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    1. Friday, December 13

      by , 12-17-2019 at 01:35 AM
      I am at work when, on camera, I see a girl who I recognize come in. She goes straight to the shoes, which is what I think she’s tried to steal before. She has a backpack on and a stroller with a kid in it. I watch as she takes at least two pairs, at least one out of the box. Bobby and Laynie are here, so I say we can finally stop her. She then leaves the shoe department and I think grabs a few more things before going into the bathroom. Laynie and I look out of a little window in the wall or door, I think to see how busy it is. It looks pretty busy and it also looks like a high school hallway. We go out there now, outside the two sets of doors past the bathrooms. I think about how we’re supposed to clear the bathroom but are not going to because it’s not like she’s going to leave the stuff behind. The door opens from someone going in there, and I see Laynie mouthing something at me. I have to have her repeat it a few times before I figure out that she wants me to look in there while the door is open. I go over there and somehow the door is still open, very slowly closing. I can’t really see much inside. I go back and now the lady is coming outside just holding the jeans she picked up earlier. I’m not sure she had the stroller anymore. I stop her and initially she tries to put up a fight but then she starts coming back. I think I use the kid as leverage. I think we get her back in the office. Now, I am sitting at a table in what looks like a back or side yard. It’s a large, square table with a tablecloth and a cake set out. There’s also the lady, Mom, and about two older/middle aged white men who I think are judges or something like that. They are interviewing me, but are smiling, friendly, and seemingly biased against the lady. One of the points the man raises is how when he was turned in a group of papers, mine was the shortest. I reply “I believe in quality, not quantity, thank you.” He seems to accept this answer, and I also see Mom smile at me. This goes on for a bit longer.

      I am inside a Burger King? and it feels like I am working and on my break. The only others I see here are two girls (I think from work) sitting at a table. I am going through a drive through inside? I think by walking or by moving a table in front of me through it. The voice over the speaker sounds garbled and incomprehensible. I try to figure it out, can’t, and look over to the girls. They say they have no idea either. I just move up a little closer.
    2. The Cake is a Lie

      by , 07-18-2019 at 11:51 PM
      I'm arriving at a house in a neighborhood where an old lady greets me and takes me inside. Passing by the pantry, I notice a large cake inside. Straight ahead, I also see part of the same cake floating in a water jug. She asks me if I would like anything to drink and I politely decline. Seeming like she wants me to drink, she asks if I'm sure, and I say yes. I'm now suspicious if she's trying to get me to drink because the water's poisoned somehow by the cake. After refusing twice she still ends up pouring a glass from the jug and tells me to drink it. I threaten her by grabbing her face and saying something before walking out and leaving in my car. On my drive home, I get pulled over by a cop car. I roll my window down and the female cop tells me that the lady I was with was some kind of killer and just wanted me to know.
    3. Tuesday, March 19

      by , 03-22-2019 at 03:05 AM
      I am at what looks like work, out on the floor and at a table (that is not really there) by the registers. There are a few different cakes that Mom has made sitting out. I think she’s sitting here too. I’m trying the cakes, and they are really good. Walking around now, I see only Beth ringing and what looks like a forming line. When I go to help, I see that the ‘line’ of people are still looking around. There is something about the Grateful Dead’s ‘worst’ show that happened to be played in Mexico. I think I am currently listening to it. It is very short. I think there are only six songs in the first set and one short song before drums in the second. I think there is a song with Bob and some female pop singer that really just doesn’t sound like them. Kat is here, and I tell her it is pretty terrible. Then I realize she was at the show and I don’t want to sound mean; I say it’s still fine because it’s the GD, but it is bad for their standards.
    4. Dream - A Balance Sheet & Nobody Wants Me & Monster Children

      by , 06-02-2017 at 03:00 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 2 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 124 - Separated Sections

      Dream 124 A - A Balance Sheet
      I remember I was doing an accounting balance sheet but I forgot specifically for what though. That's all I can remember.

