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    1. I do not know how to play gin rummy

      by , 05-06-2018 at 11:06 AM
      Morning of May 4, 2018. Friday.

      My dream starts with the very common liminal awareness of my physical body being in bed as I sleep, but I do not attain viable lucidity.

      My dream still renders a bed as my dream’s setting, though the location is unknown and undefined and I absentmindedly perceive it more as serving as a table upon which to play the card game. In fact, even though I am aware of playing Gin Rummy with several other people, I do not ever actually see them. I am on my left side (as I am in reality as I sleep) looking at the several piles of playing cards, some face up, each pile with a few cards, some spread out more. I am trying to remember what I need to do next.

      However, as my dream self in non-lucidity has neither viable access to the unconscious nor the conscious self identity, I remain uncertain of the rules (even though I have played Gin Rummy in real life numerous times). I gather up all the cards to shuffle them and start to deal them out, but then I consider that this is probably wrong. My dream becomes more abstract and I soon wake.

      This dream was a result of watching “Think Tank” (a television game show) with Zsuzsanna, when a question about Gin Rummy was asked of one contestant and he got it wrong. It is interesting how the simplest random event can integrate into the dreaming and waking processes, but is there a real reason in this case? The question was about the highest-ranking card in Gin Rummy, of which the answer is “King”. I suspect that this correlates with potential liminal dream control in the dream state for a few reasons. One, the presence of the dream state indicator (me being on the bed). Two, my passive dream self allowing the preconscious to modulate rather than a thread of my conscious self identity taking control of my dream. Three, this dream is of the type based on thinking skills correlation, to induce synaptic gating for triggering consciousness.

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    2. [24-08-2016]

      by , 08-24-2016 at 08:05 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was night. I was wandering around my backyard, watching the night sky. There were colorful shooting starts traversing it. I found a chair in the middle of the backyard and went closer. Then one of shooting stars came closer to me and I realized that it was alien spaceship.

      Second dream

      It was cloudy, cold morning. With siblings I was playing a strange card game. We used the ordinary cards deck, part of the game was throwing cards against other players, them grouping half of your deck and revealing it when everyone was ready to do so. We were also drinking some strong alcohols during cards session.
    3. [28-02-2016]

      by , 02-28-2016 at 09:16 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in home. I was playing cards with my pal. After a few sessions we went to our another pal. We took him out and we went the dark road to my house. On the way he said a story of a woman that wanted only a single paper from doctor, but everytime she visited one, they said that they won't give anything to drunk people. Suddenly I found myself in my house, playing an interesting board game with my younger sister. The first one to get to finish - lost. I started badly, and my sister won in the end.
    4. Cards and Holograms

      by , 05-15-2015 at 10:49 AM
      Morning of May 15, 2015. Friday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am with my wife and children in what seems to be our previous home on Barolin Street. I mostly remain around the area near the doorway into the kitchen, though staying mostly in the living room. I have some sort of card, about the size of a standard playing card or trading card, that is transparent in some areas and may be three-layered (with the transparent part being sandwiched between two thin cardboard layers that may have a couple abstract patterns). When I hold it up over my left eye, it creates realistic holograms in the room of various (unfamiliar) people walking around, sitting down (on our actual furniture), and interacting with each other. It is almost like watching characters in a movie. It is very realistic and three-dimensional and I mention this to my wife who is standing near the doorway at one point. This dream scene is almost like the opposite in mood to my dream from yesterday (“Several Intruders” from May 14th) in that there is a cheerful and interesting atmosphere (though of course, in this case, I decide whether or not to see them via usage of the card). I remain intrigued by how “realistic” the holographic people are though they are completely intangible and lack the potential to interact with, apparently, and I do not clearly recall experiencing them audibly speaking or at least what was said. There are mostly a few older females in long old-fashioned dresses as well as children (both male and female) of various ages.

      Later, the living room of the Barolin Street house seems to slightly infuse into a composite that includes my old King Street apartment (the northeast corner room with the cupola area), though it “feels” more like the Barolin Street house. Still, the pinhead Leonard S shows up (mostly standing) and there is also an unknown younger male in the room (sitting on the floor) and he seems annoyed. He is possibly a college student and is probably loosely modeled after friend Rick S though he does not resemble him that much. He becomes angry after I inform him not to go through my belongings and he eventually starts yelling about not having eaten for several days, which is supposedly why his mood is atypically as it presently is. I go to check the status of my (fictional) collection of trading cards. (In fact, he may have been going through my room to find food, though this is not certain.)

