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    1. 03/04/13 - fragments - dream friend, oblivious lucid discussion, weird store and mugging attempt

      by , 04-03-2013 at 02:34 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      fell asleep around 12, woke up around 3, went back to bed, finally woke up around 7

      12am - 3am
      a long and complicated dream about a tall girl with red hair. in the dream we were good friends. there was a very jovial atmosphere, unlike most of my dreams.

      then a dream where i discussed lucid dreaming at length -- without actually becoming lucid.


      i am at a strange clothes store with my boyfriend. the store mainly sells lolita dresses but contains a large variety of different clothing items as well as miscellaneous objects. at the far end of the room there is a passage to a second room which is brightly lit with many large windows. the store owners, a middle-aged asian woman and her teenage daughter, work here, making all the clothes from scratch. we talk to the two women for a while. there are many items of clothing hanging on racks here and i discover a finely crafted leather jacket with luxurious fur trim; i ask the younger woman how much it would cost and she tells me "about a month's salary". we leave this room and return to the main part of the store. there is a dress i would like to buy here, but it is too expensive. instead, my boyfriend and i decide to buy two dvds. these "dvds" come in vhs cases with elaborate box art; the one my boyfriend buys has art that's a slightly altered version of the dark side of the moon cover, and mine is a complex pattern of organic plantlike shapes. we understand that these movies are beautiful works of art and that watching them will change our lives. we trade the shop owners a large pyramidal prism for the dvds.

      then i leave the store and enter into a shady urban area at night. i am now running away from three young white men who want to mug me. i see my dad's car parked on the side of the street: i get in and we drive away.
    2. 29/03/13- doctor's appointment, child prostitution, coffee shop and dolphins

      by , 03-29-2013 at 02:47 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      i am at the "doctor's office" for a checkup. the doctor's office is a large circular mezzanine located in a tall cylindrical structure. everything is made of brushed metal and creates a sort of sci-fi atmosphere. a red and yellow cylindrical tower rises from the centre of the structure. my father is here also. i am naked. the doctor says that i am very underweight and my father is greatly concerned by this. to demonstrate how thin i am the doctor picks me up and begins shaking me around.

      then i am in a house. there is a dog here, a small cream-coloured husky. i understand that i will soon have to leave here forever. there is a feeling of great sadness.

      next i am "downtown" with a chubby teenage girl. we wander into an alleyway and open a door to a dilapidated corridor. there are three doors here, each with windows; from what i can see through the windows, this appears to be some sort of child sex ring. the rooms house a number of female children, ages 8-12; they are all naked. the girl and i enter one of the rooms and we're relieved to discover (by looking at a framed poster on a wall) that in fact, this is not a child prostitution operation: the children are just working for a cereal company! this makes complete sense to us.

      we enter another room. this room is white and contains several young girls who are all clothed in 50s style blue-white dresses. they have various deformities; it soon dawns on me that this is an institution for the mentally disabled. one of the girls tries to bite me. we leave.

      next, my boyfriend and i are attending a music performance at a coffee shop. we arrive after the performance has finished, so we offer to put a tv show on to entertain the others. i want to put on a show about a frog without a tongue, but my boyfriend is intensely disgusted by this. i decide to put on a show about dolphins instead. however, all the dolphin shows i can find are crappy cgi videos; we want to look at real dolphins. the song vox humana - deerhunter is involved somehow. (absolutely amazing song, listen to it).
    3. 28/03/13 - video games and other recollections

      by , 03-28-2013 at 02:14 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      i am with my boyfriend and some other people in a deserted warehouse. the room is vast and light is streaming through windows far above us.
      there are various items scattered around and we are browsing for things of interest. i find a strange object with rounded corners, shaped like a laptop, with a dim LED screen: i understand that this is a PDA from the late 90s. i find this interesting but my discovery is quickly overshadowed when my boyfriend finds an intact vintage arcade cabinet. he calls this a commodore 64 although it clearly is nothing of the sort.

