.

      My dream transitions to me being on Facebook, which I don't go on that much in real life. I add the boy (who I'm going to refer to as "Osomatsu") on Facebook. Then I invite him toe Hentai Group. I'm serious. I don't recall much interactions with him about the Hentai Group, but I recall the Hentai Group discussing everything except Hentai, and that's why this dream's title doesn't have an NSFW warning.

      We interact somehow, I don't rememebr what it is that we do together, but we do them in my boarding school's "Gala Day" event. He is very small. He is in a MEKA (from Overwatch) and he reminds me of gremlin D.va (it's an Overwatch meme)

      I play a game similar to Dark Souls or Bloodborne, with another person who is likely not Osomatsu. An enemy warrior chases me. I don't recall much, except that they are female, and her face is covered with her helmet. She reminds me of a valkyrie, maybe. Or a harlequin. I think she wields two curved blades, or they might be fused into her. She is unkillable, her health regenerates rapidly and I can't kill her. I ran to find my friend working on an incredibly cryptic but engaging puzzle (some colored tiles on the floor). I ask him to help me pool together damage to kill the Valkyrie.

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    8. 19 May 2016

      by , 05-19-2016 at 01:16 PM
      >Was in a grocery store and picked up some Pepsi or other type of drink in a blue flask-shaped container and asked about it. It was $2x.xx which was surprising to me so I put it back. Then I went down the aisle and that led to a bookstore, where I saw some really weird art of a hose attached to a fat guy's stomach. Then, the next door (that I saw at least) led to a junkyard. Then, I wasn't seeing through my own eyes. The two people traveling through the junkyard, one who I was seeing through, were wondering how to get out of a series of junkyards. One of them was getting angry and the other one, who I was seeing through, put his hands around the other man's waist as if it was around his shoulders and said "If you don't get a hold of your anger and (what was said here?) you'll be swept away" and I woke.
    9. Cheek piercing panic in a bookstore

      by , 03-12-2015 at 02:08 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m somewhere looking through books. I pick up some and look through them, but don’t end up picking any to buy because of the prices. I’m frugal, and I mention this to someone to my left. I’m shocked when I see that one of the books is $8.

      I poke through the top of a box but it was children’s books. I saw an Aladdin book with a guy with some scruff and a woman. I wondered who they were.

      When I was looking at some eastward facing shelves, I saw something with Ed (from Fullmetal Alchemist) on it. I picked up this box and it had tortilla chips in the bottom and I snort at the ridiculousness of a ‘movie entertainment kit’ like that. They might be stale anyway, who knows when it was brought in.

      Someone calls out ‘Nice to see you again, Keitorin!’. I look around as I try to find the source before my eyes land on an older woman. I don’t recognize her at all but she knows me?


      I’m over by a mirror back around where I was originally looking at books. I have really long hair again and I’m trying to put it up in a ponytail, but when I gather it all up and go to get the ponytail ready, some falls and I have to try scraping it back up. I’m getting frustrated.

      A woman who seems to be in my blind spot the whole time comes up and is supposed to be helping me, but she’s doing something off to my right that I can’t figure out. All of a sudden, she does something that startles me and makes me jerk back.

      She says something. It’s blurry here, but she had pierced my cheek with a post earring! I was pretty freaked out.

      I ended up at home telling mom about it. I keep gingerly touching the outside of it with my hands. I’m having a hard time swallowing properly because it’s awkward.

      Mom doesn’t even seem that bothered! She even talks about how she and dad were thinking about getting something to eat, though we really didn’t have much money, but they were getting hungry.

      I say, “I can’t even eat because of the piercing!”. I touched the back of the earring with my tongue and jerk back, because it hurts and saliva is gathered up in my mouth.

      Inspirations: Aladdin thing from a fanart I saw of characters from The Book of Life. Chips from me having some recently. I wonder if the two dreams with mirrors in them I've had are because I've been reading people's TOTM dreams with them? Piercing might be because I tried to put my ear piercings back in but it messed my ears up.
    10. Detailed Calea Z Dream, Bugs, Aliens, and Cool Powers (Lucid)

      by , 02-21-2015 at 07:29 PM
      12-02-2014 -- First experience with Calea Z. Slept a few hours, woke after 4 or so hours, and took 2 capsules of Calea Z (appx 1 gram). Though I was very tired, could not get back to sleep. Somehow seemed to energize me a bit. Could have been the excitement of the expectation of the dreams I hoped to have. Muttered about my annoyance of not being able to fall asleep, yet still felt unusually content, overall. Perhaps two or three hours later, dozed off for a minute or two, and had the following short dream, very vivid, but not long or interesting. Annoyed to wake up far too quickly from it.

