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    1. night three - bull dog?

      by , 01-17-2017 at 08:47 PM
      D1 - At my parents house, and it's breakfast time in the kitchen. There is loads of stuff on the table ready to prepare for breakfast. I am annoyed that no one is making breakfast and is only sitting there.
      I make some cereal but my sister spills it on the floor. I pick it up and go to the back door (which is actually the front door and is never used) and there is a large black dog/bull thing, rather menacing. I throw the cereal out the door (we used to feed food to the birds in our garden).

      D2 - On an island , I get to the end where there is a small hill next to the sea. On the hill is a person who asks to borrow 500 and then another 500. And I have long discussion with them.
      Tags: black, bull, dog, holiday
    2. 10-27-14 Cow v. Boat

      by , 10-30-2014 at 06:07 PM
      I was on a ship with a large bull cow. It was huge and fat. As he walked around the deck, the boat would tip a lot and threaten to capsize.
      Tags: bull, capsize, cow, fat, ship
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    3. The Demon Bull and Burning Chemicals

      by , 10-01-2014 at 01:35 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a building doing some sort of computer test that involved two computers. I then had to go somewhere in the house I grew up in to get something. I was walking towards the bonus room when I saw my room was very dark. Inside of it, on my bed, was a huge, red bull, a humanoid bull. He was glowing red. It was like he was a demon or Satan. I was quite scared by this and quickly went past my room and into the bonus room. I don't remember what I needed in there, but as I was heading out, I dreaded passing my room. I could now see a red glow inside my room. I looked in further, and saw that the bull was holding onto the leg of a lifesized doll of...me. It kept repeating him pulling and her resisting, like animatronics. The doll's face looked terrified. I was terrified.

      I then had an FA in my bed at our apartment. I was towards the middle of the bed, and I couldn't see my husband. Where was he?? I was still terrified from that dream.
      "Dallas?" I said. I then saw him. Phew. But still, something didn't seem right. I think there was a cat there on the bed with me, standing very close, but it wasn't my current kitty. I realized I was having an FA and tried to wake myself up for real.

      I then really woke up and saw my husband next to me. I wondered if I had talked in my sleep and said his name.


      I was watching home videos that my mom had taken years ago. There was some weird intro with my mom showing all her shoes nicely put away in her closet. She was talking over it. It looked really good, actually, almost professional. Then there was a clip of me as a toddler sitting on the floor. I said something to the camera, though I don't remember what. I realized Dallas was there with me watching this, and I was not wanting him to see all my embarrassing home videos. -_-;

      Then it was showing a play that my cousin Ben was in. It was supposed to be before I was born, I believe, though I was thinking about the ages of everyone in the play; they appeared to be in high school, which, IWL doesn't add up to their ages now, but I didn't think too much more about it. I somehow decided that it was right. Anyway, my cousin was a main character. The play looked to be set in the 1800s or so. My cousin was playing an older gentleman. He was in his house. There was another older man there as well who spent the play convincing him to collect and store a lot of this white powdery substance that was in bags. Throughout the play, you didn't know what the substance was. I assumed it was cocaine. Towards the end, though, it turned out to be some kind of peroxide chemical powder, "sodium peroxide" is what it was called. All these crates and bags were in the man's living area. The man wouldn't sell it or do anything with it like the other man wanted him to, so he took it all outside and blew it up, which is not what the other man wanted him to do.

      Then, the blow up site was my room in the house I grew up in. My bed was in the place it was when we first moved there, and had the tie-dye bedspread I had when I was 10 or 11. I had covered the crates, which were on the bed and scattered throughout the room, with some kind of fluid so they'd burn better. I then was having second thoughts about blowing the room up, but it was too late; the crates were ignited. Someone else, another girl, was there with me, and I was frantically trying to find something to put out the flames with. I thought about grabbing the hose from underneath the cabinet in the bathroom (no such hose IWL), but remembered that water to a chemical fire was only going to fuel it. I noticed that my bedspread was starting to burn. The other girl was just standing at the bathroom sink, being no help. It was kind of like work for some reason. I didn't know how to put out the fire.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening , dream fragment
    4. Entry 01: 18.11.12

      by , 11-18-2012 at 10:00 PM
      Alright, this is my first Dream Journal entry.
      I've always been interested in doing Lucid Dreaming, but for some reason I've never really sat myself down and said I was going to do it.
      This is super rough, but hopefully this'll help me get on the path to properly LD.

      I could tell i was really really excited to get to sleep by the sheer fact that it did take me a little longer than normal to fall asleep.
      I had the mantra going through my mind as I was drifting: The next time I dream I will realise I am dreaming.
      I said this over and over, and from what I can recall, it was the last thing I thought about as I fell asleep.

      The night was rather interesting. I distinctly remember series of dreams. Multiple ones in fact...not just one long one that I woke up to.
      I remember having one individual dream, followed by a short interval of me shifting positions to something more comfortable, and then going
      on to a new dream, slightly related to the previous series, but not wholly the same.

      Throughout these series of dreams, however, it was not like I could move from my bed. I was conscious of the fact that I was dreaming though.
      Doing quick Reality checks like counting the number of fingers on my hand and pinching my leg. Both of which did change whilst I was dreaming: I had six fingers
      when I was asleep and could not register the pain that normally accompanies pinching. Despite me being aware that I was dreaming, it was as if
      I was seeing my dreams in first person view, in a body that was not completely my own. I did not feel as if I had control over what the body was doing, rather I
      was just along for the ride. I did, however, seem to be able to choose what events were around me during my dream. It did feel like I was making a conscious
      decision in directing the story line of the dream as it progressed through the night.

