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    1. 24 Apr: Kidnapped by aliens(?) and stopping a robbery at a shop

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Kidnapped with a bunch of other people by some unknown entity we never see. We wake up in a kind of well or shaft, hanging dangerously from the wall. It seems that at the slightest movement this well might start to break and fall apart, so we are all very still, except one guy who seems determined to break it. The entity assumes human forms and we are removed one by one in an elimination process that seems like a contest looking for the winner. And the winner is me and another person, who apparently have something they look for or want. They examine us, I see now I have needles still in my arm that they remove and big bruises.

      I am with a friend (maybe Riverstone) and we go to a shopping mall. Although I feel heat and I think it's summer, the decorations are all about winter, snow and Xmas.

      At the mall with some friends, some weird situation with someone stealing my jacket and then leaving it hanged in a place I pass by and it has something in a pocket, that sends a video message to a screen nearby when we walk past it. In the video, there is a warning, a bit cryptic, about some girls robbing something and we conclude it is the Mango store. We go there to warn but actually the robbery is happening right as we enter. First we pretend we didn't notice, then they threaten us, but I signal to my friends to attack. I take down the one with the gun and they help take down the rest, but I am the one that knocks them unconscious. We then look for materials we can use to tie their hands and feet and wait for the cops. The cops bring us bread.
    2. Like mesas and sunsets, but more so

      by , 03-03-2018 at 11:41 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      Once again, my memory only picks up partway through what seems to be a large, complex plot mostly full of unfamiliar people and settings. This setting, from what I recall, visually resembled an exaggerated version of the American Southwest—think mesas and sunsets, but more so— although the action and characters didn’t seem to match up with it in any discernible way.

      My friend Ona and I are swimming in an indoor pool when two men we’re acquainted with who are cousins arrive and say that they’ve reserved it for a period of time, starting now. I can see from a chart with colored boxes on a grid that they have, so Ona and I get out and sit at a table in a sort of an adjoining area overlooking the pool. There’s a hint of past antagonism or rivalry with these men, one of them in particular, having to do with things from the earlier part of the dream I forgot.

      After a little while, the other man comes over to the table. He has something for us: some ara and a loaf of fresh bread, which we accept. He doesn’t say it, but this seems to be a sort of apology for us having to leave the pool.

      Somewhere along the course of us sitting there, the area transforms into an ornate theater, where people are starting to come in. As before, we’re in a sort of raised area, this time above where the stage and the lower seats are, but there are other seating areas wrapping around it in a semicircle. Many of the people seem to disapprove of us drinking alcohol, which doesn’t really bother us, and, in any case, has happened plenty of times before. But we aren’t bothering anybody, and if they don't like it, that’s their problem. But still—even though I want to like the guy who gave us this and believe that it was a sincerely meant gift, there's also the possibility that his beastly cousin put him up to it because he knew we’d get flak for it. I examine the glass: it’s quite pretty, with some transparent colored parts in an art nouveau-like abstract pattern—and above that, a silhouette of the Prague skyline. The golden city and one of its golden ages. I briefly wonder if he has a whole stockpile of these just for giving away to people.

      The next part of the dream involves the production itself, which doesn’t seem to be taking place on a stage, but rather along a street—a straight, flat dirt road with low buildings on either side, again, with a Southwestern vibe. The audience and actors alike are here—or some of the actors, anyway. The protagonist, a woman in a green dress, will be passing along here and looking into some of the shops, having some improvised dialogue with the shopkeepers, but she isn’t here yet.

      I know this actress personally and find her unpleasant—this also seems to go back to the earlier, forgotten parts of the dream—so I’m going to mess with her a little bit. I go to one of the shops, which is selling art, and rearrange it so that a collection of pictures titled “Halloween Bestiary” is on display on a small stand outside the door. I then flip the latch on the shop door, which is hanging open, so that the it will lock automatically the next time someone closes it. I then make sure I’m out of the way by the time the actress playing the shopkeeper arrives.

      The woman soon notices the door and is alarmed. If she can’t take the woman in the green dress inside to look at things and is stuck with the Halloween Bestiary pieces outside, the script would require her to pretend to like them, which would irritate her to no end. She is relieved that it’s still open—but just then, my aunt steps out of the shop and closes the door behind her, oblivious to the trouble she’s just set in motion.

    3. After a long break... 101215: The Bank Teller, Cheesecake for All, Meeting Duchovny

      by , 12-10-2015 at 10:02 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a bank, dark outside the windows, small lamps on the wooden teller desks. There is only myself and one teller. She is a young, attractive blonde woman in very nice business clothes. I don't think she is a teller at all, someone a little higher in management. I ask what my balance is on my account and she says 6000€. I'm totally amazed, how did I get so much? After she says that she begins to flirt with me. Is it only because of the money I have that she is showing this interest? Despite thinking this, I feel good that she is showing interest in me. She puts her arms around my neck and begins to stroke the back of my neck.

