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    1. 25 Sep: Hurricane, transgenders and orgy with a priest

      by , 09-25-2020 at 07:50 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A hurricane hits my hometown. I am sure it won't affect my mom's but I come to see how the town is doing. There is water everywhere, some neighbors adjacent to her are struggling to leave. My mom is ok but she is now isolated. My house is even more inaccessible but I am also not very concerned about it and I think it is far enough to be out of danger. In any case, I have some sort of another life underground and I am not deeply worried with what happens on my house at the surface.

      I am with a couple of girlfriends in a car. One of them has a new boyfriend who is african and very short, almost like a pigmee. We know it's not ok to make jokes about him so we crack jokes about each other instead and he has a blast. They make a really cute couple.

      I am a football genius like Ronaldo and I want to help a small team of transgenders in Brazil so I pretend to be a transwoman (while being a man) to be able to play for them. They are not good and they are about to play with an all male team. Everybody expects them to suck, so people can make fun of them. But with me as a captain they play quite well and everybody is blown away.

      I watch as a gay priest, who looks like Ten Danson, gets a deacon who is also gay and feelings between the two start to emerge. One day they are coming from some mission together and there is a lot of complicity going, some touches, happy smiles. The deacon is from a very rich and noble family and the priest walks him to his family mansion. He wants to go in but resist at first. Then he comes back with something to say or do as an excuse. He is invited in and they go the the large living room and get cozy in a couch talking. They drink a little bit and start making out. The sister of the deacon, who is a bit insane and looks like a young Michele Pfeiffer, comes down from the upper floor, all naked. to go open the door to someone. They don't even notice her, but she did see them and couldn't care less. She opens the door and it is a lady she knows, who by the way is secretly a lesbian and lives as a respectable prude housewife. She is shocked to see the young girl like that. But as they walk further inside the house she also can't help herself and grabs the younger lady and licks her breasts. Apparently she intended to provoke that. That's when the other gay couple notices them. Embarrassment at first, but they end up making out in the same room together. Then a neighbor girl, friends with the naked lady, sneaks in to meet her and finds that scenario at the same time as the daughter of the butler. They aren't gay but the daughter of the butler is a nymphomaniac and seeing that scene, she immediately joins in and starts masturbating. The other girl has some serious nervous disorder that makes her horny when in stress. After a while trying to figure out what to do, she screams that they are making her horny as hell and also starts masturbating. Then someone else from this family who is not fond of the priest, comes in and sees this orgy going on. He films it secretly to later use it against him.

      In an unrelated dream later on, a lady trying to make it as a filmmaker, shows her film to a guy she is in love with, but he gives the tape back to her and says he hated it and doesn't understand what she was trying to accomplish. She is puzzled. She then goes project it for a room full of people in the movie industry, to get their opinions. The film starts normally with a woman parking her car in a basement and going to some house but then the movie cuts to the film of the real orgy of the priest that somehow the other guy edited into her film.
    2. 5 Sep: In a group of amateur spies

      by , 09-05-2019 at 10:26 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With a group of amateur spies who volunteered to keep an eye and report on the leaders and regimes that threaten the world. I mostly spy the Chinese government's tentacles abroad, but had a chance to infiltrate the Brazilian government and they are with crazy ideas. The president picked up Trump's idea of nuking hurricanes and he shows me excited a bomb they have ready to use in the next extreme weather phenomena. There seems to be no one around him smart enough to see the stupidity of it. Instead they are all so proud of their tech.
      Back to headquarters they don't wanna believe me but someone else confirms my story with complementary info. Meanwhile some colleague is on the phone with a Chinese dude we are monitoring, and she claims he invited her to lunch and there will be no time for us to set up a mission to go with her. She has to go alone. We are all listening in silence, but we almost blow it, with our whispering - we cannot believe she really will go out with this guy.
    3. 22 Aug: My guru throws me a grenade and fire in a festival in Brazil

      by , 08-22-2019 at 10:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I pass through a small secondhand fair. One lady is annoyingly wanting me to buy a book collection from her. I get away and enter a war game simulation area. But it turns real pretty quickly, as soon as I realize the bullets shot are real ammunition. I pick a gun from a guy on the ground, presumably dead and I go upstream along a river. End up in a garden with people dancing. No war here. But I was followed by a guy that threatens everybody with a grenade. He arms it and throws it at me. I try that trick from the movies, of kicking it away. But then Rinpoche comes out of nowhere once again, catches it and after throwing me a defying look, throws it back at me. I feel like "Whaaaat?" and panic a little bit. But almost immediately realize, with my absolute trust in my guru, that this grenade represents no danger and that I can do whatever with it. So I hold it in my hands and try to turn it into a lotus flower. Unfortunately all I succeed in doing is turning it into sort of a flower made of rags. I feel disappointed, but then Rinpoche approaches me and turns these rags into a tent and invites me to step inside it with him.

