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    1. #96 - Passionately embracing a woman...

      by , 07-06-2015 at 09:11 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - Passionately embracing a woman
      I'm in a bedroom with a woman and her boyfriend, but they're not actually dating I think. The room is a bit small with bunk beds, the floor is carpeted and the curtains are shut across the windows. The walls were creamy white, and the frames of the doors, window and the bottom of the walls were wooden. There were a few things littered around that might have been toys or books or something... So it seems I'm staying the night and the other friend, who I think at this point more resembles a brother, walks off to sleep in a different room. Now pretty much as soon as the guy leaves, me and the lady launch ourselves at each other
      This dream got really vivid and intense, I remember it quite well and also remember being really turned on O_o
      First we kiss and just touch (not anywhere specific, it was just an ecstacy-like feeling from simply touching in normal places) and it's pretty intense, we pull up a bed mat and I lie on top of her and pash her neck, it feels pretty damn good. We both want to do the deed but the dream ends before progressing to that point. I also remember a scene where we're on the top bunk bed pashing, so I think I woke up at one point and fell back into the dream momentarily before properly waking up.
      Tags: bedroom, bunk bed, sex
    2. Dream I Had

      by , 12-17-2014 at 03:34 PM
      Last night, I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was in my elementary school gym, sitting there and waiting for a dentist appointment. Meanwhile, I was arguing with my brother over if there was poison ivy in the forest behind our house. We were fighting to the point of punching and kicking, until the principal told us it was time for my dentist appointment. I walked into this room, and it was so weird; some people were getting haircuts, and others were getting their teeth cleaned like a normal dentist. One of the girls on my swim team named Sabrina was the dentist. Oh great. I sat down in the chair, and she just counted my teeth with this metal thingy and said I was good. Yay! Then, I went home and my mom said that my brother, sister, and I had to go to bed. It was only 2 in the afternoon! She sprinkled some magic dust on us, and we fell asleep until it was two the next day. I woke up, and I was eating different colored tortilla chips out of a plastic baggie on the top bunk of our bunk bed. I was rotating like a clock around the bed, and for every different side I was on, I ate a different colored chip. I kept rotating around and eating different colored chips, and the crumbs were falling down the sides of the bunk bed. Some even landed on my brother, who was sleeping on the bottom bunk. I hoped he wouldn't notice or freak out, so I just ate the chips until I woke up. The End.
    3. Chat Room and Closure with an Ex, Wandering Off at Work (Lucid), and Ham and Cheese Bites (Lucid)

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was dreaming of playing Tomodachi Life, and Dallas kept saying "Ooooooo" and I kept saying "What?????". He would never reply.

      I woke up and he was snoring. I felt as if I had only been half asleep during this whole thing.


      I had just had a baby, but the only thing I remember is I had been bottle-feeding it. I felt as if I should be breast-feeding it. I was in the piano room at the house I grew up in, and looked down at my breasts. I was wearing a solid-colored shirt, and my breasts looked swollen, but I wasn't lactating for some reason.


      I was in marching band, marching a show. It was dusk. Not sure if it was a competition or a football game. I couldn't remember where I was supposed to go, so I tried to just follow the people around me. I knew it probably looked terrible to anyone who was watching.

      Then, I was sitting at a computer in a house. I was in a chat room with some other people. Jake was one of them. He kept on posting pictures and videos of him and his new girlfriend. One of the videos was of them in the bathtub. I saw her boobs. I also saw him carrying a bottle of some kind of booze at some point. I saw by one of the pictures "Kristnnnnnn". At first, I thought it said "Kristaaaaa", and thought to myself he would date someone with the same name as me, but then saw that it was an N instead. She was actually a pretty girl. She had long, straight hair, big eyes, and was a tad bit chubby. In all the pics and videos, they looked happy. I was quite uncomfortable seeing all of this, especially since he's my ex. I wanted to tell him that I was uncomfortable with it, and that we needed to not talk anymore. I made a more private chat with both him and a few other people. I was trying to talk to just him.