      I'm in the middle of the city and night. It might just be the evening though, it is dark. Orange street lights illuminate the old roads and tall buildings on either side. I see a friend of mine and she says she has hooked up her electricity to an older system and if I could add something to it. I look at it, it looks like wires everywhere. I try to adjust one and the light begin to flicker. I push the wire a little more until the power comes back. The whole system is really sensitive. She says her boyfriend is getting them a new cable card so they can hook up the electricity better.

      I go to a old-timey bakery. There are lots of cakes on sale in the sale windows under the counter. I see they are selling the last ones of the day. I say I'll take them all. Back at my friends place, I see my sister and some other friends. I tell them that everyone can have cake, I feel good that I'm able to offer everyone cake. Everyone smiles and is ready for a piece.

      I go and pick up the cakes. Back at the bakery I tell them I bought them and I'm going to pick them up. They say they don't have them anymore. I'm surprised, how is this possible? They say I shouldn't have just left the cakes here. I angrily take out a receipt and say that I arranged to pick them up later. They apologize and give me the cakes and the loafs of bread I reserved. The loaves look like large rocks, I see they have baked dried tomatoes and olives into them.

      I'm back in the gas station doing a night shift. It's toward the end, the morning has come but it is still pitch black outside. I've been talking to the other employee all night and I feel guilty that I didn't do everything I was supposed to do. It's been a while. As I start to do my neglected jobs I see David Duchovny. I'm shocked. I can't believe it! Why is he here? I run to the other counter and say I have to take a break, ijust have to. I go downstairs into the locker room and pull a piece of thin cardboard. I need his autograph. I run upstairs and I see he has entered with Gillain Anderson and another man. I'm starstruck, I can barely blurt out "I love the X-files can I have your autograph?". Duchovny says he doesn't always want to be remembered as Mulder. I feel bad about it but I want to tell him what kind of massive effect the show had on me and how important it was and is still. I see a large line forming and I have to go take care of the line and I ask him if he and Gillian Anderson can sign my little ripped up piece of cardboard.

      I go to the cash register. There is a large line and people are being rude, looking at me meanly. Some people are cutting in line and this aggravates me.
      Tags: bank, bread, cake, x-files
    4. September 21, 2015

      by , 09-21-2015 at 11:30 AM
      Note: This is a school day, so I only really have time to make this basic. I'll come back later on and describe this in more detail.

      In the English class, and the first paragraph of the essay was not due, and instead we were meant to do something else . . . something to do with commas. There were two whiteboards that the teacher was writing on, and she told us she wanted us to make sure we wrote in cursive.

      She had put a "top 10 students" for that class, and I was the third. Girl from my old high school was number two, and then a boy that I sit beside (who's actually kinda bad at writing) was number one. I remember the girl from the old high school was putting an answer or something on the board.

      Then I was back home, but we (my mother, Dakota, Jon, and I) all lived in this other place, not sure where. Dakota had a new phone, and he was trying it out in the lunch room/kitchen. We ended up finding the bread rolls and eating a few.
    5. Danse Macabre, Tunnels and back to school

      by , 08-02-2015 at 09:58 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was night. The sky was just a dark void. Nothing more. I was with a group of scientists in a laboratory. There was laboratory equipment scattered around, and the place looked like heavily damaged. One of our experiments went wrong, and we unleashed something horrible upon a city. We produced an orange, glowing, slimey substance that somehow crawled out of the laboratory, and surrounded the building.

      That's not all though, as it made it's way to local graveyard, devouring people on the way. Suddenly everything went silent. In the lab we tried to use local monitoring, but there was no energy. When we thought that problem solved itself, we heard loud disco music. It was so strong that buildings trembled and fallen apart, but our laboratory standed still.

      We looked through the window, and were shocked. An enormously long crowd of zombies and skeletons with disco music and disco lights danced it's way out of the graveyard.

      On their disco way, they killed huge amounts of people, ruined buildings and other stuff, all of this in the rhythm of music. Their actions even matched words from the song, like when there was "Oh! Oh! Ground! To the ground!" three skeletons on their own, just pulled a huge house into the ground, with only rooftop left on a surface. Sadly, this is the only part of the song that I recalled. Later on they just continued their disco Danse Macabre, though avoiding laboratory.

      Second dream

      I lost a job at some storages, and I decided to go back to school... a primary school.

      It was cold, winter morning. I went out of my house to the streets. Snow was everywhere. The sky was dark, empty void. I started to literally crawl on the road, with very high speed. On the way, I passed by three buses. When I reached half the way to school, I looked back, I saw that there were lots of people running towards the school. I standed up and ran, though with slower speed.

      The crowd reached me, and many of them outrun m on the way. I had to stop a few times as I lost my fatigue. We finally reached the school, and entered our classroom. I was surrounded by children, though one of them was adult that couldn't pass to other classes. We sat down and teacher told us to write somehting down. All of this felt awkward.

      One day we had a school trip to local bunkers. We were going to enter a tunnel complex with a guide. With four other people we stayed in the bunker instead of entering tunnels, but teacher contacted us and told that they are lost, and the guide just disappeared. We entered the tunnels. It was dark, and my flashlight gave little to none light.