      With my parents having vacations in Brazil. We go to some festival which is in a semi rural and forested area in the outskirts of a little town. Soon after we arrived, we start seeing smoke from distant fires in the forest. We discuss how it might get dark sooner because of it. But we think we're safe. It seems very distant.
      I see banners from locals supporting Bolsonaro and I feel angry. I make a nasty comment and some man hears and he's not happy. I tell him that I love Brazil and its people, but I just can't accept that man they chose for president. Later we're walking through a street with restaurants and I spot some curtains of a place, on fire. Then look around and also see some vegetation on fire. As I raise the alarm, we notice there are fires spreading a bit everywhere, from sparks coming through the air from far away. We decide to grab our things and leave this area before it gets serious. But general panic ensues and to make things worse, as we head to the car in the parking lot at the entrance of the venue, there are landslides and large boulders falling onto the road we're taking and people are getting blocked. For a while I lose my parents in the crowd, but soon after my mom appears. As we find a safe way out, she complains about the things I chose to bring on our backpack and I don't get why she is commenting that until I realize we can't go back to our tent to get most of our stuff that we left behind and I feel awful for that.
    4. 2 Jul: Assassin at pool, Björk show at a resort and grandpa is a slave owner in Brazil

      by , 07-02-2019 at 12:55 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I witness an assassination at a public swimming pool. Assassin and victim are fully dressed but deep down under water. I get out and get to a friend and we both try to disappear without being noticed, but the killer sees me. The world is at a turmoil. Endless lines and traffic jams with restless people trying to get access to basic goods. We are lucky to be able to go over all of them. Once we get home I ask my friend that we barricade the door and as soon as we start closing it, a bunch of people appears asking for help, creating a lot of tension. We finish barricading but there is some other door in the back, and I am not sure nobody got in.

      Near Á-dos-Loucos at some clinic. I look through the window and I see smoke in the bushes behind. Go check. A couple car accidents started a fire. The drivers are running away, they say it is to call firefighters, but they don't come back and firefighters neither. The locals start gathering and fix it by themselves.

      At some type of vacation resort. Stephen Colbert is there. I walk down to the beach following him and some other dude. They have some beef and are trying to settle it by fighting. Colbert loses one finger in his hand. But he keeps on joking about it, doesn't seem so worried or in pain.

      Then back on my bedroom at this resort, fighting with my balcony doors. The balcony has no railings and I have to dangle dangerously to reach the doors to close them. At dome distance I see a stage where it seems are speakers giving seminars. But then I start hearing Björk singing. I see her coming on the stage and I go there to see the show. But she is on playback and I feel disappointed. She doesn't seem happy with it either and she is signalling the organizers that they shut down the playback and let her sing. They just bring another mic but the playback keeps on going and she stops pretending, exposing it.

      Brazil in colonial times. My grandpa owns a gigantic mansion in the outskirts of the jungle. I am friends with simpler people, maybe his slaves. A lady who cares for me offers me a lively wind chime made from a special kind of straw. I hang it on a tree and swear I will take it home later.
      A bad man appears from behind the trees, wants to hit me or abuse me. Things gets blurry, I guess he hit me. But I still pick a rock to bash his head. I feel horrified with the idea of taking a life so I try not to. Despite that, the man falls dead and I run away to the river to cool down. The river has a sudden flash flood and changes course, hitting my grandpa's mansion and dragging it along. It is a 4 story high building with 3 towers but remained intact. Only now it is dangerously located on top of a waterfall and has two streams of water running between the towers. The local population gathers to see if they can do a rescue mission to the people inside. After some struggle we manage to enter by one side of the house. We encounter the residents, my grandpa, guests and helpers, going about their business as usual. They are at the salon about to eat lunch and they offer us food. We argue it is dangerous and we must take them out but my grandpa responds angrily that all is ok and nobody will do such thing.
    5. Brazilian hairy worm

      , 08-15-2016 at 02:15 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This at night.

      I'm sitting in a small room in one room apartment with a woman and a man. Man walks to the door and he says "oh man, look at this worm". I'm like "how it got there?" He replies that maybe from some potted house plants.

      I'm thinking it's gotta be big, since all those exotic worms are. It starts coming closer to me when he tries to chase it out. I say to him not to chase it towards me. I get a good look at it. It's maybe a foot long (30 cm), shape of a question mark with his head raised. He has a tuft of hair on his head and large eye. He is moving like a slithering sea horse. I grab a piece of cardboard and shoo him away. I can feel him impact it and I can tell he is heavy.

      He hides in some bushes and the girl with me sticks her hand in there to look for him. I'm like "you gotta be crazy sticking your hand where you can't see".

      This dream from few days ago.
      I'm sitting on a low metal roof. I prop myself up with my hands to jump down. What I didn't notice was some flat metal sticking out vertically. It cut both my palm. I go to a guy who is a doctor to ask him if that needs stiches. It's not even bleeding and only thin red line suggests that I have a cut. But he bends my palms and as they separate you can tell they are cut almost all the way through. He probes the wound with his thumb and it gets all messy and bloody. i wonder why, when it's clear it's a big wound.
      (few days ago we talked about thumb/palm rc and how I can't do that anymore because it became so real and bloody and painful)
      Tags: brazil, travel
    6. Lencois Sand dune lakes in Brasil

      , 02-01-2016 at 07:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night shift from 5-10pm

      Slept from 2am-9am

      [Yesterday I read a book about Just Paying attention. So I was doing it most of the day, trying to keep my attention on what I was doing. For ex. I was carrying a box, so I would say: I'm looking at my hands, I have black gloves on, I have a box, I'm walking, looking around, there are people, are these DCs, HI DC!, ... and just basically noticing things around me and acknowledging them.]

