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    1. Fus You, You Foul Bullies!

      by , 10-04-2019 at 07:30 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 10-04

      Fus You, You Foul Bullies!

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in high school. I’m a student. Everyone is outside doing a scavenger hunt. There are items we are supposed to gather. Everyone is looking. I find a trash can with plastic bottles in it so I collect the bottles. I want to recycle them. A couple of girls laugh at me for going through the garbage. I go inside the library and find a girl reading. She finishes some soda in a red plastic cup and throws the cup away. She gets a new cup out and pours more soda. Why doesn’t she use the same cup? I go and pull the cups from the trash. The girl asks if I’m recycling. I say yes. She drinks the soda in her current cup and hands it to me before taking out another new cup. I say she can use the same cup. She laughs and pours into the new cup. I am annoyed as I leave the library. It is dark outside. I didn’t think I’d been inside that long. I start walking home. After I go a short distance, I think I’m going the wrong way. I keep going and I come to a bridge. This isn’t the way home! There are people on the bridge that look like they’re arguing. I head over there. I rub my nose and something seems off, so I pinch my nose to do a reality check. I’m dreaming!

      The arguing from the people on the bridge sounds like it’s getting serious. I get closer and I hear them talking to each other, something about a hat. When I get closer still I hear expletives, some nasty slurs referring to gay people. Then the fight starts. Three guys start beating the crap out of a fourth while a fifth calls out for help. I go over there and the man calling for help tells me to go get help, fast, before they kill Ade! I don’t need help for a few bullies. I go over to them and yell at them to stop. I get their attention. One kicks the man they have been beating one more time before coming towards me. The man on the ground is writhing in pain. One of the bullies who looks to be the leader asks what I’m going to do if they won’t stop? He calls me a little girl and tells me to go away before he decides it’s ok to hit girls. I tell them to leave the two men alone or else. He asks or else what? Am I going to cry? I say no, but I will fus them off this bridge. He starts to undo his pants and says he’ll give me a fus I’ll never forget. He approaches me. I ask if they’re refusing to leave the two men alone. He says he’ll finish with them after he’s done with me.

      I surreptitiously position myself where I can hit the three bullies with one fus. I tell the lead bully he’s done right now then I fus all three of them. FUS-RO-DAH! The force blasts all three bullies off the bridge. I look after the three of them and I see the splashes as they hit the water below. They struggle for a bit to regain full motion and then swim for the shore. They are swimming for different places on the shore, but that’s not a problem. They’ll live. I see someone waiting on the bank where the lead bully is heading. That person is dressed in a clown suit! What the fus is a clown doing down there? The man who had been calling for help asks me how I did that. I pay no attention, I am watching the clown as he pulls the lead bully out of the water. The bully, clearly angry and not wanting help, pulls his arm free of the clown and glares at him. That makes the clown mad. The clown’s face transforms into one big maw with what looks like hundreds of razor-sharp shark teeth. The lead bully is screaming in terror when the clown literally bites his face off! What kind of monster is that? I jump off the bridge to go after what I am thinking must be a demon of some kind. But instead of falling into the water I fall into bed and wake up.

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    2. Dream - Exclusive Parents

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:20 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 22 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 158 - Exclusive Parents

      I don't remember everything that happened in this dream. What I do remember is that my mum and dad were being quite civil to everyone in the house except me... They were talking down on me. I tried to ask my parents where they were going but they were still in a bad mood with me and so refused to tell me. At some point, I went over to Jess' place and we saw her aunty, that's when my mum got really upset at me for something. That's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Deja Vu (Have a dream about something you have experienced in real life)
      >> Parents were really bad on Friday and this reflected in the dream in Friday ---> Saturday.

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    3. Dream - Violence In The Building & Searching For A Gift

      by , 06-22-2017 at 07:06 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 22 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 139 - Separated Sections

      Dream 139 A - Violence In The Building
      First of all, there was talk about the requirements for diploma at the Chisholm campus that was apparently located in Chadstone. I came across JC and he told me that we needed to attend one of the enrolment sessions that was taking place in the next week. The dream then skipped to the day of one of the enrolment sessions. We were in the foyer of Building W and there was also someone there that shouldn't have been there, AZ from primary school. He approached me and actually started violently punching me in the face.

      It took a while before AZ decided to stop and then he had walked out of the building. Then it was just me and NN in the area at one point, I wanted to talk to him but then he wasn't talking to me, rather he was on some comfy armchair, reading some book. AZ then came back in with JC and I was scared that I was going to be assaulted again. JC said to me “don't be scared of him, he's been asked to apologize”. AZ then approached me, wearing his primary school uniform and made the apology.

      It still apparently wasn't good enough for the TAFE's standards though. The lady that was attending the desk in a corner of the foyer called out to him and said that he was not going to be granted a place in the next course. She said she saw what he did. Then to put it bluntly, she said something like, “we're leaving you without a life”. That's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

      Dream 139 B - Searching For A Gift
      I was in some random store that I have forgotten the name of and I was looking for a hot pink t-shirt for myself, although the dream just called it a pink t-shirt. I asked my stranger friend in the dream where I could find and she pointed to this massive rack in one corner of the store. When I got to that though, I saw everything except for what I wanted and most of the clothes were the wrong colour. I can't remember what happens in the next scene.

      After the scene I forgot, I was back in the store and it was much bigger inside, like it had some sort of extension added to it. There was this whole new section which I was crazy about seeing. I had gone onto Facebook on my phone to message Chilly, asking her what Logan's favourite colour was so I could by him a t-shirt and when I had bought it, I would physically bring it back to his house. She answers me saying that she wasn't sure. I then said to her that his four options were gold, green, red or blue. After that, she said that she would get Logan to hop on speak to me. So then he was typing a message but from her account, so in the same chat-box. He said for me to wait until he got back from the “B & S Store”. I was slightly frustrated that I had to wait and so looked around the rest of the store by myself until I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - Damsel In Distress (Have NN repel 1 nightmare)
      - Kind Visitor (Have 1 interaction with anyone from SML)

      Note: Although it was JC who dealt directly with AZ, I still classify it as a trophy achievement as NN and JC are best friends in real life.
    4. Dream - The TAFE Bully & Holidaying In Miami

      by , 06-10-2017 at 12:53 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 10 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 130 - Separated Sections

      Dream 130 A - The TAFE Bully
      I was in TAFE but weirdly, I found out that BrB from primary school was also in this class. When I was in the main foyer of Building W, >> Sensitivity warning, for men especially, read at your own risk: it was then that I noticed I was on my period. Then there came BrB, he picked up some sanitary pads off the floor that were all bloodied, rolled them up... And threw them at me!! << Now earlier on, I remember that BrB had asked to sit next to NN in the class, so the arrangement was JC, me, BrB, NN. But then I entered the classroom and saw that no one was sitting next to NN, BrB wasn't even in the room. I had the idea summed up in my head that NN didn't allow him to sit there... NN already that there was something suspicious up with BrB.