      At some point, I did get to talk to him, but I think it was in person. I talked to his new girlfriend, and said to her
      "It's not you, I promise!" referring to the fact that I didn't want to talk to them anymore. She smiled and said she knew. She seemed quite understanding about it.

      After speaking with them, I felt a sense of closure.


      I was working at the bakery. I was packaging some things when I wandered off to the front of the store by self-checkout. I saw on a table there that there was some bread on sale, the brand that we usually buy, Arnold. It was a buy one get one sale. I was looking at the different types of bread and saw one that had a yellowish tint. It was potato bread. I had never tried it before, and wondered if Dallas would be ok with it too. I picked up a loaf and started to scan it, but then realized that I was still on the clock and I probably shouldn't be shopping on the clock. I abandoned my efforts and started to walk back to the bakery.

      Before I got back, though, I went towards the bathroom, which was on the way; I really had to pee. I briefly heard Shannon, my manager, page me over the intercom, but I ignored it and kept going into the bathroom. I opened the door and noticed it was a men's and women's restroom. I walked by some stalls, and saw some toilets that still had pee in them. I wanted to find a clean one. I walked into one with a really big toilet. There was a brown tint to the drain in the bowl. Blech. But I needed to go. I then noticed that there were small brown cardboard scraps flying out of the air vent. That can't be healthy. They were landing in the toilet. So that's what was causing the brown tint. I then noticed another air vent on the wall of the stall above the toilet paper dispenser doing the same thing.

      I left the stall and went further into the bathroom. Some women came into the restroom at some point. I saw a gross urinal-looking thing with some pee on or around it. At the very back of the restroom, there were showers. I assumed it was for employees who needed to shower. There was a line of showers heads and some stalls towards the back. The floor was tiled in a dark blue and some faded green color. I peeked around the corner, and saw that one of the showers in the stall was running. I turned away so I didn't see whoever was showering in there. For some reason, I believed it to be one of the old men who works there.

      I then left the bathroom, preparing myself to face being yelled at for wandering off, when it dawned on me that it was ok, I was dreaming. Woot! I'm dreaming! I exclaimed to someone in a white uniform
      "I'm dreaming!"
      I then saw that it was my husband. He was smiling and seemed happy. My focus was then shifted to my mom, who was also there. She gave me a hug and was so happy for me. She said
      "I'm so glad you can lucid dream so much! I wish I could eucid dream more!"
      No, that isn't a typo. She really did say "eucid dream". I noticed that in the dream, but didn't say anything to correct her.

      I then decided to fly. It had been awhile since I had. I took off and flew high in the air. I was flying down an aisle in the store. I started to float downwards, but used my thoughts to go back upwards, gently concentrating on floating up instead of trying too hard to do so. It worked like a dream . I then started to float down again, and was having trouble going back up. I felt this weird sensation when I thought about going back up, I assumed because I was trying too hard. It was like a buzzing sensation, one I've experienced in meditation before IWL. I was then on the ground on my stomach. I do believe I finally got back into the air.

      I then woke up, and was working on packaging things in the bakery again. Shannon was putting things in the cooler. I saw some round bread that looked crusty, like the pizza dough we make looks if you freeze it for too long, on a rack. I was telling Shannon about lucid dreaming. She told me she had tried it, but she always felt this ringing in her ears. I thought I knew what she was talking about, and tried to relate with what happened with the buzzing in the lucid I had just had, but she said she had no idea what I was talking about.

      At some point, I thought I was getting a hug from Shannon, and she was saying something about how she really likes me, but I then realized it was Dallas. I also went back to the front of the store and saw that someone had halved all the bread loaves that I had been looking at.