      My “collection”, or at least about half of it, seems to include duplicates of the same musician-themed card (and which are more like typical plain trading cards; not like the hologram-making card in the first part of my dream). Two of the slightly sketchy card designs are Rick Springfield (thus the possible association with friend Rick S) and David Essex - though the cards seem to have been made in the early 1960s or the late 1950s, which makes the scenario impossible (which is typical of dreams for some reason). Inside a large white wooden cabinet on the bottom spacious shelf is a sequence of four metal (silver) rotating trading card racks that make me think of rotating comic book racks (also called “revolving comic book racks”) except about one-fourth the size and with four tiers each. I am annoyed by the different tiers coming apart and some of the cards falling out onto the shelf and floor (though I do not question why I would have so many copies of the same card). I keep trying to fix everything up as the unknown male complains about his status in the background. I seem to have a slight empathy for him regarding his plight.
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    5. Bird Cards

      by , 05-05-2015 at 10:17 AM
      Morning of May 5, 2015. Tuesday.

      There is some sort of small rectangular container (not that deep and perhaps large enough to store four to six stacks of playing cards) on a desk in our (last) house on Barolin Street which seems to be for commercial endeavors yet not directly connected with us in any way - which of course seems a bit odd in afterthought - as if a part of our house just incidentally happens to be open to the general public for no particular reason (sparsely recurring concept but more common over ten years ago). Supposedly, it is some sort of lottery where a person buys a card - which I think could cost as much as twenty dollars (or perhaps less) and apparently circles one word in each of three columns, such as “bill” or “beak” in one column, which I see fairly clearly - though it also seemingly has features like a scratch-off ticket. It seems the words you circle have something to do with exponentially increasing your winnings if only the right one is circled in each column. We do not make any kind of a profit for hosting this lottery as far as I know (and I am not sure who the setup actually belongs to), and no other person comes into our house to buy one of the cards at any point, so all in all, the scenario makes little sense. We actually “buy” a couple cards (I am not sure how the money transfers) and I look at them more closely but we do not win anything (yet) as far as I know. The front of the cards have different closeup bird scenes and the back has the scratch-off and circling area. The upper half of the back is yellow. The word-circling area is near the middle.

      Later on, I start to think that we could just take some of the cards and see if they are winners (as there is no one else around to see what we are doing in our own home). At one point, I find a smaller series of cards under one stack that is slightly different and I start to think about why that is. These other cards are mostly the same in design but are a little thicker, have a glossier surface, and are orange on the upper half of the back instead of yellow. For a short time, I wonder if they are counterfeits (possibly made in China). However, it may also be that they are just a different run or later printing. Still, I only keep several of the other type to check for winning ones. (Here, I will mention that there is no in-dream back story or memory of how the lottery came to be set up in our home in this way, and the puzzle about the other type and where they came from is not solved.)

      It eventually seems that about five or six of the cards we take (out of about a dozen or more) are winners, though a few are of only a smaller value. However, I then start to worry that they will know whether or not a person actually bought them by way of an automatic checking of some sort of identification code that is only recorded and stored when a card is legitimately purchased from the right source. I am not certain of this, but I start to think that I may not do this, thinking of putting them back. (This idea of just taking something that is already in our house though linked to a commercial business that is not related to us is something I vaguely recall dreaming of in the past, but not with the specifics at this time.)
    6. Futures

      by , 02-06-2015 at 10:47 PM
      There's a teenage girl who's come to me to learn her futures. I've spread them out like cards on the table, and as I hold my hand over one depicting a man she could be married to, she says she wouldn't mind that one so much, that wouldn't be so bad. I have the impression that she doesn't feel she has a choice in any of this - she might want to know what the options are, and she might have her own preferences, but someone else will be making the decision, not her.

