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    1. 07.15.2016 Feeling like Celebs

      by , 07-19-2016 at 04:52 PM
      Bed at 1am. Lots of running around with my bff all day today. Very productive Saturday- we worked out a lot. I attended my niece's quinceañera, which had a lot of family drama. My bff has been in a lot of my dreams lately, because we've been spending a lot of waking time together.

      DR 1
      I am having a conversation with my mom in a new house. We have just moved in. My sister is on the floor getting comfortable, laying down and trying to take a nap. Her kids are running around, exploring, in the background. I tell my mom that I am pursuing a career in art. (?) She's kind of confused, and says I'm a B student in art. I tell her that there have always been people better than me in everything I did, but that none of that should stop me from doing what I want to do. She seems surprised that I have already discussed this with myself, and she agrees.
      I begin to explain a project to my mom. One of my projects involves using myself as an installation, hanging from a tree. (?) I'm camouflaged like the tree, but I have large leaves painted on me that will glow in the dark at night and will match other leaves. Of course, in third person, I can see myself on the tree. As I am hanging I am telling my sister about it too, and I reveal to her that I have a crush on some celebrity and I'm secretly wishing he'll see it. (?)

      DR 2
      I am on a plane, sitting in first class. Everything is white- the seats the floor, the walls of the plane. Everything feels calm and relaxed. My best friend is doing big things and they are treating us like celebrities. I am writing a book. All of a sudden, my best friend touches my stomach as I'm stretched out in first
      class. She tells me that its hard and that she needs to work out. I laugh and say something to the effect that I still need work. As I'm telling her about the book I am writing, a guy keeps darting back and forth behind her.

      She is standing in front of the seats in the aisle ( I am stretched out on what seems like 2 reclining chairs) and she is wearing a black mink coat. She has full makeup on and earrings. Apparently, the guy darting back and forth behind her is a Fed Ex guy, which has to be around her all the time because she keeps having stuff delivered, and keeps having to sign for it. (?, lol) Someone asks her about so much spending - her husband has sent a message about and he's worried. She laughs it off and waves her hand, she's not worried at all. We continue talking.

      No clue about the art dream. Again obvious dream symbols, but presented in a completely different manner than usual.
      No clue who my celebrity crush was!!!!!
    2. Ocean of Calm

      by , 12-23-2015 at 01:15 PM
      I had a couple of dreams I remember from last night.
      1st I was doing some crazy digging with some people, it was more like sculpting, of pavement and rocks under the ground. Then it all started to collapse so I pulled people out, eventually we got out.

      2nd I was on a boat, things were happening then we were going to run aground into a bay with fishing nets and people in the water and on a sandy beach.
      Nobody was going to do anything so in the end I got annoyed and I grabbed the controls, they seemed pretty easy to operate. Just some switches to flick to get things moving, accelerate etc and it responded instantly to my touch.
      Then I looked around me, I could stop of at the beach and swim/have breakfast or I could head round the coast, or as I looked at to sea, I thought I could go anywhere. A wonderful feeling of calm came over me.
      I realised i've had this background mood of panic all the time, but it subsided for a moment, to reveal an ocean of calm.

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    3. Competiton Night 7 a windy dream

      by , 08-24-2015 at 12:16 PM
      I did a WBTB and tried to WILD but i had some problems falling asleep and i have a long week in front of me so i aborted and shot for a DILD (awarness should be high enough after such an attempt)

