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    1. Dream Journal Entry #1: A Curious Girl, Aztec Battle, Weed Hiding, and Dog Riding!

      by , 06-01-2018 at 04:31 PM
      I'm leading two youths through a town: a little girl and boy. The girl asks about the development of her breasts so I nervously redirect her attention to a restaurant. She says she would like to eat at 'this' restaurant instead, and points to one called "Rational and Action". We sit down and the girl tells me that the burger has changed since the last time she'd eaten there.

      I'm falling off a cliff, so I hang onto a ladder. Options in text form appear before my face, one asking for me to jump, and the other asking me to climb back up. I choose to jump and reach for a thick green vine on the cliff. I use the vine the anchor my feet onto the cliff and begin to pull and walk my way up over the cliff's edge. When I reach the top, I am standing before what seems to be an Aztec ruin. I walk through a gate entrance into an open square laid with brick. Suddenly I begin fighting humanoid creatures dressed in silver and gold armour with many weapons. I defeat them all, but the last is able to nick my right index finger and I notice a gaping red cut crossing from the left tip of my finger to the top right of my palm.

      I'm in the basement smoking weed with some friends and I have the need to hide my weed. I try to grind the weed and place it in a bag to slip through a crack leading outside in my shower, but I can't grind fast enough. Instead I put the weed in a tupperware container, stash it in my bag and leave to go to school. An old man, dark, with long hair, stops me and tells me how to properly organize my backpack so that I can efficiently hide the weed. He also gives me two dogs to take to school. One to ride, and one that protects me. I think 'Isn't it going to hurt the dog?' but I step over it's back and sit down anyways. The dog takes off at a high speed, running with joy and it's joy and speed make me giddy with excitement. The road turns from county fields to town streets.

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/1 = 0%

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    2. [30.08.2017]

      by , 08-30-2017 at 08:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Hide and seek

      I was running around some old, abandoned farmstead. It was really foggy all around. I was chased by a strange horse that tried to eat me. I was running away from it, avoiding obstacles and climbing up buildings. In several places I saw some glowing shards, picking them up made the surroundings brighter. I jumped down from one of rooftops and the horse immediately attacked. I pointed at it with my thumb and it illuminated the horse like a flashlight. The beast was afraid of light and escaped, but whenever it came back to darkness, it tried to attack me. I ran into a barn and climbed up a wall. The horse turned into an evil clown. I tried to climb higher so it won't get me, but mistakenly collapsed a wall on it and escaped.


      I was about to leave my house, when I met some girl entering it. . I told and gestured her to leave, but it only made her clothes disappear. She stared at me confusedly. With another gesture, I made her breasts grow bigger, then another one appeared and shouted that she'll make me end the same. I just left my house and got to a road outside, thinking if this is a dream. I made a reality check and moved on. I tried to fly, but couldn't. I couldn't jump too high as well. I recalled one of advanced tasks of the month and looked at the sky. Instead of moon or sun, there was a strange mix of them. I tried to turn the moon blue, but it didn't work. Then I thought about visiting one of my pals. I tried to get there with high jumps or flying, but they weren't working too well. Instead I found a way to traverse far distances with just a few steps. Looking around on my way, I noticed that everything looked like more than ten years ago. I got to my pal's house and met her brother. I asked him where she went - apparently she was with parents on backside of the house. I noticed that she's only like 4 or 5 years old when I got there. I thought that I'm younger like all the DC's I saw, but I wasn't changed at all. I sat on a bench, and the dream ended.
    3. 6/7 & 6/10 TOTM Kardashian Impregnation KILD-DILD + FA

      by , 06-11-2014 at 12:11 AM
      6/10/14* (short version, though not a super long LD; KILD=Kiss Induced Lucid Dream) I am getting on a commuter train and feel very tired. I think to myself what if I can lucid dream on the train but it doesn't occur to me that I'm dreaming yet. Seem to doze off quickly and I'm standing in a hall and three ladies that I think are supposed to be the Kardashian sisters are standing on the other side of the hall across from me. The shortest one (seems to be Kourtney) is in between the other two and is changing her top and I could briefly see her breasts and the other two sisters are trying to cover her up while she changes. I move my head to the left and get another view of her right breast facing me. I believe that I am semi-lucid here. Khloe walks over to me like she is going to set me straight and I grasp her and kiss her and she is into it and I fully realize that this is a dream and I think of the TOTM bonus impregnation task. My original plan was to do it with Girl Friday (and I still can) and then to summon a meteor to mark the occasion (perform the meteor task) and visit the meteor landing site. We take it to the ground after some standing foreplay which includes my common reach down for moisture. Anyway, the main thing is we get down to intercourse. I start imagining exploding inside her and can kind of feel it (I think about how it has felt way more realistic on at least one occasion) and I pull up a little and say "look...your stomach is growing" and it does grow taking her up to what must be like 6 months pregnant or less with multiple babies or something...who knows. Anyway this blends into a very convincing false awakening where I think I hear my wife calling for me from downstairs as if I am making her late and I notice I am having trouble rolling out of bed and getting up and think that I hear her coming up the stairs. I try to reach over and bang the wall to let her know that I'm awake and getting up and I am finally able to fully wake myself and I wake up only to find that the last part was all just a false awakening. 159

