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    1. January 5, 2015 - (L) | Facility, Britain, Smash, Forest Trail, Ice, TARDIS

      by , 12-27-2017 at 04:35 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -(L)-Caught a FA. I noticed the fan was running and the display was on even though the actual thing (outside the dream) was off. I got out of bed, and looked N, and then a gray and white cat got my attention. I walked over to pet it, and it purred. Suddenly, both it and Snickers were sleeping on my bed. (Also, this new cat was about the same size as Snickers)
      -I was inside a cool underground facility in a room with tables full of unrecognized junk. I walked into an adjacent room that was smaller, the last, and the ceiling was a skylight. It was during the night, and I saw some parking lot lights, and the wall of a building. Suddenly, the dream let me know of a person that was walking closer to me with Satan. They were one the floor above me. I can’t remember the whole conversation, but I replied, “Is there a way that can leave without pain or death?” The guy said, “You’ll just look from your window!” I replied, “No, I can’t, this place is underground.” [Skip] Back in the bigger, first room, Alan was sitting in a random, comfy chair. The chair was also 2-sided. Next, we set up some unstable stairs (which consisted of one wooden chair, and the brown rocking chair (comfy) to try to reach the floor above us.
      -Liberty Ridge had a road that came in from the northeast. There happened to be a gas station in the north corner, and another gas station in the east corner. So, we got out of the car, walked into the east gas station shop, and bought some cereal.
      [New Scene]
      I found myself in England with Jeremy Clarkson. I said, “Britain needs more mountains. [Talking a little about Washington mountains and hikes.]” He was like, “Yeah.” It didn’t matter where I was, whether I was standing there, driving somewhere else; all I saw was slightly rolling, green landscape.
      [New Scene]
      So I was playing Smash 4 with an acquaintance. I was Mario, and he was Greninja. He had the tag “Mew2King.” I beat him, of course. The killing blow was a reverse Ore Club hit. The stage was Kalos Pokemon League. Earlier, I saw some notes that M2K himself apparently made. It contained a list of everybody that we was going to play against that day.
      -I spawned (I think) in a forest on a trail, with a backpack. The stuff in the backpack included a huge bucket of pencils, a 5-subject notebook, some scraps of foil, and maybe some food. Along the trail, I dropped the foil, and decided that seeing what was ahead was more important than retrieving the foil. I soon came to a river (deep, fast-flowing) that I needed to cross. There was ice cover up to 15ft from some rocks over the river. I looked around for a couple of sticks that were big enough to help me cross. I found one that was satisfactory, and one that was not. By now, the ice and snow were almost gone, so I started to walk across. Two steps in, and I find a very suitable stick, just standing in the river. A couple more steps in, and I come to a dual-floored deck. (I was now 15ft above the river) I carefully climbed down to the second level, and jumped from there onto a 45° deck slope. Now on the other side of the river, I decided to set up a beacon pillar, since it was getting dark. The light itself looked exactly like a thermal discouragement beam. The dream camera then switched and panned down the river for a while before coming to stop, where a few people were coming. Also I noticed two other beacons from that camera angle.
      [New Scene]
      I found myself in some kind of school, still with my backpack. I had no clue of what I was supposed to be doing. There was one point where I had gotten a writing utensil out, and put it back. Another scene happened, where a young female asked me if she knew me. I was like, “You look familiar…..did you go to KLE?” “No.” “Then nope.” [Skip] The TARDIS appeared in the floor around the TARDIS. They acted similar to black holes, except the compressions lasted for about 3 seconds each. Everyone (all 4 of us) rushed into the TARDIS to avoid the random compressions, but before we got there, compressions tried to kill us. We eventually got in one by one until all of us were protected from the gravitational forces inside the TARDIS.
      Lucid Time: 30-60 seconds

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    2. Britain Nukes Us, and Finding a Secret Passage (aka isn't Kasey Kasem Dead?)

      by , 07-25-2014 at 12:07 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something about a roller coaster.

      I told myself when I woke up from this one, I'd remember. I told myself to just remember "roller coaster". And now, that's literally all I can remember. -_-'


      I was with some other people, though I couldn't say for sure who they were. We were taking shelter somewhere, though; America had been bombed by Britain. They had dropped a nuke on us.

      Wherever it was that we were, there was a lot of radiation in an area of the room. Most of it was coming from this thing on the ceiling that we called a "generator". It had something to do with the bombings; it got moved during them, and absorbed a lot of radiation. It was this black and white metal thing that looked kind of like a moon rover. I remember getting close to it a few times, and being warned not to.

      I want to say the room we were in had some sort of anti-gravitational property in it; I feel like when we would get close to the generator on the ceiling, we were floating to it.