      I then went to look through the window of the classroom and saw BrB in another room. He was sticking his head out the window and calling names at me. Apparently BrB was now in our classroom again and our teacher KHa mentioned that there was a test at 11:05. All of sudden, BrB's phone is heard ringing and so we call keep quiet to let him take the call. On the other side of the line was an authority member of the TAFE. She was asking BrB questions about the “First Aid” course he was doing but she said that they were kicking him out due to his bad behaviour. When the call was ended, I just knew that NN was the one behind everything. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 130 B - Holidaying In Miami
      I don't remember where I was exactly but I do remember the exact outfit I was wearing. It was a long blue cardigan with a yellow singlet and really short shorts. The place I was in had a mixture of shops and restaurants but didn't look like any shopping complex in the real world. After a while, the place started to get really crowded, which overwhelmed me, so much so that people were even talking at me but they weren't talking to me... It was like they were talking over me to try and talk to someone else on the other side of me. So I decided I had to leave but I did take two people out of there with me, one was a stranger African man that I don't know and the lady might have been his wife.

      My mum was waiting outside the building and I had explain to her who these two people were with me, despite the fact that she looked angry and suspicious about these people. I kept reiterating to her that they were my friends. It took me a few attempts to get her to settle down but she eventually did. I was then walking around the town by myself for a while, that looked nothing like the places in America but was supposedly called Miami anyway. I then recalled that Logan and Chilly from SML were next door in the town of Pensacola. I came up a lake with a strange red sign that said “Pensa” in white writing... I knew this was short for Pensacola. This didn't insinuate that Logan and Chilly were living at the bottom of a lake, did it? I don't remember anything else in regards to this dream.

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    5. Dream - A Balance Sheet & Nobody Wants Me & Monster Children

      by , 06-02-2017 at 03:00 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 2 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 124 - Separated Sections

      Dream 124 A - A Balance Sheet
      I remember I was doing an accounting balance sheet but I forgot specifically for what though. That's all I can remember.

      Dream 124 B - Nobody Wants Me
      This dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. I was in a classroom and apparently my friend EH was supposed be having a birthday party. I caught sight of the cake which was iced a vivid red colour with a green leaf on it, almost like it was the design of a tomato. As I was looking at the cake, some girl came up to me and started making these attacking comments on how I want that cake all to myself. I felt unwanted by anyone and so I walked out of the room feeling disappointed, I didn't think EH took notice though and so she may have even been oblivious to the fact that I was being talked to like that in the first place.

      I was then walking around the school grounds for a while, now looking for WB but I couldn't see her anywhere. At one point, I thought I saw her walking out of another classroom but I said to myself, “that girl looks too black to be WB” because in waking life, her skin is brown, not black. So I assumed that I didn't see her. I then looked into another classroom and saw JS sitting on the floor within a group of random kids that I don't know.

      It was becoming time to go home and so I went down to King Arthur Drive to try and locate the bus. I soon realised that I had to go to Galahad Crescent to catch the bus, which thankfully hadn't left yet. On my way, I saw LB and like usual, she was giving me the typical dirty look. I then got to the bus area and only when I got on the bus, I saw WB sitting in a circle with her friends in a tucked away corner. Her friends and her were supposedly hiding from me. When I looked through the window I saw her, like she was staring at me, her eyes composed like they were half way out of her sockets. She was slowly nodding her head up and down. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 124 C - Monster Children
      The first part of this dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. The only difference is that WB and I spoke more in this dream. I have forgotten what specifically happened in this dream scene.

      The next dream scene takes place in a large, clean, friendly looking jail cell. There are all these kids in the call and there are four of them that are known as the “monster children”, one of them I can remember being AQ. The reason they were known as “monster children” was due to the heavy manipulation of their physical appearance and also the fact that they have a reputation of harmful behaviour when by themselves.

      The dream scene then shifted to outside the jail cell where Logan from SML was on his way to becoming a monster child himself. I forgot what he was doing to bring about that idea though. Then the dream moved over to showing the supernanny Jo Frost, almost like she was going live on TV. She said she couldn't be with Logan directly because the contract between them expired thirteen years ago. Also, Jo Frost was strangely manipulated in appearance, like she had aged by 20+. She had exactly the same appearance as in waking life but her hair was grey and she had heaps of wrinkles. So she was now giving Logan some “positive encouragement” about his current position in life. The theory was that this “positive encouragement” would detract his subconscious attention from the actions that a monster child would portray.

      The dream then went back to Logan's area and showed that he was in a better state of mind. He was walking over to this “party machine” that looked like a luggage x-ray device at an airport. Apparently this machine had six settings and one of them was for balloons to be blown up. He then activated another setting which would blow out glitter and small bits of confetti out of one of the chimneys on the machine. That's all I can remember about this dream.

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    6. Dream - A Wasted Evening & Multi-storey Target

      by , 04-29-2017 at 10:57 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 29 APR

      Dream No. 103 - Seperate Sections

      Dream No. 103 A – A Wasted Evening

      It was on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School, a random singing teacher approached me and asked if my singing lesson could be moved to 4:30 PM. I asked this random boy when the graduation dinner was going to be but he stayed quiet and did not answer. So then the singing teacher took me into her music room to have the lesson but we did absolutely nothing! She was talking about some absolute garble that my memory can't even make sense of... I did remember it made sense in the dream though. And so the entire hour was wasted with no singing being done at all... She said we would be singing next lesson. So then when I was back on the school grounds, I found out that I had missed the dinner. I had a thought the boy didn't answer because he didn't want me to be there.

      Dream No. 103 B – Multi-storey Target

      I can't remember much of this dream at all. The only things that I can remember is that the Target store was 10 floors and was doing something with my mum and brother. I'd also get really scared and have a feeling of the heebie-jeebies whenever I would catch sight of the two giant lifts nearby.
    7. Dream - Accusations Ahoy

      by , 04-29-2017 at 10:40 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 3 APR - 2016

      Dream No. 74 - Accusations Ahoy

      I'm only writing the segments of this dream that I can remember... So, let's begin!

      To start off with, Taylor Henderson was bound to perform on stage somewhere with a group of 4 or 5 other girls. So they did their thing but when they finished, there was a fairly large riot and people who claimed to be the police were also involved. Now almost everyone was fighting and arguing, all except for me who was trying to break up fights between couples and small groups, and Taylor who was just standing there, looking quite scared and unsure of what he had done and if he had done anything at all.

      One of the police approached Taylor and and actually accused him for being involved in a crime with the girls he performed with. When Taylor left to go somewhere, I approached the policewoman who had also told Taylor of my supposed crime, saying “and look at the girl over there”, pointing to me, “she's also guilty of something”. I had a piece to say to her! I said, “Excuse me, but you don't do that alright?” and as I was saying that, I noticed Taylor watching from within the fighting crowd. I then continued, “Just look at all these people, and you make accusations of the ones who are innocent. They're all at fault but Taylor and I did absolutely nothing. You look at yourself twice!” and I think that was enough to make the policewoman shush up.