      Craziness has been keeping me from doing much with my day practices and no night time practices this night due to needing a good night's sleep but going back over exercise 4a from the Open Beta exercises yesterday may have helped. The exercise gave me the sense that everything is a dream (at least for a more extended period than normal) and I found more exciting about my waking world.

      6/7/14* DILD involved me driving on what at first seemed like a familiar road and then realizing that I did not know this road at all - I am dreaming. I fly up out of the car and end up in the void where I patiently summon Girl Friday and have her strip which was very hot, turned into a false awakening of wife coming into the room and her being pleasantly surprised by my condition down there. 158
    4. Dreams are becoming really long lol

      by , 10-20-2013 at 05:05 PM
      lol wow, I had so many dreams last night I don't even remember much at all about the first dream except the little notes I wrote down in my physical dream journal. I got a smaller dream journal to get me to write only notes about the dreams instead of the whole dream, but still its hard to not write down so many details.

      Dream 1: Most of what I can say is just what I have written down in the dream journal, can only remember the last part. Apparently it was some video game where I was fighting on expensive boats and there were jet skis, except I have no recollection of this part whatsoever. I do remember there was this one part of the dream I had to get an elevator and it was some scrapyard on the roof of a skyscraper, and I had this one girl helping me get across. And on the other end of the building was this temple and Eggman was inside the temple somwhere. We were about to go inside the temple and fight these creatures but the dream ended there.

      Dream 2: All I wrote down was something about fighting dbz style, I would really like to remember more of this dream but all I remember is I was controlling a character that was hovering over the ground really fast and moving to the right around a big rock. Did not feel like I was flying personally at all though.

      Dream 3: This dream I remember more clearly. In real life I am starting Spanish 102 on monday, but I had a dream where I was in the first class of Spanish 102. I sat in a seat right in front of this scrawny kid I used to work with and he said sit your mangy ass down. I said shut the fuck up you scrawny little piece of shit and I sat down and I stared at him cause I knew he was gonna try to hit me. The entire class was like "ooooh!" then he tried to hit me, but me being bigger than him I picked him up and threw him halfway across the room. I think after that I woke up. I don't act that ghetto in real life lol.

      Dream 4: This dream was the longest and I remember it the clearest. I was at my friend Mike's house and we were all playing xbox or something and I was just chilling there with some other people. Everyone else besides me and mike went to go do something and me and mike talked for a bit, i forgot most of it but we just talked about jobs or something. Then I saw his xbox homescreen was some lady with her breasts showing for like breastfeeding or some reason other than porn and then the other people came in. There were two girls and they were commenting negatively on it, then I realized they had their shirts off and I was asking them why they hate it so much when they are showing their own breasts (lmao). I realized I had to go to school or something so I grabbed my controller and headset, but they wanted to use the headset so I let them and just took the controller, for some reason I was in my boxers so I grabbed my pants and was telling Mike how I needed bigger pants cause they're all a bit too small for me now (not gaining weight irl), he says yea i hear ya then I grab my backpack and leave. Next thing I know I'm in some school, no idea what grade or age group the people are.

      I realize I lost my backpack so I go down this hallway looking for it. The hallway has white tiles and roofing and red lockers going down on the halls. On my way down some girl I know named Shannon is talking about how she doesn't take Spanish and is saying "psh, thats German politics", or something like that. While im walking by (I liked shannon in high school) im secretly wishing i took german instead of spanish lol. I walk up to this group of people and they are standing by a bunch of backpacks, they look to me as I walk up to them and I just say I'm looking for my backpack. I remember they are standing right near the entrance to a bathroom. I see a backpack that looks similar to the one I am looking for, not lucid so my dream self knows and im just kind of watching. I say I think thats my backpack and then say no that just looks a lot like it. Then one of the girls there says I think this is it, and hands me my backpack. I say thats the one and take it and walk out the door.

      Once I got outside the school I noticed one guy starting to run. He said he missed his bus and I think I missed it too. He said he went to some elementary school I went to and some college like James Madison or something. He said this all as he was sprinting down the street. I was sprinting right after him and we went down the street and through some neighborhoods. Looked like the area around the middle school I went to except it was very similar to this one small town I remember from another dream. I kept following him and told him its like chasing someone in GTA 5, and he laughed and kept sprinting, we were going somewhere in a big hurry but I had no idea where. He got into this open car and opened the door for me. Then as I was about to get in he drove forward a bit to prank me or something and he accidentally fell off the side of this 20-30 foot cliff. I was thinking "oh shit" and he started slamming on all sides of the car then when I looked over the car was spinning in the air like crazy then rolled about 7 or 8 times once it hit the ground.

