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    1. xci.

      by , 02-28-2020 at 11:50 AM
      Went back to a half sleep after waking in the morning. Had a small moment of lucidity, the first one for quite some time. Made note of as much as I could before I had to get up to help with something.

      Dream Fragment:

      The only dream I can vaguely remember before my first awakening. Something about a character that walks around some snowy place, finds something and goes back to the past in a pretty stereotypical UFO. Lands at the same place and stumbles on the snow and becomes sort of blue? I expect him to meet himself again but he doesn't, instead meeting an old man. They talk.

      They have a discussion about time travel and the past. The man is skeptical but then the other character says something that convinces him and the man states "it's 1976" and the other one says "I came from 2070" or a similar year. He tells the man about how in the future the knowledge of the past, after a certain point, is just unknown. He tries to convince the old man of this by stating facts about history, going back, up to the point where he simply didn't know anything else.


      As I fell back asleep slowly, the dream seemed to progress quickly. I was half aware of my real body at a few points and the clarity of the visuals varied quite a bit. I was with H somewhere.

      There was this guy and his dad, they weren't very happy with each other. The son was dating a teacher, a woman, at his school. Then she found out that his dad was married and that mattered for some reason.

      I remember walking outside, near these people. They sort of became part of the background of what was going on and I notice the area is by a large river, or sea. There are quays and the area looks like a port or dock. It's sunny and there are a few large white clouds in the distance.

      Me and H, we walk towards a building closer to the dock area. I don't remember walking in, but we're inside. It's a large room, much darker than being outside but there are bits of sunlight here and there, but I don't notice where they come through. There are quite a few people here, this feels like a lobby, or waiting room, for departures?

      On the right-hand wall, there's a massive hole and strange rocky formation. I approach it and notice how smooth it is. I look inside, it looks perfectly smooth and the rock is a yellowed off-white but there are tinges of green here and there. There are smaller but perfectly smooth and rounded holes on the rock. It reminds me of pumice and it made me think that lava made this hole. I visualise that happening? Not sure.

      I walk outside, as there is a door or passageway next to the hole. This wall of the building was actually some sort of dark tinted glass, and I could already see from inside that this side was some sort of canyon.

      There are paths along either side, but there are no connections between these paths except for the lobby place. The rock is all the same as the one from the "volcanic hole". I remember looking at the cliff tops higher than us and noticing the sky looks green-ish. But as I walk here, I realise, wait, how was that hole there? It just wasn't right. I half realise I'm dreaming and at this point I feel my real body more, but in the dream I check my hands. Although they appear normal, there seems to be little detail and I realise I'm dreaming.

      The realisation is quickly overpowered by a bunch of random actions, my level of lucidity actually being very low. As if it were a game, I start placing a prop over and over again, along the canyon path I'm on. The prop is a study desk with drawers, with a chair too. H then tells me we don't need them for some reason. My dream awareness starts to go again at this point. I start smashing the chairs against the edge of the cliff and throwing the stuff down the ravine. It all hits the ground too quickly for how deep this place looks and I complain out loud to H "this is a dream, that's a deep canyon, the chairs shouldn't be dropping a metre and then smashing, that's too quick!", half with the expectation that something would change about it, but nothing did. We keep smashing and throwing the furniture for a while, after which I've lost any amount of awareness I had left and we return to the dream plot.

      At the end of the path is a similar building. We go in, and it's dark. Again it also had an entrance on the other side of the canyon where the second path was. Inside it looks like someone's private office. Well decorated and tidy, the walls had a mix of plasterwork and floral motif patterned wallpaper.

      The wall at the other end of the room, behind a desk and so on, seemed solid, but as we approached, it smashed or crumbled. On the other side is a lobby full of people, at a lower height, but not much. I talk to H, but don't remember what we said exactly, except that I expressed some concerns about dealing with these people. They were university students. There were a bunch of signs and notices in the room, mostly about events?

      I decide that we can proceed and I step over the rubble and walk down a small ramp made by the rubble. A girl, not much younger than me, sees me and when I comment something to H she says "well we don't want you here anyway, you look like a scary punk!". I feel complimented and somehow her comment made me feel more confident. I approach her and put my hands on her shoulders and smile, in a half attempt to scare her a bit more and in a half attempt to thank her.

      I then walk away towards a corridor that took a right turn on the opposite side of the room, but I don't remember any more details.

      No notes for now, quite tired.
    2. The Wanderer's Awakening - Pt 1

      by , 02-05-2013 at 03:48 AM
      I let out an exhalation as my feet rise and fall on the hot sand. Its warmth ascends through my body as a light breeze glides across my skin, offering a relief from the hot sun in the clear sky overhead. The dunes of a vast white desert stretch out before me miles in every direction. I am alone. No one but me and the endless sand and dust in the wind.

      A figure shows itself in the distance. A man? Standing out there on the dunes. His long robes flow in the wind as he stares, as if waiting for me to continue on with him. It could be nothing but a mirage, but he's there. Standing. Waiting.

      To my left - sand. To my right - sand. I must follow this elusive stranger.

      I attempt to quicken my pace, but my legs are slow and heavy. The sand grows deeper. Each step I take sinks down into the dunes beneath my feet. The weight of the sack over my shoulder slows my pace. Regardless of how close I seem to get, the mysterious stranger always seems to be half a mile ahead, each moment disappearing over another dune. My instinct to catch up to the him is strong, yet my skepticism comes forth. Is this a mystic or is this a trickster? An illusion or a real being? The tricksters encountered in the past have been many, drawing me into the depths of their schemes. Lured in by my curiosity and their promises of higher knowledge, only to find myself caught within their web of lies. Chained and held prisoner within a cave of endless illusory pleasures, staring at the shadows of the puppeteer behind me. Captivated with no choice of control and no freedom of thought as my neurological hardware finds itself hacked and rewired by a malevolent existential programmer. Food for the carnivorous fish in the deep sea of a predatorial universe starving for vital conscious energy.