      Later on, in the same location, there was one row of seats facing another row of seats. On one side was Taylor, his mate and then his “girlfriend” who was actually light blonde in the dream. Then in the other row, slightly diagonal but more on Taylor's end was me and then a few seats away from me, there was the police woman but she did not move or speak... It's like she was zoned out or a not a “significant figure” anymore. I looked over at Taylor's side, noticing that they were paying no attention as though this side of the chairs was not there, so I say to myself, “I hope it's not true that he thinks I cease to exist”.

      Just then, they all get up and move to my side with the girl, then the mate and then Taylor sitting next to me. Just then, Taylor turns to me and says, “I'm really proud of you”, as he spreads his arms out to give me a massive hug and I'm not joking when I say massive. It's like he pulled me really quickly towards him that my left shoulder went up against his chest with quite an impact (but it was a soft landing). His chest was quite “hollow”, as if someone had dug a trench through the middle of it but this made it so my shoulder and that part of him locked in perfectly. Then just as I start to “relax” and almost actually fall asleep in the dream while he's still holding me, I bloomin' wake up! Much to my disgust and disappointment...
    8. Wooden Horse

      by , 03-17-2017 at 09:31 AM
      Hi everyone!

      I had a dream last night..!

      It was set in a school, and I was a student (A boy student). There was a lot of unfairness going on in that school, and I didn't like it. I remember doing my best to take care of the students who were victimised. They were victimised by student bullies, and teachers alike.

      One time, everyone was in an assembly, and I was skirting the edges to check on some people. It was then that I was caught however by one of the student bullies. They first tied me up with a harness, and then put a horse bridle in my mouth. Then I had to sit down on wooden horse torture device..!

      I had to sit there for an hour, and then the teacher came over, to ask me questions. Saying my time would be extended if I didn't answer so many right.. And that's what I remember!
    9. Attack of the 50ft Man

      by , 08-27-2016 at 11:24 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Not a whole lot recalled this morning, but certainly a bizarre one either way. But first...a not so bizarre one!
      I was being made fun of by yet another guy I knew from high school. Accurately to real life, this was a guy who used to make fun of me back in the day. However, it appears my dream self is feeling awful pissed off and courageous lately! In the middle of making fun of me, I turn from my locker, walk up to him, and punch him square in the jaw. He fell on the floor, unconscious. All around me were hushed gasps. I turned to the head adult in the room and began ranting like crazy. "You have to understand, this has been going on for ages now, and none of you do ANYTHING about it. What am I supposed to do? Just sit here?? No! I won't! I refuse! I'm not going to stand for this crap anymore! ... I'm starting to notice a recurring trend in my latest dreams: A lot of random people I knew in my high school keep showing up, and often times it ends up being people who I really disliked back in the day, often due to them making fun of me. What's the significance? Not sure. But it definitely keeps happening! And as you can see...my dream self is SICK of it.
      Now for the strange one! Guess what? It involves another high schooler I knew, only this one thankfully wasn't one I hated. AND YET. He was the cause of conflict in this dream.
      I was in a pretty big town, standing outside. The sun was setting, but it was very cloudy, giving the sky a dull look. The guy I mentioned, call him N, comes up to me and says he has to stop me. "Stop me? What did I do?"
      His response? Well, just what you'd expect. He shouted and grew 50ft in size. Must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Despite the oddness of the situation, I was quite reasonably freaked out! I screamed and ran as fast as my legs could carry me, N stomping his way behind me, each footstep an earthquake.
      That's all I can recall on that one. It's like all my high school memories are coming back to get me...
    10. Revenge of the Nerd? Or Another Angry Vegan :D

      by , 08-20-2015 at 05:41 PM
      I was in my old childhood room at my parents’ house in Colorado. I wondered how I got there, since I was in Australia last I remembered, but I dismissed the thought and started thinking about other things. I wandered down the hall into my parents’ bedroom where I found my Uncle. He was in there with his Chinese lover. I rationalized that he and his wife had gotten more open about their relationship since her recent bout with cancer. His lover said that she was studying to be a naturopath and that she wanted to do an energy healing on me. She put her hands on my tummy and was sending loving, healing energy into me to fix my stomach. My uncle took her place after about 30 seconds, and he was way better at it than her. He was gently blowing onto the area that he was sending energy to, as though he was fanning a flame. I felt very happy, appreciative, and connected with both of them. My uncle put his hand on mine for a minute.

      I walked out of the room and into the kitchen where my mom was cooking spaghetti. I got really excited because I loooooove spaghetti, but then I noticed that it was filled with meatballs and ground beef and Italian sausage. I was sad, but I decided that I would make my own spaghetti. My sister came into the kitchen and told me that I looked fat. I took off my shirt and showed her that I had no tummy, but then she started talking down to me about being vegan, saying how it was very unhealthy and that I was pathetic for only taking my philosophies on how I want to live my life part of the way. She was saying that I should go move to a commune and be in nature rather than half ass things, because I will always be supporting corrupt corporations and unethical practices as long as I’m in society. I lost my temper and said to her, “At least I’m trying, I’m doing the best that I can. You believe the same things I do but you don’t even go part of the way.”

      She looked shocked that I defended myself rather than letting her take punches at me without any recoil.
      I took my vegan pasta to my room and became lucid while I was eating it. I thought to myself, “This pasta doesn’t taste like much for being dream food”. So I infused it with deliciousness and made it taste yummier. The next bites were a lot better but still not fantastic. I woke up.

      I was on my elementary school playground and it was kind of a gloomy day. There were guys throwing a ball to each other, so I ran out to try to get past a defender, but I couldn’t shake him. The guys started to make fun of me and bully me. They made me feel like I didn’t belong with them even though I was just as athletic as them, if not more so. One of the bullies threw a ball at my face and I became lucid from it. I think he threw it at me again and then punched me, but I made myself impervious to harm and I was unaffected. Two other bullies threw their balls at me simultaneously from opposite sides - I caught them both with my hands in the air. I stole a beer out of the hands of the 1st bully that tried to punch me, tore off the cap, and then drank some of it. Very realistic. I tossed it on the floor expecting it to break but instead it just bounced up and down, spewing beer all over the place.
      I looked at one of the bullies and told him that he was only mean because he was bald since his mom gave him a stupid haircut and so he was taking it out on everybody else. I looked at another bully and told him that he was mean because he was secretly gay. I told him that I knew about him wanting to have sex with the other guys in the locker room. I whispered into his ear that it was okay to be whoever he was, and that I actually preferred him that way. I transformed him so that he was wearing fabulous clothes. His physical body changed as well. I then took control of him and made him act feminine.
      I turned my eyes towards the initial bully that made me feel like I didn’t belong, that had teased me and punched me and threw a ball at my face. I told him that he was the worst of all, because he had no heart. I told him that he had no way of sharing in the pain that he inflicts upon others. I told him that he was already dead inside.
      I summoned a stairway that led up to a portal. I told him that if he truly had any heart, then he would pass through the portal unfazed, but if it was as I said, then he would be teleported to a hellish world that reflected how he was inside.