      Now on to the series of dreams: they all had some theme in common...namely I sort of followed something straight out of a Final Fantasy game. There was always a party of
      characters, and I was in the body of one of them, the newbie as it were. There was a sort of mentor dream character, but I was unable to tell who it was or have any of my senses aware of what he sounded or felt like, only that he was gently guiding my character through the tasks they all had to accomplish. That's it. My series of dreams were each like a different quest that I had to go through.

      The first of these quests is rather fuzzy as a whole. I do remember something about a room full of bulls and rams, and that we needed to use them to get used to a concept of controlling something. This is all rather strange, as I was born and raised in a city, and my only real "contact" with these two types of animals has been through my newspaper, as I was born on the Cusp of Power between Aries and Taurus.

      The following series were much clearer on the fact that I knew what was going on. I grew more aware of the fact that I was dreaming, as my reality checks showed I clearly wasn't awake, but at the same time I'm not entirely sure what I was doing while I was dreaming. Through the series of dreams after that bull and ram episode, I was essentially guided by the mentor dream character and the rest of our "party" to fulfil quests. Now, being all Final Fantasy like, I have the feeling that those quests that I did should have been something to do with fighting monsters or something. But that's just it, from what I can vaguely recall, it didn't seem all that violent. More like, the quests were a sort of trip to help me grasp the concept of being aware that I was in a dream.

      Before I officially started trying to LD (aka last night), I had always been very good about realising that I was in a dream. Throughout the dream I would always somehow know that I was in a dream, but I was not able to control the body I was in and was just along for the ride. This is essentially what happened last night. There was no speaking involved. There were no extraordinary senses going on. Just awareness that I was in a sort of party, being guided through the night in different series of dreams that were not directly related to each other, but were at the same time.

      There was one particular dream of this series, the last one I can vaguely remember, so I assume it was the last one I had before I awoke, in which I tried to escape the room where the entire night of dreaming had taken place. During the dreams prior to this, it was like I was in my bedroom, but it seemed much larger in the dream, and things went on all around me, but I was only aware of one concept at a time. Anyway, during this last dream, I remember making a conscious effort to fly. Not so much fly, but get out of the room. There was a distinct sensation I had that was rather short lived, during which I felt like I was successful, but I was flying above my bedroom - still in my bedroom, or this room I've been dreaming in, but just hovering above it. It was a very interesting feeling. It felt like that feeling of falling you get sometimes during the night that wakes you up, but this time it didn't wake me up. One moment I was in the dream space I had spent the night in, and the next moment I was above it. Not particularly aware of exactly what was going on under me, but aware that I was above it and that it was different. It sounds rather silly, writing it out now, but hey, dreams are quite wacky and our senses are as fanciful and fantastic as they are whilst we're awake anyway, right?

      That feeling of being above my dream space was short lived, as I then woke up like I did between each distinct dream of my series. During this interim, I would be aware that I was awake and no longer dreaming. I would shuffle about for a little while and then fall back asleep to the mantra I had said before I first fell asleep. When I awoke for the last time, I actually felt quite rested. This is surprising as normally I'm a bit groggy in the morning, even though I've had the week off this past week and have slept in til around noon for the past nine days I woke up, and it was really early for me to be getting up, just a little closer to seven in the morning. I wasn't aware that I had been asleep THAT long. Where I live is really dark in the mornings, and I'm still not quite used to the winter darkness that accompanies this area. So it was basically seven in the morning and pitch black outside.

      Anyways, I'm starting to ramble. That was the recount of the events that happened through the night. I hope that I will be able to fall asleep quicker tonight and be able to do more research about LD. Maybe there's a class here or some tutorial where I can check to see if I'm on the right track with things, and what I need to do to be able to recall better.

    5. 18.06.2012 - 3 non lucid dreams & many lucid fragments.

      by , 07-19-2012 at 03:03 PM
      Date: 18/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 00.30am
      100mg B6 before bed, also 60mg Ginkgo & 160mg Ginseng

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Last night, I woke after each dream as usual to write in the DJ, but was so tired for some reason I didn't record anything. This is not like me AT ALL. I was ill during the day, and had a lot of painkillers so I blame this. However when waking for the day (11.30am) I was sooo tired I kept falling back to sleep, and as I did I had short, very unstable lucid dreams. I experimented with them a bit, I could fall asleep instantly and control the dream, the dream stemmed from whatever I was thinking about as I was falling asleep. It was quite fun.

      Dream 1 - non lucid
      3 Indian guys on a motorbike come and pick me up. As I can't fit on the bike with them, 2 of them hop off and get a bus. We drive to a small, shack-like place, where I am taken upstairs and sit at a table watching a TV. The man who rode with me sits with me, and gives me an Orange to eat. I lived in India for some time, and often visited places like this to chill out. the locals would give me lifts on their bikes. I feel a hot breath on my knee under the table, and looking under I see a big bull sniffing me. He's not meaning any harm, so I ignore him and he walks away. Later he comes back, sniffing around for food. I throw my Orange peel to him and he gobbles it up, clearly very hungry. He then realised I have segments of Oranges, and comes towards me. I throw a few to distract him, and he runs after them, gobbles them up again and runs towards me, eager for more. I panic, thinking he will accidentally hurt me, my hands smell of Oranges and I'm scared he'll charge or bite me. He does charge, but I jump out of the way and escape.
      I fed cows in India when they wandered in the restaurants hungry. I also saw an anti bull-fighting poster before going to bed.

      Dream 2 - non lucid
      I have trained a cute kitten to do magic tricks with custard creams. People are watching and think it is amazing, but I have a secret trick that makes it easy. I make the kitten count out piles of biscuits, and everyone is impressed.