      He was on the ground near the car and I asked if he was ok and if he needed an ambulance and he said he was fine. I kept asking him if he was sure and then I saw this girl with torn clothes get out, all she had left was her short shorts on. She was looking the other way and I was like oh crap she was in the car too. Then shes just standing near the car looking the other way. I was with the guy I was chasing and the girl was looking towards her father who was on a nearby street. Then her father came up to us and apparently he was in the car too? (dream doesn't make sense at this point) He walks up to us and his lip is sliced so that the bottom part near the left part is sliced off and the little triangle of his mouth is pointing away from his face. We kept telling him that it was bad and he needs to go to the hospital and he kept asking us wow are you sure, how bad is it? and we were explaining it to him lol. He kept touching it and we kept telling him not to. That was the end of the dream.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    5. Country Story; Mom's Jewelry

      by , 02-09-2013 at 12:35 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Notes for dreams so I can go back to bed:

      Lots of land with bails and bails of hay, only dark.
      Someone said, "If all this were mine, I would re-hole every horseshoe until they were perfect" or something like that. I saw a horseshoe with a hole in it in my minds eye.

      Then I was sitting with a boy who stitched up some grey, suede leather so that it contained some RR spikes in a leather tube. I helped by banging a another spike into it so the head stayed above the leather. (I have six new RR spikes IWL). The leather tube eventually turned into a hat.

      I asked him to help me stitch one for myself. He then revealed a larger black hat for me. Then it turned out to be a football, which disappointed me.

      Then I had to use the bathroom. I went in and the john was really small and had no lid. As I started to take my pants down, someone disturbed me. Jesus!

      At a weird party, my brother got a piece of clothing caught on the top of a door. Someone took a piece of mom's jewelry so I did too, but I decided to return it.

      I Went up stairs picking up miniature pitchers along the way, then a lady picked one up and tossed it back to me.

      I returned the jewelry, then it morphed into a cool gun. It was small and crude, made of wood and brass or gold. You pulled back on a stick which was connected to something so that when you pulled the trigger, the stick was released and it would hit the projectile inside. It was awesome.

      Then there were a bunch of brass dishes. (Yuck, right?). I had a false memory that I grew up with it. (IWL I did grow up with similar stuff) I was putting them away, admiring the shape of some of the cups. The were like a mix between a Chinese tea cup and a soup bowl. They seemed to be the perfect size.

      I was watching video of women rubbing their nipples. All of them were perfect.

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    6. Car and Brother; Tittle Litties

      by , 12-15-2012 at 01:37 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Car and Brother

      I had picked up a new used car. I drove it home to where I used to live with my mom. It seemed like a long drive.

      When I got there, my brother gave me a phone. It had some kind of absorbent material and it was wet. He'd been crying, his tears got all over the phone, and then he gave it to me. It was kind of gross.

      I shook out the phone to let his tears drip off. Then I noticed he was going somewhere with my kids. I didn't want them leaving with him, but they wanted to go somewhere. I told him I would drive them, but I didn't have enough gas. He said that was OK and that they were going to walk.

      I didn't like it, but I let them walk.

      The End

      I had a dream that was like an interim dream between these two dreams where I was walking through a school trying to get to the outside. I kept walking through class rooms and trying not to disturb anybody. I walked through a band class which I saw pretty clearly, and then other classes. As I made it out of the school, I tried to see a reflection of myself with a hat and sun glasses, and something else that I had on, but I couldn't find a mirror to stop at, and I kept seeing teachers looking at me. At least I was outside now.

      Tittle Litties

      I was at a friends house (M-Bub). His girl bent down and showed me her tittle litties. They were beautiful. I asked her to show me again and she said "No" but then she did show me. It wasn't the same that time, but then she started showing them to me more and I got that same good angle again.

      She kept moving them. I wanted her to just lean over and let me look at them without moving around. Then she did stay still. Fantastic! Finally, I turned around and there was her boyfriend. He asked if I got a look at them. I was scared, but he wasn't mad. He smiled, and I told him, "No, I didn't want to." My intonation me said, "No, I didn't mean to."

      I then walked away and went to a blanket on a grassy hill. There was a bunch of stuff all over it. It might have been picnic stuff. I couldn't even sit on the blanket.

