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    1. The way i operate, The water fountain, and talking with my female subconscious self.

      by , 05-08-2012 at 10:18 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now, you know what to do.

      Notes: I drink 2 cups of Good Earth Tea For Sleep before bed last night. I listened to some very calm and slow and relaxing songs while preparing my subconscious to give me the kinds of dreams that i want. So here is what my subconscious gave me.

      Dream #1 New York City.

      Im with 3 guys, (one Black one Latino and the other Italian) We are somewhere what looks like New York city. Its day time and its raining, we are in a car talking about some ways of getting information from this guy making big money. We start going over plans of how to set him up and get all his money or something like that. Dream switches

      Dream #2 How I do Business.

      Im in a pool hall talking with a bunch of latino guys about arranging a deal with one of my men. One of the men agrees and we shake hands and play pool.


      Im in a hotel room with Natalia. She is wearing her typical mafioso suit, with her hair in a ponytail, and wearing her black high heels, smoking her cigarette. It is night time, and we are in a bedroom and shes in a chair telling me to try and figure out what the guy likes in women, and use that to our advantage. Im sitting on the side of the bed thinking this out.

      Mirror Subconscious Training.

      Im in a bathroom rubbing my hawk coin totem staring in the mirror thinking of a form i am goin to project as for the mission.

      Natalia the Bo$$.

      Im walking with Natalia down a sidewalk holding a briefcase. Its daytime and a little overcast and cloudy out. Im projected as what i believe to be a Italian woman. Im wearing dark shades, a gray and black striped suit, my hair is in a bun, and im wearing dark black high heels, I look like Carla Gugino. Me and Natalia enter this building, It looks like some corporate building. We start walking up these stairs and head down a long hallway looking for some guy.

      We enter a room to find this Italian guy sitting in his chair looking at something on his computer.

      (Italian guy talking)

      "Natalia, its been a long time sweetheart how ya been huh?"


      "Been doing good. This here is my partner, don't bother asking for her name, she has many."

      (Italian guy talking)

      "Oh, i see. Well have a seat ladies."

      (Italian guy talking)

      "So uh..what can i do for ya?"

      (Natalia talking)

      "Show em whats in the briefcase."

      I stand up and set the briefcase on the desk, to show him a briefcase full of money. Natalia ask him if he can gives us the goods, because we have a big operation on our hands.
      He leads us to another door, that leads down to a basement. We see a rack full of different guns. we take a few of them and start heading out. Dream switches

      Dream #3 The Way I Operate.

      Im in what looks like a club and im projected as myself sitting at the table with my henchmen. Im explaining to them about how we can build our empire with the right heads. And that we need to keep our noses and our asses clean. (Don't know what i meant by that lol)

      We are joking and just conversating, and the dream fades.

      5:30 - 5:50 am. I listened to a few of my slow songs, and did plenty of subconscious training.

      Dream #4 The water fountain, and talking with my female subconscious self.

      Im in Casino playing at the slot machines and decide to head outside to get some fresh air.

      I notice this one girl who was standing near a huge water fountain Throwing coins in the water.

      She looked mixed with black and latin or possibly black and indian or i could be possibly waaay off! Lol, But she looked beautiful. She was a light complexioned, and wearing a long white and pink dress with some black strappy sandals with pink toenail polish. I walked over to her rubbing my hawk coin.

      I stand beside her and i stare at the clear water with all silver coins in the fountain.

      (Young lady talking)

      "Mmm. I love the water, its so calm and relaxing just to stand near it."

      "Yes, it is."

      I look at her, watching her take her hand and glide it across the side of her face moving the hair out of her pretty face.

      "Are'nt you gonna throw your coin in there too? Lol, Or you just gonna stand there rubbing it?"

      "Hah, na. My mom gave me this coin years ago. I keep it more as a sacred item you know?"

      "Oooh. Well thats nice. So is your mom still around?"

      "Oh yea. She is alive and well and in good health."

      I ask her why is she out here alone. She mentions that she just came out of a bad relationship, and she just wants to clear her mind of any negativity. We talk for what seemed like hours about family, and friendships and all the good stuff.

      "Are you in a relationship?"

      Oh no. I been single for 3 years now."

      "Wow. 3 years? Your a handsome guy though, why are you still single?"

      "Im waiting for the right Woman this time. Don't want to make another mistake."

      She nods and tells me that sometimes our company is the best when we our left alone with only our thoughts. We stand near the calm water fountain just looking at eachother smiling. I ask her if she would like one of my totems.