    11. Give me my Chocolate Chip Muffin! LD #129 (sort of)

      by , 11-01-2014 at 01:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was with S at college. We were walking around campus in the evening hours. I can recall it being around 6:00. S said he had to go home, and I wanted to run to this bakery place before it closed at 6:20. Also, it was Halloween in the dream and everybody was wearing costumes. I think I was dressed up as Minecraft Steve; I was wearing a turquoise shirt and purple pants. S was dressed up as some anime character and had this huge spikey blue wig.
      We parted ways and I headed to the bakery. It was underneath the building next to my dorm in this huge complex that is not there IWL. I went inside and got in line at the bakery. The clock read 6:19 and you could tell the place was closing down. But there were a few other people that wanted to drop by before they closed.
      I asked the woman behind the counter if I could have the last chocolate chip muffin and some milk. She said 'sure' and handed me both of the items. I then waited for two other people to check out before it was my turn.
      I gave my ID to the guy at the checkout so I could pay. For some reason he just took it and held it above the slot without swiping it. After about fifteen seconds he sarcastically said:
      "Ooops! It's 6:21. Were closed now! Sorry! We can't give you this!" The lady behind the counter and another DC worker, a tall blonde guy who was wiping down tables both started laughing at me. I stormed out of the bakery vowing never to do business there again.
      I walked outside and up this big hill that isn't there IWL. I took note of how floaty gravity seemed to be. I kept on jumping up and swimming through the air for a few feet before drifting back down.
      This prompted me to preform a nose pinch. Now I became lucid, but I still felt like I wasn't all there.
      Primarily because I turned around and went back to the bakery. One way or another I was gonna get my muffin from these guys. I got back to the door and pulled on it. Locked.
      I see the three dream characters still inside; the bakery had metal and glass doors with floor-to-ceiling windows. The cashier guy was standing around eating my muffin and drinking my milk. The tall guy was still cleaning tables, and the woman was putting what was left of the day's goods. (A couple of bagles) into boxes. The three saw me standing outside me and started laughing again.
      Oh man was I getting ticked off by these three. I tore the metal and glass door off its hinges and threw it into the road. They stopped laughing.
      I walked over to the cashier guy and punched him in the gut. I heard a thunderclap sound and the guy went flying backwards into the wall. He then fell into a couple of tables and chairs. The other two dream characters took off running.
      I walked over to the cashier and looked down at him.

      For some reason me and him were sitting together at a table. He had a bandage around his head.
      "Look dude, I'm sorry... about everything. I didn't know you were..."
      "I don't forgive you."
      "What?! why?"
      "Because I know you're not saying that because you are sorry. You're only saying it because now you realize that I can hurt you. Next time, be more careful who you mess with. You never know who might give you a bad day."
      I turned and walked out. The dream faded.

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    12. Finn's Future Nightmare, Rocket ships growing from foam cutouts, old bullies try to take my computer

      by , 10-31-2014 at 09:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This was a very strange one. I was in what felt like a Wendy’s or McDonalds, save for the place was deserted, and it felt like it was closed. I was sitting in the corner along with a dream character who I did not recognize, but was a male.
      [Dream Logic] They showed me a box full of these cutouts that were made out these really tough foam. They were cut into radial snowflake like patterns and he told me about how they were ‘Grow your own spaceships’. All you had to do was add water and they would turn into a spaceship. [/Dream Logic]
      To be honest, the DC might have been Marcus, but I can’t remember. The dream was so blurry. This seems crazy even for something he would come up with.
      So I took two of them out of the box. We had a cup of water and we used these little eyedroppers to get them started. The foam starts to puff up, and sure enough metal paneling begins to emerge and build. Watching this thing self-assemble is strange. It is fascinating to watch. The assemble seems something like a transformer, and I eventually see a rocket engine assemble in the center.
      “Ya see that? That’s the kind of engine that will get you to Mars!”
      The dream carried on for a long time as the spaceship continued to grow, transform and change. For some reason my spaceship turned into a large dark green suitcase with rocket motors on the bottom, and lights on the inside. The DC told me that the foam cutout was faulty and that I would try with another one. I lost the dream around there.

      Something to do with being in a rather small room with a pool and a hot tub. For some reason all of the tiles are a rich forest green and there are high, narrow windows running along the top of the wall.

      I am with S. We are in my room together and there is a large wall-mounted flatscreen TV on the wall where the dresser should be. We are sitting on the end of my bed, wrapped in blankets and eating popcorn out of a huge bowl. S wants to watch an adventure time episode called 'Finn's Future Nightmare'
      The episode is supposed to center around Finn's future son who in the episode is this nightmarish monstrosity. There are a couple of blurry indistinguishable scenes that go on for a minute or two, then one of his shadow. It pans up to show a silhouette of the character. He is huge and brawny and has sword blades in the place of his hands.
      There are then some scenes of him terrorizing innocent candy people. For some reason they are in this really realistic setting. This is followed by a scene of adult Finn rushing at him with the Grass Sword and Jake who has morphed into a shield. Supposedly in this future of adventure time, Jake can change not only the shape of his body but the composition; so his shield transformation actually looks like a shield.
      His son steps out of the shadow. He looks like a little bit like the basic Finn (Save for muscles and sword hands) with the same outfit, and he has five or six of these pinwheel devices running up his shirt like buttons. They open and expand and fire energy out in different colors. Finn blocks them with the sword and he charges into melee range.
      Finn wakes up from his nightmare, and Jake asks him what he dreamed about. He says he doesn't want to talk about it.

