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    1. liii.

      by , 10-17-2018 at 12:35 AM
      Non-dream stuff - woke up between 8 and 9:00. Some non-lucid dreams but only made note of a final part of one in the morning.

      Dream fragment:

      Was at some sort of compound, it was mostly a ground-level structure/building. The day was cloudy, shadows were diffuse.

      The ending of the dream was in a huge parking lot, like ones at some airports I suppose. My dad was driving a van like the dad of my partner (H) has. Dad drove up near me and I think I was talking to him or my mom on the phone as he got close. I saw H walking, at the opposite end of the parking lot. I got in the van and asked dad to pick H up. I think I got in the back of the van and it was crammed with boxes and stuff, making it a bit dark in the back. I remember being able to see the cabin from there.

      H spotted us and started coming our way. Dad drove toward two parked cars with a space between them (with the intent of parking there?). H was walking into that space and dad advanced with the van but H fooled around making funny faces and walking backwards as dad approached.

      Some notes:
      • My partner's behaviour was the sort of goofy thing he does sometimes.
      • My dad doesn't (and never has?) have a van.
      • I think my mom was in the van too, sitting next to my dad in the front. But I don't remember clearly.
      • It probably would have been a good idea to question the reality of things solely based on the fact I got in the back of the van like that, as it was unsafe, really. But added to that, although my parents have visited us (ish, we went to them, they visited the country) fairly recently, it is not likely they would come over again so soon.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 50.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5(maybe there's something else to score but I'm so tired at the moment, I'm happy with this)

      = Total score thus far: 50.5
    2. xxxix.

      by , 09-19-2018 at 11:46 AM
      Non-dream stuff - I have a lucid fragment, that occurred at an unknown time. Then, just a non-lucid dream that I've forgotten details on.

      Lucid fragment:
      It was dim. I see my left hand and count 6 fingers, the extra finger being conjoined with the pinky or ring finger. I have a brief realisation that I'm dreaming, visually the dream starts to disappear into darkness and it feels like I bump into something, and then just the nothingness of unconsciousness until the next dream memory.

      Dream fragment:
      I remember arriving at a street with my partner, in the car. I suggest we park on some spots close to these terraced houses on the street. The layout is a bit like a corner but it makes more sense in the dream context than it would in waking life. The bit I suggested we park the car on, turns out is for disabled only. In the dream I remember thinking that I really need to do something to get that sorted out, the thought felt like it was more conscious than other parts of the dream.

      We park somewhere else a bit further and then I remember approaching the terraced houses, and one of them is actually a bank, and I bought that specific one, apparently. The house door was 60 something, and in the dream context I notice or remember that a friend of ours who's been staying over with us, is living over at door 57, which is around the corner, which again doesn't make sense in a real layout, since it technically would be a different street, the numbers shouldn't add up like that.

      I remember being inside the bank-turned-house and noticing glass with red painted stripes, as with a particular bank, and for some reason the house is connected directly to another one that was also from the same bank but hadn't been sold. I remember turning something on or looking for something to eat and feeling like it was odd that I could see a bank agent across the way.

      In the dream I was satisfied with how the house looked, though it was pretty bare; mostly shiny tiles and glass.

      Later on in the dream I remember walking with my partner again, over some sort of low roof (less than a story high), which was used as a public bridge or something. My mom was at the opposite end, sitting with her legs crossed; as we got closer she looked at me and smiled and told me something. I remember people going past us on the left, using the "bridge". It was day-time through the entire dream, but at first it was cloudy and then it must have been less cloudy near the end because there were more bright streaks.

      No notes for now, feeling quite tired.
    3. xxx.

      by , 08-27-2018 at 10:35 AM
      Non-dream stuff - woke up earlier than 10 a couple of times but got up at about 10:10. Was having a non-lucid but some details are missing.

      I remember that this was the start of a transition between two dreams, and I was walking to a gravel car park. It was day, and I had a backpack, full of stuff, whatever it was. Then in the car park were two of my old school friends. At first they didn't notice me because of the distance, but I hoped they would because they were walking away from the car park in my general direction but I also wanted to leave my backpack in their car.