      Dream 124 B - Nobody Wants Me
      This dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. I was in a classroom and apparently my friend EH was supposed be having a birthday party. I caught sight of the cake which was iced a vivid red colour with a green leaf on it, almost like it was the design of a tomato. As I was looking at the cake, some girl came up to me and started making these attacking comments on how I want that cake all to myself. I felt unwanted by anyone and so I walked out of the room feeling disappointed, I didn't think EH took notice though and so she may have even been oblivious to the fact that I was being talked to like that in the first place.

      I was then walking around the school grounds for a while, now looking for WB but I couldn't see her anywhere. At one point, I thought I saw her walking out of another classroom but I said to myself, “that girl looks too black to be WB” because in waking life, her skin is brown, not black. So I assumed that I didn't see her. I then looked into another classroom and saw JS sitting on the floor within a group of random kids that I don't know.

      It was becoming time to go home and so I went down to King Arthur Drive to try and locate the bus. I soon realised that I had to go to Galahad Crescent to catch the bus, which thankfully hadn't left yet. On my way, I saw LB and like usual, she was giving me the typical dirty look. I then got to the bus area and only when I got on the bus, I saw WB sitting in a circle with her friends in a tucked away corner. Her friends and her were supposedly hiding from me. When I looked through the window I saw her, like she was staring at me, her eyes composed like they were half way out of her sockets. She was slowly nodding her head up and down. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 124 C - Monster Children
      The first part of this dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. The only difference is that WB and I spoke more in this dream. I have forgotten what specifically happened in this dream scene.

      The next dream scene takes place in a large, clean, friendly looking jail cell. There are all these kids in the call and there are four of them that are known as the “monster children”, one of them I can remember being AQ. The reason they were known as “monster children” was due to the heavy manipulation of their physical appearance and also the fact that they have a reputation of harmful behaviour when by themselves.

      The dream scene then shifted to outside the jail cell where Logan from SML was on his way to becoming a monster child himself. I forgot what he was doing to bring about that idea though. Then the dream moved over to showing the supernanny Jo Frost, almost like she was going live on TV. She said she couldn't be with Logan directly because the contract between them expired thirteen years ago. Also, Jo Frost was strangely manipulated in appearance, like she had aged by 20+. She had exactly the same appearance as in waking life but her hair was grey and she had heaps of wrinkles. So she was now giving Logan some “positive encouragement” about his current position in life. The theory was that this “positive encouragement” would detract his subconscious attention from the actions that a monster child would portray.

      The dream then went back to Logan's area and showed that he was in a better state of mind. He was walking over to this “party machine” that looked like a luggage x-ray device at an airport. Apparently this machine had six settings and one of them was for balloons to be blown up. He then activated another setting which would blow out glitter and small bits of confetti out of one of the chimneys on the machine. That's all I can remember about this dream.

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    5. work worries

      by , 07-05-2016 at 05:31 PM
      D1 - I having been persuaded or decided that it is my responsibility, I am standing outside a hall for group functions and parties etc.
      It is dark and looks like it might rain, I am standing wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. In my hand is a tray, with a large cake on that has been sliced, I am to offer this to people as they pass by.
      I then realise that information on next years positions has been posted inside and go to enter. There is suddenly a melee of hundreds of people all coming out at the same time. I am again swimming against the current and making no progress. I have been told I have been given a position I want least.

      D2 - In a classroom with very large students, secondary? They are all sitting on high stools at narrow bar like tables. This excentuates how short I am in comparision. They are a tough class I can feel and I am apprehensive of how things will go. At this point their teacher turns up, they are annoyed as though I have spoiled their game.
      The teacher is a short haired, blond lady with glasses. She beckons her teacher's pet to come over to her, he towers over her so she askes him to kneel, bringing him to her height LOL they take their roles and act out the usual smiley niceties.

