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    1. Desperately Seeking Susan

      by , 09-16-2017 at 04:42 PM
      08-23-2017 -- Get to visit with Ms Cummings again! I find myself at a grade school, just about as classes are going to get out. Somehow I've been told this is the school that Ms Cummings is now teaching at by someone on Facebook, and I am trying to find her and meet with her. It is the same rough school layout as Marshall, probably in the same district, but there are six rows of classrooms instead of five, which means probably one per grade, plus the couple of kindergarten class rooms. Anyway, it is about 2:45 in the afternoon, and a bell has just rung, and the teachers are starting to release their classes.

      I'm wandering around, trying to glance at any teachers among the students who are starting to fill the halls, and attempting to see any teachers still in their class rooms, and a couple of the kids are following me around. The odd thing is, most of the classrooms have disappeared. A row of classes that should have four rooms, only the first is there, then I am just looking at an empty field. I mention it to the kids, and they are commenting on how there used to be four classrooms there, just a few minutes ago, and they have no idea where they went. But while I am trying to figure that out, I hear a vaguely familiar voice, and turn to see a teacher walking down a hall that looks familiar, and might be my fifth grade teacher.

      I hurry to catch up with her, and overhear a staff member call her Ms Yourshaw, so I realize I've got the right person. I try to call out to her, and she turns to me slightly, but disregards me almost immediately. She has bandages covering her face, and seems to be hurting, and is fairly cold and seems kind of uncaring, and when I tell her I used to be a student of hers, she doesn't seem to care at all, and tells me to go away, as she starts to climb a stairway to the second floor of the building that we are in. I call out that I can go away, if that is what she wishes, but only after I let her know that she was the best teacher that I ever had! She kind of laughs that off, but actually starts to pay attention when I list creative lesson plans and the like, and actually starts to try and remember me.

      She says something trying to identify me with a specific time period, and I bring up incidents of that time, including her taking me out for a sundae at an ice cream parlor at Brookhurst and Orange avenues (I think that was where it was, though I can't remember the name of the place. Did Smucker's ever have its own ice cream parlor chain? [Have since managed to remember it was probably called Swenson's]) and the year she lost a half a year to injuries from the auto accident, and she is actually starting to remember me, and cheer up a bit. Slightly worrying, but she invites me to join her in going to a local bar and having a drink, and while I don't plan to have the same exact drink, I figure I'll get a Midori Collins.

      As I am following her out of the school, she runs into the principal, who is greeting her, and asking her about when she is going to be home, and asking about who I am, and she mentions me as a past student who, the last time she saw me, was trying to sell my copy of Roller Coaster Tycoon to get some funds (something I do not remember at all <ggg>). As she walks along, Ms Cummings slips on something and falls to the ground, and suddenly the principal is trying to control the scene around her, and kind of rolls her around to a position where she can apply a jerk and kind of align her back, damaging her own, in the process. Ms Cummings returns the favor, and cracks her back, then the principal starts asking me more questions. Indication is she rooms with Ms Cummings, who seems to have gotten jaded and depressed, and she is excited to see her showing a little bit of interest from her again. She actually seems to expect to see something romantic going on. I don't have any similar expectations, not that I would be particularly opposed to them. (Always had a little bit of a crush on her.)
    2. Bits: Malfoy's RPG Dice Save the Day, Attacked by Gorilla, See Doctor at Bus Stop, MR Ducks routine

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:15 PM
      A collection of fragments I can't remember in enough detail to get their own topic, but with some interesting parts I don't want to just forget.


      07-23-2017 -- Again, a bit of a shorter one. Another Harry Potter dream, taking place in a sort of a cross between a school, and a mall, I think. Something evil is pursuing us, and we're trying to find a way to defend and protect ourselves, and Hermione has come up with some sort of gadget that can help keep us safe, but it needs to be made with a fairly good-sized gem. Malfoy has been trying to become a better person, though he is still a bit annoying, but Hermione is telling him about the new devices to help keep us safe, anyway. When she mentions needing the gems to make them, he pulls out a bag with his D&D dice, and it turns out a couple of the larger dice were lost, and he had replaced them with large, multi-faceted gemstones, so he is able to give her a couple more to make more of the things. There was a lot more to this, originally, but it was very hard to remember, and faded especially quickly.


      07-25-2017 -- Can't remember all that much of this, but I am Harry Potter, and am on some kind of camping trip in the woods, and am trying to sleep in a sort of a camp bed, but I find that I am in some kind of a tree, and there is a big, violent gorilla who is trying to reach me and attack me. I am trying to stay out of his way, but he is fast, agile, and can climb well. I keep trying to get out of his reach, and he eventually does something that launches us both off the side of a cliff. He falls to his death, or at least serious injury, while I somehow manage to save myself with some sort of hover charm or something, then am explaining the whole situation to Tonks while listening to old music. Strange.


      08-19-2017 -- Anything earlier is gone. Waiting for a bus near Knott's Berry Farm. Kind of flirting with a girl who might, just might, be Amy F. And accidentally catch my phone between my body and something solid, and manage to more or less snap it in half, longways, and I am really disgusted with myself about it. Meanwhile, somebody sick has come along, and has their doctor along with them, and is giving them a check-up at the bus stop, and I had heard something about this and tried to make arrangements, so the doctor is willing to see me and prescribe something for my HBP, and in the aftermath of that, I manage to miss two buses by being in just the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Flash forward, and it is now a week later. I am out traveling with mom, and we are at the same bus stop, and I am hoping to see the doctor again, but I don't know if he travels this route weekly or only once a month or what. A doctor is passing through, but it turns out he is not here to do medicine, but just on a walk or something. Then 'my' doctor comes through and he is checking on me briefly, and I decide I want to tell him the conversation that looks like gibberish, until you know the secret. MR Ducks, MR Nott, OSAR CM Wangs? OILB MR Ducks. {'Em are ducks. 'Em are not. Oh yes they are ... see 'em wings? Oh I'll be ... 'em are ducks.) But he wanders off for a minute and before he can get back, the bus comes (on the wrong side of the street.) I catch it and go one stop, then decide to go off since the Doctor still hasn't come back yet, but as I get off I don't see mom and don't know if she got off, so I get back on the bus, and find her standing by the bus driver, talking to him, so I guess I am missing the doctor.

      The next thing I know, I've gotten off the bus somewhere else. There is no sign of mom, and I think I am having a short conversation with Sheila Smith, which has her commenting something on how she can likely answer a few questions, and I say sure, as long as they aren't on the subject of, say, Muslim dating rituals or something, and she seems hesitant, and I am considering making a statement about how I thought it was Anne who was the cast member with a Muslim history (something from another dream that wasn't written down, nor anything except that one bit remembered) as she walks into the Peter Marshall cafeteria for a rehearsal, and I wait to catch another bus. Weird.
    3. Fighting off Alien Invasion and Alligator Dogs with Calea Z

      by , 08-23-2017 at 02:55 PM
      07-18-2017 -- (2nd successful [to a point] use of Calea Z.) I took Calea Z last night, and it did not give me a super case of insomnia, as usual, to prevent me from being able to get any sort of sleep, and therefore prevent any sort of dreams. Instead I took it along with a dose of melatonin to encourage sleep. Slept for about four hours, woke briefly, could remember nothing, fell back asleep. Slept for about three hours, woke briefly, and could barely remember any fragments. Went back to sleep for perhaps another two hours, and woke with a fairly involved and interesting dream that included some (slightly muted) bright colors. While it was a quite cool dream that was well worth having, no idea how much of it may be attributed to the Calea Z, or whether it was random chance, and the Calea Z had no effect what-so-ever. It can be compared to my one previous successful Calea Z dream, here.

      As always, starts somewhat fragmenty, with faded bits that can't be remembered. I think I am traveling somewhere, almost by accident, while trying to plan out future travels. Hints of some sort of large ghost tiger or something, but I simply can't pin down that part. There is a somewhat small, thin, waif-ish red haired girl who a lot of people are pushing around and insulting a bit. I'm trying to gently defend her a bit here and there. It feels like we're on a bit of a river boat sort of thing, and I may have won some kind of prize in a contest or something, but it is really small, and I am not worried about it.

