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    1. Crashing

      by , 04-26-2023 at 11:24 PM
      Hi everyone, haven't had a lot of dreams as of late so haven't posted in a while, but here's my best attempt at piecing together last nights one:

      I'm walking around a beach late at night, and only very shortly from the shoreline is a lighthouse, illuminating the dark night air. There's a shallow mist around me, and after watching the waves for a short moment, I turn around and begin walking up these stairs that are surrounded by an immense amount of greenery. At the top there's a restaurant of some sort, but I stop halfway up and turn left to another path through the greenery. This leads me to a black room, where the walls seem to rhythmically pulsate a faint light. In the centre of the room I see a silhouette of two people, a man and a woman. I believe the man is my Dad, but I can't recognise the woman. I stare at them for a few short moments as the walls of the room grow brighter and dimmer around us, before exiting.

      I then end up in a town somewhere, reminiscent of where I lived as a small child. I'm walking down the streets before a friend of mine pulls up and tells me to get in their car. I freak out because they certainly don't know how to drive, but they assure me it's fine, and they seem kind of in a hurry anyways. I climb in the passengers side and ask what they're in a rush for, but I can't remember what they said. Suddenly, something urgent happens and they need me to take over driving for a sec, which freaks me out because I don't know how to drive either! I grab hold of the steering wheel and look over at my friend to see when they'll take over again, but when I look back there's a car in front of us and I swerve into a pole and crash.
      The car is ruined, and it takes a few minutes for me to come back to consciousness, because when I do I look over and my friend's not in the car anymore. I only faintly remember what happens after that, something about them laughing, something about a hot air balloon, I'm not too sure

      I think it's also worth mentioning I've had a few other dreams involving lighthouses as of late, but I don't remember enough to make a post about it. Do lighthouses symbolise anything or am I just a weirdo...
    2. 16 Dec: Try to grift Ronaldo as a teen, car crash and helping a kidnap victim

      by , 12-16-2021 at 09:56 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Back to the past with my parents. We're in Lisbon, at some metro station. Looks brand new although it has the vintage look before modern renovations. We are looking for an exit and go through a door which leads directly to inside a mall. But not the entrance, but to some service corridor on the back of the cinema area. So some lady says we can't be there and tries to push us out. But I find another door on this corridor, which actually leads to the interior of the mall and I pull my parents in. There is an arcade with old videogames and kids playing and my mom spots Ronaldo in his teenage years. She can't resist to go meet him and when she calls him for his name he looks surprised, because he doesn't recognize her. She doesn't explain it either and looks like a creepy old lady. I see an opportunity here and I push my mom aside. I tell him I'd like to talk to him. He is still the ugly teenager who wouln't say no to some good looking lady. So I take him away from the crowd and I slowly tell him that I am from the future and have something important to tell him. At first he thinks I am nuts, so show him my smartphone, trying to impress him, but he dismisses it and actually wants to know more of what I have to say. I tell him he is going to be one of the most famous people in the world and very rich and also look hot, so now I have his attention. I tell him he must follow my tips and do what I know he did in his life (i actually don't know much) so he doesn't miss the opportunities that lead him there. In exchange I only ask for his generosity when he does succeed, to share some of his wealth with me in the future, when I come to him. But he is very distracted, I ask him to repeat to me what I tell him about the teams he'll play on and he keeps messing it up and saying he will work at a post office. He also gets distracted with some lady in a car looking at us and them complains that his shorts are falling down because they're too large. I offer him several strings and pieces of fabric to use as a belt and while he sorts that out, I grab a paper to write bullet points for him. But I keep throwing them away because the text is never what I want. I wake up when I understand it is a dream.

      Getting my car out of a parking lot with my parents inside and I lose control and crash against someone behind us. If it was a small car it would have been crushed, but it is a big van from the Civil Protection services. The driver is upset but keeps calm. My parents come out of the car to mediate. He moves his car to a parking space and I follow him with mine. As I get out of the car, some slender girl bumps into me. She has some black silicone gag in her mouth and zip ties in her hands behind her back and seems to plead for help. She is so thin that I manage to pick her up and carry her in my arms. I take her inside my mom's house which is strangely right there, and I sit her in the kitchen while I cut the zip ties and remove the gag. She can't talk because she is in shock and has dry mouth. I ask mom for water. The guy from the van I hit is also there to help and as everyone tries to do something I ask them to please collect the objects with care and put them in plastic bags as they might have fingerprints for the police. I say I am gonna call the cops and my dad sighs. He says that once again I found something to keep myself busy. I don't understand his remarks since it is not my fault that stuff keep happening to me.
    3. 19-04-15 Car Crash in River, Nuke on Horizon