      With that in mind, I move to one of the futures on the outside edge, the more unlikely options. It's labeled Dreamer. I see her lying on a couch with an arm thrown over her head, looking at the ceiling, wasting away. Her clothes are glowing green like an absinthe advertisement. Since I think of her as wasting away here, I conclude that this is a future she wouldn't want and start to move my hand away, but that vision version of her stops me. She sings, "I listened to my dreams." This is important to her. It's not something she regrets. "They taught me how to feel." Behind her there's a glass window opening onto a balcony, from which I can see a river and the stars. There's a whale swimming through the clouds, adding to the fantastical nature of her possible future.
    7. Florence

      by , 10-19-2014 at 08:48 PM
      I'm someone playing cards with three other guys, and one of them mentions the (some surname beginning with T) manuscript. It's this anonymous collection of old medical notes. A few copies have been made of it, but it was never published, so it's very rare. I tell them a bit about that manuscript - I love having the chance to do so, I enjoy sharing stories from the past a great deal.

      During the war, it was an open secret that T. was seeing a certain woman. He always used a nickname when he mentioned her to others, but everyone knew. (As I'm saying this, I'm seeing an image of myself playing cards with T. in the past, much like the scene with these men now, both of us in uniform; and then an image of that woman walking down a street.) And she'd often go to his room to make use of his typewriter. (I'm seeing a typewriter that doesn't actually make sense for this time period.) For whatever reason, when he left to return to England those notes she'd been working on were mixed in with his typewriter and his other things. He didn't make it back to England of course, and when his things were eventually recovered, that anonymous manuscript was naturally associated with him. But the identity of the author of the T. manuscript is Florence Nightingale.

      This doesn't get the reaction from the other card players that I'd been hoping for - I get some odd looks but mostly they just seem bored. They change the subject, talking about pharmaceuticals. I'm disappointed - I'm reasonably certain Florence is still a household name, recent enough and well-known enough that I'd thought they would find this interesting, even though they were all born well after her death. It's always an isolating feeling when this happens - no one much cares about old dramas. But at least they only see it as the eccentricity of a history buff, and I don't have to worry about them seeing me as a threat.

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    8. 'Survival' card game

      by , 03-19-2014 at 02:04 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fragment 1. Some kind of food thing.

      Fragment 2. Me and Rane are going through things in my room. She’s looking through the green binder and I briefly wonder ‘why she has to go through my things’.

      I find a pack of Uno cards and wonder if any are missing. ‘Survival’ is written on the bottom side of them. I realize it’s not Uno. There are dinosaur themed drawings on the cards and a stegosaurus. ‘Sagittarius’ is written on the other side.

      I show them to Rane.

      Inspiration: I played Skip-bo with Rane the other day, thought it seemed a lot like Uno when I saw the deck.

      Notes: I had the hardest time getting up enough to remember anything. The only reason I can imagine why is because of the rough night and going a little overboard with exercising. *yawns*
    9. Unfinished business at Sleep No More

      by , 03-08-2014 at 11:30 PM
      I've just walked back into the McKittrick Hotel. It's the middle of the day, so the place is mostly closed, but there's a guy at the front desk who tells me the owner has died. I climb up a few flights of stairs and come to a room with an old glass bottle hanging on a rope from the doorknob, with a red liquid like blood inside. Hanging next to it there's a card with a series of about 10 questions about the purpose of your visit. One of the questions mentions Maximillian, and reading it, I realize that each question is a reference to a different riddle to solve or mission to carry out, each given by a different resident of the hotel. If a visitor has completed one of these riddles/missions but didn't have a chance to report back before the end of the night, the hotel will permit them to return during the day, to wrap up unfinished business.
    10. Cards, aliens, and cannibals

      by , 02-11-2014 at 01:15 AM
      I'm reading cards for an off-duty cop or detective - it's about his case, and it's not official. The Hermit - that's the criminal. The Emperor - that's him. And then a minor card that indicates cooperation between the two of them, and things going smoothly.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm talking to this alien I'm traveling with and my first instinct is to call her Red - she's red from head to toe - but I stop and think about how nicknames work in alien cultures. Best case scenario, everyone's going to wind up calling me Pink, not sure I'm up for that. Me and another alien head outside on some errand, crossing this huge field, and as we're walking I ask him about nicknames. He says, "You don't want to say my name?", and I don't know how to interpret his tone - maybe bewildered, maybe hurt, maybe I've just accidentally proposed marriage, I don't know. We're still crossing the field, but we've wound up walking on top of/sliding down a pile of giant, motionless serpents.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are these people trapped in a cabin on a mountain by a group of killers, and they're wondering if their two friends who left earlier made it off the mountain okay. The scene changes to a group of people standing around a car parked near the base of the mountain, across a field of tall grass - the killers, a 'family.'

