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    1. 6 Mar: undercover in California, attacked by a Chinese, parade with Madonna

      by , 03-06-2019 at 12:13 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a bridge, looking at a map on the phone. I am in California, its nighttime. I am supposed to go see a place that is still a bit far. Because it is late, I choose instead to visit an alternative coffee shop nearby. It has several floors, it is know for famous people going there. I don't see any. Go to the roof terrace, very cool for photos. From there I see a multiplex cinema on the other side of a river. There is a small island in the middle of the river. I go there and find a beautiful young feline there that I become friends with. Not sure what species it is, but looks like a jaguar. Then I see also some babies that she is nursing.

      Undercover in a bad neighborhood to expose some drug dealers. There are people of all ethnicities and nationalities living and doing business there. Most are selling clothes, but many are just covers to the real drug business. I go through an alley with a chinese shop and I am approached by two men selling shirts. I have a bunch of money, so I show them trying to expose them as drug sellers. But they just sell me shirts. One guy has good quality clothes but the other tries to sell me an old ripped coat and I reject his offer. He doesn't like my rejection and I feel something is wrong with this, don't understand his game. Later I spot him following me. When night falls he runs towards me in a deserted area but I step aside and push him to the road. He falls on the asphalt and a high speed car runs over him before he can get up.
      Then I turn to another street and there is a parade going on and I blend with it. Madonna is leading the parade in a car and part of the theme is Disneyworld and I can't resist to take some photos.
    2. Los Angeles, California

      by , 07-07-2016 at 12:25 PM
      The dream started when I rode in a car to the house of my late grandmother (mom's side) who passed away six months ago. From there the telephone rang as I was told that I had a dentist's appointment soon. A week later in the living room of my dad's house, I sit in the recliner in the living room asking my dad if he had any money to pay for a plane ticket, as it was all the way on the West Coast in Los Angeles. Dad had his TV tray with his big laptop on the table and his female friend who visits was sitting on the couch.

      A few weeks later in the dream, I find myself in Los Angeles...but unfortunately, it looks like downtown Raleigh. I hear a rendition of Ain't It Fun by the band Paramore that is the work of British pianist Sam Yung (it's also on YouTube), and just as soon as the first verse ends (when he stops playing for a few seconds), the actual song's chorus plays with band frontwoman Hayley Williams' vocals just like it sounded on the band's 2013 self-titled album (which I enjoy, by the way), bass, electric guitar, percussion and all. I remember saying something about copyright. I also remember being on a bus near the back when I heard it. I suddenly have this feeling where there really wasn't a dentist's appointment in LA and that I may have been tricked. As soon as I heard Williams' vocals, I jumped and felt a funny feeling in my right leg and stomach. (I think this may have been my first lucid in a while.)

      I remember dreams I've had from 2013-15 where towns and cities in southern California (Los Angeles (twice), Hemet High School, but one scene later) look like places in North Carolina that I may have been before (dentist's office in 2013, downtown Raleigh in 2014 and a random section in Wal-Mart in 2015 that looks like none of the stores I've visited in the state), leading me to think the two states are fighting over me and/or my writing works. I've also had Paramore dreams before, but Williams' hair has been different colors than the trademark red or orange.

      (I credit the Carmen Sandiego series of computer games (I saw the game show on PBS first when I was younger) for inspiring me to do research on the two states in 1998-99 in the 7th grade.)
    3. Back-to-back YA dreams (this happened last week, too)

      by , 12-18-2015 at 03:16 PM
      12-18-15: Everything's been up and down like somewhat of a crazy game of Magic # (a Pricing Game on The Price Is Right with an impressive design that scared the crap out of me when I was younger when it appeared from a fade-in) months after I updated my Dream Journal. Also, I've been busy with other things, including a personal blog during that time.

      Last night, however, left me with some inspiration to write after a heck of a bad day, as most of the stuff (the plot, some characters) in Secret Agent 25, or SA-025, for short (my attempt at a YA novel), are inspired by dreams I have had since the 1992-93 year living in Maryland (when my parents separated in 1991-92 and I was 6 going on 7 at the time) to now.

