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    1. Possible foreshadowing?

      by , 12-28-2018 at 07:39 AM
      I once had a dream of my friend crying. And not the small, soft crying— he was heaving and sobbing and bawling his eyes out. In my dream, I walked towards him and placed my hand on his shoulder, and asked, "What happened? Why are you crying?"

      He looked up at me looking devastated and replied, "Jane (another friend of mine, not her real name) has cancer."

      And then I woke up.

      I didn't think much of it then. I've had loads of weird-ass dreams. It was months later when I brought it up to Jane, laughing, thinking it was one big joke that I managed to dream up something like that.

      To my surprise, she didn't think it was funny. She then told me that a few years ago, another friend of ours (let's call him John) told her he dreamed that she had breast cancer.

      We were both shocked and scared, if you can imagine.
    2. Point Leo's Oversized Creatures, I Could Have Been Your Brother In Law (15.7.15)

      by , 07-14-2015 at 11:42 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Point Leo's Oversized Creatures
      I'm at a beach surfing and I think it's similar to point Leo. There's quite a few people at the spot. I don't feel very comfortable surfing. I see one guy catch a smallish wave in an odd way. He's board is flipped side ways and he's locked his legs on both sides of his board. It was a blue board and pretty big.
      As I get out I can see that the waves have gotten bigger and more disfigured. The water looks pretty clear to the point where I can see a huge dolphin coming towards the surface. I think Toledo was surfing and someone fully dropped in on him. In a way it was lucky because there was a huge shark that popped it's head out. The shark and dolphin were unrealistic in size. They were the size of a few whales combined.

      Someone tells me that the Sharks come around this time for a feed.

      Later on I come back down to the water and notice another area for surfing. It's extremely flat with people out there. It's in a area that has a man made entry point made of concrete. It's not the biggest gap either. I see the tide moving back in because there's a lot of white wash coming through with surfers on it. On either side of the water was food restaurants, it looks pretty crazy.
      As the water gets closer, I start to think I should move due to getting washed away. I think I had something in my hands also.

      Could Have Been Your Brother In Law
      I'm in Daryl's old house, sitting in the lounge. A younger guy that I'm friends with in the dream is on the computer. I see some photos that he's flicking through. One of the photos was of his sister Natasha. I tell him that I could have been his brother in law. I had to corrected myself, because I was going to say brother. He doesn't know what I'm talking about. I tell him I used to date his sister. He calls her up and tells his sister something about me. By the sounds of things, she seems a bit keen and is willing to give me a chance. She tells him that I could get a job at a certain place. He hands me phone but I feel put on the spot and don't know what to say. I'm silent and hand the phone back, whispering quietly, hoping Natasha would think maybe I wasn't around. The guy finds this humorous.

      I'm now in a place that is like a nursing home. At some point something happens where I tell my wife I'm not getting my health checked today. I think we're an old couple. I have a bit of poo on a spoon. I think it was going to be tested to see if I still have cancer. I flush it down the toilet. I don't have cancer anymore.

      I'm myself again and I'm with someone. The guy I'm with walks up to a closed door that had Jon Jones inside. The guy jokes and says it's Chael Sonnen to Jon Jones. Jon doesn't answer the door, but I think I could hear movement inside. Not too long I do the same thing. I accidentally say it's Chael Sonnon, instead of my own name. I hear movement again and quickly get away before he answers it. I wouldn't have felt too good explaining why I said it was Chael at the door.

      I'm in my street and I walk up to a car with people I know. The car is like olden style. Maybe 80's. The driver was the Asian from Harold and Kumor the movie, and one of the passengers was Gunnar Nelson.
    3. Escaping Cancer Complex

      by , 10-10-2014 at 09:31 AM
      1st. I was at a complex with a bunch of friends. We all stayed here because we were all diagnosed with cancer, the results would come back like the pathway results came back from school, each had the type of cancer with the recommended treatment, I remember Courtney Frame and Sophie Baker being there. This kind lead to another dream although I can’t remember the exact details, on thing I do remember though is stealing from shops..