      Woke up with memory of a DILD.

      I am with some people when I realize I should be dreaming and lucid. I count my fingers but I decide I'm not dreaming. Immediately after that I KNOW I am ALWAYS dreaming and lucid so I recount.

      I count one by one, all the way to 12 on my left hand, to make a show for those people. I'm amazed, because every one of my fingers is dressed in pyjamas. Light blue with some toys and teddies like a baby's soft flanel pyjama. When I come to 12, people are also amazed.

      I walk to the window and tell them "Now I'm gonna do what I always do when lucid. I'm going for a flight". And I jump out the window.

      I'm flying superman style (I normally fly in standing up position, kinda like a hummingbird) over some sand. I realize I wanted to see the Lencois Sand Dunes in Brazil.

      So I bank left and there they are.

      One lake is more beautiful than the other. All different colors and shapes.

      Turqoise, green, blue. I can hear myself go "uuuuuu" and "aaaah" and I'm surprised and amazed at such beauty.

      Little further down, also in sand dunes are some low, elongated openings to the underground. It seem to me that those are the ends of lava tubes where lava was coming out from. Not sure why, because they don't look like it. (I have been to a real one on the Big Island of Hawaii).

      After all this I write down the 12 fingers, the lakes and I feel especially important part is how I realized that I am ALWAYS DREAMING. I knew I'm writing this down in a dream but I was hoping it will help me remember after I wake up. (This is second time I done this)
    7. #60: Pokémon / Football / Hebrew

      by , 12-21-2015 at 08:54 AM
      I went to bed around 23:30. I couldn't fall asleep for at least an hour, so I read a chapter in my book and then tried again. I woke up around 08:00. It's now 08:20.

      The way this dream looks is a bit like the Pokémon games on the GameBoy, so with a slightly angled top down view. I'm a Pokémon myself and I'm in Brazil. I'm walking around during daytime in a nature area. Lots of green and also some mountains / rocks. I've already fought quite a lot and I'm still being sort of chased by other creatures that want to fight me, though they don't really look like Pokémon. At some point I come close to a house. Two people are standing next to it. I can't enter, because there's a bush that needs to be cut first, but I don't know the move cut. One of the two people (Vegeta from DBZ?) offers me the move cut. Then both of them have to go inside because they have been called for dinner or something. I'm facing a dilemma. This Pokémon that I am has some awesome moves and I don't want to ruin it by teaching a lame move such as cut. I open the menu, which pops up the way it would with the older games. I go to my party and see a list of six Pokémon. I'm a level 43 Pokémon, though I don't know which one. At the bottom of the list is a level 42 Venasaur. The rest are really low level, because I'm doing all the fighting. I have an Exp. Share, so I'm considering who to give it to. It'll allow me to level someone up easily.

      I've fallen asleep on a cruiseship. I never actually see the cruiseship, I just know it has happened. When I wake up I wonder for a moment if I'm in Germany or in Brazil. Fuck, Germany. I wanna go back to Brazil. I suppose I could go back on the cruiseship again, but I won't just yet. From the looks of it I'm at a big brand clothing store, one with lots of wood. I exit, while simultaneously talking to my cousin. She sends me a message on FB Messenger, though it also feels like she was right next to me. She tells me she hasn't been accepted to Harvard. She doesn't look too bummed. Well duh... you're not smart enough. I'm standing outside now, exchanging messages with a classmate, also through FB Messenger. We're talking about where I'm gonna go. I tell her that I want to go back to Brazil. It's beautiful and I've already found an internship. Somewhere I feel a slight sense of incontinuity, but it's not strong enough to make me realise I'm dreaming. I end up with my mom in the car. We're talking about stuff, but I can't recall what.

      Somewhere in this dream I see a fullscreen view of a map of Java. It's oddly coloured, as if the nightmode is enabled and it's also shaped wrong. I zoom in on central / east Java. I've been told the part I'm looking at is east Java, but it looks more central to me. I'm looking at a few beautiful locations that I wanna visit. Amazing. All small but beautiful places. I'm not even there and I've got a wishlist already. Somehow Indonesia and Brazil are mixed in my mind a bit. Also somewhere in this dream I'm thinking about the idea of learning Portuguese before going back to Brazil, to enhance the experience.

      » Something about my mom's boyfriend. I think he was being a bit annoying.
      » There was another dream that involved my mom, but I can't remember what.
      » I think there also was a dream about my ex.

