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    1. 4 Dec: Helping a friend confront her boss in London

      by , 12-04-2019 at 07:28 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In London visiting a friend. On arrival I see 2 triple rainbows and I do my best to photograph it, but only catch the first one already fading. Many people are watching the phenomenon, halting their cars on the road, also taking pics. As I wonder looking for a better spot to take the best shot, I get lost to a very rich and high tech zone, where basically people live and work inside a huge compound. Cars even go inside and roads cross through these humongous building. Some people never even have to go out for anything. It is completely segregated from the outside world. I don't even know how I managed to got inside but I don't ever leave a secondary area, which is basically a technical service area and access to parking. Soon I find an exit and I am on my way to meet my friends. Zilla is already with our London friend and we go to the subway. My friend was summoned by her boss and she believes she is going to be fired. But she hates his guts, he has treated her very very abusively and she wants to defend herself and maybe tell him some truths she's been keeping to herself. And for that she asks for our backup.
      We are outside the door of his office, but we can hear their meeting as it goes and the dude is disgusting. She tries to defend herself but clearly he is determined to get rid of her and comes up with a lot of insults and shitty lying arguments. Then he becomes aggressive, calls her names and we can't take it anymore, so we barge in and I push him and slap him. He fights back so I beat the crap out of him. He says he is going to call the cops and present charges and say we assaulted him. But I am carrying a gun in my back pocket, not sure where I got it and I point it at him. I say we came with the intention to use it, but we were being nice and all, so I suggest he just calls it a day. He is panicking and promises not to tell a word if we just go. We go and my friend is like "are you crazy?" But very thankful. Later on, randomly, we see the same guy sitting at some diner and we notice that the server seems a bit crazy or is also taking revenge on him, so we observe the scene. He asks for pizza and a cake and she brings him frozen pizza and a frozen cake. He doesn't seem to understand that and he actually takes a bite of each. He yells mad and the girl doesn't flinch, she continues being a total disaster serving him, touching everything with her hands, spilling juice on him and making a mess. We guess she is actually doing it on purpose.
    2. 3 Aug: Confronting some mafia guys, people from the past, yelling at former boss

      by , 08-03-2019 at 09:58 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With a group of friends heading to the door of some mafia dude to ask something. We get there and he is throwing a family party for his daughter who is having a birthday or going to marry. Hard to say. They have a skating ring in the house, invite us to skate and I feel like it, but the others point out that we are there for serious business. I thought they were Russian or Armenian, but then they all start dancing merengue and salsa and I think again that they must be South American. We leave empty handed.

      I am walking with a group of people. Feels like the kids from my extra curricular activities when I was also a kid, but I am an adult. Then I leave them and go alone across VFX. Come across a guy who recognizes me. His face isn't strange to me either, I think he went to primary school with me. I ask hiss name and it is something like Leonildo.

      A company of stone pavement is going bankrupt. I have worked there and go there just to get something back. Cross path with the manager saying it is our fault? I make a scandal and question him "Us, who? I think you mean the admins in suit who run this shit, not the workers!" He admits it. He leaves frustrated.
    3. 12 Feb: New office job and robbers attack me and mom

      by , 02-12-2019 at 11:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Working at a new office. Me and colleagues are in charge of setting up the furniture but we fail to comply with our boss suggestions. On top of that, I accidentally cut the electricity that goes to his table.