      However, this doesn't feel that way. I have a choice in the matter. I feel the ability to turn back at any moment. My heart tells me to continue on, that this is the way, and so I follow.

      My legs are heavy and my breathing is slow in the thick desert air. Hours seem to pass by with a lost sense of time melting away into the sun as it beats down on my bare shoulders. As the seconds, minutes, or hours pass, however, I make it over the top of the tallest dune.

      Below me is a vast canyon, spanning far to my left and right. The distance to its bottom looks staggering. Jagged rocks. Darkness. On the other side of the canyon resides a lush jungle. The sound of waterfalls and birds singing in the trees graces my ears. I know I have never been to this forest before, but something feels familiar and welcoming. Across the canyon stands the mysterious robed stranger. I look down, but see no way of crossing to the other side. He stares into my eyes, his gaze penetrating my soul. In those eyes I see my own. The deep blue. The white hair. This is so familiar. Something profoundly deep and eternal resides between us.

      I look down at my hands and notice the white paws and fur covering my skin. This is me. He is me. That is who I am. As the realization hits me, a bridge forms. Frail and held together by nothing but some twine and a few boards, but there nonetheless.

      I can't make it with this bag, however. If I lose it though, I lose the only sense of identity I have. I lose my past. I lose myself. Many times before have beings nearly tricked me into leaving my past behind. Tricked me into forgetting my name. The name of my family and ancestors. It binds us to ourselves. If we forget our name we forget what it means to be a human. So quick are we to give up our identities for the sake of achieving fame, recognition, or making a quick buck. Is it worth it though? Is this mysterious forest worth the risk?

      Behind me lies the white desert, in front of me the lush mysterious jungle.

      I don't have a choice. I must go. I drop the bag I'm holding and make my way slowly, but surely across the bridge. I feel lighter, I feel free. The bridge sways beneath my four paws and I attentively place each one, careful not to crack a single one of the boards. One misstep and I'll go cascading into the rocky chasm below. The boards creek with each step and the breeze blows against the fur of my ankles. One step. Two. Three. Four. I will make it across. There is no turning back.

      I glance behind me to realize I'm halfway across. A surge of accomplishment and positive anticipation wells up through my veins. With the sense of achievement comes a spiral of light from every direction. Bursts of fire surround me. The bridge. It's transformed. Pure glass. Not a thin glass, however. Strong. Sturdy. Unbreakable. I look into the crystal flooring to see my reflection. I am older, no longer a young cub, and my mane has begun to grow. With each step I feel myself grow closer to wisdom.

      As I step off the bridge I make my way over to the stranger in robes. He stands tall. A white lion. A wise sage, eyes filled with the wisdom of the ancients. His velvet robes embroidered in blue, black, green, and yellow designs. Natural and flowing, psychedelic, but not overwhelming. He stares into my eyes and with his gaze I know this spirit has been with me a long time. That he has been following me throughout my daily life, his silent words speaking to me through every experience, guiding me along the winding rivers. I know now this being is within me. My higher self. My future. My most true form.

      We walk through a path in the forest and life permeates the air, spirits in every direction. When I close my eyes I feel the mother of our world, a great serpent. Wise and powerful, stern but loving. Her gaze is piercing. Right to the depths of my being. I know this is not my territory, but it is her territory. She offers it to us. She shares it, the comfort of her love pervading our every thought.

      The jungle air is moist against my skin, the trees are tall, and the scent of flowers and flowing water is refreshing as it courses through my body. As we turn a corner in the path, a beautiful sanctuary reveals itself beyond the leaves of the forest. Mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, and lush foliage surround my companion and me. Within its center resides a pristine lake. Water so clear one can see all the way to the bottom, circular stones covering its floor. So white and round they could almost be eyes gazing up from the primordial depths of the Earth. The trees are the most pure green I've ever laid eyes upon. This is paradise.

      My guide turns to me and smiles.

      "Are you ready to find your destiny?"

      And with that we walk off into the mesmerizing sanctuary before us, transfixed by the mysteries that await.

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    3. Lucid: Rail Standing

      by , 09-13-2012 at 08:23 AM
      I could see bright blue skies out. Midday. I was standing in front of a painted white metal railing. Beyond that was a drop hundreds of feet down. Basically a large canyon. Beyond the railing was a wide ledge. There was a friendly looking guy (DC) standing next to me taking in the view.

      I decided to stand on the top rail, since it was not a direct fall. The rail was rounded. When I first tried to stand I lost balance and fell back right away. I told myself:

      "This is a dream, why is it so difficult to balance?" - I jumped up again, and this time landed on my knees. I tried to stand, couldn't quite manage it, so jumped back again. -Realistic physics, but I was determined, for some reason..

      Finally, I jumped up in one bound and landed on the railing. Looked around. I was stable. Then... I leaned backwards and was able to ease back, flat as a board. No effort. No gravity. I turned to the cool DC guy who was starring at me with interest and said something like:

      "Now I got it.. See? No gravity." He nodded with agreement. Impressed, but not excited. I feel like he is a DV's buddy.