      I am casually strolling along in the industrial park that is a few blocks from my house. The area has become a swamp and the factories are abandoned and flooded. It was some kind of post-apocalyptic future where my town had been destroyed and flooded, and the boardwalk had been built as a means for the new generation to walk around and explore what past towns and cities looked like.
      Also, for some reason in this dream, I was like 14 or 15 years old. (I was walking around in the body that I had when I was 14 or 15. Something to do with cloning me.)
      I had my computer with me. I approached a sitting area on the boardwalk and opened it up. I began typing up (in a word document) my dreams from earlier in the night when I was approached by a group of maybe six people. Some of them had vague resemblances to kids who used to bully me in middle school. One of them tried to grab at my computer, but I closed it.
      I then remembered that it was when I turned fifteen that I started taking self defense classes. I wondered if my skills were any good. I saw one of the bullies try to do a mock kick to make fun of that fact, but he fell over backwards.
      Another bully tried to grab my computer from my arms but I backed away. I leaped into the air and kicked him in the face. He fell over and I landed. A guy charged at me from the right and swung at me. I ducked. He then tried to uppercut me. I leaned back. Another guy came at me from the left. I kicked him in the gut and he fell over. The guy on my left swiped at me, and two more guys were coming in. I threw my computer up over me and caught it behind my back. I thought to myself how I should be careful doing stunts because I don't want my laptop to be broken or stolen.
      Even though I was holding my own in this fight, for some reason I decided to try to get these guys off of me.
      I yelled: "Police Officer!" and pointed behind them. All of the bullies looked where I pointed.
      There was nobody there.
      One of the bullies yelled "Oh, Sh*t!", and they all started running as if they were actually in trouble.
      Dream characters don't get much more stupid than that.
      But if that wasn't strange enough, I started running too. I can't remember why. I guess I figured that they might realize that there actually was no police officer and would try to chase me down. As I was running, I noticed that I was barefoot, and I seemed to be pushing off the ground with just my toes.
      I then noticed that the frequency of my steps was very low. I was taking one step every ten feet and the way I was bounding off the ground; I almost seemed to be floating.

      I became partially lucid, dropped my computer and started flying when the dream ended.
    13. The Horrible Accident

      by , 12-31-2013 at 07:59 PM
      12-27-2013 -- The first thing I can remember of this one, I am driving down a highway, possibly with Ron and Mary. We're in separate cars, but driving right next to each other, and though it feels like we're driving down the middle of the state, we're also approaching the whole Palm Beach / Fort Lauderdale area, which may mean we were driving down the turnpike, though we may have eventually changed to I-95. I think I am delivering a package down to Lauderdale.

      As we continue driving along (what is now looking like a fairly busy surface street), we are suddenly facing a car heading straight at us on the wrong side of the street. We swerve around it, just to find ourselves viewing a couple more cars crashing into each other. Then another car on the wrong side of the road, followed by two or three more cars in a wreck, then two or three more going the wrong way. There are police everywhere, and we can't figure out exactly what is happening, though it very well may be cars exiting a freeway the wrong way to avoid a big pile-up or something. All I know is they are creating an even bigger mess out here.

      Suddenly there is a greenish station wagon like the one I used to drive flying through the air, turning end over end as it crashes to the ground, followed by a line of 10 or 12 cars going the wrong way at high speed, sending everybody insane. As we swerve every which way to avoid them all, Ron and I look across at each other, and can see we agree. We swerve into a parking lot, and park our cars next to each other, both pulling forward to the second space in the row we're in. We climb out of our cars, and are now walking forward, trying to find out what is going on. I find I was driving a compact red sedan.

      As we walk back toward the street, the cars continue in their crazy patterns, and we spot one guy running away from the cars on the wrong side of the road, but unfortunately he runs right in front of a diesel truck and it is horribly messy. The shoulder we are walking on sort of drifts away from the road for a few yards, and suddenly we find ourselves in almost a sort of concrete tunnel, looking up at a short ladder (four to five feet tall) that lets us climb up to a gate that we can open to step back on to the street. Ron and Mary decide they have had enough, and just turn around to walk back to the car, while I decide to continue on. Because of my size and shape, I am having a difficult time climbing the ladder, and first have to put down the painting that I seem to be carrying.

      I hand it to somebody standing there, manage to climb up, and then ask him to hand it back to me. He refuses, instead asking me why I think I should go out there. I try to explain it is OK, I have a professional drivers license, and he demands to know exactly what kind of license, where was it issued, and more. I say after I get off the ladder, I will show him the license. He asks more and more questions, getting ruder all the time, and I decide I am not showing him anything. He has no right to know, anyway. I demand he hands the painting to me, and he complies with poor grace. I then point to a large bottle of multi-vitamins that also belongs to me, and is sitting on the ground, and ask him to hand me that, as well, and he refuses. He is being a real ass, and I am severely ticked off, and I finally pronounce a nasty curse against him in the name of Jesus, and stalk off, though a few seconds later I am feeling more and more bad about it.

      I find myself thinking, and realize that God is not bound by space and time, and start to realize that, though unlikely, it is possible that all these accidents and car wrecks could possibly have been caused by my curse against the guy. I am thinking of trying to get to the Cheeburger Cheeburger location in Boca or Lauderdale, since they closed the one in Orlando, but as I continue walking along, I realize I am not going to get very far walking barefoot through all this wreckage, and decide I better turn around and get back to my car. I am going to need it to get very far.

      As I am walking back, I find a very long Doctor Who-style scarf that I know is mine, though it is closer to the colors of the one Tom Baker wore than either of the ones I made. As I make it back to the strange little concrete tunnel and the ladder, I find everybody has left, and as I climb back down I find my bottle of vitamins, but the nasty guy opened it and pooped in it, so that bottle is now wasted. Ick! I continue back to the spot where Ron and I had parked, just to find both cars are missing. I expected Ron and Mary would have driven off, but I am wondering where my car is, and am annoyed to fear that my car has been stolen yet again. But I notice a nearby police station in the parking lot, and wonder if it may have just been improperly towed away. I walk inside, gingerly stepping over all the broken glass from the accident in my bare feet. Inside the police station, I find a long line, including a lot of very tough looking guys, including a big black guy who threatens to kill me if I don't wait my turn in the line. While I am griping, he tells me to shut up as he doubts I have any problems worth complaining about, and I suddenly tear into him about how often (in my dreams) my car gets stolen, and how sick I am of it!
    14. Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Church Balcony

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:33 AM
      11-24-2013 -- [First lengthy, detailed dream I have had in several days.] Am in a church which is a cross between Pine Castle UMC (the balcony above the narthex) and Buena Park First Church of the Nazarene (the physical location and the rest of the building layout.) I seem to be Harry Potter, and it is dark and quite late at night. There are no lights, but I am sitting on the floor of the balcony watching a small television that seems to somehow be showing one of the later Harry Potter movies or something, and I am learning secrets that will eventually let me beat Voldemort. Problem is, I hear angry muttering, and when I peer over the balcony, I can see Voldemort down by the pulpit. He is watching the same thing on a much larger screen, and is getting more and more angry about what he is seeing.

      At this point I am a very young Harry Potter, and I know Voldemort could probably destroy me easily, and he can see the flickering light of the television I am watching from where he is, even if he can't see me. I somehow know that as he gets angrier, he will end up destroying me and the balcony. But then I realize, he can't see me, he can't hear me, and there are no lights anywhere except the slight flicker from the tv screens, if I am slow and quiet, I can open up one of the doors to the stairs, climb down into the narthex, then exit out one of the double glass doors on the side, and I should be able to run away without being seen. Perhaps I can put enough distance between us that I should be able to hide for a while.