      Me and mom we moved to a new unsafe neighborhood. We are at the window and we watch a couple being mugged and the thieves taking their groceries. My mom says she also thinks she heard a girl asking for help at the parking lot nearby. We go check. we find signs that something appears to have been dragged through the ground but we don't see a soul. Then the thieves we saw before come by and I tell them to go away because I know martial arts. I have an umbrella and think about using it as weapon. They guys don't know if they believe me, so one approaches me and I strike. But I don't train for a while and I am afraid I might not keep going so well if they insist. Luckily they are convinced and they let me go unharmed. But my mom is frozen by fear and I basically have to drag her home.
    4. Some Vivid Nonlucids - September 5

      , 09-05-2018 at 06:23 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 5 2018

      I'm in the front yard of my childhood home. It's dark out, a long while before dawn. My parents are there (we're all sitting on ice chests or plastic/yard chairs, I can't remember seeing them) and we're preparing for a party or get-together of some kind. The song "Sweet Child of Mine" is playing, and for some reason I have to learn the solo (I know it vaguely from playing it IWL in high school). This could be from the fact that my parents always wanted me to play guitar at family gatherings and I always hated it. I wrote down something like "just...play it" in my DJ but don't remember the significance. For some reason my high school girlfriend who I dated for like 3 weeks was going to be there, and I remember her name in loopy script. Can't remember if I wrote it or someone else did.

      Very vague dream fragment in a restaurant. After that, a vivid dream where I'm on the patio/balcony of my current apartment. I had a "profound sense of acceptance" to quote my DJ.

      I woke up around 5am into pretty good paralysis and decided to try a quick WILD attempt (my fiance gets up at 5:30am). Unfortunately my dog got up, flapped his ears loudly, and sat right on my arms/chest, which pulled me out if it. I lay awake for the remaining time and let my fiance sleep, but I heard some weird soft sighing. At first I thought it was her, but as she was leaving I brought it up and she said she heard it too. The only rational explanation is that it was our dog, but it sounded like a human female...

      I walked the dog and looked at the stars, pushing my alarm back a little and resolving to get lucid.

      In my next dream, I'm on a computer and for some reason I have to download a set of 128 bit pixel smileys. They're coming from a website called Jered/Jerek's World, or Site. The smileys are crude in an "early internet" kind of way. One of them was a picture of exaggerated red lips, another is more orange and is laughing, and my fiance laughs at them. I open up the windows search bar and paste what I had, into the search. It pastes the words "Jerek's World", and as I read the words in my head, the desktop background starts alternating between some tiled images, one tan one saying Jerek/Jered's Site and another grey one saying "Jerek's Billion Dollar Software Company". They transitioned in horizontal and vertical screen wipes.

      Next, I'm in a long kitchen stretching out maybe 10 feet to the left and 20 to the right. I'm not aware of anything behind me, but I understand that in front of me past an archway is the living room. I'm standing at the sink, looking for something or someone. Possibly my fiance is there. I was just walking around with a Brita pitcher, and now I see that there's a second, rounder one on the counter. I try to find the lid for it and I see it's in the sink, but the inside of it is covered with a greasy layer of spaghetti sauce.

      In my next dream, my boss's boss is giving advice on business lunches, i.e. where to take clients. She suggests some other restaurant, but her favorite is the hotel restaurant. She hands it over to a younger guy who looks annoyed and seems to be a drier, more monotone version of a WL coworker. The room is tinged with blue lighting. He hands out a textbook. We're going to go on a business lunch with him, which he's not pleased about. I pull my phone out and subtly try to voice-record him, but no such luck. I end up taking notes on paper and draw a vivid picture of lips (was one of the smileys). I think at this point I was trying to record my dreams in-dream! Should capitalize on this. I woke with slight headache.

      *Note: Analyzing my dreamsigns from the entries I've posted on DV, I think I can safely say my strongest ones are a) childhood home b) fiance c) family members. Hopefully I can add trying to dream journal as a new one, we'll see if it keeps manifesting.
    5. Lots Of Nonlucids - September 2

      , 09-03-2018 at 12:59 AM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 2 2018

      I went to bed with strong intentions to become lucid, as well as a solid plan for what to do once I became lucid. I was trying the anchoring method I mentioned in another thread, anchoring positive and confident memories with the sensation of touching my thumb and forefinger together. I had a phrase burnt into memory to repeat nonverbally once I became lucid (to replace "Clarity now!"): "Clear sight, clear sound, clear touch. Grounded. Calm, confident. I can stay in this dream as long as I want" (in retrospect this is extremely long, but I think I'll try it out for a few new nights anyway). I also used my standard mantra "I will become lucid in my next dream"/"In every dream tonight" in combination with "In my next dream, I look at my hands and realize that I'm dreaming". In the future I will stick with only "IWBLIMND" since it's more succint and sets a clear intention for the immediate future, rather than a broad concept of "every dream".