      Someone asked me to bring a couple of their things over to the blanket, and I brought something to the blanket also, but I don't know what it was. The other person wanted to get away from a shark. (I guess it was a land shark )

      Then I woke up.
    7. High w/B.K.; Girls Breasts; Driving Bus High;

      by , 10-23-2012 at 03:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was confronted by B.K. about some notes I'd written. I was afraid I would be kicked out of the C.S. I was so high. I read the last sentence and it was really weird, though something I might write IWL.

      I laughed. B.K. asked why I laughed. I explained it looked like something I would write.

      Girls chest, tank-top, cleavage with goose bumps.
      Then puffy brown areola were showing.
      My feet were pointing backward trying to touch her breasts.
      She moved close enough to barely graze a foot.
      I tried to get on the computer and bring up the camera to take video, but I couldn't get to the camera.


      I was driving my bus very high. I couldn't turn the bus, so I stopped.

      Then I was in my truck. I parked it and left it, but then was trying to find it again.

      I realized I was dreaming, I was in a building trying to get out. I ran down the steps and had a false memory of how to get out.

      Outside, I flew to find my truck. My truck appeared up in the air. It was blue, not black, which I found weird, but it was mine. I got in the truck and Bobby Cox was in it. He was the mechanic.

      He questioned me about finding my way out of the building, so I said, "I flew up here, didn't I?"

      Then the mechanic was Pat C. I went to kiss him (?), then I bit his mouth. I tried to bite clean through his lips. Then I went to bite his whole face/head, and I did.

      I started driving down the road trying to find my bus. I was lost, and trying to get somewhere where I at least recognized how to get home.

      I saw some people walking down the street. I saw a pretty girl, but I had to pass them. This part was not so lucid.

      I was more lucid when I came to a room with white, metal bunk beds. It was about 10 bunk beds high. I saw a deformed child. I flew up the beds, half climbing them. All the beds had deformed, crying children in them.

      I couldn't find anyone my age, so I left them.

      Then I was with R, my FGF. She gave me ten dollars but I didn't want it. I just wanted to be with her. She turned out to be J. I told her I loved her.
    8. Last Week's dreams

      by , 10-09-2012 at 06:38 PM (Exterminate)
      I am getting real bad at this, not writing my dreams down anywhere..Hope I can remember them all since last monday.

      October 1st: Strange night show

      The day seemed to be kind of dark, as if the sun was setting. My dad had pointed out that there were two moons in the sky. I looked and sure enough, there was two. One was the normal moon, and the other seemed about the same as the normal moon. The sun was extremely dimmed, like no light was shining off of it. It was orange-yellow, and kinda small, like the size of the moons. I stared at this new moon for a bit, and after a while it changed to kind of reflect the earth. It had islands, water, volcanoes..I looked at the old moon, and I saw more detail than ever before. It was still desolate and craters, but I saw it up close, without a telescope. I saw this concert like place, where my dad worked in the dream. He was doing sound next to the stage behind a curtain. I flew over the crowd and landed in front of him, and he tells me I shouldn't be here and that I shouldn't be so obvious when I am flying. I guess I could be thrown into some government agency for testing or something. I explain to him what I saw, then went back to staring at the new moon. I see a volcano go off, and the whole earth just kind of turn orange with lava. I witnessed the destruction of a moon. (Or is it a planet?) All of a sudden I see like a film over the sky, as if some artificial thing was placed over the city. I look around and hundreds of people are watching the sky, as the new moon attracted attention.
      Then out of nowhere planets, galaxies, moons, asteroids, space junk, everything appeared in the sky, easy to see, and words flashed in the air. They said something like "NOW PRESENTING: THE GREAT SPACE SHOW! PRODUCED BY -NAMES HERE- ENJOY THE SHOW, IT ONLY COMES EVERY COUPLE OF DECADES!" I now look down and see many people have chairs, towels to lay on, etc to watch this show. I was completely unprepared. I see my family next to me, enjoying the show. I watch the show for a bit and the dream ends.

      October 1st: Burying a girl
      I see this girl, who is like so knocked out, nothing will wake her up. I don't know if she was intoxicated, or just extremely tired, but she would not wake up for anything. I guess we decided she was dead so I buried her with my brother's help. We dig a hole probably 3 feet deep or so, and just long enough for her to fit well. We then take off her coat, which seems almost religious as it is like a shawl. Turns out she wasn't wearing much under her coat, as she was left in just her underwear. We were going to strip her further, but we didn't. The dream shifts as I then found myself making an underground minecraft style temple in that hole with the girl encased in glass in a display.
      That dream sure took an odd turn.

      When I dreamed this next one, it was a day before AWANA started, so I was likely trying to find where AWANA meets.
      October 3rd: Church meeting
      I was supposed to go to some sort of event, but I didn't know where to find it so I went door to door looking for the place. I went around what I know in real life as an event center until I found a house. I rang the doorbell and was greeted with an interesting sight. They invited me inside where I saw a man about 19 years old with two sisters, one on either side. The girls were topless which immediately got me aroused. I remember one being a blonde and the other a brunette. They both had their hair up. I kind of just stared at the breasts the whole time. I averted my eyes after a bit, because it didn't seem right staring at the girls like this. They assured me it was okay.