      by , 04-15-2019 at 04:48 PM
      I was in the passenger seat of a car. A man was driving. Then, he lost control of the car and drove into a river. He told me to brace. I immediately started opening the door, even before the car hit the water, because I knew opening a car door underwater is very hard. I waded to the shore. I looked out at the horizon, and it was beautiful. A gorgeous orange sunset. I knew this was the US, and I wanted to capture this moment before I'd have to go home. I took out my phone and started to take a picture. But then, on that same horizon, I saw what the sunset really was. A massive mushroom cloud rose into the sky. I was like "oh, no" and ran away. I ran through a small town, and yelled at everyone to take cover as a nuke had hit a nearby city. No one believed me, and I was laughed at. Then, I began realizing this wasn't real. I could feel it, like a haze of some sorts. Hard to explain. I told the people that I knew, and they admitted it was all just a dream. A kind of prank. I laughed along with them at this "you got me" moment.
    4. 18-03-22 Elevator Escape, Escort Mission

      by , 03-23-2018 at 07:16 AM
      I was leaving a scene with two others. We got into a small, industrial elevator. I pressed the button (in a hurry, a guy with swords was chasing us I think) but nothing happened. I found a kind of power switch, and set the power from '1' to '2'. The elevator started moving when I tried the button again. I went like "ooooh, yeah!" and high fived the guy next to me.

      Once down to the parking lot, I started collecting guns. Everything was third-person video game style. I picked up a ton of guns, but the people I was supposed to escort had already left without me.

      I went after them, and discovered their pursuers had crashed their car. It was upside down. I thrust my sword through the window, killing everyone inside with one stab. My sword was badly damaged, but whatever. I walked toward the car of my allies, who were swooning over my awesomeness. I was wearing a suit at this point.

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    5. [02-06-2016]

      by , 06-02-2016 at 06:49 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was driving a white car. Everything around was blurred, I hit something and the car's front got utterly destroyed. Then the car turned invisible and I drove in the air. Suddenly it turned into a few planks with wheels.
    6. It's always my fault anyway

      by , 09-20-2015 at 03:01 PM (Here be dragons)
      Got one hell of a insomniac episode and ended up waiting for sunrise browsing youtube with a very sleepy Eli. He conviced me to try sleeping around 5-6 am and I walked out of bed with a cotton mouth around 10.

      I'm with my mom and my little sister in my new mom's car, in the center of my town. It's reasonably sunny and the streets are moderatly busy, but there's roadworks everywhere so we need to find another way to go home. We ended up finding a little, less used street around town, with dingy bush around it and a lot of dirt and dust. The only problem is that someone put an automated gate on it. I get out of the car and open the gate, but my mother take forever and a half to start the car back up, because she's chatting away with my sister. I have to put myself against the gate to it doesn't close again, and it keep hitting my hip trying to close. Luckily it's mostly a metallic mesh over a flimsy frame, so it's more annoying that anything. The car finally start moving, and because the road is very narrow, the wheel go by so close to my feet that I feel the road dipping under the weight of the car.
      Later, we recieve the owner of the automated gate, a brown haired, scraggy woman who angrily tell us that we fucked up her gate and that will be very costly to repair. My sister promptly tell her that that is all my fault. because is it.
      We're all back in the car, going to a unclosed parking space where a market is taking place. As we're getting inside, my mother turn around completly on her seat and start chattering with my sister again, and despite my more and more fratic call, she keep the car going and we drive right in a shelf full of small blue boxes. We all get out of the care and this is again all my fault. Because of course it is. We start picking things up with the help of a blonde haired woman, the blue boxes are now colorful vegetables, it's a mess. Somewhere during all this I'm lost one of my shoes, a bright red slipper. I see it in the garden catastrophe and take it, but it transform into a brown, dirty, dusty thing that propably was a shoe in a past life. My real slipper is in a basement close by, but the entryway is very narrow and I'm afraid I won't be able to get out of it. I beg my sister to retrieve it for me, and she take a sweet ass time accepting.

