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    1. Ah, Signs of Life

      by , 06-07-2017 at 12:49 AM (The Secret Life of Demons)
      Extremely long story short: I'm a dreamer and I dream with lots of different dreamers, spirits, and entities. I have a very open mind, have lots of relatively cool dreams, but I'm extremely mistrustful and sarcastic. Simply, I don't like most people due to a somewhat higher-than-average intelligence. All this said, here we go:

      3 months ago:
      Nightmares building up to larger nightmares. Not-so-fun lucid dreams.

      2 months ago:
      Captured and residing as a captive in a not-so-fun location. All month long.

      1 month ago:
      Dreams involving a long and painful killing (of me) by my old roommate. At the height of it I was waking up kicking and screaming (so unusual for me).

      Finally feeling like myself. I ate something terrible in dreams three months ago hence I felt pretty lame until now. I had wondered what revived me and brought me back and it seems it was an assortment of things and people. This morning I woke from dreaming (grateful to have uneventful dreams) and thought of DreamViews. I was thinking, perhaps, maybe some of the answers for what I've been up to might be found here. Having found some interesting details, I'm pleasantly surprised. It seems when I'm on the edge of death I reach out to people. Go figure.

      While reaching out it seems there was some kinship involved and I brought somewhat of a mess with me. Just, let me say this: you should've seen the other guy. I was hoping healers would do what they do best and it seems they had. I mean, they exorcised thousands of demons from me years ago, what's one more dark entity?

      Dreams can be insane. They lead to adventures of consciousness which can't always be rationally explained. How does one rationally explain telepathy? How does one explain that I needed to come to DV today? When there's a strong enough need, desire, or intent this is what often allows telepathic communication to occur. I may not like re-connecting (or even connecting) with people, but sometimes when it's life or death it warrants unusual circumstances. Now that things are decent I'm uncertain what's left in terms of adventure. I mean, I've already done quite a bit for a few lifetimes--I'm sorta hoping happiness and enjoyment are in my future. I'm pretty fucking tired of the whole slaying demons thing.

      Speaking of happiness and enjoyment, I'm somewhat interested in dream sharing if anyone is interested in having their sanity challenged.
    2. Taken captive on 2 different planets

      by , 09-29-2016 at 11:47 PM
      I was with a bunch of other people on some unknown planet. We had been taken captive & were frantically bouncing ideas back & forth. All adults no children. Then they transported us yet again to another planet where we started all over again with arguing about how to get the hell out.

      I don't remember having a dream before that I was on another planet, let alone two of them.
    3. I don't want to join the military.

      by , 09-10-2012 at 12:27 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      My first dream last night started out in my back yard. I was holding a radio box about the size of a small T.V.- This dream had to do with the fact that in real life, I registered myself for manditory drafting not too long ago. (Even though even if I am ever to be drafted, I can't ever join the military because of my eye disorder)

      A transmition came through from the U.S. military informing me that a platoon was in route to my house, and I was ordered to read aloud one of my fictional short stories to them. I pushed the communication button and replied, "Uhm... no, I'm not in the military. I'm not gonna do that."

      Right after that, all these transmitions poored in about my federal arrest. Like as if I had just commited treason against the U.S.- they told me the platoon was now on their way to take me in for dissobeying a direct order. I began to panic and went inside my house to tell my wife. I told her and then ran outside to tell my parents, they had just pulled up and gotten out of their car. I hollered at them and told them what was going on, they didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal. My mom pointed out the obvious, that I can't even join the military because of my eye disorder and I ran back inside to say goodbye to my wife. I had no idea how long they intended on taking me. The group of soldiers walked into my yard and began to talk with my parents. I expected the worst. I thought to myself, these guys are probably going to treat me like shit because they think I'm a traitor.
      My parents requested they be informed of what goes on in my case and where I'm going to be put. I sarcastically added "And I request the least amount of bloodshed from hazing on the way there, I'll be right back."
      I had to go pee, and I didn't want to have to go pee while being taken captive. Who knows when I'd get to a restroom. I went in the bathroom... and was to nervous to go. So I kissed my wife, and let the soldiers take me. The next scene was me, somehow transformed into a video game with the rest of that platoon. We were all lions on a two deminsional screen, playing some sort of game on a football field. That game fucking hurt! Seriously, they kept clipping my sides and I could feel the sting. I could tell they didn't like me. I just had to keep pushing my way through. After a while of that, the dream back up back into a personal point of view and I was standing next to a software engineer. I said, "What the hell was that? I didn't understand one bit of what was going on in there."
      He told me that this was a new military software that was testing my psyche, I had to play the game like usual. He told me how to play, I don't remember how but then I understood what was going on, so I went back in as a lion. Somehow, I got a team mate this time. My wife's dad, Mike. We kicked their ass this time. I must say, Mike makes a good lion. I can totally see it.