      I'm at a football match. It's the team of my student city vs.. dunno. At first I'm not bodily present it seems. I'm in a portable dug-out which is facing the wrong direction. The wall is facing the field, instead of facing the bleachers. I'm with two white guys in about their early twenties. Two white women of the same age come running up to the bleachers from the field. They have just played. The look of this dream is as I'm watching a bit of an older movie. A bit grainy. Also the colours are a bit off. The women seem to be the girlfriends of the guys. One of them takes her shirt of to change it for a clean one. She is wearing a black bra. The guy who is not her boyfriend stares at her in amazement for a moment. The other girl ends up going topless. I feel like everyone is a bit distracted now. At first the guys were talking about their keeper and complaining about him a bit, but someone has happened on the field that they haven't noticed. Now is the moment where I'm sure that I'm bodily present. I'm topless and I'm trying to put on a black pair of sweatpants. I'm trying to figure out how to do this by pulling them over my head. I kinda reach the conclusion that this is impossible, but I'm still not giving up.

      I'm again not really bodily present. The place looks like an old timey theatre. There's an older man and two women. All white. They're sitting at a small wooden table. One of the women asks the other to ask the man some questions, as he won't answer her questions. The other woman agrees and asks him in Hebrew to establish some trust [I wouldn't recognise Hebrew if a rabbi called me a dick]. I'm impressed by her. She also speaks Russian and some other important languages. That must be great. There's subtitling. The woman is asking about the time the man took 114 people into the city and a tragedy happened. In between shots a short but high stage with stairs on both sides has appeared next to the table and the other woman is standing on top of it.
    8. Selling a Truck in Brazil

      by , 09-21-2015 at 08:46 AM
      Morning of September 21, 2015. Monday.

      This is a long dream with a clear and maintained perspective, though never lucid. I am in Brazil and speaking Brazilian Portuguese throughout, though there is also a consistent awareness that everything translates into English in “real time”. It starts out in a slum near some markets at the top of a higher hill though I eventually find my way to a different area where a Caucasian male (probably in his early thirties) is attempting to sell a pickup truck to an older Brazilian male. I interrupt their conversation, saying that I can sell him the truck he needs. I tell him to wait where he is and I will bring it around (from behind a building at an intersection). No truck exists yet, though I know I can just manifest one and sell it to him (again, even though I have no lucid awareness).

      I go to an area out of sight from the other males and see at least one outdoor cafe. There are a lot of people around. I mentally focus and a dark blue pickup truck appears, and some people are somewhat surprised. I drive it back the short distance to the other males and show it to the potential buyer. He seems interested but I tell him I have another one I can show him. It seems important that the truck can be driven on an incline and this vehicle may not be powerful enough.

      I go around and mentally will another pickup truck into existence. This one is smaller and of an orange color but it is a newer model than the previous. When I take it to the potential buyer though, the bed is apparently too small to hold as much as he needs it to. I then remember that modern new products are not only not made very well (or made to last very long), but that there has been a problematic trend towards miniaturization of everything. I tell him that I will go and bring back a third pickup truck which I am sure he will find suitable.

      I go around to the cafe area again to create a pickup truck out of thin air for the third time. This one is a red one from the 1950s. When I bring it around (being careful not to hit any of the obstacles coming out of the parking lot and into the street again), I notice that instead of a cab, the front now looks a bit like an oversized steering area of my old Red Flyer wagon and the seating area is external. Still, I am able to control it and steer it without falling off the front, though it is an odd way to drive a vehicle, almost reminiscent of a stage coach. The potential buyer looks at the bed and I notice a lot of pillow stuffing in the back covered partly with an old worn dark green tarpaulin. This seems a bit annoying and is evidence it had been used a lot previously, but after a few minutes, the older male wants to buy it, because it is large enough and useful, and he needs one right away to carry on with his jobs. He asks me how much and I say “a hundred and fifty dollars”. He pays me in Brazilian Real. His son gives it to him and he gives it to me. It is in a small thin envelope that looks like it may hold airplane tickets instead.

      At this point, the other male that was first trying to sell him a truck looks at me and says that he cannot believe it, though he does not seem angry. He probably wonders where I got all the trucks. I have a slight concern that the people on the other side of the buildings will reveal that my trucks came out of nowhere like magic, which may bring about confusion or gossip. I decide to leave the region for now.

      From here, my dream shifts, though remains in the same general setting. There are soon many more people around. I am aware of an unknown female of about forty holding a penknife up to her throat as she is walking around. It seems she may be intent on committing suicide as well as perhaps infecting other people with her blood and I know that I need to be away from any blood spray, though nothing actually happens and I am able to leave the area without incident.

      There are some curious plays on lucid dreaming (even though I am not lucid at any point) and sleep in this dream. Firstly, there is the creation of three vehicles to drive (out of mind power alone) that even have “beds”. The last truck’s bed even has pillow stuffing under a cover (which I do not even catch represents the sleeping process itself). The “interpretation” is, that although I am creating vehicles to steer out of nothing (with the enhanced change and focus on the Red Flyer’s steering section), I still do not become lucid even when my dream relates to metaphorically “driving the bed”. I find this dream very amusing, including with the “Brazilian Real” as the currency used. One hundred and fifty dollars relates to Dunbar’s number. “By using the average human brain size and extrapolating from the results of primates, he (Dunbar) proposed that humans can only comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships”. The small envelope that looks like it is for airplane tickets probably is a nod to the waking process (or leaving my dream). I am not sure about the woman at the end unless she simply represents cutting off the dream state.

