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    1. An “Unreliable” Rivulet of Time

      by , 10-07-2017 at 08:15 PM
      Morning of October 7, 2017. Saturday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am seated at a picnic table, though it appears to be some sort of school. I am sitting at the third picnic table from the front of the class where the teacher is. (I am sitting in about the middle on the side opposite the side closest to the front of the room. I am facing the front of the room.)

      At one point, a young version of Zsuzsanna comes in and sits down directly on my left. The teacher objects to this, claiming that my talking to other students will distract from the class. I threaten him and tell him that he should not be so disrespectful of natural human relationships.

      He comes over to us with a folded piece of paper, opens it, and starts trying to “teach” us about vampires, zombies, and fictional creatures in general, that is, integrating them into a calculus problem, and I inform him that those are not even real, not a part of life (at least my life), and I then tell him that he is crazy and should not be teaching such garbage.

      Eventually, there is some sort of activity outside. Apparently, a road has been altered by some sort of “flaw in time”. I and the other students start to take notes to determine what the source of the problem is.

      The road is unusual, as traveling in one direction, one sees roadkill (at least three unidentifiable dead animals) but traveling in the opposite direction, one sees a couple rabbits and a groundhog or two. These are apparently the animals that have died when traveling from the other direction. I start to consider that it may actually relate to the mentality and beliefs of the people walking or driving down that road.

      The students stand in a long line along the road (parallel to the road) doing calculus equations to discover what is going on. I notice a young boy who is writing on a large sheet of paper. I tell him to make sure he is solving the vertical parts of the equation (such as complex fractions, though the imagery actually does have unrealistic longer vertical sequences including sigma summation in vertical form) as well as the horizontal and he nods and tells me that he is. I then ask him if he knows what the symbols are, specifically the “sideways M” (sigma), and he nods again. I look again to see if there are any symbols for vampires or other nonsense. My dream fades from here.

    2. Why is my calculus teacher working at the art store?

      by , 01-04-2017 at 01:45 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      First remembered dream of the new year (so two nights ago, Dec. 31-Jan. 1): I was at an art store, possibly Michael's or something similar, buying supplies. My calculus teacher was there, working as a cashier for some reason. In the dream, I had a memory of recently receiving a math lesson from him, like the day before or something. I asked him for some clarification on a concept, and he explained it. So essentially he was doing two jobs at the same time.

      I also saw lots of girls in the shop wearing DeviantArt T-shirts and some guys as well.

      Then, it faded into watching some sailors load stuff into a ship. My dream journal reads this, exactly: "Apparently, people who wear jeans are more depressed because sailor boys had a depressing job, despite appearing happy, and they wore Levis and black jackets." This was apparently a thought that occurred to me during the dream which seemed perfectly rational at the time. :p

      Then Jafar from Aladdin appeared, cackling evilly. It freaked me out so much that I woke up. Silly, as in waking life he's just a fun Disney villain. But I think the cackle was what did it. Or the spontaneity.

      Last night, I have the following note on my phone at 6:06 AM: "New traveling companion who exists neither in space nor in time." I was excited to meet this individual, but then my alarm went off. -_-

      Ah. I really don't want to start college again in a week. Not that I dislike it or anything, but the stress and lack of sleep....aaaaugh!
    3. Lab Meniscus, Movies, Calculus

      by , 08-11-2012 at 08:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lab Meniscus, Movies, Calculus (Non-lucid)


      I slept around 3AM or so, because of some party (when I didn't really party lol), and talking on the DV tinychat with another forum that went on it by accident (and some were actually interested in lucid dreaming too! And their forum name would be abbreviated as DV as well!).

      Funny how things turned out that way. I honestly thought I wouldn't remember any dreams, because I thought I would have to wake up in 3 hours time to pack some stuff to go back to my apartment, but I slept maybe for 7 hours, with a short WBTB in between that, so I guess that helped with the dream recall. Then again, I didn't remember any dreams before during the WBTB though.

      I'm happy that I got some decent dream recall with the horrible sleeping pattern I had to deal with from the late night party.

      I remember things starting out in a room that looks like the one I was in during my Junior year for Chemistry Pre-AP. The lights that would flicker abnormally was there, and I sat at the seat (or close to it) that I was in in waking life before a few years ago.

      It had black top, and a think but durable wooden base to support it, the flooring had a vanilla type of color to it, where you can see the reflections of the lights above it if you really looked into them. More people started to come, and then I tried focusing on who the teacher actually is.