      After that I was released, my charges were dropped. That's the end.
    4. If it isn't love, it's not worth leaving.

      by , 02-06-2011 at 11:59 PM (Insights from Id)
      I am moving into a new apartment with my family. There are other people living there, a man and his adult son. The son ,whose name is David, is a few years younger than me and attending college. After moving in, I go out onto a walkway that faces a courtyard in the middle of the building. The courtyard is completely filled with water, and it is very deep. The walkway has no guardrails. As I walk, I see my daughter heading for the edge, before I have time to react, David pulls her from the edge. After securing her inside, David and I continue to walk. Suddenly, he pins me to the wall. He leans in to kiss me. I shrug out from under him. "Don't be silly," I say. "I'm married."
      "So what if you are?" he answers.
      "I love my husband." I look at him with sad eyes. I hate hurting people.
      He stops and looks at me. "If I were more fit, had abs and stuff, would you want me?"
      I sigh. "If I were single, I'd give you a chance, but anything that might be between us is not worth losing him over. I really do love him."
      I continue to walk. As I walk past an open closet. David backs me into it and closes the door. He pins me again and starts to kiss my neck. I push him off of me. "You just don't get it, do you?" I look at him angrily, my eyes demanding an answer.
      He looks defeated. "I'm sorry. I'll stop."
      I try to open the door, but it is locked. I bang on the door and scream, but nobody seems to hear. I decide that nobody is coming, so I sit on the floor next to the door. I see a figure drawn on the door (I don't remember what it was) and markers in a case affixed below it. I begin to color in the figure. I am almost done when the door opens. It is my husband. I throw my arms around him, glad to see him and glad to be saved. He pulls me aside. "Did he do anything to you?"
      I glance at David, naked defeat in his eyes. "No, it was an accident," I answer.
      After we all leave the room, I pull David aside. "I'm sorry I had to hurt you," I tell him. "If I had met you first, maybe there could have been something between us, but I love him. I can't lose him."
    5. Succubus

      by , 01-30-2011 at 01:08 AM (Insights from Id)
      Warning: this dream contains graphic sexual content. You have been warned.

      I walk into a room and see a man tied to a padded table, like the ones used in massage parlors. When he sees me, he begins to beg for his life.
      "Please let me go," he says. "I have a wife."
      My clothing shimmers, then disappears. I move my face an inch from his and look deeply into his eyes, hypnotizing him. "By the time I am done, you will not remember your wife."
      I reach over and stroke his partially erect member until it stands straight up, then I climb on top of him and ride my way to climax. As I sit on top of him, shuddering and writhing with my orgasm, I feel him climax right after me. His seed is good. I store it away so I can give myself a child later, when I am ready. I only take some of his life essence. I am not finished with him.
      I stride toward the door, my clothes reappearing. "You will welcome death by the time I am done with you."
      He says something that angers me. I do not remember what. I whirl around and half-run back to him. "You will wish you had not said that." I exclaimed. I untie him, grab him by the hair, and drag him off, but I wake before I can do anything.
      Tags: captive, demon, rape, sex
    6. Prisoner

      by , 01-23-2011 at 12:53 AM (Insights from Id)
      I am locked in a large room with a dozen or so other people. One wall of the room opens to water with a network of docks to walk on, but escape by swimming is not an option. The water near the docks is electrified. Somehow, I know this is some twisted version of a reality TV show. We have to complete challenges. The losers are executed. The winners are set free. At least, that is what we were told.
      I watch with boredom as two people complete some task out on the docks, one young woman and one middle-aged man. It is unclear what they must do. When they are finished, a short woman with long jet black hair comes in the room and summons the two people. They stand directly in front of her, shaking with fear. Inwardly, I roll my eyes. I am humoring my captors, but I am not human and can escape any time I wish. I stay because I want to watch what happens. She asks the two who covered the most area. The young lady claims that she did, and the man looks at her with outrage. The short, black-haired woman brings up a screen on the wall and replays the actions of both the competitors. The young woman has lied; the man has won. The young woman begins to tremble and cry, knowing she is going to meet her death. If only she know that they were both going to die either way...
      I am called upon to complete a challenge, but before it starts, I leap several yards across the water and land outside of the electrified area. I regret not being able to finish the show, but I will not be competing against any pitiful humans today, nor will I suffer their sad attempts to execute me.
    7. Escape: Death Bus, and Escape II: Paddle for your Life