      I think there was more, but I do not believe they stripped further.

      Date unknown: Doctor Who dream

      I was put into this room, that had conveyer belts with minecraft zombies and some doctor who alien on them. There was a video game feeling here. I walked through a doorway to the left to escape the room I was in, and saw a circular hallway. There was only one exit aside from the room I was just in. I go to this other exit, and the room is quite dark. There is various junk lining the walls, machinery I guess. There is a light in the center of the room, with baby weeping angels going to the center. Once they got into the light, they were weakened. I was supposed to pick them up, and throw them against a wall to smash them. When they were in the dark, they were invincible. The room had probably 25 weeping angels inside. I kept dying, restarting the room/level. I do not believe I ever killed a single weeping angel.

      October 10th: Ice cavern trip cut short

      I guess my minecraft fights have finally shown in my dreams.
      There was this giant place made of minecraft snow. It looked like a skyscraper being made. Inside there was a hole that went all the way down. About 3 kids jumped down, and me and my brother followed. What was below was like an ice cavern, with water in the middle. At the bottom of the water was lava. Me and my brother were exploring until a mod from a server I play comes down and tells everyone to leave. We ask why, and he says "It is too dangerous for children." So I say "okay then, take the kids and go. We can handle ourselves." And he bunches us with the kids and says the mods are sealing the place up, never giving us a good enough reason to leave other than they just don't want us there. Then my mom and brother had left me home after searching for an artifact. I got so pissed off, and they said "We asked you if you wanted to go." I replied that I didn't know that was what they were doing, and there was a short fight. (In this dream, I guess there was a background that my family were all warehouse 13 agents, and I went on every mission.) I saw this thing in what I know in real life as the back of the place I used to work at. They were black rings, kind of large, that emitted steam. I did not know what they were all about, but I accidentally knocked them over. I was then told that I had 24 hours to live because of what they were emitting.

      There was another part of this dream but it is pretty much forgotten at this point. There was something about how every Saturday didn't exist or something like that. It had something to do with me strolling in the morning on a Saturday and going to some place. I wanted to go to the radio station I think, and saw this car. I went up to the man driving, and he pointed me across the street to a radio station hole in the wall building. I kinda ignored it and went on my business. I remember the house I used to live in being involved in the dream. I think the dream kinda ended with my fighting with my mom and brother while I was sitting in the back seat of a car. I was fighting about how I missed the last trip to find artifacts, and eventually I got out of the car, slammed the door, and went home. They then left without me.
    9. More Olympics

      by , 07-30-2012 at 05:43 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1: Olympics

      People are competing in various events related to dreaming. Competitors go into lucid dreams and perform various tasks in the dreams for points.

      How did I not become lucid in this dream?!?!?!?

      There was another event for baseball defensive skills. Each country is positioned at a certain part of the field. Balls are hit to each part of the field with people at various bases (in all combinations). The country that the ball is hit to has to field it cleanly and throw it to the appropriate base depending on the situation. Countries are judged based on fielding the ball, choosing the appropriate base to throw it to and throwing accuracy and strength.

      Dream 2:

      I am standing outside of my house and I see a woman with large, spectacular breasts. I want to bang her really bad. I go to my computer to masturbate (not sure if I actually did it). I end up on an orgy vacation with my wife. I start having sex with her. I'm not sure if I had sex with anyone else.

      I try going somewhere that I'm not supposed to go and I get caught. In an attempt to get away I find myself hanging onto the wing of an aircraft while it is flying. I am thinking the whole time that this is not possible and I am dreaming. However, it is very difficult to perform a reality check because I am hanging onto the wing. Without doing a reality check, I am not fully confident that I am dreaming so I am scared to let go.

      Next time I am in this situation I will try to study my hands.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. (Nap)-Adventure Time with Deus Ex, The Trip to Japan and The Avatar-

      by , 07-26-2012 at 01:56 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      -Adventure Time with Deus Ex-