      Then, I was talking to my mom. She was telling me about something her and Windy, a woman I know from when I was in college, something about what they did during the bombing. I asked my mom about what Katie did.
      "I mean crazy Katie," I said. I was referring to my old roommate from college.
      I don't remember my mom's response.

      I remember thinking about the exact area that had been bombed and wondering if the people immediately died on impact.


      This dream took place post-bombing as well, but that was not the focus of the dream. It seemed that some time had passed after the initial bombing, maybe a few weeks.

      I was outside somewhere, and I wanted to go do something. It had to do with my brother. I went to go speak with my doctor about this. It had something to do with my right foot; I wanted to tell her that something was wrong with it.

      I put this giant black roller skate-type thing on my right foot. It was my brother's. I started to skate and walk to wherever it was that I was going. I entered a building, and into this room that looked like a lobby. It was spacious with lots of couches. I approached a lady sitting on one of the couches. She was my Doctor, Dr. B, but she looked kind of like a teacher I had in college, Dr. D. She was wearing a white lab coat over her clothing. She was also working on charts. I got her attention, and she looked up. I told her something about my right foot. She looked at me as I told her, but she seemed concerned, or like she thought that something else was wrong instead of the foot. I thought about how contradictory it was that I was telling her about a foot problem, and yet, I was wearing this giant roller skate on the affected foot. She then went on to tell me something.
      "They're bruised," she said.
      She was referring to the bottom of my rib cage on the right side. I "remembered" getting it x-rayed last time I was there. I guess the results were in.

      I then had two of the big black roller skates instead of just one. They were made for skating on carpet. I skated around on the carpet inside for awhile, feeling how easy and effortless it was. I hadn't skated in years, so I thought it would be more difficult to get back into it.

      I then was on the phone with someone, looking for this secret entrance to somewhere. It had been a place my brother liked and was very well-known at, but my brother was out of town with his fiance'. I feel like I was supposed to have a purpose for going to the secret place, like I was supposed to be trying to fix something that was wrong with me. The lady on the phone had asked me if such-and-such (can't remember what she asked me), and I said no. She had seemed slightly irritated, but hid it well, and continued to direct me.

      I got off the phone afterwards, and I found the entrance somewhere in this rocky area, I think there may have been water there too. I had been there a couple of times before, but it had been years. You had to be very precise upon entering it though, or you'd go the wrong way. I slid down this smooth rock slide, but ended up in the wrong place. I had to go all the way back around and start over.

      I remember being back where I started, and there were so many different ways you could go. The whole area was rocky, and it was like I was in the middle of a circle with my options all around me. The someone that I had been on the phone with then offered their help. It was a woman. I had to follow her. She was showing me a shortcut so I wouldn't have to go all the way back around. I followed her to the secret place. The shortcut she took should have seemed obvious to me, I thought. Duh. But I am not good with directions. -_-'

      Anyway, so I was there, in the secret place. It was the skating rink I used to frequent as a child. I was skating on the skate floor. There were a few others there, mostly people who worked there. I skated by them, as they were all standing in the same area, close to the benches on the side of the skate floor. I was then asked about my brother, about if he wanted something, or wanted me to have this something, I don't remember for sure, or what the something was. Not entirely sure I knew what the something was when I was in the dream either. I told them I didn't know. They were going to send Kasey Kasem to ask; they knew my brother loved Kasey Kasem. I told them that he was out of town with his fiance'. So they had Kasey call him instead. I heard him talking on the phone, but I did not see him.
      "Hi, this is Kasey Kasem," he started, as he so often did on the radio.
      He started to ask my brother what he wanted to ask him.

      I saw my brother sitting at a table at a restaurant with his fiance', talking on the phone.

      I then wondered if this was a different Kasey Kasem, since the real one died. I thought maybe there was someone that worked at the rink that went by that name.


      The Kasey Kasem thing could have easily been a lucid trigger. Gah. Oh well.

      I think I'm going to try getting back into meditation, if I can discipline myself enough to stick with it. That really seems to help my LDs, while also making me feel better all around. I'll see what I can do. I can easily take 30 minutes out of my day to do it. Just gotta stay focused.


      Just remembered a fragment.

      I was handling a few small birds. They looked like finches.

      The Noobies!-finch.jpg

      As one jumped on my finger, I felt its small talons digging into my finger. I expected this. It was alright, though; I was caring for the birds.

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    3. Building a Train from Britain to America

      by , 09-12-2013 at 11:51 AM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      9/12/13, 10:45-5:50

      I meditated before sleeping. I said a few mantras. Went to bed at 10:00, couldn't get to sleep till 10:45.

      Dream 1:

      I remember it was the 17th century. Britain was colonizing America. The Brits decided to build a railroad from Britain to America. That's crazy! Since trains weren't even invented at that time. Don't know why I didn't see the dumb logic in that. :/

      Dream 2:

      I remember a building. It might have been in Florida. That is all.