      I can't remember her face exactly, in fact, I don't even thing it qualifies as a human being. All I remember was seeing an entity with body parts with different shades of purple. I knew she was a female, and I knew she had a wacky hairstyle, and I think she was even floating at some point.

      All I do know was that when she talked to the class, her voice was awesome, and she was an awesome teacher as well! I believe all we had to do was watching a movie for the rest of the class time. As the lights were slowly turning off, I rest my arms on the table and watched the whole movie throughout the class time.

      This part coming up is what confuses me.....

      There's a dream shift where I have to go to another science related class
      (or maybe I'm at the same classroom??? It's so hard for me to tell...), and after some random searching in the hallway, I find one that looks like the classroom I needed to go to.

      I look at the seating arrangement, and it seems we're doing some kind of lab activity where teach table is designed for a specific lab method for experiments.

      I blindly go to a seat, but I think someone informs me that based on what I did before, "Dot Picking" or something like that was what I was assigned to do. It felt weird that dot picking would be an appropriate term for a method to use for an experiment, but I just went with it.

      I sit at the table at the right section of the classroom, and I forget who my partner is, it was probably a randomly generated dream character, since I didn't get any kind of hunches that it could be some dreaming life counterpart to waking life.

      We had a Graduated Cylinder, a little bigger than your usual one, and we had to fill 1 Liter of some blue liquid. I get up , go to the left side of the classroom where there's a set of lab tables with the same black top as the one I'm assigned to, and I get ready to pour out the blue liquid.

      As I'm pouring it slowly, I tried to use common sense lab procedure and fill it all the way until the meniscus hit the 1 Liter (or was it 1 mL?) mark. I swore this would be the easiest thing to do in a lab, but as I ask my random dream character lab partner if I filled it to 1 L
      (I'm just going to go with Liters), they keep saying "No."

      I tilted my head downwards, zoomed in very closely at the meniscus, and I could've sworn it hit the 1L mark! It's barely there, or maybe my perception in the dream was skewed. After a constant series of "No" "No" "No," I forget if I gave up on it and let the partner do it, or maybe I finally did.

      Now I know how Patrick the Starfish feels in Spongebob when he opened that Pickle Jar.....because I would be screaming with joy if I could fill it to 1L in this dream.....

      I think we had to mix this blue liquid with something else to give this weird muddy color, but that was based on my assumption of looking at someone from another table shaking their liquids together.

      Not only that, I wasn't cognizant that they shouldn't have been shaking it in the first place....you can just shake chemicals like you're a madman! This whole classroom was contradiction to all basic lab procedures, and I went with this horrible logic to!

      Shame on me....

      There's another dream shift, because I honestly don't know how I go here, but now I'm at a university/college type of lecture room where we had a few minutes before class would be over. I think it was 2 minutes to be precise, but boy, those two minutes felt like freaking 5-10 minutes while I'm in here.

      There's some random Asian kid who wants to show off this movie he made with the help of family members and friends for another class project. As he starts it on the computer, it shows up on the big screen emitting from the projector.

      The background was black where he and his relatives and friends acted in, and how they go about "acting" was so weird. The guy would walk, and someone would walk in line from him, and then try to lightly hit him with a paddle that you would use from a canoe.


      This movie is SO LAME, but I kept quiet of course, and then it had random scenes shifting from different angles.....it's was like trying to make turning on an mp3 player the most dramatic thing you could do in life.


      Anyway, I eventually just ignored whatever showed up on the screen, and waited until class was over. I can't remember how I knew when it was over, but I eventually left the classroom, and had the thought that I had to go to one more classroom.

      By this time, it felt like I was wearing white dress shirt tucked into some long black dress pants that I was wearing. I think I even wore a red tie, along with some fancy black lace-less shoes that were slightly bigger than my actual foot size.

      I could feel that the front end that my foot could barely touch bend a little as I began to run lightly to my random destination. I could feel a slight breeze hitting the long sleeve dress shirt I was wearing, and something tells me as I'm dashing towards the long hallway, I had to change my direction and go upstairs.

      I head upstairs, and kept going up maybe 1-2 more levels until I saw that two people were just standing there in the middle base before you could go to the next set of stairs. I wondered why they were waiting, and then turned my head to the right to see that there's some kind of maintenance work being done.