      Strangely enough, I have a very good relationship with both my mom and my sister. Grated, they do call me all the time to tell me about all their problems... or, for my sister, when she's bored and want some company.
    7. Late for school and major car crash

      by , 03-31-2015 at 12:55 PM
      6:30 AM. 3/31/2015
      I arrived at school. I was in my math class and we were doing this impossible math trivia game on our phones. When I stood up I realized that I was not wearing any pants. I was only wearing my black underwear and a green shirt. Somehow, I ended up at home where I put on my pants and remembered to put on my contacts. I knew we were running late to school so I ran downstairs hoping that I hadn't missed my ride. I ran outside and looked around. My sister's car was there empty. My Mom was standing out by her truck that was parked in our neighbor's driveway. I thought this was weird because I knew she was supposed to be at work. I hopped in a car with my 12 year-old sister driving (Grace). While she was driving I was trying to put in a new pair of contacts but the contacts got really old and crusty before I got them completely in my eye. On the way there we passed 2 people that I know. Grace then started messing around and tried to press the brakes. Then, the I realized that the brakes were not working and I started to freak out because there was a sharp turn coming up. When we hit the curve, we didn't turn enough and ran straight over the curb. We flew over the curb and kept going. I tried to straighten the steering wheel to no avail. Grace looked over at me and gave me a little smile. We then proceeded to head left towards a giant patch of trees. I continued to try to steer the car away from the trees. We ended up driving straight past the trees and over a cliff that I didn't know was there. The fear in that moment of the dream is what woke me up. When I woke up, I jolted and sat up quickly. But then, I reached for my laptop to start typing this in my dream journal.
    8. School Meeting, Choices, Basketball Game, and Breaking Bones

      by , 12-22-2014 at 03:35 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Bedtime: 9:00

      Wake: 3:30
      Late for a Meeting and a lot of Friends
      I am in the cafeteria at school. Our science class is having a meeting during lunch that we have to be at. I see Camden at the food line after everyone has already gotten their food. I see some scraps of food on the ground next to the lady you buy your food from. I go up to him and talk to him, glad that I finally can talk with him again. I realize I have to get to my meeting and I rush to the middle of the downstairs portion of the cafeteria. There are steps leading down to the bottom of a rectangular room and a door is on my right. I enter and everyone else is already there. I am worried that I’m late and my teacher looks at me disapprovingly. I am then in the back of a truck going up a steep hill at night time. We are heading to someone’s cabin. We pull in front of it and there are lights on inside and a bunch of other people are there. When I walk in, people are sitting at the table eating and there is a cat running around and I’m chasing it.

      Wake: 5:17
      Sexual Choices
      There is some sort of advertisement at my middle school and to win I have to do it with a sister of a girl I know. I don’t want to do it but for some reason it’s really hard to resist. I am then in the basement of the school at the library, which is a classroom. We are getting a tour of all our classes. There are pedestal type things around the room for us to stand on while we listen to the teacher. SH throws his phone over the teacher’s head to another girl standing behind the teacher. I somehow know what the text SH sent says. It was telling the girl to masturbate. The teacher scolds SH for sending the text telling her to do that.

      Wake: 8:00
      Car Crash after Leaving School for Basketball
      I am in my brother's care and we are driving to lunch. Me and a teammate got out early because we have a basketball game later that day. My brother pulls into an intersection and drifts. I smile and hope that my friend is impressed so he’ll think I’m cooler, but I also think how dumb my brother is to drive like that and I know we are going to get into a car crash. I think about commenting on how cool the drift was, but I look back and realize my mom is now in the car, so I'm glad I didn't say how cool the drift was. We are then at another intersection and my brother is going straight but another car comes from the side and we hit them in the back. I wonder why they didn't stop to avoid hitting us. Our car and their car continues and we both pull into the parking lot of the restaurant ahead. It is in a desert like area and the restaurant is a wooden shack. The sign is very tall and has a yellow outline with red letters and it’s situated in the parking lot. The dude that we hit gets out of the car and apologizes. I am then in the restaurant and my mom is there. She has a book on a computer and she shows it to me. I had already seen it before and it is about a psychotic killer and I thought it was weird that she actually enjoyed it. I thought that she would say that it wasn't appropriate. Then I am in a dark basketball gym and we are playing against another team. There are a bunch of spectators standing on the court and watching and I am wondering how we could play in this cramped space. Everyone is messing around and I am getting mad because I want to try and get better. The coaches take our entire group out and put me in because the other group wasn't trying. I am glad I wasn't in the other group because I knew even if I would've been trying, I would have still been taken out because the rest of the guys weren't trying so they wouldn't have seen me trying. I am on defense and I look at the windows and think that this is a perfect scenario for a zombie apocalypse and if it happened we would be done for because it’s pitch black. I become a little scared but forget about it. Then I start trying hard and I get a steal (and I think take it down for a layup). Then I am driving in my car back home and I am on a desert type rode next to a gas station. I notice my car is out of gas and I check and there is a symbol on my dashboard that is showing it’s out of gas. For some reason I am looking at it from the passenger side of the car so I can’t see it clearly. I double heck it and then a truck drives by and I tell them to stop. A dude comes out and says he’ll pay for my gas. We get the car to the pump and start filling it up. I am then sitting inside the gas station and talking with him and another guy. They are asking me questions like they know me, and I realize I recognize them. I am trying to think about where I've seen them before and am about to ask them but the dream ends.