      I awoke at 1:18 am in a somewhat strong paralysis with extremely vivid imagery (not dreamlike, more like imagination). There was a man, possibly me, conjuring lightning circularly all around him. The lightning was blue, white, and green. I awoke again at 2:47 am. I remembered several dreams involving my fiance and my dog. In the first, I was at the elementary portion of my high school (it's K-12) and I swerved my car to narrowly miss my dog, who spontaneously started running out at me in the street. I got out of the car and was rubbing his front leg and paw. I noticed that his paw had too many joints and was curled in too much. Somehow this felt connected to a drive through.

      In the next dream, I'm in a living room with a wrap-around bar counter. I think I've been here in a dream before. I'm watching Bob Ross on TV painting thick brushstrokes -- X's, C's, and U's -- over an already finished landscape. My dog jumps off the counter. I'm trying to remember what to do tomorrow, two important things in the morning and night.

      My next set of dreams came after WBTB. In the first, one of my cousins was referred to as "3". There was an interesting story about diving, and D&D. I vividly remember descending in a well, looking up as the light was blocked out by the silhouette of a monster (Demogorgon?), although I didn't feel fear. Next, I was in an arcade or bowling alley, some sort of indoor entertainment place. I left my fiance to go to an adjoining room from the lobby and get ice cream. There was a girl there who was going in the same direction as me, and called me a "creeper" jokingly. She was trying to be funny or cute in the way she was getting her ice cream. I was friendly but not overly so. I got maybe 4 flavors of ice cream, in sort of a flight. In the next dream, I'm an intruder in a man's house. He has a lot of weapons strewn about, some intricate compound and traditional bows, swords, guns, blowdarts, etc. I go through room after room and find the man, he's in his mid 50s or 60s. He threatens me with a long, thin, metal pole, and I think he threatned to castrate me with it. He transports me back to some memory of 1950's New Orleans with a McDonalds, and a small building with an advertisement to "teleport you to the Science Museum". The visuals are faded, blackish, and all the buildings look like plywood.

      In the next dream, I'm at Sonic at night/early morning with my fiance. She's handed me a cup, but I threw it away; there are two crumpled cups beside it. I understand it to be sonic, but it's more like someone's backyard, there aren't any lights or servers or menus, just the standard sonic table and trash can, as well as an overhead cover. A group of foreign men walk by, talking about wanting some cervezas. In the next dream, I'm going over some train tracks covered in water, in a swamp (I've been here before as well). The waves are rounded like tiled hills -- at certain points they are covered in grass, at other times they're just water/waves. I see the sasquatch.

      My old boss is giving me cryptic hints about something, laughing about it. We're in the woods, sort of. Something about eating a spider/the dust that comes out when you crush the spider. Possibly my fiance was warning me not to eat it. I eat the dust, and then eat the crumpled spider husk too.

      Next I had a dream about DreamViews! It was something about inline comments/spoilers; I remember red and purple text. There were other sites too -- DreamBattles and DreamWars (reenactments, maybe I read about this before).

      *Slept for a really long time hoping to get lucid, and kept trying to go back to sleep. After this frustration, I decided to not get bummed out when I don't get lucid. It doesn't help. And there's always tomorrow night
    6. Nonlucids, Some Vivid - August 31

      , 08-31-2018 at 04:21 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 31 2018

      I'm in a house that's based off of my current apartment. I'm running around the room, possibly with a baseball bat/umbrella/wooden sword, opening closets and doors trying to find an intruder. I'm yelling the whole time. I'm trying to protect my fiance. After some time I'm outside under the vine-covered wooden pavilion.