      Ever since I started on SA-025, I have had a series of strange dreams involving possible characters, and most of those DCs had no spoken lines--even Wednesday (which was uneventful) and last week when it marked the return of the 'office buildings outside my room window' dream, something recurring since 2006-07.

      This time, it was a possible scene from later on in the series of SA-025, where possibly another Agent 25 was talking to someone, and this transpired:
      "Does this mean we'll move to South Florida?" Agent 25 asked.
      "No." A female chaperone said, sternly.

      Later on, Agent 25 and the woman went inside the building, looking like a library, where there was another woman sounding like a strict teacher I had at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High in the 2001-02 year, trying to give words of motivation, and just before the dream ends, there's a teenage girl with what appears to be a Surface tablet and it appears she is logged on to Twitter at a table, similar to a dream I had in the 2014-15 year, having brown eyes and brown hair, but she has no spoken lines as Agent 25 looks over her shoulder like a teacher. She also had a pink case to carry her Surface.

      I have a feeling this may have taken place in Hemet, California, as the villainous Sterling clan's mansion in SA-025 is there, and the dream suggested it gets turned into an underground library. It could also have taken place somewhere in North Carolina, too, where a building for villains may have also been turned into an underground library.

      I also have a tendency to throw DCs into my book as well, so I'll see what happens. Turning the Sterlings' mansion in my attempt at a YA novel into an underground library may not be such a bad idea. I don't mind getting dreams like this, personally.

      (For those who don't understand, YA stands for young-adult fiction. It is a popular genre of books amongst teenagers.)
    4. November 12th 2015

      by , 11-12-2015 at 07:30 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Dream Fragment: Nightmare about how I was in this church thing which had no roof and no windows. In a previous dream I was there and there were children there who were acting as different wizards and warriors or something. But in this nightmare, I could see myself and I was evil.

      Another dream I'm in this house and my friend Moo is about to get married to his ex-girlfriend Katie. We're upstairs preparing for the wedding by getting dressed and talking about things. In my mind I keep thinking that this is a terrible idea to get married because IRL they are broken up. There's also some little kid upstairs with us running around. My mom tells me that there's a whole bunch of people down there and we need to come down soon to get the wedding started. I keep looking at my watch and 15 minutes keeps going by quickly. The wedding was supposed to start at 3:30 but now it's 3:45. I realize I'm not even wearing the right clothing, but a belt around my waist. I start to change upstairs in my room. Someone says that half the people have left because they were so impatient. We go downstairs to a room with 3 couches and a balcony along the upper part of the walls with no people there. There is a woman with short hair facing the opposite direction that is supposedly the person wedding my friends and 3 people sitting on the couch facing us. I walk right to see a huge open house. In another open room to the right is Katie surrounded by a group of girls trying to calm her down. My mom is really upset at this point, but I just keep saying its not a big deal at all. I say something out loud about how its everything is fine and suddenly I'm hit in the head by a ball of some sort that my mom threw at my face. She starts to storm off as I'm chasing her trying to tell her to let me explain. She gets in an elevator around the corner and the doors close.

      Dream Fragment: I'm telling my mom about studying abroad this past summer with this girl that I knew, but I can't think of the name of the place. Then, I remember it is China, but my view goes to this very open and tropical place with mountains surrounding besides the sea making it a bay thing, but my view is only really of a green field.

      Dream Fragment: I'm in California. I believe I'm in some sort of airport where I get hold of this motorcycle thing, instead there's no handle bars, just this peg thing on it like a saddle for a horse thing I push down to go forwards. I'm zooming through small hallways that are connecting rooms in the airport. I bring it to this lobby where I get off it and stand on this statue thing trying to get in contact with my dad because I have no money or no one in California with me. A small kid gets on the motorcycle which now looks like it's on display while a dad watches him. I walk up and say that it is my bike. A woman dressed as a flight attendant comes up and she verifies that I've actually bought it when I tell her that uncertainly. Then, I hop on it and go out of the open room into the city which has gray skyscrapers and moving cars. My dad is there suddenly and he tells me we're going to some professional game with his friends and that I can come.