      2nd. This dream involved someone out in the parking lot being chased by a police car and although the people in there had never talked to me, they were somehow connected to me in the dream and I feel like they also had something to do with the first dream. I was in the parking lot and the man drove up to me, he reminded me of Sarah Faucett’s dad but driving a different car that was smaller, shitty and a weird colour like the colour of my eyes in that grass profile pic. There were children in the back and as I said I somehow felt that I had met this man before in the dream somewhere, so I hopped in, there were no creepy vibes about getting in the car (although there should have been) just a sense of urgency.
      He began to talk about our escape saying that I would drive the car when he got out. I stated that I had never driven a car before, he replied by saying that it didn’t matter and that we had a big head start on them (Police) anyway. We drove past a town and the man was extremely surprised because he said he had not seen people so close to where we had been. At this town was a gigantic hall, so we got out.
      The hall was a community hall because there were posters outside stating that if you needed any help to just go to the community hall and there were a couple of people in there, one was a girl with black hair. The man went somewhere after this and I was outside the hall by myself. There were a couple of people here and they looked very sick. I remember trying to get their attention and that the windows were like they were next to a hot shower so they were steaming. People had written messages in them although I wiped them off to get my point across (Not sure what that was). The man met back up with me and told me that he was going inside for some reason, I followed. The interior of the hall looked exactly like a barn, exactly. The man and the girl began to talk and this is where the dream get’s extremely weird and out of place. He was put up for execution and executed soon after, although later he was somehow revived .
      (I’m really not sure about this part, the more I think about it the more I can’t remember) This part somehow resembled a Facebook post I had read earlier about someone who had cancer and moved to Oregon to chose the way she wanted to die, so I did exactly that. There were two men standing by me, one of them was was the man that had rescued me. The man that rescued me had a rifle and the other man had a bat, although I chose to be executed by being shot. I was surrounded by family I believe and then I was shot.
      There was a next part to the dream although there is no way I could remember it? I’m pretty sure my family was there though.

      Updated 10-22-2014 at 12:39 AM by 71540

    4. Lost, 2 Short LD's, Backyard 4WD, Grand Theft Auto (8.8.14)

      by , 08-08-2014 at 03:19 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm outside standing in an open area. I can see the trees, and if looks like botanical gardens. I get a message from Germain telling me they're lost. I get another message shortly after from my brother with a similar message.

      I think I get in contact with my brother on the phone and he tells me to look for a green sign (highway direction sign). I look around and eventually see it in the distance. I think Kayley was with me at the time and she has gone towards where the green sign is. She finds a car with Germain and my brother. I think there was a couple others with them.

      Dream 2 - DILD

      I'm standing in a bathroom with my top off. I'm looking at my body and flexing and posing. I look more muscular and ripped then I look IRL. The bathroom doesn't look familiar but has a nice fresh look to it. I see a few odd things happen which makes me wonder if I'm dreaming, so I so a reality chick. I see that I am missing a finger but I'm not fully convinced and check check again. This time I have half a finger.. K I'm convinced now and realize I'm dreaming. I leave the bathroom and see that I'm at Germain's house. I don't stabilize the dream but try something that I haven't tried before but thought it would be interesting to see if it works. To find that pill which prolongs a dream. I reach into my back pocket and don't feel anything, but instead of give up I turn it into a false memory and think to myself "it's not in my back pocket, it's in the kitchen drawer. I walk into the kitchen and open the drawer and can't seem to find it. I awaken shortly after.

      Dream 3 - DILD

      I'm near a bush/tree and it has a massive sack of liquid around it it. Like a massive ball of puss. It ends up being cancer. Not sure if it's the trees cancer or someone's cancer. I walk around the tree and have a closer inspection.

      A story starts to get told to me and I see scenes etc. it's about a aboriginal man that had everything going for him. He had a career in the NFL and was a nice healthy muscly man. The man comes into my view in front of me and see that he is not the man he used to be. He has his shirt off and looks pretty thin and notice his skin is sagging. I ask him what happened and he tells me he got sick (I assume his cancer was what was on the tree). I see flash backs of his life and see him at a party. One of the scenes is a photo of him in his day and he looked totally different. He was a lot faller in the face and didn't look like he has aboriginal in him. The scene is now showing me more of the party and I see Bruce Buffer (UFC ring announcer) in his younger days. He's connected to a human train.

      I'm now in my house and I let my dog outside without supervision. I freak out and quickly go and check on him as i don't usually let him out by himself. I see him up the street. I walk towards him but see a lot of cars and I start to panic as my dog has no road sense what so ever.

      Im inside my house and I see that Dad gets off the computer and heads over towards the front door. I see that someone is still in the computer room and think that's odd that it's only myself and dad that is here. I do a RC and notice finger is half missing. I'm only lucid for a few moments before awakening.