      Breaking Bones over Bad Calls
      I am in the bleachers of my high school watching a basketball game. We are in the corner section nearest to the entrance. My grandpa keeps on disagreeing with the ref’s calls and he is breaking bones over it. He got so mad he pushed his thumb into a bleacher and it snapped. On one call, he belly flopped into the ground. The game is then over and there is a little kid walking out and my friend and I mess around with him because we are buddies. My parents come over and my mom is trying to fix grandpa up and she is worried about his broken thumb.
    9. Getting Annoyed, Working With the Joker, and Being Hunted by Vampires

      by , 10-30-2014 at 04:57 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1
      I was in my bathroom and two other kids from my school who I know were there. I got into the shower and they kept on messing around and I was getting really annoyed with them, because they were keeping me from showering. I was then in the courtyard of my high school and I was talking to a girl trying to get her to do something again.

      Dream 2
      I was like the arrow, but I wasn't him. I went to the Joker’s office and had my assistant schedule an appointment. We purposely set off an alarm so we knew exactly where all of the security stuff was. The guard at the front checked us over and when we got through my assistant looked at a computer to see where things were. I was in the Joker’s office and it was like any other plain office. There was a plant on the table. I was trying to get him to help me or something. Then I was on Hawaii on vacation. I was out boating and we came up next to a very large island. The island had a cliff that dropped straight down, so you couldn't get onto it, and it was lush with tropical forest. There had been a boat that crashed and people were stranded in the sea. Our boat crashed and I had to swim to an island out a ways to stay alive. It was barely out of the water and pure black. There were other people on it. Then A plain flew over us and shot some bullets. I saw on the side of the plain it said F.I.E.N.D, which stood for something about America and tax. Then I was riding a four-wheeler in a construction type area and there are lots of jumps to go off. The four-wheeler is too tiny for me though. I call the Joker up while going through a dark alley and ask him for help, and I think he finally agrees. I hang up and do one last circle before heading back to the highway. I look at the ground and the dirt is moving by itself. I think an animal is under it. I can’t go on the highway because cars keep on coming. Finally, one stops for me but it gets hit. When I pull out onto the highway, the ambulance and police come and I have to stop too. I see a few people get out of the car involved in the crash, and I know it was their job to keep me from getting away so they got into a crash on purpose. I see Insisidus written on the side of the car. (Lik Insidious but spelled wrong) Then they suddenly have an RV and are staying on the side of the road. They are vampires and the guy’s daughter wants blood but since I was around she drank what normal people drink. I then look up something on the internet, what I think the movie was called. And lots of scary pictures show up.
    10. One eventful walk

      by , 10-12-2013 at 06:18 PM
      Ok I guess my dreams are starting to become more memorable now