      We moved through forgotten passages, ruins of cities and then we found a way into used part of tunnels. We entered a clothing store, where I got frightened by something moving in the darkness. But there was nothing. Then we entered a hospital. A man with left hand in bandages was waiting in queue to doctor, though there was nobody else inside. I told him that I'll ask doctor if he can go inside.

      I went to the doctor's room. The doors were opened by a brunette woman in late twenties. Somehow, I had slight troubles talking with her, as we were speaking in english (which is not my native language). Though after a while I was speaking fluently. We looked around, and group I was with and the man dissapeared. We just went out of the hospital through tunnels, talking about my current situation.

      We reached the school. Doctor went back home, and I entered my classroom. After taking a seat, a bully sat in front of me, and tried to annoy me. I looked into my bag, and had a whole, huge bread inside. I broken it in half, and thrown one half of it shouting "You've got this coming!". He dodged, so I threwn another half, shouting "Now! Have your bread!" and I hit him in the head. The teacher just gave us a strange look and written something down in her notebook.
    6. #93 - I remember more dreams when I'm stressed...

      by , 06-28-2015 at 01:30 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1 - Earthquake
      I just remember a clip from a dream where I thought we were having another earthquake or something... At first I thought I felt tremors, then I thought that maybe it was an earthquake about to come, then all of a sudden the whole bloody world just started shaking violently. I think I tried ducking underneath something but I can't remember the context very well.

      Dream 2 - Fresh baked bread
      I bake bread from time to time to save money and because I enjoy it, it's a fairly new hobby and I made my best loaf last night.. I had a dream about cutting a piece off and then tearing it up to share around with my flatmates, they tried it and I knew it was good, but for some reason I think there was a lack of interaction and I was a bit skeptical to the realism of the dream.

      Dream 3 - Fucking evil thing chasing me
      The kind of fucked up dream where you just KNOW that something is after you even though you haven't seen anything... I was in a sort of combination between the chemistry labs at uni and the chemistry labs at my old high school, I was trying to get away from something and I ran into a room with an exit on each side. The doors were getting smacked on and the walls were closing in.. Like really fast.. I just knew I had to get out of there, at some point it became SUPER realistic as I kind of tapped into a semi-lucid state and decided to dispel the dream. At first I thought I had woken up and was pretty stoked, but then I wondered why I wasn't in my room O_O so I concluded that I must still be dreaming... Then I started getting chased again >_<
      So now I'm back in the same room and the walls close in again, this time everything is fast-paced-super-realistic-action-like, I see a small window and run towards it pushing it open and then climbing through. I think something happens and I have to climb back inside, and everything is just chaos but super vivid.

      Seems like the more stressed I am about something, the more stressful my dreams, which also helps me remember them a bit.
    7. Yet another dream about going to Mars. This one involves a talking loaf of bread.

      by , 03-02-2015 at 03:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a dream about this giant ice rink that had been built out of snow/igloo blocks at the edge of my subdivision. Something to do with my dad, grandfather, hot cocoa and skating around the inside. It was lit up on the inside.

      For some reason, I find it hard to stay invested in this NLD. It was sort of lacking content.


      Something to do with being on a train, somehow connected to this dream. I do seem to dream about trains an awful lot given I've only ridden one a couple times in my life.

      I was with a crew undergoing a manned survey of Mars. Our lander touched down not far from [One of Mars' largest volcanoes]. We had a crew of six people total. I don't recall any names, genders, etc. Just that there were six of us.

      The lander came equipped with both an Ariel surveyor plane as well as a mobile analysis lab. Each one of these vehicles could hold two people, and the remaining two would stay with the lander.

      I got put on the crew to fly the airplane. Now the areal surveyor was launched from some kind of rail cannon on the lander so that it would have enough speed to fly in the thin atmosphere. But when It launched us there was some kind of malfunction and we had to land asap.

      I saw that we were going 411. Miles per hour? Meters per second? I don't know. I tried to gently nose the plane down. I was somehow able to see third person perspective and see that the landing gear was about to touch down in the red sand.

      We touched the ground briefly before flying off a sand dune like a ramp. I saw that our speed was now 123. We hit the ground, but one of the landing gear hit a rock and we rolled over. The air surveyor was destroyed, but me and the other astronaut somehow survived.

      But we had a new problem. We now only had the life support in our space suits to support us. Even if the mobile lab drove at full speed, they wouldn't be halfway to us by the time we were long dead.

      I actually became a little bit lucid here, and remembered that I had the ability to summon Sir Chuggingloaf. (Read this ancient dream to know who that is.)

      I don't know why I was thinking of that character, since he has only appeared one other time and it was over 10 years ago, but sure enough, I saw him fly down from the upper atmosphere. Only, in this dream, he wasn't a train, but rather a spaceship. Rather than a train gondola, he had a rocket booster and wings. He also had windows in his side.

      A ramp opened up. Somehow, I was now with a large party of astronauts (10+ of them) and we were all getting inside of the flying bread spaceship. I didn't get in.

      I also remember him looking like a cartoon superimposed on what had thus far been a very realistic looking dream. He smiled and flew off into the sky with everyone inside of him.