      Don't ask me how the two mix, but they do. It started off with me playing the futuristic cyberpunk game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. More like just watching it, really. I watched the main character, Adam Jensen, simply talk random jibber about things in an orange-skied oceanic place with buildings in the background. Every now and then though, I'd go to a scene that fit well with the whole theme of the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. I played the role of the human character Finn, even dressing like him, and Jake the dog was following me around. He, too, was like he was in the show, save for the magician hat he wore on his head. Nonetheless, we walked through a dark, realistic looking woodland area, talking and not seeming to have any particular goal or anything. We came across a large house, possible a mansion that seemingly glowed in the darkness of the dark area. We decided to go near it, only to encounter three women walking our way. We followed them, and to a sort of outdoor restaurant of sorts, where they sat down, and I began to suave them into something. I don't quite remember what I said, but it seemed to be working well on the girls, particularly one who wore a red swimsuit and had tan skin with blonde hair. She was pretty, kinda middle-aged, but good looking regardless. She then started crying. I don't know why, something about not wanting to be with her boyfriend and wanting to be with me instead. I brushed it off, thinking it was my fault for causing such caine. I decided to walk into the mansion, for reasons unknown to me. We looked around, and the girls entered. This was their house, apparently, and they wanted me to get out, and so I obliged and left, somewhat sad. Me and Jake went to a restroom, not to go though, but looking for something or someone. We were in the women's restroom, strangely, though from the men's room we could hear flogging and crying. We rushed out and into the correct men's room. From there, we saw a rabbit and a feline-esque, humanistic characters on the floor, crying their eyes out. We went outside, only to find two men, dressed in old-timey soldier uniforms with the red shirts and white pants and the big black hats. We beat them up, took their outfits and their guns, and went on our way. Somehow, I had to reason that the two were together, Deus Ex and Adventure Time.

      -The Trip to Japan-

      Me, my brother, my mom and my racist as all hell Vietnam veteran of a step-dad were in Japan, though we spent most of our time in out small hotel room, laxing or doing nothing. There was all this talk that the avatar had returned, like from Nickelodeon's Avatar series. Still, me and my brother were much kinder to each other, unlike in real life. I guess I was somehow associated to the avatar for one reason or another, but I was dressed in Japanese RPG-game attire, and felt fine with a blue cape, a blue vest and baggy white pants with boots, and messy red hair. Anyways, I was planned to fly back home to meet the avatar.

      -The Avatar-

      I flew back home, though the flight felt amazing. I was strapped into a chair as if I was on a roller coaster, and the sides of the plane would open up to bare the dark night sky next to me as we flew back. I felt the wind brush by my body, and the plane even acted as a roller coaster. We went through turns and loopty-loops, though we reached my home town eventually. From there, I suddenly had a few people accompanying me, not sure who and I don't remember what they looked like, but the Avatar was one of them. She was a child, merely. With a cute belly and a cute face, though strangely large breasts. Though she was scantly dressed in only a wrap for her breasts and a loincloth for her waist, it seemed strange. I wasn't sure if she was a child or not anymore, or merely just someone with a tanned child-like appearance. Sooner or later, all of her clothes came off. She was exposed and her body was quite the sight, and her breasts kept coming up into my vision, without me having to look at them. They were just there. We went to cross a street, and everyone kept driving by in cartoon ways of showing their affection towards the nude girl. I recommended putting something on so that we could cross the street, and she did... though it was simply only a pink top of a bikini with the nipple portion cut out. We got across the street, trying fast to get to somewhere, though never really getting there.

      -Japan Re-Visited-

      I was suddenly back in Japan, I think. Me and my brother were fooling around in a store, and something strange happened, like I got caught in some sticky material while my brother (who looked nothing like my brother) got hit by something outside. The news and ambulances came, and once we were freed, we were put into things to keep us steady for something. Everyone was so happy that we were saved, though I never saw the danger of such things in the first place. Anyways, we were sent back on the plane, only to go to japan again. This time, we went through a city like area, a crooked tower standing near my side at one point, though this one was more relaxed, and I was able to enjoy the ride, and we eventually got down to a chapperal sort of area near a dam, and landed. That was how my dream ended.
    11. Groping From A Vending Machine

      by , 07-18-2012 at 02:28 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Four small fragments today:

      Fragment 1: Bowling dream.

      Fragment 2: I am at a park with a ton of dogs.

      Fragment 3:

      I am inside of a vending machine. There is a woman outside of the vending machine. I reach outside of the vending machine to caress her absolutely perfect bare breasts.

      Fragment 4:

      I am about to play a video game and I am in the process of picking characters then wake up.
    12. A Girl's Test Drive Adventure; Women

      by , 07-15-2012 at 11:20 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Girl's Test Drive Adventure

      I was walking down a hallway. Someone was behind me. I acted out my thoughts as if a I had some for of terrets. I was nervous, and was thinking about punching the person, so I turned around and and punched, though I pulled my punch. When I realized it was a girl, I felt really bad.

      She was a cute blond with medium length hair. She was sad and I felt bad I had reacted nervously like that. We came up to a door leading out and I said, "Let me at least open the door for you.

      The girl was upset. Outside I realized she was being bothered by the mob. A gutter from a house was across her car, and she was now driving it towards me. Now I'm in the car with her and someone else. We have had someone install new parts for a lot of money.