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    4. [Flying Tool/A Toast to the Host]

      by , 09-08-2012 at 11:33 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Saturday, September 8th, 2012]
      I was in the neighborhood around my Grandma's headed to the High School. The world had a more sinister Nightmare Before Christmas feel. It was midnight and noon at the same time... time didn't exist. I was walking down the street towards school, people bustling back and forth, but never really there. I arrived at the Middle School this time, and I remember Mrs. Cole saying something to another teacher that made me remember her and miss her. I was suddenly aware that I didn't belong there, and I became semi-lucid, not exactly aware that it was a dream, but with control over the reality. I had a single flat bar in my hand, and I knew what it was for. I could defy gravity and fly with it, just by willing it. I began to show off in front of a few kids to guage their reactions. I'd grab onto it and hold myself up and jump, soaring through the air. Or I'd just hover there, and few feet above the ground. I was right outside a classroom, and I could be seen through the door's window. A few more kids showed up and then a teacher or two. I got tired of being watched so closely, so I jumped and glided in a different direction. I was headed out of the school towards the main road. I passed by a familiar man, in the guise of a janitor. He didn't even look at me. (Was he the same man I'd seen at the Graveyard in my "The Underground Club" dream?) ~ My memory skips to the next dream.


      I'm in a shallow canyon, like a shorter Box Canyon, and I'm making my way through it with some people. It's all very vague. It's faded from my memory... but we all made it to the very end, and there's a room. A party. People have filled it. I stay for awhile.

      After that "awhile", I notice the party emptying out, save for a few stubborn on-goers, including myself. I suggest we push the tables together and have a smaller after-party. We all sit down, and I recognize some of the people... but their specificity turns to smoke in my waking state. I suddenly hear a noise and look up. A host has arrived... but to crash the party. My intuition makes me up and walk out the door with such speed. Behind me, lightning flows from the host into the rest of the people. They are all horribly disfigured and turned into things of horror and evil. I wake up as soon as I'm outside again. I was a hair close to being "changed".

      (This nightmare figure is now reoccurring. I'll have to face him eventually. The first thing to ask is, "Who are you?" )


      Now I'm in a mixture of Nathan's room and the room we had previously partied in. Alex is asleep on a couch, and Nathan is too. I roam around Nathan's house for awhile and return. I interact with Alex somehow... then my dream turns to dust.
    5. A Strange Ball Game (fragment)

      by , 08-26-2012 at 04:08 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: August 26, 2012 – 5:30AM (USA Pacific)

      I am running around on an elevated wooden raceway, playing some kind of ball game with a few other players. The raceway has several broken boards which reveal a large canyon underneath. There are a few buildings which the track passes through. The track has a short rail along the edge in some areas, but drops off into the canyon in others. We are knocking tennis balls down the track with golf clubs, trying to avoid dropping the balls into the canyon.

      At one point, my ball jumps off the track and lands in a pile of junk in the corner of a building. When I climb over to get it, I find that it is balanced on the center of a small board with openings on both sides. I give it a whack and it rolls up and out of the building. I run after the ball to find that it rolled around the building and landed in a large field beside the building. I hear one of the other players say, “Nice shot!”
    6. basement book sale; lucid fail painting; christmas flood

      by , 12-24-2011 at 04:30 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      The second dream is another silly instance of dream control. I told myself to dream of myself out in a wide, open space, all by myself. I told myself that if I found myself there, I'd become lucid.

      Well, I found myself in a wide, open space alright. But I was in a painting. And I was looking at the painting of myself. So... my dream subject was kind of controlled again. But not exactly in the way I'd expected. Lucid fail!

      Dream #1

      I was in some place like a hospital or a retirement home. But it may also have been a school. I feel like I may have been on the first floor at some point, heading in to some class I was taking. The class may have been for high schoolers, even though I was my current age. But I think I was still doing horribly in the class.

      I went down into the basement. I was in a hallway area. The hallway was low, wide, and kind of featureless. There were doorways that went to rooms, each room like a whole department of this hospital. But when the doors were closed, the hallway felt empty and small.

      Off to my right was a little alcove with a few doorways. One may have been open, revealing a larger room. But the alcove was filled with shelf-carts for books and stationary bookshelves. The shelves were all filled with books. I knew this was a used book sale.

      There were a few people rushing around, getting the shelves all prepared for the sale. The people were mostly men and women in their fifties or sixties. But there were also some younger people, mostly women, probably in their late teens or early twenties. They were all volunteers.

      I was interested in seeing what books were on sale. I was mostly interested in science fiction books. So I looked for that area. I think an older woman pushed out a cart full of sci-fi books right as I thought that.

      But right as I went to look at the books, a tall, kind of fat, older, white man saw that I was heading there, and he jumped in front of me. He bent over so that he was blocking all the shelves.

      Instead of getting mad, I just figured I'd go look at some other books. I walked over to a tall bookshelf, which may have been for paranormal studies.

      Dream #2

      I was looking at a painting. The painting wasn't realistic: it was a bit blocky and thick, with the sense of three-dimensional perspective a bit flattened, and the color scheme kind of simplified for intensity.

      The painting had a red cliff, like one wall of a canyon, taking up the left side. Then there was a bit of grass, then a path. There may have been a boy, his back to the viewer, walking down the path. To the right of the boy, the landscape extended flatly, maybe with a river.

      I told myself that I'd definitely become lucid if I was in a landscape like that in a dream. I probably told myself to remember this painting, and to try and make myself go there when I went to sleep tonight.

      Dream #3

      I was walking around outside somewhere during the day. But I was also talking on the phone with my dad. My dad was telling me about floods occurring in St. Louis, Missouri, which was apparently where my dad lived.