      Dream 3 - lucid fragments

      I wake up for the day, but I'm so tired I drift off to sleep, then wake up again after 5 minutes, and drift off again. I do this for about an hour, soon, as I drift off I have lucid dreams. They are short and very unstable and not vivid at all. More like thoughts or daydreams that move into lucid dreams. The following fragments were broken up by waking and conversations with RL people.
      I am sat on a bed, talking to a hot guy. I have full control, and know I am dreaming but the dream is not stable or vivid, I just imagine things happening, and they do. I have conversations with DCs mostly, the dreams revolve around trying to get laid as I am pretty horny. I start a sexual scenario and convince a DC to engage in it because I just 'believe he will' because he is part of my own mind. In which turns out to increase the vividness and surprises me because it is so realistic. I wake up before I finish.
    6. 15 Apr: a star's core + meteorites shower

      by , 04-16-2012 at 06:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I was at the top of a super huge canyon with the clouds below me. I could see a green valley and a river below the clouds. I felt no fear for being on the edge. I realized I was dreaming and jumped into the void. Instead of going down, I decided to go a bit higher and then I was pulled higher and higher, faster and faster. I left the atmosphere, I saw the Earth below, I kept moving faster and faster and I saw the solar system, the galaxy, more and more galaxies in the distance and ended up at (another?) solar system, face to face with a star.
      I decided I wanted to see the interior of a star and I plunged into it. Its core looked like green magnetized ferrofluid.

      Don't know what happened next because my mind became all fuzzy. Maybe I woke up. I don't remember at all.
      I was on earth, at some large white and squarish architecture condominium with terraces on the first floor connecting all rooms/apartments and stairs from each one going down to the street. It was an arid place but there was a lake right in font of the building. I was surprised that I had just woken up with the sun rising and it seemed like the sun was setting already. I went outside on the terrace and other people where looking at the sky, also surprised with the extremely short day we just had. When the sun set, there was a bright full moon in the sky, which looked almost like a second sun and there was another really bright object near it in the sky. So, it didn't become entirely dark night. The sky was grey and there was a dim light. We didn't know if it was day or night anymore.
      I decided to walk around when all of a sudden a meteor shower hit the earth. People were running in all directions to take cover. I was zigzagging to avoid the meteors falling everywhere and I felt a strange radiation "in the air" which I felt was making me sick. The condominium was too distant already so I decided to keep going in the direction of a mountain nearby. There as a village and I had hopes that there were caves on the rocky hill where I could be safer. But the villagers, who were also running in all directions and also being hit by the meteors, told me there were no caves I could reach on time, so I was invited by some to hid on a cave, below a storehouse. I accepted. We were maybe 10 people and the place was spacious and it even had some food stored in the cool, dry environment. It was carved on the rocky bed of the mountain, so it was quite safe. There was only a slit near the ground level (and ceiling of the cave), through which I could see the outside. There was also a heavy wooden door opening to a very small chapel with a shrine to a saint. I waited there.

      In a community rebuilding its way of life. I was assigned to partner with a guy whom I found very attractive and I considered him to be my companion, although he seemed awfully distant. Someone brought us a girl who looked very sick with cancer (maybe victim of the meteor radiation?) so we could introduce her to the tasks that were our responsibility, so she could help us as much as she could. She looked at him with lusty eyes and although I felt sorry for her condition, I felt angry that she would even consider seducing him - I mean, she looked really bad, like an old wrinkled bald lady... But he was very nice to her and I decided to give her a break. She could be dying any day, she had the right to feel hopeful about something. He was guiding her and I followed them around, just listening. I had a box with figs and I was eating them with pleasure. Then I lost them from sight and for some time I looked around for them. I found them by the river. She was bent over and he was f*cking her from behind. I was shocked and disgusted! I felt like going there and make a scandal, but good sense won and I decided to pretend I hadn't seen anything. I didn't understand and I didn't care. I left them alone and went back into the village.
      On my arrival, I saw everybody running away, saying I had forgotten to lock the corral and a bull was on the loose. The bull was enormous and was pissed off.
      I saw him coming in my direction and followed some people into a garage. I just had time to shut the metal doors behind me, but the bull invested against it with all its strength and the doors didn't hold on for too long. Just enough time for people to get inside the cars and jeeps that were on the garage. When the bull finally broke in, the driver of our jeep drove fast throught the door. We were packed like tuna inside the jeep.
    7. Lucid Dream 219: The Bears' BBQ

      by , 04-27-2011 at 12:15 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 17, 2011
      Lucid Dream 219: The Bears' BBQ
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 11
      around 9:00am

      I am sitting in the living room and my dad is there with me. The power flickers on and off several times. It is night time and a thunderstorm is raging outside. I kept getting weird feelings like something was watching us. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and I looked out into the nearby hallway. It was pretty dark and I couldn't notice anything at first. I suudenly saw the outline of what looked like a small person. I felt the fear jolt into my chest and I just reacted. I took off running after it. The silhouette of the munchkin took off running away from me and entered my room. I went in after it and saw it trying to hide behind several things in my room. I managed to grasp the munchkin, but I heard an evil laugh and it turn to smoke in my hand.

      I was officially freaked out, so I returned to the living room. My cat walked in the room and under my feet. An identical cat walked in right after her. I thought, "I know I don't have two cats...what is going on here?" I looked and noticed the imposter cat right away. Here eyes were the same color unlike my actual cat. I heard a slam behind me and a dog had slammed into the sliding glass door. I walked up to the glass and the dogs head penetrated right through the glass like a ghost and was snapping at me and the cat. I was getting freaked out because I knew this was some sort of hardcore haunting. I thought, "Man this can't be real." I mindlessly raised my hand up and performed a nose pinch RC. I was, in fact, dreaming.

      I thought, "Oh thank goodness!" I felt some massive relief and looked at my dad and said, "Don't worry, its just a dream." I ignored the random ghosts that had popped into the room and dove through the sliding glass door. I took flight. I flew over several mountains and was just looking for anything interesting. I flew over a small village and noticed that there was a trap door right in the middle of town. I landed to investigate.

