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    1. Dream - Cemetery Confusion & Family Holiday Capers

      by , 07-27-2017 at 11:56 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 15 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 154 - Separated Sections

      Dream 154 A - Cemetery Confusion
      I forgot how the dream started but I do remember that my brother and I were supposed to find our way from Springvale to some far away suburb. I thought the quickest way to get to the other side was to go through Springvale Cemetery. I thought we were on the right path but just shortly near the entrance, we came across a dead end and couldn't go any further. I said to my brother that we should go back out before we get lost.

      Back at outside the main gate on Princes Highway, we looked a map of the cemetery and tried to point out all the exits. I then told my brother that if we ever did get lost in there, I could call my “Dream Guide to come and show us the way”. For the rest of the dream, I didn't have to call Dreamy WB as we didn't get lost yet. I don't remember what happened next.

      Dream 154 B - Family Holiday Capers
      The whole family was on a holiday at the Grampians, I forgot where the specific tourist place was though. When we got back to our accommodation grounds, I heard that there was a good café on site and so I went by myself to check it out. I went in and spoke to the lady who told me that I apparently needed a membership card. The dream quickly showed snippets of some other girl who already had a full membership with the café and so was able to get all the luxuries. I pulled the card out of my pocket with a few math sums on it and the lady said that it was the right one... She said that I now had access to all the red cakes. The lady put 6 cakes on a plate for me, 2 large and 4 small.

      Mum then came in and she goes for the 2 large cakes, I have to shoo her off before she could take more. Then we left the café and started talking outside, telling me that she needed to go to Waverley Gardens to buy groceries. I asked if I could come with her but she said that she didn't want me with the adults but rather for me, my brother and his friend to stay back and do something like read. Because Waverley Gardens was really far away, I asked her if she at least wanted to take one of my planes and she said yes. I protested due to the fact that I couldn't go but she just kept saying no. Eventually, I thought to myself that I could smuggle myself into the boot which was basically a sheet of swiss cheese. I then woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    2. 05.10.2016 Threes

      by , 05-11-2016 at 02:51 PM
      Mother's Day, so i finally got some much needed rest. Hung around with my mom all day on Sunday, so a lazy day. Allergies are giving me headaches, but taking benadryl at night. Its been affecting my dreaming, though not so much the recall. I think I'm recalling more.

      DR 1
      I am visiting a house that, supposedly, I used to live in long ago. My mom is there with me, in the background. I walk into the kitchen and there is a huge table that appears to be a display table, with three tiers. On each of the tiers, there are red and white cakes and assorted pies. I am excited, but my mom acts as if she already knows about them, but it super happy. I am buzzing around and looking at all the old rooms.

      I begin to reminisce in one of the rooms, thinking about furniture and things..because now the carpet has been pulled up and there is only foam padding underneath.

      I come back to the kitchen and most of the cakes are gone. I ask my mom where they are and she tells me that she gave them away to her old co-workers. I become highly upset , so upset and start crying- telling her that she never thinks about me.

      As I am crying, i go back to my "old bedroom". I notice there is a trap door in the floor. I know that there is water in the room below the door, so I don't go near it. My mom comes into the room, she's wearing Ugg boots, and she asks me if I'm ok. She notices that there is water in the corner of the room. She steps toward it and I can see that the water is above her ankles, but she is wearing boots so its ok. She goes towards the trap door. I tell her there is water underneath, but she doesn't care. She opens it and we hear like a bump- a deafening rolling noise...and then a wave of water rushes up from the floor, but then, a huge wooden table top rolls up from the door in the floor and stops almost right in front of us...then a second, and finally a third. Then, a small wooden box with a gold padlock washes in. My mom and I stand speechless. Everything is then silent.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. 6th Sep 2013 Long dream, Cakes and a random fragment

      by , 09-06-2013 at 10:48 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      I was in group and we were searching through the forest for towns. Eventually we have found first one and started search for specific building, but haven't found it, we went out for the next town. On the way we were talking about various things and also i have seen a dragon. Soon we have reached another town and there was somebody who said that one of towns has every kind of building except for building we were searching for, but as we looked around this town was not that kind of town and we finally have found the building.
      I went back to home, someone decided to party and bought special 'party kit'. So at home the party started and we were eating alot of cakes that were from party kit, then there was 'mini-game' where there were flying mini-cakes that one should eat before they bite, i ofcourse nommed them all, yummy. Then there were more various 'challenging' cakes.
      Then somebody started telling a story and i started seeing it happen, it was a story about some boy that visited some dude in weird multicolored suit that was apparently his uncle or something, and after some talk he gave him a small furry creature with bat-like wings. Then the story shifted to another place, there was another boy. He was talking about a dragon that will become a king once he grows up, and indeed, there was a little dragon with him. Then the story shifted again and there was that furry creature with bat-like wings in a cage. He broke out of the cage after avoiding fire and then grabbed into floating platform, then he glided from platform to platform all while somebody was commenting "He's not super strong, but strong enough, he can't truly fly, but can still navigate in the air.". In the end he reached place where multicolored dude was, thus connecting it to the previous story.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing spiral knights with MC apparently, and i was talking with him about actions in one forum game. We were fighting enemies in a room with two spire floors and then we randomly started talking about dragons.

