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    1. Game of Dreams – Gunslinger Takedown

      by , 01-25-2018 at 12:05 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 01-24

      Game of Dreams – Gunslinger Takedown

      I am in the tower with Bran, I am Catelyn Stark. Bran is unconscious in his bed. There is an idiot trying to talk to me about numbers. I tell him I don’t care about the numbers. He’s trying to talk about money, and the daily running of the castle. I don’t care. I tell him to go away. Robb comes in and tells him that he will take care of the details. I turn back to Bran. I focus healing energy on him. I see a faint blue glow around him. Robb is talking to me now, about how he is worried that my other children, him included, need me. There is a lot of commotion outside. Wolves howling, dogs barking, people yelling. Robb looks out the window and says there’s a fire at the library. He leaves to go tend to it.

      The next thing I know there’s a strange man in the doorway. He has a dagger, and look surprised to see me. He says I’m not supposed to be there. I said it’s too bad for him, I am here. I know right away he’s come to kill my son. I focus on forming my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade, I will remove his head. Nothing happens. I cursed myself briefly, wondering how I would expect Catelyn’s arm to turn into an Alex Mercer blade. The guy comes at me. He apparently intends to get rid of me first, it looks like he thinks I will be easy. Not so easy. I might not be able to form Alex Mercer weapons, but that doesn’t mean I’m helpless. I look around for something to use as a weapon. I dodge his attack and it puts him off balance. I plant a kick to his backside and knock him sprawling on his face. He scrambles to his feet as quick as he can.

      He turns back towards me, and then looks behind me. He drops a curse word, and then quickly goes out the window, a wolf grabbing at his heels as he goes. We are in a tower… I wonder where he thinks he can go. I run to the window and look out, and he’s climbing down the building like an Assassin from Assassins Creed. All the guards are helping with the fire, but I see a man down below my window. I call to him to stop that man, he tried to murder my son. The killer has reached ground, and is running across the courtyard. The man that was below my window responds. I looked closer, and he looks familiar. It looks like Roland from the Dark Tower books. My thoughts are confirmed when he pulls something from his side, and there is a deafening blast as he shoots. The killer falls to the ground. I am wondering what Roland is doing here. I look down again, and Roland is gone. Where did he go? I don’t get a chance to figure it out, I wake up.
    2. Game of Dreams – A Knife in the Dark

      by , 08-17-2017 at 11:51 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-17

      Game of Dreams – A Knife in the Dark

      Catelyn: I am in a room that looks like a bedroom in a castle. I am sitting in a chair beside a bed. There is a boy lying unconscious in the bed, I know he is my son, Bran. I am carefully feeding him a mixture of honey and water in a desperate attempt to get some hydration and nutrients into his body in a time long before intravenous drips have been invented. But this is too little I know, and if he doesn't wake up soon he'll... but I don't let myself think the word. I stop the feeding and hold his hand, little more than a skeletal hand now but still warm to the touch, focusing on healing him. I don't know if it's doing anything. A man comes into the room and starts talking finances. I don't care about money. He is also talking about positions that need to be filled because of people who have left town. I don't care about that, either. All I care about is Bran... I tell him to leave.

      A boy comes in... this is my older son, Rob. He tells the man he will discuss the finances and positions to be filled tomorrow. After handing my son a piece of paper, the other man leaves. Rob is now talking to me about other responsibilities I'm ignoring. My younger son is crying for me, he's only 3 and he needs me, especially with dad away. He pauses and then says he needs me, too. He says he can’t handle everything all on his own. I want to turn to him and be there for him, but I have the persistent thought that if I let go of Bran's hand he will die. There is a commotion outside. Rob says the library tower is on fire, he will take care of it. He rushes out and takes a guard by the door with him.