      Interpretations: Any dream that involves talking bread spaceships is beyond my ability to interpret. I do seem to dream of being on Mars a lot. I wonder why that is.
    8. Bread and Milk (NLD fragment)

      by , 01-29-2015 at 07:23 PM
      Increasingly frustrated, I was trying to rearrange the objects on the top shelf of the refrigerator. This was made challenging by the downward slope of the shelf and the fact that there was no raised lip at the front to catch things. It was also quite full, so the weight of the objects in the back was pushing down against the things in the front and knocking them off. My dad walked up as I was once again moving things around trying to find a more stable arrangement, so I complained to him:

      "The fridge is full of bread—bagged bread! And milk." I screwed up my face, pronouncing "milk" with as much disgust as I could put into my voice. I've never liked milk, but thought I should provide a better reason for my objection. "The milk's going to go bad in a few days and then we'll have to throw it out."

      "Room for more bread!" My father kept a straight face, but I was pretty sure he was teasing me.

      "Look," I said impatiently, "If this is some kind of survivalist thing, we'd do better to stock complex carbohydrates than all this processed crap."
    9. Chat Room and Closure with an Ex, Wandering Off at Work (Lucid), and Ham and Cheese Bites (Lucid)

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was dreaming of playing Tomodachi Life, and Dallas kept saying "Ooooooo" and I kept saying "What?????". He would never reply.

      I woke up and he was snoring. I felt as if I had only been half asleep during this whole thing.


      I had just had a baby, but the only thing I remember is I had been bottle-feeding it. I felt as if I should be breast-feeding it. I was in the piano room at the house I grew up in, and looked down at my breasts. I was wearing a solid-colored shirt, and my breasts looked swollen, but I wasn't lactating for some reason.


      I was in marching band, marching a show. It was dusk. Not sure if it was a competition or a football game. I couldn't remember where I was supposed to go, so I tried to just follow the people around me. I knew it probably looked terrible to anyone who was watching.

      Then, I was sitting at a computer in a house. I was in a chat room with some other people. Jake was one of them. He kept on posting pictures and videos of him and his new girlfriend. One of the videos was of them in the bathtub. I saw her boobs. I also saw him carrying a bottle of some kind of booze at some point. I saw by one of the pictures "Kristnnnnnn". At first, I thought it said "Kristaaaaa", and thought to myself he would date someone with the same name as me, but then saw that it was an N instead. She was actually a pretty girl. She had long, straight hair, big eyes, and was a tad bit chubby. In all the pics and videos, they looked happy. I was quite uncomfortable seeing all of this, especially since he's my ex. I wanted to tell him that I was uncomfortable with it, and that we needed to not talk anymore. I made a more private chat with both him and a few other people. I was trying to talk to just him.

      At some point, I did get to talk to him, but I think it was in person. I talked to his new girlfriend, and said to her
      "It's not you, I promise!" referring to the fact that I didn't want to talk to them anymore. She smiled and said she knew. She seemed quite understanding about it.

      After speaking with them, I felt a sense of closure.


      I was working at the bakery. I was packaging some things when I wandered off to the front of the store by self-checkout. I saw on a table there that there was some bread on sale, the brand that we usually buy, Arnold. It was a buy one get one sale. I was looking at the different types of bread and saw one that had a yellowish tint. It was potato bread. I had never tried it before, and wondered if Dallas would be ok with it too. I picked up a loaf and started to scan it, but then realized that I was still on the clock and I probably shouldn't be shopping on the clock. I abandoned my efforts and started to walk back to the bakery.

      Before I got back, though, I went towards the bathroom, which was on the way; I really had to pee. I briefly heard Shannon, my manager, page me over the intercom, but I ignored it and kept going into the bathroom. I opened the door and noticed it was a men's and women's restroom. I walked by some stalls, and saw some toilets that still had pee in them. I wanted to find a clean one. I walked into one with a really big toilet. There was a brown tint to the drain in the bowl. Blech. But I needed to go. I then noticed that there were small brown cardboard scraps flying out of the air vent. That can't be healthy. They were landing in the toilet. So that's what was causing the brown tint. I then noticed another air vent on the wall of the stall above the toilet paper dispenser doing the same thing.

      I left the stall and went further into the bathroom. Some women came into the restroom at some point. I saw a gross urinal-looking thing with some pee on or around it. At the very back of the restroom, there were showers. I assumed it was for employees who needed to shower. There was a line of showers heads and some stalls towards the back. The floor was tiled in a dark blue and some faded green color. I peeked around the corner, and saw that one of the showers in the stall was running. I turned away so I didn't see whoever was showering in there. For some reason, I believed it to be one of the old men who works there.

      I then left the bathroom, preparing myself to face being yelled at for wandering off, when it dawned on me that it was ok, I was dreaming. Woot! I'm dreaming! I exclaimed to someone in a white uniform
      "I'm dreaming!"
      I then saw that it was my husband. He was smiling and seemed happy. My focus was then shifted to my mom, who was also there. She gave me a hug and was so happy for me. She said
      "I'm so glad you can lucid dream so much! I wish I could eucid dream more!"
      No, that isn't a typo. She really did say "eucid dream". I noticed that in the dream, but didn't say anything to correct her.