      Now there is a guy in the car showing us the new steering wheel. It is supposed to be really nice and offer super comfortable, responsive steering. I am very fond of the girl.

      She continues driving. Testing the car, she goes through some tight spaces at a Krystals and a bank. We went through the parking lot and ended up at McDonalds.

      In McDonald's I have a false memory of a cute, heavyset worker. She had short hair and was cute. She liked me. She tells manager and another girl behind the counter that she likes me. Then she is on my side of the counter washing something in sink that would be in the back. She complains about her work just to have something to say to me.

      I tell her she's doing a good job. She hugs me. I took the opportunity to hug her back, close and tight.

      I really don't want to because she's too big for my taste, but she is cute, so I hug her and push into her. Then we break away.

      I see the manager. We know each other, but he is also a false memory. I've come in there with my wife. I'm afraid he'll say something to my wife.

      Now I'm in a car-parts store attached to the McDonalds. Whole Lotta Love is playing through really bad speakers which I also remember as a false memory. I sense the grime everywhere. I think that the poor quality speakers make appropriate distortion for the song where Plant is moaning, but makes the song, but it ruins the song (That is not how I feel in waking life).

      Now I'm ordering and paying for a $6.00 part for my car, while a friend is ordering a cheap part for his car. I look at his receipt to see where I'm supposed to sign.

      The End


      I had my face up to my wife's lower region. As if she had to v's, I cupped one in one hand, and the other in my other hand. I thought about licking her.


      I called for my father and he answered. I quickly realized that it was too good to be true. I called again and he answered again. I should have gone lucid because I knew that he couldn't be answering.

      I discussed it with my brother and asked if he heard Dad answering. He said "Yes." I called again. I don't think he answered again.

      I tried to imagine myself going back to sleep holding a J. M. from my childhood. I couldn't make that happen.

      Later I dreamed that a black girl needed consolation. She hugged me and brought me to her bed. She wanted a little. I started kissing the top of one of her breasts and liked it. I was going to try to get more of it, but I woke up or quit dreaming.

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    13. Shuttle Launch; Battle and Breasts

      by , 06-15-2012 at 03:59 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Shuttle Launch

      I was in Florida at Cape Kennedy. There was a shuttle launch. I told someone with me, maybe my kids, "Come on! A shuttle just launched!"

      I see the shuttle going up, but it is just to the left of the brightest sun I've ever seen in my life. I lose the shuttle in the sun and never can see it again. I know I should be able to follow a trail of smoke or something to find it again, but I couldn't find it. I was pissed!

      Battle and Breasts

      There was a busty brunette in a red shirt. I had a small fork (Oden by Dansk design), and the chick had a pry bar. They are about 8 feet long and weigh 30 lbs or so.

      The fight wasn't fair, so she gave me a hug. My face was right at her breasts. Then there was some anthem playing, and I realize it is her singing, so I have my face at her breast until the anthem is over.

      Back to the battle. I know that if I beat her, I can give her another hug, and I want to hug her, so I'm prepared to battle. I think to myself how I can't perry with my fork. I'm actually going to have to use my hands to block her pry-bar.

      My dream ended.
    14. Purple Scarabs, Almost Late to the Bus, InvisibleWoman

      by , 05-17-2012 at 07:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Purple Scarabs (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a lecture room, and I think everyone is watching a screen presentation. I could tell that most of the students could care less from what was being presented, and after it was done, a lot of people started to leave one by one.

      There was a female professor in the back of the area that wanted the students to stay, probably to see if they had a few questions related to the presentation, but her voice was weak, it wasn't convincing enough to startle the students that left the room.

      I look at her face after she wanted to students to stay in the room, and then she has this passive demeanor that is full of disappointment, it's like she felt like a failure, and she just looks at space randomly. Probably to forget about how she can't even instruct the students with confidence.

      After there were only 10-15 students I decided that I should go ahead and leave as well, seeing as this lady failed. I felt kind of bad for her, but there wasn't anything interesting after the presentation was done.

      I think some point while I'm in the room, a swarm of purple beetles or scarabs start from the front area and begin covering the walls quickly. I think I'm running from them, but that's all I remember.

      Almost Late to the Bus (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting near the stairs of a building outside, and it's probably late afternoon. I'm resting from some kind of activity before, but I can't remember. I was wearing short pants, gray or black, don't know why I'm mentioning that though.

      I'm just taking my time relaxing, just watching, hearing, just getting used to calming down.
      I could've done a reality check at this point, because everything was neutral, which should've made me realize something was wrong.

      There were a few people walking past me, and I believe I had my shades on, so I that gave me a little confidence in staring at them a bit longer than usual. Pathetic....I know.

      After watching and looking at random people, some girl and her friend suddenly remembered that they have to reach for the Bus before it's too late. She said it's 7:25 I believe?