      Another dream, The view goes over to this sort of disconnected island piece that's raised up above the land and sea. Inside there is a family of two kids and I was possibly the parent or something, there was also some other kid with me. The two kids go fall off of the cliff into the water so the other kid and I go rock by rock down until we get into the water. We start to look for the kids in the water. I remember thinking that I had already had this dream before but I didn't go looking for the kids. But I knew this was a nightmare of some sort. We see one kid come out of the water, and she walks up onto a rock with us. Then I see the other kid swimming, but he's grabbed by something very suddenly in the water that pulls him down. We start to run up the rock path when one of the kids says that there's a mud monster coming. I turn around and there's an arm sticking out of the water holding a brick. It starts to gradually emerge from the water and walk towards us. It looks like a mud monster from scooby doo. We start to run all the way up the rock path to higher level ground. We get to higher ground so I turn around and now the mud monster is half mud monster, half pennywise the clown from IT. He starts screaming and running at the kids. Now, I'm not even involved in the dream. I watch as the monster is now all Pennywise the clown with a sledgehammer. I thought I was now in a movie where they couldn't get the original actor, so they used a step in who was just as scary. He starts crushing at the structure that the kids are on. It looked kinda like an aqueduct.
    5. California separates from continent; Saphire ocean

      , 09-28-2015 at 07:19 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Sleep 2pm 9"45pm before night shift

      I intended to wake up around 7 for a 30 min WBTB then nap on a sofa like yesterday, when I got a DILD. But I was too sleepy to do that. Instead, I got one of the longest, most vivid and detailed, interesting and beautiful dreams I had in a long time.

      DR 1:
      I missed mom's call. I'm trying to call her back, so I open the contact list. As I do that, about 15 tiny thumbnail pictures and videos start to load as a list of contacts. Screen is smallish, so the names are cut off. I pick one that says "call ..." because I thin that is mom, and I hit dial.

      Someone answers but says nothing. Instead a video starts playing. Rather a live feed and I recognize my mom's street. I start talking, asking if it;s her.

      Pisture changes and now I see a young boy playing on the beach. I recognize him as a kid I used to babysit. I realize I called his mom and somehow I see the video she is taping with her phone at that moment.

      Somehow I'm transported to that location. I'm sitting on a beach, kids and their mom is there. I look at the ocean and I can't believe it. It is incredibly georgeous. Saphire blue, see through to the bottom. Waves are mixing in some whites into the blues and the sunshine is giving some light effects like what you see on the walls or ceiling of an indoor swimming pool reflected of the waves that are splashing around. I'm looking around and waves are hitting the beach from few different direction, then retrieving back to the ocean. The blue is incredible blue.

      I look at the sand and it's pure white. I say to kids that it's time to go find some seashells. As I look up and down the beach, I don't see any large ones. So I just look close to me where we are sitting and a few colorful small ones are there.

      Then we are sitting in a small swimming pool. Kids are in the water, I'm sitting on the edge. It looks like a small gazebo. It's separated from the ocean by a metal gate on one side, so water comes in but not anything dangerous. I ask them how is the water, because I was freezing. (I had the AC on and was getting really cold)


      I'm traveling back to California. At the house, I look out the window and I'm amazed. There is not much land around. The house ( I see it now from above) sits on a piece of land that is not bigger than the house itself. All around us are small islands, channels of water and ocean.

      Islands are all elongated in same direction. As if they were leftovers of the land that tore itself apart by being pulled from 2 ends. Some islands have trees on them and they look like tops of hills or mountains that used to be there before.

      I ask what happend and they say "liquifaction".

      I feel the house moving, as if floating away on the water. I tell them that it's the same sensation I had in a dream not that long time ago. (it's true, dream of house floating away on the sea of lava in India - "Volcano in India")

      I'm taken to a house to visit someones family. (All these 3 dreams are somehow connected)

      I walk into the house and we are walking by a living room full of people. Another one, also full of people sitting on sofas and chairs, watching TV and just lounging around. I realize they have to have more than one living room because the family is huge.