      As I approached, I remember I was struggling with walking; it felt like it took a long time to get to them and they had at least spotted me. They walked back a few paces with me to their car, which looked like the car my dad has in waking life. One of my friends opened the boot and I dumped my heavy black backpack in there, remembering I still had some lessons that day, so I took out a couple of my pencil cases, ones which in waking life I use to keep pens and pencils separately and that I've always used.

      Then there was either a transition or it was implied we walked somewhere else.
      We were in an old building, ruined. There were more people, and now this was some sort of game. Me and my two friends ran out of the building first and it looked like it was some sort of hunger games/battle royale thing, so the three of us had an advantage for getting out first and we went through areas of a ruined city. I remember seeing our health numbers, 64, 40 something and another. I spotted some monkeys or something and decided to make them friendly with us; my friend asked what the point was, and I explained that as the other people came by, the monkeys would attack them and weaken them, without putting us at risk.

      Then the rest of the groups started arriving in a scattered manner. I grabbed a stone and watched each person cautiously. Many of them went by ignoring me, running and looking for things to use. I went past a girl with a dog, that initially was on a lead, and then the lead vanished. The girl went one direction down some steps and the dog went another direction, where I came from.

      Then there was some sort of flat area lower from where I had been, and everyone was here now. In a way it was like people had a short field of vision, like they couldn't see how close I was, like how ridiculous stealth can be in some video games. I remember the stone I held was limestone square cobble; it had a very sharp edge. I slashed a girl on her naked back and prowled away; the girl became complaintative to the rest of the people something like "how am I going to win now?!" with some sort of moody attitude.

      The slash I'd inflicted on her was quite deep along the spine, but in retrospect she didn't seem to struggle or feel too much pain about it. I remember as I prowled around the area that these people all looked like former classmates or were simply random dream characters. My two old friends, I couldn't spot anywhere.

      Then I remember I cut two other people, on their shoulders and arms. Not as serious, more like scratches. I seem to remember either everyone was naked or something. I think this was inconsistent in the dream.

      Then there was a group of 5 or 6 older adults, in their 40s, 50s, 60s. They stood straight and graciously at one end of this area and one, a white, large lady, barked some complaints she had about something. Another, a black man, disagreed with her and said something about mental illness, and the reality of it. The comments were all related to the "game".

      • In this dream sequence, my old school friends would probably have been the best cue for RCing. I have not seen or spoken to them in several years now.
      • I think that to make the monkeys friendly with us I had given them something they could eat, though I can't remember what.
      • Through the whole second part of the dream I was mostly calm but in that mode where one observes everything very carefully as if anyone could be a threat. It's a basic instinct feeling, which is not surprising given the dream's context.
      • I'm not sure why I cut the others with less force than that first girl; I remember the cut on her spine looked a vivid red. I think I felt like perhaps I'd caused too much harm, even if I should be concerned about my own "survival". I could have just killed any of them, but I didn't, and I don't know why.
      • I think the man at the end was making a point that conflict could make us mentally ill. That's how I felt about it, somehow.

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    4. Old Mate Robot (31.7.15)

      by , 08-01-2015 at 08:35 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Old Mate Robot
      At a Shopping centre. I see Dennis, and try to avoid him. I see Brodie, and seem to be talking to him from a distance.

      Im standing around in a car park. I'm at my old house, laying down on my front lawn. I see Roberts sis walk over to dons, with one of her friends. Someone tells me robot is coming. He greets us with weird hand shake. He Pretends to root dads hand.

      I'm in a car park and I'm spying on robot playing on computer. I thought he may be wanking. He's playing game that's soccer as I see reflection. He's playing against another guy. I got confused, as I thought robot was the other guy. Other guy has a girl with him. I tell robot about seeing his sis and that I jokingly liked her. I sense he's not happy with it. I cOntinue to stir him up. Dave thinks I'm gay. I try to prove to him that I am straight. I wipe ass with toilet paper then put in bag, then wipe it onto clothes.