      I was, yet again, working in the bakery. Some little black boy came up to the counter, and I asked him what he needed. He said he needed 50 "ham and cheese bites" on these small crunchy bread chips that we bake. I told him to wait while I asked if we could do that. I had a feeling that we couldn't, since we couldn't really price that. I asked Shannon if we could, but instead of bread chips, I said pita chips. She started to show me all these weird computer screens of blank, pale blue menus with a turkey leg-type cartoony outline in the background. It was like she was showing me that we had no way to ring up meat items, at least that's how I understood it. But she then started to talk about the pita chips and how we couldn't do it because of their shape. I then realized my error, and told her that I meant bread chips. Apparently, that changed everything, and we could do it. I went to tell the little boy. I told him it would be a few minutes. He had "2 minutes" written on a paper in marker that I noticed as I was telling him this. I hoped he didn't think it was only going to take 2 minutes. However, he seemed alright about it, though a little nervous and hesitant because his mom probably told him a time they needed it by.

      I then walked in the back and heard a sizzling noise, and some weird music. I looked at one of the prep tables, and saw that some ham was cooking on two small hot plates.

      I then was behind the counter again, and some little girl, a toddler, was wheeling a small stroller behind the counter. There was a boundary between where the counter and the floor ended and the employees only section started, and it was marked by navy blue tile. The girl was on the tile. I gently guided her and the stroller around behind the counter and back onto the sales floor.

      I then was somewhere else, and realized I was dreaming again. I was outside on a sunny day by some small tower-type thing. I started to climb it. As I was climbing, I said to myself, out loud,
      "I'm dreaming, so I can do whatever I want, see whoever I want, feel whatever I want..."
      There were square steps made out of a metal grating. I felt them underneath my palms. God, they felt so real. I got to the top, and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with what was left of the dream. I decided to try to summon Dreamer. As I made this decision, however, I noticed a white, oily-looking aura around my hand. I tried to examine my hands to stabalize, but it didn't seem to be doing much good. The vision in my right eye then went out. I started saying out loud,
      "I want to see Dreamer! I know that the dream is ending, but still, if it works, I'd like to see her!"
      I saw these rainbows that the reflections of the sunlight was making off of objects. I saw one in particular in a corner on the ground (yes, a corner outside). It was making some purple-type reflection. I thought for a brief second that maybe Dreamer was coming, but nothing happened. The dream was way too unstable at this point. I fought it for as long as I could, until finally, I succumbed to waking up.

      Everything went black, and I felt this weird sensation in my body. I felt as if I was changing vibrations. I then woke up on the top bunk of a bunk bed. I climbed down the ladder and saw that my sheets were navy blue. There were two q-tips covered in ear wax stuck between the headboard and the mattress. Gross! I wondered how long those had been there. I knew they were Dallas's, since he cleans his ears out with q-tips all the time. I then noticed, in the corner of the room, a white 3-ringed binder with writing on it in purple marker. I made the connection with that and the dream I had just awoken from, thinking that my subconscious must have pulled that and put it in my dream.

      I then heard what sounded like the coffee maker making coffee. Dallas doesn't drink coffee, so for some reason, I thought it must be Shannon making coffee.

      I then woke up for real.


      Here's an interesting side note, and I was wondering if anyone else (ladies) had noticed the same thing. I tend to be more likely to become lucid the week before I start my period. I've noticed this for a long time now. It is a week before my period starts, and I am having lucid dreams. It was like this last month too, when I had all those LDs. This has happened many, many times before, and I was curious if any other ladies have noticed that as well, or if I'm just the odd woman out.

      Also, sorry CanisLucidus, I completely did not remember the lucid dare at all during these dreams.
    4. just drive, man; chips and deodorant

      by , 12-08-2011 at 02:21 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was on the top bunk of a bunk bed with two other men. There may have been other people in the bedroom. The top bunk felt pretty high and pretty close to the ceiling. The bedroom felt pretty busy. There may have been a TV blaring in one corner of the room. There was a window letting in a lot of bright, winter light.

      The men on the bed with me were both white, gay, and probably in their mid- to late-thirties. They were laying in weird positions under blankets. The bed seemed to have tons of different blankets on it. So each of the guys had his own blanket.

      The guys both started talking to me about going to some country in Europe. They said I'd probably like it a lot better than I'd like the United States. They were reall encouraging me to go.