      The first thing I remember is that I'm walking down a street right outside my neighborhood, I think I went to this park and I'm on my way back when I see this car crash between three cars. One of the cars keeps plowing into another and the car starts bending inwards and the guy inside is almost crushed. Then the other car pulls away and I go down to help the guy. He apparently doesn't need help and gets out of the car himself. Then the next thing I know it somehow changes to night and the intersection is huge and everyone is stopped at all 4 sides of the intersection. The guy that got out of his car is messing with one of the street lights and using it to weigh his car somehow. While this is happening I see this attractive girl dressed really nice carrying champagne, shes probably a server or something. For some reason me and the girl and a bunch of other people our age start running back towards my neighborhood. I start running backwards so I can talk to the girl face to face and I forget the exact words but I asked her something and she had a rejectful answer. So I just showed off lol and ran a lot faster than everyone else to get home, I kept trying to tell myself to go faster but I was already going so fast.
    11. 09292013AM Lamborghini Have Murci On Me

      by , 09-29-2013 at 04:54 PM
      I am in a parking lot filled with white rocks and there are many beautiful black cars sitting out. There are trees and grass dispersed into the background. Behind the cars, there is a huge white, aluminum building. I see a guy in a black suit and begin to talk to him. I say,” I am just waiting on my client to get here”. He says,” next time, just so you know, you don’t have to wait for them to get here. We will take care of everything.” I say thank you, and tell him I will remember that next time… I am in a car and she is in the car I was in. She drives out on the road and I follow her. She was not supposed to drive away. We get into some extreme traffic and I am in front of her. I say what does… say? And she replies …overboard…. And her car turns upside down and flies over the traffic… I see her land in the ocean, and then I see her car driving across thee water… I am back where I began… I am in a car and I am trying to drive to the track that is on the property… I ask a guy if I can drive on the track and he replies yes, but it’ll cost an arm if I ding it any… I drive toward the track, but am suddenly driving through my old back yard, entirely too fast. I smash into my garage and try to back up. In doing so I smash the rear of the car against my house. I zoom toward my fence… I am in a monologue, something about how I hit a bird and ate it for breakfast… I have opened the fence and there is a dead bird, next to some scrambled eggs. Someone across the street yells, “is the bird dead”. And I reply yes.
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    12. 2013 September 3 and 4

      by , 09-05-2013 at 11:32 PM
      September 3: I saw one station wagon go by and later I saw a blue one go by while I stood on the porch and I recall the man driving it was wearing a T shirt and was shaven and had short hair.

      Also, There were plants around the porch like there are in waking life.

      September 4:

      1: Mother's car; I think I was in the car driving with her at the wheel and I think Aunt Bonnie was in the car at one point too. At one point we got off an interstate which was supposed to be near Natrona Heights but the intersections were similar to the place where Rt. 322 meets Rt. 36 near I-80. Somewhere there was mention of Pap being dead. Mother crashed into the front grille of a parked 80s Ford sedan that looked similar to an 80s Caprice Classic and pulled back, Later going on a road similar to Rt. 28 and then later the car crashed and as she was on the ground on dirt in a garden; She was desperately trying to keep a plant alive while rescue workers were around her.

      > Untold as of this time. Do I recall it?

      > In room with people and products that are detrimental; Some spiritual people said products like "Stay Idiot" were saying "Stay Stupid" and weren't nice. (Edit, 15/Jan/2015: I agree!) Then I saw an Asian man standing with his back to a column but facing the exit door and the employees tried to kill the customers and numbers popped up on some people prior to their deaths. I went to the left side of the room (Left as compared to if you were just walking in) and got behind one employee near a cash register and used him as a shield after I removed the blade from his hand, Then I went out the exit with him. After I let him go by pushing him away with my foot I saw a number pop up on his head as he fell to the ground (Dead, I think) and I told the other people who were leaving and who were ahead of me to run, And there was an explosion behind us and then I saw an older couple in their 50s in their bed and the bearded husband brought a sword out from under the covers. Who goes to bed with a sword under the sheets?

      > Talking to Kurt Cobain who was in the dining room; He didn't talk much at first even when talked to. I asked him something then he didn't respond as he wrote something on a piece of paper that might have been on a clipboard. My Father was sitting at the computer and Kurt was closer to the door to the kitchen which is where I stood. I think I became somewhat lucid at this point as I said I realized I was dreaming and Kurt said something in response to that. A bit after that I asked him something "If it's OK with you" and he answered on subject of Nirvana, Saying they weren't all that good and talked about the sincerity of the music. (And quite frankly, I'm not much of a Nirvana fan anymore either! But I did hope to dream of Kurt in the last few weeks prior to this dream.)

      > Sewer Shark. I played it twice in this dream but it was not the same as in the video game and one run took seven mintues or was supposed to, And the game was different in the dream than the in-waking-life video game is.

      > Near end: Walking at flea market. I awoke to a dream of walking around at the Hazen, PA flea market and my Father was there. I walked ahead a lane and then back to be with my Father, And we then started picking up change as a sedan car was behind him and someone commented on something.