      Dream Fragments
      1. Flashing dick in front of girl. Is bigger then normal or just looks it from my view

      2. I let my dog sleep under my blankets

      3. Some of my walls on coc are pink.
    5. Soldier Activity

      by , 07-24-2015 at 09:09 AM
      Morning of July 24, 2015. Friday.

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar area with no clear associations in conscious afterthought of exactly where it could be, which is fairly rare for me. I do seem to have some hold on directional orientation, though whether it is implied to be America or Australia would change the present orientation. I will assume it to be America, though I do not focus closely on any cars (that is, what side the driver’s side is on) that would tell me of the country.

      As such (American orientation, otherwise all the compass directions can be assumed to be reversed), I would be going due north along a causeway, on a sidewalk on the east side of the road. There are not that many buildings though it does seem like an area near city center. It might, in fact, be Chicago (south of main urban areas), though at a later point, vaguely reminds me of Third Street in La Crosse (though the car park would be rotated ninety degrees if such is the case).

      I am walking along not that briskly but carrying my youngest daughter (age two) Isabelle, which seems somewhat strange, as I do not see other members of my family anywhere. The back story, though I am not certain, seems to relate to trying to get away from some sort of military conflict (unsure with who) or very vaguely (in the back of my mind) some sort of less serious (local) natural disaster - though the weather seems nice and I do not hear any gunfire or explosions. However, it may also be just a military exercise (even if to make veterans feel more “comfortable” about their past), as it feels more like such just before my dream ends. I am not that clear-headed in-dream, so am not sure about (or focused on) the status of other family members. It seems to be perhaps around two in the afternoon or later.

      About six soldiers (including possibly veterans) of about three generations jog on the opposite side of the street and they are going in the opposite direction. I wave at one of them assertively (with my right hand held up) and he starts to wave back. He seems about twenty years old or younger. However, as I wave, my hand “automatically” (absentmindedly) forms the V-shaped “peace” sign. The soldier’s wave becomes less assertive and falls back incomplete as if he thinks I might be an unusual character and not patriotic at all. I feel slightly unsure about what I have done (though only vaguely foolish) in signing “peace” to what is likely a military exercise. I do not notice any other civilians anywhere or any cars in motion. I feel vaguely embarrassed about possibly having just annoyed him (or even distracted him) instead of just a harmonious “hello”, though it is not exactly embarrassment but something else.

      Finally, I turn to go west into a car park for some reason (of at least two storeys). However, I soon realize that there is probably no feasible way to come out the other side (though I am unfamiliar with the layout). Not only that, I do not like the presence of dust and sand (and do not want to go through it with my child), which seems to be carried in the air at times by a mild breeze and creates a very vivid essence of “real” particulates in the air (though I am not lucid). This sparse cloud of particulates is higher and more on the level of the second storey of the car park beyond the ramp I am ascending. I turn around to go back out. Still carrying my daughter, I notice another small group of the military jogging up the ramp towards me to my left (though I do not detect any danger behind me, though I had not seen much of that section of the car park that they are apparently jogging to). I am annoyed that it may be more difficult to go that direction now, feeling somewhat “blocked”, even though there seems plenty of room to get past them (this reminds me of another dream concerning an approaching truck that was only partially rendered at first, which had clear precognitive connections with another dreamer). From here, my dream fades.

      Update on same afternoon: This dream seemed to be the usual remote-viewing or precognition at very high precision, as I had this dream before reading an e-mail that unknowingly implemented this dream almost like a scenario representing the e-mail itself - concerning military preparedness, veterans, exercises, and their dreams. (I had no idea or prior “clue” that I would be getting this particular e-mail content.) More curiously, yet coincidentally, the first thing I see on tumblr when I post this dream is an image of a cat with “peace was never an option” above its head; typical synchronicity I have had all my life. This came after I already had a vague association that the solider that began to wave in this dream and stopped upon seeing my peace sign was somehow some sort of “continuity” of Tiger the cat in one of my last dreams. Of course, this level of detail cannot possibly be coincidence (especially continuously over almost fifty years), but then, what is it exactly? (That was just a rhetorical question.)