      the setting switches to a dark room. we are all seated around a table. the arcade cabinet has changed to a small laptop and i am still holding my laptop/pda thing. my boyfriend starts playing on the "commodore 64" and as usual my viewpoint switches so that i am in the game, observing. he is playing some kind of shitty mario romhack. the background is all black, the characters are neon and they appear to be wearing strange masks. then i begin playing a game on my laptop.
      in this game i am an angel flying above an amusement park (very bright, green grass -- looks a lot like rollercoaster tycoon). there are brown platforms in the air. at first i can't figure out how to control my character properly: but then four white rings appear around my character signifying the vectors in which i can move, and i am then able to control it.

      there is another dream that involved a country backyard and dogs? i do not remember anything else. i recall that at one point i approached lucidity, but i did not fully realize that i was dreaming.
    4. 22/03/13 - fragments - out with friends + weird pools

      by , 03-22-2013 at 02:05 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      very busy, haven't been able to sleep much - ruining my dream recall. some fragments tonight:

      1. i was in a distorted version of downtown (bright colours, very sunny) with my boyfriend who now had massive dreadlocks cascading from the back of his head. i found that very unattractive but i decided that he is my boyfriend, so i should deal with it. we entered an empty furniture store. it was hexagonal with large windows on every side; the carpet and most of the chairs were green. we sat down on a couch. we wanted to kiss but we were afraid people would see us through the windows, so we just cuddled a little. suddenly the room started tilting from side to side. we heard the store owner coming in and we ran away -- but he was actually glad that we visited his store and he gave us smoothies.

      2. i am with friends (the only one i recognize from real life is M-----) in a huge department store. we are wandering around and i was stealing things. i recall spotting a stick of men's deodorant that was selling for 80 dollars, so i decided to go to the women's department and steal a similar product. i never found the womens department but i stole some books.

      then it is night and we are downtown. we want to go to a bar (i don't drink irl) but the only way to enter is through a third-story window. my mother is wearing a red shirt and lying motionless on the sidewalk a few yards away; her body seems shrunken. we pay little attention to this. i try climbing up the building's many roofs (roof-awnings? what's the architectural term for those) - dead ivy vines cover the building - but i can't make it to the top floor. at one point my mom gets up -- she's acting normally, wants to join us.

      3. i am at a public indoor pool with a lot of other people. there is a young girl in a wheelchair there and a fat middle-aged woman is saying rude things about her. i tell the woman off and people applaud me.

      4. i am reading a website about a spa. the company is from quebec and much of the website is written in french. i don't recall what the text said now but i remember that upon waking i remarked at the fact that it was sensical and grammatically correct -- strange because text in my dreams usually makes little sense in terms of content or syntax -- especially strange because french is my second language!

      one part mentions that they have special tools for relaxation or something to that effect. the text is a link, so i click on it. it brings me to a page that displays various styles of bongs (they're all blue and silver and quite elegantly designed). there are also prices for "asian massages" for women and men. the prices are all in the 1-2k range. so i come to the realization that this is a brothel where you can smoke weed.

      i decide to visit.

      the spa is an outdoor pool. it is very sunny and bright outside. the geometry in this scene is odd - i think i'm floating above the water or something. a girl arrives, but no sex acts transpire, at least that i can remember. i wake up.

      quick analysis:
      i've had many similar dreams about department stores. my dream-stores are always massive, labyrinthian, with blank white walls and floors and an eclectic assortment of items.

      the image of my mother lying on the ground probably comes from the time i saw a hipster girl lying face-down on the sidewalk in toronto (with her ukulele of course). she wasn't drunk or sick or anything, i think she was trying to be artistic or protest something, but it was just silly. the police made her get up. there's also another dimension to this image i think - my mother was an alcoholic while i was growing up and to this day i have a strong aversion to being around any drunk people... especially her.

      almost all the dreams i've catalogued so far have had something to do with sex. generally, dreams with sexual themes are very rare for me. i haven't had any changes in my real life that could trigger this... maybe my subconscious is just trying to embarrass me.
    5. Airport / Party

      by , 01-13-2013 at 01:16 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream that my boyfriend and I went to the airport so he could catch his flight back home (he lives in Mexico; I live in the US). After we said goodbye and he left, I went looking for someone who could tell me when the next flights to Mexico were to have an idea of when we could get together again. Not too long after we went our separate ways, I turned around and saw him behind me. I was surprised to see him there, as his flight had already begun boarding. Surprised, I asked him why he was still here, but I woke up before he had a chance to reply.