      I say hi to all of them and they reply. Some I meet face to face and I'm surprised some are black. I wonder who married into black family. They are all very nice but I sense some tension.

      A boy walks up to me, says hi and I shake his hand. His face is disfigured.

      Another very tall young man walks up to me. He is in boxer's shorts and he is telling me that he is in the boxing championship in Saudi Arabia and he is doing quite well. I shake his hand and it's all rough and also disfigured, and his face too. I realize that you can be successful like that as well.

      I walk into a very small bedroom. The bed is right next to the wall and the window and the ocean is righ against the window. As the waves are splashing around, they are starting to spill into the room. I yell at someone to come and do something.


      We are on the ocean. I look to the righ and a humongous wave is coming at us. It's a tsunami and we all say this is it, we are done. Goodbye.
    6. Makeshift Spa

      by , 09-25-2015 at 08:07 AM
      I directed the bodypainter girl toward the Art class, letting her know I was already late and she could go without me,actually wanting to be alone. This was after speaking to Nestor about comig past California and Yosemite, and him wanting to know how much i would be saving a month, to which I replied 6k.

      The organisers where young etnical guys and didnt seemed to care much how we created the pool.
      I even over-exaggeratted the proccess and told him that i was to do some damage, which he non-chalantly ignored.

      I took the big bag of bentonite clay and threw it into the middle of the makeshift square pool along with boiling water.
      It filled quicky and Mel, Justin and other friends where soon immeresed and muddy, feeling the benifits,
    7. One of the weirdest dreams I've EVER had (or: How My Dumb Luck Gave Me a Weird Dream)

      by , 01-20-2015 at 02:43 PM
      01-20-15: This is what I get for viewing past dreams on my blog on this site (especially the one stemming from the "davemadson" silliness with everyone's "termination" reaction with the screaming little girl with brown eyes and brown hair from a couple of months ago). This time, the main dream character had blue eyes and blonde hair and was around college age standing around 5'6"-5'8", kind of like a scene from a '90s-early '00s film. And I thought I wasn't going to get anything after a heck of a bad day yesterday (it has been happening a lot lately).

      This all happened after the first act of the dream inspired by either the PS3 or PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V made no sense--and it was the online part of the game (I have the PS4 version), and no parts from this were used in the second act (I think).

      However, back to the second act: she was surrounded by two or three boys while she was in front of a yellow muscle car, probably a '70s Ford Mustang Mach 1 or a '70s Dodge Charger Super Bee or Challenger. One of the boys (or other DCs) had a beanie with a patterned or crocheted skull on it (it was black or charcoal/white). I couldn't tell if she was trying to befriend them or run away from them.

      Also, in the background, I could see some downtown Raleigh buildings or buildings near the NCSU (North Carolina State University for all you non-U.S. viewers of this blog) campus.

      I don't know if she was a student at the college or anything in particular. I also do not know if the main DC involved resembles a '90s Reese Witherspoon, a '90s Alicia Silverstone, or anyone in particular from that era with blue eyes and blonde hair, or NC natives Evan Rachel Wood or Britt Robertson, either. I think she was cornered by at least 3 boys, or guys. After their encounter, the rest of the act of the dream made no sense and I woke up at about 6:05 AM unexpectedly. I don't even get why because I started back writing this year (it's my 20th), these weird dreams started happening again.

      (Wow...this is my first post in a while where I went the whole thing without one sentence talking about James Lafferty--D'OH!)