      The trap door was made into the earth right in the middle of town. I opened it up and there was another door. It slid open to reveal yet another door. After sliding open about 7 or 8 doors, a DC looked at me and said, "Pull it out of the ground this." I pulled up on the handle and a "flip-book" of doors came up out of the ground. I would have been opening doors forever if I wouldn't have pulled up. Underneath the book of doors, there was a dead body. I tried to move the body out of the way, but the hand of the body grabbed my wrist in dramatic fashion. I had actually thought that this would happen, so it didn't frighten me in the slightest. I pulled away from the body and the hand ripped clean off of its arm. I noticed there were maggots all around where the hand had ripped off. I shook off the hand and left the not so dead body alone.

      My friend Cliff was now with me. i walked around a nearby wooden shed and saw a huge pull. I nodded toward Cliff and we both took off running. Cliff shouted, "Cow tipping!" as we ran toward the great beast. We slammed into the bull and plowed it. It fell over hard and skid several yards while letting out a surprised, "Moooooo." As the bull scrambled to its feet I jumped up and landed on top of the barn. I noticed a stream about 40 yards in front of us. On the other side of the stream I could see a lion walking around. I jumped down off the barn and looked back over toward the lion. I now noticed that about 30 grizzly bears had surrounded it. They were all standing up on two legs and were doing a weird dance in unison. They began to close in on the lion while performing a well choreographed dance. The lion let out a final roar when the bears all dove into a pile on the lion.

      Dust soon covered up this oddity. I just watched as the dust cleared. The grizzly bears were all spread out wide and there was one in the center. The grizzly picked up the lion which was now tied up. It then slammed the lion down on a huge outdoor grill. The grizzly backed away. One of the other grizzlies tossed a small, round, ball to the grizzly in the center. This grizzly began dribbling the ball real fast and the ball suddenly burst into flames. The grizzly then shot a fade away and the fire ball fly high into the air. It landed on the grill and the lion caught fire. The grizzly slammed the grill shut and I could feel the dream fading. I decided to just go ahead and DEILD....

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    8. The Black Bull

      by , 04-13-2011 at 04:45 AM (Cryptic dreams that don't make sense.)
      I'll probably post this in Dream Interpretation later because I always feel my dreams are symbolic, but am not clever enough to make sense of them.

      When I became aware of myself, it was night, and the moon was full but golden in color. I was in the middle of an abandoned, dirty city. All the windows and all the glass was broken and scattered across the streets, and the street lamps flickered on and off occasionally. Blue wisps of fire darted around me and through the empty streets and buildings, and they made a soft ringing, like a small bell. I remember walking along, unsure what to make of the strange landscape, and checking for any sort of person or thing that I could recognize.

      Suddenly, there is a loud crash behind me, the ground shakes, and I lose my balance. I turn to look and I see a large, black bull with pitch black, cracked horns and a lizard's scaly hide instead of fur. He had burning coals for eyes which were buried deep in his face, and they burned away some of the flesh around his eye sockets. His breath was heavy, and he exhaled smoke and embers. Then he reared up on his back legs and charged at me. I scrambled to get out of the way, but he was too fast--he was so fast that as he passed, all the debris in the city would fly up into the air. The bull impaled me on one of his horns, and lifted me above his head before he shook me off and tossed me aside. The bull then let out a bellowing howl and almost all the buildings save for the tallest one were torn apart and thrown into the air, then engulfed in bright, white hot flame.

      I laid there, staring at the burning city, bleeding out and unable to move. I turned my gaze up to the tallest building, which had not been destroyed and saw a figure standing atop of it, looking at the golden moon. This figure has been present in all my dreams since before I can remember. She is a woman with black hair down to her ankles, bright red eyes, porcelain skin, and usually dressed in an elegant red and white ballgown. When I caught sight of the woman, she filled my vision, and was the only thing I could see. She then turned to me suddenly, her red eyes catching my own, and the golden moon turned red. Then, I woke up.
      Tags: bull, city, fire, moon, red, woman
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. "Now that was a weird one!"

      by , 03-25-2011 at 03:44 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember putting some potted flowers, and seeds in the back seat of my car and driving off from around my uncles house about a block from where I live. I saw a lady on the side of the road with a loaded shotgun, and she was pointing it at a long horned bull. She shot it right between the eyes, and the bull stood there and looked around for a second, and I had enough time to deduct that maybe it was rock salt. Then the bull collapsed to the ground....and I woke up.
    10. 7 Dec: Lunatics, stopping tsunamis and interrogated

      by , 12-07-2010 at 01:30 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      0:40 GMT

      Lunatic girlfriend and her lunatic brother
      Trying not to be spotted by some lady I know. I run and turn left on a corner of a street, but she spotted me at the very last minute and follows me. I then jump to top of the building and hover from roof to roof, trying to escape her, but she also has the ability to fly and keeps following me.
      Then dream transforms and we’re inside her house. She is now a girl in her 30’s and I’m her boyfriend. I’m running from her because she is totally mad and wants to kill me. I go from room to room, in this very long endless house, but exit door is still far. She is about to catch me, when I enter a room where her very old aunt sleeps in bed and I hide from her by lying down on the bed too, covered with the blankets. But she finds me and gets me out of it. She has a huge scissor in her hands and she wants to stab me. She is mad, crying, accusing me of abandoning her. I have no chance, so I use reverse psychology and tell her I’m running because she is looking mad with the scissor on her hands, but that I really love her and want to stay with her. She drops the scissor and says “Really?”. “Yes, in fact I love you so much we should marry!” And she becomes quite another person, a beautiful sweet lady and I honestly feel love for her. I convince myself if I don’t do anything wrong, she won’t explode and it might work. But when we’re hugging, she wakes up from this trance, grabs the scissor again and recalls “Wait... You started running away from me before I started chasing you! Were you trying to leave the house? You bastard!” Oh no! I have to run again for my life. When I reach the kitchen, there’s a window opened through which I escape to outside. Her brother is just arriving and seeing this scene. He is a big muscled guy and he is just as nuts as she is. She screams at him, telling him I’m abandoning her and he threatens me saying he is going to find me wherever and kill me.