      I then decided to fly. It had been awhile since I had. I took off and flew high in the air. I was flying down an aisle in the store. I started to float downwards, but used my thoughts to go back upwards, gently concentrating on floating up instead of trying too hard to do so. It worked like a dream . I then started to float down again, and was having trouble going back up. I felt this weird sensation when I thought about going back up, I assumed because I was trying too hard. It was like a buzzing sensation, one I've experienced in meditation before IWL. I was then on the ground on my stomach. I do believe I finally got back into the air.

      I then woke up, and was working on packaging things in the bakery again. Shannon was putting things in the cooler. I saw some round bread that looked crusty, like the pizza dough we make looks if you freeze it for too long, on a rack. I was telling Shannon about lucid dreaming. She told me she had tried it, but she always felt this ringing in her ears. I thought I knew what she was talking about, and tried to relate with what happened with the buzzing in the lucid I had just had, but she said she had no idea what I was talking about.

      At some point, I thought I was getting a hug from Shannon, and she was saying something about how she really likes me, but I then realized it was Dallas. I also went back to the front of the store and saw that someone had halved all the bread loaves that I had been looking at.


      I was, yet again, working in the bakery. Some little black boy came up to the counter, and I asked him what he needed. He said he needed 50 "ham and cheese bites" on these small crunchy bread chips that we bake. I told him to wait while I asked if we could do that. I had a feeling that we couldn't, since we couldn't really price that. I asked Shannon if we could, but instead of bread chips, I said pita chips. She started to show me all these weird computer screens of blank, pale blue menus with a turkey leg-type cartoony outline in the background. It was like she was showing me that we had no way to ring up meat items, at least that's how I understood it. But she then started to talk about the pita chips and how we couldn't do it because of their shape. I then realized my error, and told her that I meant bread chips. Apparently, that changed everything, and we could do it. I went to tell the little boy. I told him it would be a few minutes. He had "2 minutes" written on a paper in marker that I noticed as I was telling him this. I hoped he didn't think it was only going to take 2 minutes. However, he seemed alright about it, though a little nervous and hesitant because his mom probably told him a time they needed it by.

      I then walked in the back and heard a sizzling noise, and some weird music. I looked at one of the prep tables, and saw that some ham was cooking on two small hot plates.

      I then was behind the counter again, and some little girl, a toddler, was wheeling a small stroller behind the counter. There was a boundary between where the counter and the floor ended and the employees only section started, and it was marked by navy blue tile. The girl was on the tile. I gently guided her and the stroller around behind the counter and back onto the sales floor.

      I then was somewhere else, and realized I was dreaming again. I was outside on a sunny day by some small tower-type thing. I started to climb it. As I was climbing, I said to myself, out loud,
      "I'm dreaming, so I can do whatever I want, see whoever I want, feel whatever I want..."
      There were square steps made out of a metal grating. I felt them underneath my palms. God, they felt so real. I got to the top, and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with what was left of the dream. I decided to try to summon Dreamer. As I made this decision, however, I noticed a white, oily-looking aura around my hand. I tried to examine my hands to stabalize, but it didn't seem to be doing much good. The vision in my right eye then went out. I started saying out loud,
      "I want to see Dreamer! I know that the dream is ending, but still, if it works, I'd like to see her!"
      I saw these rainbows that the reflections of the sunlight was making off of objects. I saw one in particular in a corner on the ground (yes, a corner outside). It was making some purple-type reflection. I thought for a brief second that maybe Dreamer was coming, but nothing happened. The dream was way too unstable at this point. I fought it for as long as I could, until finally, I succumbed to waking up.

      Everything went black, and I felt this weird sensation in my body. I felt as if I was changing vibrations. I then woke up on the top bunk of a bunk bed. I climbed down the ladder and saw that my sheets were navy blue. There were two q-tips covered in ear wax stuck between the headboard and the mattress. Gross! I wondered how long those had been there. I knew they were Dallas's, since he cleans his ears out with q-tips all the time. I then noticed, in the corner of the room, a white 3-ringed binder with writing on it in purple marker. I made the connection with that and the dream I had just awoken from, thinking that my subconscious must have pulled that and put it in my dream.

      I then heard what sounded like the coffee maker making coffee. Dallas doesn't drink coffee, so for some reason, I thought it must be Shannon making coffee.

      I then woke up for real.


      Here's an interesting side note, and I was wondering if anyone else (ladies) had noticed the same thing. I tend to be more likely to become lucid the week before I start my period. I've noticed this for a long time now. It is a week before my period starts, and I am having lucid dreams. It was like this last month too, when I had all those LDs. This has happened many, many times before, and I was curious if any other ladies have noticed that as well, or if I'm just the odd woman out.

      Also, sorry CanisLucidus, I completely did not remember the lucid dare at all during these dreams.
    10. July Basic TOTM - Get Naked

      by , 07-09-2014 at 11:22 AM
      With a bunch of Jubilee people heading to a meeting slash conference in an old fashioned church building. I'm torn between sitting with somebody I sort of fancy and playing it cool (can't remember who it was that I was crushing on) I end up sitting on the row in front of her. There's some conversion about the way the conference is organised this time around, with cars parking on site rather than in separate car parks.