      After going back to sleep (I don't know what time it was when I woke up, but it was still dark), I had a dream that I was at a party. I saw a girl there who looked familiar; I recognized her to be Ashley (my tulpa Link's girlfriend, who has a different host). I thought that I should tell Link that Ashley was there, since he'd be happy to see her, but then I remembered that tulpae can't see other people's tulpae (somehow, it didn't occur to me that I shouldn't be able to see her, either).
    6. Non-lucid, Boyfriend, Superman wedding

      by , 10-30-2012 at 10:45 PM
      This means normal dream
      This means lucid dream
      This means I'm loosing my lucidity
      This means non-dream notes

      Okay, so it started out as me walking into the house, (my grandma's actually), and my mom was sitting on the loveseat talking to my boyfriend on videochat on my old phone. While I didn't think it odd that my mom was there though she no longer lives with me, or that my phone doesn't have a video camera or internet, or that my BF would be conversing with my mom at all, I accepted it. I was in my swimsuit and it was a bright summer outside as my sisters played in our nonexistant pool. My hair was fluffy though, and longer than it is in real life, so I must not have been swimming. Anyway my mom hands the phone to me and my BF and I start to talk like we do any other day, me playing around with the camera angles and making myself look upside down.

      Then, my Bf's sister and her two little kids interrupted our conversation by barging in and the littlest kid blowing a party streamer in my bf's face. He looked annoyed and proceeded to chase his sister out of the room, leaving the two kids. I looked around awkwardly, suddenly realizing that I was in his room and not at my house. His laptop was still sitting on his desk (very odd, he NEVER uses a desk) and the skype window was open, but I was not there. His room was largely devoid furiture, with blue walls, white trim and light hardwood floors. There was the desk, a closet and an air mattress. Thinking back, it seems to resemble a cross between my sister's old room and my dad's new room, only cross sectioned into a new home. Looking down, I was still alone with my Bf's wide-eyed niece and nephew. So, I decided to play with them like I do most kids of their age, I pretended to be a dog. They enjoyed seeing me barking and walking on all fours, play bowing for them to throw balls for me that I brought back by nudging with my knuckles, unwilling to put anything in my mouth touched by a toddler. When my BF and his sister returned they seemed unconcerned by my presence. I stood up and when I looked to the web camera on the open laptop I was transparent and outlined by a black dotted line. Then, my color started to fill in and everyone else started to acknowledge me.

      new dream

      I do not remember how I got there or why, but me and my boyfriend were apparently in the wedding ceremony for some friend or relative of one of our families. The groom was wearing a superman costume and the wife, a tan indian woman, was in a muddy wedding gown. The entire wedding ceremony was on a large staircase and it was not bad by superman standards.

      My bf pulled me aside and started to yell at me, I yelled at him back and we were just plain mad for some reason. I told him that he couldn't be mad at me because I loved him and I had even had a dream about him just an hour ago (a reference to my dream previous). He said something along the lines of "well, you sure as hell weren't fucking me in that dream. now were you?" and we both bitterly continued to be our parts in the ceremony.

      it is to my conclusion that the last dream is my fear of ever getting to the point of marring my boyfriend because I am asexual and he is heterosexual. I could never give him what he needs, no matter how much I love him.
    7. Sex Buddies

      by , 10-14-2012 at 12:06 PM
      In this dream, it was mainly about my boyfriend and I. We were laying in a super comfortable bed, but this bed was in public. The details are kind of hazy, so I can't exactly pinpoint whether we were in a park or on the side of a road. Either way we were fooling around, and about to have sex when a couple of girls start to walk by. My dream 'Me' doesn't know it, but I know that these females are sex buddies of my boyfriend, and ones that he has been keeping from me. Think Mean Girl kind of females. They are disgusted by the fact that he's decided he wants me, and so they plot to mess with us. One of them, a skinny, long-haired blonde, comes up to me with a bottle of perfume offering to share it. In reality (and in this dream) my boyfriend is super sensitive and finicky about certain smells. She knows this, so she sprays something on me that doesn't bother me a whole lot, but reeks to him. He then decides that he doesn't want to continue what we've started and leaves me laying in the bed.
    8. A Little Bit... Confused.