      I'm walking with my fiance down some way in an old world city, vaguely European. There is tan, smooth brick all around, reaching up on the immediate rightin a wall maybe 4 or 5 stories high. There's a similar wall far off to the left, with a canal inbetween. I'm walking down the cobblestoned sloped path, and affixed to the wall to my right, and there are stepped/gradated rails along the wall, one high enough for my hands as well as one that's ledge-like for my feet. I climb up and remember the vivid feeling of the thin rails cutting into my hands as I maintained my grip while my fiance just strolled beside me.

      Had some more nonlucids during this time but can't remember them/can't decipher my DJ (I write in the dark). I awoke at 5:30, went to the bathroom, walked downstairs and drank some apple juice. Went back to sleep around 6:15.

      I'm talking to my boss and the receptionist at my desk. A coworker (D) says "Hey bro," and my boss tells him not to call me bro, but Tyrannosaur. Transition, and I'm reclining in a bed in a warm red room with incandescent light. Either the boss or the receptionist comes into the room (nothing weird). We talk.

      Dreams are more vivid after this point.

      I'm in the office and a mentally challenged classmate from college is telling the cleaning people not to spray cleaner in our four-way cubicle, because he has "smell sensitivity".

      I'm sitting on the floor at the side of the bed from before, showing my sketchbook to D from earlier. He notes how finished everything looks (I internally note this too -- I never finish anything IRL). As I flip through the book, there is a series of 8-15 pages of detailed, beautiful (stylized) waves moving subtly with each picture. As I flip pages, eventually a woman appears amidst the waves. She changes poses once or twice, then becomes a younger (late teens or 20yo) girl. In the dream, I question whether I drew this. D comments "oh wow, lots of girlies in here". As I continue flipping the pages it switches from a paperback sketchbook to a bound hardback, and at the end there are ads (sort of like at the end of a manga volume).

      I had a false awakening about writing down my dreams which was also vivid, although mostly I just rolled around in bed.

      Awoke for real at 7:25 dreading work. Had some waking images/a daydream of a thin woman with small eyes and a stern look, wearing red and white leaf print dress. I think her name was Riah (short for Mariah?).
    7. xviii.

      by , 08-06-2018 at 09:20 AM
      Non-dream stuff; Just some non-lucid dreaming. Woke up at around 8:40.

      Dream Fragment 1:

      I don't remember a lot of this one, just that I was trying to build some things in what looked like a map editing world or something. I was placing concrete foundations for buildings along the side of a cliff and placing stretches of roads for what was going to be a residential area.

      I remember a transition and a forest. I think the forest was in an MMO game, but it looked realistic and it was day and the trees were large pine trees or perhaps some sort of smaller variety of redwood. I remember a lake and the reflection of the sun and forest, though the lake looked shady, somehow, like the canopy was over it somehow.

      Dream Sequence 2:

      I was in a game, it felt like a mix of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and something else MMO-y. I was entering a really dangerous area and my character was a bit weak to attacks and my view of the character was top-down isometric like in D2. I had a shield spell, a spell to summon skeletal minions for a duration and some other summoning spell.

      I knew at the end there was a boss, so I just rushed past the enemies as fast as I could, trying to avoid damage using the shield and summons, sometimes taking hits but never getting below half health points, every now and then opening a new town portal in case I died. I remember noticing several packs of enemies with champion enemies and felt annoyed that I was skipping these, as they give good experience and loot. It felt like it took a while, but as I reached the end I could see there was an area down at a lower level.

      There was a door closer to me. As I went through the door my perspective changed, I think to first-person, and I went down a number of stairs in some corridors with a few windows, until I reached a door; I remembered to open another town portal, but I forgot I couldn't in this area, so the last portal was a little bit further than I wanted it to be.

      I prepared myself for the (I felt) difficult boss before going through another door. I opened the door and went through, I could see a cafe-like place and lots of shelves, all with tins.