      D3 - In a dark room, with a large furnace like machine, two very odd chemists are making booze. There are loads of small fuzzy creatures, like coconuts with eyes. The chemists are also strange creatures but much larger. They compiserate with me, drinking heavily.
    6. Home not alone

      by , 06-21-2016 at 05:52 PM
      Had a nightmare again. This time I was in an old house, victorian with old style lamps. Cold and creepy.
      The lights went off and I was left alone, my daughter went out.
      I could make out stairsdown in the half light but didnt want to go down as I knew there was a big ol monster down there.
      So I sat and are cakes, even though they were making me feel sick, to take my mind off the fear.

      When i'm depressed I over eat. So that figures.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    7. 05.18.2016 Someone sells me paintings in bed (?)

      by , 05-19-2016 at 03:46 PM
      Preface: I came in late to work on 05/18. I was still not feeling 100% and yes, still taking cold medicines to knock this out. I stayed at work, went to dance practice, then decided to do a late yoga class to try and refocus my awareness.

      DR 1

      I am on a ship. I can see the blue, blue water from the deck. I am part of a group of people, who are in a line. We are behind 3 or 4 people, all waiting to be "judged". The "judges" are deciding whether or not we get to stay on the boat. I keep looking out towards the ocean, which seems endless. Its sunny and the water is so very blue and beautiful. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. Suddenly a new group of people try to skip us in the line. Right away we tell them that we were here first, and we point them in the direction of the end of the line. There are some words exchanged between some of the men, but our place in the line is restored.


      I am in bed with an ex-boyfriend. The room is dim, and everything looks blue and grey. I am on the left side of the bed and he is on the right. I feel as though we are trying to take serious steps to reconcile, but are unable to. Despite everything that has happened, we find ourselves attracted to one another. Our faces come close to each other, but we do not touch each other or kiss. I don't want to get closer. He tries to come closer to kiss me, when suddenly, the ceiling opens up. We look up, and from the dark gaps of the floor above us, two guys drop paintings in front of each of our faces, and ask us if we want to buy. I am startled and confused by the happening, but somewhat relieved with their timing. I ask, "how much?" and they both tell me "$17". I mentally understand that this is the price for both. I say I may not have any cash, but I check my night stand to my right side, and I have stacks of receipts and cash, though I believe the cash to be in $1 increments. I pick up two of the bills and find that they are both $20 bills. "Oh, here you go!" I exclaim, while handing one of the bills to the salesman above me. "Keep the change." They drop the paintings into our hands. I rise out of bed, look at my ex and in my head I think something along the lines of, "this is not supposed to happen".

      DR 2B

      I wander through a kitchen, and then to a dining area. There is a huge yellow sheet cake with buttercream frosting. My niece is seated at the table to my right. Someone is at the head of the table (possibly my mom?), a female. My niece says the cake is really good. Apparently, I baked it earlier. I begin to eat what's left of the cake, at least half a sheet. I stuff all of it into my mouth, and its amazing. Near the end of it as I am stuffing spoonfuls of buttercream into my mouth, I begin to feel sick. My stomach starts to turn and I begin to regret being such a glutton. My niece is looking at me in both amazement and disgust.


      I find myself standing on the deck of the same ship again. I can see the blue water; I'm in the same place. It's still sunny on deck. I am still with the group of people and we are still standing in line. But everything seems to be going our way, as the "judges" have decided that we have some qualities that they like. I get very strong feelings that we are going to be allowed on the boat. I can feel that they like us and are going to accept us, and I have a very positive feeling.

      Side Note: This positive feeling is with me when I wake, although I feel tired, because I feel as though I have not been sleeping.
    8. Lovemaking and Comic Book Cake

      by , 03-31-2016 at 09:31 AM
      Morning of March 31, 2016. Thursday.

      I find myself in a new composite setting and this one is mostly modeled after the Cubitis living room. What is different is that the door to my room is not present and a bed is aligned along the west wall (which would have covered the door had it been there as in reality). Also, the front door to the carport is instead implied to be an arched opening to another room. Very light blue curtains hang down over the area.