      I'm outside of the meeting wandering to another building which contains some kind of dormitory. There's a couple of loaves of rustic looking bread on the wall beside a pond, which doesn't seem to have any purpose or meaning (but appear again later on) and down some steps there are other conference delegates and we just hang out a bit.

      Everyone else seems to be heading off to the next meeting but for some reason it's a meeting I'm not going to. I laze around a bit and have a snooze. I wake up feeling a bit miffed that I haven't got a dream to journal. It's rained a little while I was resting, the bread looks tempting but is all soggy from the rain and I'm disappointed because I kinda fancied some.

      FA - I wake up back at the meeting, I've been sleeping with my head on my crossed arms resting on a little desk for making notes. I think about the dream I just had and think about journaling it, then I realise where I am is a dream location and GET LUCID!

      I glance at the people sitting next to me and realise that they're just a dream and I don't have to sit through a meeting I'm not in the mood for. I say "fuck this" and get out of my chair a little clumsily, nearly tripping over the other nearby chairs. I hover forward feeling very excited at being lucid again after a dry patch.

      I spot Jofish sitting at a backward facing take at the front of the room. I say "hey Jo, I'm lucid!" He doesn't look all that impressed, so I hover a foot or so of the ground and say "Look! This is a dream!" He still doesn't seem to care and I remember that he's also just a DC and it really doesn't matter what he thinks. I float to the back of the room and people are starting to leave. I look at all their faces, noting that I don't recognise most of them. They are a variety of ages, including some older folk, which is a little surprising because Jubilee is sadly short on that front. I spot a nice looking young lady and start imagining how to get in her pants. The bunch of us start heading back to the campsite and I realise chasing tail isn't the highest calling in a lucid dream, so I start practicing flying along the path. I struggle to get any altitude by jumping (up to about 5 metres but coming back to a few feet above the ground) I try floating because when you jump, you come down, but floating doesn't come with that expectation. Still only a few feet up. I try doing a Superman pose and flying fast but can only go at a rather boring swift walk pace (at which speed, the Superman pose feels a little silly)

      I remember the TOTM Basic Task of getting naked, so I turn back to the bunch of people I was walking with, I'm just a bit ahead of them from my flying practice. I rip off my shirt and they all notice that something odd is going on. Because they're *my* DCs, they know why I'm doing this and they're all a little expectant. I aim to pull my trousers down leaving my boxers to last but my boxers come down with my trousers. Immediately, the several young ladies in the group start throwing themselves at me, jostling for the privilege of being unusually nice to me. Then I wake up feeling a little bit miffed that my libido managed to hijack my dream even though I'd decided to do something different but still feeling a little pleased that I was so suddenly popular, even if only with my subconscious!

      Apparently, starring a dream feeling horny can set certain expectations...

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    11. Jack the Baker [Sat, 27th July 2013]

      by , 07-29-2013 at 07:32 PM
      I decide that to save bandwidth, I shall go for a walk instead of slaving away on the computer all day. Just going down the road outside my back garden. I see Jack L. with his little brother (he doesn't have one as I'm aware of.) I'm surprised to see him in my home-town as he lives in a city around 25 miles away, so we walk and talk, the discussion mainly been about how deep his voice is now and how old he looks. (I felt like I was myself at my own age and current looks, but I can't be certain.)

      As we're walking Jack goes into a 'bread-shop' owned by and old lady (looking in her 40-50's) who loves Stardoll. Jack puts some fresh bread into the oven and I ask if he's usually like this, responsible and a good big brother.

      He laughs, looks me in the eye and says "Never." He says this as he brings the now cooked bread out of the oven, then we leave the shop. I see people I should know but they strangely know Jack much more and they pay no attention to me. Although they do know me the attention was obviously all on Jack. Then I wake up from the sound of something falling in my room. I did a reality check just in case but it didn't overrule the real world so I knew it was reality and not just another dream.

      Maybe this was a dream from my subconscious telling me to be a good big brother, be independent and responsible for my actions. But also been social and getting to know people a bit more.
    12. 7/21/13 - blade/bread