    6. The night of 12/9/12 (GangsterPanda's DJ)

      by , 12-09-2012 at 09:12 AM
      My first DJ post, wish the dreams were a bit more intreasting


      Miss X- So I remember sitting in a pub with BH well it was more of a coffee shop. Over to the right there was a door which looked like it was made from diamonds but wasn't and I could see a faint figure behind the door. Then BH called out "Hey X" and then the most stunning woman I have seen in a dream so far open the door. And she says something like "BH!". So X then turns and looks at me and asks who I was, BH told her who I was and we started talking about stuff in the Coffee shop. So we were now back at my house the dream had a time lag so this actually felt like a long time when it wasn't. My kitchen and dining room look amazingly realistic and so did X. It actually turned out that X was BH's X-girlfriend and in real life he never talks about her. In the house X looked like a girl I saw on my recent holiday, she was wearing a black dress with about 4/5 of her legs showing. We talked and the only two conversations I remember are "Do you do any sports I use to do basketball at school?" The funny thing was she was not as tall as you would expect her to be for that sport. I told her I played basketball too, and also hockey. The other thing I remember is BH said you to would be great together and well she laughed and said yeah we would. She came over to me but my dream transitioned.

      The red liquid water slide- now this dream actually followed the same theme as the last one because X was still there but this time my Mom was as well. And a lot of other family members. Well this shows that dreams have to meaning because all we were trying to do was get red liquid down a water slide. But me and X were bonding we were slashing at each other and all that. The dream was actually quite long but had no structure so I decided I would leave most of out.

      The tesco carpark and Robowars- probably the longest and most interesting dream I had last night, I remember driving a car into tesco to go get my shopping, and there was a chimpanzee in the car with me. So anyway I was walking down the isles and I didn't pick up anything and went out the shop. I was now again in the Car park which by the way is absolutely huge. So I went out of the Store car park and I can't actually remember what I did outside of the store, but when I came back I remembered the 2 hour packing rule. So I ran to my car and couldn't find it I remember thinking someone had drove off with it, but then it came into view and the dream transitions. I was now at my village park and all the other residents were there making giant robot dinosaur, so I thought what the heck and joined in. In what felt like ages we built 5 massive dinosaurs and we battled then on some grassy plain which is very similar to my Morgan Freeman guide of the dream world dream which if you want to read is in the lucid experiences topic board. I then woke up.

      It's unusual to remember this much because I have not been writing done my dreams due to making a tulpa, but I believe this as some how caused better dream recall and vividness.
    7. Crazy Car Park. September 6th 2012.

      by , 09-08-2012 at 10:16 PM (Dream Journal)

      I felt really weird at one point in this dream.

      I was in the car park located outside the hospital I go to. I saw a dark alleyway going down to somewhere, with lots of purple door-shaped portals. I walked through one of the portals and found a machine. I wasn't sure what it was, so I left it and headed back to the alleyway. I walked through another portal and started to play a game. I can't recall everything, but at the end of it, everyone died on a mountain. I then automatically teleported back to the alleyway. I went back to the machine and there were 2 people there. I climbed under the machine and it started spinning really fast. I couldn't stand up because I would get killed, so I had to reverse slowly. I woke up shortly after.

      And that's that. Very odd.
      Tags: car park, family, game
    8. (Lucid) Chased into Danger. August 31st 2012

      by , 09-05-2012 at 07:16 PM (Dream Journal)

      It's great to end August with a Lucid Dream, although it wasn't the best. Still good to have one!