      As my dad spoke, I had very strong visions, which were like still photographs, except that I was in them. I stood out in what I guess were aqueducts: they looked like the concrete-walled channels used to catch and drain waters from heavy rains and flash floods.

      But the aqueducts I stood in were like highways. I often even stood in the shade of highway overpasses. All around the aqueducts were hills of lawns and trees, so that the aqueducts all felt so quiet and secluded. But I knew they'd be raging with waters pretty soon. It was a bright, sunny, warm day -- hard to believe that it could flood anytime soon.

      I may have seen a couple copper-skinned children: a boy and a girl. I thought that they weren't safe out here in the aqueduct. I needed to grab them and get them out of here. But it may also have occurred to me that these children were actually phantoms.

      I came back to my senses and found myself walking along some stone-floored promenade in a big park. I was walking up a slope and looking out over an iron railing to my left. Down from the railing was a slope of brambly, leafless trees.

      There were some women walking behind me at one point. They said that the flood in St. Louis was going to be 72 inches, once the rain really got going. I couldn't believe it! I didn't want to believe it. I told myself that the weather was too nice here for a flood to happen, even somewhere as far from here as St. Louis.

      My dad said, "They're still saying that we're going to have 72 inches of precipitation. It's going to start out looking mild, with only ----- inches. But then it's going to go up really fast and hit 72 inches."

      I said, "72 inches! Sheez! That's crazy!"

      May dad said, "Well, that's not so bad. We've seen floods like this in St. Louis before. But what's really strange about this one is that it's happening at Christmas -- in December. We aren't even supposed to have rain in December!"

      Now I realized that the women I'd heard speaking before were right. As unbelievable (and for some reason inconvenient) as it had sounded to me, it really was going to flood in St. Louis.

      As I approached the top of the slope, I could see that, as the promenade plateaued, it also widened out a lot. Over to the right was an overlook, giving a good view over the town we were in (probably somewhere in New England).

      But as I got to the wider area, there were a whole lot more people walking around. There were tons of people heading down the slope I'd just come up from. I could tell -- somehow -- that these people were preparing for the flood, even though we were nowhere near it.

      One woman, short, skinnyish, and white, maybe in her sixties, with blonde-grey hair and eyeglasses, was walking among the crowd, heading down the slope. The woman was trying to spread some kind of wisdom. She wore a Hindu-esque robe, though I think she thought of herself as a Buddhist.

      The woman was saying, "Global warming. Global warming. The flood in December is from global warming." I knew the woman was trying to get somebody interested in her idea so that she could preach to them about being an environmentalist. She may even have had pamphlets about it.

      Some younger women nearby may have been agreeing with the older woman. I kind of agreed as well. But I didn't feel like I needed to listen to environmentalist preaching. Hell, I thought. I hardly use any electricity, anyway. All I do is read books.

      There was a book sale going on just off to my right as I hit the flat area of the promenade. I got really interested. The books were used, and they all looked really old. I thought I might make some good finds.

      But some tall, white man with a bit of a pot belly saw I was interested in the book sale. He tried to get in my way, so that he could get to whatever books I was interested in first. The man looked pretty well-off. He wore a plaid, button-up shirt, tucked into some nice jeans.

      I may have tried to avoid the man altogether. But he may have seen that. So he just walked right in front of me, standing broad-chested, his hands on his hips, as if he were trying to block me from getting near any of the books at all.

      I must have done something, because I got past the man, anyway. But I was pissed that the man would try to stop me like that! I started cussing the man out, not loud, but in a regular voice, so he could hear me, but I wouldn't be making a scene.

      The man reacted by coming to the bookshelf I was at and bending right over in front of all the books, basically edging me out of the way. He started saying stuff about how he didn't know why I was so upset about what he'd done. But if I was so upset, he'd do it some more. And then, he said, we'd see how upset I got.

      I told the man to fuck off, and I walked away from him. He seemed to want to start a fight, because now he was calling kind of loudly after me, "Why'd you have to say that? What'd I do to you?"

      But I just decided to walk away from the man and ignore him. I walked around to the other side of the bookshelves and found myself in an area full of shelves and bins packed with vinyl records and comic books. This area almost felt like it was indoors.

      I looked around here for a while. I may have found some kind of comic book that I was interested in. It may have seemed a little bit like porn. But I may have decided I really didn't have enough money to waste on something like this, after all.

      I was walking out of this section and back out to the promenade. But the exit was a bit narrower now. And another older man was walking up toward the aisle I was trying to get out of.

      This guy was kind of fat. He saw me and seemed to want to block my way. He stood and looked at the left shelf of items, blocking up almost the whole aisle. There was also a life-size carboard cut-out of either Superman or Iron Man, which blocked most of the right side of the aisle.

      I had to squeeze through the fat man and the cut-out. I'm pretty sure I didn't even touch the man. But he may have turned back to look at me, as if I'd threatened him somehow.

      I gave the man a complaisant, friendly smile. But the man just looked at me like he hated my guts. I walked away. I wanted to confront the guy. But I knew that that would only make things worse.
    7. Lucid Dream: Flying Car, etc

      by , 12-23-2011 at 03:47 PM
      Old LD from 8-26-07

      Lucid Dream: (Task Attempted)

      I guess my recall is a bit better. I'm still not sure how this dream started or at which point I became lucid (so I'm just going to use blue for the whole thing).

      The first thing that I remember is driving in a car on the freeway through a really bad construction area. I got to a place where the gravel was so thick that the car was barely able to make it through. After this I thought, "I don't have to deal with this", and I made the car start to fly.