      I am lucid but not yet near apex lucidity. Still, I focus on my perception for several minutes. Being directly linked to the preconscious and my conscious self identity, I start to think about the nature of ghosts and such (and creating a haunted house adventure) but I soon change my mind. Instead, I decide to create a sexual encounter. As curtains over an otherwise open doorway is a form of autosymbolism that designates division of liminal space (the metaphorical “barrier” between dream self and conscious self while in the dream state), I use it to vivify and sustain my dream as I have done in many other dreams. (Additionally, a carport or porch is liminal space in both dreams and reality and is typically the last setting when occurring in a non-lucid dream. Knowing this as I have since childhood also aids in vivifying a dream.)

      “The hand and arm of a beautiful young girl will emerge from between the curtains,” I say. Very soon, a graceful female’s hand and arm is protruding from between the curtains. I feel a strange but very pleasant sensation as if a veil is being pulled up and my clarity grows and intensifies. I then add more scenario detail and the ideal form of Zsuzsanna eventually steps out with an incredibly friendly and familiar essence. She is dressed only in light blue lacy lingerie. We make love on the bed (I am on my back and she is over me, facing me) and eventually my dream shifts as I allow it to. It is the same setting but there are other people present now, mostly relatives and a few unfamiliar people.

      I notice an Archie comic book on the table (on the opposite side of the room as the bed). It is open to a story where Archie seems to be interviewing or at least talking with a football player. Jughead is seated nearby. There is a plate with a piece of cake on it. I effortlessly will the small slice of cake out of the comic book onto the table and eat it.

      “Wow, this is the best cake from a comic book I ever had. It is fantastic!” I say. I pretend to almost pass out with delight. Witnesses, especially the personified preconscious, eye me with suspicion. The cake really is delicious, but perhaps they think it should taste like paper.

      As the drawing still exists on the comic book page, I will it out again and eat another of the “same” slice. “This is the best comic book cake ever!” I exclaim. I pretend to fall over backwards in ecstasy (the bed is now on the opposite side of the room by my will) and I deliberately decide to become unconscious and of course becoming unconscious in a dream is waking up into reality or so it is with me when I choose (though sometimes I wake when I wish by opening my “other eyes” in a dream, though this is hard to explain, but I have done it all my life with certain dream types, even non-lucid).

    9. Kittens and Friends

      by , 01-06-2016 at 09:07 AM
      I was walking through the woods with Kitty and there were a bunch of gray cats. Then there was another kitten by itself under a rock and it was Kitty's kitten and it looked like her and it was so cute and tiny and it was her baby and I was like how did she have a kitten because she has never been outside and I don't remember her being pregnant. So I thought she must have somehow forgotten it in the woods and had to go inside and that was sad so now I have another cat to take care of so I hope those gray kittens aren't hers also, that she had with that big gray cat. No she only had one kitten but those other kittens belong to the gray cat. The gray cat is their father.

      Then in another dream I am hanging out with my boyfriend until 3 am, just driving around. Then I am going to hang out with my friends, who for some reason are all 13 year old girls and we are going to have a sleepover in my parents' house that is bigger and nicer than it is IWL and we are going to watch the movie that I don't even like that I bought earlier when I was shopping with my boyfriend in Walmart. And I made a a puffy cake. I call it a flan and it has tasty pink strawberry flavor in the middle. I cut a slice to test it to make sure it is good before my friends get here. That is all I remember now.
    10. After a long break... 101215: The Bank Teller, Cheesecake for All, Meeting Duchovny

      by , 12-10-2015 at 10:02 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a bank, dark outside the windows, small lamps on the wooden teller desks. There is only myself and one teller. She is a young, attractive blonde woman in very nice business clothes. I don't think she is a teller at all, someone a little higher in management. I ask what my balance is on my account and she says 6000€. I'm totally amazed, how did I get so much? After she says that she begins to flirt with me. Is it only because of the money I have that she is showing this interest? Despite thinking this, I feel good that she is showing interest in me. She puts her arms around my neck and begins to stroke the back of my neck.