      I started off, non-lucid in a car park. It seemed like the car park outside the hospital, but the hospital was actually a night club. There was a group of people going inside the door. It was very dark, so the door was the only light source for where I was. I was with two of my friends and this old Indian lady. Apparently I had spoken to her in a disrespectful way, although I never said anything. Naturally, I ran away at a fast pace. The woman sent her daughter to chase after me. I ran in and out of the cars, until I reached, what looked like, and pub. I hid behind a chair, and gazed out across an ocean (which isn't even near my house...). There were other chairs, which looked like the metal ones that are placed outside of a cafe or something. It only took a few seconds before the girl noticed me, then proceeded to chase me again. I got up and ran to the right, towards the ocean. I ended up at my street, but it was day time and I couldn't see the girl. I ran to the end of the street then turned right, into a dead end street. I nose plugged and it worked a little. Not that well, but it got me lucid. I was not completely aware that I was dreaming, but I looked around for things that should not be here. I turned around, expecting to see the girl, but instead I saw a woman watering a tree. The tree started to fall, causing me to say "See, that's not normal, I must be dreaming...". I didn't even flinch, but it hit the floor really hard, about 2-3 meters away from me. I felt the dream fade into grey and I woke up.
    9. (Lucid) Failed Flying Attempts. August 26th 2012.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 07:02 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was an okay Lucid. I managed to have a little control over the dreamscape. My nose plug worked incredibly well, too.

      I started off lucid, right as the dream appeared. It felt really weird, the dream faded in from a grey background with silver flying patterns. As the dreamscape "loaded" I was looking down at the floor. I was in my house on the upper floor outside my bathroom. I pinched my nose, not expecting anything, then suddenly...I could breathe! It was very shocking because I did not expect a huge gust of air to blow out of my nose. I then looked around, then at my sister's bedroom. I noticed the window was wide open, so I thought about jumping out and flying. As I walked over to the window, I stabilized and reality checked again, just to keep myself from waking up. I decided not to jump out of the window, instead, I jumped up into the sky, straight through the ceiling not expecting anything to change. As I exited the roof, I saw a HUGE city just like London at it's old times. The buildings were brown, the sky was almost dark, the stars were appearing and the sun was setting. The sun was not very big though, neither was the orange glow around it. I still thought it looked nice though. On my way back down to the houses, I quickly teleported to a road, in the daylight. I thought about flying there. I think it was the hospital car park that I was in, but it had a road going through it. I jumped into the air, not very high, only about 2 meters. The dream faded quickly as I fell back down.

      It was quite long - longer than most of my lucids already. It was great that I got lucid right at the start as well.
      lucid , memorable
    10. Boat Party. July 3rd 2012.

      by , 07-07-2012 at 06:45 PM (Dream Journal)

      I must say, I did not enjoy this dream. It was vivid but not very fun .

      I was walking around school in the technology block. This teacher came out of nowhere and asked me to carry some stuff out, so I walked out and searched for these things. I then saw a pile of litter bags and debated wether I should carry a bag or just go home. The bags were located in the school car park, where a couple of my lucids have started. I was surprised I didn't get lucid when I woke up. I then decided I would go home, but my cooking teacher walked out and told me to carry them with her. I picked up 2 heavy bags and followed her somewhere. We ended up on a docked house boat. It was a boat, but it had about 3 floors and seemed like a normal house. I walked around looking at some pictures on the wall, somehow feeling annoyed. I was annoyed because had to have a family party on this boat, and I hate family parties. I then got a call saying that I had to go home.

      Fair recall, but only 1 decent dream.
    11. Almost Lucid Chase. June 21st 2012.

      by , 06-21-2012 at 07:00 PM (Dream Journal)

      It looks like being chased may be a dream sign. I almost became lucid in the exact same spot as I did in my last LD. The only difference is that I was actually pretty quick when I ran, I'm usually slow and out of breath.