      Dream starts with me trying to fall asleep. i stand up and sit at the computer and play a 2D game similar to Gurk or Pixeldungeon [interesting, didnt play any game like for 3 month or so]. i thought as long as i dont get to exited i might fall asleep again. i lay down in my bet again but my roomates alarm clock started ringing so i stood up again and went to the living room. there were my roomate with his girlfriend. i set to them on the couch still trying somehow falling asleep. after we talked something or they tease me with something i decided to try again go to bed. i went to my room [looked completely different then my room] and noticed a bong standing next to my bed. i wondered why it is there and thought maby my roomate whom AC was ringing decided to sleep in my bed?! i took it and wanted to bring it away [i hate the smell] and for some reason did a nosepinch. i somewhat couldnt belief it and looked on my hand too and counted finger because i just didnt suspect it. i am lucid and my first task is to phase thru a solid object because its the only thing missing on my 3 task and i want to pick some new next week. my door is closed and i try to move thru it. it dont work. i try again with some speed nothing [how realistic hard a door can feel in your dream...]. it seems that i am not completly grounded yet and decide to fly around in my room. but that dont want to work either. so i leave the room (old fashioned way, how laborious ) and move in the living room again. my vision is pretty dark and i decide to search my glasses which are night vision glasses i look in my pocket but cant find them so i summon them behind me on the ground. i go there but they are not there. but i look more precisely and find them 2 feet away. i put them on and it feels strange like somone stepped on them. its crooked and uncomfy but i ignore the fact and indeed everything gets more brighter. i am positivly suprised because i didnt think it would work. on the couch my roomate and his girlfriend are sleeping. i move in the room next to the living room and there is a friend of mine L. i remember that there are points for asking a DC for advice and so i do: "Do you have an advice for me?" L:"Yes" Me: "and what is it" a little pause like i perplex him "When you clean the apartement with your roomates one of you should stay away afterwards so its longer clean" or something.... i didnt even let him finish this bright and awsome advice and phase through some plants and the window to the outside. i land there and think about what to do next. a car is driving in my direction and in the last moment i jump over it. i move to a busstop and on my way there is a woman with a dog. while i pass the dog i pet the dog shortly. i think about to summon a nice girl (faye reagan inspired by a DJ entry of a competitor ) put i first switch the streetsite. it looks like autumn. there are a lot of brown leaves on the street its wet and windy. i let one of those leaves fly with telekinese. i want to switch streetside again but its windy like fuck. i start screaming "wind stop STOP" because i´ve read that you sometimes need just to shout commands but i think i get to ruffled up because everything got black. i tried to DEILD but suddenly my body got hot and i started to sweat so i descided to write the dream on paper.

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    4. One More for Old Time's Sake

      by , 09-15-2014 at 01:45 PM
      I fell back to sleep at around 3 AM in the morning.

      I'm back at the preschool classroom I used to volunteer in a couple months ago. The lights in the classroom were off, so I assumed it was nap time. The classroom didn't look like the real one, though it did feel a lot like it. I was sitting on the far right side of the classroom watching the children napping while I was talking to one of the teachers - Mrs. B.

      Mrs. B and me didn't talk so much in waking life but we did a lot of it in this dream. I didn't know what my intentions for being here were, but it made more sense when I asked her a question. I asked her if she knew the person who signed the certificate I got in the mail(in waking life) and who got the gift card for me. She didn't know who. Despite not knowing who the generous person was, I thanked Mrs. B for also having her name signed on my volunteering award. I was telling her how great it felt to receive this gift. I felt honored that they would do something like this for me.

      I sat still on the chair I was sitting on and I noticed a child in front of me trying to catch my attention. It was M. He probably just wanted me to talk to him seeing how he wasn't feeling sleepy at the time. I stopped and tried to get him to stop talking(talking wasn't allowed at the time). Because I was a very timid person in waking life, even in my dreams I had the fear to go beyond just telling him to stop talking. I hoped for the best and maybe he'd stop after I ignored answering him. That is when another child to my right, gets up from their bed and walks up to me and laughs, almost as if I was being taken advantage of seeing how I'm very shy. She then walked back to her bed and the dream was over from there.
    5. Plane Ride to Alaskan Bar

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:37 AM

      I am on a plane, looking down on the passing ground far below. The ground looks muddy, brown and boulder strewn. Either the sides and floor of the plane are transparent or I am able to see through the opaqueness. I am seated on the floor of the plane, not a seat. I have the feeling that my mom is on the plane with me, possibly in a seat behind me, however I am not sure as my recollection is spotty.

      As the plane begins to descend, a large hill, of the same consistency as the surrounding ground, suddenly appears. The plane skims over it and may have ever so slightly hit it (spotty recollection). Many of the passengers on the plane freak out as this happens. I myself am calm and serene while this happens. I know, somehow, that we wouldn't crash and that the danger was not real or immanent (slight lucidity?).

      The plane lands in what I vaguely think is a layover in Alaska. The passengers head to this bar-club-restaurant(?) owned by the pilot. There is an outside bar with an overhang connected to the main building surrounded by vague Alaskan forest (no snow as far as I can remember). The outside bar is moderately crowded, the inside looking more so.

      I am at the outside bar looking at their beer menu. The menu is a single page, white paper and laminated/plastic-covered. I think that it is a pretty decent selection with Abita, Palm and a few others that I don't recall, however nothing really interests me. An older women walks out of the inside portion of the building and strolls to the outside bar, directly next to me. She is holding a drink, possible two in her hand(s). She asks if I am getting the vodka, presumably what she is drinking, and tells me it is great. I then ask, either the bartender or women (poor recollection) if they had a *Moscow Mule. I remember nothing else.