      Anyway, I think I am trying to plan a trip to England and Scotland, more than actually be on it, but somehow I am there. I am in Scotland, in line to board some kind of ride. We are boarding colorful carriages of the sort that Cinderella might take to a ball, except that these are horseless, and 12 or 14 of them are kind of linked up to form a bit of a train. We've been waiting a while, and two of these trains have loaded up and rode off, and we're likely to make it on the third, but it is taking it's time. The tracks seem to be used by multiple trains, as there are cargo trains coming the other way, and people are getting ready to ride them, but I'm pointing out those obviously are not the same trains, and are going the wrong direction, and they aren't stopping for us anyway.

      The trains are taking a curve just past us, and heading into a warehouse area, but each successive train is becoming larger and taking the curve at a higher speed, while being even more off-balance (one seems to have a massive weight hanging off to one side as it makes the turn, and it feels almost inevitable that the weight is going to fly off and crash down on us). The next train has something even larger attached, but it is on a sort of boom or something, and is being spun around in circles two or three times like it is building up speed to throw it, and things just feel scary.

      By this time we're standing in a sort of open air station. There is only half a metal roof, and the place is open to the elements, and suddenly we hear this loud BANG! Another half a metal roof has just been dropped on the station by the train, which seems to be half-construction-boom, and I am wondering why they think it is a good idea to do this kind of thing while people are in the station. They continue working, and there is a lot more banging, but I think somebody has got something wrong, because suddenly the back corner of the building and the new roof are collapsing. People are screaming, and potentially being crushed, and Robert Bradford (who I was standing next to, and who I was hoping wouldn't realize I was one of the ones who was screaming) is in the process of setting up a lawsuit for the victims of this tragic accident.

      I am unharmed, and am kind of walking away, when I hear a sort of thrashing sound. Behind me, in an area I was just walking past, is a large something that I can't make out. Then it moves, and I can focus on it clearly. It is a large alligator or crocodile that has just crawled out of a waterway. I'm not too concerned with it, as it is several yards away, but it moves directly for me, and seems to be remarkably fast. So I keep putting things between us, but it either swats them away with its tail or its mouth, or it just crawls over the top of low things, and keeps coming after me. Soon I'm in a narrow alleyway, trying to find a way to chimney up the walls, and hoping alligators can't climb walls, calling for help and crying out "Alligator!" At least at one point, I've got my arms wrapped around its jaws, trying to keep it from being able to open or close its mouth.

      Eventually some sort of animal handler comes up and starts interacting with it, and he seems to know what he's doing, and the alligator seems to be shrinking, and turning into some strange sort of alligator/dog hybrid that is now about the size of a beagle, and kind of cute, and still following me around. At this point, our 'train' has finally come, and I've climbed on one of the back cars, and the alligator/dog is on the very last car, still trying to follow me. I'm backing off, but am no longer sure I want to escape the thing. Suddenly it looks like it is trying to go to the bathroom, and it sort of poops on a pile of canned goods, but the poop starts to move. It seems like the thing just gave birth to a bunch of baby alligator/dogs that are all less than an inch long, and almost look like slimy little tadpoles.

      Meanwhile, some woman is trying to get my attention. She looks like Mr. Sturgeon's secretary from the Bruno & Boots movies, and she seems to be in charge around here, and she is going on about that contest I won earlier, and how I have to take responsibility for my prize, and not just walk off like I did, earlier. It turns out I have won some land here in Scotland, and though it is only a small amount of land (I think three houses stand on it) it is enough to make me the smallest and least powerful or influential Lord in the land, which could be slightly cool.

      The problem is, several of the people around us are still mumbling about the small, slightly cute, unjustly picked on red haired girl. The woman snaps out something about how we need to get over it, she's just a Jew, and those of us who were trying to help her are horrified by this, especially since the poor girl is being held in her friend's arms, dying of a combination of the abuse she has received, and a broken heart.

      I am determined to do something about this, and walk away from the lady again, to lay hands on the girl's forehead. I'm not all that great of a person, but I know there have been times in the past that God has used me to heal, when it had nothing to do with me, but just a desire to help someone else. I start praying over the girl, and all her friends join me. We are pointing out how nice she is, and how sweet, and how much she spends her time helping others, and praying for God's healing and blessing over her, while the lady who'd just made the unfriendly comment is arguing that she "didn't mean it that way!"

      By this point, I've kissed the girl's brow, and she seems to be regaining her strength and mass, and is doing better by the minute. She's actually kind of cute, and I'm hoping she might need a boyfriend, but it turns out the reason she was brokenhearted was because she was romantically interested in this short Hispanic kid, and her step-parents wouldn't accept it, which is why they were abusing her and allowing others to do the same. Yup, she was a literal red-headed step-child! Unfortunately, he is backing away, and wants nothing to do with her. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, figuring he may not want her to get beaten anymore, but if that isn't his reason, I'm seriously thinking of giving him a good, solid thrashing!

      About this time, I am distracted by a tanker truck flying by through the air. It has somehow been mounted on a plane or something, and it is some sort of terrorist attack. It is being flown and dropped on a half-distant air field, and we see it dropping down over the horizon, then a loud boom, billows of dust rising, and slowly a mushroom cloud forming. Wherever we are, we are very close to Cinderella's Castle, and it has been bombed as well, and towers are collapsing in flames. There are enemy planes in the sky, and more bombs being dropped.

      Suddenly I find myself facing a classic cartoon-style bomb just floating in the air in front of me, a bizarre, muted ultra-violet orange and green. I'm trying to figure out if it is friend or foe, but eventually realize it is some sort of small personal fighter, waiting for its pilot. There are a lot of dead people around, so I climb on and start to try and get my balance. Steve Koffroth climbs on another next to me, and I steady it (and him) until he's got it under control, then let it go. Two young kids come flying up to under their own power (not using ships or anything) and I am kind of staring at them, until I realize. "You're dead?" I ask them. They nod. It seems they were caught in some of the first blasts. Now their spirits are volunteering to inhabit our space crafts to kind of bring them to life and help to control them, as the pilots who have been trained to fly them are not available, and they were never properly activated.

      So their spirits merge with our crafts, and we grab up some of the odd green and orange machine guns, and fly off to face the enemies. The invaders turn out to be some sort of Oriental people, though I do not know which ones, and they've now got lots of troops running around with machine guns, while our flying missiles seem to have run out of energy, so we're mostly grounded. We find ourselves trapped in a large warehouse-like building with a bunch of the gun wielding enemies, and our weapons don't seem to really work ... or do they? They only seem to shoot tiny, dim beams of light. They seem to cut right through robots, destroying them easily, but seem to make almost no wounds to regular people's heads.

      But slowly I'm noticing something strange. People who are screaming to kill us one second, after I shoot them in the head, are commanding that we be captured ... then released. "What? We can't do th..." BANG! "... Sir, yes sir!" We're somehow turning them to our side, while still having to hide from those who have not yet been turned, who are still shooting at us with machine guns. Again, we're running through warehouses. At one point, somebody opens up fire on me, while I hide behind boxes which are being blown apart, as I try to fly a path through the boxes to reach the next floor, while being shot as little as possible. Very interesting and fun, overall.
    4. Trying to Save People on B5 thru Drugs, Staying with Friends Who Turn out to be Death Eaters

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:08 PM
      06-27-2017 -- Odd HP/B5 mash-up. First bit I can remember, I am at the Hickory House, which is somehow on B5. I'm being lectured by one person (possibly Sheridan) that I can't save everybody, while being warned by another (probably Delenn) that I have to find a way to save them all! I'm not sure what's going on, but we're drinking something that is supposed to cause odd hallucinations, because it will provide us hints of the future. I drink the thing, and am waiting for the hallucinations to start, and there are bits and flashes of light and movement and stuff, growing into a brighter and brighter flash.

      And then I find myself on Hickory, and it is early in the morning. I'm extremely tired, but for whatever reason, home is why I am tired, so I can't go there. Somehow I can remember I was staying at the Goodwins before this, so I decide to go back there, though I fear it is a bad idea (after all, it's early in the morning.) In a sort of dream deja vu, I go there twice. Both times I open the screen door, try the door knob, find it is locked, turn to walk away, and then hear a loud bang that I fear I caused, but I can't figure out how. (In actuality, I think the screen door was on a strong closing thing, and as I walked away, it banged shut.)