      I find that funny because I set my alarm to wake me up for a CANWILD technique attempt around 7:45 AM...wonder if that was a cue for me...

      She and her friend get up and run to the path to get to the Bus, and I had a hunch that I should be going to the bus as well. I end up passing the two women, and a blonde female is riding the bus.

      She was pretty skinny, and was wearing a very light violet hoodie the was opened. Then I look back to see if the other girls would come, because I was going to tell the bus driver to wait for them. After they go in, the dream shifts to where the bus driver is taking a right somewhere.

      I'm still holding on to the small pole near the entrance of the bus, and something doesn't feel right...it's like I don't really belong here. It's because before, I could've just ignored what those women said about being late to getting to a bus stop.

      Funny how things turns out when you decide to take a random path...

      InvisibleWoman (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this, but I'm on IRC chat, and InvisibleWoman (DV member) was showing me a link with a lady with large breasts. She was wearing a light pink dress shirt with both sides lining up half wear on her breasts.

      I think it was an anime picture as well, reminded me of a certain woman from a movie called "Immorality."

      Oh right, the chick's name is Sayako, she's kind of like some kind of sex demon that drains the life force out of men while seducing them....isn't that funny.....another succubus...

      And as for the movie itself, you don't want to watch it, it's lame....reallllly lame.
    15. The Crazy Robot

      by , 05-02-2012 at 03:42 PM
      I was in this grocery store helping my parents shop. There was this beautiful woman there I kept glancing at, hoping she would notice me. It turns out I needed to head back her way to grab some cases of coke. I got the cases and as I headed back to the checkout, I glanced back over my shoulder again at the woman, and she was looking back at me this time as well.

      Now the dream changes, the grocery store turns into a library with some different DCs. I'm just walking around a bit, looking at the book titles I walk past and heading over to the table area to have a seat. There are some DCs at the tables, reading books. There was a row of chairs out of place, like someone moved them to block off several isles of books. The chair row went down, and turned to the left to make a dead end. These were all the typical heavy wooden chairs a library usually has. I move 2 chairs at the end of the row to the table I was next to so I could sit down. This librarian woman sees me doing this and comes over to me. She starts giving me an attitude which I didn't like, and asks me "where are you from?" I'm thinking why do I have to tell her where I'm from? What kind of question is that? Although I did tell her what city I live in, I wasn't about to just stand there and be grilled by her. I woke up. Take that, I just ended the dream and your existance!

      It didn't take long to fall to sleep again, this time I had a short dream about mowing grass. After I mowed, the neighbor next to me mowed his grass too. Over near the border to our yards, there was some tough grass on my side that didn't get cut even. I guess I still had the mower with me, because I used it on the grass until it came out all nice and even. The only thing was I had to keep changing the angle of approach to get it to cut right. When I was done I lifted the mower up off the ground while it was still running even though doing so was dangerous. The blades were spinning fast, but I just set it back down and shut it off. There was some soft ground next to me that the riding lawnmower tore up into mud and left wheel tracks in. Somehow I remember doing that earlier when cutting the grass, so I must have been using both a riding lawn mower as well as the push mower.

      caution sexual dream following
      The next dream goes back to the library setting again, this time without the annoying lady. There are some DCs there, and one guy has built a robot. The robot actually looks like an old style cylon from battlestar galactia. This robot is running around the place, acting crazy. Somehow it finds C3PO, rips off his head, and places C3PO's head on top of its own cylon head. So now this robot is running around "pretending" to be C3PO, but he just looks stupid to me. The next thing I know is that the guy who built him has now modified his robot so it could have sex. In other words this is now a "male" robot. The robot seems to want me to find a mate for it, that is when I notice this naked woman setting at one of the library tables. Getting her attention, I'm about to hook her up with this robot, and as I'm talking to her, it seems as though her skin changes to metal, looking bronze. It is at this point I start thinking, what the heck am I doing? I'm not giving her to this crazy robot, I want her for myself. She turns back to a normal woman once I start touching and holding her. The crazy robot runs off. So I'm lucid now and touching her tummy, running my hand all the way down, and then back up to her breasts a few times. Then I start caressing her breasts and sucking on them. She was so nice and seemed to be enjoying it. As I was sucking on her nipple, it started to get longer in my mouth and went down my throat. Although I wasn't choking, I could feel it there as if it were trying to give me a little choking sensation. Although it was unusual, it somehow was arousing to me and I kept doing it. It didn't hinder me from breathing. When I started pulling away from her to get her nipple out of my throat, it came out slowly, being constricted, then broke off after only a few inches. At least I think that is what happened, but her nipple looked like it was ok to me, although overly large at this point. She seemed pleased, smiling at me. This is where I woke up.
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