      Finally I said I couldn't go. I didn't have a passport. They may have said something about how they couldn't believe that. I said, "No. Really. I've never been outside the US in my entire life."

      I was about to qualify that statement, since it wasn't quite true. But both guys were now so shocked that they interrupted me. One of the guys, dressed in a feminine kind of shirt, black, with the shoulders way low, exposing a shoulder strap, like a bra-strap, said, "No, no. Stop! Just drive, man! Just get out and drive!"

      (At this point, a song started playing in my head with the words, "just drive, man, just get out and drive.")

      I knew by this that the guy meant I should just finally get out of America and go see the world. I had no idea how they expected me to do this. But I may have gotten the idea later that the two guys were actually going to give me money to do this.

      Dream #2

      I was standing in line at a huge drug store. The line seemed to be curving along the right end of a pharmacy counter, then along a wall.

      I was a couple people back in line, and I stared at a bag of chips I was holding while I waited. My chips were some dark red bag of Doritos. But the bag was old, like the 1970s style of bag.

      I soon headed over to a cashier. She was a young, black woman, kind of overweight, with hair about between jaw-length and shoulder-length.

      The woman rang up my chips. She may have held onto them for a long time. Maybe she never gave me the chips back. But she told me they cost four dollars. We had some kind of pleasant conversation about this.

      I was walking down the counter, as if I were now ready to walk out of the store. But I went up to another cashier. This time I was buying deodorant.

      The cashier was maybe Latino. He had olive-colored skin, a bald-shaved head, and a bit of stubble on his face. He was tallish, and kind of strong. But he was gay and acted a tiny bit effeminate.

      The cashier told me that I was paying way too much for this deodorant. He told me that if I had a club card, I would pay much less for a similar kind of deodorant. The new price may have been $2.69.

      I told the man that I did have a club card. I pulled my keychain (? - I think) out of my pocket. There was a mini club-card on it. But it looked all faded out, like I'd worn it out by holding it in my pocket for too long.

      I then realized that I simply hadn't taken off some kind of protective seal that had been placed over the barcode. It was like a mildly adhesive strip of semi-opaque, white plastic. I peeled this off. The barcode for the club card looked fine.

      I handed the card to the man. The man rang me up for a deodorant. As I was paying him, either the previous cashier or another cashier who looked a lot like her walked up to the left end of the cashier counter. The man told the woman, as if he'd asked her, that he was giving me the club card deal on deodorant.

      The woman looked a little annoyed that the man would have given me any of the club card deals. I now remembered that the previous cashier hadn't told me about any club card deals. I wondered if these two women had been trying to hide the club card deals from me.

      I now felt terribly shy and afraid, like I'd overstepped some kind of totem-boundary by having taken a club card deal when the women didn't want me to. All I wanted to do was get out of the store. I thanked the man and walked away.

      But I only walked a couple meters away, to a row of shelves directly facing the left end of the cashier counter. The shelves were stocked with deodorant.

      I was looking directly at the deodorant the man said I should buy. It was maybe the Tom's of Maine brand, and it may have had something like olive oil in it. The packaging was an off-white or olivey-beige color.

      The deodorant seemed to be with other stuff, too, like hand soap using similar ingredients. There may also have been some display for the products, like they were in some kind of wicker basket, or like they were standing on top of a small bale of hay.

      I suddenly realized that, even though I'd paid the man for my deodorant, I'd never actually gotten it. I figured I should just pick out one of these deodorants and take it with me. I may have knelt down to get a deodorant.

      But now the man called from behind me. Either the man threw a trial-size deodorant at me, or the trial-size deodorant fell from the shelves. The man told me he'd forgotten to give me a deodorant. But he'd give one to me right now.
    5. Twincest and Religious Molestation 8-26-2011

      by , 08-28-2011 at 04:21 AM
      Not sure if these were separate dreams or all one...

      I remember sharing a dorm room with Nick, a friend of mine. We each had a pair of bunk beds in a room much like the dorm room I was in this last summer. At one point I was alone in the room, and decided to crawl up on Nick's bed to watch TV easier. Somebody asked me why I was on his bed instead of mine... Time lapsed, then friends came knocking on my door looking for me. They told me to stop being lazy and come hang out with them, so I did. I think it was Sean and Frankie...