      The boss was a bull-fighter, except he commanded a massive demon bull. He was addressing me and explaining how the fight was going to work in terms of how to defeat him. He didn't say anything about the attacks he would use; I remember I had a laser pointer and fiddled with it, trying to get the bull's attention to no effect. Now the demon bull was enraged and his eyes glowed vivid red, almost as weak headlights on a car.

      The bull was inside the cafe but carefully came out, then getting ready to charge toward me, his muscles tensed, and I waited for him to get very close and I jumped up in a sort of weird backflip. The bull was dazed, I think he'd hit a wall or something and didn't look as muscly. The boss guy had explained that I would have to open one of the many tins when the bull was weakened, and then "cook the heart on a goose's (unintelligible)".

      I had a tiny tiny tiny steel axe, smaller than my hand, and I used it to open one of these tins from the shelves; I remember the paper label was orange and the tin was cojoined with another tin, as if the tin had been made this way by mistake. But I managed to pry the lid off with the tiny axe somehow, not feeling too difficult, oddly, and surely enough there was some sort of dark heart-like organ, though it was smaller than my closed fist. There were some other fleshy lumps too, but I'm not certain what they were. Testes perhaps.

      I tipped it out of the tin on the floor and looked at the heart and tried to think on where I could cook it, "inside the cafe in an oven", I thought. But then remembered I'd need to cook it on the goose whatever, which I didn't have.

      The dream kind of ended there.

      There was some other fragment, before these two... I remember a spellbook and something about character selection/customisation... I remember the spellbook showed examples of how spells worked. In particular I remember a spell that would summon a giant skeletal hand to rake a target down into the ground, like a building.

      Some notes:
      • The bull's red eyes like that remind me of other dreams I've had where animals had red eyes in the same way. Even once in a sort of fever-dream my dog looked like that, but in that dream I realised she wouldn't harm me, she was still my friend. It's a peculiar dream-sign I hadn't realised until now that has been present for some time.
      • The bull looked like a bull, but the features looked like a Baron of Hell from DOOM(2016): https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/...20160517180410
      • I thought it was odd a bull's heart would be so small as to fit into one of those tins, but I simply accepted that it was shriveled or something.
      • I thought the other organs might be testes because in my native country eating some animals testes is not uncommon, and these tins were all tinned food; oddly enough, come to think of it, the tins literally only had the organs, not any juice or gravy or anything.
      • As the bull was about to charge toward me I was a little bit tense but confident I'd be able to make the jump. I actually didn't jump as high as I expected, but still more than high enough.
      • The man, the bull-figher, was mostly passively observing.
      • The tiny steel axe was produced from nothing but I accepted that I'd been carrying it with me somehow.
    8. Dream - Cortex Strikes Back

      by , 07-12-2017 at 07:48 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 4 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 146 - Cortex Strikes Back

      I dreamt that I was the one fighting Dr. Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot and it happened in my own house. Cortex had set up an array of chainsaws in the garage that I had to disconnect from the power chords in order to turn them off... I had to do this five times before I could defeat him. The first two disconnections were easy. The third connection was challenging and I had to do some problem solving before touching the saws. Then the fourth time stepped up in difficulty again. There were saws crossed over each other and when two of them touched, running in the opposite direction, there was a massive spark and there was now a full on fire in the garage. I don't remember anything else that happened in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    9. Spellbee2’s Summer Competition Day 7 - Custard

      by , 08-06-2016 at 06:44 PM
      D1 - i'm at work sneaking some custard from the school dinner hall, its super hot (as usual). The boss is there but I hide it behind me and sidle out. I go into the staff room and find everyone there talking about how they have setup displays to show exemplar work in the exact format specified. I didn't even know I was supposed to (we always have zillions of deadlines at work).
      I go up to my classroom and am unsure what to do. I look around the classroom, there are two old fashioned blackboards at one end looking a bit scrappy, one small one slightly larger. I have no clue what to teach in the afternoon.
      I am teaching maths or something to a load of kids, which is fine.
      I here that everyone is being observed and thats why they have updated their displays, im in total panic mode by now Oo.
      Ed advises me on which end of the classroom to use. Finally I find out it has been postponed till the following day and decide to start planning.