      I follow my plan, and make it out the doors, expecting an explosion all the while, but I manage to get outside before anything happens. I run along the side of Shamlin Hall, then reach the brick fence and start to climb it. Oddly, unlike all the past dreams I have had about climbing these fences, and into these yards, there are no big dogs chasing at me. As soon as I think this, a gray dog comes running up, but it is a little smaller than usual, and isn't barking nearly so much. I hold out a hand for it to sniff, then pick it up, and seem to have made a friend of it, which is a nice change. [I have dreamed about climbing fences in the area and cutting through or hiding in yards through here many times, but this time is a lot smoother than usual.]

      I am cutting across to reach Orangethorpe as usual, but I soon find myself in the middle of a sort of park with a couple of softball fields, and some people are playing. I have no intention of joining in, but I do pass through the area, avoiding both the kids and adults who are playing. Oddly, I run into Captain Jack (character from Doctor Who), dressed as a ball player, and flirting with everyone around him, whether male, female, or child.

      I continue on, and soon find myself standing on Orangethorpe, at a cross between a sort of bus stop and a food truck, and I run into some of the Scoobie Gang. Giles is here, though he almost immediately takes off looking for help. I think Buffy is on patrol. But Willow is here, and is seriously injured. She has a badly mangled arm that will probably never be whole again, unless I do something. I pick her up in my arms, and twist her bad arm in a way that it really shouldn't bend, but then I start pouring healing magic into it, and it starts to heal and straighten in a remarkable way. With some time to rest, she is going to end up being just fine. I leave her with her friends, and wander off into the night, worn and exhausted.

      I am weak and tired, I have exhausted all my magic in healing Willow, and I am just stumbling through the parking lot of a somewhat worn apartment complex. There is a dirty blonde, probably in her mid-30s, sleeping in her car in the parking lot. She is poor, dirty, not in the best shape, and she is kind of propositioning me. I guess in this dream the power Voldemort knows not is probably sex, rather than love, because I decide to have sex with her, knowing that will recharge my core. I climb into the car, and have sex with her, though the dream kind of skips past that. I am feeling a bit better, and have kind of partly recharged, when I get the odd feeling we are being watched.

      We are parked next to a sort of a repair truck ... the kind that might be a real repair truck, or might be something that the FBI is using to spy on people. I am trying to stare into this truck, somehow thinking it is where they are spying on us from, when I hear someone opening up the passenger side door of the car, and I am not able to react fast enough as the door is torn open, I am pulled out, and am beaten and knocked unconscious. When I come to, I am being dragged through a parking lot by a guy in fatigues, as he also pulls along the dirty blonde I was with. Problem is, though he knocked me out, and my head hurts, I did finish 'recharging' my core, first. He doesn't even know what is happening at first, as I morph my body to look like his, then morph his to look like me. After that, I hit him with a kind of an imperious, so he won't be able to say anything. I am still dizzy from being knocked out, and he is dizzy from the mind control, so we're kind of stumbling along keeping each other upright.

      We're in a sort of large junk yard, with scrap all around us, and I am guessing he and his people have made their base here. Another soldier dressed in fatigues comes up, and seems to think he has the right to beat up on the other guy (since he looks like me and I him) and he starts to attack him, but I turn around and kill him, then stick him through a narrow hole in the fence that leads to a sort of truck yard, and I hope he won't be found until after I find my way out of here. We keep staggering through the junk yard, and we eventually find our way back to Orangethorpe. By this time I am nearly back to 100%. I let the girl go, then I knock out the soldier who had originally knocked me out, and finally I morph into an entirely new disguise so hopefully nobody can recognize me.

      I make my way back to the food truck (which is slowly changing into a couple of tents containing some sort of buffet at what is seeming to be turning into a college campus) looking for any of the Scoobies, as well as anybody who may be spying on them for Voldemort (how I figure I must have been captured), and ready to thrash any soldiers I might find watching them, while I hope my disguise is good enough if Voldy himself should come by.
    15. 12/02/13 In Another Life

      by , 12-04-2013 at 06:35 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      In Another Life
      I am back in high school. I have absolutely no awareness of my waking life or that there is anything out of place. My name is Marcy, and I am sitting near the back of the room in a math class. It's Algebra. I'm not having any problems with it, I am good at math. More importantly, this is my last class of the day. I am anxious to get out of class and get home. I hope I can get out of the school without meeting up with the jerks that I always have problems with. Sarah, Beth, Maria, and Gene. The bell rang and I shove my books and papers into my backpack and hurry out the door. I am almost to the front door of the school when I see the very people I had been hoping to avoid. Sarah is there talking to her friends. I think I can get out of sight without being seen but it is too late. Sarah speaks loudly, saying watch out, it just got fatter in here. I look down at my body. I am moderately overweight, but it really isn't that much. Gene adds that it got uglier in here. Maria adds that it got stupider in here. Beth tries to add something but I can't understand her because she is laughing too hard. I don't want to let them bother me, but they do. It hurts. I feel like crying.

      I hurry past them and out the door, figuring if that is it then I should count myself lucky. But that's not it. Sarah comes out first and shoves me to the ground. The others laugh. Gene and Beth grab my backpack from me, it had only been over one shoulder, and they take off with it. I need that! I chase after them, but I am slower since I am a bit fat. Sarah and Maria follow after me laughing and making comments about my bouncing ass. We reach the far fence of the school yard. I am so out of breath. Gene opens the backpack and starts tossing stuff out over the fence saying that it was all garbage. Beth asks Gene how she can touch stuff I have contaminated. As if just realizing that, Gene tosses the backpack over the fence as if it would bite her. Sarah shoves me into the fence and tells me the world would be better off if I went home and killed myself. I clumsily climb the fence to get my things. I fall down the other side, much to the girls' delight. I scrape my knee up, but that's it. I start collecting my things as the girls walk off, still laughing. After I get my things together I sit by the fence, tired, depressed. Why me? Why did everyone hate me? I start crying.

      Not much time had passed before I sense someone watching me. I look up and see a man standing over me. He is wearing a hoodie and has very striking blue eyes. Not sure what a grown man would want with a 14 year old girl I move away a bit. He speaks in a friendly tone. He says not to go, he won't hurt me, he just saw me crying and wondered if I was ok. The fact that a complete stranger has shown concern in how I feel sets me off crying all over again. He asks what is wrong. I find his name is Alex. I'm not sure why, but I feel the need to tell him everything. About the girls harassing me here at school, harassing me online when I'm away from school, one time they had gotten physically violent and broken my nose… maybe Sarah is right and I should just kill myself. He listens sympathetically while I talk. He then holds one hand out to me to help me up. My hesitation has gone now, and I accept his help. He pulls me to my feet… but then he won't let go! He smiles in a friendly way, but what he says is not friendly at all. He says he lied when he said he wouldn't hurt me, this is actually going to hurt quite a bit. But it won't last long. And when it is done, those girls will never push me around again. No one will ever push me around again. I kick at him and try to pull away, I scream, but there is no one way out by the fence to hear me and he is much stronger than I am. He is holding my arm with his right hand… and his left hand is gone? His left hand has transformed into the claws of a beast? My first thought is Wolverine from X-Men. I'm being attacked by Wolverine?! I fight harder. Is this guy going to cut me? Yes, he is. He drives his claws into my mid section. A burning pain erupts from the place he stabbed me. He is holding me close now, whispering in my ear. He says again that it won't last long, so just hang on… it will be much better later. No one would ever hurt me again. Of course no one would hurt me! I was dying! Everything started fading to black. I wonder if anyone will miss me. Will anyone care? My mom would… my brother would… but no one at school would. They'd be glad. I am angry that they will get what they want, then I am swallowed by darkness.