      I am driving on a freeway in Orlando, heading south on a freeway right next to the airport. (Have frequently driven this non-existent freeway in my dreams). Not sure of the car, but possibly the Lexus, since I am in the passenger seat, and Joe L. is driving. He seems to kind of freeze up, and is just sitting there as we are about to run off the road, so I lean over and grab the steering wheel. I can feel the leather under my hand, and can feel the tension of the wheel as I struggle to control it from my seat. I steer us back to the center of the lane, but now find there are several large granite boulders on the road in front of us, ranging in size from a couple of feet to five or six feet tall, and I continue to try to steer the car around them, the whole time marveling at the detail of the textures on the boulders and the difficulty of controlling the car from the passenger seat.

      Suddenly the car is in Buena Park, perhaps on the 91 freeway, driving with Dale. I do not know where he is taking me, and he isn't saying anything, but I soon find we are stopping at a bookstore somewhere in Fullerton that I have been to once or twice before (in my dreams). It is a smaller used bookstore (and getting smaller all the time) but I know the last time I was here I found some 3 Investigators stories I needed, and some kids books. This time as I glance around, I am kind of sad to find nothing new. I already have all of the 3I books, and while I am glad to see several of the old Apple paperback GK novels available for others, they are nothing I needed. I'm rather disappointed to find there is nothing here that I am really interested in.

      Again, woke up a few minutes later, and spent another hour or so laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and annoyed that the last sleep period was so short and uninteresting. Finally managed to fall asleep for probably a half hour or so, and managed to have the following, more lengthy, more interesting dream with some interesting powers and a period of lucidity.

      I am poking around the Hickory house in a dream that seems to tie in to a dream I had about two nights ago, where I found my room had been given away. My 2nd bedroom is still here, but I don't think I am currently sleeping in it. It is rather beat up, and filled with junk and litter. Neither of the doors are shut, and I know mom is not allowing me to shut the kitchen door, which annoys me no end. I am thinking of putting a new lock on it, that only I have a key for, and telling her to just learn to deal with it. Meanwhile, the piles of junk in my room are sort of sliding out the door and onto the kitchen floor where the stove should be, but oddly it is missing. [At first I did not know where this came from, but I realized I am probably telling myself to get all the crap off my bed, so it doesn't shift under me while I am shifting. None of this junk needs to be on the bed.]

      I wander out front, and seem to be sleeping in the back seat of my car, which seems to be a big black thing like an old, huge Caddy or something. I hear a noise and glance up, and a Lynx handicap van has just pulled up. It seems mom has an appointment to go somewhere. I am kind of ticked that she didn't ask if I would give her a ride or anything, so when she shakes me and tries to wake me to say goodbye, I act like I am still sleeping. She rides off in the van. I can't really sleep all that well, because there is all kinds of crap in the car, as well, so I decide it is time to clean it out a bit. I climb out, and look around all the junk that is piled outside the garage. There are several large trash cans, and I figure I will drag one of them next to the car and start filling it up. Problem is, as I reach for it, I see what looks like a black widow spider crawling around the handle, so I back off.

      As I try to step back, my foot gets caught in an old cardboard box, and as I try to shake it off my foot, several more spiders go running off. One of them is about six inches long, and kind of hairy, like a tarantula or something, yet it is also extremely thin, so it is the size of a tarantula, but shaped like a daddy long legs. I shake them all off, and back away to give them time to move to new areas, then try to grab the trash can again, but jerk my hand away as I suddenly feel a burning sensation. I wonder if I have been bit by a spider, but as I pull my hand back, I find there are several small, glowing, green caterpillars on my hand, probably about 3/8" around, and between 1 and 3" long.