    9. south america map; eating medals; girls' race; food before hike; no sex in loft; girl's movements

      by , 12-09-2011 at 03:27 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking with a couple "friends" through a large area like a mix between a museum and an airport. The floors were grey. There was at least one balcony overhead. The light was a watery-white fluorescent.

      One of my friends was a woman. She going to take a trip somewhere in South America. It was somehow like I had gotten her interested in this trip, or like I had gotten her involved with some organization that had put her on this trip.

      The woman was kind of worried about how the trip was going to turn out. She didn't even know exactly where she was going in South America. But she didn't want to be so far away from the equator that she was always cold, and she didn't want to be in such a small town that there was never anything to do.

      I told the woman that we would look at a map of South America. If she told me enough about the place she was going, I could probably figure out where it was on the map.

      I now saw that the big area we were in had a gigantic map of South America. The map stood upright. It was maybe twenty meters tall. It was shaded to match the land forms and vegetation areas of South America. It may have been three-dimensional as well. On the floor, perpendicular to the map, was a long platform-like base with words on it.

      I pointed through the moderate crowd up toward the map of South America. I could almost imagine myself driving along some of the roads in South America.

      The woman must have been telling me about the place, because I was gettng a distinct impression that she was going to ----- (? - Chile, or Argentina?). I told the woman she didn't have to worry, that she would be going to a very warm place.

      But now we were walking up toward a whole new map. I don't know what happened to the previous map. But we'd never gotten very close to it. But now we were getting up much closer to the second tall map.

      The second map may have been larger than the first map as well. For some reason, I was afraid to be so close. The map was all blue. The ocean surrounding South America was a dark blue. South America was a pale blue or turquoise.

      One city near the northeast end of South America began blinking. But the woman then told me the name of the city where she would be: "Las Ne-----." That city started blinking, just a little to the southwest of the very center of South America.

      I knew that this city was in Brazil. The city was small, and the winters got very cold there. The woman would be miserable. But this is where she'd been assigned to go. And I'd gotten her into this whole thing in the first place! I felt terrible. But I still tried to convince myself that maybe she'd end up liking it.

      I looked over to my friend. She was now TB, a male co-worker from a couple jobs back, who IWL comes from Brazil.

      Dream #2

      I was riding a bike through a suburban park, along a concrete path. It was a sunny day. I was all alone, but I may possibly have felt like I was a part of some race.

      I rode across a lawn, which was flat at first, then rolled down a small slope. As I went down the slope there was a small building about fifty meters ahead of me and off to my left. I headed for another concrete path at the bottom of the slope.

      Closer to the path was a small tree, kind of like a pine tree. But its limbs and branches were rather barren of needles. The branches were also dotted with a strange kind of fruit.

      The meat of the fruit was yellow, but very small. It was dotted with seeds, like a strawberry is. But the seeds had either grown so big or ingested so much of the fruit's meat, that they were huge, taking up more space now than the meat of the fruit did. The seeds were shaped like coffee beans. There were also brownish pine-needles sticking out of the fruit.

      As I got down toward the concrete path, a young woman came biking up the slope toward me. I figured she was gay (a shallow assumption) because she was overweight, wore a boyish t-shirt and khaki shorts, and had a boyish haircut of curly, brown hair.

      I knew that this woman was in a race. I figured it was probably the race I was also in. I didn't seem too concerned about the race, though.

      I was now eating as I was riding. Maybe I was eating something like beef jerky or fruit roll-ups. I remember I was chewing like crazy, almost like a wild, angry animal.

      I pulled a small, narrow paper back out into my field of view. I pulled two small pins out of the bag. They were backed with brass and fronted with some kind of multi-colored, glass or porcelain design. They were medals for races I'd won.

      I may have been stopped and standing or sitting on the lawn by this point. I may possibly have popped one or both of the medals in my mouth, as if I were going to eat them. But I suddenly realized that you don't eat medals. You save them. I was really hungry. But I put the medals back in the bag.

      Dream #3

      I was inside some kind of structure with a lot of people. The structure -- I'm guessing -- was a tent made out of tarp-like material, like you see for big picnics or for large booths during summertime festivals. The walls were all pulled down, though, so that the sunlight coming through them was a dim, dusty amber.

      I was in the midst of the crowd, talking with two little Asian girls. They were maybe five years old. They were good friends. They both had short hair, cut about jaw-length.

      The two girls were now being called away, maybe by one girl's dad, who may have been a tall, kind of skinny, white man. The girls had to go get ready for a running race.

      I now stood in another area. I looked up to my right. There was a doorway in the wall of the tarp. From that doorway, a plastic-boarded running-track was laid out through the center of the structure. It was bordered on either side by some kind of barrier -- maybe a jumble of stretch-tape barriers, steel-gate barriers, and plastic net barriers.