      I wake up sitting by the fence that goes around my school. My backpack is beside me. The light is fading. Oh, no! I fell asleep! I look at my stomach, but there is no gaping wound. No blood. Wow… that attack must have been a dream. Just a bad dream. I have to get home! I grab my backpack and run for home. I run as far as I can and then I walk fast. I am exhausted when I reach the house. There are police there, and my mother is beside herself with worry. She sees me and runs over and greets me with the biggest hug. But then she is angry. Where have I been? Why didn't I at least call? What happened? She called the police, she thought I'd been kidnapped or worse! I tell her about being harassed by the girls. I leave out the part about crying, she would consider that a weakness. I tell her I had been waiting by the fence for the girls to leave and I must have fallen asleep. I apologize many times. After a while of apologizing and having people check me out everyone decides it was an honest accident. The police leave, telling me to be more careful about where I fall asleep. I was lucky, but things do happen to girls out alone. I eat dinner, which is macaroni and cheese, then the rest of the evening is spent trying to get my homework done. But it's hard… I don't have as much time as usual since I fell asleep and had to explain everything so many times. And I can't shake the memory of the dream. The weirdest thing is I remember climbing the fence and falling and skinning my knee. But my knee isn't marked. No scratch or scrape, not even any dirt. I am unable to get my homework done before bed time. I am tired, so I crawl into bed and fall asleep right away.

      My alarm wakes me up what seems like five minutes later. My sleep had been dreamless this time. I drag myself out of bed, eat some honey nut cheerios for breakfast, then I walk to school as usual. All in a haze, also as usual. As I get to school Sarah starts in on me right away. She tells me I forgot to kill myself last night. I try to ignore her. She asks if there is too much fat in the way for me to cut my wrists. I try to ignore her. She follows me down the hall to my locker while throwing out all the insults she can think of. My birth certificate should've been an apology letter from the condom factory. I'm not sure what a condom is. I should do the world a favor and disappear into fat air. They'd launch me into space but no space ship could lift me… and I'd scare the aliens. This continues. I go to my first class. Sarah is in that class so this offers me no escape. History class. I already don't like history, and with Sarah in the class, it's a nightmare. English class is next, and that offers me some reprieve. But Spanish class is the worst. Both Sarah and Beth are in the class, and the teacher doesn't seem to care what they say to me as long as it's in Spanish. Then there's lunch. I always eat alone. I have no friends. But this time I can't manage to eat alone. Sarah and friends are all around me. Sarah takes my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She takes a bite, then spits it out in my direction before throwing the sandwich in the trash and saying she shouldn't have done that. Now she's infected. She needs an antidote, quick! I escape into my Biology class after being harassed through lunch. Thankfully, Beth and Maria ignore me in my Humanities class. Maybe they've had enough for now. Algebra is a safe class, then it's time to go home.

      Again I hope to get out before being spotted by Sarah and her friends, again I fail. When I see them I duck into the girls' bathroom, hoping they didn't see me. I go into one of the stalls. The bathroom is empty and quiet. I hear the door open and someone comes in. My heart sinks when I hear Sarah's voice. She says she knows I'm in there, calling me Fatsy instead of Marcy. About five minutes pass with her standing out there throwing vulgar insults, more vulgar than I normally hear. I figure I should just go past her and leave. I can't stay here all day. So I come out and head for the door. Sarah blocks my way and says not so fast. She says she was being serious about me killing myself. I should do it. Cut the wrists. Warm water would help me bleed out faster. Hanging is an option if I have a rope. Or if my parents have a gun… no, they must not or they would've killed me a long time ago. After being hounded all day I am getting mad. I tell Sarah to get out of the way. She asks who's going to make her. She asks what I'm going to do about it. I think she wants to get into a fight but wants me to start it for some reason. She wants me to throw the first punch. She pushes at me and I briefly lose my balance. Fine… if she wants me to throw the first punch, I will! I punch her in the stomach, hoping to knock the wind out of her. To my stunned horror, my fist actually goes INTO her stomach, spraying blood everywhere. Sarah doubles over and vomits blood. I pull my fist back, I hadn't meant to do that! Really! As I pull my fist back it's like Sarah's insides are somehow caught on it, a stream of bloody tissue flows out of her wound and onto me. I think I might vomit now. The rest of Sarah's body dissolves into a bloody stream and flows onto me. The disgusting mess seems to soak into my body and then it's gone. No blood, no mess, no Sarah. I stand there in shock.

      I walk out of the bathroom in a trance, leaving my backpack behind. I walk aimlessly, across the school yard. To the fence where I'd been harassed by Sarah and her friends just the previous day. I reach the fence and drop to my knees, still in shock, not knowing where to go. I try to clear my mind. I have to go home. My mom (and dad?) would be waiting for me… no… not my dad… he's dead… but he's not. My brother Josh would be there, no… it was my sisters Jenna and Sally. Sisters? I didn't have sisters! I try to think clearly, but it's as if I have two sets of conflicting memories in my mind at the same time. One of me, Marcy, and one of Sarah. Sarah, with her timid mother and overbearing father. Overbearing and ABUSIVE! Sarah's memories told me if I was late getting home that would justify a beating… and maybe a nighttime visit. Those horrible nighttime visits… But Sarah is dead now. I killed her. I become stuck on that thought. Sarah is dead and I killed her. But now I know everything about her. She wasn't mean, she was scared. Scared that there was nothing she could control, that everyone could see her weakness, everyone could see she was a victim waiting to be attacked. But if she could prove she was stronger than someone else… like that fat girl Marcy. Damn, she wished she was me. No sign of being beaten at home… Bringing a good lunch every day… Sarah is dead and I killed her.