      I don't know exactly what they are, but they burn to the touch, and even as I shake some off, and try to pull others off, I find they have gotten into my body, and do so more at every touch. I can see the wounds where they touched me, and if I squeeze around them, a sort of glowing pus that is turning into more of the things the longer they stay in my body is squeezed out. So I am trying to squeeze all the spots and get rid of them, but at every touch, it just causes more infection and burning. Very cool little glowing critters, though. There are a couple of other people standing around, and I am asking them to help me, but explaining it is very important they don't let the things touch their skin. Suddenly I am wearing a pair of thick leather gloves, as I continue to try and get rid of the things, and you can see steam rising from the gloves, and hear the hissing of the heat from the bugs. They seem to be very acidic or something, hence the burning. I squeeze more and more of them out of my skin, and squish them between my gloved fingers, and eventually manage to free myself from all of them.

      About this time, my friend BC has shown up, and is wondering what I am doing, and why I am not ready, as we are getting ready to go out and do something or something. I point out the gloves and explain, and try to get her to look at them (they are still sizzling). So we're talking to several other people standing around, and one of them turns to face me head-on, and I find he looks much like the alien from the diner episode of the Twilight Zone, with the large third eye in the center of his forehead, except it is a very vivid blue, rather than black and white. Suddenly it hits me that I am dreaming, and I start to scream out "Lucid!" but oddly, everybody around me starts a nanosecond later, screaming the same thing. Weird, but neat.

      So I wander back inside with BC and she is on her cell phone with her kids, and it seems we're getting ready for a Halloween party or something, because she is in the middle of dressing up as a cross between a weird blue dwarf and a Smurf. She's not small enough to be a Smurf, and doesn't have the hat, but the color is about the Smurf coloring. She has a two or three inch beard (think Grumpy from Once Upon a Time) which is white, and the paint or powder or whatever on the right side of her face has been rubbing off or something, so I am pointing out she needs to touch it up a bit, and I may be joking with her a little about it, like I was with Jimmy yesterday for his make-up test. She is wearing a loose white tunic (this part sounds more like Smurfette) which gives me a nice glimpse of her assets, and as I am dreaming anyway, I figure we're going to have a little fun in a bit.

      So she is talking on the phone, and suddenly she stumbles on something, and is grumbling about it, and I wonder what she stumbled on, so I wander over to look, and I catch a glimpse of a tennis shoe, before it is pulled back, and hear some other muttering. So I push aside a sort of fabric hanging, and step into what seems very much like a tent, somehow sitting in the kitchen wall. Inside, I find two females wrapped up in each others' arms, nude, but partly covered by a sheet or blanket.
      Spoiler for Detailed Nudity:

      But eventually I move on ... after all, I have my own fun to have with my own friend. Except ... I have no idea what I am supposed to be wearing for a costume, and as I glance at my room, and indeed, around the whole house, I am disgusted. The walls are filthy, the place is a mess, and there is junk everywhere. There is a room just off the entry hall (where there should be a closet, two bathrooms and mom's bedroom) that is just a single large junk room filled with trash, clutter, and broken crap. I just can't take it any more, and stick out both hands like some kind of super hero, and fire something at the wall. I don't know what it is, except it seems like some strange sort of black points of energy in a sort of stream. It acts kind of like a pressure washer, in that you can see the dirt streaming off the walls in waves, except there is no water, and no mess left on the floor. The dirt runs down the walls and just disappears as it reaches the floors.

      Even more interesting is what happens with other stuff. The stream hits a cracked window with a sign hanging crookedly from a single clip, and the glass is clean, the crack is repaired, and suddenly the sign is hanging straight from two clips. Everything touched by the 'spray' of power is cleaned, repaired, polished, and straightened up. It is really interesting when I spray a pair of broken saloon-style doors that are battered, missing strips of wood, dirty, and hanging at drunken angles as the wood reappears, the damage disappears, polish and color flows on it, and the doors snap up to their proper positions. It isn't instantaneous, I have to go back over each area two or three times, with more cleaning and repairing happening each time, but it takes only a minute or two to clean up the entire junk room. I am just about to start on my room when I wake up.

      For such a short period of time, and the problem getting back asleep, I am very impressed with the level of detail of the dream. I doubt I have had a dream that detailed in months. Fairly pleased with the first attempt with Calea Z. Will probably try again tomorrow and see how it goes, though I will probably only use it once or twice a week, to avoid building up some sort of tolerance to the effects.