      I decide to go stay with my mother. She works for some important politician, so I go meet her at her work place, like the parliament or something similar - it’s a palace. When I arrive there, there was an horrible accident (was it?) – she slipped on top of a stone staircase, she bumped with her head on a stone fountain and tumbled down the stairs. She was a mass of blood and broken bones. She was still alive and mumbled some words. I have a vision of the lunatic brother of my lunatic girlfriend grinning and saying he is going to make my life a living hell.

      “Corrida” and sexy girl
      I’m with my mom caught in the middle of some "bulls running" event (corrida) at night. There are 4 enclosures – one with bulls and three others connected, with people. They are waiting for the bulls to be loose to run along with them and bully them. [I grew up watching these things in the nearest town, where it is tradition, but I always hated it and today I’m totally against these kind of animal abuse. People act moronic on these events and call themselves brave for beating and driving a poor animal crazy.]
      They are about to lose the bulls on our enclosure and so they ask people there if they are ready. I say no, to please wait, because we’re there by mistake. But they think we’ve chicken out and try to convince us to stay. I say that I stay if they let my mom go out. They give us some seconds and I try to rush my mom out, but we have to climb the fence and she’s not very energetic, but one bull is getting closer to us. He is not enraged, he is walking slowly, but he clearly will hit us with a blow from his head if we don’t move fast. I have to do some acrobatics to escape on time. Outside the fence we meet my BF. We pass in front of some bleachers full of spectators and everybody is very excited about something. We look up and we see a very hot girl in tiny outfit cheering for something. Both people on the bleachers and people on the ground are drooling at her. She has nice boobs and she is pretty, I admit it. She makes me fell ugly. Even some Hollywood star that is around – I think might have been Angelina Jolie, but can’t recall for sure – is looking jealous at that girl. I then smile – we women are never happy to find a woman that is hotter than us J

      2:45 GMT

      Evil twin cat and evil bird
      At home with my cat. Some cat apparently looking just like him comes in and my cat attacks him. I try to split them up and then I see this other cat is like his evil twin. Just like him, but with one big eye, with no eyelids, ocular globe is transparent and the pupil is red. He also has a deformed leg covered in greyish crusts. He looks ugly and evil. But then the cat just leaves the room looking so sad and lonely that I feel extreme compassion for him. I realise maybe he is not evil, just ugly as hell, so I grab my cat and let the other come in again. But the poor cat does indeed emit some bad vibes. But it’s not his fault, it’s like this role was imposed on him, but he just wants to be loved. Anyway, he is not used to have normal relationship with people and other cats, so he is always causing trouble and freaking me out by sneaking behind me with the “evil” eye. He gives me the creeps. I try to find out where does he come from and find a box at my door, where he came from. The box is very small, but when I pick him up to put him inside it, he gets shrunk to the size of a trinket and becomes inanimate. So I decide to keep him locked there. Unfortunately, when I opened the box, some small bird statuette, which was also inside, gained life and escaped. It’s such a tiny bird and I don’t worry, but when I’m outside in the street, talking to someone, the crazy bird starts attacking us and follows us everywhere.

      4:45 GMT

      Stopping tsunamis
      I’m with some girl friends doing something on some terrace with a view to the ocean. They say something about how nice the place is and I joke saying “Let’s hope there’s no tsunamis hitting!”. When I say this, a giant wave forms and is heading to land. They freak out but I feel this is a dream and I get lucid. I tell them not to worry, because I will work my magic. I stop the water by pointing the palm of my hand towards it, like Neo did with the bullets. More waves form, bigger and scarier, but I get to stop them all. Then I don’t recall very well, but I think more things were thrown at us, because I remember blowing up a few things in the air with my thought, to protect us. Then some kids playing on the beach come to me, I’m their new hero and they ask me all sort of questions like how did I do it, if they can learn to do the same. Then they ask if I can make appear things and I say yes, although not all the time. I ask if they want me to make appear something and some funny kid asks for a pool of mud and mango.”I’m sorry, what? Mud and mango? What for?”, ”I don’t know, can you make it?”, “Why not, let’s try.” So I concentrate on creating a pool of mud and mango. This amuses me a lot. It works and the kids jump all happy on this pool with a green-yellowish goo in it. They seem to be having fun and I decide to go inside it too. It feels nice and I think “Well, it must be good for the skin!”, so I spread this greeny mud on my arms. I think about doing something else more productive with my lucid, but I sense it is weak and as soon as I try something not so “dream-like” I will probably wake up, so I just enjoy the lucid mud bath until I woke up.

      6:00 GMT

      Waking Nomad posts
      Just a brief recall of navigating on the web and finding a website where Waking Nomad was posting regularly and I wondered why he is not posting on DV for some time now if he does post somewhere else. [Not that it would be my business to know... lol]

      Interrogated by a “doctor”
      At my grandma’s house, with my mom and some lady doctor around the kitchen table. The doctor is telling me the results of my lab tests indicate I have had recently a viral infection. I tell her those are not news, because since the last 3 years all my tests have shown the same. For sure it is no viral infection or else it is a chronic one. She is surprised to know that and then she asks all sort of questions: if I feel sleepy during the day, if I have a really busy schedule, if my work is stressful, but then she starts asking things about my work, the NGOs I work for and I wonder where she is going with that and why is that relevant for my diagnosis. I get up, considering this conversation is over, but my mom, who now reveals not to be my real mom, but some older lady I’ve never seen before, is telling how we are poor and she gets food from the food bank everyday to keep me going but she fears I’m not having the right nutrition. I am now feeling this is definitely not my life because I know who I am in RL. Don’t have time to become lucid though, because I wake up.

