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    1. End of the World

      by , 06-19-2016 at 08:14 PM
      An environmental catastrophe was about to happen to the Earth. Humans were aware of this, and there was a system installed in which we all had to wait for our name to be called (sometimes in groups, sometimes alone) and step aboard a small asteroid-like rock that floated nearby a cliff. The asteroid was like a disposable mini-rocket, and as it launched off with each group, it begin slowly disintegrating until the people aboard would fall to the ground and die, or be injured and die later. It was terrible, but not very real-feeling. I watched a friend die, then came my turn, and I woke up before I died.

      I fell back asleep and entered a similar scenario, only this time it felt more real. I was living in a 'Fall-Out' type village, with very few amenities and maybe 50 people at most. We were under the control of another group of humans, like a military or militia. We had a local stand where a guy sold things like cigarettes, food, drink, drugs, etc. There was a man who delivered small amounts of rations regularly. I saw some soldiers going into some of the other homes on the compound and I knew the end was coming soon, they were going to take us away, and some [vague] bad thing was going to happen. During one moment I seemed to be playing the role of a child, although I also had my current dog, Cayna. I heard that the soldiers weren't allowing animals to come along and I began to panic. I knew I couldn't leave Cayna behind. She would starve. I knew she had been abandoned before and I dreaded the idea of putting her through that again, at my hands. I was leaving the home I shared with other people and I think I told a woman and her 2 kids that I had a dog and I was so sad to be made to leave it. I asked her if she was ready to leave too, and she said they were staying, because they have a cat, and if you sleep outside with your pet you can stay. I was thrilled and went to get my mother [random woman in dream, not real mom]. I saw her in the back of a car being driven away. I cried for her and she looked back and seemed to be crying out in pain of leaving me behind.

      I had Cayna though, and now I seemed to be back to my regular age because my husband was with me. I knew sooner or later we would be forced to commit mass suicide. I felt an enormous amount of dread. I thought, 'This is the worst possible ways things could end.' I wondered about Cayna again, and how she would survive without us. I thought she would have plenty to eat for a while—the left behind food and corpses...but then something convinced me that her death would be horrible if I let her live and I began to wonder if the safest thing to do for her was also poison her when we had to poison ourselves. My heart hurt; how could this be happening? I thought wouldn't it be wonderful if somehow, right before the and that someone said we didn't have to die after all? We could go on living! I felt a sting of hope rise and die quickly. I looked at my husband who was teary-eyed as well and told him that maybe the best thing for Cayna in the end would be to take her with us. He cringed and seemed to emote that he didn't want to talk about it. I said, 'I understand but I just wanted to say it now so when the time comes we had talked about it.'

      Some time went by. We were outside this entire conversation, my husband and I. He suddenly told me to hold still and he began plucking at something on top of my head. He plucked off a ladybug -still attached to some of my hair- that he said had burrowed itself into my head/hair.

      I had some allergy issues right before bed, and my throat felt tight, felt itchy, and it felt a little hard to breathe. I've had allergy induced asthma before and it wasn't that bad, but I decided to take a Benedryl to relieve my symptoms. My husband spends lots of time playing Fall Out 4 lately, and I think the post-apocalyptic town was designed with that in mind. I have been a little worried about my dog. She is aging, and I wonder if I am giving her the absolute best care that I could be. Do I exercise her too hardly when we run? Do I feed her too much? etc. I found it interesting as I typed it out that my worries about abandoning my dog turned into me playing a child being 'abandoned' by my [dream]mother. I'm not sure what that means though.
    2. Catastrophe Continued

      by , 12-27-2015 at 03:57 AM
      I don't remember the exact dream details but I think it was some continuation of the catastrophe fragment from yesterday.
    3. Catastrophe

      by , 12-25-2015 at 11:35 PM
      just a fragment - some kind of catastrophe with destruction of a building and some fire that I was being blamed for but I was so tired I didn't care
    4. 01 Feb: Seers of the future