      The stairs were completely gone to get the next level I needed to go to, and I saw that through the entrance to get to that level, there were normal people (as in teachers) inside their rooms, so it definitely wasn't shut down. The mediums that they used to extend to the next wall was some kind of long and yellow object.

      It seemed they were going up into the insides of the ceiling to fix something. I see a man wearing a dark blue dress shirt and jeans, and also had construction helmet on as well (probably orange or yellow).

      He's going down a ladder slanted and on the wall, and I get the urge to just walk on these series long yellow objects to get into the level I felt I needed to go to. Before I do, I remembered some features of the two people just standing there watching them do maintenance work.

      One was female, she was wearing a pink dress shirt, with the bottom ends not buttoned up. She wore some kind of vanilla or khaki colored shirt underneath the dress shirt. She had long Khaki dress pants as well, with tan brown lace-less (I think they were lace-less) shoes.

      She was a blonde, and based on her visage and body weight, she looked like she was in her late 20s or early 30s. The outfit alone looked like she could be a teacher in this school building, and she also had a brown purse hanging on her right shoulder I believe.

      She was slightly chubby, she looked like that kind of mother that would try to work out, has a decent body ratio, but still ends up feeling chubby because of children and stress from work or something lol. These body features of hers, even though they were covered up, were actually appealing to me.

      Now for the other person, the male, I forget how he looked like...I was more interested in the female's body and facial composition. Her face had an apricot/peach tone to it, wasn't pale at all, and I think she had some makeup, but not a lot, just for enhancing her cheeks a bit.

      Anyway, somehow I work my way into balancing on the long and yellow objects (I think they were 12-20 inches wide, so that was a fairly thin path for me to walk on) and get to the floor level. I look left and right, and as I'm turning on the right side, through peripheral vision, I could tell that the setting for the dream was either close to afternoon time, or during early morning time.

      The floor I'm on has a blue carpet layering to it, the walls are plastered with a very light sky blue paint on it, and I believe at some point here, I asked someone for directions to my math class. The man looked familiar, but I can't remember his name from the High School I attended years ago.

      He was Caucasian, looked like he was in his early or mid 40s, wore a light gray shirt, had a little beard growing on the sides of his jawline, probably, and he probably wore dark blue sport shorts with a gray lining going vertically on the sides....or maybe he just wore long light blue jeans...not sure....but the sport shorts is what came into my mind at first.

      I forget what he tells me, but I acknowledge him trying to help me, and he goes on his own way. I wait for a while at the room I think I'm supposed to go into. I even decided to go in a little to peek in, and noticed that 5-15 feet in front of me were 1-2 computers out on a light gray table top with thin metal black legs supporting it. The computers themselves are black, and they looked like one of those Dell PCs.

      The whole room has dark and cool colors. The lighting isn't as bright as it should be, and the walls themselves had a lighter version of blue, just like the walls outside. I go back out, and forget what I did in the mean time, but eventually, I see an older man come into the same room I went into.

      He's wearing a white dress shirt like I am, red tie, and black dress pants. He looks a lot like my Geometry teacher I had in High School. Let's call him McReynolds.

      I quick ask the man,

      "Mr. McReynolds?" and he turns his head to the right to see who it was behind him, but I don't remember him saying anything. He went inside the classroom, and I followed him, and I showed up a piece of paper I randomly had. I turned out being the schedule for all my classes, and when I gave it to him, I explained to him why I came in all of a sudden.

      I told him that I moved to another school to take a few courses, and then came back here to finish the rest, so that's why I came in on short notice. He nods, and I asked him a question about how Calculus would be like for me.

      I can understand why I asked him that, because I'm nowhere close to being a math prodigy, all I would do to pass the class is memorize a few derivatives that I know WILL solve and answer, and leave that work ethic just at that.

      Surprisingly, he tells me in a confident tone that a smart guy like me won't have too much of a problem with the course, since Calculus 1 would just be generic formulas and such.

      I think he's overestimating me here....

      After listening to his words of encouragement, I forget what happens next.
    4. Wrong math class

      by , 08-29-2010 at 07:16 PM (The Midnight Train)
      I am in a math class. The wrong one. This class is calculus 1 but I'm meant to be somewhere else. The teacher couldn't care less when the right calculus students are sent to this class by another teacher because they were in the wrong class. I exit the class and into the theater. Some grand show is going on. And I see people wearing white and feathery costumes. It is very bright in the hall.