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    13. 8/8/13 - oi

      by , 08-08-2013 at 08:24 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm just standing in the kitchen faced the window, my sister is in the living room sitting on the recliner watching the television, when suddenly my mom appears beside me, she looks like she's trying to hide something, I joke around with her an nudge her but when I do she groans and says something is stuck in her throat, I roll my eyes thinking she is over exaggerating like usual or it's just a piece of ice that will melt as usual. But she continues to complain in panic so I begin to panic and take her seriously, she opens her mouth and tells my sister to look who by now has walked over to see why my mom was wigging. My sister says it's a tongue piercing, and then my mom walks over to the sink with a nervous caught smile. I ask her why the fuck she got her tongue pierced, and she wouldn't tell me. Then she realizes it's her tongue, it's swollen so she takes the barbell out of her tongue, and walks away to fake do something, I later tell her she'd better put the barbell back in if she doesn't want the hole to shut, she panics at this revelation and starts unscrewing the jewelry to put it in, I tell her to put the unthreaded one in so it won't irritate her fresh wound but she ignores my instruction, and I can tell she is having difficulties getting the jewelry in, she pushes on it very hard and I hear a loud pop noise, and she makes a loud cry of pain but continues, I examine what the noise was and realize she has a knife trying to assist her and that at first I thought she cut off a bit of her neck, but I realize she chopped off her whole ear. I yell to that she's chopped her entire ear off, she drops what she was doing and all three of us begin to panic, I yell to my sister to get some ice as I am getting small plastic bags, then my mom chopped both her pointers fingers off for no fucking reason as though oh well she already lost her ear, so I'm trying to put enough ice in three bags to put her ear and fingers in so we can take them to a hospital, but the ice keeps melting, especially in the ear bag, now they're rushing me and waiting at the door but I feel compelled to get every last bit of ice out of the freezer, and I do then we run out side, but I run back to my room real quick to grab proper pants so I don't go in lounge pants, and I'm just as annoyed as they that I am wasting time, but I finally run to the car and we drive down the main road of our city and I tell her that we should go to that dinky hospital that is just a little ways from here and that if they don't have the resources I'm sure an ambulance can take her to the big hospital that's city away, and suddenly my mom starts to drive in a dirt field to cut off a corner, and I hope there's no cops, but as we near the other street I see a cop but they didn't see us, then I see another cop and she too didn't see us, and then multiple cops drive by and we somehow avoid them all until the last cop swerves onto our side of the street and crashes into us head on.
    14. Fun on a Bridge

      by , 05-01-2013 at 11:01 AM
      Morning of May 1, 2013. Wednesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children (although the oldest is eighteen) are in a matte silver bus (late 1950s-early 1960s) parked just beyond a large bridge (which is somewhat like a suspension bridge and sparsely covered), still somewhat on the road. It is possibly my father’s old bus he used in real life for a music studio, which was purchased from a church and had a small balcony at the rear and had most of the passenger seats removed. I have a sense that there may be some trouble (such as police officers, escaped convicts, or both). I look out the right windows and down and see a couple cars. Looking closer, I see there are two 1936 Ford Phaetons close to the right side of the bus, one parked behind the other (aligned to the bus), of a very deep blue, almost black, and very shiny and well-cared for. Ahead, also to the right, but more off the road, is another one. This one has a chauffeur standing just outside the door on the left. He is dressed somewhat like a jockey from the 1940s, but a bit more stylish and with more balanced (matching), darker colors.

      Zsuzsanna and I decide to leave the bus and look around. I notice that both sides of the road just beyond the bridge are partially blocked (about half on the road, half off); on the right by our bus, and on the left, yet a couple more Ford Phaetons of a darker color (so there are five in all - possibly representing our five children, and the one with the chauffeur - for our baby - or oldest son?

      As we are standing there on the bridge in a very peaceful state, my wife and I notice that a massive green algal bloom is covering much of the bridge, road surface, and river’s surface, yet it has an odd “fresh”, “clean” and almost foamy feel to it.

