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    1. Boxing, big house, birthday, dark waters..

      by , 11-27-2010 at 09:00 AM
      I should really start using this more often.

      Last night's dream was unlike any other ive had before.
      the first part, i was in this hall and i was boxing with someone. I know that guy, and i'm pretty sure it's that guy. But i might be wrong. anyway, we were boxing, not like as a competition, but more like a friendly match, or a training. When we were done, we lied down on the floor, with my head on his chest, just lying there.. i think i was tracing his face with my fingertips when he said 'you like this, right?' and i just smile and nodded and didnt say anything back. i felt.. uncertain. its true i was happy but at the same time it didnt feel right.

      the second one, i was at a lake. it was very very very dark. the waters were dark blue/black, a little bit like the water in Harry Potter 1 when they were on the little boats heading to hogwarts. i remember being on a boat but then i was stuck on one of those little bridges and someone came and rescued me. afterwards.. while on that boat, everyone on this one side started jumping off the bridge and into the water and swimming towards the pavement and i was wondering why and all of a sudden mini bomb/fireworks went off so i, too went swimming and heading for the pavement. it was a very quick swim.

      the third one i ended up in this big house, felt as if ive been there before, some of the stuff seemed so familiar. anyway, i was hiding in the dark, and my aunty opended the door and its as if she saw me.. but im not so sure.. i was hiding for some reason.. i remember going out after and sneaking round and they were all singing happy birthday.. im not sure to who.

      and finally, the last dream, which is vague, i was in a courtroom.. and i remember getting my boyfriend in the courtroom and telling him ' we need to talk '..

      still trying to remember the rest..
      any thoughts?
    2. 20 Nov: Travel to Morocco

      by , 11-23-2010 at 08:03 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      23:00 GMT

      Black holes
      Just recall vivid image of strange black-holes (although very colourful) in the sky, sucking up cars and buildings and maybe people, but not me.

      3:20 GMT

      Trip to Morocco
      Zilla calls and says she got those tickets for that trip to Morocco she invited me to before. But it is this afternoon, at 17h30, so we need to go to the airport right away. I have no time to pack my bag and just go take the bus to the airport. I meet her on the bus and I tell her I rush up and had no time to even bring underwear or toothbrush, so I hope at least we’ll have time at the airport for some shopping. But then I realise I haven’t even brought my wallet, no money or cards.
      I call my BF and we meet him at some bus stop further ahead, where he is coming out of his work. I ask him to borrow me his credit card and then we head to another bus or something to keep going to the airport.
      I ask my friend about duration of the trip and she tells me we leave on this afternoon (Thursday) and we’ll be back on Saturday, so a short trip. I had warned mymomthis could happen but then I remember my dad has no clue and I decide maybe it’s better not even tell him, he won’t even notice my absence for just a few days.

      Lorelai and Luke
      I’m Lorelai Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls series (it’s playing on TV here now) and I’m with Luke in my home. We’re about to go out, not even on a date, just to do something, but I ask if he wants to shower first. He asks me “With you?” and I’m totally surprised but loving the idea so I think “Hell, yeah!”. Then we are undressing in the bathroom and he is hot and we are on to a very hot shower and even hotter sex.

      6:10 GMT

      Travel to Morocco part 2
      Again on my way to the airport with Zilla. We took a cab for the last part of the way. We’re very late and we run out of the taxi as soon as it stops. As we enter the airport a series of obstacles “happen”, like the sliding glass door transforms into a brick wall right in front of my eyes. Zilla is freaking out, but I suddenly get really calm and tell her “who cares, it’s just a dream!”.
      I turn back and the taxi is no longer a taxi but a car-shaped retro-illuminated screen on the floor. Some people are looking at it, not knowing what it is. I say maybe it can be used as a portal and encourage them to jump on it. A guy jumps and goes through it. Then a couple is discussing it amazed but not brave enough to do the same. Then a really cute tiny dog appears and jumps on it, I guess trying to follow his owner who left him behind? The poor doggie jumps again and nothing. He starts to bark and I feel sorry for the little fella. I pick him up and decide to take him along with me. I have no clue where the other guy went, but at least the doggie won’t be alone. And he is cute and I decide it will be fun to have a “lucid” pet with me. I jump thinking about going to the moon, but once again i fail, because after the freefall sensation I just wake up.

      8:00 GMT
    3. 20 Sep: Mother love, sex and a epic flood

      by , 09-24-2010 at 07:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      0:00 GMT – Sleep

      Fragment: - Something about people getting a tour around the European Parliament

      3:50 GMT

      Mother unlove
      I am at the square just by the end of the ramp that goes to my mom’s house. [My mom had told me that police goes often around this area and she even heard shots one day.] On the dream I look at all houses, and feel that this specific one in the middle is where the troubles are coming from. Then I see this Saudi Arabian (sorry to the Saudi Arabians, don’t mean to insult, this is clearly prejudice) peeking through a semi-open door. He sees me and looks at me in a way I can’t distinguish if he’s threatening me or flirting with me. But anyway I decide not to stay around to figure out.
      I go up the ramp and realise I’m wearing my ugliest pijama
      [which I don’t even have anymore] and floating in a really strange way – if anybody sees me, will think I’m such a freak, but if in the past I would feel totally embarrassed, now I just try not to care. Instead I think how awesome is the contortionism I am doing. I look like some alien animal.
      I arrive at my mom’s building and check the mail box, trying to hurry before someone else comes
      [a recurrent dream for years]. Then outside I see this weird baby crawling on the pavement. It has the body of a baby, but the head of an older little girl who already talks. I pick her up and ask her what’s she doing here alone. She then tells me her mother totally ignores her. She loves her but has made vows to just cuddle her and give her care after she is baptised, so this baby girl never received mother love. I find that really stupid. I take care of her until parents arrive [also a recurrent dream] and think her mother will be upset that I’m being loving towards her baby. But she is cool about it. She doesn’t mind others do it, she just doesn’t. I then see it from the mother’s perspective and realise what a great detachment practice she is doing and I even admire her for her strength, but still I don’t think it’s fair for the baby.