      I switch to the POV of the father figure of the group, and I'm looking at the two young boys with us who are new to the family, keeping an eye on them. Not too worried though. Someone spots a figure moving out of the forest and into the field - the figure shouts to us when she sees us, waves her arms to get our attention. I'm thinking, huh, we missed one. We'd found a guy in the forest earlier, I hadn't realized there was still another one out there. That was sloppy.

      Me and those two boys go to meet her, and she starts talking about how she needs a lift. Walking her back towards the car, we get to the part of the field near the road where the tall grass is all flattened down from what we'd done earlier, and there are a few things, plastic bags and such, scattered around on the ground. She's looking at the things on the ground and looking a little uncomfortable, she asks what we were doing out here. Having a picnic, one of the boys says. The rest of us laugh. It's technically true.
    11. The Cheshire Cat - We're all mad here.

      by , 02-09-2014 at 12:22 AM
      As Homestuck's Dave, I've been teleported somewhere else, leveled up some insane amount due to timeline shenanigans, and then was teleported back home, to Bro's apartment, in the middle of the same game we were playing when I was yanked out. I'm really annoyed, because now I'm way beyond Bro's level and I'm not okay with that. I'm looking at some kind of selector switch, trying to figure out how to scale it back from a dealing-with-the-fate-of-humanity level to a hanging-around-the-apartment-with-Bro level.

      I'm looking at six cards laid out in two rows. They show ravens and swords, black ones and white ones of each. One large white figure is flanked by two smaller black figures, and vice versa. They're labeled, and I hear the text out loud, "Light and Shadow, Occidanto et Icandis."

      (Woke up. Noted that my subconscious Latin is terrible. Went back to sleep.)

      A little after a scene in which L. appeared, I'm thinking to myself that I'm going to have to tell M. that she was here, when it occurs to me that that's impossible, I must have been dreaming.

      Immediately after that thought, the sheriff from Twin Peaks walks in. He complains to me about this demon thing - all these people involved in recent suspicious events have been blaming it on demons, which is ridiculous, he can't figure out what's going on. He leaves the room, and I follow him. In the next room, there are two other people. One of them has something sticking out of the center of his forehead, like a horn, or like he's been stabbed with something, and I realize he's the source of this rotting smell. I also realize he's supposed to be dead, and the sheriff's been harboring him.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm reading a news article covering ongoing research on the inside of an ancient spaceship that's been unearthed. The scientist in this article says she's discovered that humanity developed on this planet based on the human image displayed inside this ship, not the other way around. I find it bizarre that this claim is being presented in a major credible news source, as opposed to tabloids and conspiracy theory type sources. Then it occurs to me that the presence of an ancient spaceship, which the article treats as an already-established, commonly-known fact, is also pretty bizarre. I start to look up more information from other sources online, but out loud, I talk about the article with someone else, who, without reading it, dismisses it all as nonsense. I try to stress to her that what's really bothering me as unusual here is its presence in a major newspaper.

      There was a royal baby, Herbert, who was locked away with his mother and a small staff in an isolated section of the castle for 8 years, after some disaster with his father. Now they're allowing a few more people to enter, including myself. They're still referring to him as "the baby", although it's been eight years, and now I see why - he's sitting in a high chair, being fed by his nurse, treated as if he were an infant in every respect, and apparently he's never been taught to walk, talk, or feed himself. The queen, clearly mad, is referring to herself as Herbert - I think of this as reflecting a desire to take control of the late king's power.

      Most of the small group allowed in behave like sycophants, fawning over them, but after we leave, I speak with two of the other people who were allowed inside, both of them as disturbed as I am: two cat-like creatures, brother and sister, one a doctor, the other a scholar or advisor of some kind. They're cat-sized and they walk on all fours, but they're different enough in the face that they're not quite capable of being confused for actual cats; they're striped black and brilliantly dark blue, and they come from a place called Cheshire. They're very kind, very intelligent, very soft-spoken. The brother says that he believes the child carries some infectious disease that affects the brain, and this is what must have caused the disaster with the king eight years ago. Now it's clearly infected the queen as well. He intends to return tonight to examine the boy more closely. I'm thinking no, he's wrong, it's not a disease that the boy carries but madness, and I have a clear mental image of madness as some kind of spirit attached to the boy. I have the impression that I already know how this will end, that this is the past, I'm seeing a tragedy play out and have been forbidden from doing anything to change it. Suddenly realizing, I exclaim out loud, "the Cheshire Cat!" I'm horrified by this revelation, the idea of the madness that will take over this kind and soft-spoken doctor, and I'm so disturbed that the doctor and his sister become concerned; although I try not to say anything more, my exclamation has surprised them, and it's clear that I know something.