      Dream 4

      I'm outside in someone's backyard. It looks familiar. I'm watching a 4WD driven by I think Luke Stool. He's spinning the wheels and doing 360's on the grass. I decide to jump on the side of the 4WD. He starts spinning the wheels again and I think a child is now driving the 4WD. I start to worry about he dangers of me being on the side of the 4WD while they're driving like this and eventually get off it. I see them drive off into an extended area out the backyard. It's as if they have their own track. I think about Ash Comp in the garage waiting for them to get back.

      I walk inside and Kayley tells me that Daniel was in the 4WD, drunk and as a passenger. His friend Barlett was driving. I walk into the lounge room and see that Daniel is sitting down and Barlett is laying on a beanbag. It looks like they're playing Xbox. I shake both their hands and start a convocation with them. Dani offers me a beer but I decline. He gets me one anyways and I take it. I look at can of Victorian Bitter and notice that it looks weird. It's wider than a normal can and looks to have curve going downwards between 2 cans. The hole which you drink out of looks flush with the can. A nice smooth finish. On the right hand side of the can looks like someone has punctured a hole in it. I become suspect that he may have put something in it without telling me.

      Daniel asks if me if I would like to play cricket in the lounge room. I grab the bat off him and line up at the end of lounge room. The item that's placed on the ground in front of me that was marking the crease falls over as he bowls the ball towards me. He bowls out but I tell him I was distracted by the falling crease and was about to fix

      It as he bowled. As I'm fixing the crease I see a lot of random shit on the ground that could be used for a crease but i pick something simple like a straight piece of plastic, the size of a ruler. I hear voices in the background, and soon realize it's guests. I recognize them, it's Jane and Sonja. Jane looks pretty good looking and has toned her body up nicely. Sonja invites me to come for a smoking session with them. I explain that I don't handle most weed too well, it tends to make me anti social and dumb. They tell me about one of their friends who is quite similar when it comes to smoking.

      Dream 5

      I'm walking with Daz up Germain's court and we see a white car. I think about stealing it but soon realize there's a man in the front seat. Daz doesn't care too much and decides to attempt to steal it anyways. I jump in the passenger side and rip the man out of the car and throw him in a pool which is 5 meters away. A man walking in the distance saw what happened and calls the police. I jump in the drivers seat and try to drive away. The man that called the cops is running over to the car to stop me. I try to drive faster but the car hasn't got much acceleration. I get away and head for the main road. I see a group of people half way down the court. One of them tries to stop the car but I avoid him. It looks to be raining and turns dark as I reach the main intersection. I feel as if I'm still getting chased and am in a hurry for traffic to allow me to cross the road. I see my chance and go for it. As I'm driving I notice that Daz isn't in the car with me but is on a motorbike. I ask him if he wants to come inside the car did to it raining. He likes the idea and tries to come to a stop and ends up going straight over the handlebars into a pond. I don't think Daz was wearing any protective clothes that would keep him warm either.

      Side Notes:
      Alarm hasn't been waking me up. Seem to be having natural awakening. Kept forgetting to continue sleep breathing upon awakening to try and bring on a dream. Tried it once but I think I was too awake. Time to follow a routine and stick to it without changing things up.
    5. 6/26/14 - throat cancer

      by , 06-27-2014 at 06:28 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment:I'm standing in front of the tv in the living room just staring at the wall behind it, then my mom walks in and starts talking about how she's been talking to my dad, and me and my sister become angry, but then she says he has throat cancer then I become somewhat concerned, but only somewhat. I think to myself it's probably from all those cigarettes he smokes. I tell her to tell him to poor his urine down his throat and then to stop contact because it might be one of his tricks again.
    6. A Baby and Gladys Knight

      by , 10-03-2013 at 01:22 AM
      Date: October 2, 2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB (Attempted WILD, but fell asleep, too exhausted. STILL working on my research paper from hell!)
      Total sleep: Just 5 hours



      Found myself in surgery with a Doctor and we were about to perform surgery on a low birth weight and premature baby (I believe this came from reading the TOTM of performing surgery on yourself). I was really nervous because it had been awhile since I had to work in the surgery department (in RL, I used to work with premature babies and I would have to assist with surgery), but the doctor was very pleased with me. After the surgery, the doctor came back to the unit and asked how the baby was doing. I told the doctor that the baby was off of oxygen and remarkably is not low birth weight and premature anymore and had gained all of the required weight to go home. (Yes...all in one day! Hooray for the baby! ).