      D2 - I am in same place but now it is a hotel and my boss is the hotel manager. He is doing spot checks and appears expectantly near me as he is sweeping up some rubbish. Apparently he takes it in turns to do all the jobs in the hotel,

      D3 - There is a number of women are lying in a cross shape. One has green hair and cat ears and a tight stripy top with her wait showing.
      It is one of my repeating dreams and I keep trying different ways of approaching these woman. I seem to be doing a lot of licking :3

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    10. worries

      by , 05-26-2016 at 08:06 PM
      D1 - F & E are using different methods to do some magic but it is silly as they are not in the right environment to practise it.

      D2 - Outside a workplace, it looks a bit like a tourist agency. The windows are floor to ceiling and there are lots of posters on the windows. I need to get inside to get hold of a box containing some sort of technology, heaven knows why, but it is urgent.
      Unfortunately I am ashamed at needing to and do not want to approach the manager there.
      I wait outside and when some office workers appear, I follow them, they are suited. They go to another entrance further along and I am disappointed as this won't enable me access.
      I secretly use my powers to teleport the box outside to where I am standing. I open the cardboard box and rumage through it. There is a big white main bit and lots of smaller components. I find to smallish cuboid bits wholed out, with some metal bits inside and start to make measurements that I need to aquire.
      I sense the manager is returning to the office and will notice it is missing. Not wanting to be found outside with the box, I embarressingly enter the office. The employees suspect nothing, as I have been there before, and I am able to wander through to a back room where the box should be. I continue to examine things.
      For some reason the box is now much larger as I worry about the bosses return, and is filled with clothing. It is women's clothing, lots of dresses. There is also a military uniform, looking very seargent pepperesque. I feel this last item will endear me to the boss, who is female and has military connections.
      The boss a lady with tussled greyish silver hair and glasses with thin frames, enters and makes her way towards where I am.
      I wake up Oo.

      The glass which is a dream sign, I think maybe relates to feeling fearful of exposing my true self to the world

      Also I am about to go on holiday, so maybe why the travel agents
      Tags: boss, glass, office, parts
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Da Boss - dreamsign

      by , 04-02-2016 at 06:04 PM
      D1 - Only remembered one dream.
      In a room with large wooden desk chock full of paperwork and ledgers. I am pawing over a large ledger.
      Someone needs the information and I am looking down columns for name underlined. I answer a phone on the desk.
      Later someone comes in and takes the ledger and photocopies it so they have their own copy to relate to when calls come into the main office. Noooo! the information is not uptodate. I try to sort out the mess.
      The information is all to do with the xmas play ~^ what the... and the boss is there in his office waiting to see me, uh oh

      Ok I have recurring dreamsign here
      that i am going to try and use as a trigger
      Tags: boss, deadline, work, xmas
    12. Angry Boss

      by , 03-28-2016 at 04:22 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      It's good to be back! I was trying to do an actual WBTB last night, something that I haven't taken the time for in ages, but my legs disrupted my sleep too much. I was lucky have this late morning LD.

      #488 - DILD - 9AM-ish

      I go into work two hours late and Mike and Brenda is telling my boss is mad at me for it. I decide to fill out a form for sick pay so that maybe she wont be mad. I try to clock in on the computer, but nothing is working right. Woody tells me the computers are down and I have to clock in on the old time card system. I have a hard time finding a blank time card and all the ones with writing look really strange. It takes a minute to find what I am looking for. As I slide my card in the machine it dawns on me that all the trouble I am having is typical of a dream.