      At first I thought that I was cool and special for being able to make my car fly. Then I looked around and noticed that other vehicles were also flying. As I got close to one camper I reached out and grabbed at one. It turned out to be just a toy camper.

      As I flew along I saw lots of boxes and packages floating in the air. I flew at them and grabbed them (I must have been in a convertable now).

      In the first box I saw that there were old children's games and puzzles. I remember thinking, "Cool I love lucid dreams where you are opening things that are a surprise to you. I wonder what will be in the next box." (That was the first time--as I look back--that I really know I was lucid--although I may have been lucid from the start).

      I opened other packages, but most ended up being old things that you might find in a closet. Nothing really exciting.

      Then I landed and was in a store. This part is fuzzy. I remember tyring to figure out something cool to do. Sex actually crosed my mind, but I quickly dismissed it because I was afraid that I would wake up. Even thinking about it made the dream feel fragile.

      So I went outside. I could see that I was near Lake Powell. I could see the deep canyon below the dam.

      "The Blue Bridge Task...! I need to cross the canyon on the blue bridge." I started moving toards the canyon, hoping to see the bridge at any moment.

      A couple of times I was feeling the dream fade as I got excited about the bridge task. I thought, "I've got to ground myself."

      I looked down at my arms and hands. I rubbed my hands together and said out loud what I was doing, "I'm rubbing my left arm. It feels pretty real...but almost like I'm a little numb--like there is a layer of something between my fingers and arm.. Now I'm gripping both of my hands together. Same thing--it almost feels real, but I can tell a difference. I'm glad I'm doing this. I have been forgetting to remember to touch things. I like to touch things in my LDs...makes them feel more real-life..."

      I looked at the canyon again. I was getting close now. I realized that I was riding a bike. The ground was sloping toward the huge drop-off. I wasn't seeing any bridges appear.

      I strained harder to make a bridge suddenly appear.....

      ....but ended up waking up instead.....
    8. Patchwork Hills and Watching a Guy Fall off a Cliff.

      by , 12-14-2011 at 11:16 PM
      Last night's dream:

      I was standing with a friend that reminded me a little of Marsha. We were at what was supposed to be her house. We were looking out at the hills and canyon behind her house. One of the hills was tall and rolling and had stone walls dividing it into squares. In each square someone had planted a diffferent crop making the hill full of different colors. I commented how it looked like a patchwork quilt. And I reminded my friend how different that looked from hills back home which were all made of smooth rock.

      Then we looked across the canyon and saw a guy who was jumping on what looked like a very large pogo stick. The friend commented on how this guy annoyed her and how he was always showing off. Then before our eyes his pogo stick (with him on it) went over the edge of the cliff. We saw him fall 70 feet or so to the bottom. I was horrified. I knew there was no way someone could take a fall like that and live. But then to my surprise he got up and came our way. He started talking to us. He seemed giddy and disoriented. I knew we should take him to the hospital. But my friend didn't seem to want to. Finally she gave in saying that we had to be at the hospital later for a meeting (or party?).
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    9. Battleships, Stoves, and Canyons

      by , 12-10-2011 at 09:19 PM
      Awake - Dream - Lucid
      "..." shows where time in the dream is missing.

      Time: Morning of 12/10/11

      This was interesting. I'm hoping that I got down all the details.

      I had gotten up at around 6:00 AM to look at the lunar eclipse. My dad had woken me up to look at it. He and my little sister were leaving for a swim meet. After they left, I went back to bed and listened to internet radio on my iPod. I was listening to old archive clips of Phil Hendrie. I hadn't been using any sort of induction technique for the past several weeks.

      I was on some sort of massive beach, which was crowded with hundreds of people at tables and in front of consoles. It seemed like it was some sort of convention for RC boats and also large ships. The sky was grayish blue, and the water was very dark and kind of choppy, but it was warm, and there was no wind...
      I'm riding one of the small RC aircraft carriers out into the water, which was congested with other boats and ships...
      Everyone is talking about some new sort of war ship that the military is looking into...
      Writing this, I can't remember what was so special about it!
      Now I'm in back of what I think must have been one of the new ships. There is a large patio and there are people sitting and chatting. I somehow pull down from the back of this ship (which didn't appear to be in the water) a massive round grate, like the one you'd find over the gas outlet on a gas stove. I twist something under the grate, and a massive fire is lighted beneath it. This grate was massive, and for this scene of the dream, my view appeared to be flying overhead, even though I felt like my body was still on the ship. Everyone loved the stove top thing. They praised my accomplishment. Then I tried to turn it off, but it was very hot and I had to use massive pliers to twist the valve shut... I don't remember if I actually succeeded in getting the thing turned off.
      Everything seemed to skip ahead one year. I was coming back to the convention this year, accompanied by my dad this time. He said everyone would want a setup spot next to me because I had become famous at last year's convention. As he said this, we were wondering a back gravel path past wood cabins in what seemed to be a forest. There was a little snow on the ground, but I didn't feel cold. Apparently these were all convention spots; we just had to get to the beach. Everyone tried to talk to me as we passed. Eventually we rounded a corner at the end of the string of cabins, and there was the beach, packed with people. I wondered off to my spot, which I somehow knew. Next to my spot, I saw someone who I edit videos for on YouTube, but had never actually met in person. He apparently had the spot next to mine. He was busy setting up an RC boat. I said hi and without looking up he said "hey, buddy." Then we got to talking and I noticed that he seemed to be made out of the same material as egg cartons are. I asked him about it and he said something which I can't remember. I said to him, "this is the first time I've actually met you in person." He replied, but I can't remember how. A bunch of people were coming up to me and asking if I was going to do the stove top again this year. I said I would...
      Now we are on board one of the new military ships again. I seem to suddenly be accompanied by some friends from school. The halls inside the ship are dim with a greenish tint. Eventually I find my way to a computer and look at the screen...
      Now I'm at the top of a cliff at a smooth-faced orange canyon. At the bottom, there is blue water, clear enough to see to the bottom. The cliffs weren't too high, maybe 100 feet or so. I make some remark about this being the perfect place for the stove, because there is a lot of space in the gorge...
      Now I am at a beach, but it doesn't seem to be the same one. It is very sunny and the water is calm, and there are no other people besides my group. Next to the water, I am setting up some apparatus necessary for the stove top. I am with someone else, but I don't remember who. A sound startles us and we look around, to see a group of basketball-sized colored spheres, all with cartoonish faces, moving along in a line and making some sort of song. I walk up to them, and they greet me and tell me they are on some sort of mission. We go back around a hill that was behind us...
      My group of friends and the spheres chat for a while, saying they need to explore the surrounding system. We chat for a while. I then go back out to the canyon, and as I get to where I would be setting up the stove top, I hear a sound behind me. I look over a rock and see another sphere, with round glasses and a long white beard. Somehow, I seem to recognize this sphere, and I go and talk to him...