      by , 09-24-2012 at 09:46 PM
      I've just had a dream, that I cheated on my boyfriend. This concerns me, even though my boyfriend and I have only been dating for a short time (maybe a few months).
      This wasn't sexual, and I cannot remember the full dream. It was quite odd, because the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with, I've never talked to. He's in one of my college courses, and I see him everyday, we even live streets apart. We've never talked, or anything.
      This guy, picks me up in his car. Though I don't quite remember everything that was said beforehand, he kisses me, and I pull him in for another. He then said "that settles it then," while grabbing my hand. I tell him of my boyfriend at this point, saying that I just couldn't do this.
      The guy then goes quiet, but asks "How could you be in love with him, when.." And with that my dream abruptly ends...
      What is my subconscious trying to tell me?
      I would never cheat in my life. Being cheated on before myself, I could never bring myself to do so. I do find the guy attractive, but even still, his personality seems quite plain and boring, and have never had any thoughts of pursuing the man.
    9. Wednesday 4th July 2012

      by , 07-07-2012 at 12:17 AM
      Last Nights Dreams

      Dream 1 ((sleep paralysis))

      I get in bed and lie down to go to sleep. After about 10 minutes I feel vibrations go through me and I hear people talking like at a party or something, I am still aware at this point that I'm lying in bed and then the talking stops. After another 5 minutes I hear music from a fair-ground ride but then it stops. I must have nodded off now.

      Dream 2

      I'm in my bedroom with my daughter "L", she shows me her make-up on her eyes and says "look, it looks dead nice doesn't it!" I look and think "how the hell has she got my eye-shadow on when I hid it from her?!" ((I bought new make-up yesterday)) it doesn't occur to me to do a RC

      Dream 3

      I'm on a prison bus with others and we're on our way to prison. There is a man I know well ((only in my dream)) with me and he's also going to prison. I think this man is my boyfriend in the dream. He is sitting on the seat infront of me but is turned to face me. He is holding a big pot full of hot stew, he says to me "hold this a minute" I take it from him and gravy splatters on us both. . He now takes a piece of paper from his pocket and opens it up, he says to me "this is like gold, it's the new plans for the prison, it shows you the secret way out, be carefully with it, you know what to do!" I look at the drawing of the plans and notice that some of the gravy is on the corner of it but it hasn't ruined the plans. I take the plans and think "ohhh god, I don't think I'm brave enough to escape!" I now hide the plans safe in my pocket.
      The bus now pulls up at the prison and my boyfriend says "ok...are you ready?" then he winks at me, I say "yes ok" and he smiles and nods to one of the prison screws on the bus with us.
    10. My Dream: He's Back

      by , 04-23-2012 at 04:00 AM
      My dream randomly started with me sitting in the living room of i suppose my apartment, my phone buzzed and I picked it up hoping that it was him. I looked down at it and it was exactly who I wanted it to be.
      Manny (Babee <3)] : Baby come downstairs, I'm here.
      I jumped up and pulled on the basketball shorts that he left me and ran out the apartment door without checking to see if slam lock was on. The elevator came in no time and was empty, which made me feel even more better. When the elevator hit the first floor I practically skipped off and ran through the entrance door. There he was, my boyfriend and soul mate. Emmanuel was pulling his bags out of the yellow taxi and finished taking his bags out as I ran and jumped on him giving him a welcoming kiss. His arm and kiss was very accepting, I was so excited to see him he had to remind me that we were outside still. I helped him with two of his bags as we made our way back to the apartment. He opened the door and went straight in the bedroom to drop his bags. I put the two bags I carried by the kitchen cabinet and went straight to the fridge. I was pouring myself a cup of lemonade as Manny surprised me and hit my butt causing me to jump a little.
      " What if I would have split that all over the floor" I told him in a semi serious face. But he didn't care he took the cup out of my hand and sat it down. He grabbed my waist and kissed me. " Did you miss me " I asked him. He smiled and replied " Of course I missed you " and kissed me again. " What did you miss about me " I questioned him wondering what he would say. He pushed me closer to the kitchen counter and said " I missed your laugh " kiss " Your smile " kiss " The way you feel when I hold you " kiss " Your body " kiss " and last but not least the way you love me ". I awed him as we stood there in the kitchen making out.
      I jumped on him again as he walked into the bedroom and hit everything off of the dresser. He layed me on it and pulled off his basketball shorts that I claimed as mines. He kissed me and threw me on the bed, I could tell that he was completely excited to see me. The room flooded with moans as he went down on me, the feeling was becoming so good I tried to push him away. He grabbed my hands and pinned them to the side as he continued. I climaxed almost instantly, he pulled himself up and said " Get your sexy ass on all fours ". I did as he said, the room continued to be flooded with our moans as we changed in every position possible. We finished with me on top as he pulls me off of him and wrapped both of his arm around me. " I couldn't wait to do this when I got back " he said out of breath kissing my cheek. I giggled and replied " I know ", he pulled me closer and we fell asleep.
      Then I woke up =/ ..
    11. Paintings - Almost lucid