      by , 02-02-2014 at 11:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I and a group of people who escaped an earthquake, now have the ability to see future catastrophes before they happen. And we tend to bump into each other casually at some random places whenever something is about to happen there. So we meet again inthe middle of the city, and we share a vision of another earthquake. We try to warn people, but they look at us like we're crazy and we end up saving only ourselves by moving to an open area we saw would be safe. In future occurences, we start not telling anyone about our predictions and whenever we bump into each other somewhere, we no longer bother anymore in saying anything to each other or any others. We just take cover, each person for itself.
      At some other occasion, we know a tornado is coming and we hid all at the nearest place available, a building occupied by an anarchist group I know. They have a basement and we can hide there. But when the tornado hits, it's not just wind, there's something dark and evil in it and it tries to break into the building. I feel it wants us.
    5. 25 Jan: Alternative "Lost"

      by , 01-26-2014 at 12:04 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am in small town, people walking around, going to places and then a loud bang and we see an airplane blowing up in the air and parts of it falling down. One big part of it falls at the end of the street I am in and makes many buildings collapse. Me and other people start running the opposite direction and scream to people coming in our direction to turn back and run for their lives. When I'm almost being hit by debris, I see an entrance to an underground place, maybe a subterranean park and I run down the stairs. There's another lady inside and I tell her to move away from the entrance, which gets blocked with debris. There are some stairs to the right of an elevator. The power is down, so we cannot call the elevator. We try the stairs, but on the next floor they are also blocked with debris. I have an idea, I open the elevator door - it's one of those that you can open by sticking your fingers in the crack between the two and pushing them apart. The elevator is stuck half way on this floor and the top floor is just above us, so I climb through it and bring the lady with me. We open a trap door in the ceiling and find ourselves on a terrace. It's not vey high, just 1 or 2 floors above the ground, probably the upper levels of the car park. There are other persons on it already, close to the edge, looking at the street. Everything below is a chaos, people are confused about what to do, but when they start organizing themselves, a couple of guys with guns decide to take over the decision-making and to rule us. One of them points the gun at me and I instinctively punch him, throwing his gun away, and then kick the other in the croch. Then I grab the gun and the first guy shows intention to fight back so I shoot him in the leg. Still, they attack me and I try to shoot again, this time to kill, but there's no more bullets. So I run and some follow me.
      Soon I realize we're on an island and there's no place to go. I feel that I'm in an alternative version of "Lost" and I even meet some of the characters of the series. When I and some of the others who escaped, get in the jungle, we encounter them and They tell us to follow them. They live in a fortress on a smaller island offshore and we have to swim there, because there's no boat to take us.
    6. Catastrophic dream space? | Sunday 31st July 2011

      by , 07-31-2011 at 02:56 PM (Beyond the Horizon)

      I am with a bunch of random people in an airfield. There is some sort of small, insignificant explosion happening about 50 metres away.
      It doesn't seem dangerous, and is making some cool patterns in the air. I am recording it with my camera. We are driving in a tour bus, that has no roof or sides. Similar to a luggage carrier.
      Then, while looking at the screen of the camera, one of the patterns travels close to us.

      Everyone just chuckles. Then one flies and hits one of the passengers. We all scream, even though she is okay.
      We speed off. The area is really flat.
      At one point I am off the bus, and it continues to travel with everyone else to escape the explosion, even though it's stopped.
      I am with two familiar dream characters. Their house was in a previous nuclear disaster dream I've had.

      This current dream is happening sometime after that dream, so they have rebuilt and are happily doing things around the house.
      The woman shows me something that the guy had made around the back of the house.
      There were 5 dummies, that looked very lifelike, lined up on a little ridge of grass. The woman pressed a button and there were explosions underneath the dummies. They were intact.

      Later I am inside the house, and I am at a bedside. On the bed is my grandma I didn't know it then, but I was to visit my grandma while she was in hospital for the first time, today.
      Next to the bed there is a switch that rotates. I twisted it, and the colour balance of the room changed. The switch had a scale of warm orange to cool teal. That must be the cinematographic part of me
      Then I am outside with the two people again, driving along the straight road near the house. On one side of the horizon there is a massive fog cloud. Something to do with the airfield explosion earlier.
      I think it caused some catastrophe, like what normally happens at this dream place. I wasn't too worried about them this time.

      Did I just discover the place where my subconscious tries to deal with catastrophes in my life?

      The other end of the horizon had a massive storm system that was going to have tornadoes. As if this was Tornado Alley in America.
      We were debating which way we should take our chances with. We decided for the new fog-related disaster. I've been through the tornado storm before. And it's still there.