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    11. Syrian Reading

      by , 01-13-2014 at 02:27 AM
      This dream is from the morning of 1/1/2014.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #178: Syrian Reading

      I'm walking through a bookstore when I become lucid. I stand there for a moment, letting DCs pass on both sides of me. A short woman with dark, curly hair approaches me. She's oddly dressed, with huge glasses and a flowy, ankle-length skirt. She seems overjoyed to see me, and we make out for a moment.

      There’s a sudden transition and now we’re walking together through the bookstore. She tells me that she’s from Syria and that I have to come back with her to Syria and do something there to help her. This is interesting enough, so I follow along as she leads me down an aisle.

      As we walk along, I see a series of books scattered around on the floor. They’re all historical fiction novels with a mustachioed Tom Selleck dressed in World War II garb and standing in various dramatic poses. Each one's different and they're all kind of cool. I think about picking one up but let it go so I can stick with the dream plot she's leading me toward.

      We make a right turn and she says that “This is the travel section.” She walks a few more feet, pulls a book from the shelf, and hands it to me. It’s another book about war, something about the history of warfare in the west, and it’s by a man named something like “Bernard Franks”.

      I think that this can’t be the right book, but she assures me that this “This is the one we need.” I’m confused by this but before I can think too much, she grabs my hand and starts running back down the aisle. We don’t really get anywhere before
      the dream ends.
    12. High School Bookstore

      by , 08-23-2013 at 08:36 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in some sort of a bookstore. I was reading a book. It's inside a Catholic school (DBTI?). The lady cashier (librarian) asked if I have a book like it, and clarified if it's mine. Not, it's not. I returned it, and she said it's overdue. I have to pay 21 pesos. I imagined it was already two weeks since I borrowed it, and I thought I was renewing it all this time. I gave her money, but she said, 'Only four [pesos]?' I took more money out of my pocket, and counted two 5 pesos and two 10 pesos, and decided it's a total of 21 pesos.

      I looked around for more books, and found a lot of colorful, hard-bound books, but decided not to borrow.

      I was watching a story before my eyes. An alien. I transformed into a creature. I howled.

      I was in a house. B showed up and we did something like a one-arm embrace or pat, then he went somewhere in the house. R was writing and signing something on the table. He said something about ignoring B. I wondered how can I do that if we're in his house.
    13. The Crowned Scorpion

      by , 12-25-2012 at 11:23 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      NOTE: I've been doing 9 purif breathing almost every night this week, except once when I was too tired. Then I did some reverse RC/ADA, but I can barely do it every hour. Will continue for another week. I also do zhine meditation focusing on the breath, but I can barely do so without my mind jumping to dozens of other thoughts.

      6:10 a.m.

      A red scorpion with a jeweled yellow crown.

      Running away from a demon, which does not react to banishing techniques we know.

      There's a book that might be available in a moving bookstore. I or someone else said that we've looked through a lot of bookstores already, but it's worth a try. The book is available. The price should be around 400 or 450 pesos, but the vendor changed it to 1000 or 2000. I declined, then he started to move his mobile bookstore away. I or something else killed him. I vaguely remember throwing the mobile bookstore into bits. Something fell off the sky and trashed the dilapidated bookstore. I think the book has something we can use against the demon. I recall seeing my crush (B.Sasdfasdf), but not sure what happened.

      An escape.

      9:35 a.m.

      Running or escaping. Going up and down a building. There's a way to go up or down. An elevator and a zip line.
    14. Nov 21, 2012 - Large Fish Near the Shore

      by , 11-23-2012 at 05:53 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      6:51 a.m.

      I was traveling with mom. She asked where to buy gasoline. I pointed at the station nearby. We went there and the guy charged 1000 pesos. We think he overcharged, and mom thought it was simply horrendous, but instead of disputing it, we moved on.

      I was shopping in a grocery/bookstore. I was looking at a Combos pack that uses Graham as its 'shell.' I only had a few hundred to spend, and it costs over 50 pesos, but I took it anyway. I also thought of buying Kopiko Brown coffee. I'm not sure if I did. I kept walking around. I saw some interesting books on self-development and magick. I think some tarot decks as well. I passed by a stall with some interesting mantras. A man was also interested and was checking it out. The saleslady/owner asked me to hold on to the paper which may fly away.