      I dream that I was watching the news and a report came on stating Gladys Knight (the singer from Gladys Knight and the Pips) had just died. The news report also stated that she was 62 years old and died of Cancer (I am not sure, but I think it was throat Cancer). I really don't want this to be true....
    7. 30 Aug: Helping a friend

      by , 08-30-2013 at 12:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I meet a girl who is struggling with cancer. She is a concerned that she is getting too thin no matter what she eats. I try to help her recover her self-esteem. Somehow I feel she is redirecting her anger and frustration with being sick, to how she looks. I tell her it's normal to loose weight due to the treatments and the consequent lack of appetite. I tell her about my friend who died of cancer and the things she went through. Not so cheerful, I know, but then I offer to help her with her diet to see if she can get back to the weight where she feels comfortable. She actually gets a bit too fat, but still her frustration continues. One day, I'm taking her to my beach house to relax, but people are being evacuated from the beach because the ocean is a bit rough and also there is a giant shark close to the shore. She decides is the perfect opportunitty to put an end to her life by jumping from my balcony to the ocean. The waves reach the balcony and we risk being dragged by the next wave coming, the shark is just below, but I decide going after her and bringing her in. She calms down and apparently all goes well from then on.
      This beach house is amazing, like a glass cube, but not so much privacy unless I keep the curtains close. But on the next day after the storm, I enjoy the radiant sun with all my curtains open and forget about it. Decide to do some workout fully naked. Bad mistake. After a while I realize there's some 2 or 3 guys watching me from a nearby location and having the time of their lives. I feel so embarassed, I grab the first piece of clothing I see around and run away. It is my pijama and when I notice, I'm on the elevator to the outside. Not a well thought decision. I find myself in the middle of a crowd in my pijama.

      Then I wake up, but I feel I am lingering between sleep and awakefulness and attempt to WILD. I have the strangest experience, because I start seeing people, I realize, I'm back in the dream, but I am also moving my body on the bed but unlike other times in which this is enough to stop the dreaming, this time I could continue consciously dreaming with my eyes closed, while I was fully awake and moving my body. This has started to happen since I was able to have what it feels like REM during sitting meditation. Somehow it's like I turned on the ability to REM and dream while awake. Or maybe it's called hallucination
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Landlord frustration - walking a mountain scene - meeting in the bathroom

      by , 12-08-2012 at 04:16 PM
      I have a lot to do for the day and I'm just about to get out of the house when I get a call from my landlord. She is complaining about all of these things that I've done wrong and I don't understand her on the phone so I ask to meet her. She comes down with the neighbor and they are friendly but they start listing their complaints. One is that the house is not clean. The other I don't remember. Between their complaints they start talking about how they were doing drugs the night before. I say, "I'm sorry, but I have a busy day and I'd like to get this all done as soon as possible." They say okay and then tell me about the bed that I gave to them. It is damaged and they think it is my fault. I don't understand them at first. The wall in my room is falling down and it is because of the bed falling through. Many people are in my room and we are all arguing. The landlord's foul son is there, the man landlord is there, and Jul and Ore are there. I notice it's raining and rain is coming through the window. I close it but make a mistake in doing so. Immediately everyone gives me suggestions and then applaud me when I get it right. I get nasty and say sarcastically "Thanks everyone." Ore has a window open and a fan in the window blowing rain onto my bed. I say WTF?

      I'm walking in a familiar scene. I've been there before in dreams. There is a river and mountains in the distance. I was bored with the landscape but then I thought that later I'll be climbing the mountains. I wanted to call my old friends Kyl. I couldn't find his phone number on my phone. I looked for him on facebook but he was not to be found. This dream sequence made me think of other dream sequences within my dream that had to do with Kyl.

      I meet Kur my zen teacher in the bathroom of my work. I tell him something about my zen practice and he is happy and encouraging. It has to do with me and my fear of death. In my dream there is a sense that I will die soon. I think I have cancer. There are many people peeing in the bathroom. There are three urinals where usually there are two. There are some grapefruits on the ground right by the urinal and I'm concerned about my pee splashing out of the urinal and onto the grapefruits. I pee there anyway.
    9. Sad dream

      by , 10-21-2012 at 10:55 PM
      i dreamt that i had woken up and was performing my usual morning routine of stopping at the gas station on the way to work for an energy drink. There was a tall and skinny- very pale- guy in the parking lot leaning against one of those ridiculous tricked four-banger economy cars. Sarcastically, i said "nice car." He thought i was being sincere, and thanked me. I turned to walk into the store, laughing at him to myself.