      8:00 GMT
    11. September 20, 2010

      by , 09-20-2010 at 06:42 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      I skipped the last two days for reasons I won't go into, but my dreams had been increasingly vivid and close to lucidity. And now a sort of breakthrough.

      45 Minute Lucid (dild)

      I woke up at 10, set me alarm and was back to sleep in a few minutes. Woke at 10:50. Lucidity weakened in some spots but I kept rediscovering lucidity, tried a few new things, my attempts at dream control were abysmal.

      I saw an old man in a wheelchair fly and knew I was dreaming.

      There was one scene where I get on my computer. I try to create a "Prof X" folder to see secret documents inside about his location but the computer acts too funny to use correctly. I click on a DV icon and open a chat and ask for a walk through. "Waka*blank* messages me (I don't know him, never heard of him) and we chat but he isn't helpful. I then try to slowly climb into my monitor but stuck halfway and exit.

      I tried to enter my neighbors house but it never quite worked out. First, I lost vision but got it back. Then it happened again so I spun and teleported to what looked like a sort of farm with a barn. I lady peers at me from inside. A huge bull emerges. It attacked and I try to draw a sword but nothing. I grab its charging horns with my bare hands and rip them off, then stab it to death.

      I explore my house, talk to my family at dinner about dreams, tell them about the earlier attempt at TV transportation attempt I enjoy a soft, flat taco. We are attacked my some gang but that part is pretty fuzzy.

      Eventually I was wondering if I was ever going to wake up, I sat down and stared at my hand. I tried to zoom in on it to the atomic level but nothing really happened. I wake myself up.

      So I really didn't get much accomplished.
    12. 7 Sep: a portal and a long lucid (both wasted)

      by , 09-08-2010 at 10:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      In general, these last days I have been recalling fewer dreams and totally missing good opportunities when they arise, but we all go through these stupid phases, I guess.

      23:20 GMT – Sleep

      Can’t really recall a dream, but I woke up with obsessive thoughts about dream control and the serial dreaming RPG tasks, so either I was dreaming something related to that or not at all and felt frustrated on waking up.

      3:58 GMT

      Random fragments
      I’m with a group of kids, brothers and sisters and apparently we are very famous. There’s a huge group of fans stalking us and we just have time to hide in some house. Inside there’s a maid who becomes our friend and keeps our location secret. For some reason we stay there for the night and it is absolutely imperative that nobody find us there.
      Then I am on some balcony trying to disentangle something (?)
      Then I’m on top of a skyscraper in N.Y. I feel a bit of vertigo.
      Then I am with some blond guy and we are making a pact to help each other keep some secret only to ourselves.

      4:30 GMT

      From a train to a slaughterhouse
      I’m on a train station platform and from inside a train a friend calls me, says it is last call for this train and if I’m not getting there immediately I’ll have to go on the next. I don’t know where we’re going, but I hop in. I sit and realise that in the seat in front are my friend R., L. and some other person. They are bragging about their dreams. One of them says she can easily use the train ride to snooze a little and will surely come up with at least 2 lucid dreams. Initially I feel envious, but I shudder this feeling, don't want to give in to envy and just ignore them. I look through the window and I see bulls on some field. Half-lucid I start thinking which animal suffers the worst: the bull that roams free his entire life and is then slowly tortured and bleed to death in a bullfighting arena or a cow that lives an entirely miserable existence of pain in some factory farm but then dies supposedly quicker? My doubt lies now in the effectiveness of stunners that are used to leave the animals unconscious before slaughter. So I find myself in a slaughterhouse holding one of such devices to test it. I thought about trying it on myself, but I felt a bit scared of what I would feel, so I just test it on an apple – not a very clever idea, it just gets some burning marks on it. [chicken!]

      A portal
      I’m on some house of an old couple and their son. We’re in the middle of an empty room and there’s a portal open in the centre of the room. It just appeared out of nowhere. As it shines and waves in the air, in tones of blue, like water, we wonder what it is and if it’s dangerous to cross it and what it is on the other side. The boy gets behind it and throws something across it in our direction. It was like a piece of garbage. Instead of crossing, it just stays there, suspended in the portal, but it performs a strange mystical dance and then becomes a perfect circle form. Then I don't remember much, but I had no will or courage to actually cross it and think I just left this room and house and continued dreaming outside. [idiot!]

      Buddhists and new agers
      I'm in this foreign country and my mom came to visit me and I decide to show her around. I’m dressed in orange, top and long skirt and with my purple hat. I tell her lots of monks and Buddhist teachers are also in the city at the moment, for some gathering. We see a group of people waiting for a bus on the other side of the road and I tell her “See over there, it’s Mathieu Ricard with some other Tibetan Buddhist monk”. A bit further we pass by another group of monks, and I tell her “And see, look who’s in the middle of these monks, it’s Tich Nhat Hanh.”
      Then we see a large entrance to some place, like a garage, not entirely inviting, but lots of new agers gathered there. They invite us in, they are eating what seems to be lentils and vegetables, so we join them. After the meal they behave a bit childish, like when they start doing this clapping hand game I used to play in camps with other kids.