      I'm climbing a road up towards the mountains, through a landscape covered in snow, along with the two cats and several other people, heading away from the castle. There's an announcement over a system of loudspeakers, the queen's voice stating "We order you to the tower to be arrested." The announcement goes on to scold us, alternately addressing us as if we were children or saying we've dishonored our esteemed positions, and then says "Now place your life squarely in your master's hands!" Obviously we have no intention of turning ourselves over to be arrested, but the path to the mountains takes us right past that tower.

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    12. Fairy tales, words and music, cards

      by , 01-05-2014 at 11:51 PM
      There's a woman having a sort of Cinderella transformation - rags to ballgown - but she doesn't seem in the least bit impressed by it. I'm vaguely annoyed at her lack of reaction, but on with the show. She enters a throne room and asks something of the king, who says "But first answer me this. When did you become the Evil Queen?" She doesn't know what to make of this. She says, "I'm not a queen." "Your father is dead," says the king - her father was also a ruler, she became queen the moment he died. The king here holds out a collection of brown papers. He says it's something her father had been putting together the night he died - last night - something urgent, something for her, since she'd been away on this mission.

      I'm looking at a book containing a moving image representing En - a small boat on a river, stylized lotus flowers, a lot of gold paint. The color's faded and chipped in places, but still beautiful.

      A musician's writing a letter to a friend of his, trying to comfort his friend, and he's thinking about how limited words are, how it can't replicate the sort of things he'd do if he was there in person, even the simple act of putting on a familiar tune. He goes to the gramophone and puts on the tune he was thinking of, and sits to listen to it before he continues writing, thinking that perhaps the feeling he gets from this song will come across in his words.

      A couple. A blonde woman is laying out cards on the floor in five columns, representing the guy's past relationships; he's lying on his back next to her, not looking. She observes that his two longest relationships followed the exact same pattern: lasted the same amount of time, ended the same way, with the same warning signs beforehand. She says based on that pattern, if (event) happens at (time into relationship), he might as well bail immediately.

      One of the shorter columns is unique in that every card represents things going well, and she wonders why he'd split up with that guy. Privately, she's realizing that he ended things shortly after he'd had some non-romantic encounter with her, and she's wondering if she was the reason for the split. But out loud she just points out how odd it looks that they broke it off considering it seemed to be going so well. He teases her, saying "yeah, I'm starting to miss a bit of swordplay" - part of the joke here is that the guy in question also did something involving literal swords - and she hits him, lightly, on the arm; then she puts the cards down and straddles him, and says something along the lines of "Not like that. I mean, you had a different dynamic than you did with anyone else. Not in a good way. I mean, I liked him, when he was alive - oh, god." He's laughing at her. What she'd been trying to say by 'not in a good way' was that although the two of them clearly got along, they hadn't seemed really emotionally attached, but she's stumbling over this conversation. He assures her, yes, the guy in question had indeed been great when he was alive - teasing her about her reluctance to sound disrespectful of the dead - he was lovely and wonderful and all that, and she's also lovely and wonderful and all that. There's a lot of laughing from both of them over how ridiculous this conversation is.
    13. Magic, It Happens

      by , 02-23-2013 at 05:13 PM
      We were at a place that resembled Hot Topic, but it wasn't a store, it was the home of a race, a race that horded mainly magical objects. I was there with Kyle and another boy, perhaps Tristan or Linkster, and some others may have been with us at some point.
      The "people" living there, though human in appearance, were certainly something else, something alien. They started out as hospitable as could be, but quickly proved to be manipulative and devious. They would not let us leave.
      We had to fight our way out, or rather, I did. Kyle and friend made it outside and I then proceeded to make several trips back to retrieve our belongings as well as some others that looked useful. Kyle had a huge pile of what appeared to be trading cards which the race's leader had taken, presumably because of their magical properties, and the stupid things took me two trips to save. Kyle was relieved to see them, but he was being too useless for me to care.