      by , 07-21-2013 at 09:01 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm at my grandmas house and most of my family is there, (even the ones I haven't seen in years because of their own imagined conflict). They're all sitting on the chairs and couch in the living room, I go and sit on the chair by the front door that doesn't work. When I do this a guy I don't recognize walks into the room and to me as if I took his usual chair and everybody knows it or something. I don't get up, so he sit on the couch and gives me more irritated glances, then my walks over and basically sits on my making me move so she also has room on the chair, then she says stuff to me that I guess was funny because she busting up laughing, but I was to distracted by my surroundings. I get up and go into the kitchen and my grandma gives me this giant raisin oatmeal cookie that's in a ziplock bag, I thank her and I put it by the phone planning to eat it later, then My grandma and my sister go into the hallway somewhere, I feel like they're tiptoeing around me like I'm dangerous, and my grandma's trying to get people to not piss me off, I'm confused by this, I walked back into the living room worried that I at some point did something that showed my true colors, I was good at hiding it before. Then I walked to the back of the living room to the chair I always sit on, when I sat down I realize my sister is sat in a chair across the living room, and my grandma walks over to me and gives me my sisters cranberry bread loaf that's in a ziplock bag, it's huge like a pillow, I ask my sister why she doesn't want it, she tells me she doesn't feel like sweets, then my grandma tells me I can cut it like a sandwich and put meat and cheese in it, and I tell her that sounds pretty good, so I get up and hug her, then I go to the kitchen and put it with the cookie, while I'm in the kitchen I see two boys fighting then they exit the door, and I run after them because they're going towards my grandpa and I don't want them to accidentally hurt him. I catch up to them they went in the garage, and they're getting physical with each other, so I pull out my switchblade on them but when I open it my blade fly's lose and almost slices my own finger off, I get transfixed with my knife wondering if a screw fell off or something. Then after I find a screw and think it goes to my knife, I walk back into the house, and see my bread loaf mostly eaten, and my grandma and sisters sitting there looking fearful, and I ask them what's wrong, and I tell them that I don't mind, they can have the rest for all I care, and I just begin to feel sick again that they would fear me for some reason, for something I would never direct towards them. I go into the living room again and everyone is gone, but it suddenly is cold and foggy outside, so I look out the window and see chickens a turkey, roosters, and a little horse, I ask my grandma where they came from, and she says she's just been wanting them, then I wonder why it's so cold right now in the summer and the animals look uncomfortable and I think it will be some much worse for them in the actual winter.
    13. In bed with Cal; DILD & ToTM- bread

      by , 04-05-2013 at 04:18 PM
      During day: (RCs + DS)x10

      Total Sleep Time: 7 hrs

      Dream recall method: D1-D4 – keywords in notepad; tried to recall D3-D4 somewhat when going back to bed; D5 –straight to tablet after final wake

      Dream1: I am back to our first home and live with my parents again. It is late night and I just came back from somewhere. A former classmate has organized a meeting at 12:10 (evening), so I want to go there. I tell my mom that I am going out, although I know she won’t let me. She doesn’t say anything and I take this opportunity to leave as fast as possible. But instead of that, I start preparing to go out and it takes me a very long time, I go to the restroom two times, and it’s 12:50 already. I finally leave and hope that my friends are still there. They are meeting in some kind of a bar where they serve sea food. I head in the direction of the place and try to call the organizer of the event.

      Dream2: I am in our first home again, this time in my room. It is dark outside, a few lights are on. I am in the bed with Cal Lightman. He looks terrific, there is not a single wrinkle on his face, a perfect radiant complexion. I feel attracted to him. Since the light is on, the neighbours can actually see me, so I go to the window to block the view of whatever may take place in my room. I can see that there is someone in the nearby building that may actually be watching, so I try to adjust the curtains. That’s not easy at all because the curtain is constantly changing and does not cover the entire window. Once I am satisfied with the result I go back to the bed to Cal, but he is not there anymore. I see an inflatable boat on the floor. It starts to self-inflate and I try to hold it back from expanding in the whole room.

      Help with getting lucid-id97595.jpg

      Fragment3: I am in some kind of disco bar most likely with my boyfriend and some unknown DC friends. I start mixing the drinks. I order twice an “amaretto” drink which is more like an alcoholic chocolate mousse. I pay in banknotes that I lay on the table: 20, 10, 10. I have left 2x10 for me, which should be enough to cover another round.

      Dream4: In some house with my bf. My mom is there as well. The agreement was that I can sleep over in my bf’s place, but instead I change my mind and decide to spend the night at my parents’ place. My bf is somewhat disappointed but I tell him I will come by in the next few days.

      I am in a large building that has been made to accommodate a museum. I am wondering which floor to go to. I see a large painting on the wall and the signature of the artist or some kind of title. I read it out loud. My mom corrects me and pronounces it with two different accents “Exhibition of the composiccion”??? [end]

      The alarm wakes me up, 1 hour before my final desired wake time. I visit the restroom, note key words, and have an average desire to lucid. I go back to bed, trying to review the last dream but I fall asleep.

      Dream5 [DILD, ToTM]: I am in my old place and am looking through the window. I see some guys carrying a strangely shaped case, I am almost sure that there is some kind of weapon in there. I look back to inside of the room and suddenly become lucid. My bf is sitting on the bed behind me, but I pay no attention to him. I feel a bit as if everything is submerged in invisible water. I look to what is in front of me and a small dog appears in the room. It looks like pug breed type and it moves around really fast. I find it hard to follow it with my gaze. It transforms and is now another kind of puppy with brownish fur. I remember I should try to interact with the dream, grab something, so I grab the puppy and caress it a bit. Then I remember that I have to eat something for ToTM. [IRL I thought it would be easier to lick something, but completely forgot it in the dream] I look at the puppy, which is quickly transformed into some strange kind of meat left-over, and I wonder if I should eat the puppy? No way I eat that puppy, or whatever it is now! I get slightly distracted as next to the ex-puppy leftover is some wool thread and I have a strong desire to thought-lift and make it twirl around. I focus my eyes on it and try to move it, but I feel some resistance. I manage to move it a bit but not the way I wanted, I give up.

