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    1. Work dreams and tiny explosion lucid

      by , 07-27-2016 at 04:10 PM
      D1 - In a small room sharing a round table with a bald old guy with glasses. He is assessing a big stack of books but the door to the room keeps opening so he is getting more and more annoyed.
      in the end he leaves complaining that he has never etc etc
      He asks me if I have marked book pb-1256 yet, I embarressiny say I have not yet, it is a blue book.
      Outside in the road there is a massive pile of red books, so many that it is stopping a large bus from reversing.
      My work mate Ed has his lunch:a lunch french bagette with ham and a scotch egg tucked under is arm. He steps up into the front of the bus to drive but is encumbered by his groceries.
      A weesel or something is trying to get at his food in the confines of the cab, causing him more trouble.

      D2 - Repeating dream
      There are a line of women and in order to solve something I have to visit them each in turn but keep running out of time.
      I am convinced of this and keep going into the same dream.

      D3 - I wbtb and find myself back in the dream I get a bit fed up as its not working. I realise its a dream and makee everything explode. It is like special effects from a movie, everywhere there is splintered wood traveling in slow motion through the air.

      D4 - outside a flat that is supposed to be a. Old one of mine, but is not.
      the door is boarded and inside one window is.
      Outside i am waiting when paul from work gets in my way causing me to walk into wAter. We are high up over the main road of shops and I see above a pagoda style restaraunt that there is a giant dragon and frog statue in jade.
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