      Time lapse

      Next thing I know I'm dating my twin sister Frankie and my old friend Marty at the same time. Everybody acted like it was perfectly normal relationship, including myself. I hated being in a relationship with Marty because he was very boring and not good-looking at all. But Frankie and I were madly in-love, although at the same time I kept thinking "What the Fudge-monkeyzz?!!?". I don't know whether I was a guy or a girl still or what. It was messed up. At the same time, though, i didn't think it was odd. I just kept asking myself "Why in the world am I dating Marty?" I remember complaining to some friends about it later on, telling them how much I dread being around Marty (we have a very complicated friendship in real life...). I don't remember who these friends were that I was venting to, but I know I didn't recognize their auras from real life. (I honestly don't have any friends that I vent to like that in real life).

      Time Lapse

      Mom came to me and started telling me she wanted to go to the State Fair, that we she go to church right now and then go to the State Fair right afterwards. I hesitated for a moment, thinking that this was a very spontaneous thing for Mom to suggest and that if we went to the State Fair right away I would probably forget to bring something very important, but I agreed anyway. So Frankie, Mom and I headed to church (Frankie and I were just sisters again, thank the dear lord...).
      The church turned out to be on top of a very large building - not tall, but very long and wide - at a place I don't recognize. Giant digital screens were hoisted up on the sides of neighboring buildings, on which the sermon would be broadcasted on. I didn't recognize any of the people there, either. Anyway, Frankie and I were anxious to get the sermon over with so we could leave, so we knelt down (there were no chairs) very close to the screen hanging closest to us, thinking that would give us the best view, while Mom socialized with other people from the church. Two men approached Frankie and I and greeted us, both younger men, probably in their late-twenties. One of them, however, knelt down behind me and gave me a tight hug from behind, nestling his chin into my neck much the way Sean does in Real Life. It felt very comfortable, especially since I loved the way Sean did it, but the fact that it was the youth pastor that did this to me made me very uncomfortable. It was wrong.
      "Hello (Lionlite), we missed you," he told me very sweetly, right in my ear. I hated the tone in his voice, but I tried to smile and play along. He continued talking about how they've noticed I haven't been in church much lately and how I really need to make God the centerfold of my life and that I should come to some sort of events they had planned for the month. i felt very uncomfortable because he was still hugging me, and I tried to give him vague answers. Frankie was the only one who noticed my discomfort, and gave me an empathetic look.
      The youth pastor finally let me go and we both stood up. He casually asked me about my trip to Japan, and then finally walked off to talk to other people, thank the dear lord again.
      At that point Mom suddenly changed her mind about going to the State Fair, so she came up and told us we weren't going because going today would be too early. I agreed, although I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't go. "Maybe we could go next Saturday," I suggested, which was a week from the date in the dream, but technically tomorrow. Either way, it was the day i was supposed to leave for Japan. We all agreed that would be the best time to go.

      Why do I keep having dreams in which my gender is so questionable? This entire dream just made me feel sick to my stomach when I woke up...
    6. Japanese Military Ghost 8-25-2011

      by , 08-27-2011 at 12:38 AM
      Almost caught up to my present dreams.

      I know I had many dreams this night, but I could hardly remember any of them, and I woke up feeling rather unsettled after each one.
      Here is the only part of a dream which I can recall.

      I was crouched down in a bright room, on top of some bunk bed similar to that which I had in my previous dorm room. Then it turns out I was in some museum, and the bunk bed was now a hard, white ledge. Suddenly a ghost fazed up through the ledge with a moan, and I was so startled that I kicked out at it (my feet went right through it) and screamed, but the only way to get away from it was to go through it. I didn't though; we just stared at each other. I could only see its torso, but it was the bloodied ghost of a Japanese man in a military suit. He had no eyes, but his eye sockets were larger than normal, and black, empty space. It seemed he stared at me for a long time with his eyeless gaze, and I got the feeling he simply wanted me to know his anger and his pain, his torture.