      Everybody milled around on either side of this race track, kind of half-anticipating the start of the race. I may have looked up through the doorway to see the girls. They were in their starting positions, which were actually a few meters outside the doorway.

      I was now back a ways from the track. The race started. Two girls may have run into the structure. But I didn't know one of the girls. The other girl was one of the friends. But she now seemed much younger than the other friend I'd been talking to. And she didn't know how to stay in her own lane. She was veering far to the left.

      The race may have been stopped, due to the lack of focus by its two participants. Or it may have continued, though nobody really cared about it anymore.

      But I wondered what happened to the other girl I'd been talking to. I may have looked (maybe only in my mind's eye) up through the doorway again. I may have come to the conclusion that thing had been so confusing at the start of the race that the girl had tripped and fallen.

      I was sad that the girl had fallen. Everybody knew she was the favorite to win the race. I thought they might even start the race all over again for her sake. But maybe they wouldn't. That might not be fair.

      I then thought that maybe I had caused the girl to fall. Maybe, while I'd been talking to the two little girls, I'd caused the older little girl to become so sexually attracted to me that she was distracted, and so she'd messed up her footing at the beginning of the race.

      Dream #4

      I was sitting in a seating area of a small deli with my friend MG, a Swedish guy I'd worked with on an Americorps program in New York.

      We were going on some hike somewhere. We'd stopped at this deli to pick up some stuff before we left. But then we'd decided to sit here for a while before we really headed off and drove to wherever we were going to start this hike.

      The table we sat at was a small, two-person table. From about waist-height up, there was a mirror running along the wall to my left. Across the narrow dining area from me, some refrigerated food and beverage display cases lined the walls. The floors of the area were brown tile. Farther ahead, behind MG, I could see where this area opened up into the larger store area of the deli.

      Two girls walked down toward, then past, our table. The girls were maybe eighteen or nineteen years old. They were incredibly hot, with blonde hair, tight shorts and soft t-shirts clinging closely to their breasts. It seemed like the girls may have been planning to go hiking, too.

      The girls sat directly behind us. It seemed like they wanted us to talk to them. But I felt like I was too old to hit on eighteen-year-old girls. I'd look like a dirty, old man.

      My backpack (? - don't wear one) was on the table in front of me. It was stuffed so full it almost looked like a green ball. I unzipped it and pulled out a clear, disposable container, like you might see in a deli, holding a single slice of cake.

      The container held a meal or side dish made out of rice and a ton of black beans and black bean sauce. I ate the entire meal, scraping as much of the black bean sauce as I possibly could.

      MG said, "Are you sure you have enough ----- for our hike?" I didn't know whether he meant food or water. So I told him I was fine. I said that after I'd eaten this thing, I wouldn't need anything else for the rest of the day.

      MG said, "Well, I guess some people just have different bodily needs. It's kind of amazing to me. I would never go that long without -----."

      I now wondered whether I hadn't misunderstood MG. I'd just eaten a ton of food, it seemed to me. Why would I need to eat anymore for the rest of the day? MG must have meant that I'd need water. And now that I thought of it, I didn't have any water in my backpack. I would need water.

      I looked over to one of the refrigerated display cases. It was a narrow cabinet with a glass door, holding a bunch of sodas and waters. I saw a few waters, like Poland Spring waters, on the bottom shelf. I figured I'd buy one of those.

      Dream #5

      I was in an apartment with a pretty girl. It was night, and all the lights in the apartment were off. The only light in the apartment was from dim city lights and the light of the moon, which was apparently full and huge, so bright that the rest of the sky was inky black.

      I was apparently house-sitting here. I'd invited the girl over for the night. The apartment was big and nice. But the living room held both the couch and the bed. My viewpoint kept changing between the couch and the bed.

      The girl was over in the shadows of the room, maybe in a corner near the door. She had specifically come here to have sex with me. But now I seemed to be afraid to have sex with her. I may have expressed a fear that I didn't want to be having sex right at the moment when the people I was house-sitting for returned.

      I was now sitting with my back to a window or to a sliding-glass door. But some part of the window must have been open, because a gauzy, billowy curtain kept wafting up around me. I may have been looking off to my right, to a TV set, which was turned off.

      The girl was on the phone, either the apartment's phone or her own cell phone (which may have been an old, silvery, flip-open style phone). The girl was talking to her friend, complaining about all my excuses for not having sex with her. These excuses were mostly about the apartment itself.

      "But," the girl said, "if this place were a loft apartment, where we were the only ones who could get into the entire floor, there'd be no worry about anybody seeing us coming into the apartment."

      (This had, I guess, been one of my worries.)

      The girl now said, "But, wait! Isn't this a loft? This is! This is a loft apartment! We have the whole floor to ourselves!"

      I realized the girl was right. Maybe we could have sex, after all. But suddenly my mind began filling up with a million other reasons why the girl and I couldn't have sex.

      I was now kneeling on the floor, near the corner of a coffee table that stood before the couch. The girl was back to complaining to her friend on the floor about all the excuses I kept giving for not having sex.