      next thing i remember, a woman came up to me in Rite-Aid and said she was the man's mother. Apparently this was some time later... she told me that her son had died of cancer and had no real friends. She said that he remembered what i said and had told her that he wanted me to have the car after he died.
      Tags: cancer, car, insult, sad
    10. Coyote Attack

      by , 09-25-2012 at 09:10 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am house-sitting for my parents in their old house on Pam Ln. My wife is with me and we are sleeping in the master bedroom downstairs. The bedroom looks very similar to what I remember as a child except in addition to the sliding door out to the spa there is another very large window behind the bed. My wife wakes me up. It must be morning because we can see clearly out of the windows. She is very concerned because we see a coyote walking across the window by the spa and our cats our outside somewhere. I try banging on the window to scare it away but this doesn’t work. After this attempt I resort to tormenting the coyote. I am laughing at it, scratching on the walls, yelling at it, and talking shit on it because it can’t get inside.

      Suddenly it gets dark outside as if it were nighttime again and the coyote grows bigger. More coyotes are outside now and they are trying to get in. I regret my previous actions and I am now frightened. The coyotes are very intelligent and one of them is talking to me – it called me stupid. My wife and I move upstairs to my old bedroom, closing two doors behind us. We are almost certain that the coyotes will get inside of the house but we feel safe in this room. We realize that we will eventually have to face them when we leave the room and we are scared.

      Wake up.

      Dream 2:

      I am in a huge crossfit gym getting coached by coach D. There is some kind of tournament going on. I haven’t been to the gym in a very long time so coach D is designing a special workout for me. I begin with box jumps and he brings out a 12” box. I pride myself in being a great jumper so I tell him that for this exercise I want to use the same box everyone else is using. He brings out a 30” box and I am having a lot of trouble with it. It seems to be as tall as me and I have to use my hands to pull myself up onto the box. Embarrassed that I can’t do it, I call coach D over and ask for the shorter box. Then I move on to a 225lb deadlift and a few other exercises. Coach D and some other people are recruiting me for their football team but I decline. They want me to play the occasional cornerback by I say that in order for me to play I have to be one of their main options for quarterback and wide receiver because that’s what I’m used to.

      Soon after my workout I discover that there are hundreds of pigs lying around the gym. They are all dead, hairless and they appear to have been infected with something. I am completely grossed out. We all get white trash bags and go around throwing all of the pigs in the bags. I am now standing in a disgusting pool picking up the pigs. Coach D apologizes and explains that his pigs are breeding out of control and he can’t handle taking care of all of them – that’s why they died.

      The horrible pool of water that I am standing in contains a bunch of broken needles. Me and some other guy step on the needles and one goes very deep into my foot. I announce that I have been stabbed in the lymph node and it is very deep. The guy next to me says it will be fine and I reply “you don’t know as much about science as I do.” I have a strong feeling that it will give me cancer.

      I am not in the gym anymore and it looks like I am at someone’s apartment. I go through some weird scenes explaining what lymph nodes do. Basically if you leave stuff open then bad things like pollen and other irritants will get into the lymph nodes (?!?). Bill Murray is acting it all out. Bad things are attracted to me now and are trying to get me sick.

      Dream 3:

      I am in the parking lot at a golf course. Some guy comes up to me and begs me to play. He tells me that nobody is playing this course because there is some crazy guy roaming the course. He offers to pay for everything: green fees, golf balls, etc. I accept. We go into the pro shop and he purchases a couple of golf balls. I tell him that I’m not very good so I will probably need more than that. We head out to the course and the guy changes into my dad. The course is very difficult and the balls are cheap. They look and feel like balls of mud. I manage to birdie the first hole. On the second hole I out-drive my dad off the tee but he ends up winning. I got stuck in a sand trap that was impossible to get out of. One time I managed to hit the ball from the sand trap and hit the flag stick, but the ball just rolled back into the sand. I eventually realized that there were other holes IN the sand trap that were eligible.

      I go back to his house and he administers some strange medicine that makes me very sick but I get better later on.
    11. LD: My Dream Name

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:11 AM
      Old LD from 11-??-07

      Lucid Dream:

      I was at my sister's house. We had been talking. She is the sister that has cancer. In the dream she had all her hair unlike in real life. Her twin daughters were there in their pajamas and hugging me.

      Then I remember I was looking in a mirror. I noticed that something weird was going on.

      I called out to my sister, "Come check this out. Notice how when you look at my shirt, it's black. But when you look at it in the mirror, it's white."