      by , 09-14-2011 at 04:38 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      I kind of sort of did it!

      At one point in the night I half woke up and remembered what to do, so I told myself I would become lucid. I felt sleep paralysis set in and realized I was dreaming. Unfortunately everything stayed black and I eventually lost lucidity.

      But still! Yay!

      As for my dreams, the most vivid one I remember was in M's room. Since I am visiting family I told myself that the next time I saw M I would be dreaming, since that's the only place I will see him for the next few weeks - but it didn't work. Anyway, in the dream M's room was covered in multiple very large, colorful, beautiful paintings. Two of them were paintings I had done, but they were mediocre compare to the one on the other wall. I looked at it for a long time. It blended into the wall behind it on the edges.

      Unfortunately I don't have time to write any more now - maybe later.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Music/Suites/N/Sex

      by , 09-12-2011 at 08:18 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      First dream:
      I'm in an enclosure of wooden buildings, they feel like restaurants but no one is eating. Everyone around me is wearing wristbands. The song "Mary Jane's Last Dance" is playing in the background. The part of the song that goes "Oh, my my, oh, hell yes/Honey, put on that party dress" loops a couple times.

      I woke up, which was good since I was trying to MILD, and wrote down my dream. I lay back down and entered sleep paralysis, but when the dream started to fade in around me I got scared and woke myself up! I'm so mad!!! I was so close! Oh well.

      Second dream:
      I'm moving in to my suite, but when I go to the office to get the key, CSC tells me they lost it. I'm really upset, and we ride somewhere on the cart. There's another person there but I don't know who. I lift up a cloth and look under a chair and find the key. I start to move into my suite, but the building is very different in my dream. The outside is a bathroom, and there are towels folded for us.

      Third dream: M is talking to N about a couple articles in Hi-Fructose. He keeps talking to her, and their laughing together about whatever they are talking about. I feel really jealous, and he puts his hand on her harm. (It's funny because that has actually happened, minus the Hi-Fructose) I try and talk to him about it but he gets upset.

      Fourth dream: Me and M in bed. Yes! Not surprising. Great dream. I woke up pretty randy, haha. Only weird part is that during there was almost like a digital screen in the bottom left corner of my vision, with different icons I could choose. I know I have to pick one, and go through all of them. I think they represented Hi-Fructose pictures, but that might be one dream bleeding over into the next.
    13. Dresses/30 Rock/Banquet

      by , 09-11-2011 at 04:35 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      So my MILD was slightly more successful this time, in the sense that I actually woke up after one of my dream cycles. Last time I just slept through the night. So I feel like by practicing ADA, frequent RCs, and trying to MILD through mantras before I go to sleep, I am (slowly but surely) getting closer to a LD. Haha wow, I don't think I've ever used that many acronyms in one sentence before.

      I'm going to be trying to write my dream journal in present tense from now on, as I've heard it is better for recall.


      In my first dream I am hanging out with the two girls who I have probably spent more time thinking about than any other girls in the world, S and C. (If only N was there as well, it would have completed the triforce of bitterness and pent up whatever). All three of us are trying on identical purple lacy dresses. The dresses are very strange.