      All the time I listened to the girl, and thought of ways to get past all my silly excuses, so that I could have sex, I was staring at a sculpture of a woman's torso.

      The sculpture was nicely shaped. But it seemed to be brittle and plastery. And the skin was a little too orange to look human. The torso was made to look like it wore a black bra and a skinny pair of black panties. I may have been turned on by the panties.

      Dream #6

      I was out in some area, kind of like a parking lot that was being used for a summer festival or fair. There were a decent amount of people milling about.

      A little girl was milling around with her mom and dad, maybe five meters away from me. The mom and dad were standing at a distance, maybe eating some food. The dad was tall and thin, bald, wearing a white polo shirt. The mom was shorter, maybe a little overweight, blonde, with a kind of saggy face.

      The girl was maybe nine years old, blonde, with tan skiny. She wore a summer dress with thick straps and a plaid pattern with a dark pink background and lighter pink criss-crosses. The girl stood in front of some sort of belt-rope barrier.

      The girl began doing dance moves or gymnastics moves, possibly while she was eating an ice cream cone. She lifted her right leg out to her side, then bent over to touch her right arm to her right leg. She then "bounced" off her leg and twirled her torso and arms over to the left. She moved into something like a somersault, then stood and began the move again.

      As the girl did all of this, her limbs formed trails, like in a multiple exposure photograph or film, so that it looked like the girl, as she moved, was forming phantom arms and legs. It was really beautiful.
    10. Gift shop thief

      by , 02-10-2011 at 06:00 AM
      Dream Type- Normal

      This dream took place in a sort of hybrid location- what appeared to the hinterlands surrounding my home town but containing architecture similar to what you would find in the poorer districts of Rio De Janeiro. I wandered the streets of this location for awhile before spotting a gift shop. Somehow I managed to shoot the owner of the store when he came out to tell me that I couldn't come in. I instantly felt terrible about murdering the man from a mixture of fear of being caught and also the fact that I had committed murder. And some point in the dream I did feel like turning myself in (this guilty feeling followed me throughout the dream from this point). I entered the gift shop and began to look around at it. I remember vividly that it contained multiple shelves holding t shirts. Each wall bar one had a window, at several points I would run to the window and look out, perhaps fearful of approaching police. I began to obsess over a particular pile of t shirts on one of the shelves. The shirts were all pertaining to my home state of Tasmania. None of them grabbed my interest. By this point a large crowd had gathered over the body of the owner, but once I approached them I realized all they wanted was to come in and shop. I allowed a few people in, three girls I believe. One of them had a tape player. She sat in the corner and started to play it some Ryan Adams. I instantly recognized the song and pointed this out to her. We discussed the good points of Ryan Adams music for awhile. I even made a quip about how people confused him for the horrifyingly more incompetent Bryan Adams. At this point I decided to exit the shop, past the growing crowd of people.

      I made my way through the slum like areas of the town with the intention of finding a bus and making my way home. Still the guilt of my murder followed me. I progressed upwards through the streets, eventually making my way up to a mountainous pass. I realized at this point that I had gone the wrong way. When I looked out I could see city of the gold coast in the distance, with its distinctive skyline. I turned around and began to run back through the slum areas. At this point I awoke.

      Interesting points: The immense feeling of guilt is something that I can still recall now as I write this. Makes me kind of pleased to know I don't enjoy murdering folk. However there was a slight foggy notion of everything being okay as I was in the dream- like somehow I was slowly becoming aware that I hadn't actually commited a murder. At some points I even remember thinking 'It will be alright, you wont get caught, I am certain'. I now believe that this sort of immune feeling to what I had done was a semi-attempt at my brain realizing the falseness of my scenario. I have notice that recently I have become more logical in my dreams, even when not lucid.
    11. 03 Oct: Enemy of the state and flying around the globe

      by , 10-04-2010 at 09:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      0:00 GMT – Sleep

      Enemy of the State
      I am in a future world. I’m wanted by the government. I’m considered a terrorist and an enemy of the state, only because I hang out with environmentalists and activists from human and animal rights. I am currently being chased because I participated at some action for animal liberation. I tried to delete my tracks, but they are still after me, so I am driving high speed for long time. I pass by paved roads, desert roads, off-road, railroads, highways, always speeding and making really cool (dangerous!) manoeuvres to pass other cars or obstacles. It feels like a racing game. At some point I even drove high speed on water (on a boat, I guess).
      But after some time I am caught at a road block, where people are being mass detained. I am taken into a kind of camp where we are lined up on queues: they call our name and tell us to go to a designated queue (with a number). Then we’re arranged in groups and put on some facilities and given a password – each group has its own password and we can’t share it with people outside the group. People are kind of brainwashed because they are accepting all this as a game as if they are in some kiddie camp instead of a jail.
      Some day, after being there for a while, a lady comes to me and whispers that she has some papers she must hide in a safe place and she trusts I will find such safe place, because I know people. I do talk to a few people and find one who has a safe locker where these can be hidden. I don’t know what they are about, but I know it’s important they aren’t found by the guards.
      Later on I’m on a porch over an inner court. It’s damn cold and rainy. My mom comes up, for visiting me. But I am already heading inside, cause I can’t stand the cold. I tell her to come inside, but she on the other hand is feeling hot and wants to get some fresh hair. So I have to stay inside with my head sticking through the door to talk to her. When she finally comes inside, I sit over some low table that is in front of a sofa where she sits. A lady guard appears and scolds me for that, so I sit on the sofa to, feeling eager to get away from here.