      Anyway, I know I've done this twice, and am afraid the banging is going to have woken the family up and gotten them mad at me, so I'm about to rush away, hoping not to be seen, but as I glance back, the door is already open, and Barbara is standing there, so I turn back to apologize and explain myself. I explain that since I was staying there briefly the previous afternoon, before going off to however my mind was understanding this bizarre mash-up, I was just trying the knob, combined with mention of how tired I was. I'm also kind of nervous to realize I am standing here in my underwear. Instead of yelling at me, Barbara simply invites me back inside, and I somehow find myself dressed in a full set of blue pajamas, kind of collapsing on an extra bed in Jeff's room, more or less passed out.

      I realize Barbara dressed me by magic, and I'm Harry Potter. Jeff's starting to stir, and Marvin is there as well. They are talking quietly, and I'm only half asleep but acting like I'm fully asleep. Jeff is dressed in a green boy scout uniform, and my blue pajamas are morphing into the same. Meanwhile, I've swung back to a sitting position on the bed and am apologizing to Barbara again, except that I am starting to refer to her as Narcissa. But Marvin/Lucius is now and always only Sir. Oddly enough, Jeff stays Jeff, and thankfully doesn't turn into a Draco clone.

      Turns out something is going on today, and several of Jeff's Death Eater friends have shown up, and are slowly changing out of their green boy scout uniforms and into their red Death Eater robes, while Narcissa is cooking us all breakfast, trying to prepare us for the day. I'm feeling out of place, sitting here in my green boy scout/Gryffindor robes while everybody else has switched into their red robes, and my mind isn't even catching a hint of the odd color reversals. It does lead me to commenting on how some Death Eaters are perhaps not so bad, while wondering if I ought to dress up in red robes as well. Narcissa is looking at me strangely until I mention "Can't you just imagine the expressions on the faces of all the light-side wizards at seeing me that way?" and she starts laughing.

      They head off to what they need to do, and I walk back to the Hickory House, where I now feel ready to head inside again. But as I approach the door, I am briefly stopped by seeing four of my friends walking up, dressed up as a set of super heroes, all different, yet with a hint of uniformity to their costumes that indicate some sort of team. The only one I can identify is David. They are iffy about letting me approach the house in my red robes, but I quickly explain and walk in. The first thing I do inside is approach my room, because I know my cat was left in there, and I figure with my being gone for a day, nobody is likely to have let him out, so I am fearing a mess. As I head into the second bedroom, I am thinking of a more recent cat (probably a cross between Black Lightning and Ray), but what I find is still the old marmalade of Cocoa and Sammy. I'm trying to coax the cat out, but it doesn't want to move. That's about all I can remember of this one.
    5. Trying to Stop Security Guard's Theft by Beating Him to It

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:49 PM
      05-29-2017 -- Two from last night that struck me as kind of interesting. In the second, I seemed to be back working security, or at least kind of. But there were some special guest stars. Somehow it seemed someone who used to be one of our guards was 'caught' with four copies of his old security reports, which led us to believe he was planning to come back and do some kind of stealing or bothering people there or something. So we were in the process of making plans to stop him ... by staging our own robberies at these places. (The idea being that he wouldn't hit something that had just been hit, but that as soon as things were over, we could return what had been stolen. Well, it made sense in the dream.)

      But it was kind of a cross between security and mystery shopping, which was odd, and the whole thing was strange. At one point the bad guy seemed like it might be Steve G., but at another time he seemed to be one of the ones working with us. Another one working with us was Jaqueline Smith's Angel, except she was going by the name of Jill Monroe, which of course was Farrah Fawcett's Angel. But I have to admit, it was enjoyable working with her.

      On another of the cases, the site was one of the hospitals I have both worked security in, and been wandering through or picking up medical specimens in, in dreams over the last few years. So I was taking medicine (including for hbp) before having tests done, while trying to protect the staff, and trying to explain what was going on, without leaking anything important enough to allow the bad guy to catch what was happening if he heard anything, while the staff was thinking I was still working there, when I hadn't actually worked there in several years.

      Then there was one of our guys doing his robbery at gunpoint, waving around his fire-arm (some sort of machine gun) while talking to us, and explaining how he'd got caught, but still managed to only get something like 3 days of jail time for the event. Or the fact that one of the patients in the hospital was Lita (wrestler) who stopped by to visit or pick up or something her little boy. It was just odd stuff, all around.
    6. Brandy Moves In and I Move Out

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:39 AM
      06-28-2014 -- First bit I can remember (quite incompletely) starts with me kind of wandering around in the Buena Park Mall parking lot. I am in the section of the parking lot between Penney's and Sears. I am here to meet some Disney regulars, including some from Disneyland, and some from the Adventurers Club. The only ones I can actually recognize are Bob and Virgina, but there are a bunch. Among them is a rather cute woman who I find myself developing a bit of an interest in. She indicates that they are all about to go out to dinner at one of the Disney restaurants, and I hope that I can afford to join them, and am mentally reviewing my funds, but when I look up, I find they have all started moving, and I am falling behind. I run to try and catch up, and even fly into the air slightly, but I am having a hard time catching up. I chase them around the back of Sears, and over to the La Palma side of the parking lot, before I eventually give up, and just decide to start heading for home, a bit disappointed.

      So I start to walk toward home, and soon am in the part of the parking lot between May Company and the May Company Auto Center, right on Dale. I seem to be sort of rearranging a couple of cars, and trying to figure out how to get mine out and drive it home. Unfortunately, Draco Malfoy is standing there insulting me and making fun of me. Even worse, he is doing this while leaning on my shoulder and hovering over me in an overly friendly manner that is just very, very weird.

      I get home to a house which is a really strange cross between the Hickory house, the house on Pageant, and the Amidon house, a place I just moved back into a day or so ago. I find that another new roommate moved in this afternoon. It is a strange cross between Cheryl and Brandy, and as soon as I show up she starts bothering me for a favor. She wants me to take the day off work (or more), find a way to get the gas I need, and drive her to somewhere like Miami or Jacksonville, and I can't believe her gall. But it gets worse. She wasn't asking me to drive her to Jacksonville, Florida, but something like Jacksonville MO, or some place several states away like that. I tell her "No ... just ... no!"

      I need to go to the bathroom, but I find that the toilets in all three bathrooms are stopped up with crap, stinky and overflowing. Disgusting. And all three of them were fine, yesterday. I figure I will go to get something to eat, but when I reach the kitchen, I find that all my food is missing from the freezer. Some of it is on the stove, but it has mostly already been eaten. Meanwhile, Brandy is crying and complaining because in one of the bathroom mishaps, she ruined the binding on one of her books. I control my temper and offer her a book I have that includes information on how to fix damaged bindings, but she doesn't want to spend any energy repairing it, she just wants to complain about it.

      At this point I just want to go to the bathroom and take a shower, but now that Brandy is living here, I don't know if I even feel safe using the bathroom ... I'm afraid I might catch an STD. Meanwhile, as I am making my way into the bathroom and undressing for my shower, somebody manages to force their way into the bathroom. It is a woman who almost looks like a bag lady and her young, spoiled son. I discover the reason Brandy was trying so hard to get me to drive her somewhere was so that I would not discover that she had invited a couple more people to share her room with her. It is the lady and her son that have ruined all the bathrooms and eaten all my food.

      I am trying to explain to her that she can't just invite extra people into the place to live with her, while trying not to give too much offense to the lady and her kid, but to be honest, sparing their feelings is not among my top priorities at this time. Brandy's response is that she ask the owner when he gets home. I try to explain that the owner doesn't live here, but it turns out the landlord (who is cross between the guy from the Pageant house and Larry) is not the owner, and the actual owner does live here. I tell Brandy I will probably move out, because this all just isn't ok. Just about that time, the owner and the landlord show up, and while Brandy is badgering the owner about her friend and the kid, the landlord pulls me off to the side to lecture me about paying my rent on time, and warning me that the rent has gone up $10 a week since I last lived here. I wave it off. $85 instead of $75 a week is no big deal ... but what is a big deal is Brandy living here, so I start to explain that I will be moving out again.
    7. The Boring Meeting at the FCM Convention

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:19 PM
      01-27-2014 -- [Poor sleeping, constant waking, weird night and weird dreams.] I'm in a place of mom's, but not one that I recognize from real life (or indeed, from specific past dreams, either.) Somehow I am standing in front of a small metal sink, trying to fill a pot of dried red beans and rice with some water, so I can cook it up. The problem is, something is wrong with the taps, and though I have turned the water on, I can't manage to turn it off. There seems to be one small place which is off, and turning it to either side from that tiny position is on, but I can't find the sweet spot, and the sink is just about to overflow. I finally manage to get it off, but now the pot is also overflowing, so I have to drain a lot of the water, and in the process, find that almost all the red beans and rice have also overflowed, so I don't have anything to cook. What a mess.