      *I found out about the drink and tried making it at home a few days ago (real life).
    6. 2/1/2014

      by , 02-20-2014 at 08:16 PM

      I was swimming underwater thinking I was playing Super Mario. I was wearing the red plumber suit and hat. I remember an underwater temple and its ruins, along with mossy floating rocks in the area with objects on them. There was a big water snake that left its cave, took my hat, and retreated back inside the cave. I had to punch the snake to get my hat back. The last thing I remember was swimming to the surface where the sun was shining bright. A man was looking down on me, waiting.
    7. My First Semi-Lucid Dream

      by , 12-05-2013 at 06:46 PM (My Dream Journey)
      Sorry I haven't posted in a while. There are a couple of reasons:
      1: I was at my grandma's for Thanksgiving.
      2: I wasn't able to record any other dreams.

      This one I certainly remember. It was my first semi-lucid dream. I was flying. I knew I was and I wasn't frightened. I was fly over the ocean and it was night time. The moon was a beautiful shade of purple and it was bright and huge, all of the stars were out and winking at me. I looked at this and then looked at my hands. They were pitch black. Like When you shut off the lights and close the door black. I realized I must have been dreaming. I didn't enhance my level of lucidity because I was afraid I would lose it. So I proceeded to have the greatest dream of all time. I flew for what seemed like eternity. I wish I could have. This journal is open to analysis and interpretation.
    8. In the End

      by , 08-20-2013 at 07:18 PM
      Probably one of my newest favorite dreams!

      I had actually just gotten out of a dream where I was in a car along with a few other people I met back on a trip to Alaska. Now, I'm going to say who but I had some feelings for one of these people. She was a girl and although I never made much contact with her on my trip, I usually never do when I find someone attractive. Anyways, later on, I find out that I'm using Blender on a laptop while in the car. Strangely, I knew exactly what I was doing inside the software...But while doing this, I'm paying a lot of attention to that one girl sitting next to my sister besides me.

      Later on I find out that all of us were on a trip. We took a stop at a Motel 6 and walked in to the building complex where we had to sign in. As we were about to sign in, I see these two very young boys touching things they weren't supposed to(phone cables, folders, papers behind the staff table). Everyone in the room giggled as one of the staff members struggled to help control the children.

      At this point, I have already entered sleep paralysis. I know this because I could feel my body stuck to my bed when I had my eyes closed. I was unable to move but I tried my best to get out of it by moving my muscles from my hands, towards my arms, and later on my torso.

      It was very hard. I also remember a sense of dizziness, or sensation, when I tried to move myself too quickly. I eventually gave up and thought to try something else out. I knew you can try and achieve a lucid dream during this, so I thought I'd give it a try. I closed my eyes(while a demon is yelling over my ear) and remained as calm as I could. This is when I first started seeing images in my head. I saw numbers. They were flicking back and forth. I stared at them and thought of a dream I wanted to be in. It didn't make any sense at first, but I knew I had to give it a try. There was only one beautiful scene I wanted to be in, my old elementary school.

      I imagined the playground of the school and thought about past dreams in which I had a great time here. But while picturing it all, it was almost as if I was telling a story that had already happened. Because of that, the scene didn't look so much like the school, it looked more like a desert inside of the school. I could feel that I was at the school because of sun's brightness and how happy everything felt.
    9. Good Old Friends

      by , 03-21-2013 at 02:50 AM
      I think I've seen this place before. There's a lot of posters and accessories in this room that looked to have belonged to a girl. There's nothing interesting in the room. The only interesting thing I saw was someone I had seen before on one of the television shows I watched. She keeps changing from body to body.

      I cannot recall much from the whole dream. After leaving the room I was first in, I was outside walking in the rain while following a group of kids through abandoned buildings somewhere around the village. Most of these buildings were burnt out, so there wasn't really too much to explain right now.

      This next part I met a friend standing on a parking lot next to a few homes. There is a group of other people standing next to her. I walk up to Trinh and ask her a question. She didn't give me a good answer. I got a bad vibe from her, but I'm still not sure if she hated me at that moment. Me and everyone else who were following me now went separate ways. I walked in to one of the buildings next to the parking lot and rain was then stopped.