      ...oh, well. Until next time, WM86

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    8. Investigation of the Lady (non-Lucid)

      by , 01-14-2015 at 10:39 PM
      Investigation of the Lady (This was actually the title of the dream. It was written in the air as the dream was fading out which is the first time that's happened.)
      I was at school one day and I had a vision of this lady being taken captive on a beach in California somewhere (meanwhile I'm in Illinois) and led into an underground lair. It was an underground cave below the sand, adorned with a lot of Greek furniture and artifacts. I don't remember much about the girl or why she was captured, but the next thing I know the vision ends and I'm back at school and my mom is coming to pick me up. She gets me and she takes me home but our house is downtown and not in the country like it is irl. I wanted to go thrift shopping since there was a small local thrift shop a few buildings down and my mom wouldn't give me any money to go. I got angry and started kicking everything around the living room and ran out of the house. I had another vision. The police were searching for traces of the girl in the sand and they were just grabbing a bunch of sand and testing it for her DNA with some big machine. I knew that the girl was in a secret lair under the sand, and that she was still alive and I wanted to help but I couldn't do much since she was in California and I didn't even know what beach she was on. My memory gets really fuzzy from this point and I can only remember a few fragments. My mom and I ended up being in the lair, but all I can remember is one image of me looking at the Greek artifacts as my mom lifted some of them up to try to find a secret door, and Joey M from my anatomy & phys class told me that he loved my phone case and he kept talking to me but I don't remember what about.
    9. Young-adult fiction dream characters (How did this get under the radar?!)

      by , 11-04-2014 at 12:27 AM
      11-03-2014: It's been a while since I last posted here. Yes, I have had some strange dreams over the past three years, but either they went too fast or I haven't had the time or bad days have caught up to me...repeatedly.

      However, the one last night was pretty memorable. I was able to also match the description of the dream character as well. She had brown hair and brown eyes, a petit build, wearing a beige bubble jacket, dark blue jeans with black high top Chucks (Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, for those who don't get the popular term) with either aqua green or sky blue shoelaces.

      She also looked around 14 or 15-17 years of age, and politely asked me and another character on a bus as she walked by, "Is anybody sitting here?" I didn't get to see what happened next, as I woke up around 6:30~40-ish. I believe she appeared in one other dream I had a couple of months ago, stemming from a strange YouTube video I saw detailing the uploader's views on reactions if YouTube user davemadson was terminated, and one of which had a screaming little girl that likely came from an episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour that aired on Discovery Family (formerly The Hub). (On a sad note, he DID have to close down his channel on April 7, 2014 because of his busy personal life AND Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows XP that day--and I didn't even subscribe to him.)

      However, it was likely the girl from last night's dream but with the same clothes clinging to me, holding on to my left arm like she's scared of somebody. And yes, she still had the same (either) medium or dark brown hair and brown eyes. Again, I didn't know what happened next like the dream last night, as I woke up early.

      One of my life goals is to write a YA story, or young-adult novel. And as I'm writing this entry, I'm considering making her the main character. As I listen to a lot of music, I am also considering what kind of playlist she might have (personally, I would like it to be '90s mixed with today) as well. I am also in my 19th year writing (got my first computer/word processor in 1994, didn't start writing until 1995). In regards to the dream character, I haven't given her a name yet. I am also considering creating teenage boy characters where James Lafferty and Miko Hughes are inspirations/ideas (this is starting to become a trademark habit of mine) as well that serve as an interest to her. However, I'm not sure whether to base the story in California or North Carolina yet.

      I have found out in recent years that writing a story that takes place in North Carolina is a lot harder than writing one that takes place in California. This has been going on since late-2003 when I took a creative writing class in my senior year of high school. And I also learned that writing a young-adult novel is a tall order and I've got my work cut out for me. So that means I'd better get going and not let life distractions get in the way of achieving said goal. Until next time...WM86
    10. Walking in the desert and Yeo-Wool blindfolded

      by , 06-20-2014 at 05:25 PM
      I'm walking through a desert at night, heading south. I was traveling with someone before, and we're meant to be meeting up again later, but she's driving and I'm on foot, and there's a lot of territory between here and where we're going. We've been heading south along the west coast, and I'm thinking of the area I'm in now as Butte County, and also the northern edge of the desert in California. This desert is incredibly beautiful by night, and there are walkways cutting through it, no roads. I come to the top of a little hill and see a large city in the distance; the walkway splits to run north and south around the edge of the city. There are a few other people walking here, and I'm putting serious thought into just walking along these paths forever. (Similar theme came up in an earlier dream this week - a girl impatiently waiting for me to wander the world on foot with her, me pointing out the reasons I couldn't just drop everything and start walking this instant.)