      I think there was a tiny bit of Kevin B somewhere (possibly a comic book convention), but soon things shift to where I am instead wandering around Indiana Wesleyan University with Dale, attending another FCM convention. The thing is, I know they have moved the convention away from the college, but in this dream they have specifically returned to IWU, and it is kind of nice to be back. We are passing some stalls and approaching a hall where we may be having some sort of lecture or business meeting, and things start pretty quickly.

      I almost immediately find that I am bored out of my mind, and just can't manage to stay there. I stand up in the middle of the thing and just walk out. Soon I am wandering around through the building, looking for somewhere to relax and maybe read or something, but everywhere I find students with books spread all over the tables doing homework and stuff, and I know we're supposed to stay out of the students' way.

      At one point I end up kind of jumping over a couple of chairs that have been knocked over (reminds me of a scene out of an old Bing Crosby musical I just watched) and am amazed I have the agility to do so at my size, and kind of half-realize I am dreaming, and do a slight bit of hovering, but I soon lose track of the fact, and wander back toward the hall where Dale is.

      I find a large metal sign that needs to be separated into parts, and start carving it apart with my fingernails in a rather impressive way, and find myself interacting with Bridget B. from choir. For some reason, she needs the sign parts I am disassembling, but her much more impressive fingernails can't manage what mine can. So I start handing her the sign parts as I get them separated, and we walk along, chatting, exchanging one-liners, and I throw out one about the Middle East that just takes things too far, so I have to kind of apologize for that one.

      Meanwhile, our discussion has been fun enough that she asks me about texting more comments back and forth. I am trying to remember what information I need to give her, whether e-mail addresses or other things, before I finally realize oh yeah, just the phone number, idiot! As I start looking for the phone number so I can give it to her, I realize I've lost the darn phone. Nuts! By this point we are in a room, and she is starting to remove the fancy dress she was wearing (a nice powdery blue number with black trim) and I realize I have followed her into her bedroom, and I really don't belong here. She doesn't seem to be worried about me, but her husband Brian is looking at me a little strange. I start to apologize profusely, explain I wasn't paying attention, and ... uh ... I gotta go! Problem is, I haven't been paying enough attention to know how to get out of the quarters they are sharing, either, so go the wrong way at first, but then I spot a door with several locks on it, and realize it must be the exit. As I hurry out, I see their son and daughter. I think he is playing a video game, and she is reading a book or something.

      There is another teen there (probably a friend) wearing a really strange hat that seems to be a cross between an odd multi-colored fez and a lampshade, and I find myself trying to turn a nob to turn the light on or off, except there isn't one, of course, since it is a hat. I apologize, and make it out the exit, and kind of stumble back to the hall from earlier, just as the meeting is about to get out. I get to listen to them saying the Pledge of Allegiance (at the end instead of the start?) and then they finally start exiting. As I meet up with Dale and we start discussing whether or not I am coming back to California for a bit of a visit once the convention ends, we overhear them debating about whether or not they should open up the organization to Mormons. Odd bits.
    8. Mystery Shopping and Filming a Movie with Real Superheroes and Harry Potter

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:10 PM
      01-28-2014 -- [As usual, first part is not as detailed as it should be.] First thing I can remember, I am out somewhere, discussing potential mystery shops down in the Palm Beach or Lauderdale area. I am talking to a male scheduler, but the type of shop has a strong feel of the recent Circle K shops, stuff where the pay has gone down or they have limited the number of shops or something like that. Something has gone on that has caused me to quit, and say I won't be working for that company any more, and this has ticked off the male scheduler a bit. But then it turns out one of the shops is right next to where we are having our discussion, and the closeness balances out whatever has me ticked off, so I try to un-quit, and say I won't mind doing that particular shop.

      The guy says that particular shop is only doing a shop-by-mail shop, that month, but it turns out all I have to do is mail something to them, and remark on any response I get, and that is even simpler than the usual shop, and pays the same, so I am quite happy with it, and am trying to get to necessary envelope together. Problem is, as I am trying to get things together, I actually start to drop stuff, and as I do, Joe S. and his little sister show up, and start pranking me. I am carrying a bunch of sheet music for choir, and as I am picking up other stuff, Joe's sister has grabbed my sheet music and dropped it into a file, while Joe has grabbed some of my other stuff, and started moving it. I have already had the hassles I have been mentioning with the mystery shopping company, and I just don't have the patience for their games, so I make as if to stomp off.

      Joe's sister gives up on teasing me, and starts pulling back out sheet music and handing it to me, but now I find myself with two or three copies of various songs, rather than just the one I need, and as I try to separate out the extras, I just start dropping more and more, and scrambling for it. Meanwhile, I also have four toothpicks I have to keep track of, and keep safe (possibly in connection to the by-mail shop) and they are scattering on the floor as well. As I keep trying to pick things up, the scene shifts a bit, and I am standing next to my car at a toll booth, right before where you pay the toll, the door open, still trying to pick up sheet music and toothpicks.

      The problem is, there is another car approaching the toll booth coming the other way (doesn't make sense, but there it is), and he may plow right into me. So I pick the entire car up, and set it just off the road on the other side of the toll booth, and then hurry out of the way, myself, so I don't get run over by the car, then finally manage to finish picking up all my toothpicks and music. Problem is now that I don't want to get in trouble for not paying the required tolls, so I again pick up my car (which has an e-pass in it) and kind of swing it over the toll booth on a sort of swinging platform (like the ones in Sonic the Hedgehog that sometimes swing you over spikes or fire pits) so that it registers. Problem is, I don't stop quickly enough, so it swings over a second time, and registers again. I just hope that the toll organization will be smart enough to realize they should only charge me one of them ... meanwhile the car keeps swinging back and forth, so now I have to hope they will disregard two of the three tolls, and I get the car out of there as quickly as I can.

      Then things shift again, and I find myself in Manhattan (or a cityscape that looks fairly like it) surrounded by skyscrapers. I find myself watching a movie being filmed by real superheroes. The Incredible Hulk and the Green Goblin are in the middle of a big fight, and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man comes swinging into the middle of it, and I can hear the Hulk muttering and complaining about how it is a mistake to let Spider-Man get involved in all this, because he is so wild, and improvises so much. And sure enough, Spidey swings into the middle of things, coming around on a web at high velocity, and nails the Hulk with an incredible drop kick that sends him flying about a half a mile, outside the city, where he lands on his back, sliding through a field on the edge of a lake. He's the Hulk, so he's not really injured, but he now has a slightly painful case of something like road rash on his back, which he is muttering about as he climbs back to his feet and starts to leap back toward the fight scene.

      But the scene is now changing again, and Tobey has been turning into Harry Potter (or perhaps Daniel Radcliffe) who is standing on what almost seems to be a float, along with Hermione/Emma Watson, who is feeling rather down. For some reason, I am standing there trying to tell her how very beautiful her character is, being as sincere about it as possible, to give her morale a boost. But they have to get back to filming. (Like the superheroes before, they are making a movie, but they actually have the powers of their characters, so it isn't technical movie magic being used to make the scenes.)

      I am in a sort of an alleyway, out of the way of things, and some sort of late-teen black princess (dressed in a fairly fancy purple gown) is approaching the alleyway I am standing in to get out of the way herself, until her scene is ready to begin, and she sort of glares at me, so I back up further to give her more room to sit down. Harry Potter goes flying by on a broom mounted to the front of a magic carpet where all the camera equipment is mounted, filming over his shoulder as he flies, and he passes the mouth of the alley, then flies a sort of arc before heading past the alleyway again, heading the other direction. By this time the black princess has moved on to do whatever her part is, but there is a little black girl (probably ten or eleven) riding up on a bike, looking forward to watching her sister film her scene.

      And somehow the little girl and I in our alleyway, get sort of sucked on to the flying carpet in Potter's wake, so now we're flying through the air behind him while the film company films these fabulously expensive scenes. They must be adding the sound separately, because the whole time Daniel is muttering and complaining about how there is a fabulous peanut-shaped blimp flying high up in the sky, but they didn't know it was going to be there, so they couldn't plan to include it in the filming, which bothers him, because he thinks it is neat. The problem is, all the sheet music that I had been trying to carry has now turned into large, flat (unassembled) cardboard boxes, and the wind rushing by as we fly along has pulled them out of my hands, and they have been sucked in front of the cameras and have ruined the scene. Daniel goes ballistic, and starts screaming at me for ruining the scene, and mentions now they will have to refilm it tomorrow, but I am not available tomorrow, and you know what? He's glad I'm not available tomorrow, because after ruining the scene, I don't deserve to be in it, so hah! I don't remember what I actually have to do tomorrow anyway, but I say I can reschedule if they want me to, and be there, but he tells me that I am not wanted. Rather depressing.