      Sasuke was put in a machine. It's supposed to copy his Sharingan. Somebody traded something for it. A scroll? We pulled him out of the machine, alive fortunately, and the guy who traded for the sharingan is already 'wearing' it on his eye. He thanked us for the trade, although a bit smugly if you ask me.

      I was near the sea. The beach. I was with a friend, and I was carrying my trusty, point-and-click camera. We saw a HUGE fish very close to the shore; it looked like a huge 'sapsap,' almost like a sunfish in size. Its 'dorsal fin' is above the water level, but I can see very clearly underneath, and it wasn't deep at all. At first I thought it was dead. It was moving but maybe it was just the waves. Then it positively swam parallel to the shoreline, to our left (away from us). After that, we saw more, and I took more pictures. One was a long fish, and there are other fishes bigger than a person.

      I was in a gym. We were either exercising, doing aerobics, or having a workshop of sorts. I never really figured it out. Everything was fine. I think it was my second time there. It was not 'light,' and most of the lights seem to be off, but there are enough for us to see each other although we're dominated mostly by shadows. After some time, I realize I was naked. This didn't bother me, but it obviously bothered most everyone else. Slowly, they distanced from me. I then noticed most, if not all, of them are females. I thought, if they were offended by my genitals, I could just cover it or wear my boxers. And they could just say so. They were wearing in exercise clothing. After a while, I just looked for my boxers and wore it.

      Outside the street, we were talking of how to get home.
    15. A Most Unusual Pet

      by , 10-17-2012 at 04:17 PM
      Night of October 17, 2012. Wednesday.

      This first shorter dream, which is a lengthened and distorted version of the otherwise typical natural falling mechanism as the waking transition precedes my next longer one where I am more of a direct character in my dream rather than just a passive witness as in this one.

      In which I transfer the “I am falling” natural waking phase to an expanded “he is falling” scenario.

      My first dream here relates to an unknown male of perhaps around thirty years of age and who firstly seems to have committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. However, there are at least three scenes in a row (seemingly not dream resets or replays), seemingly at night, where he has to try a couple more times and then I think he gives up. Instead of going around and up the path, which is logical and convenient, he climbs straight back up the side. He is wearing some sort of motorcycle uniform meant for stunts, I think, like Evel Knievel; white with a black stripe down each shoulder, and wearing some sort of odd matching helmet, though which is quite angular. I am not sure who he is. I get the impression of his being a soldier at one point in the past. The night sky is an unusual dark blue and different from how the sky would look in reality. I am not sure, but it seems that it may be Grandad Bluff in La Crosse as it does look much like it.

      In which I seek to use my conscious self’s higher thinking skills in the dream state but the bookstore (conscious mind) is closed (and non-lucid). I then seek to simply watch my dream subjectively (movie theater, to watch a movie of a journey over the ocean of the unconscious; a “Titanic” sequel) but it too soon decays to become an essence of a memory (warehouse). A memory of my youth begins the waking phase, an amorphous shape from the unconscious (ocean depths), yet also sharp somehow, trying to get its point across perhaps.

      Next is a fairly long dream that seems to reset at least three times. My wife and I are going to Nundah (Queensland, Australia), though at one point it seems I am the only one going there, seemingly to the bookstore. It does not make much sense, as the bookstore is not open late at night. The area is quite different and somewhat like La Crosse in America. I get the impression of wanting to get certain paperback novels, but there are strange resets to where we are then going to a movie very late at night though at one point I “remember” it is a holiday and no stores are open except maybe for the theater. The movie theater is a bit odd and does not seem to have proper seats. An unknown unfamiliar boy has brought his pet to that part of town. It is a large creature that is somewhat like a cross between a jellyfish and a porcupine yet is also blob-like at times (seemingly able to get smaller or larger by quite a significant difference) which may be based on a reaction of the environment or the emotions of people in the immediate environment. Soon, I do not feel like watching a movie anymore (and I cannot even remember what it was though I think it was some sort of sequel to “Titanic”). I end up going home and then wonder if my wife is somehow back at the theater, then I realize she never left our house in the first place. The boy and his weird pet apparently were the only ones in the building, which is not actually a movie theater after all but more like a warehouse.
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