      I dig in my pocket to find my 2nd coin and give it to her. She thanks me, and we start talking some more by the water. The dream fades and i wake up.

      Note: Im beginning to notice that, im becoming in tune with various parts of my subconscious mind. The first dream im clearly able to maintain control of my DCs and my environment. Even though not lucid. My dream had a little bit of everything in it, even though i was not lucid. I still think i am able to become lucid by listening to certain songs. I may have to experiment with various songs tonight to see what i can cue in or trigger lucidity at. Overall, im very happy with my recall, and the theme of my different dreams.

    2. A Being of Light, Me and Mila Kunis, Me and Natalia take a night out.

      by , 05-07-2012 at 10:37 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy my dreams.

      Wishes, do they ever come true?

      Dream #1 A being of Light.

      Im in some room looking up outside the window. It is a full moon, and i am talking out aloud about searching for my Twin flame my other half. I begin getting emotional, telling my other half to please appear to me and enter my life soon. I wipe the tears away from my eyes, and walk outside. I look up and notice that there are hearts in the clouds, with the moon turning into a glowing purple colour. I stare in to the moon, and feel myself being filled with some type of loving calmness energy. I begin floating in the air and letting whatever takes me take everything of me.

      I sense a being of light, it is a female. She is beyond beautiful, I will try my best to describe her. Her eyes were like a million diamonds illuminating in the moonlight, Her hair was long brunette, and blowing in the wind. Her face was like the most beautiful and most precious of any newborn. She a had glowing bright white and purple light illuminating from her naked body. I was at awe with her beauty. Why, she was simply beyond words. Im now in what looks like an Infinite temple place. There are books and rooms with gold lights everywhere. There are animal stautues of wolves, birds, and different Deitys. and it had a very heavenly feeling to it. Everything feels familiar to me, Almost like this is my home in a way. She shows me a glimpse of what love looks like.

      "You are a compassinate and loving person. Do not dwell on the past so much. But move on and become an inspiration, and let your light shine, to make a new path for others."

      She then walked up to me and gave me the most powerful hug i have ever felt! It was not a suffocating hug, but a hug that can heal the most violent and destructive beasts and human beings. I begin tearing up from my eyes and telling her that i love her. And hearing her say she loves me too.

      I am now awaken in my bed with the most vibrant love of energy i have ever felt from a dream.

      3:20 - 3:45 am. Did plenty of reality checks with my totem. And did a little bit of subconscious training.

      Notes: Wanted to also try something different over the next couple of nights. Im listening to certain songs like music with love, to see if i am able to get more intimate moments in dreams. I set my alarm to a specific time to go off while i am asleep. I also assigned a certain ringtone to it to see how it will affect the mood of the dream. I keep the volume at a medium volume, and set it across the room to see if i can cue in on it. If it will make me lucid, or pull me out of the dream.

      Dream #2 Me and Mila Kunis.

      Im in a supermarket and i notice Mila Kunis is working there at the register. I walk up to her and she says..

      "Hey babe! Im almost done ok?"

      "Mkay, take ya time."

      She is looking good. Her hair is down, and she is wearing a green supermarket t shirt, with some beige pants, and black flats on. Im standing by some magazines and start reading thru one of them. (I think it was about good health or something like that)

      (Mila Kunis) "K, im ready babe."

      She pinches me on my butt and starts tongue kissing me. I put my arms around her, and we stare into eachothers eyes.

      "You know what im in the mood for?"

      "What sex?"

      (She hits me on my chest lightly)

      "Hah, noo. Ice cream!"

      (Me) "Oh."

      "Maybe later tonight ok?"

      We are now walking and holding hands. it is day time out, and we go to the ice cream parlor to get some ice cream. I hear a very mellow song from a oldies classic that sounds like its coming from in the background. (must be my alarm goin off on my cellphone)

      Spoiler for Lovers Music:

      Mila Kunis starts taking her ice cream cone and licking it very slowly.

      "Girl you better quit licking that ice cream like that for you get yourself in trouble."

      "Hah, what are you gonna do hm?"

      "You'll see, keep on."

      She starts doin it again, and i shake my head. She starts laughing, and ask if i wanted to lick it. I laughed and said..

      "Lick what? Yo ice cream?

      Oh see, now you tryna tempt me."

      She laughs again and takes the ice cream and puts it right in my face licking her fingers.

      "Hah, nice look Q!"