      [Just interesting information ... though I have not read it in some fifteen or twenty years, there was a very early Spider-Man comic book that had Spider-Man and the Green Goblin filming a movie in a desert somewhere (Spider-Man thinking the Green Goblin was only an actor, and not realizing it was the real Goblin) when the Hulk stumbled into the middle of things for a huge fight.]
    9. Harry Potter and the Winter Carnival

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:29 PM
      12-31-2013 -- [This is an odd one with no magic, but several characters from the Harry Potter stories. I am a cross between Harry Potter and myself.] I am sitting in my second bedroom in the Hickory house (not as in I have two of them, but as in I moved from one to the other at some point in my childhood) with three friends from Hogwarts, trying to plan out how to deal with Voldemort. With me (I think) are Hermione, Luna, and a cross between Neville and Dave D, a friend I grew up with. I also may be including scheduling a security work shift in here somewhere.

      I get a feeling that the girls might like me in a romantic sense, but if I try to get near either of them enough to try and touch them, they back off. Neville won't even shake my hand, and I find myself just about to start asking if I smell or something. I'm starting to feel really down and unwanted, until I tell myself not to make a fool of myself. I remind myself they may want to take things slow, or they may both like me, and both are backing off to give the other a chance. Or they could have no interest in me in that way, but I just don't know at the moment. I just don't want to make an idiot of myself over what could be a simple misunderstanding.

      Meanwhile, they are all giving me warnings about my income taxes, and reminding me that some expenses of taking out a Dark Lord are tax deductible, while others will probably get me in trouble, especially considering how corrupt the wizarding world is, and some of the screwed up laws they have. I promise I will try to take it all into account, as I rescue Luna, who slips and falls in the mass of clutter in my room. In this dream it is just masses of worthwhile stuff, with nowhere to properly store it, as opposed to garbage. I also pet a couple of the cats which are wandering around, but then the other start to leave, and I am getting ready for bed.

      Before I can lay down to sleep, I am interrupted. Padma and Parvati show up at the door, and Parvati explains she has an envelope she wants me to open up, and read, and then give her an answer to. On the outside of the envelope are three or four tickets to something, and inside I find a letter from Parvati explaining that she wants me to take her to the Winter Carnival on Tuesday night. It also says there are enough tickets to take up to six people, giving me a little wiggle room to keep things from possibly getting too uncomfortable. Chris T., a girl from my high school (and grade school for that matter) has an envelope as well, and seems to be a bit worried at first, but then mutters "it's Tuesday. Mine is for Wednesday," and settles down. I am apologizing for the condition of my room, and commenting on all the strange 70s tie designs I have hanging in my closet (which is located where the desk should be) which I think I inherited from my older brother.

      I think about it for a few moments, and come to the decision that I need to get out more, and decide I will take anybody who wants me to, to the Winter Carnival, if they can accept my limitations. Since I am almost sure it is fourth year, the Winter Carnival seems to be an alternative to the Yule Ball. It seems to be the muggle version, with rides and games and shows, according to the information on the tickets. I lead Parvati off to the side to speak to her (after asking which is which, since they are identical twins) and start to explain things.

      I explain that I am a very heavy guy who is out of shape, and tires easily, and say that I will be very happy to take her to the Winter Carnival, but she has to understand that I won't be moving all that fast, and will occasionally have to stop and find a bench to sit down on and catch a breather. She seems sort of nervous and iffy, as if she had somehow never noticed my weight, and was rethinking things, and seemed to be worried that my belly might keep me from even being able to hold her. I wrap her in my arms and pull her close for a hug, which seems to answer her fears, and she seems to be smiling again.

      I soon find myself meeting the twins' mother, who shows hints of the past beauty that the twins now have, but she has aged a fair amount, and is now only fairly attractive. She seems to approve of Parvati's interest in me, and tries to calm my own worries by telling me they will pick me up at my door and drop us off right at the gates of the carnival, so I will not have to do any walking around except at the event, itself. Meanwhile, I am looking around for Chris to explain the whole thing to her, and to let her know I would be glad to escort her on Wednesday if she still wants me to, but I can't find her anywhere. I hope I haven't hurt her feelings while I was talking to the Patils. Meanwhile, I find myself looking at my clothes and wondering if I have anything nice enough to wear for this event.
    10. The CDL Class, the Chase, and the Jungle Restaurant

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:23 PM
      12-30-2013 -- On a college campus somewhere, probably Fullerton College, trying to finally finish registering for my CDL class, but every time I think I am close to finished, I find there is ever more that I have to do. So I am in the admissions office, filling out paperwork and trying to find out just how many more things I have to do, and they won't or can't tell me anything except the next one or two forms. It is maddening. I am running all around the building, being sent here and there for more forms, and finally get a little tired of it, and escape to a small office where I sit down to chat for a few minutes with Charles Purcell, one of the counselors from my high school. We're having a decent conversation, until we're interrupted by a couple of little who know him and are hugging and kissing him.

      I excuse myself, and continue to wander around the school, where I find myself looking down some of the tops of some of the ladies in the office, enjoying the available view. In a small dining room, I come across several clowns and balloon artists I know from the Orlando area, and they are quietly discussing the latest news about the death of Don Caldwell, and I'm telling myself it can't be, as I try to find some paper in a nearby office, to write it down so I can do some internet research later and find out if it is true or not. I am hoping it is all a mistake, because I like Don. I am jotting down his age, which in the dream was something like 52 or 57, and a custodian walking by mistakes it for the number of a player on a sports team, and tries to strike up a conversation about it, which obviously doesn't work too well.

      The dream is sort of lengthy with me continuing to wander around the office trying to get things sets up, though almost none of the details stick in my mind, and eventually I have left the building, and am heading on home to the Hickory house. I find myself on Crescent, just passing the nursery, pulling a wagon which for some reason I am calling a bus, as I draw it over the cracked and tilted sidewalk. For some reason, I start making odd wrong turns. I am directing myself with a compass, but I turn it so that north is whatever direction I say it is, rather than to actual north, as I find myself in odd areas from past dreams. I find myself in an area I remember driving another bus, which also involved goblins from the Harry Potter books, and the NCIS crew, though neither make an appearance in this dream. It is just the same area.

      I soon find myself dodging around rail road crossings, and come to realize that I am somewhere in Tampa, when I find myself approaching a strange theme-park-like restaurant that seems to be a cross between Wolfgang Puck's and the Wilderness Lodge. It is either closed for the night, or perhaps has not yet opened, but if that is the case, the opening is drawing near. I head inside, anyway, though as I make it in, I find I am being chased by the guard collies that are watching the place. It is very strange being chased by about a dozen just slightly vicious, but highly gorgeous Lassie clones, but I am trying to get out of the way. I end up half swinging from the chandeliers, half swinging from vines in the trees which make up the roof of the restaurant, while workers who have spotted me come chasing after me. They are so determined to catch me that they are grabbing for anything near me, and seem to be pulling the entire place down around us. As far as I am concerned, this is not my fault!

      As their net is closing in around me, I throw myself to the ground, and then slam through the kitchen doors, dodging this way and that until I make it outside and almost fly up and over a chain-link fence to safety. Problem is, while I have gotten away from the restaurant staff, I still find myself being chased by random smelly drunk people. Somehow I cause myself to throw up over this, which instantly causes them to throw up as well, distracting them so I can get away again. I am dodging around more railroad tracks, and soon find myself on a sort of roundabout, except this time I really am a train for a few minutes.