      Yeo-Wool's blindfolded herself with this white cloth I think of as a veil - it's transparent, but it's folded over and over so she can't see through it. She's sworn to wear this until (a certain thing I can't remember is accomplished). She and some guy she travels with are stopping at this fortress, and in the halls they meet a man, someone important. Kang Chi's with the important man - Yeo-Wool, blindfolded, isn't aware he's here. Without letting her know it's him, one or the other of them (can't remember which) says something to establish that it's still not time to take the veil off yet, much as they'd like to. He's smiling as he watches her - the majority of the dream just consisted of me, 3rd person, looking at her. I wondered something about the school - it was clear she wasn't associated with it at the moment - and the dream switched over to show Gon eating in his room at the school, which he's inherited from her father.
    11. Evil Clay, Murder Squid

      by , 11-09-2013 at 04:06 PM
      Original journal entry dated Feb. 9th 2002:

      I had another bizarre dream last night. In it, M and A were going to a college in California, and they were driving there. I was going to a college in Michigan, and bummed because I couldn't go with my friends. My mother and her boyfriend were going to a casino somewhere. Anyway, M and A, instead of using a map, rolled up a little ball of clay and gave it a face. It would shout directions at them and tell them how to get where they wanted. But it was EVIL. And its strength came from mirrors. So at one point, they smashed every mirror in the hotel room trying to kill it. But it WOULDN'T DIE! And they'd given my mother one of them, too. As for myself, I had stayed home trying to figure out how I could follow my friends, but they showed up at my house saying that they hadn't been able to get to California. And then my mother and her boyfriend came home.

      Original entry dated Feb. 1st, 2002:
      Regarding several dreams taking place over a period of time:

      Dream #1:
      I dreamed about a vampire who was actually a large anthropomorphic lion, only he kept falling into lava and coming back to life. And I dreamed that I was at the Russian Olympic games, where one of the sports was to swing around a pole and see how far one could vault into the water. This feat was performed by 6 foot tall 8-year-olds. I sat in the bleachers, only I didn't have a ticket, so when they came around looking at peoples' tickets, I forged one and tried to remain inconspicuous.

      Dream #2:
      I dreamed that we were in a car trying to cross a bridge, which was actually a large ramp across a channel - you accelerated and then flew through the air and landed on the other side - but we kept crashing and dying.

      Then I was on an ocean-liner with my aunt, and there was a murderer loose, and he would claim his next victim by slashing them on the thumb a day or two before he killed them. And my aunt got a slash on her thumb, so then she was really scared, and then my finger turned into a squid, so we all became vegetarians because we could no longer stand the sight of shrimp.
    12. 7/27/13 - haunt

      by , 07-28-2013 at 04:25 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I went outside to get away from people and felt pain on my right cheek so I messed with it and gobs of thick cottage cheese looking puss squirted out for a good two minutes, I got it everywhere. Then I hear the rv pulling out, and my sister ran up to me and said we took too long and that they left us. Then me and my sister were sitting on the floor with blankets like we were getting ready for a sleepover and we were listening to the radio, it said there was mass ghost hauntings in Minnesota, we were relived briefly until they said it is now in california, I panicked because I knew they'd go after me..(luckily my alarm clock woke me up)
    13. The Diamond

      by , 04-22-2013 at 03:23 PM
      Finally -- Advanced Task of the Month!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #87: The Diamond

      I'm driving somewhere in California, preparing to merge onto the freeway. Some guy in a Hummer blocks me from merging in, though, even steering his behemoth vehicle toward me so that I have to run off the road. I wind up on some semi-abandoned, crumbling old road, following one other car. The road's filled with enormous potholes and huge slabs of the road jut up at crazy angles. The other driver and I steer carefully around these chunks as best we can and I'm very worried that I'll break an axle. I think that this is all cause by California's ever-present budget woes.

