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    1. 27 Mar: Lamb's head, making out with Seth Rogen, demon, semi-lucid explorations

      by , 03-27-2021 at 11:01 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Some avant-garde show or ritual where some guy goes around defying the audience to dance inspired by what they are watching. Many on the audience seem to be professional dancers by the way they move. Then someone starts passing a lamb head as a prop. But the lamb head is alive and I feel horrified, but not like scared, but worried for the "animal". So I kidnap the lamb's head and run away with it. Take it to the vet and they say it needs surgery to survive. After we get some more info about the origin of the animal, the vets tell me I need to go to Africa and get something that will heal the animal. Once in Africa, in some remote village, I need to pass a door with two guards. I try seducing them, but they don't flinch. Then ask me for a million dollars to go in. I explain the situation and say it is to save an animal's life and they reduce to half a million, which is still ridiculous but I agree to and they let me in. I then steal whatever was inside the guarded house and return to the vet. The lamb is now able to get its surgery and regrow a body. Later I get a call from the vet saying the animal is doing great.

      I married to some rich family, but I have this feeling I did it against my will and feel unhappy. I am walking with my family through some hipster area of old docks now turned into restaurants and bars. By the other side of the river I see Manhattan. I am walking ahead of them, making a little dance waving a white shawl in the air, feeling empty inside. Then I encounter Zilla by chance and she walks with me. She spots some vegan fast food and invites me to come along. I do and let go of whomever I was with before. Riverstone is there too and although it's mid morning, they both wanna eat lunch. At first I say they are crazy but then I give in to the idea and ask for an Impossible Burger. While we sit at a table, I get notified that I have an exam to renew my driving license renewal in a day or two and I panic because I wasn't aware and haven't studied shit.

      I am dating Seth Rogen. I am half lucid, so at first I feel like "Why didn't I chose some hunkier guy to fool around with?". But he is extremely sweet and I actually start feeling the hots for him. We're sitting on a bed or couch, making out, and when I kiss him he gets really excited, in a very adorable innocent way that makes me want him more. He starts reaching out to his pants and I am totally into it. But then I notice that there is another bed to our side and two girls are sitting on it, watching us and that disturbs me. Worse, I spot a red demon under their bed and see that he is about to snatch one of the girls, so I jump to grab her and rescue her. The demon gets pissed and starts projecting long arms, claws and tentacles and weird heads coming from under the sheets, without ever leaving the bed area. I beat him as hard as I can until he kinda retreats and I sunk into the wall.

      My mom is with her friend Paula. We are at an ice cream shop and I look for a vegan flavor. There is one for the stupid price of almost 25€. I complain a lot to the seller and he seems not to understand my complaint. Then I realize that's the price for a whole bucket of like 5 to 10 lt and I apologize and ask how much for a cone with a ball. I then follow my mom and Paula to a car. They didn't get ice cream so Paula is offering something else like crackers to my mom and ask if I want some to. Then we go get my dog Hachi and Paula goes get some other dog like animal on a leash to accompany us on a walk, but it is some dog-like alien with green body parts. I insist that she keeps a good distance from me and Hachi, because Hachi already reacts bad to other dogs, let alone alien dogs, but she keeps forgetting and getting to close for comfort. One time they almost get into a fight, so I give up on this walk and we take the dogs away. Later on I accompany them again to some kind of old garage where mom is talking to the owner and some guy offers us crackers and cheese. I am giving it a try when my Sensei enters the place. First he pretends not to see me while he talks to the rest of the people, clearly nervous about approaching me. I also pretend not to have seen him in the first seconds, but then gather courage and I say hi and give him a hug. He feels relieved and actually a bit overjoyed, so then he gropes my breast and pretends it is by accident, but I know it wasn't. I ask about the classes, he says it all stopped because of the pandemic, but that he misses it a lot. I say I do to. I wonder why he doesn't ask me why I left the classes way before the pandemic started.
      Music starts playing, some Latino rhythms like salsa and he and everyone else start dancing. I don't want him to invite me to dance, so I leave through a back door into a backyard and I see my mom is already there with some new age "kumbaya" group. They seem harmless, so I let her be. Then they invite us to go on a boat trip and I start drifting from the dream.
      Probably had a very brief episode of FA and felt my bed shake like there was an earthquake, but that brought me back to the dream on the boat. I laugh and tell my mom that when the boat started the engines, it coincided with me feeling my bed in RL shaking and she laughs.