      Soon I find myself on another sort of college campus (not the same one), where I seem to be trying to copy a forbidden record (possibly of Tom Lehrer songs) or perhaps trying to duplicate a very rare record so there is a back-up if anything happens to it, while getting ready to play it on the college radio station. They are trying to stop me, and recover the album, preventing any back-up copies from existing, though I manage to find a good place to hide it, nearly in plain sight. Meanwhile, I am still being chased, and dodging about here and there, while also kind of drifting in and out of sleep. Odd and entertaining.
    11. Shot Up by Mark Henry

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:13 AM
      11-02-2013 -- Out visiting a friend or a relative somewhere, and sitting in a room petting a cat which may or may not be one of my cats from somewhere in the past. The mother in the place decides to make me something to eat, and is cooking a couple of 'hamburgers' made of sausage for me. Since she is cooking, anyway, she decides to make a few more, both regular burgers and sausage burgers. Soon I am preparing a couple of buns, and am thinking about preparing a couple more, and asking if I can take a couple more burgers with me when I leave.

      Soon I am standing in front of the Hickory house with Dave D., and we get news somehow that there is somebody bad wandering through the neighborhood. I decide to walk Dave home (two doors down) to let Don and Rachel know about the problem. Thing is, as we're just entering the door, we hear someone behind us and turn to see someone walking up behind us that looks like one of the 'Gentlemen' from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We slam the door, and he eventually goes away.

      Don comes around and sees I am shaking and starts to comment that I probably have my gun locked away in a filing cabinet, and never even touch it. [I have dreamed that I own one or more guns several times over the last couple of years. In this particular dream, Don probably helped my mom pick it out for me.] I explain to him that it is actually in my desk drawer, and I take it out every couple of months and take a shot at the tree across the street, just to make sure it still works. For some odd reason, I then start lecturing him on every detail I think I know about carry laws and how I am and am not allowed to carry it [almost certainly based on a discussion in a Harry Potter Yahoo group I read recently]. When I run down, he suggests some sort of clip which would prevent a crook from grabbing the gun and using it, and I am trying to figure out how it would work, until I figure out that it is an odd cross between a rubber band and a paper clip that would somehow fit on a file folder and make it more difficult to open.

      I fiddle with the thing for a bit, then decide it is time to go home. I rush down two doors and get inside, then go hunting for my gun. I hope it is here, because I have been moving around so much, a lot of my stuff is in storage. [Since the Hickory house and mom being alive predates my moving around a lot, this doesn't make a lot of sense.] I don't find my gun in the desk where I expect it, but then I decide to check in the filing cabinet, and lo and behold, there it is, right where Don suggested it would be. I also manage to find two bullets and load them. Unfortunately the rest of my ammunition is in storage, along with my other guns. The one I do have is a decent sized hand gun, but I know I also have a smaller hand gun and a rifle somewhere.

      Meanwhile, I hear my sister yelling at my mom. It turns out I have an older half brother (even older than Ron) that I had never heard of, and the fellow was violent. He has a habit of attacking family members, and Melody has heard that he has some kind of marriage contract on me. (Say what?!?) She's mad at mom, because mom has invited him to come by for a visit. I hear the door bell ring, and glance out the window, and he is here. He looks like Mark Henry (huge black professional wrestler), and just in case, I have him in my gun-sight. Mom and Melody are at the door, and he either kills them, or somehow knocks them out, and knocks the door down and storms in. He has a machine gun in his hands, and is hunting me.

      I dodge around the two doors in my second bedroom, trying to stay out of sight until I can manage to get a good shot at him, but he's firing that machine gun all over the place. Eventually I pop out at just the right moment, and manage to get him with two shots right in the chest, but he manages to catch me with 20 or 30 shots all over my body. He falls to the ground, while I stagger toward the back of the house. I hear him get to his feet and stomp out the front door, and I call out to ask him why he has done this. He doesn't seem to have an answer for me. I lock the door, to try and keep him out, and then stagger to the telephone in mom's room to try and call Don for help. Problem is, I can't manage to remember his phone number. [Oddly enough, I think the places I got shot in the dream match up with the couple dozen mosquito bites I got on Halloween at my balloon gig.]
    12. The Orphanage and the Fire Hose

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:37 PM
      11-04-2013 -- Earliest bit I can remember seems to involve playing some kind of live action computer game, perhaps on a sort of college campus somewhere ... but that is all I can remember. Eventually I find myself at a sort of supermarket or something, doing some shopping. I seem to have a coupon for a free package of premium hot dogs or some such. I see another person in another line with the same coupon, and they honor it, but when they ring me up, and I hand them the coupon, they tell me it is too late, and maybe I should come back tomorrow and try to use it. So I come back the next day and get in line with my shopping again, but the coupon doesn't want to ring up, and when I try to get out of the line to talk to a manager, I find myself trapped in an odd sort of turnstile, which I have to break to manage to get out.

      When I speak to the manager, he tells me they have decided not to honor the coupon, so they are going to be charging me for the premium hot dogs. Oh, and by the way, they are also going to charge me for the turnstile I broke. They ask me to step aside and wait, and then they call the cops, who are going to arrest me ... how dare I try to purchase premium hot dogs with food stamps! I am getting rather mad at this point, and point out that with the coupon they would have been free, and even without, the price is the same as several other brands, just better quality. I also point out that they accepted the same coupon from somebody else five minutes before I presented one, and say I am going to sue them for discrimination. I'm really getting ticked.

      It turns out I work for an orphanage, and am helping to buy food to feed all the kids, and as the cops are trying to arrest me, and checking into the whole case, they start to interview some of the kids to find out how and what they have been eating. They discover the kids have been eating well-balanced meals, and the orphanage has either 20 days worth of food stored up, or maybe 200 days (whichever, in the dream it seems a very reasonable amount). Somehow (no idea how), this leads to me visiting the kindergarten building at Walt Disney Elementary, late at night. Then I suddenly find myself at Peter Marshall's kindergarten area, meeting Ms. Yamamoto and talking about Ms. Onstott, all only possible because of a very late class.

      Giles and the Scoobie gang are around as I run into Steve K at a bus stop. He's just left college to go start a job in Iowa, and he doesn't seem to be happy. I say it must either be his dream job (he shakes his head no) or a death in the family, and he is being forced to take whatever he can get (sad nod.) I understand. Steve goes to drink from a water fountain, and I reach for another one, turn it on, but plug the end, to increase the water pressure for him. Water suddenly starts to spray from my hand. At first I think it is too much pressure in the fountain, but as I move away from it I find the water is spraying out of my hand, itself.

      The scene is changing to the dream cave system from many past dreams that seems to be a cross between Tom Sawyer's Island, hints of the Brookhurst Moon Park, and Mammoth Cave, with hidden passages, and collapsing passages that may be too dangerous to explore. Meanwhile I am still trying to figure out why I have water coming out of my hand. A very angry Penn Gillette shows up, stomping around and explaining it is our anger that causes water to shoot out of our arms, spraying his own high-pressure stream about, and pointing out to me a slight stairway into a small crevice that is supposed to turn it off. Problem is, I climb down into the crevice, but I am still spraying water out of my arms. So I decide to turn a negative into a positive, and am trying to figure out how to use the water to put out a fire, generate steam, and convert it into energy to sell for a large profit, all while directing my water spray to soak the Scoobies (who are still wandering around) and Mister T, who seems to be driving a taxi. Funny.
    13. Dream Bits: Runescape, Disney, Balloons, and More

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:40 PM
      10-22-2013 -- In a strange, live version of Runescape with a bunch of other people, there is a sort of group or mob of enemies to fight, including some dragons, some weird lava monsters, and a bunch of other big, powerful enemies, and a group of about 20 of us are getting ready to take them on. We start fighting against them, but the battle isn't going too well for me at first. I am trying to fire magic at them, but at first I am too far away. Eventually I make it close enough, and am close enough to manage some decent shooting at them, but soon I find I am running out of magic and energy, and my shots are doing no good.

      The others with me continue firing, and for a while are doing well, and managing to damage the enemies, but soon they are also running out of magic and energy, and are starting to die to the opposing forces. Soon we're standing around discussing how we probably all want to get another 5 to 10 combat levels before we bother trying again!

      Somehow things then shift to the House of Imports, where I seem to be working a shift, even though it is modern times (I worked there more than 20 years ago). My shift should have ended after 10 hours, but I realize I have been working more than 14 hours, and am probably going to be yelled at, so I better get my butt in gear and get clocked out. The dealership is quite busy, with a bunch of people looking through the showroom, and crowding the short stairway down to the lower level where the time clock is, so I rise a few feet into the air, so that I am just above everybody's heads, and fly down to the time clock to clock out. Nobody seems to notice or care, and it doesn't seem like a big deal to me that I can fly, either.