      I was walking out of the school car parking area (possibly car parking lots are a dream sign too?) and I noticed a suspicious looking black van. It was almost dark and the van's headlights were on. I saw a guy opening the door furthest away from me, so I sprinted faster than I ever have until I reached the spot where I was lucid in my other dream. I performed a reality check, but I was too busy running from the man. I also thought it was real because I was running at a decent speed, so I kept going. I turned right into the forest which was all of a sudden day time and noticed a big tree was blocking me. I didn't stop running so I had a couple of seconds to decide what way I was going to go around it. Left which was narrow or right which was a little swampy. I turned left a little bit but changed my mind and the last second and crashed into the tree. I heard the guy behind me but he was on a bicycle and I woke up.

      My recall was okay this morning, even with my WILD attempt, but I didn't have any time to write down some notes, so I only got the one dream down later on in the day.

      This morning when I attempted a WILD, I got closer than I have in a long time. I managed to actually get out of bed, empty my bladder and go back to bed. There were 2 things that prevented me from relaxing though. There were birds screeching outside and my stomach was empty and hurting. I have an idea, I will take some snacks, a drink and I will set my alarm 30 minutes earlier. 4:30am to 4am, maybe the birds will not squawk at that time.

      Thanks for reading .
    12. Disaster to Weird House. June 20th 2012.

      by , 06-20-2012 at 08:13 PM (Dream Journal)

      4 days after my Lucid, I have managed to recall a clear, vivid dream. Quite an odd dream to say the least.

      I was in a hospital car parking lot with a bunch of random dream characters. I then sat in a car with the door open. I either sat on the seat or put my leg inside. Then out of fucking nowhere, this crazy guy runs out and throws a bucket of angry locusts in the car. I felt the sharpest pain in my legs as if they bit me. I then ran around the car park screaming and shouting "I have a disease!" I ran back to where the car was and realised it was 1pm and the disasters are calm at that time. I had no idea where I got the idea of disasters, but there were lots of them. I walked out of the parking lot and began walking up the road. My step brother was ahead of me. I turned to the left and noticed a huge crack following us up the road. I looked back and saw that it was on the path that we were on, so we went full out and ran for our lives. I tried to avoid falling down the small holes that were appearing under our feet, although they were about 3cms deep. After about 20 seconds of running, I found myself at a dead end. I turned left and entered a small blue house. There were two ways in the house, upstairs or down a slope. I headed down the slope and saw a woman. She started blabbering on about her daughter going missing and wanted me to find her. She then said the weirdest thing I have ever heard. She said "You can fap fap fap all you want, but for now, just fuck." I gave her a poker face and walked out the front door to the left. I saw a guy stood on a fence with lots of explosive barrels around it. A girl with blue hair (possibly my dream guide?) ran out and the lady smiled. Maybe it was her daughter. The guy seemed happy too, but gave the girl some sort of trial or training. The training was to explode all of the barrels. The girl ran around a circle then came back and punched the barrel. I woke up from the explosion.

      Probably the most wtf dream ever. But it's nice to have some recall! I hope to stay awake when I WILD from now on. This dream was a result of waking up at 3:13am then going back to sleep instead of WILDing. Thanks for reading .

      I met a blue haired girl twice before. The first can be found here.

      The second here.

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    13. (Lucid) Running from the old man. June 16th 2012.

      by , 06-16-2012 at 03:27 PM (Dream Journal)

      At last, a lucid It relates to my previous nightmares. This time I out-smarted it >:-).

      I started off by walking down a street with 2 of my school friends. I had a guitar and so did my friend, so we had a guitar battle. I didn't even get to play before my friend destroyed me with an insane solo. My other friend then said "You were beaten by him." and we all just walked up the road. At this point, the 2 friends from school were different. One had transformed into cookieh and the other was a random guy. We saw a statue that I must have seen in another dream, I'm certain I saw it before. Cookieh explained what the statue was. She said something like "If you touch the statue then the old guy chases the kid." The statue was a golden old guy chasing a kid. She then touched the statue and it move a meter away from us and into a bush. Cookieh and the guy ran back onto the road I was on before and I ran off in the opposite direction towards a car parking area. It was the same one that is in my school. The same dream fragment happened about 4 times. I was running away from an old guy in a yellow top. Finally, I was running again and this time, the old guy was ahead of me trying to catch other young people. He went to grab me but I ran around him. I was extremely out of breath, just like the last nightmares I had before. I found myself running very slow and falling over a lot. I decided to fall onto my hands and feet then ran really fast like a werewolf. A guy in front of me did the same. The guy disappeared down the exact same road located in the real world. It's a path where the forest and the school carpark is. I then got up onto 2 feet again, but this time I felt very odd.