      5:30 GMT

      Alone in the city
      I am again in this foreign city and I know my mom is visiting, although not with me at the moment. I know it is quite far from home and I wonder how she enjoyed the flight. I feel that flying is becoming quite normal to me and I wonder if I’ll ever be afraid of flying. Then it occurs to me that maybe if I fly to Nepal, I might feel scared because lots of planes fall in that area as their flying companies are not so safe.
      While I think about all this I am entering a building, following two other girls who enter a public toilet. It is quite big with large mirrors on the wall over the sinks. The girls are mocking me or something, but I ignore them. I go to the mirror and I spend a lot of time there, looking at something in my face as I continue thinking. Because I’m abstracted, the dream transforms and I am now on top of a hill sitting with a guy and a girl on a few steps and the mirror transformed into a glass wall by my left side. Through it I can see a road down the hill and a city on the other side of the road.
      Me and this guy and girl are so packed together (don’t know way, as there’s lots of space around) and the guy is flirting me thinking I’m interested.
      But I couldn’t care less, I get up and decide to move. I go downhill and cross the street. From there I see than on the side of this little hill, there's a bigger mountain with a forest and old houses in the horizon, outside the city and for a moment I consider going there. But hesitated, and decided to just fly around the city. I am lucid but honestly can’t really tell when it started (think it was gradual, from the moment I moved away from this couple of friends).
      For a moment I find myself inside a house with a bunch of other people and I change clothes – now I wear a sexy transparent black shirt. Then I’m outside again and I’m a bit distracted and a car almost hits me. I pause on the sidewalk for a while, just looking to the sky and the buildings around. It’s all so luminous. Then I see lots of jets lifting off and I have this impression there’s a lot of rich business people on this city. The jets lift off, one after another, there’s maybe an airport nearby. But then they start behaving strangely, like they are not flying in a straight line, but a bit randomly and then they transform into giant metal birds, with colourful painted wings.
      A Russian guy wakes me up from my mesmerisation and tells me he will drive this car, which is parked right by my side and I’m sitting on the sidewalk, so he’s just warning me to get out the way. He is a bit rude, but he is actually concerned about my safety and I feel he is a nice guy. He is a driver, not the owner of the car.
      Then I cross the street on the pedestrian walkway. I didn’t look to see if it was green for pedestrians and a wall of cars comes in my direction from both sides. But I am not afraid. As they approach I think "cars keep coming at me but this is my dream and they can’t hurt me, I’ll be like Moises opening the red sea and crossing safely to the other side". It didn’t quite happen that way. It just happened that the cars would pass in front of me or in my back without ever colliding with me, very elegantly. That was nice, but not awesome, so I stay there and decide the cars will lift in the air and freeze and make a wall of cars. This time I point my hand to them to make it happen, but all it happens is that they started levitating, but not with the desired effect. I think “Oh crap, I really suck at this control thing.”, but it wasn’t that bad - at least it was a very sucessful levitation of cars.
      Then for some irrational “reason” when I am in the sidewalk I decide I’m not over with this gimmick yet and I walk a bit further down the road until I find a spot that for "some reason” looks good. There I decide to send a purple light ray – actually more like a laser, hard to explain - to the ground, marking an invisible line where the cars will create this wave or wall of cars, when they reach it. But by this time, the traffic diminished a lot. It’s already dawn and I also realised there’s very few people on the street. A guy coming out from a building – looks like a bank – just saw me sending out “laser beams” and with his eyes wide open he freezes on the sidewalk and moves back inside. I can’t believe he is afraid of me!
      I lean on some raised flowerbed outside a building, waiting for some car to pass, but nothing! They totally disappeared. Now I feel pissed. I was sure this time it would work! Then I feel so incredibly lonely, as if I was the only one of my kind in the world - nobody with whom to share my reality and my tricks. Then my cat appears by my side and I hug him, but I don’t feel much better.

      [Then I felt totally disappointed that I didn’t remember to do any of the tasks I was supposed to do!]

      7:15 GMT – Wake up

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    13. Nighthog's Journal: 14th June 2010 addition

      by , 06-15-2010 at 07:05 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      I remembered the dream I forgot from the earlier night. Got to recall it in the morning of the 15th as I recalled my dreams for that night.

      The Minotaur looking bull

      It's in the middle of the day and the sun is up with some white clouds flying by with a slight cool breeze.
      I'm with a companion, can't remember gender. He/she is taking me up this dirt road going inside the woods and getting up close to this gate and large enclosure here. It's grasslansd inside it. I's a grassing area for animals and such. I think of cows.
      He/she warns me to not go inside and stay away from the gate and fence. It's about 2 meters high for some reason. It's a furious and restless beast resigning inside. I don't see it and we go to walk up the dirt road but stay further away from the fences surrounding the clearing. I'm looking inside as we walk trying to see what might be in there. I soon see what's inside. It's a huge beast of a bull. It really looks scary and has a face of a Minotaur. It's really angry looking. It soon starts to run up to the place I'm at but my friend takes and drags me further away from the fence and we walk a little faster away from the section the bull was running toward. It's gigantic really. It can easily reach beyond the 2meter high fence and I can't think how it's possible the fence do really anything to keep it inside. It can easily trample them down. It went to look and bent down it's head to the area where I had stood. It was opening it's head and taking a furious bite.
      Damn a bite from that thing would have grabbed and split me in two.
      We are about to lave the area that was going right next to the fence and there was another gate there. It's a wooden gate. The road now leads away from the enclosure. I'm told to get going and follow him/her but I look back and want to watch the bull some more. It's now that I really see the details. It's pure muscle and strength and "evil". It has nothing but a intent to kill. I soon spot another person coming up the road from where we had come. I think it was a girl walking up to the first gate.
      The bull notices this person instantly and gets angrier and scarier and then starts to run away in full throttle. I yell to the girl to run away. She at last moment backed away from the gate as the bull came over and just as I thought it would run through the gate and at her it stopped before and then just looked through and over the fences. The girl was terrified but safe.
      I turned around and was hailed to continue our walk heading away from the place, he/she stood a little further away waiting for me. The road went up a little to a turnaround point and clearing. We stopped here to talk I thought.