      10-17-2013 -- [Unfortunately couldn't remember much even when I dreamed it, then waited four days before entering it in, and now even more is missing. Oh well.] Somehow I am wandering around at a school or a store, slight hints of department stores at malls or perhaps Marshall. Wherever it is, I find myself wandering into a bathroom, and am trying to find a clean, stocked stall to use. Could even be in a locker room at a pool. Soon I find that I have just boarded a bus, and am trying to pay my fare. Unfortunately, I have dropped my change everywhere, and have to bend down and scrabble for my coins.

      Eventually I find myself in Disneyland, walking from the hub down Main Street, heading for town square, same area I have been walking through in a lot of dreams, recently. I pass Sharon H. and am heading for the corner shop next to the magic shop which had collectible plates and figurines and things in the last dream here (yesterday with a lot of AC stuff in the dream) and for some reason my pants are too large and keep trying to fall down around my ankles.

      I reach the store, and am just kind of standing around, talking with Dale. Nothing too big or exciting, just chatting. But as we are watching, one of the people working in the shop seems to be putting together balloon decorations and placing them around the store. Thing is, she is using some unusual balloons, rounds, odd shapes, very strong colors, and occasionally other things. One sculpture that almost seems to be a Star Wars creation is topped by what seems to be a small white garbage can, but it fits perfectly and looks just like whatever it is supposed to be. There are other figures that look like they are made of gold balloons, but unlike most gold balloons, these are so strongly colored that they almost give the impression of being solid gold, though they aren't.

      Another creation is actually a very impressive model of Aladdin's Genie, but this one is obviously made out of blue balloons. They are wandering around the interior and exterior of the store, putting these things up in various places as displays, and decoration, and they look very good and Dale and I are both quite impressed with them.


      10-16-2013 -- I am running around Rosemary's place, and oddly enough I find that I can get my voice back as long as I am speaking in a slightly deeper voice. I find I can sing as well, as long as I deepen my voice from my previous tenor to a nice, strong baritone. I end up running around the place able to finally talk and sing and make myself be heard, but it does make my throat slightly sore, and I find I am a little worried about it. Soon, following the suggestions of others, I decide to go visit the doctors.

      I soon find myself at a cross between the Doctor's office that Terry and Grace used to run, and a dream clinic that I have frequently visited, wandering into areas that guests aren't allowed in, but that I had been invited into by Terry, Grace, and Kathy in the past. The problem is, they no longer work here, and the doctors that do are a little unhappy about me wandering around ... though not enough to actually say anything.


      10-16-2013 -- Out on a long cross country road trip with Chris Vopat, where I am riding in the back of his pickup truck. This is bad enough for the long trip and the distance we're traveling, but it becomes even worse as a volcano a few miles away erupts and starts shooting lava down its sides and hot ash into the air, which is quick to ruin the air quality even where we are, a few miles away.


      10-16-2013 -- At an Adventurers Club reunion type of thing, but it is not being held at the Club, which has long been shut down. I run into a couple of performers who seem to be doing some bits, but I have missed most of it, and have no clue what is going on. Then I run into BC, and she has been here for almost the whole thing, and mentions that Anne has been doing stuff from her odd version of the Vagina Monologues (see past dream here), which it seems she has now made a regular part of things whenever she is doing AC reunion stuff, which doesn't make any sense to me.

      We sit and discuss this, but more and more as we talk, I find myself thinking of taking a trip to California and visiting with Dale. Somehow he is here for a visit, or perhaps only just left, and I am really in the mood for a visit to California since I haven't left the state in something like a decade. I am not sure how, but I know somehow I can get there. But I have no money for tickets to the park. I am trying to think of ways I can sneak in (possibly involving friends on the monorail), but then I remember that Keith works there, and he can probably sign me in a couple of times, which should solve that problem.

      Somehow thinking about that brings it about, and I suddenly find that I am in Disneyland's Frontierland area, walking back toward New Orleans Square and Critter Country. As I walk along, I see a couple of Adventurers Club performers, either on their own, or perhaps working streetmosphere, and I am thinking it might be fun to go watch them sometime. Meanwhile, I find myself walking into a western-themed restaurant that, for some odd reason, serves egg drop soup from large bowls.

      Turns out Dale has been debating trying the soup for ages, but he is never brave enough to do so, and I am kind of pushing and encouraging him to give it a try, but he really isn't sure he is willing to do so. I give up, and am about to wander off and go walking through the park, when a large group walks in. They are mostly women, just a couple of men, and though I can't identify specific people, it seems to be a group from Pine Castle. They are playing a strange game to choose a person, something of the nature of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but completely different. They have wandered in and surrounded me at the exact right time for me to win, and since I won, I am expected to provide small presents for everybody, but I have no money, no gifts, and they are all kind of disgusted with me. Doesn't seem fair, since I never asked to be a part of their game.


      10-13-2013 -- I am somewhere that is halfway in the midwest somewhere, and halfway in England. I'm walking down the street on foot while a friend is on a skateboard, or perhaps a bike. In the street is a police car, and a cop is just stepping out of it and is keeping an eye on us, but he isn't actually doing anything, so we just try and ignore him. I head down a street that seems to be a cross between a hill in Omaha, and Dale in Buena Park. I reach about the point where Athenian Burgers was, and find Carl and Mary Baumer there. They seem to be thinking about treating me to a meal.

      Instead I find myself walking down La Palma (or perhaps Orangethrope, or some random street in Omaha) discussing job possibilities. I am kind of down and depressed, and Carl (who is slowly turning into dad) is trying to cheer me up. He asks the guy who has given me a place to stay (should be Joe Lane, but is strangely looking like Marv Goodwin) what he thinks, and Marv says that I am probably going to fail at everything, but yeah, I ought to try, anyway. Dad is about ready to kill him, but Marv just drives away on his fork lift. So we walk on down to the corner, and I seem to be on the southwest corner, at Magnolia and either La Palma or Orangethorpe, but as always for Buena Park, my compass is off.

      Anyway, dad leads me to what seems to be a cross between a truck yard, a warehouse, and an office building (feels a lot like the TAMS property), where he does their tires, and has contacts, and is sure he can get me a job. But they turn us down. He's a little upset, and we cross the street to a corner shop that is a cross between a restaurant and a liquor store, where dad sits down at a picnic table out of the way on the side of the building to have a cigarette. He's out of breath because of the smoking, and I'm out of breath because of my weight, and there are some toughs who are being slightly threatening, but don't really care enough to be serious about it. I'm not sure but it is possible that Paul and Irene Broden come by after that and buy me dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
    14. The Sensors and the Goddess

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:23 PM
      10-21-2013 -- Walking down Hickory between my house and Dave's. It feels late at night and dark, and there is a strong feeling of something going on, and I probably don't belong here. As I am walking by Dave's house, Don comes out long enough to warn me I shouldn't be on the street, but he isn't going to try and stop me.

      Somehow I am looking for these odd sort of, well, sensors for lack of any better word. There are one or two per house, some in the ground in the flower beds, others in the middle of the shrubbery. One is actually in the engine of a car that has the hood open and is being worked on. They are roughly square, perhaps six inches long per side, perhaps about two inches thick, black, around a blue circle that is nearly large enough to touch the edges.

      As I get near enough to register them (and they to register me) there is a flash of blue light, and their power is somehow released to me. No idea what the power is or what it does, however. I continue down the street, and somewhere between Jenny's house and the one next to it (the fenced yard ... oddly, I think George Takei lives there) I feel like I am missing one of them. Can't find it, can't sense it, but how close the others have been to one another, I'm sure there should be another one, so I am looking for it pretty steadily.

      Eventually I move on, reaching the last two houses on the street. The one where the little kids used to live is no problem, but the corner house has a feel of unfriendly people, the ones who always come out to yell at us if we mess around on their property. Sure enough, when I start poking around the bushes surrounding the house, the owner comes out to scream at me. Oddly, when I explain what I am doing, he calms right down, accepts what I tell him, and seems to have no more problem with me.

      I wander around the corner, past the alley, and am soon checking the side yard of the house that has the big dogs, then return to George's house to continue looking for that missing sensor, and soon am at the end of the block again. I am actually standing in the edge of the street, but almost across the street at the church. By this point it is daytime, and there are some kids playing ball in the street, right about at the corner of Hickory and Holly. But strangely, they aren't playing with a ball, but are throwing around what looks like a two liter of soda, quite possibly orange Fanta.