      I pretty much became lucid at this point. I looked at my hands but nothing was wrong with them. I still knew I was dreaming because I said to myself "I must be dreaming because I have never been here before." then I looked at my hands a second time and noticed a strange energy coming from my left hand. I decided to do the nose plug check just to make sure. I could breathe . When I did it, the air coming out was cold on my nose and fingers. Straight after, I remembered to keep the dream stable by rubbing my hands together. I then asked myself if I should attempt to shoot an elemental ball out of my hand, but I said no and tried to change the dreamscape instead. Before I tried this, I looked behind me to see if the old guy was still on my back but luckily he wasn't. I also thought of walking through the forest, but it was dark inside although light outside of it. Finally I closed my eyes and began spinning around, imagining a large beatiful beach. When I half opened my eyes, I noticed I was in my bed. I could hear lot's of voices as if my room was populated. I found that I couldn't open my eyes very well, it seemed like they were sealed shut. I somehow managed to sit up and do the nose plug check again. It was cold, just like the first time.

      I'm pretty sure the dream slipped into a non lucid after that check. This dream has topped the first and second. It was much longer, I think about 60-80 seconds. Almost a minute longer than the last 2. Also I managed to have some kind of control, I changed the dreamscape . Thanks for reading, I had fun typing this up!

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    14. Green Lantern again

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:32 AM
      Dream 1
      I don't remember much from this dream but I do know that I felt control. I was on my street and it was dark, I decided to use my Green Lantern power ring which,when I looked at my hand wasn't there but I did glow green when I went to make a bike it didn't come (just like the comics, you have to belive you can do it) when it didn't come I just flew around.

      Dream 2
      I was going to school when I realised that I didn't have my bag or keys. I was wearing the school jumper instead of my fleece and was annoyed as I knew I would be late for school.

      I was then in a place with pink walls, like a hair salon or something.

      Dream 3
      I went to boxing club and was wearing the club tracksuit. Everyone else was too even one of my coaches. Once again the club looked wrong. In my dreams the club never looks right.

      Dream 4
      I was with three other guys at a car park of a train station, I distincly remember one wearing a hat,vest and shorts with trainers. We got there by a Ferrari 458, which is strange because the 458 only has 2 seats) I was blind for most of this dream and I only saw black.

      I was kept going back to that part of the station (rinse and repeat) I was at a bus stop with those guys and my friend spotted me he called my name and then two girls I know came up to me (I was blind again) and we had sex.

      I was then in GTA4 on a tall building I jumped while on the phone and landed on a fire escape to another building I then walked around and down to stairs. I also got arrested but hit the cops and ran, I think this came between the train station part and sex part of the dream.

      Side Notes
      I think the Green Lantern power ring is my favourite lucid abilty.
    15. Little drive....

      by , 08-04-2011 at 11:26 PM
      Im driving around in my car, i head into a car park and get out of the car, its really sunny and really hot. I see an old school-mate who seems upset, i go to comfort her, she tells me how her baby died and i feel so sad. I ask her if shed like to go for a drive to cheer her up, she says yes.
      We get into the car and drive around for a while and she makes a move on me, suddenly we are having sex in the car.

      i drop her back off and drive around a bit more, through a city scape. Lots of streets. I find another car park so i stop off there. There is a vending machine with lots of people queueing for it. I head towards it and there are two girls in front of me chatting, i almost walk into the back of one of them, i laugh and she turns around. I explain the situation and she smiles. We carry on to the vending machine. Its finally my turn and i buy winegums and vimto chews.... I get into the car and wake up
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