      Between there and the next part, I'm sure something else happened, but I can't remember what. I don't want to trick myself into making up details that weren't really there, so I won't try to write anything.
      We are talking with the spheres, and they put up on a screen what their planned path around the area was for their mission. It was a map that should looping lines, like an orbital path. Chris, a friend of mine from school, added a separate path branching off from the main loops, saying that would add some fun...
      Now I just see an overview of the original crowded beach. A voice is talking about that military ship again, describing it. It says something like "It looks like a battleship, but it mainly works as a
      *can't remember*. I then see a side view of the ship, with the water underneath translucent. The ship sinks, and I begin to hear parts of my online radio.

      I wake up, turn off the radio, and check the clock. It's somewhere around 11:30. I decide to get up and write this down.

      This dream seemed to be more coherent than the last one I posted. There are still bits missing, but it seems to be more complete. I enjoyed this dream a lot, but I'm not sure exactly why.

      • The dream had a positive feel to it.
      • This dream also involved people I really knew, which I find interesting. For me, that hasn't been common.
    10. Hiking in a Slot Canyon

      by , 11-08-2011 at 06:58 PM

      I was hiking with a group of people through this narrow wavy slot canyon. It wasn't very tall, and it seemed to be located in a much larger canyon. I went back and forth through this slot canyon several times.

      It reminded me a little of this canyon:

      There was much more to this dream, but this is the part I remember.
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    11. First Dream Entry

      by , 08-21-2011 at 08:10 AM (Second Reality Experiences)
      Since this is my first entry, I will start with the last dream I wrote down in my physical dream journal.

      Ray and I were canoing down a river in the middle of the afternoon. I jumped out of the canoe and swam to shore. In the distance I saw an island (called "Monkey Island" in the dream). I wanted us to go there. It was huge with large mangrove roots sprawling all around and a large central tree bursting from the center. As I reached shore I noticed the water began rising. I was losing places I could hold onto or stand on, and remember being afraid of alligators in the water. That was when I saw my dad on his sailboat and my brother on the shoreline opposite of me. I swam over to them and that is when lucidity hit me.

      I decided to do a little exploring so I dove beneath the surface of the river and saw the one of the most beautiful landscapes my mind has ever come up with. I was underwater, yes, but everything was crystal clear as if it were air and it wasn't exactly underwater because I saw birds flying down there as well. To be more accurate there were dolphins, stingrays and other water-life swimming/flying through the area, along with those birds. The land below all of it looked extremely similar to the grand canyon. It was absolutely stunning. I resurfaced and grabbed my sister Ashley. I told her to come down underwater with me and we both went together. We were having a great time. A large group of stingrays headed straight for my sister and I remember she was hurrying to get out of their way - afraid of being stung. But they just brushed by her gently. Several platypi did circles around me and swam away. I can't explain the feeling of it all, just that it was wonderful and innocent, like the feeling a child would get about going to the beach for the first time. After spending some time down there, Ashley and I got out and discovered a nice house built into the cliffside next to the river. We entered it and as we did the house broke itself off and began slowly drifting away, as if it were being held up by balloons. I looked at her and said "Isn't this exciting. Our journey is about to begin.". By this time it was already evening and we were passing over many houses with their lamp-posts on. I looked around the house and made the dream become more clear. I told my sister that I loved her. She replied "Aw, I love you too."
      I then said "You know we are dreaming right?"
      She gazed out the window and said "I know."
      I looked at her and asked "Well...Will you remember all of this when we wake up?"
      She just grinned at me and gave me a face that said I already knew. This wasn't the real her. She couldn't remember something she wasn't actually doing.

      SO that's that. I woke up shortly after. I didn't manipulate any of this... I just lucidly went with the flow of the dream.

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    12. Gun/Moosehead Fragments

      by , 06-30-2011 at 06:42 AM
      Had these dreams last night, but now I can hardly remember any of them. Still wanna record them though.

      First part: I was shooting a gun. It was really big and silver, but had glowy purple streaks on it and the bullets exploded when they hit things. I was at a target range but instead of shooting at the fake paper-people I was shooting at real people. But they just kind of stood there like they were drugged up or something.