      In my second dream I am watching 30 Rock with M and Zach Galifianakis. I feel a little weird because Zach's wife is on the show, and I think it must be awkward for him to be watching her on TV since they got divorced. (I don't think he's even married in real life) Zach Galifianakis turns into MC (me and M's friend), and he shoves wooden stirring spoon heads covered in cous cous into M's mouth. I wake up and write down the notes from my dream. I try and fall back to sleep visualizing myself becoming lucid, but it doesn't work.

      In my third dream I'm at a sort of banquet put on by my two guy friends G and A. A lot of our other friends are there, along with Emma Watson. Throughout the dream I switch back and forth between being myself, and being Emma. At one point I am going to use the restroom, and all the toilets are really weird boxes on the walls.

      That's all I remember. Maybe tonight will be the night for a lucid. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! Hahaha
    14. Poor Recall Again :(

      by , 09-10-2011 at 03:04 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      I tried to attempt a MILD, but I think by the time I went to bed I was too tired to do it properly. I fell asleep pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow. I have a vague memory of waking up once during the night and trying to convince myself to write down a dream, but that might have been a dream itself.

      Calcifer was in my dream!!

      (A strong and powerful fire demon! )

      He had fallen apart somehow, and I was searching through a gravel path finding the pure white stones, because those were the stones that were a part of Calcifer. I put them together, and Calcifer formed back into himself! I was holding him in my hand.

      I remember at one point me and M were driving back and forth different places because we kept forgetting these, and he was getting really frustrated. We drove back to his house because he forgot his belt, but I somehow felt like it was my fault.

      I was at a store (it was sort of Target-like, but all the shelves were really tall) looking for black tights. I had a pair, but they were way too big for me, and when I looked at the size they were an XL. The only tights I could find in a S were sparkly ones, or leggings that only went halfway down your leg. Me and M were going to a dance, and I was going to wear this short halter top black dress I have, but I needed black tights to wear with it. While shopping I suddenly realized I had no clue how formal the dance was or anything, and I got stressed out about it. I decided to just use the tights that were too big for me, and we left.

      On the way to the car I was with my family instead of M, and I was going to the event with my little brother (but it wasn't weird at all, just like a fun family thing. I'm not even sure if it was a dance anymore.) He showed me the bow tie he had bought and in the dream I thought it was the COOLEST THING. It was all frilly and it had a taxidermy alligator head (like the type I bought M in San Francisco) attached to it. Then, in the car, I was actually going with my little sister, and she was telling me something about her jacket and how she had decided she wanted to go with me.

      I have a vague memory of a train as well.
    15. Wow, I have weird dreams.

      by , 09-08-2011 at 08:51 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      I was really hoping for a lucid dream last night, but no such luck. Really weird dreams too.

      There were a bunch of super tall girls competing (much taller than me - which is saying something as I clock in at a healthy 5'9"). I really strongly disliked one of them, some blonde girl. I don't remember why. We were taken to a hotel (me and my group) by the guy in charge, and at first we were upset because we had the building furthest from the center/main event (I don't remember) but then we realized it was by the water, so we were happy.

      I went to some sort of party , I wrote down that S was there but I think it was actually R and I just got them mixed up. M was there and I remember getting upset because he was talking and laughing with R the whole time, even when she was being snarky. It wasn't a big deal though, and I left with Mo and Ra. They had a fridge in their car, which was really funny since it kind of makes sense since they always have the munchies.

      I remembered something else later, and I think it was part of a different dream but it might have been from the same one.

      I was moving into my suite (pretty obvious why I dreamed about that), but the suites in my dream were totally different than in real life, and I only had one roommate. It was just one really small room with two beds and a giant tv on the wall. My dad was helping my move in and my roommate had already brought all her stuff in.

      In another part I was just watching a story about a little boy that captured a pony (it looked very my little pony-esque, not realistic at all), and was doing experiments on it. He was taking blood and collecting urine samples, and then he was making it drink a mixture of the two. That did not feel as weird and gross in the dream as it does now that I'm awake, but I remember hoping that when the two mixed it would just look like strawberry lemonade so it wouldn't seem so gross - but it didn't, it was just a dark orange-y yellow. Ew.

      I'm working on being more constantly aware. I hope this pays off sometime soon!
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