      Some time later I was with my twin sister Frankie and Sean; Sean was sort of off to the side, not really listening while I told Frankie about what I had seen.
      "You kicked it good, straight in the eyeballs!" she said, so loud and clear that I nearly woke up. "Yeah, that one has a pathetic moan," she said as if she had worked in that place for a long time and knew of all the ghosts there. I think she felt sorry for this particular one.
    7. Funnel of Doom .... Early childhood dream.

      by , 07-13-2011 at 08:52 PM
      This is the dream that made me realize that external influences can influence dreams. At the time I was sleeping on the top bunk.

      I found myself sliding down an epically large, curved, black and red checkered funnel. It was so big that as I slid I could only see the horizon of the funnel that I was headed for. The checkered pattern passing me sped up faster and faster and began to hold still and move backwards. (It was like a the effect of a spinning wheel appearing to reverse as it hits a certain speed) The funnel steepened and I soon saw where I was headed. At the bottom of the funnel was an uncovered well. I remember that the well was made of medium sized stone slabs.

      As I hit the bottom I was flung into the well backwards facing up. As I fell I watched the stone sides of the well speeding past me and saw the light from the top of the well quickly shrink and disappeared. The stones were now dark and I was accelerating downward. I felt like I was going to hit the bottom and quickly flipped around not unlike a cat. I saw the dark stone bottom of the well speeding toward me and halt as I caught myself on my hands and knees.

      I Awoke to find that I had fallen off my bunk and landed on the floor on my hands and knees.
    8. hole in ceiling; boss' pregnant wife; holes in socks

      by , 05-04-2011 at 11:36 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in, and then left, and then came back to, some room. The room was kind of small and cluttered with stuff like blankets. The room had a bunk bed, the top bunk of which now seems to have been 2.5 meters high.

      The ceiling of the room had some kind of hole in the corner over the bunk bed. It was causing some kind of gross problem, possibly bugs, all through the room. It had been this way when I'd left. Now that I was back, it didn't look like it had changed.

      But I needed to stay here for the time being, so I just figured I'd deal with it. I sat my stuff down on or looked down on something like a beanbag chair, which may have been dark green.

      Dream #2

      I was standing out on or near an open road between two fields or farms. I may have stood just under or just away from a concrete shelter for a bus depot. It was a grey day.

      There was a bus near me. It kind of looked like an old-style bus, with corrugated metal siding. A bunch of people were getting out of the bus. Some of them looked old, but they wore clothes that old people might have worn in the 1970s.

      I was thinking some complaining kind of thought about my boss. I may have said it out loud. Some of the people may have heard me. A couple of women asked me, "Don't you know your boss is distracted? Today his wife is going to have a baby."

      I tried to figure out how this could be possible. As far as I could remember, my boss hadn't even told me his wife was pregnant.

      I could see my boss nearby, walking in front of a tall, chain-link fence that stretched all the way down one side of the farm or field near the bus depot. My boss was wearing his normal suit and tie. He had his hands in his pocket, and his jacket seemed to be blowing in the wind a bit.

      Dream #3

      I was trying to go somewhere. I was in "my bedroom," although it looked more like a preschool classroom. One window was all fogged up, and a bunch of potted plants stood on the shelf top before it.

      (Now that I think of it, I may only have been as tall as the shelf top, which was maybe 750cm tall.)

      I was trying to get socks, which, I could see in my mind's eye, I would wear with white tennis shoes that had red trim. But I was only looking for the tan dress socks that I usually wear with my tan dress slacks.

      I pulled out a pair. But they had holes in the toes. But I knew that at the event I was going to, I'd have to take off my shoes. I couldn't reveal holey socks. So I looked for a pair of tan dress socks without holes.