      Second part (There was a lot more, but I only remember this part): I was like this lion-thing, and my friend was like this deer-thing. I was normal colored, but my friend was dark grey. We weren't exactly those types of animals but that's as close as i can get to describing our appearances. At first we were regular people, though. We were standing in a wheat field talking about something, and I don't remember what, but my friend was getting really angry at me. She was giving me these death glares for whatever reason, and I felt like I didn't deserve them. She turned around and started to ignore me. Then a group of people came running at us. They were all decked out in tribal paint and had on hula skirts and stuff, and they wanted to kill us. We ran away and managed to get a good distance between us and the people, but then I tripped over a bump in the ground. When I stood up we were the animals I mentioned earlier.

      There was fire everywhere, and I was about to run through it and hope I didn't die when my friend pointed out that the 'bump' I tripped over was actually a hole. We went down the hole to an underground cave. It was really big, and had a green glow. For some reason I kept calling it a limestone cave. There were all sorts of dangerous ledges and paths, and below us was pure blackness. It looked like if you fell of you'd keep falling. We wandered around for a bit until we found a ladder back up to the prairie. Somehow, even though we were still animals, we climbed the ladder. When we were above ground again, instead of being on the field, we were climbing up the side of a canyon. There wasn't any ground anymore, just the bottom of the canyon, and I don't know what happened to the cave, so we had to keep climbing the ladder.

      We made it to a ledge and got off the ladder, so it was behind us acting as a 'guard rail' so we couldn't fall off. There was a split in the canyonside in front of us, and it looked like rocks had tumbled into the split filling it up. It was really narrow, and almost vertical, but we were still able to climb up it. My friend had made it to the top where it was flat, but I was still climbing when the tribal people showed up again. I couldn't really defend myself where I was so I just kept climbing. One of them wearing this weird moosehead type of hat started stabbing me with his spear. (His hat looked like moose antlers, and was about the same size, but it was made of gold.) One time when he stabbed me his spear got stuck in me, so when he tried to yank it back he fell off. His hat fell off too, and landed on my head somehow.

      When I got to the top finally, all the tribal people gasped and started clapping and cheering. I just looked around like 'wtf', and my friend told me the moosehead hat was a symbol to them or something. I said, "well I guess they don't care that i just killed that guy then", but then the original moosehead guy popped up from where we climbed and was clapping too. His head was really gross; it was all lumpy and disfigured like the hat was hollow and his head had grown into it, leaving it the shape of the moose antlers. Which makes me question how the hat came off his head in the first place... Anyways, we were back to being people now. I gave them back their hat and we ran away (on the field again now) in case they changed their minds and wanted to kill us again. Then I woke up.

    13. 9/23/10 7th LD: For some reason I can never think of a name for my lucids..

      by , 09-30-2010 at 11:46 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Okay, this was a weird one. I actually had more control in this one. A little bit more vivid too. I now know the importance for remembering dream goals; so you won't walk around with nothing to do.
      My goal is to reach the moon, and I know I can accomplish it!

      - - - - -

      I was in my room. I remember the hallway beside my room was not a hallway at all. It was actually another room.
      My bed was in the middle of my room, and it was positioned differently.
      I can't really recall what I noticed to become lucid, but I'll give it my best shot.

      I remember seeing an octopus. (l0l, wut?) Or, actually, its tentacles (2 or 3 maybe) in the corner of my eye. It was close to the left side of my wall. For some reason, I had my arms spread out. (like you would when you would go free falling) This was the time when I thought I could have been dreaming. I did the nose RC, and was lucid.

      It was more realistic this time, but not quite. Still looked fuzzy. I had learned a way to stabilize a while back, so I thought I would try that. I started to touch all sorts of things; but I can't remember what they were. Since that didn't work, I tried staring at a random object; but no good either.I gave up. It was dark, so I tried to see if I could get some light. I closed my eyes and snapped. (Well, I thought it would work!) No luck. So I tried going to the nearest light switch and flipped it. To no avail.

      Getting bored, I wanted to summon a guy (hehe). So I turned around, but I thought of the word 'guy' and not a picture. I turned around and saw a guy about my age standing behind my bed. It was dark so I couldn't see his face. I walked toward him and squinted. It was Jonathan. (ew!) He was smiling at me, and it was getting kind of creepy. Then the light came on suddenly. I turned around and walked away, hoping he would leave.

      I walked into my living room. Although, it was quite different. The front wall was gone to reveal the kitchen. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if text did change in a dream. I walked up to a counter top and saw a piece of paper. It may have been an ID card, but it only ghad 2 words on it. The first on e said something like "RPG"; I turned away and looked back. It said, "EMERGEN". And there were some others but I can't remember.

      I walked back into the living room where I think my mom was cleaning something. I said "Hey momma, I'm lucid!" Then I think I told her to reality check. She didn't know how to, so I told her to hold her nose and breath in. I can't remember if she did or didn't. After this I saw my brother sitting up against the wall beside me.

      I walked over to him and told him that I was dreaming. I can't remember his response. I told him to RC, but he was confused. I held his nose for him and told him to breathe in. As he did, his eyes widened. "Whoa." he said. I can't remember what happened from there to now, but I was at my school. I might not have been lucid at this part, for I don't remember doing any action.

      My friend Julia was walking with me down the road beside the school. The courtyard was on a different side, so we could see it. While walking by, I looked to my right and saw some cheerleaders practicing. Julia suddenly said to Sam, "Hey! Glad to see you joined cheer-leading!"