      I'm in the middle of the city and night. It might just be the evening though, it is dark. Orange street lights illuminate the old roads and tall buildings on either side. I see a friend of mine and she says she has hooked up her electricity to an older system and if I could add something to it. I look at it, it looks like wires everywhere. I try to adjust one and the light begin to flicker. I push the wire a little more until the power comes back. The whole system is really sensitive. She says her boyfriend is getting them a new cable card so they can hook up the electricity better.

      I go to a old-timey bakery. There are lots of cakes on sale in the sale windows under the counter. I see they are selling the last ones of the day. I say I'll take them all. Back at my friends place, I see my sister and some other friends. I tell them that everyone can have cake, I feel good that I'm able to offer everyone cake. Everyone smiles and is ready for a piece.

      I go and pick up the cakes. Back at the bakery I tell them I bought them and I'm going to pick them up. They say they don't have them anymore. I'm surprised, how is this possible? They say I shouldn't have just left the cakes here. I angrily take out a receipt and say that I arranged to pick them up later. They apologize and give me the cakes and the loafs of bread I reserved. The loaves look like large rocks, I see they have baked dried tomatoes and olives into them.

      I'm back in the gas station doing a night shift. It's toward the end, the morning has come but it is still pitch black outside. I've been talking to the other employee all night and I feel guilty that I didn't do everything I was supposed to do. It's been a while. As I start to do my neglected jobs I see David Duchovny. I'm shocked. I can't believe it! Why is he here? I run to the other counter and say I have to take a break, ijust have to. I go downstairs into the locker room and pull a piece of thin cardboard. I need his autograph. I run upstairs and I see he has entered with Gillain Anderson and another man. I'm starstruck, I can barely blurt out "I love the X-files can I have your autograph?". Duchovny says he doesn't always want to be remembered as Mulder. I feel bad about it but I want to tell him what kind of massive effect the show had on me and how important it was and is still. I see a large line forming and I have to go take care of the line and I ask him if he and Gillian Anderson can sign my little ripped up piece of cardboard.

      I go to the cash register. There is a large line and people are being rude, looking at me meanly. Some people are cutting in line and this aggravates me.
      Tags: bank, bread, cake, x-files
    11. 041115:A Party With Cake, Prophetic Dream of Eating Ice Cream with a Spanish Guy?!?!

      by , 11-04-2015 at 09:11 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm at a party, the girl is a friend of a friend who is hosting it. I eat cake as other people get wasted. I eat a chocolate mousse cake followed by another fruit cake. They are excellent. A kitten comes up and rubs up against me. It is doing it really hard, it must really like me. As it rubs its nose into my eye socket, it starts getting weird, it this cat sexually attracted to me or something?!?

      At a McD's, a Spanish guy I know from school orders a sundae, I look into it and see it barely has ice cream in it, let alone sauce. The staff mustn't like him much. Suddenly he becomes the shift manager, uniform and all, and we sit down and start to talk.

      Like in a real-life Springfield. Maude is there, no one likes her, she is very crabby and petty. No one likes Ned Flanders either, he is a religious nut. Bart, looking like a real person, says that Maude should be dead. There is a vibe can Bart can see the future.

      *Note: Today in school we had ice cream. The Spanish guy from my dream, someone I've never talked to, comes up and talks to me at my table. If I were more of the free-minded type, I'd be calling this a prophetic dream.
    12. Dealing with naughty dreamlets

      by , 11-04-2015 at 06:30 PM
      Dl1 - In a changing room with benches all around the outside. D is needing help getting change. I kindly help him put his socks on. I then feel the urge to hug him despite him being a little .... I hug him and feel a relief wash over me. Maybe he is not so bad after all
      He offers me some of his food,a carrot. I sit down and take out my lunch it is a giant Baclava (greek cake with honey). On top there is strawberries and cream. I take a bit then offer him a strawberry. He opens wide and takes a bite like pittbull dog. His jaws are locked over the cake and my face, aaaaaaa!! (Hmm seems familiar), why do people keep biting me).

      Dl2 - On holiday, in a shalley type room with double doors opening onto a veranda. Below is a short drop down. There are cupboards below , I investigate and find they are full of food in jars. I sit on the grass in the sun and sample the food stuffs.