      Sex everyday
      My boyfriend then appears and I talk to him about this previous dream baby-mother story. Then he informs me about some letter he received (from some girl, I presume) and he asks me if I feel jealous. I say I am ok, I trust him. Then he says he was with this guy from work who cannot be one day without sex and was freaking out because he skipped one day. He told me he had told him he had to be joking. He explained how for example he doesn’t see me for prolonged periods of time and he doesn’t freak out about it. And the other guy told him it wasn’t healthy not to have sex everyday and that he should have a backup for when I’m not around. Then I started looking at him a bit annoyed, not knowing why he was bringing this conversation up. Did he intend to tell me something?

      4:30 GMT

      Epic flood
      I am part of a research team that is predicting extreme weather events. At the moment there’s a catastrophic drought where we are but we predict that a huge flood, of biblical proportions. Then the head scientist goes nuts and decides to leave the team to build an ark. But not like the naïve Noah’s ark, it’s a fully equipped, ultra-modern submarine. At some point we all get involved in helping. He is building it on top of this canyon, which used to be a riverbed and is now a completely dry valley. People have settled houses on its bottom and we predict that it will be flooded and all the people will die if they don’t get out of there. Then one day, when the sub is ready, just needing minor adjustments, I see this gigantic wall of water wiping through the valley and people running and screaming, but they stand no chance.
      Only a few who were around the sub - many curious people have come to see it regularly and kids play inside it – they have a chance to escape but we have to close the doors, because we cannot get them all inside and also there’s no time. Three kids who were playing inside get separated from their parents who got stuck outside. The parents are knocking on the door and looking through a window, desperately trying to get in. But I can’t open or we all die. At least the kids are inside. Then I worry, when the water hits us, that some door I was working on, still needed a few adjustments and might not cope with the pressure, but so far is holding.
      Then starts a social experiment inside the sub. After some time locked inside it, people start to reveal what’s really inside them. For example, there’s this black guy who has been harassed by two different girls who feel attracted to him. But he is not interested at all. They keep pushing, they even seduce him together, but he really doesn’t care about them. Then another black guy, shorter and much more extroverted, thinks he has the solution to his problem. He goes to his room when he is resting on the bed, pulls of his pants – the other guy offers resistance, but not very convincing – and then performs fellatio on him who is fully erect and clearly enjoying. Still, he feels so embarrassed that he kicks the shorter guy out of the room. Then he becomes very quiet and unsocial, not accepting what has become clear to him.
      There’s also this guy who is in love with these two girls who tried seducing the black guy. He is talking about this with some friends on the common room – the black guy is sitting on the back, looking to the floor – and he asks his friends what they think about that. Then one replies amused that as long as all the people involved agree on that, there’s absolutely no problem. The social constraints went down the drain with the flood, inside the sub all that matters is that everybody is happy and lives love freely. Then he raises his voice a bit so the black guy can also hear, that everybody is cool about everybody else’s choices, no matter whether is to love 2 persons or someone of the same sex.

      8:30 GMT – Wake up
    4. Day in the Circus?

      by , 07-18-2010 at 04:17 PM

      Time fell asleep: 10:45 pm
      Time awoke: 9:00 am
      it started out me being in a line of girls who i supposedly "knew" though when i woke up i had no clue who they were. they were blond tan and gorgeous well most of them from what i remember. i also remember there being 3 including me. definitely a crowd i would hang out with even if i am brunette. but in the dream i fit in perfectly. I was second in a line. there was also a group of very handsome guys on the sides all being our boyfriends, i also had no reference in real life to who they are. there was also the ringmaster, who wasn't like the in cartoons (all chubby and cheery) instead he was skinny young and quite handsome. So anyways there was a wheel we were standing in front of that stood up straight it had handles going all around it. the ringmaster explained to us we had to get on it and spin around it while it was moving. we were suppose to be the "pretty girls" of the show. so we all practiced a little and seemed to all get the hang of it so we started the show. first went the blond in front of me as the ringmaster introduced her she got on the wheel smiled real big and spun around. then my turn came up i smiled and waved as the ringmaster introduced me to the crowd and hoped onto the wheel with ease. when i got off the girl b4 me was going to he next act when she supposedly "fake" flirted with the ringmaster. Now remember our Boyfriends have been watching the show so before u know it her boyfriend marches up, yells "get your hands off my girl!" and started a fight which soon many of the other guys got into. the show had to end and the mystery girl was mad at her boyfriend for stopping the show and broke up with him. we soon ended up ion a pool talking about it. thats about all i remember.
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