      It came as no shock that I was dreaming. It was if I had known all along, but that this was the first time I had really aknowleged it.

      I remembered I wanted to do the Dream Name Task.

      I asked my sister, "What is your dream name?"

      She looked at me and said, "Janene." And then she came closer and as if revealing a huge secret, she added, "And I'm also from San Francisco."

      I took that in. And then I leaned to her and said, "And my dream name is..." And then I didn't know what to say. I thought for a moment and the names Brenda and Catherine came to mind. But they didn't seem that special.

      Then I remembered that I was supposed to ask someone else what my dream name was. So I asked my sister what my dream name was.

      She looked again at me like she was revealing something extrememly confindential, and said, "Your dream name is my old nick name....it's Suzy-Q."

      And at that moment of discovery, I woke up.

      I shared this with my sister, and we had a good laugh--especially at the "I'm from San Francisco" part. And she also thought it was cool that my "dream name" was her old nick name.
    12. Pitched To Mike Trout

      by , 07-29-2012 at 04:34 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      A couple of vivid dreams today:

      Dream 1:

      I am on some sort of mission with JW and JF. I am driving, I take a short cut through an alley and almost hit a woman. I am holding something out in front of me to get it past her.

      Dream 2:

      There is a huge party at my house. The yard is really big and we have a huge side yard with veggies and nectarine trees. WW and some other girl and the party say they like my wife (want to have sex with her). There are tons of Asian people and I am playing football with them. I throw the football over the roof by mistake. My wife is putting together some massive cabinet outside against the wall where the oak tree should be. There are 8 cats (all variations of my cat, S) sleeping next to each other in order of size.

      I woke up and thought about the party dream for a while, then went back into it.

      Mike Trout shows up to the party with his girlfriend, a tiny, cute Asian girl. I tell him that I HAVE to pitch to him so I go looking for a baseball. I find a bunch of baseballs but they are all nasty except for all of my autographed ones. The autographed baseballs are all signed by family, friends and myself. Next I am at Guadalupe Elementary School on the field pitching to Mike Trout. There is a catcher there too in full gear.

      The first pitch I throw is a fastball on the outside corner for a called strike one. Next I throw a slider which I aimed (I was hesitant to throw it). It's not a very good pitch. He swings at it and barely gets a piece. After the pitch I realize that I am standing way too far away so I scoot up. Next I throw a beautiful slider and he fouls it straight back but he pulls something in his leg. I think this happened because I was thinking how much it would suck if I injured Mike Trout.

      There is a doctor at the party with an x-ray machine. He examines Mike's leg and informs us that he has cancer. I'm not sure if it is real or a joke. Mike Trout and his girlfriend start to leave and I beg his girlfriend to send me the video of me pitching to him (she filmed it on her I-phone). I think she did. I hugged her and shook Mike's hand. He has pretty bad acne and was really nice - he reminds me of my younger self.

      Note - I think my wife was pregnant at the party.

      Dream 3:

      I am at a huge mall that looks like an airport. I am full of confidence. I stand in line for the directory but forget what I am looking for. When it is my time to look at the directory I just walk away.
    13. Tom and Jennifer DeLonge/Cancer sucks

      by , 06-14-2012 at 03:08 PM
      I haven't been recording my dreams lately. I need to do better. I thought this one from last night was interesting.

      Tom DeLonge and his wife Jennifer were sitting with me in what was supposed to be my family room. I pulled out a box that I had had for a long time. It was full of pictures and letters that Tom had written at an earlier time in his life. I told him that I had kept it, but that I had never opened it and looked at anything. He seemed very interested to see what was inside. He started reading old letters and would comment or laugh from time to time. As he read he sorted them in piles. He finally pushed a pile toward me and told me that I could read the things in that pile. I looked forward to reading them. I wondered what was in the other pile. I was knew it must be the more personal/private things. I was suddenly glad that this box had been at my house and not in the hands of someone who wouldn't have respected his privacy, who would have read the letters--or worse-- posted them online.

      I wanted to ask Tom some questions, but as I looked at him I saw that he was looking through a magazine. I looked at his wife. She was just sitting quietly on the floor. I decided to go sit by her. I plopped down next to her and said something like, "Hi Jennifer. I don't really know much about you. Tell me about yourself."

      And she started talking to me. She told me that life had been good but that 6 (I think) years ago everything changed when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. And she started telling me about the hell her family gone through with that.