      A child needed to be created. In a bathtub was a clear liquid in which he would be born. Next to it were two loofahs, one of which contained the DNA of the parents, and one of which contained unknown DNA. I placed both into the tub, but nothig happened. A young man who was with me stepped into the tub. I knew him, but I don't believe I've ever seen him before in my life. He knew, apparently, how this worked, and had Will step into the tub with him. I closed the curtain, because often in dreams what keeps things from working is that I'm staring at them. A few seconds later though, Will told me to open the curtain, that I had to see it. I did, and before my eyes a child of about four was growing out of nowhere. It was amazing to watch. Another few moments of this and it was finished. A strong little blonde boy stood there in the tub. The young man said that he was made from four different people's DNA, but that he was to be my brother.


      I can fly. I can always fly. It's my favorite thing to do. In a field with my friends I was demonstrating my skill, and trying to teach them.
    14. Famous

      by , 01-11-2013 at 02:55 AM
      I was spending a few nights out in Vegas. I'm not sure how it happened but I felt famous when I was on some kind of flying transportation flying over the city viewing all the shiny night lights.

      Later, I landed in front of a parking lot somewhere in the middle of the city. It was this time when I knew I had a lot of attention on me. There was this one guy who was with me, trying to convince me to sign a sort of contract that can change the way I look like when out in the public. I listened to him and for some reason I thought of the name "Altaer" at that time.

      Later, I felt in a whole new place. I was somewhere in the city exploring. I saw this man who was trying to sell me something. It was something that I've seen before. It was a box full of cards, albums maybe. I'm not sure what they were. I decided to get one just to see what they were. The man told me that there was something special about these things. It had something to do with a girl, I think of Janna but I'm still not sure. This girl, she doesn't seem so special but it did.
    15. 13th February 2012

      by , 02-13-2012 at 08:00 PM
      Last Nights Dreams
      Dream 1

      I am at my Mom and Dads and they have 2 big dogs..and I mean huge. I am playing in the back room with the dogs and they knock jigsaw pieces everywhere so I stop playing with them and start to pick all the pieces up and put them away back in the box on the small table.
      I now walk out the room for some reason and when I go back in the jigsaw pieces are flying around infront of me in a kind of arch pattern, it's a spectacular view and I'm amazed, I think "ohh my god, how the hell are they doing that, that's impossible" ((shit missed my cue for lucidity here)) I watch for a minute and then say "ok that's enough!" and all the pieces drop to the floor
      I now go outside and play with the dogs, my dog Simba is amongst them ((he's a silver Weimeraner)). The dogs are all playing together, I see a black poodle and say to my Mom "ahhhh he's cute, where did he come from?" my Mom says "yeah he is, the woman that had him has tried to kill him 3 times already and it was only yesterday she tried to strangle him!" I say "ahhh poor thing, can you keep him?" Mom says "I don't think your Dad wants another dog" my Mom shouts my Dad and I ask "wheres Simba?" my hubby then says "he's outside, he's frozen, he's got ice all inside him" I say "he needs to come in then" my hubby then says "no!, leave him out, he'll defrost slowly" I run out looking for Simba ((even though I'm already outside lol)) I see Simba drinking from a hole in the bricks, I go to grab him and he falls off the ledge he is standing on, his head hits onto the concrete floor below. I scream and pick him up, I examine him and he's now a swollen brown dog and his head is a square shape I think "eh!..what the hell" then I look at his eyes and realise he's still alive. I turn him a little and see blood coming out of his right ear, I scream "quick somebody I'm losing him" I panick like a mad woman then I wake up.

      Dream 2

      I'm outside and for some reason I see my hubby's penis and it's tiny. I am now talking to 2 old men and suddenly one of the old men has got his penis hanging out, it's unusually large but....the end of it is like a mouth, it looks the same as a normal penis but then a tongue popped out from the middle of it and the 2 sides began to smack together Some bloke now takes a look at the old mans penis and says "ohhhh, it's got gangrene!!" I look in shock and the tongue bit was all brown and yucky ((dream skip))
      I'm still outside and I fall over something and hurt my crutch area I pull down my trousers to take a look at the damage and ohhh my god I have a penis thing just hanging there. It's like a penis but it has 2 more penises coming out of the sides of it, I say "ohhh shit, where the fuck did that come from!!!" I inspect it then wake up lololololo
      ((I would like to thank Suena for this twisted dream about penises as I read hers last before I went to sleep, cheers mate Lmfao))
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