      In the next home I entered I only saw one of my Aunts and she was waiting for someone in the house to walk outside and go some place with her. I was standing on the stairs, listening. It was a pretty calm night.
    10. Not Afraid

      by , 01-05-2013 at 02:46 AM
      It started in a time of quake and fear. Everyone was inside homes protecting themselves from the creatures that lurked outside. These creatures would kill anyone they have their eyes on. The weather was rainy outside but not so much of it. I stood in a room with the rest a lot other people waiting for an absolution.

      I took no refuge here, instead I went out and searched areas out of curiosity. Then something happened. There was a dog to my left coming towards me. It was a big one, almost as big as a tiger, but I stood my ground and prepared to dodge and attack. The dog ran past me and attacked someone else standing behind me instead. A perfect time for me to escape back in to the building of refuge!

      When I made it back in to the room, I appeared in a short, narrow room. Me, my sister, and both my parents were there. I had not realized I was dreaming until I raised out my right hand and summoned a lady. This lady was not just a lady, no. She was a ghost. And every time I tried to summon this same lady, one of my parents disappeared. This ghost scared me. The only one with me was my older sister. She's always there in my ghost dreams. I took it to be a great idea to stick a syringe in me and go to sleep from it. I did and woke up a little too sleepy.

      When I woke up from the dream, or a little later(I don't remember), I was paralyzed. I could not move a single muscle. This always happens when I decide to really relax before going to sleep. I could not get up. I felt this sensation growing inside of me, it was building up. I don't know what it was but once I felt too much, I heard a loud scream on my left ear, a demon maybe. I'm not sure what it was but this was all I could get out from it.
    11. Short lucid (my 8th. one)

      by , 04-20-2012 at 04:20 PM
      Yay ! Lucid!
      I was running away from something, or for something, I don't remember which. I was in a parking lot I can not remember from real life, but suddenly I stopped and realized;
      Hey. I thought it felt a bit like.. air. Why am I doing this? This is ..a. dream. I shouldn't have to run.
      I got the satisfactory feeling of realizing this just like that, but started feeling my body in bed. I resisted, trying float back into the dream, and luckily managed.
      I then set running after what had been chasing me, and I generally remember having fun before I lost my lucidity again. No big deal, I'll make it stay longer next time

      Um okay, I'll just note here that I had been focusing on living in the present, and I had been drawing a lot, the day before. Drawing sometimes work a little bit like meditation. So I think that daily focus is key. Notice your surroundings.

      "You can't live on a breath in the future, nor from the past. You have to breathe now." I just love that quote. A man on TV said it yesterday. (Yesterday was a really great day, and this is starting to look like a blog post. I better shut my trap. Have fun )
    12. Searching for Seashells 8-12-2011

      by , 08-25-2011 at 01:23 AM
      My boyfriend Sean and I were on the shore of some beach, searching for seashells. We had already collected many, but were sent back to look for more because the previous ones were either not enough or not the right ones. My most prominent memory of this dream is a close-up of Sean, bent down serenely on the shore to pick up a shell as the waves lapped onto his legs. He was still wearing his sneakers and his pant-legs weren't even rolled up. But he looked so calm, like an angel, as his dark skin gleamed in the low sunlight. My dream self was somewhere behind him, minding her own business and searching for shells...

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    13. The Lost City of HOLY MOTHER OF GOD

      by , 04-28-2011 at 02:58 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-24-10
      Length: 15 minutes
      Vividity: 8/10

      Today, I had my first lucid dream.

      I had just been in another dream and was in a dark, mysterious room thinking about it.
      I was slowly walking towards a huge glass window, which took up the entire wall opposite to me.

      Suddenly I began thinking, "Hey wait.. What if this is a dream.
      I should reality check". So I plugged my nose and and did an RC.
      I could breathe!.. However, my dream consciousness believed this was normal..
      So I was not yet lucid.

      All of a sudden, I realized something was strange.
      I looked out the huge glass window and EVERYTHING was underwater!
      All these amazing colors, lights and calming ripples!
      Across from me was a hotel building, built on the sand of the ocean floor.

      This is when I realized I was dreaming.

      As soon I became lucid, a faint, peaceful song was playing in the background.
      After a few days of searching, I found it is almost identical to the first few seconds of the song "Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive".

      I was way too excited, and things began to become hazy.
      Things were swirling very fast, and I was losing the dream.
      I tried rubbing my hands together to attempt to stabilize the dream, but when I opened my eyes, I was looking at the ceiling of my room..


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