      I then told her that my life had changed (and then I couldn't remember how long it had been since my sister had gotten cancer. I thought and thought, but finally said "several years ago") I told her how my sister had died and how much I missed her.


      I know that this last part of the dream was inspired by my recent kayaking trip. I was with a group of ladies--some of which I knew and a few that I didn't. And I had done pretty much exactly what I did in the dream. I found a quiet time when we weren't kayaking to ask them to tell me about themselves so I could get to know them better.

      The interesting thing is I found that Cancer had touched almost all our lives. Three (of seven) were cancer survivers. Two had husbands that had had cancer. And two of us had lost sisters to cancer. The only one who hadn't had cancer (or at least didn't mention it) had recently gone through an ugly divorce. It made me realize how many tragedies this group had overcome.

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    14. 01/04/12: Jaws of Oblivion

      by , 01-05-2012 at 01:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: Three days running… and this time I have more than one dream to post… yay! Of course part of the reason there are multiple dreams is because I have a cold right now, and that caused me to wake up more than I normally do.

      Woman's Best Friend
      I am in my own house, and I know there is something I want to do before I do anything else in dreams tonight. My dog, Thor, has been diagnosed with a melanoma in his mouth, which my mom says she thinks is getting bigger. He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, so I want to take the chance to do a little healing on him. I leave my bedroom and find the dog in my mother's room, he is lying on the bed sleeping. I take his head in my hands, one hand on each side, looking into his big brown eyes. I sing the song "Voices" from the Macross Plus soundtrack while focusing healing energy into Thor.

      Fly Me to the Moon
      I am on the moon, on the green moon, everything looks more like it would on Earth. The moon has been terraformed. I see the Earth shining brightly in the sky, it is beautiful. Nomad is there with me, I go over to him, is it really him? It seems like it has been forever since I've had a confirmed shared dream... I go over to Nomad and say hello to him, I happen to think of him saying he has been having problems with carpel tunnel syndrome lately. I take both of his hands in mine and sing the song "Voices" from the Macross Plus soundtrack, focusing healing energy into Nomad. Maybe it can also help with the cold he has been fighting. I notice there is someone off to the side, they seem to be staying just out of sight. I wonder who it is. I ask Nomad if he was aware he is being followed. He looks over and says that is nothing new, he is always being followed. Now how about that Oblivion gate? Ok, let's go. I focus on opening a portal, using Avalon to find an Oblivion gate that needs closing. A portal opens and Nomad and I go through. I briefly see the landscape of Tamriel before I wake up.

      Templars in Oblivion
      I am in Tamriel, in the world of the game of Oblivion. Nomad is there with me, and I see movement off to the side. I wonder if there are bandits or enemies out there, but I don't really have time to check it out before I notice there is an Oblivion gate not far off. Nomad and I head in that direction, taking a brief flight to get to the gate. Nomad lands slightly before I do and kills two Clannfears before I even land. We go through the gate into Oblivion…

      The Oblivion plane looks like I expect it to look, there are a couple of scamps there attacking us, we eliminate those quickly. I remove the head of a scamp with a sword that forms from Witchblade. I am starting to get into the Oblivion theme, and I remove a piece of skin from the dead scamp, that will be useful in potions later. Nomad and I are exploring the world of Oblivion, though I am taking quite a bit of time heading to each cluster of bloodgrass and harvesting some to make potions from. Nomad seems amused by my gathering of the bloodgrass. A couple more scamps attack us, and then a daedra appears with a sword. I hit the daedra with a bolt of lightning, Nomad removes its head. There is movement behind us. I turn to look and there are Templars here! Where did they come from? I tell them they are in the wrong game, get out of Oblivion and into Assassin's Creed. One of them, there are three of them, says there isn't anywhere we can go that they can't follow. A daedra emerges from behind the Templars and draws its sword. I tell them to look behind them, they're being attacked. One of the Templars says they're not dumb enough to fall for that. That Templar finds the sword of the daedra running through his middle. The daedra kills the three Templars and then attacks Nomad and me, I attack the daedra with my sword and run it through. I see Nomad is fighting something else, but I wake up at this point.