      Guilt overcomes me and I start to cry. Someone jumps the fence but I don't look. He comes over to me, pauses, then acts surprised it is me. He calls me Marcy, then says he has never seen someone figure out how to use that ability on their own before! I look up. It's the man from my dream… Alex… but his hand is normal, not claws. He doesn't look like Wolverine right now, though I am sure Wolverine doesn't have to have his claws out all the time… Anyhow, being attacked isn't really on my mind. I stand up and grab his jacket, saying over and over that Sarah is dead and I killed her. There. I told an adult. Now he would take me to the police. I had to confess, there was no choice. Sarah is dead and I killed her. But he doesn't lead me away. He shakes me until I stop repeating my confession. Tears are still streaming down my face. I look at my right hand that I had somehow used to punch right through Sarah… Alex holds me, trying to comfort me. He says he can explain what is happening. He says I "consumed" Sarah. He says I should now have Sarah's memories, too, and I do have her appearance. The extra set of memories… I say yes, I do… but how? He says that happens when we consume someone. He can do it, too. I start off on a new rant now, telling him Sarah wasn't really bad, it wasn't her fault, she's dead and I killed her… I consumed her… how can I fix it? How can I reverse it? There has to be a way! There just HAS to be a way! He looks like he's not sure what to say to help console me.

      Before Alex says anything more, the other three pieces of bad news come over. More insults coming, and there was no way I could handle it right now… no way! But no one says anything mean. Beth asks who my friend is. Maria sees I've been crying and asks if I am ok, but she calls me Sarah. Gene is getting in Alex's face. She asks what he did to Sarah, why did he make her cry. I say Sarah is dead and I killed her. Maria looks genuinely concerned at that. She asks what I'm talking about. Gene goes back at Alex, calling him an asshole and asking again what he'd done to Sarah. Maria leads me away from Alex, saying I need to rest, I need to rest where my bastard father can't hurt me… I should stay over with her tonight. I know right away Sarah's father would say hell no to that and be furious if she did. And when Sarah wasn't there for his nighttime visit, he'd visit Jenna instead. Jenna… only 8 years old… she'd come to Sarah almost a year ago saying father was visiting her sometimes at night. Sarah had advised Jenna not to fight or father would hurt her more. But now I knew what I had to do. I would go home to Sarah's house and break Sarah's number one rule. I would fight back… and that bastard father of Sarah's wouldn't know what hit him.

      I ask Maria for a minute of privacy during which I call my own mother and say I am going to a friend's house. She is thrilled that I have a friend. She says to keep my cell phone on. I say I will. Then I tell Maria I have to hurry home. I run most of the way. Sarah's body is that of a cheerleader, and very athletic. I go into the house and find father in a very bad mood. He's drinking again. Perfect. Maybe I can get him to take me to the basement to take my medicine. Then I'll give him his medicine. But he is more focused on mother right now. His dinner wasn't good enough. The house isn't clean enough. He pushes her against the counter while berating her loudly. I tell him to leave mother alone. Mother looks at me as if I've gone mad, so does father. He asks if I want a piece of what he's handing out. Mother tells me to go to my room right now. I say I'm not leaving until this piece of shit that calls himself my father says he's sorry for hurting mother. Mother is shocked to silence, father is now more pissed than shocked, thought the shock still shows in his face. Father asks if I really want to be talking to him like that. Because if I talk like an adult, then I get an adult's medicine. Mother breaks her silence and tells father to leave me alone, I don't know what I'm saying. I tell father I sure do know what I'm saying, and someone ought to kick him in his pathetically small balls so hard they get lodged in his fucking nostrils. Father is pissed. He grabs me roughly by the arm and says it's an adult's medicine for me, then I will never speak to him like that again. Mother pleads with father not to hurt me, but he ignores her and pulls me down into the basement. This is going perfectly.

      Down in the dimly lit basement father asks what he should start with. I tell him he should start with begging me not to kill him. He says he doesn't know what has gotten into me, but I have sure gone off the deep end. I don't feel that way at all. I feel strong, like I can take on anyone. And he is weak. He has to pick on those smaller than himself. I spread my arms and tell him to come at me if he wants to die. He says he'll give me my medicine and he can't be sure I'll survive it. He grabs a board and swings it hard into my stomach. I barely feel it. He recoils as if he just smacked a concrete wall with the board. He looks at the board, then at me, then at the board again, clearly puzzled. He swings at me again. I grab the board and take it from him easily. I break it in half as if it was a twig. He steps back in shock, asking me what the fuck I am. I say it's his turn to take his medicine. I close the distance between us with two quick steps and then I repeat what happened with Sarah. I deliberately "consume" this asshole, or that's what Alex had called it. But this time I feel no guilt. Because now I know Jenna will never awaken to his nighttime visits again. Little Sally will never know a single visit. And mother will never have to take her medicine again. I punch my fist right into his gut, which brings about a shocked look of pain on his face. He screams out in pain and terror as I finish "consuming" him.

      The sound has brought mother down from upstairs. I look at my hands. I am a man now, I have taken on the form of that asshole. But I don't want to look like him! I want to look like Sarah! I don't want mother to think father killed Sarah. I'm not sure what I do want mother to think… a wave of guilt hits me over Sarah, she shouldn't have died… it was never her fault. As I focus on wanting to look like Sarah I see my hands in front of me shift form. And my perspective drops a couple feet. I am Sarah again. Mother comes down the stairs and stares at me. She asks where father went, she asks if I am ok. I tell her I am ok, father took his medicine. She stops short and asks what I'm trying to say. I feel guilty about Sarah again. I go over to mother and hug her, telling her over and over that I'm sorry, I'm sooooo sorry… I know it will break her heart when Sarah disappears. And Sarah will have to disappear. I can't be both myself and Sarah at the same time. And if I disappear, then my mother will be the one crying. Mother wants to know what I've done. She says whatever it is, she's sure it can't be that bad. I tell her it is, and I can't say what it is… but she will find out soon, and I am sooooo sorry.

      Mother wants to hold and comfort me, but I can't take it any longer. I pull away and run back upstairs and out the front door. I run down the street and out of sight even as I hear Sarah's mother behind me calling out. Not that much time has actually passed, and the sun is still shining. But I am in a dark place. I go down an alley to be out of sight and sit down beside a dumpster to cry. I feel some better knowing that Jenna, Sally, and Sarah's mother will no longer be hurt, but I still feel awful about what happened to Sarah. Someone comes up beside me as I am crying. I look up and it's Alex again. He asks if I can change back to Marcy. I think about my normal appearance for a bit and I feel the shift. Alex says I really am a natural. But a natural what? I ignore Alex now and go back to crying. Alex sits down beside me and puts an arm around me. He says to try not to be too hard on myself, what happened with Sarah was an accident. He asks if I really meant to hurt her. I remember wanting to knock the wind out of her, but that was it. Just a belly ache for her. I say no, I hadn't meant to hurt her. He says it was just a terrible accident, and now there was a lot I would have to learn about control so it would never happen again. Control of what? I don't know and I don't really care. I sit there, still crying, with Alex beside me trying to comfort me. I think I fall asleep like that, because then I wake up in bed as Raven again and a full understanding of what had happened in the dream.
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