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    13. Crystal ball

      by , 01-19-2015 at 01:30 AM
      Date: 03 Jan

      Late bed and ealy wake, no time to wbtb

      I find myself in a large room, looks like a mix between a shop and a bar. My awareness gradually goes up and I know I'm dreaming. I recall the task with the crystal ball and head over to the guy behind the counter. There are a few crystal balls that look like empty snow globes, but they are in the distance so I have to walk around a labyrinth of counters. I tell the DC working there to bring me the crystal ball, so that I don't have to maneuver myself all the way there. He is very uncooperative and refuses to do so. By the time I reach the counter those particular crystal balls pop out of existence.

      The dream becomes very dynamic, I almost lose all lucidity while some DCs next to me fight over which cakes they want to eat. There are a number of delicious cakes everyone wants to try. I get hold of one very tasty and start eating with my hands. I contemplate on that and my awareness goes up again, after all it's a dream, so I'm free to eat any way I want. I remember the crystall ball task again, this time the (same?) DC leaves a large crystal sphere next to me and I examine it. It's a very beautiful crystal ball with no stand, and little lines and cracks in star-like shapes can be seen inside. I make a mental note about those, then proceed to see the future. I look inside but it doesn't show anything, just becomes a little blurry. I decide to cover it with my hands, concentrate and then reveal it again.

      On and beyond the blurry surface, some objects become slightly more visible. I am still unable to fully understand what exactly it is showing but now it's almost as good as becoming part of another scene, while still being here in the bar/shop. Finally, I see a number of objects neatly arranged, like they are put on sale, on a sunny bright day on the street. Pretty much what I make out of the scene is that it shows some kind of a street stand with souvenirs or so. The zooming in almost transports me to the scene, but not quite. I interrupt the action and stop to contemplate on it for a while and review the task.

      Frag: Another later part of the dream/other dream where I once again think about completing the task and not doing a wbtb, and about using this techique as a teleport.

      Also, looking at my image in a mirror, dream ends soon after.

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      lucid , memorable , dream fragment , task of the month
    14. 11/28/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:41 AM
      False Awakening

      I was with Laurie watching one of her kids, which was a fourth she had just had. We were at a mall buying stuff but something happened and we had to go home. We got to Laurie's house at night and the house she now lived in was a big mansion. Something scared her kid and he called 911, which made me run over and hang up the phone. While tucking him in bed, tons of cops started showing up asking about the kid. They thought I did something and started questioning me and doing stuff to me. Eventually, Laurie told the cops to take the kid as I talked to the cops. I was devastated at what was happening and was seeking answers from the cops. I couldn't find a specific cop I was looking for but when I asked a girl, she told me to follow her and she started lighting up the house's inside Christmas decorations. I was surprised and amazed and she started making a cake and some pasta with magic. I woke up and started thinking about the kid in the dream but then I really woke up.
    15. 2 warcraft dreams

      by , 12-13-2014 at 08:14 PM
      I had a dream I was playing world of warcraft while eating pieces of this cake. I was running through some frozen cave fighting these worm-like creatures. At the end of the cave was this dreadlord demon. I think I remember fighting him. I also died several times in the cave and had to run back to my body. There was more to it, but that's all I remember

      I also had a dream where I was in this market row, like a medieval market. It was pretty dark there and no one else was there but me, The sky had red smoke going over it like something was burning bad far away. A thing in chat it said "The concert event has already begun" and I could hear the music. I walked down the market row and the road split left and right at a 90 degree angle, I went left because the concert was that way, it was in a huge stone building with a huge entrance, but there was a curtain in the way blocking us because it had already begun, and the curtain was rock-solid. There were several WoW characters standing there wanting to get in and talking, and a druid told me "we gotta wall glitch to get in" so I began hopping up the wall, and eventually I fell through. Inside was mostly empty except for a bunch of tables and people sitting at the tables. The band was playing quite loud, but suddenly a different druid attacks me and we start battling. I woke up before anything else happened
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