      I wipe my face with a napkin and tell her shes gonna get it. Im chasing her thru a grassy field where we roll around kissing and playing with one another. She is laying on her back and im on top of her. We both are fully clothed just a little bit of kissing and staring into eachothers eyes. We get up holding hands and start walking some more.

      The area where we are walking, is now in some sort of garden almost. There are rose bushes and colorful birds flying around. I take a rose and give it to Mila Kunis. She smiles at me and kisses me. I reach in my pocket and pull out my maroon colour maroon moonstone totem and say to her..

      "I want you to keep this. This token, will be a reminder of my love for you, and it means that i will always return to you ok?"

      (She tears up a bit wiping her eyes)

      She nods,
      And we hug tightly and i can feel the dream closing in on me and i wake up.

      5:15 - 5:35 Am. Did plenty of subconscious training.

      Dream #3 Natalia and me take a night out.

      Me and Natalia are in a fancy hotel walking downstairs to a lobby it looks night time outside. Natalia is wearing a very lovely dress, it is Red, and she has her hair in a ponytail, and wearing black strappy high heels.


      "Just relax ok?" It will get taken care of.

      "No Q, im fucking tired of relaxing! Shit...it seems like when i do try and relax, something always happens!"

      We are now in a limosine on our way to meet with some people. Im wearing a black and white suit, with my hair in a long braided pontail, looking at my reflection in the mirror in the limo.

      (Natalia talking)

      "You look good ok."

      "I should've worn my other suit."

      We get out the limo and enter this very fancy looking restaurant. There is classical music playing and me and Natalia have a seat. Some italian men sit down at the table to have dinner with us. They are explaining to us about some men ruining their business or something like that. Me and Natalia take a good long hard look at the pictures.

      I only remember frags here. Something about me and Natalia being in a hotel setting up cameras, and hot wiring a car.

      Notes: Im not sure if in my 1st dream if that was my Twin flame or not. But the energy that she carried certainly felt strong. I am most happy with all the dreams that i got. I think i may try and stick with what im doin so far to see how this will affect my dreams over the next few nights.
    3. Large indoor mall, Spotting Kaomea, And Zoom zooming thru the city.

      by , 05-01-2012 at 10:13 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy as always.

      Dream #1 Large indoor mall.

      Im in some huge indoor mall. There is a water fountain i passed up, and i decide to stop nearby and have a seat at a empty bench. There are a ton of different nationalities of people just shopping and passing by looking at different stores. I hear very soft music (That they always seem to play in malls) and reach in my pocket to grab my totem. Im looking around at everything, the people the stores just being a casual observer.

      Dream #2 Was that Kaomea?

      Im now walking outside of the mall and it feels like 75 degrees out and very windy. It is a nice breeze, in fact everything looks so warm and tranquil. I wonder about the location im in..as it does not look like Detroit anymore. I don't really question anything too much..just sort of walking around rubbing my hawk coin totem. I then look over at a young lady who looked to be in her early 20's and looked Asian or possibly Hawaiian. She was sitting down on a bench on her laptop computer, and then i noticed a very familier face. "Kaomea"? I look over and see Kaomea leaned against a building looking down at her celphone txting someone. She was wearing some baby blue jeans and a white t shirt that had some sort of designs on it, and had her hair down and wearing some white sneakers. There were a few other ladies nearby. "KAOMEA!" She looks up looking around, i am now being grabbed by the arm by a woman who was white with long black hair in a ponytail, sunglasses, about 5'5, was wearing a suit and spoke with an accent. We are walking to a parking lot now as she tells me to get in the backseat.

      "We don't have time for that right now!"
      "Who the hell are you?"
      "Just in the car, i'll explain it while we drive."
      Im now in the backseat of the car looking at all the buildings, and staring out the window to see if i see Kaomea. I spot her talking to a group of friends (I believe they were friends of hers)

      Final dream: Zoom zooming thru the city.

      Im riding with the same woman. As she is weaving thru traffic in one of those sports cars. She is telling me that she is from Athens Greece, and that we have to take care of a few things first then i can meet my friends or whoever i want to meet. She is explaining to me about a device that needs to be recovered, because it is in the wrong hands at the moment. She also mentioned to me about being able to track down some men, and that my help would be very valuble. She gives me a celphone and tells me to call her when im ready for the job. I pull up to my 2nd home and walk up to the door and see the woman speeding off, And i wake up.

      Notes: I am still wondering if that was Kaomea i seened. As i am positive that it must've been her. I am growing more impatient with all of these distractions from all of these damn DCs! Looks like some intense subconscious training is in the works for me today.