      I walk way from time card and walk back into my work place. I see various people that I know, but their faces are all melty-flowy and shift into other faces. This is typical for me so I don't pay much attention to it, though I find it annoying. As I try to think what I'll do in this dream, I realize that I am really tense now, trying too hard no to wake up. I force myself to relax a little and things feel better. I decide I should go ahead and see why my boss is so angry; I figure it would be good practice for waking life.

      I walk into the break-room and see the usual people she sits with, but my boss is absent. I sit across from Sasha and ask where Sandy is, but shes deep in some conversation and mostly ignores me. I see some red sugar cookies and a coffee sitting in front of me. I try a cookie, but there is no taste. I go ahead and dunk it in coffee; still no taste, but now my mouth feels like it's full of something thick and expanding. Sasha tells me that I have red sugar in my beard. I try to say something back, but my mouth is so full I can't speak. I quickly wake up feeling like I have cottonmouth.
    13. [29-02-2016]

      by , 02-29-2016 at 09:13 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was working as an archivist in local government building. My boss was a bit fat man with moustache. He was wearing a black suit. His vice was a man wearing brown suit. He had fake red hair. They were arguing, my boss said to him "I'd best leave you working on beetroot field, this is your place!" After a while of consideration he added "Go hunt some monsters, I won't fire you yet." He went away, I recalled a previous dream in which I was such archivist, but hunting creatures around fields and villages. I said "I used to hunt monsters before". I looked around the office, and there was nothing unusual. Boss told me to write a paper of firing someone, but whenever I started, words changed into pictures of random objects. Like a clock for example. Suddenly my boss turned into someone else, he had long brown hair and different face. He was playing a song on harp.
    14. Scarey beasts and sloppy murder

      by , 01-06-2016 at 08:09 PM
      D1 - On a very earthy and mountainous island. Talking to a guy about how he built a settlement their. Their living quarters hang down in buttresses on the mountsides, cool.
      A Heron is flying past when a monsterous bird swoops in and grabs it in its mouth and flys past my gob smacked face.
      There are scarey monsters here! A wasp the size of a truck floats infront of us, the guy is totally unfazed.
      It is horribly translucent with purple markings like veins, ick. I ask him how the hell do you get away from something like that.
      He does not answer, I scramble under some undergrowth but the beating wings just blow it away.
      We head for his landrover, a monster bird flys along side us. He shows me how if he does not have bars on the window, it can easily dent the door or smash the meshed window Oo. The bird whacks the door, and knocks some paint off the inside of the door, leaving a rusted chunck.
      He puts the bars back on and floors the accelerator, leaving the bird behind. We go along a road to an aircraft hanger.

      D2 - Manager at work comes into a large empty hall. They delitberaty kick over a bowl as they are in a fowl temper. They start complaining and berating the staff their, the cleaner and cook.
      A tray near me is knocked and taps me as I lay on a bench covered in a sheet. I pretend to be angry and start complaining about how rude the manager is, building up to shouting at them. I follow them into a corridor, still shouting at them.
      when they get into a room, I am shouting in their face, they don't respond just look pale and afraid.
      I am very angry by now and start to strangle them. This seems like not the best idea and I go off and get a syringe. I filled it with some kind of traquilizer or poison and inject them with it. I then go off to get something to tape over their mouth. They collapse.
      I then start to think about where to put the body, which wood to bury them in that would not be frequented often.
      Many dilemas overcome me as I realise I am not dressed to go out and need to decide which trousers and top to wear from a large pile.
      One pair is a horrible garish browny green with sparkly bits Oo

      I felt strange this morning after the dream and feel different about manager at work
      I feel I have realsed a little tension.
    15. exasperated

      by , 11-17-2015 at 06:30 PM
      My boss took a phone call for me about a case. I had no clue what to do about it but he expected me to know. I was red in the face with exesperation at the situation and just blurted out to him to tell me what to do.
      I felt powerless.

      [I tryed to incubate asking my subconscious to tell me what to do It didn't quite work]
      Tags: boss, phone, work
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