      5:40 GMT

      Group of backpackers sleeping over
      I’m alone at my late grandma’s house, on her office, writing. It’s quite dark and I realise it’s already night and I haven’t locked the front door. I go there and when I am closing the door, I am scared by a guy coming out of the kitchen’s dispensary. Right after I see a whole group of people with bags and backpacks coming from the next room. They are speaking foreign languages and don’t immediately notice me. I see a note from my uncle saying some group of researchers were dropping by to sleepover. Only now he tells me? I turn to them and this first guy is looking at me anxiously waiting that I say something so I tell them I will help them settle in and then he says “Ah, so you speak! Nice to hear your voice.”. Why that comment? It’s not like he said hi to me and I didn’t reply...

      Fragment about DV
      I was reading DV posts and there was a new RPG task which was described in two short sentences and was something totally outrageous - which unfortunately I can’t recall (it would be fun to know). I felt upset that I haven’t yet managed to do the latest task...

      7:00 GMT

      Great wall of unknown place
      On a square of a beautiful old town, trying to take a picture of myself doing a V sign with my fingers when a couple offers to take the picture and I accept. I notice that I can’t really make the sign with my right hand – my fingers are stiff and don’t bend. Still they take the picture, I thank them and go close to them o get the camera. Then I see a sightseeing platform behind them with a marvellous view over mountains and valleys and a giant wall stretching from around this city to way beyond what my eyes can see. I make a surprised comment that I didn’t know this city was located so high and that there was a wall like the China’s Great Wall here. They smile and tell me I shouldn’t really miss it and I decide to go there right away.

      Surreal water cube
      Then I’m flying over the globe and I remember seeing Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty, the shoreline, ferries, cities, then a gap and later some lush green marshes, Christ the Redeemer satue in Brazil and beaches. I land on a beach in Brazil in some shallow waters. I see the waves hitting the sand and I decide to rest under some square shade covering an area on the sand. I am there enjoying the warmth and calmness when a wall of water rises and comes to hit the beach. I am scared by it but I also control it so I make it go around the place where I am. So, under this shade, no water enters, forming a cube of water all around. There’s total silence and a sense of wonder for this surreal image.

      Organic book
      I’m on some office, different from all others I’ve dreamed so far. The building is square with a central square staircase around which the open space (which should be a corridor) is an office, with desks all around. I am working on something related to Organic when, coincidentally I see Marcopolo coming up the stairs. I am sure he saw me and I go meet him as a good host. But when I arrive where he is supposed to be, he has disappeared. Only the people who were coming with him are there. I think he is avoiding me. One of the ladies of his group offers me a book still about to be published that looks so cool and is full of funny stories and jokes about the organic and environmentalist movement. I go back to my desk to show it to my colleagues.

      8:00 GMT – Wake up
    12. Boxer

      by , 09-14-2010 at 06:00 PM (The Midnight Train)
      Date: Saturday, June 19, 2010 10:20:04 AM PDT
      Important: No

      I am a boxer. I fight for Thailand but have a brazillian t-shirt on. I get out of the ring to wrap a Thai flag around myself instead. The opponent thinks I gave up and assumes that he has won. I rush back in. Try to put some armor on. Ask if I am allowed to use a sword.

    13. Selling illegal stuff and naked brazilians

      by , 08-12-2010 at 10:26 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      Recalled 2 dreams from last night I'm sick and medication so I'm pretty happy with this.

      1) I download something ilegal from the interent possible from mega upload and go to the park near my house (trim park) to sell it. We want to trap the buyers and plan to circle around in the car after we make the drop.
      At some point my parents get killed by a water monster/person.

      2) I'm in Brazil to visit the family we stayed with. C is with me and she is driving. She can't park next to their house so I take over, I drive around the block and also have trouble but manage to park. We were driving a pickup (blue I think). WE go inside and the mom and dad are naked, I see the most of the mother but the father is in bed covered in a sheet, they don't seem to mind. The dad gets up and wants to talk to me he asks me to make him a sandwich with butter on, I find some buttered rolls for him. We sit and he begins to tell me some of the problems they've experienced since we were there and also some of the good stuff that has happened.

      We leave there because we need to get to Port Allegre to get visas to attend an event that is in Brazil but has something to do with US politics. Something about us getting permission to be on the lawn. We catch a bus and get dropped off at a fuel station, there is a fuel shortage due to some crisis. I turn into K and K's dad is there carrying a heavy suitcase. I offer to carry it but he declines. We pass the lake we're supposed to on our right and then get to the bus stop. There is a sign board and I can read it - of course it changes but my mind changes it into an electronic sign board!! aargh