      I started to get lucid and thought of climbing this one tree. It was kind weak though as I climbed it the tree snapped of at the bottom like it was rotten or something. The whole tree fell to the ground as I let it go. I inspected it and thought that was weird. I then jumped into another larger tree and this wasn't a problem.
      Soon the girl from before was getting up to us and the other one was just waiting for me to stop doing what I was doing so we could continue.
      Dream started to fade away.
    14. "Look Out for the Bull"

      by , 12-12-1975 at 06:12 PM
      Morning of December 12, 1965. Sunday.

      Summary of meaning: In the need to wake from a vivid dream state (from needing to get up and use the bathroom), my emergent consciousness is rendered as a bull crashing through the wall, as a wall symbolizes the metaphorical divisions of consciousness and the “other side of liminal space” between dreaming and waking. In this case, it seems my father was the parallel symbolism to the bull in representing my more urgent need to wake. The bull’s horn, being pointed and similar to a bird’s beak in hypnopompic physical anticipation (which is experienced as a jab in the lower back), may be a factor.

      I am sitting with a few family members, the two closest being two brothers-in-law, Bob and Verdell, and they are apparently drinking beer. (Verdell is on my right.) I am not sure of whose house we are in (possibly my older sister Carol’s, as it does not seem like Chipmunk Coulee, but it may be a unique composite of both). There are two couches along each wall, perpendicular to each other, with a small end table towards the corner from one couch. Everyone seems cheerful at first.

      There is a sudden feeling of impending danger. A bull crashes through the wall from near the corner of the room, directly from in front of me, knocking plaster and such about.

      This dream was recurring for a short time. In one version, Verdell actually says “look out for the bull” at the moment of waking. This was before I ever saw or heard of the “look out for the bull” Schlitz Malt Liquor commercial on television and also before I grew up and worked for Ford Taurus where I was injured on my right wrist by someone throwing a sharp metal part back down the line from them not being able to keep up (though the commercial is more relevant to dream content regarding prescience).

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    15. The Staged Bull; a study of multiplicity in a lucid dream

      by , 10-03-1971 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of October 3, 1971. Sunday.

      “The Staged Bull”, regardless of its nightmarish essence (though I felt no direct threat as a result of being in the state of apex lucidity) was one of my most fascinating childhood dreams and also of which contained intriguing redundant symbolism (or “multiplicity” of the type which many dreams have). The level of extreme vividness was nearly indistinguishable from wakefulness, even my body awareness and sense of weight and movement as well as the incredibly realistic ambiance that many dreams lack.

      At the beginning of my dream, I am in my bed in Cubitis and the time seems to be around nine o'clock in the morning. During the process of a false awakening and “getting out of bed” (in my dream), I enter the state of apex lucidity and as a result I am already astounded by my fully aware perspective before I even make my way into our living room to go out the front door, into the carport, and into our front yard, and from there, I expectantly contemplate intimacy with the neighbor girl which basically, as young as I was, reflected my real-life attitude (though our relationship was mostly innocent; that is, mostly only hand-holding, hugging, spooning, and kissing at this time).

      In my dream, the setting was a very nice and sunny day and I could even feel the fresh warm air on my body and in my lungs, and the distance orientation to other areas of the yard and orange groves was all perfect, as were the smooth walking movements and an almost overwhelming joy and sense of freedom, but there was soon something else, some sort of “higher authority” perhaps, and a menacing presence in my dream (a preconscious thread most likely), almost as if I was being stopped from exploring beyond my large front yard. There were three menacing dogs growling at me shortly after that otherwise beautiful feeling of freedom, my sense of freedom lowering somewhat, but I was not attacked in any way. The dogs never moved from their positions on the front lawn.

      There was also another vivid but surreal menacing presence, which was an animal that was moving about in our yard looking much like a bull ready to charge. His front legs and feet seemed a bit too thin. He was mostly facing towards my home and near the largest tree between our front yard and our neighbor’s front yard. My first thought was that it was a bull that had somehow gotten a puppet stage stuck on his head (and in the back of my mind I was contemplating what could have happened to the teachers and students watching the show and although I am fully lucid I still do not consider that an outdoor puppet show near my home would have been highly unlikely, though bulls have gotten out from nearby farms) and as a result was likely very agitated by not being able to see where he was. Upon looking more closely though, it seemed that the bull’s head actually was a puppet stage, with a small, red, velvety curtain continuously swaying outward and inward to where the bull’s face would have been. I clearly hear the strange breathing. puffing, and snorting as he moves one front leg about (reminding me of a chicken scratching for food), and I feel a sense of augmented awe and potential danger, but nothing threatening happens other than an eerie feeling that my dream is not really my own, which causes me to decide to just wake up on my own, albeit frustrated at the missed opportunity to explore a dream of this “impossible” level of clarity.

      Important key points, including multiplicity; that is, two or more symbols that represent the same concept:

      Firstly, the three aggressive dogs represent an invitation to control my dream, as dogs typically symbolize obedience. Their positions on our front lawn symbolize my physical day-to-day reality. Standing, sitting in a chair, and lying in bed. Dream-self role: potential dog-trainer (analogous to dream control).

      Secondly, the bull also represents an invitation to control my dream, the red curtain symbolizing that the bull, on some levels, is already under my conscious control (though I unfortunately do not realize this while in my dream) as it is apparently preventing him from seeing me and thus knowing where to charge (and, although he is directly pointing towards our open carport entrance, does not change his position when I walk past him and more towards the highway). (One of my vividest recurring childhood dreams of a much earlier time period than this dream involved a bull crashing through the wall of the living room of our house near Mohawk Valley.) Dream-self role: potential bullfighter (analogous to dream control).

      Thirdly, a puppet stage also obviously represents an invitation to control my dream. It is modeled after the high school auditorium stage, which my elementary school also used at the time. Dream-self role: potential puppet master (analogous to dream control).

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