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    4. TK, helpful friend

      by , 05-07-2013 at 05:46 PM
      Date: 4 May

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs, possible REM rebound

      Recall method: memorized, later wrote down

      Location: hotel

      Dream1: Two girls that I don't like at all are back. One of them actually has lost a lot of weigh and looks quite fit, and doesn't look like herself at all. I become concerned that the other one will try to come home and convince my bf's brother that she likes him, so that he falls in love with her. I look for a place outside to give my bf a call and warn him about the situation. I do that, then get distracted by some rusty doors of a yard.

      Fragment2: Another dream where one of those girls participated

      Dream3: I am back to some place, most likely living with my parents. They have invited relatives over and I don't like that, so I decide to go out. Before I do that I engage in extensive TK, lifting all kinds of objects, including rolls of toilet paper. I notice that it is easier to lift some smaller lighter ones. I then look for the keys and find my way out.

      As I go out, there are two aggressive dogs that notice me, one small that is trying to bite me and a bigger one. I go back into the house. The DC of a friend of mine is now here as well. I tell her about the situation, she is very confident that there is nothing to worry about and says she will accompany me. We go out, at the same time another woman from the same building comes out and calls the dog by some name. It now behaves very friendly, I want to know its name, but can't get to ask the woman. We reach some kind of subway and I see that most trains are cancelled or there is one every hour. I have also forgotten something, maybe the keys. My friends's DC is very helpful again, suggests that she will go back to get them, I just have to wait for her. I tell her that there is no sense of going out so late, because it will be hard to get on the train if there are many people and it comes only once every hour. She is calm and replies that we will walk back home, no worries about that. She goes to get the keys or whatever and is soon back.

      We go out, looking for a place to eat or drink. This guy attaches to us, he works in one of the nearby restaurants and knows the area rather well. He is flirting with my friend, but I know she has a bf, anyways, that's her business.

      I am sitting on a table with some guys that I think I know. I see huge cups of raspberries passing on some kind of conveyer in the air. There are also cakes. I see another guy that I know, and he is celebrating his birthday or something, with one of the big cakes, but nobody is paying much attention to him, because they don't like him.

      Comments: My friend's DC was very helpful this time. I should really learn to get my DCs to help me more often.
    5. 27 Nov: Lucid healing a friend and confirmed shared dream

      by , 11-30-2010 at 08:02 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      01:00 GMT

      Harassed at a temple
      I am visiting some new place. There’s a temple and pyramids and on this temple I recall seeing carved in stone what seems to be the Pokémon balls (I don’t know the name of the devices, ‘cause I don’t watch the series). I’m resting, sitting on the floor against a pillar, on a platform on the top of a tall staircase with a view to a square – actually it reminds me of the Inca or Aztec kind of pyramid temples, with view to a central square. A guy comes from behind me and he’s harassing me, trying to seduce me, but I know he is up to no good. Luckily there’s some other cute guy around with whom I decide to stick to get rid of the other and we leave together. Then some scene where I’m drinking coffee and writing a story for a newspaper.

      04:00 GMT

      Coming home
      Coming to my mom’s home by car, with my dad on the passenger side. I am hoping to find my neighbour Carla but she doesn’t show up. There aren’t parking spaces available, but a neighbour who was just looking through the window (I think) came downstairs and parked his car better so we could also park.

      7:00 GMT

      Leaving a friend's house
      I was at a nice home with some friends, maybe someone’s birthday party, but I was actually staying there for a few days already, when my mom and BF come to get me. I was surprised, like they came too early, so when I am at the door to go I remember I have left things behind, so I run back to a room where I was and see some of my clothes lying over the bed and some tupperwares with food. I gather all the food in one Tupperware and some guy who’s in the same room, looks disgusted that I’m doing that over there. I couldn’t care less about his feelings, but then the dream starts to shift and I realize I am dreaming. I almost wake up, but hold on to the flow of images passing by.