      The road ends at a marina but the other car has vanished. I get out of the car and sit by a wooden railing, pouting about my problems. As I look down at the water, I see a little girl crash a jet-ski into a dock, fly over the handlebars, perform three perfect back hand-springs, and walk off as if nothing has happened. I'm impressed by her athleticism and very relieved that she wasn't hurt.

      There are narrow wooden walkways leading in a couple of different directions, but none of them are wide enough to fit a car. I need to keep driving but I don't want to leave my car here. I think that if this was a dream, I'd just go jack one, Grand Theft Auto-style. This thought makes me critically question reality and
      I realize that I'm dreaming!

      I leap to my feet and take flight, soaring high enough to see the top of a nearby apartment building. There's a huge pool party on the roof of this building, lots of DCs milling around, and I decide to check it out. I discard the "Great Wall of China" Task of the Year for now and decide that I'll do the "make a diamond out of coal" Advanced Task of the Month.

      I look for the DC who seems most in charge and central to the storyline of this party scene. A girl that's seated in a beach chair nearby seems to be the focal point of the scene. She's mid-20s, black, very cute, and three or four of her girlfriends stand deferentially around her as they all talk. While it's not an exact match, I notice that she looks a bit like Stacey Dash.

      As I walk up to pseudo-Stacey, she and her friends turn to look at me. I say, "I'm going to give you a diamond." One of her buddies, a brunette holding a slender glass of what looks like champagne, laughs at this.

      "Are you serious?" asks "Stacey".

      "Totally serious," I say. "It's for a task. You just need to hand me that lump of coal that you're carrying around."

      "Sure, take it!" she says, handing me a peach-sized lump of coal. Whew, glad that worked, I think to myself. Stacey and her friends watch me, intrigued. I give the coal one quick squeeze, imagining that it immediately feels sharp and hard like a diamond. I open my hand and yes it's a diamond! There are some lumps of dusty black coal-crap on it, but I quickly brush them away, revealing a sparkling, golf ball-sized, round cut diamond.

      Her friends murmur appreciatively and I hand Stacey the diamond. "Aww, it's so nice!" she says, smiling appreciatively. She holds it up to the sunlight to admire it then stands up and approaches me. "Hey, will you help me out with a question that I had?" she asks.

      "Sure. What's up?" I'm very intrigued about what her question is.

      "What's the difference between..." she begins, pointing toward herself and circling her finger as if to indicate "me" or "all of me". Her voice trails off and I quickly wind up in the void. The excitement of TotM and the anticipation of the question get me too wound up, though, and
      I wake up before I can use the void to travel anywhere.

      I buckle down for DEILD but I feel like I'm not going to fall back asleep. I try to really let go, and after waiting for a bit, I slip back into a non-lucid dream: "Stacey" is in a dark, wood-panelled office, seated across from a severe-looking woman in her 50s. Stacey is visibly upset and says, "You have no right hire someone else to ghost write my story! How can you do this to me?"

      The lady, who I think is her publicist, is unsympathetic. "Not everything is about you."
      I wake up.
    14. Smokin' with da Snoop to da Dee o' double G

      by , 03-25-2013 at 08:10 AM
      I'm in a Danish supermarket with my mom. I'm just having a bag of chips and a fanta. When we get to the payment section we see there are no line but there are a fwe other people going there aswell. So we run for it and fights them for the first spot. We get somewhat in the middle of it. It's some fat, bald guy sitting at the counter. He thinks I'm too slow at finding my money so I pick a fight with him and all different kinds of swear words flies back and forth. (btw. I speak english in my dreams usually) In the end I throw one of my chips on the ground and tells him to go fetch and I walk out of there.
      When I get to the car I see a girl sitting on the backseat. It's one of the girls we competed for front spot with in the store.
      She's actually rather cute I think to myself. But I'm not exactly in a terrific mood so I just say hello and get in the car and starts drinking my fanta.