      I am again semi-lucid, back on land at some ground floor mall at some private condominium, but the atmosphere is dark and heavy and I see no one around. I also feel watched by agents or demons whom I know to be present in the dream, ready to attack me. I walk through the corridors and sense a presence following me. I do evasive maneuvers until I find an exit and run around the building to try and see me stalker. It is some shady guy who disappears again. I see a lady walking away with the alien dog from Paula. I fly upwards to assess my surroundings and then land in some university campus, which I find lovely. Each faculty seems to have a theme, for instance, literature classes take place in a mini medieval village, where each house is a classroom and people gather around communal tables to debate topics, instead of facing a teacher. I walk a bit through the narrow streets, the houses are all ground level timber-framed and feel very cozy. At the end of one of the streets there is a bigger building, like and open hangar, but it is a tavern or bar, and the decoration changes completely. It is 60s and cinema inspired. It has the colors and the furniture typical from the 60s and posters of old spy movies on the walls. There is a door leading to the parking lot with a toll booth. A vintage car from the 50s just stopped at the booth and when I approach, a bunch of gangsters come out of it and point guns at me. Turns out I also have a gun and also drop it on them. For some reason they stand down and leave. My cat Yéti comes out of nowhere and I pick him up. Once on the normal city streets, I see my mom's apartment building or a very similar one, but with a few more balconies. I see the details like the tiles on the walls and feel extremely nostalgic about it, to see how detailed it is engraved in my memory. Then I fly upwards and take notice of the rest of the buildings around, think about getting beyond this and do something interesting. I fly higher and higher, until what I see below me is an African plain at sunset, as far as the eye can see. I feel free and relaxed, but my cat Yéti who I am still holding, is getting pretty nervous and wanting to jump, so I look for some place to drop him safely. There is a house floating in the air, no front wall for some reason, so I just go inside. I am planning on resting there for a while, see if Yéti can be left there safely, but the house starts tilting and everything in it slides through the open wall and falls into the void below us. Some old Asian lady comes in from another room, looking surprised to see me and in panic. I only have time to grab Yéti again and I jump into the void to fly away on my terms instead of falling.

      I am in a room talking with BTS and I find them all very nice and smart people. I decide to become their fan and wonder if any of the guys in the band is single, so that I could hang out with. I sit between two of them and one, I think the youngest, immediately leans on my shoulder and gets really close. I was fantasizing about dating one of them, but all of a sudden I feel like he is pushing it a bit too much too soon, so I tell him nicely to back off amd take it easy. The others laugh.
    2. 4/25/18- Hell and Incepted Lucidity 😂

      by , 04-26-2018 at 06:40 AM
      When it began, I was going to the regional spelling bee (which I'm doing IWL ). My nerves were shaky, but it was happening. I was excited, especially since, in the dream, it was taking place in South Korea. My father and I were at SOU, where the spelling bee is being held IWL (it was still SOU, just... In Korea) and walking around campus when we found an adorable animal. It had a huge fluffy tail, little paws, and... A human face?!
      However, we thought nothing of it. It was cute and that was all that mattered. It basically had a small, adorable, pinkish purple raccoon body- it seemed to love us, so we decided to take it home. The dream drifted away from the spelling bee, and I was sad that we had to leave Korea. So I came up with some better ideas.
      In a Coraline-esque movie, I had seen a character say a poem, and go through a painting, taking her to another world. I decided to do that, and return to South Korea, so I could meet my idols. I remembered the four-line, rhyming poem, and noticed the painting leaning against the wall behind my bed. It contained lots of dark colors and red, reminding me of hell, or Hades. After I said the poem, I took a deep breath, and stuck my hand through the painting. It sucked me in, and I began to fall from about 6 feet up on a wall. The surrounding area was dark- certainly a hellish landscape. I was in a room, though. Albeit a large one. I felt a weirdly strong connection to Kim Taehyung at this point- mainly just thinking of his name. Anyways, as I exited, random dream characters were like "wHAT'RE YOU DOING HERE?? YOU'RE FROM THE MORTAL WORLD,, YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DOWN HERE, PLEASE GO BACK, THIS PLACE IS CURSED," but I was just like "nah fuck u, im gonna go make out with [my favorite idol]."
      This turned out to be a rather large building, but it was all comprised of the same materials, colors, and designs. I found an area which was supposedly [my favorite idol]'s room. His bed was red and black, and there were some dirty clothes scattered around it. I just... Sat there, waiting. Then I just decided to have a walk around this dimension until they kicked me out. Outside of the building, everything was pretty much normal, and I remember walking along a highway alone at night. It was kinda cool. Eventually I returned home, upset that I couldn't make out with [my favorite idol], so I decided to do it another way. A safer way. Lucid dreaming. (Pretty ironic, huh? I didn't even think to do a reality check right then and there.) I basically became lucid immediately, in a new landscape- which just so happened to be the main street of my current Town. I rubbed my hands together very frequently, amazed at how well that strengthened my hold on the dream. I decided to hunt down BTS, so I floated up, until I saw the town in a map view. In the Northeast area, rightwards of the town park, I saw a large square crowd of people with a few in front, on a stage. I assumed that it was them, holding a concert, so I flew over. However, there were NINE people in front, instead of seven. It wasn't them. My dumb ass didn't think to turn around and change them into BTS, but oh well. I don't really remember much after that. I'm happy to be having more LD's and that I used a lucidity strengthening technique, though.