      Then we were on a canyon. Julia was with me. There was a little stream that ran through on the side of the canyon. I know I was lucid in this. It felt like I was either hovering or I was in water, but I don't remember feeling anything, not even ground. Julia was in the water. Then she started struggling. She said "I'm stuck! Something's got me!" So I reached down where her foot was. It felt like a straw that was attached to the bottom and was also attached to her foot. So I sort of I guess "went under water" and had like night vision or something. It was really strange. It's like I was looking inside of the canyon while outside of it. Then I looked at her foot. The "straw" that I had felt was a LEECH.

      I came back up. "Okay Julia," I said. "Don't panic, but there's a leech attached to your foot."
      She screamed and struggled harder. I went to help, but then she struggled free.

      I finally looked up. There were a lot of people there, like we were having a party. There was a guy sitting in a canoe on the canyon floor holding a paddle (but it wasn't even a paddle at all; it looked like a sculpture of paddles. There were 10 paddles all stacked up on each other). All of the people started walking to my right, so I followed them.

      All of a sudden, I was looking at two pictures which were identical. The same paddle sculpture thing were the two pictures. For some reason, I thought that my alarm was about to ring; so I opened my eyes.
      Turns out, it was about 30 minutes until it rang!

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    14. 9/18/2010

      by , 09-18-2010 at 05:25 PM
      So I remember 3 dreams.

      1. I remember me and a friend were going up a mountain to save a princess. I was going slightly faster than my friends and I ran into a dragon. A VERY BIG DRAGON. So I ended up killing it by myself. And we went up the mountain,and as we got to the village on top,it started raining. There was a crashed airplane (it was an old one) so I got into it to avoid the rain. Then I was talking to another friend (I think over the phone) and he was depressed,I don't remember why. So as the rain lightened I got out of the airplane and went into one of the buildings where everyone was. I don't remember what happened next but then we were at a party with the princess. During the party some big dude captured the princess,so we followed him back to his house. (horrible hiding spot really) And saved the princess again,by killing him. After that the dream kinda changed,I was in the same village but it was at night,and I was the batman. But I was out of costume. As I was walking to my house,I was trying to find a way to sneak in past the butler,then I saw someone in MY batman costume! So I chased after him,tackled him,and took off the mask to find out that it was the butler.
      After that the dream ended.

      2.I was in a car with my mom and we went to look at this karate studio in town...and that's all I remember.

      I was with some friends hiking up this mountain,right before we reached the top. When we got to the top,I looked down and saw it was the Grand Canyon. For a second I wondered how I got to the Grand Canyon,I mean it's like hundreds of miles away from where I live. Then I didn't really care because it was awesome. So me and my friends hiked along the top to the parts where it was deepest and looked down. I layed down and peeked over the edge and couldn't see the bottom. We talked about how deep it was and then I saw 4 rocks,in a group,all fly up at the same time at me. I barely pulled my head away it time,and of course my friends joked about it. Then we went along to this cave on the mountain,where these 2 police officers were showing a video. It might of been some kinda safety thing,I dunno. Then this other guy who was the karate teacher from before was there,and said "anyone who wants me to keep teaching come up and hug me" and like,right away one kid jumped up and hugged him. Then another kid,after an awkward silence. Then we was all upset and went berserk,and left. Then me and a friend (the others were gone) were trying to find a way off the mountain,because it had suddenly become an island cave. We tried going to the edges of the island,but there was ocean,and we called for the police several times but they didn't come so I went back up to the cave to try to find them,and they were shooting at something. I turned to look and they were shooting at these sand people things,that came out of the walls. I shot one,because I suddenly had a pistol out of nowhere,then left back to the edge of the island. Not knowing was to do. There were these weird things popping out of the ground,and then the dream ended.

      I was in some kind of futuristic setting. I was trying to get to a nuclear factory in town before the protesting workers burned it down. So I ran for it,but there were enemies shooting at me. I got past them and continued to the factory. When I got there it suddenly changed to me heading to this group of people for a speech or something. I was suddenly in a tux,and went with them.
      Then the dream kind of started over,but this time I had to make sure that they DID burn down the factory. Same thing happened all the way to the building. And suddenly it's that group I'm supposed to be in for the speech thing again. But instead of wearing a nice tux,I was in some kinda ugly jacket. So as we were walking on stage my arms were crossed to cover it,and an emblem on it.

      And that's all I remember.
    15. Lobstergeddon

      by , 11-03-1972 at 03:15 PM
      Night of November 3, 1972. Friday.

      This dream has a very eerie atmosphere and there is almost a sense of nausea in-dream at a couple points. Human civilization will be challenged by a possible “end of the world” scenario, but it only means that most people will have to go into hiding and have far more secure homes. This involves something to do with smaller white lobsters.

      At one point, I walk over a mostly featureless landscape to the northwest although there is a small library in the region. I see a couple downward-half-sphere holes in the ground (of the type that look like they were made for campfires) that are filled with small white lobsters but I am not sure if they are alive. They seem randomly “piled” on top of each other.

      Tina L (a female classmate around my age, perhaps a few months younger) is at the library. There are sustained moods of tentative fear. For some reason, she has a thicker English accent (recurring). (I am not quite sure why she appeared as such in certain dreams, as I am fairly certain she was American for the most part but she did seem to deliberately try to sound English every now and then.) There are only a couple white lobsters in the library so far, on a couple of the shelves about four feet up from the floor.

      We need to escape from the area due to there being more and more of these small white lobsters which may have a disease or pose some other sort of threat. There is this very clear idea that we will be able to escape sooner than everyone else and eventually leave (with the promise of being “safer than anyone else”). However, as we go easterly, we are blocked by an extremely deep canyon running north/south. Looking down, the canyon is so deep, that the raging river below is only barely visible. In real life, though, there would be no such land features in Florida.