      Meanwhile, I find I am standing with and receiving instructions from, an attractive woman who is a sort of mentor to me, and probably a goddess. She is helping me figure out what I am doing in regards to these sensors and their powers. But while we are standing there, some of the kids' bottles of soda come rolling up to us. I pick one up and throw it back to them like a football, and manage perfect throws, as does the goddess, when I gesture for her to throw back another one. Meanwhile a third has bounced off my leg and is rolling away toward Dale, until I wave my hand at it, and it floats into the air and starts back toward me. I wave toward the playing kids, and it flies off in their direction as I find myself with a new dream power.
    15. The Carnival, the Disney Parade, and the Parking Lot

      by , 10-09-2013 at 02:40 PM
      10-09-2013 -- [Lots of connections to other dreams in this one, long and detailed, but perhaps not as interesting as some others.] I find myself in a sort of a carnival ride area that is a live action sort of version of a cross between Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Tropico. The rides that I am interacting with can hold 6 people on one, and 8 on the other, and I can see the Tropico people-shaped 'slots' that they occupy (including the empty slots where there isn't a single rider to fill in).

      The ride 'areas' are sort of circular / dome-like, and make me think of the round playground plots at Boisseranc Park, and it kind of feels like the earlier bits might be taking place there. I seem to be both trying to ride these carnival rides, and trying to ensure others ride them. But soon I find myself talking to BC, and the locale seems to be kind of shifting to somewhere in Kissimmee, and there are strong hints of a recent dream (about a week-and-a-half to two weeks ago) that I don't think I ever actually got written down or entered, where I ran into Chris V. who was helping me with something, and ended up going on a sort of river-like log ride without me because there were not enough seats.

      Anyway, we are wandering around this area near downtown Kissimmee which is very close to where I'd interacted with Chris V., and we are discussing a meal that I really like that seems to be a cross between Ohana and something along the lines of Melting Pot, which I have also dreamed about in other dreams, frequently. To try and get either points or perhaps win money to allow me to pay for a meal, BC leads me to a very small 'ride' or game that only 'seats' one person, and is kind of along the lines of a sort of carnival game.

      I find myself facing this very small booth with a kind of a panel (about the size of a math text book) that you push aside to reveal the insides of the booth. There is a sort of thin cardboard 'sheet' hanging here, like the thin cardboard backing on a note pad or something. It is kind of dangling there, surrounded by sensors, and you have to try and pull off the cardboard, and hopefully the 'tickets' attached to it will be drawn out, too. But if you trigger the sensor, the tickets will detach and remain in the machine, and the cardboard may even slip free of your hands, and be pulled entirely back into the machine, in which case you will have to wait for it to reset before you can try again.

      The sensors include a motion sensor, and a 'sensor' which is kind of like the tension on a roll-up blind ... tug it the right way, and it will pull out. Tug it the wrong way and it will suddenly roll up and back in. And I really seem to suck at this, because about half the time I end up with just the piece of cardboard (in which case I have to try and feed it back in, like a bill in a bill slot, waiting for it to catch and be sucked back in) and the other half it just rolls back up. In either case, I need to wait several seconds for it to kind of reset before I can try again. I am winning no tickets, and it is getting more and more annoying.

      Eventually things are kind of changing, and I find myself standing next to a big ship, with Steve K. (a friend from school) urging me to follow him onto it. The ship is an odd sort of a cross between a cruise ship and the Mark Twain. It only has three decks, and it isn't all that wide, but it is quite long.

      Steve is dressed in a Disney costume that is mostly red and white with a hint of blue. It looks much like the costume I wore at Carnation Plaza Gardens, with just a hint of Frontierland to it. He is moving very fast, up and down stairways and across the decks, and I can't keep up with him. Soon he is out of sight, but as I run past servers and can-can girls, they are indicating he just ran past, so I know I am still on the right trail. Part of why I indicate this is a long ship is because it seems to stretch from downtown Kissimmee to Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

      I step off the ship and find myself exiting through a Disney employee gate which is somehow in the middle of the Tomorrowland Concourse. (This is what it is called in the dream, I think it is also called this in real life, but it has been long enough that I am no longer sure.) It's the area where the tile murals used to be that were eventually moved to the Contemporary Hotel's Grand Canyon Concourse when they replaced Adventures Thru Inner Space with Star Tours. I step through to find myself staring across at a three or four tile square impact crater that seems to come directly from Roller Coaster Tycoon.

      It is supposed to be the entrance to a ride or perhaps a show, but it doesn't seem nearly as impressive as it is supposed to be, and it may have been closed down permanently, which makes it really not as impressive as it otherwise might be. Since it isn't anything that special, I just find myself walking out of Tomorrowland, heading for the hub.

      It is night time, and kind of dark, and as I approach the hub, and am trying to cross over to Coke Corner on Main Street, I find my way blocked by a parade. It is supposed to be a very grand night time parade, something like the Electrical Parade, but again, it isn't living up to it's reputation, and looks like something smaller and less impressive, like a new version of the basic 30 Years of Magic parade.

      I am kind of hovering along, and I know I can fly, so I am considering just flying high into the air and crossing over the parade, but I know I often have problems while flying, and am afraid I will crash into something, and end up getting in trouble, so I convince myself it won't be long, and I will just wait for the parade to end. It isn't very special, and the crowds watching are rather thin as well. Eventually four people walk by carrying the rope that marks the end of the parade, and people start flooding across the street behind them, but as I try to do the same, a couple more people in costumes, old fashioned three wheel bikes, and a couple of small floats come rolling along. It seems they fell behind, and somehow the parade end did not wait for them, and they are now mad at me for being in their way.

      I make it across to Coke Corner, just to find it is later than I thought, and Coke Corner is closed, the piano is locked up, and there is nobody here to play. In fact, almost the entire park is closed already, except the half of Main Street that is closest to the exit. There, the shops are still open. So I end up walking past a closed restaurant, kind of disappointed because I am still hungry, then I end up crossing back over to the other side of the street, as I get near the tobacco shop, magic shop, and the corner shop, which is selling plates and ceramics and the like.

      I find a supervisor suddenly berating me and bothering me, saying I am not allowed to just tear down the decorations and steal them, and I have no idea what he is talking about, but then I glance at my hands and find I am holding one of the pole pennants, the kind they had for special events like State Fair or Circus Fantasy. It is really cheap, and made of cardboard, and I didn't even know I had it. It literally fell off the pole and into my hands, and I was kind of fiddling with it and twirling it around without even realizing I was holding it.

      I explain this to the supervisor, and hand it over to him, but he doesn't believe me, and explains they are going to be keeping an eye on me. Unfortunately I can't seem to stop fiddling with things, and without meaning to, keep just grabbing things as I walk along and playing with them, getting more and more people upset with me.

      Soon I have crossed to the other side of the square again as I walk past City Hall, and then under the train tracks, heading for the exit gate. I am making my way through, and now find myself fiddling with something that looks almost like a blue cookie, and try to apologize and hand it to the security guard as I pass through the gate, but he doesn't seem to want it, so I guess whatever it is, it isn't another part of the decorations that I have accidentally stolen.

      As I exit the park into the parking lot, I head toward Harbor House, rather than toward the Disneyland Hotel. I find myself staring at a water park (closed) that is right in front of the train station, which I have also seen in a few other dreams, but since it is after midnight, I don't have any chance of visiting it.

      I know that I did not actually drive to Disneyland (I took the boat to get here, remember?) but somehow I still think I will find a car of mine that I can drive home in, somewhere in the Bambi parking section. Of course, since I didn't drive it here, I have no idea where in the Bambi section it might be. I want to cross over into the parking lot itself, but there is a tram in the way, and a cast member is trying to tell me I can't get in the way of the tram.

      But I am already floating, and snap something along the lines of bi***, please! I can fly right over that tram! I'm not trying to cuss, it's just kind of a figure of speech. Problem is, the parking lot has been filled with all kinds of stalls and shops and services as Disney tries desperately to suck every possible dollar from their customers, and it makes it more and more difficult to move through the parking lot and actually find one's car.

      There is a hint of some kind of a brief scene with some 'wholesome' Disney tweener star who has gone off the deep end (ala Mandy Moore or Miley Cyrus) and is now rather slutty and Disney wants to distance themselves from her, but then I find myself wandering through a candy store in the parking lot. I am looking for Swiss Petite Fruit, but as usual, these days, nobody carries them, which disappoints me. I am still hunting for my car as I wake up.
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