      I pulled out another pair of socks with holes. Then I pulled out a pair of socks without holes. I was kind of worried, though, that I'd missed the holes. So I very carefully searched the toe-seam of at least one of the socks to make sure there were no holes.
    9. beating up wooden figure

      by , 04-29-2011 at 11:40 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a room like a bedroom. Something about the room seemed very stage-like. The room had concrete floors or floors like a stage. I sat at a table. There was also something in the room that looked like a bunk bed. It may just have been a wooden cube that was as tall as a bunk bed.

      I stood up and pulled something off of the cube. It was a mannequin without a head. It may actually just have been a torso. It was larger than life-size, maybe a lot larger. It was wood, with thick graining visible, and it was painted some kind of dark, but kind of transparent, shade of red.

      I lay the mannequin on the floor. I began whipping it and stomping it. Somehow it was a living thing, and I may have injured it terribly or killed it. I may have then left the room. I may have reflected on what I'd done. I hadn't ever thought I could be so cruel. I think I felt like I must have been directed into the cruelty in some way. The only explanation for my cruelty, I thought, was that someone else had made me do it.

      I was now back in the room, thinking the same thoughts. I began whipping the top of the wooden cube. The whip I used had a big, black, iron hook at the end of it. Eventually the hook pulled a wooden mannequin head into my view. The mannequin head apparently belonged to the mannequin body I had just beat and killed. I kept whipping the mannequin head, and I knew I would knock the head off the wooden cube pretty soon.
    10. marriage-deathbed living room; diaper-laundry bag

      by , 04-03-2011 at 01:53 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a house like my great-grandmother's house. Other family members were there. We were all getting ready for a wedding, which was probably going to take place in the living room.

      I walked out from the kitchen into the living room. Right where my great-grandmother's chair would have been, there was a bed. Two or three people were in the bed. These were the people who were going to get married.

      The people had a weird look, like they were frozen or made out of wax. They had strained, sinewy looks on their faces, like old paintings of people in sorrow and pain. They looked like they were near death. One of them seemed to be wearing ancient robes and a head-covering, like women in Renaissance paintings. The robes, and possibly even the person, seemed to be colored a pale pink.

      I think that the scene of the bed made so little sense to me that I actually looked away from it. I couldn't understand how a marriage could be so morbid.

      Other family members were seated in different parts in the room, each group spaced well apart from the other. The family members remarked that there was one person missing from the bed -- the woman who was actually to be the bride.

      The family members all remarked that the woman was so sensitive about having her picture taken in these situations that she'd avoided this scene altogether. Everybody kind of felt bad for setting up this situation, even though it seemed to be the usual part of a wedding. But everybody kind of looked up to this girl, so they hated doing anything that made her uncomfortable.

      I saw the girl in my head. She looked kind of young, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She was skinny, kind of pale, and blonde, with her hair in a pony tail. She wore tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt which she had tucked into her pants, but which was also a little baggy around her tiny waist.

      Dream #2

      I was in a small bedroom, like a bedroom for a little kid, with my boss. We both sat on the floor, cross-legged. I sat before a bunk bed. My boss sat near the door.

      I had a big, white, cotton bag of laundy in front of me. Inside the bag was a bunch of laundry and two packs of diapers. One pack was pink, and one pack was blue.

      I was going through the bag, shuffling through all the clothing, which may actually have been dirty. I may have been trying to pull some stuff together for some kind of business trip that I was going to take with my boss.

      My boss started telling me about his old job, which actually had something to do with the packs of diapers in the laundry bag. He had done something like design the diapers or been among the first sales team to promote them, or something.

      Apparently the diapers were made for newborns or very young babies. There was some other sort of stuff related to the diapers -- clear, plastic items like tubing and masks (?).

      I pretended to be pulling different items of clothing out of the bag. But I was actually more focused on pulling the diapers and the plastic items out of the bag. I wanted to wear the diapers from the pink pack. I think I assumed that the plastic gear helped you fit into the diapers (?).

      I hoped my boss didn't catch on that I was going to try and wear these newborn girls' diapers. But eventually my boss stopped talking about his old job. He got impatient that I was taking so long finding clothes for the business trip. He said, "I'll be waiting outside, whenever you finally have everything all ready to go."