      Still with the eating ToTM in mind, I look frantically around, I need to find something to eat and think of going in the kitchen to look for something. At that point I turn around and I see my bf eating bread. I think, bread ? Too plain, but whatever! He holds the very last piece in his hand. I tell him not to eat it. He mouth-feeds me the piece of soft white bread and I chew it slowly. It tastes like bread. I become very suspicious because of the intensity of the flavour and start thinking that while I am dreaming, my real boyfriend could really be feeding me with some bread and laughing at me. I ask my dream boyfriend if that is the case, but he denies.

      Help with getting lucid-cheese20.jpg

      Since I am still not awake I decide to do the only other thing I remember – try chanting Om. I go into another room, this is a completely different place now. I am by myself here, there is something wooden and green maybe the window frames, 2 lamps hang as low as my chest. I try to chant omm, but some shriek-like sound comes instead. I feel like this is not going to work. I hear another sound and then see the door to the apartment moving by itself and banging as if moved by the wind. Perhaps I should close it? But then my expectations start to build and I know something or someone is behind the door. Some DC quickly enters through the door, initially the shape of my bf, but it is not him. I don’t want to have another chase ruin the LD, so I try not to pay too much attention to him. At that moment 5-6 DCs enter, behaving a bit menacing they are walking towards me. I try to change my expectations and their reactions. They kind of slow down a bit and are somewhat more manageable so I am pretty happy with that.

      I walk out of the apartment, through the door and find myself into something like mall or maybe inside a big store. I see a section where they sell semi-precious stones, some one-piece bracelets made of stone, like jade. I really like what I am seeing. I am starting to lose control over my own actions, perhaps being too happy with the dream. The DCs are following me now as I make a few steps while staring at the precious stones section. My subconscious turns on the music and I start singing a song cabaret style “Lucidity, the dream is fixed, lucidity” and joyfully march a few more steps.

      The dream collapses and I find myself in darkness, closed eyelids. I remain still and try to DEILD but can’t reconnect. I begin to feel sleepy so I decide to wake up before I forget everything. The dream memory feels more evasive that usual and I barely manage to hold on to it.

      Final notes:I am confirming the best time for my DILDs so far is the last hour before final wake (with 7-8hrs sleep). Today I allowed myself an hour sleep to possibly LD instead of my somewhat successful snooze DILD experiments.

      Another thing I find important to note is stabilization. My DILDs last long enough and there is really no need for me to rush like a crazy monkey, compromising dream stability and later recall. Next time: take it slow!
    14. 3 dreams - point and click, sandcastle, English gumi

      by , 01-12-2013 at 09:11 AM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in a creepy house, it seemed like I was in some kind of point and click game. I went through a couple rooms no problem, picking up random junk as I went along, including a giant loaf of bread. I met up with a guy with blue-ish black hair. We walked down a hallway when something happened (can't remember), so I reappeared in the first room. This time the guy was already there with me. I figured I did something wrong and decided this time not to take any items. It must have worked because the second room was quite different from last time (looked closer to the first room than a brand new room). But then The dream ended.

      I remembered the next one pretty well when I woke up, but now it's pretty fuzzy. I'll update it later if I remember more. I was standing by this small castle thing, it looked like a sand castle but was pure white and stuck together like cement, almost. There was a little slide or ramp on the side, with a ball that rolled down, but it was tied to a string. I rolled it down and the ball went through this hole and made a click noise. I woke up, then went back to sleep and there was a sort of continuation, where I was back the same spot, only I rolled the ball down again and it didn't reach. I knew something was wrong, like that this ball and string meant something more or was a representation of the world or something, and that something bad would happen. Unfortunately I did not get to find out what because the dream ended here. I do remember something about an amusement park in this dream.

      Next dream, pretty simple, I was looking at the english gumi site to see if the image was revealed yet. I listened to the demo song again.
    15. Best Wheat Ales and Bakery Goods of All Time EVER!!!

      by , 12-21-2012 at 03:46 AM

      Me, family members, and good friends of the family are all travelling on a bus. I look out the window into this old industrial yard. There is a pile of stuff and large overhead pipes. (I had a other dream here but can't remember any more than being in a hurry and going through the piles and maybe turning some valves.) Also in the yard was a motor-home.

      I could see in through the back window of the motor home from the bus that there was a pile of wood inside being fed into some kind of furnace. We stopped and went inside the motor home. The inside was cramped but much larger than it could possibly have been. To our good fortune we had stumbled upon one of the worlds greatest secrets.

      This place apparently made some of the best bread ever....hence the wood furnace. Somehow they also managed to make wheat beer from the bread. I tried one and it was..omg outstanding. After finishing my drink we headed along some tables towards some stairs leading downstairs. On the tables were some cakes, pastries, pies, and other goodies. I tried something with banana... and it was also extremely good. I also remember their being some sort of kiwi cake. We didn't gorge ourselves and headed downstairs. I sat in a subway train like seat next to my sister and Ilean. They both had small plates. I was so happy and pleased that I squeed a little.
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