      Close Shut the Jaws of Oblivion
      I am on the planes of Oblivion with Nomad, there are quite a few dead scamps around us as well as a couple of dead daedra. He says it's good of me to come back. I say my cold woke me up. We enter into the tallest tower I can see and I see the familiar base of the tower of Oblivion. We enter the area called the "Blood Feast." It is the base of the tower, there is a beam of fire shooting up the tower to where the sigil stone sits at the top. I start playing through as I normally do, I kill two scamps and a daedra at the bottom of the tower. Nomad is looking up the beam and he says this should be easy… then he starts flying up the beam. I look after him and say of course it's easy if you use cheat codes… He looks a bit puzzled. I comment he must have used a cheat code in order to fly. But if he wants to cheat… I fly up with Nomad. Even though he is flying directly to the sigil stone, he is not doing it to avoid fights. He stops off on a couple of the paths along the way just so he can fight a daedra or a scamp that is shooting at us. We reach the top of the tower quickly, I go over and kill a couple of daedra that are waiting there for us to come from the opposite direction.

      Nomad is looking at the sigil stone floating in the air, floating right in the middle of the beam of fire. I say all we have to do is take it to shut down this Oblivion gate. I reach out and take the stone from its place, which causes a big explosion and then we are standing back in Tamriel beside a ruined gate. The sigil stone is vibrating in my hand with energy. I ask if Nomad wants to keep the stone, then I hand it to him. I can get many more. He is looking at the stone when I wake up.
    15. Cancer and Pizza

      by , 08-20-2011 at 04:42 AM (My Weird and Demented Subconscious Adventures)
      This dream refers to a previous dream I once had, depicting my cousin (who I will call "Yu" for the sake of this dream-journal entry) and his father (my uncle) suddenly deciding to go overseas.

      Last Night's Dream:

      I was sitting in my lounge room with my parents, two sisters, and one of my three brothers. There was a knock on the door, and my uncle, his wife and Yu came in. My mother mentioned something about them coming back from overseas and asked me if I remembered anything from that day (it was an actual dream I once had haha). [I only remembered some details however. It involved a hospital and POSSIBLY an older version of a friend's girlfriend (of whom I have no attraction to). I had that dream a couple of months ago BEFORE I started writing in my Dream Journal.] My uncle then mentioned that his son, Yu, had suddenly started to vomit afer his arrival back to Australia, so they took him to a hospital for a check-up.

      My mother (suddenly knowing all the details EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS SITTING WITH ME THE WHOLE TIME AND JUST HEARD THIS NEWS ) then said that the doctor called it "Fidal". In my dream I was confused as I'd never heard an illness by that name before, and concluded that she meant Vital.

      I decided to search up "FIDAL" on my laptop (when I turned it on, I had three internet windows open; two with 7 or 8 tabs and one with 2 or 3 tabs. They were all open on a forum with a dark background), but then a notification popped up telling me I had 8 emails (THE WEIRD THING IS, IN REAL LIFE I ALSO HAD RECIEEVED EIGHT EMAILS OVER NIGHT ) I went on to the e-mail site, but it didn't seem to work -.-, so I went back to searching Fidal.

      I typed it in on Google, and a few results came back, but one stood out. I don't quite remember what it said, but none of the results had anything to do with illnesses. Then I got distracted by my oldest sister holding up a camera and videoing (sp? taping? can't think of other words :L!) everyone for no apparent reason.

      Everytime the camera focused on someoen, their line of sight was shown in green (in the real world (dream world? :L ! ) ) I thought this concept was amazing, until I saw the camera focusing on Yu's hand and saw a big lump (that looked like a mmosquito bite). I then realised he had cancer. My uncles wife mentioned performing laser surgery, while my mum mentioned that he had recieved cancer because he frequntly disobeyed his parents (which is true in real life), and, due to this, we should all obey our parents more. I beleived it -.- (wtf?!)

      My sister (the younger of my two sisters in that room, but older than me. I shall call her Mia for the sake of this dream-journal entry. She also frequently appears in my dreams, especially nightmares, possibly because I am very close to her) asked Yu if he wanted to be tall and built or skinny and short. (wtf? ) I thought this was insensitive as I was assuming he would die early or not eb able to get built, because he had cancer. Yu didn't seem to realise this, though, and nodded at hte former. Afterwards, everyone proceeded to leave the house to go to a neighbourhood park. Mia stayed back, however, and a pizza box and my sister's best friend (also a first cousin) appeared out ofno where. My sister and cousin then proceeded to proceeded to talk about school, while I watched some TV.

      There was a show about nature hosted by the host of Australia's got talent (in my dream he was blonde though). He mentioned facebook in a negative way (can't remember what though). Another show came on, but I ignored it and went for a slice of very cheese pizza
      I woke up after almost taking a bit of Pizza -___- it looked so yum </3
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