      Time Skip*

      The girl and I are now in a spanish styled white appartment but I believe it was in California even though I've never been there. We're talking and it's getting a bit hot. She walks out on the balcony and starts taking off her top with her back turned towards me and BAAM! I shoot her :S
      Apparently I was still mad after the supermarket incident...
      I'm like "Wtf I'm gone' do?!" So I light up a homemade ciggaret, you know, the ones that look like small joints. I start walking home, which in this dream was a spanish styled house on the top of a small mountain in the middle of the city. As I'm walking and I light up the second ciggaratte I remember that I quit smoking.
      I'm like "aww daaamn I ruined it" for atleast 3 full seconds then I'm like "whatever this is niiice" My dreamself is really week willed
      I suddenly realize that Snoop Dogg lives just beneath my mountain and he is pushing weed. So I go down there.
      He also lives in a spanish styled house and the entrance is a little hole in the bottom of his wall only large enough to barely squeeze through. So i knock on the wall and look through the hole and Snoop Dogg answers: "What's your name and color"
      So I tell him my name and color and he laughs at me and goes: "White boy? really?!" he then asks if I have smoked before and tells me to describe the smell and taste. I take a deep inhale and I say in a seductive voice: "mhmm... That smell... That taste... How could anyone forget?" Snoop Dogg accepts this and the next instant I'm sitting behind his house with him and some of his friends smoking weed. I tell them that my best friend and I had written a list of things we wanna do before we're thirty. On my friends list is "smoking weed with Snoop Dogg" and I tell them I can't wait to tell him about this. They laugh and we talk a little about my list and cool stuff to do in life.

      Time Skip*

      Next morning we all got some cards. Mine was for passwords for when I wanna buy again. I see one of the other guys has a card whit a mulitple choice question about me. It's about what crime my girlfriend and I was charged with but never convicted. The correct answer was assaulting a beggar or homeless person or something like that :S

      Then I wake up.

      - I quit ciggerattes in oktober last year, hopefully smoking in a dream doesn't count towards breaking that
      - I have tried weed only three times in my life. I'm not against it but I don't seek it out.
      - I have never assaulted or shot anybody and I don't think I ever will

      I have been and still am working on my social skills and confidence lately and it's carrying over in my dreams which is really cool I'm much more charming and easy going now than just a month ago, yay! This might be a reason why I have started befriending celebritys in my dreams. Last it was Brad Pitt and George Clooney ^^
    15. The Escalator in L.A.

      by , 03-06-2013 at 05:33 PM
      California is indeed strange.

      I was driving my son to see my dad in the San Francisco Bay Area, coming from Texas. The highway stretches out in front of me with little on either side, but ahead of me is Los Angeles. The sky is clear above me but ahead dark clouds loom over the city, appearing like angry storms. I attribute this to normal California fog.

      L.A. is just a stop in California before we turn north, a place to get some food and stretch our legs. We decide to go to a multi-level shopping mall with wide open spaces and skylights that keep the place well lit.

      I don't recall all of the details but I know a food-court was present and even some of my son's friends from scouts. I know I felt odd about that seeing as we were in California.

      [B]When we headed out we had to go down an escalator and running down it caused me to become lucid. I knew it felt oddly out-of-place and looking down I decided it would be better if the escalator was sloped instead of having steps I could trip on. The escalator took on the appearance of a moving sidewalk similar to ones in airports all over the world, except with a downwards slope. (I realize as I write this that I've been on a sloped moving sidewalk before at a grocery store in Oakland)

      Reaching the end of the sloped sidewalk I knew my movement would carry me too far over and I would fall, so I picked up my feet to hover my way to the doors of the mall. I've flown many times, or floated, but never before have I done it in a fully up-right standing position while moving horizontally. It was a neat feeling, as though solid ground was beneath my feet so I had purchase yet being propelled along with no effort and no ground-contact.[/B]

      After that I went to my dad's house, used the toilet and wrapped my nude body around the backside of the toilet while lying on the floor, staring up at one of my dad's friends. Honestly that part wasn't really interesting so we'll just leave it at that. ;)
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