      Updated 04-27-2018 at 09:28 PM by 88528

      lucid , non-lucid
    3. 9/6/16 - I'm Jimin

      by , 09-08-2016 at 11:53 PM
      I'm Jimin. I have to solve a bunch of puzzles inside Grandpa's house in order to get to Jungkook. Finally I manage to solve all of the puzzles and end up in a bed. In the bed I'm scared and it feels like I had just had a nightmare. I call out to Jungkook and he appears in bed next to me. We hug each other tight and fall asleep.
    4. 8/7/16 - Fingers and Hands

      by , 08-07-2016 at 08:12 PM
      I'm sitting in some kind of school gym/multi-purpose room. There's tons of students and parents. Everyone is sitting in rows on the floor, facing a stage, but nothing's really happening. Everyone is talking happily so the room is pretty loud. I'm sitting in the very back row. Sitting next to me is Lay, and sitting next to Lay is Chanyeol. We're friends and talking and laughing, but I notice Chanyeol keeps staring at me a lot, which I ignore. I hardly make eye contact with him. Jin shows up and is walking up and down each row, checking on everybody. As I look up he looks down and smiles at me. I grab his hand as he starts a conversation with someone in the row in front of me. He stays in the same place as he talks. Without getting up I reach for his hand and we hold hands the whole time. Occasionally he moves a bit forward, so I end up only being able to hold his fingers, but the whole time he's talking we never lose contact. Finally, after Jin's done talking, he smiles at me again so I release his hand and he leaves to check the other rows. I watch him go. I look down at my hands and notice that I feel Chanyeol staring at me again. Without looking up, I grab Lay's hand and pull it to my lap. I look up to see his reaction and he seems shocked but happy. I smile to myself and look back up towards the stage, waiting for something to happen. I start to play with Lay's fingers and without thinking much of it, I pull his fingers to my lips and kiss them. I then take his pointer finger into my mouth and start sucking on it. I turn and look at him and he's blushing but not stopping me. I pull his fingers out of my mouth but keep them close and continue to kiss them. After a dozen or so kisses, I pull his hand back onto my lap and hold his hand. I can feel him smiling and he squeezes my hand in return.
    5. 12/11/15 - In a Graveyard with the Woman in White and Jimin

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:54 PM
      I'm walking through a graveyard. I know it's a graveyard but I notice that there aren't any graves. Jimin is holding my hand and leading me deep into the middle of the place. We stop and look ahead at a woman in white that is staring at us. She is as still as a statue, yet her long brown hair and blindingly white dress is flowing softly in the wind, even though there is no wind at all. I look at her face and notice that she has blood-stained tears running down her cheeks. I'm afraid to move closer. I squeeze Jimin's hand and look down at him. He is a small child, barely reaching my waist in height. He looks up and me then let's go of my hand, running to the woman. She looks down at him and kneels to be eye-level with him. It looks like they are whispering to each other and it makes me nervous. After about a minute, she stands up, takes his hand and slowly walks towards me. They stop right in front of me. The woman and I then kneel down together with Jimin standing inbetween us. Jimin rests his hands on my face and smiles brightly at me. "It's ok, she won't hurt you", he says. I nod my head and look at the woman. She reaches one of her hands forward and rests it on my face.
    6. 12/10/15 - Jimin and I in a School Hallway

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:49 PM
      Jimin is leading me by the hand down a dim school hallway. We walk for awhile. There are a few people here and there that pass us by, but I don't think anyone is looking at us. Suddenly he stops walking and turns around to face me, taking both my hands in his. He smiles sadly and says to me, "You know they'll never want us, right?".
    7. 11/8/15 - Cheer Up, JHope

      by , 11-09-2015 at 12:20 AM
      I'm outside on a school campus. I'm standing in front of Eunji and Hoseok. It's like a silent movie because no one is talking but I can feel how they are feeling. Hoseok is sitting on a brick platform next to some stairs. Eunji and I are both standing close to him. I watch as Eunji walks closer to him and tries to hug him. She looks upset and apologetic. He puts his hands out in front of himself to keep her from coming closer. She looks even more upset, but she backs off and walks away sadly. After she is gone, I walk up slowly to him, making sure that he sees me coming. He looks up at me and smiles. I smile back and lean forward to bring him into a hug. I kiss his hair. He tightly wraps his arms around my waist and nuzzles his face into my stomach. He is happy again.