      A car (bluish-to-greenish-gray 1990 Lincoln) comes zigzagging and spinning (in slow motion) into our area from the other direction, going from one side of the bridge to the other in various out-of-control patterns. The car is also covered with green algae and slime; even over the windows so that the driver cannot see (the windshield wipers are not going, either). This does not seem unusual (compared to the typical real-life drivers in this region; one had even crashed into our house once and another at a different time into the church across the street, and there are “near-misses” all the time). I decide that perhaps the other cars should be moved out of the way (there is also a vacuum cleaner sitting just outside the bus, which I move out of the way).

      However, the 1990 Lincoln swerves violently (though it could have easily went between the other vehicles if the road was not so slippery or if the driver had control), and somehow (before reaching the area the bus and cars are) knocking out a seeming support column of the bridge as well as the side of the walkway. It then goes straight off and plunges into the water, quickly sinking completely, starting at about a forty-five degree angle. There are no escape attempts, so I guess the occupants drowned (similar to one of my last dreams where a car went off a bridge into the water). Soon, the green algae areas flow back again, covering the watery surface’s “hole” the car had made in their growth.

      “Very interesting,” I say during the sinking of the car.

      There is then a bit of enhanced “roaring” silence, then; insects, birds, a slight breeze rustling the trees, etc

      “That was nice”, says my wife sincerely, almost romantically.

      “Mmm-hmm”. I agree and nod slowly. I look back, hoping to see more fools drive off the bridge and make a big splash, but there is no more traffic this way. I notice that there was additional damage to the bridge, in that part of it is tipped and broken away. Instead of making a slight attempt at the short jump to get back to our bus, I tell my wife we should just walk around via the other route, which may take five or ten minutes. I wake.

      Although this dream was not precisely precognitive, I did see something similar on the news in real life later; a longer special-imaging video of some sort (from a police helicopter) showing people driving and spinning all over the road as a policeman talked about stopping such people. As I sat watching this video, watching the car go all over the road, onto the footpath, etc. and spinning around for what seemed like ages (and much of it was in slow motion), it did feel like my dream. I even almost expected to see one go off a bridge and into the water, but none did.

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    15. 4/16/13 - I knew I Liked Sharks For A Reason

      by , 04-17-2013 at 04:42 AM
      I'm walking through an underwater cave. It looks like the 'Shark Encounter' at Sea World. There are large glass windows every few feet but there are no fish to be seen. I pick up my pace and see a really bright exit to the cave. I exit the cave and take in my surroundings. It's beautiful. There is a huge body of water surrounded by the circular cave walls. The water is crystal clear and there is a huge water fall. The cave walls are shades of beige and brown and orange. The walls are covered in bright green ivy and gorgeous flowers of every color. I jump into the pool and swim around happily for a few minutes. The water is warm. I look up from where I jumped and notice that the edge has risen, and it's now a high cliff. I think nothing of it and continue enjoying my swim. Suddenly I feel a current under my feet, as if something big were swimming underneath me. I look down into the water and see two large, dark figures. They swim to the surface in a matter of seconds. Two Great White sharks appear, their heads out of the water. They both look at me. They are the biggest I've ever seen and lovely to look at. They are a steel grey on top and pure white on their bellies. Their eyes are pitch black but soft in appearance, as if they are looking at me in fondness. I smile and pet both of their heads and they lean into the touch happily. I start swimming again, both of the sharks at my side. I feel safe with them. Not five minutes later I stop, a sudden fear grabbing me. I look at both of the sharks and they look extremely angry. The three of us look up to the cliff and hear the roar of an engine. A an orange bug speeds to the edge of the cliff and stops. A man gets out of the car and looks directly at me. I don't like him and I know he means to hurt me. I cower against the sharks. They both nuzzle my sides and swim with me to the far wall. Steps appear behind me there, so I climb them and sit on a small patch of grass and flowers. I pet the sharks and smile. They swim back to the center of the pool. The man gets back into the car and backs up. He then speeds right over the cliff with the intent to hit me with his car. He lands right in the center of the pool. As soon as the car hits the water, he's out and trying to swim towards me. I panic but then see that the sharks are going after him. A huge whirlpool shows up and the man is caught in it. It flings him in circles like a rag doll. One of the sharks get caught in it too and I immediately jump in the water to save it. I reach out my hand and grab the shark's fins, pulling it out of the whirlpool. Both sharks come to my side and we swim to the opposite side of the cave. Just as I touch the wall, I look behind me and the man is flung into the cave wall next to the water fall. I can hear his bones crack and blood goes everywhere, turning the water around him red. I breathe a sigh of relief and put my arms around the sharks.
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