      by , 07-22-2010 at 03:47 PM (exdreamer's Dream Journal)
      Non-Lucid, Lucid, Commentary/Notes, Hypnagogic Hallucinations
      i inner awareness, a action, f form, c context

      Escape: Death Bus

      I was on a bus headed in the direction of my house. I was on the back seat next to the emergency exit. Next to me was N, an old fr-enemy from my school days ( c ). Next to him there was a Chinese man -- some kind of guard I thought ( c ). Walking up and down the bus was another Chinese guard. Also on the bus was C, an old friend also from my school days ( c ).

      I knew we were being held captive by the Chinese military ( c ). Looking around the bus I saw more prisoners and more guards. I knew I wanted to escape ( i ).

      I realised that the emergency exit had not been secured, so I could open it and escape if I dared. The bus was travelling pretty fast. I turned to N and whispered my plan to jump off the moving bus to him. He was hesitant. I felt guilty that C probably wouldn't get off the bus with us due to the exit being blocked by the guard sitting next to N.

      Somehow I managed to open the emergency exit without anyone noticing ( a ). I looked out on to the road. There was a lot of traffic coming in the other direction, and a lot of traffic behind the bus. I felt as thought the bus was moving in excess of 100mph ( c,f ). I closed the door. Nobody had noticed, and the door alarm hadn't gone off, but I didn't find it odd at all. I was afraid to jump, knowing that my chances of survival were slim.

      The bus slowed. A chance to escape had now presented itself. I quickly opened the door and jumped out. N followed me, and somehow C was also able to escape the bus ( c ). We were near the primary school I attended, not too far from my house. I pointed in the direction I thought we should run: towards the railway running along side the school.

      We ran in that direction, followed by a number of the guards. N and C were ahead of me as we reached the houses that back on to the railway. N and C hopped the fence, but I was caught! The guards wanted me to point out where they were running to, but I refused. They made me stand on a bush, which I struggled to do because... it's a bush ( a ). Eventually I stood on it and I could see that C was still there and hadn't run off. He was hiding behind a low wall in the next garden. I didn't know what to do so I just pointed in a random direction and said they had run that way.

      Escape II: Paddle for your Life

      I was on a beach with several other people. We were being pursued ( c ). Quickly we jumped in to the longboats sitting there ( a ). I and some others ended up in the water because there was not room. I held on to the side of one of the boats near the front.

      Our pursuers were in boats behind us despite all the boats having been taken a moment earlier ( c,f ). At this point I noticed that myself and everyone else was dressed as a pirate ( f ). I was afraid that we would be shot at but then realised that nobody had guns ( c ). I looked back and could see some of them had swords. I knew that all we had to do was stay ahead of them and find land to escape.

      Now there was somehow room in the boat and I climbed inside ( f ). The perspective shifted to third person briefly and I was somehow in mental control of the rowing ( i,c ). I remember thinking about it. I realised that everyone had a single oar out of the right hand side of the boat, and I knew that it would just make us go round in circles despite the fact that we seemed to be going straight ( c,f ). I was able to change it so that there was a balance that I thought would produce a straighter heading ( i ).

      Back in first person now, we neared land. It appeared to be a small island with a large walled town on it taking up most of the land ( f ). We landed on the beach and headed for the gates. Most of the others trying to escape must have been captured because there were four of us. Upon reaching the gates, the people inside wouldn't open them for us. The gates were constructed of steel railings but I knew we couldn't squeeze through.

      Myself and the others turned in to twist ties ( f ). Yes, twist ties. and slipped through the bars. Back as a person now, I looked around at the townspeople ( f ). Everything looked like a cartoon ( f ). Thinking on it now, it all looked a bit like the style in the Professor Layton games. The people were just standing there staring at us, expressionless ( c ). It seemed really creepy. I decided to run further in to the town and asked the people not to say which way I had run. Somehow the pursuers had also got through the gates and I turned to see several of them standing there ( c ).