      Shortly later a man enters the room. I don't recognize him, but he is holding a dagger. He starts towards Bran and then sees me. He says I wasn't supposed to be here. I say that's too bad, because I am. Just what was he intending to do with that dagger? He looks at Bran and says he would be doing the boy a mercy, really. I tell him there's no way he is killing my son! He comes at me with the dagger. I change my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and block his blow... but then I realize my arm didn't transform! Of course not... Catelyn Stark is not infected with the Mercer Virus! The blade cuts painfully into my arm. I grab his wrist with my left hand and twist it until he lets go and then I push him away, he falls onto his back. I am about to move in when there is a blur and then there's a wolf on top of the man ripping his throat out. Rob comes back and asks what happened. I tell him that the dead man tried to murder Bran with the dagger. Rob sees my arm and says someone should take care of that. I agree to that, starting to notice the pain more with the incident being over. I leave the room with Rob and then I wake.
    3. Game of Dreams - A Fall and A Healing Touch

      by , 08-08-2017 at 06:43 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-07

      Game of Dreams - A Fall and A Healing Touch

      Bran: I am playing a virtual reality game of Assassin’s Creed. I am in a medieval setting and I know my goal is to make it to the top of a broken tower. I climb a tree to reach the roof. I make my way across the rooftops, jumping and climbing with ease. I reach a stretch with a row of stone gargoyles just perfectly placed to swing from one to the next like on a child’s jungle gym. I swing from one to the next and then I hear voices from what I’d thought was an empty part of the castle. I get closer and hear a man and a woman talking about getting rid of the hand of the king, I immediately think they’re talking about my father! I swing to the gargoyle over the window and hang upside down to see who the culprits are, I’ll need to know who they are when I tell my father. When I peek in the two of them are making out. I remember hearing the man call the woman “sweet sister” so that means brother and sister are making out… I make an involuntary sound of disgust. The man looks over and I recognize the queen! The man comes towards me, I try to climb back up but the gargoyle breaks and I fall, grabbing the ledge by the window. The man reaches for me and says to take his hand. Not a chance! I’m sure they don’t want this secret getting out! I try to move away from the window but I’m too slow… the man grabs me and pushes me out into open air, I fall into my bed and wake.

      Tyrion: I am in a library. It is an old fashioned looking library with old leather bound books. I get up and leave the library. There’s a stairway going down outside. I hear people below talking about a boy who got hurt. A man calls the other as a prince, the prince sounds like a boy. The man says he wishes the injured kid would hurry up and die. The prince says it’s the wolf he can’t stand, the howling kept him up all night. The man says he could put the wolf down. The prince says there’s so many that the Starks would never notice. What a couple of assholes! I go the rest of the way over to them and respond to the boy’s comment that no one would notice the missing wolf. I say I’m quite sure the Starks can count to six, unlike some princes I could mention. It then occurs to me that the boy should go give his sympathies to the parents of the hurt boy. He calls me his uncle and says he doesn’t care about that boy! What an asshole! Someone should slap him in his ugly mug… so I do. He looks stunned then whines that he’s going to tell his mom! So I slap him again, making his cheeks a matching red. I tell him he can tell his mom all he wants, but first go tell the boy’s parents how sorry he is that their boy is hurt and emphasize if they need anything at all, the boy is glad to help. He runs off, I’m feeling quite satisfied as everything fades.

      John: I am in a stairway that seems to be leading up a medieval castle tower. I am going up to say goodbye to my brother, he has been hurt. I also know that he is actually my half-brother, and his mother doesn’t want me there. But I want to see my brother before I have to leave. I climb up the stairs more quickly and when I get to a door at the top I open it slowly. The woman is sitting in a chair beside a bed where my brother lies, unresponsive. The woman asks what I’m doing here, I say I’m going to say goodbye to Bran. She says I should leave. She gives me a dirty look that could curdle milk. I ignore her look and walk over beside the bed, on the other side from the woman. She says she’ll call the guards. I tell her to go ahead, I have every right to say goodbye to my brother. I go over and take Bran’s hand. He is so very skinny, almost skeletal. I see under the covers that his legs look like they’re bent wrong… didn’t anyone even bother to set the bones? I know it’s a medieval setting without a lot of medical knowledge, but really? I wish I could do something, something to heal him. I am focusing on healing him as I hold his hand. There’s movement under the covers. The woman gets excited and looks, but the movement stops. The legs look better now. The woman is talking. She says she prayed for this… she prayed to the seven that Bran could stay with her, that Ned would change his mind… she’s crying. I don’t know what else to do, so I say this isn’t her fault, she didn’t want him to stay with her like this… She gets mad at me and says she doesn’t need my absolution. I say of course she doesn’t… but she needs her own absolution, don’t blame yourself. Before she can respond I leave the room and everything fades.
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