      Healing a friend and a confirmed shared dream

      I held on to the passing imagery and I entered a new dream lucid. My first thought was “Is this a WILD or a DILD?”, because I wasn’t really sure if I had woke up somewhere in the transition. But now in retrospective, I don’t think I did and I think it was a DILD.
      So the dream was an amazing Alps landscape. I fly and sit on top of a stone wall, with a view over the mountains and the green valleys. I start focusing to meditate but the wall starts to shake and some stones break apart. I almost fall and I almost wake up, but I remember I can hover, so I do that. I decide to sit back on that wall and hang on no matter what. Nothing will distract me from my intent. The wall shakes violently, like shaking me off and breaks apart and as I fall, I feel I’m being sucked by the dream and I am pushed through a succession of sceneries, violently thrown against walls, cars, trains and everything you can imagine. I keep still, I don’t lose focus and I meditate, hovering through this fast motion attack. Then all stops and I am standing in front of a mirror. I see my image reflected on it and don’t know exactly what to do. I should have continued focused, just meditating, but I remember there’s something I actually want to do. I want to visit Isabel and do something for her. She is a friend who is dying with cancer. So I cross the mirror but this time (lesson learned from last failed attempts) I picture she is right on the other side, no need to go through tunnels or worm-holes to get there. I cross and the only strange effect I feel is that the other side is upside down, so I fall with my head down in the other side of the mirror. The light is a bit dim, but I figure I am in an hospital. Looks quite nice, all the walls are glass and I have panoramic view. This building is in a valley surrounded by high snowy peaks. Looks like the Alps again. It’s still dark, like dawn. I see her in a bed just on the right external corner of this room. She looks sleepy and very skinny and weak. Much more than how I saw her last time in RL. I hold her hands, kiss her hands and kiss her in the cheek. She is happy and surprised to see me. I tell her I want to try something and ask for her permission. She says “Sure”. She gets up and sits on a chair by the side of her bed. I summon and try to visualize the Medicine Buddha coming to heal her and for some time nothing happens. I am getting desperate but then I see a blue star shining bright in the night sky outside. I focus on it and I notice it becoming bigger and moving. As it moves to the right in the sky, all of a sudden makes a U-turn and accelerates in our direction. As it comes closer I can distinguish a translucent blue entity. I don’t recognize a traditional Buddha shape though, but I’m open to whatever it is that is coming to meet us. Then it just crosses the glass wall in high speed, passes through Isabel’s body entering by her back and comes out through her chest and disappears in the air. I am amazed but she asks me “So? What exactly are you going to try?”. She didn’t see or feel anything. So I tell her I just want to do some reiki in her. I am still puzzled and preferred not to tell her the truth. I put my hands on her back for a while but then a friend of hers comes up and they start chatting. I hear her saying something like she would love so much to see Rinpoche (our precious guru) so I think about trying to help her on that to. I ask them to make a prayer with me to summon his presence. We call for his name and then a succession of characters that mildly resemble him enter through the door, but I know none of them is truly him, they lack his presence. But for a brief split second I did feel his energy and I try to pursuit it by flying out of the door and down the stairs. I feel him. I exit to the street and it’s early morning already. I can see the town square in front of me, a morning market being assembled by the locals and beautiful alpine houses. The air is cold but sweet. His presence dissipates in the air.
      I fly around a little bit the market and the beautiful amazing pastry store windows, with very traditional and fairy tale like cookies and cakes arrangements. I marvel at the amazing beauty of this and think that normally I would start a frenzy of eating all I could, knowing it is just a dream, but this time I didn’t feel the need. I fly back to inside the building and on the waiting room I encounter my mom.
      (SHARED)--> She is sitting on a bench, with a piece of cake on a plate, but not eating it. I sit by her side and she asks me if I saw all those amazing cakes and cookies. I smile and say yes. She ask if I want to share (she always does, not to feel so guilty, I guess). She says we can go get a dozen each and then exchange to try more flavours. I say I’m not interested. But then a friend of hers or a total stranger, I don’t know, comes to us and offers a plate with a half eaten sweet. She says she is full and that we can have the rest. My mom says why should she take it, when there are so many fresh cakes outside waiting for us. But I accept and eat it. She doesn’t get it, so I explain I’m trying to live according to this new philosophy: not eating unnecessarily, even if it’s a dream and I won’t get fat or won’t cost me money – and by the way, this is when I tell her this is a dream – but if someone offers me something with a good intention, then I accept it, no matter what, as a humble thank you for the meritorious action of the person. She is trying to digest that this is a dream. She doesn’t seem to believe, because it is so real, but I insist it is and since I am starting to feel it fading I tell her that as a proof, I am just about to exit this dream. <--
      (SHARED) And then I wake up.

      9:00 GMT

      Note: During the day I asked my mom if she had had any interesting dream (it was early morning, so I felt there was a high chance of recall) and she took some time to remember anything, but then she said “Yes, I remember cakes! Beautiful amazing cakes and pastry shops like those we saw in Belgium, those that looked like out of a fairy tale! But I didn’t actually remember eating any cake...” she said with a sad face

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