      We go over a small hill and there is a really long highway bridge over an expanse of water. The fog shrouds the other end of the highway.
      I am driving. We head onto the bridge. There are lots of obstacles on the bridge, including a small, yellow oncoming car that stopped.
      I can't remember what happened immediately after that, but I woke up not long after.

      After reading this, I can relate half the elements in the dream to things that are happening in real life, and the other half to things that happened today, after the dream.

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    7. 13 Oct: Solar explosion and bomb attack

      by , 10-27-2010 at 09:44 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      Took many notes but can’t read most of it. I was so sleepy when writing it...

      23:30 GMT+9 – sleep

      Solar explosion
      A huge solar explosion affects our planet and particularly the atmosphere. Besides the sky being orange and red, there are lots of tornadoes. All electrical stuff blows out and I am inside a house watching electric stuff blowing up and throwing sparks around. Outside I see death but also beautiful cherry trees in the horizon (Japanese influence again...).

      Someone chooses clothes for me. Then on a sauna but with the clothes on.

      Bomb attack
      A bomb attack on some train or subway station. I come after it happened and see all the destruction and all the bodies on the ground. It is somewhere in Asia.

      07:00 GMT+9 – wake up
    8. 5 Sep: fragments, giant cats and lucid hot date

      by , 09-06-2010 at 05:56 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      22:50 GMT – Sleep

      Game like dream. Can’t recall content.

      0:00 GMT

      Bus ride to village in distress
      Just as two nights before (the hovercraft ride dream), I am on a bus with more people crossing dangerous mountain roads with dangerous manoeuvres from the driver and we almost fall down a cliff. We arrive at this remote village in a valley, surrounded by woods. There was some kind of catastrophe there and the basic services are disrupted. More madness is expected soon, riots and violence. A muscled guy comes and starts orienting us. For some reason he seems to befriend me more than the rest of the group. We come to help and we evaluate the situation sitting on a picnic table outside: we try to evaluate how much food, water and other essential goods there are and how long they’ll last and we realise it won’t last more than 4 or 5 days. Because everything is torn apart, I see this village name plate half covered by debris and the only letters remaining visible say “...have ...fun...” I think this is highly ironic.

      I’m inside a house, with a big window facing the street. It has something like an advertisement stick on the window and I’m trying to read it on reverse, when some guy outside knocks on the window. He wants to speak to me and seems a bit angry. I exit the place.

      Mourning a dying man
      I’m now entering a room at my neighbour C. house. Her dad is extremely sick (in some kind of coma) and people are all gathered around him, mourning him, as if he was already dead. Strangely, some of my cousins and even my late grand-grandmother are also there, even if they don’t belong to this family or are alive at all. I feel this is very uncomfortable and wonder if they have no hopes that he gets better? On my way out I meet my dad and he says I have to be more loving towards him because one day he’ll also be lying dead like this guy. Sure, but I already know that, no point in stressing that out!

      2:30 GMT

      More details of a previous dream
      Regarding the mosque lucid dream I had had a few nights before, someone comes in this dream to tell me it is actually surrounded by English-style gardens but doesn’t know anything about sacred stones, only that there was some stone-sculpture exhibition there and that a few days some people gathered there to celebrate some ceremony.

      I’m no dancer
      I’m on some place where it’s playing music and I feel like dancing. I actually think I’m doing ok, when more people join me. I can tell they are professional dancers and compared to them I’m just not good enough, but I’m having fun, so I don’t care. Then I realise I’m in the middle of some dance class final exam. The teacher comes to me and asks me “Do you think you danced well? and I say that on a professional level, of course not. Then she asks some other dancer “Do you think she danced well?” and he says no. Then she says she rests her case and turns her back on me, like outcasting me. I feel a bit upset. I mean, I know I am just an amateur, but my dancing is not that offensive to anybody’s eyes, no need to be so tough on me. Some fellow dancers show solidarity with me but in the end I say it’s ok, in fact she is right. Then I invite them to come along with me to a Vivaldi concert that will happen on some nearby auditorium.

      3:40 GMT

      A lucid hot date
      I’m with Nighthawk watching tv on the couch on a living room. At first we're apart from each other, but slowly we snuggle with each other, our noses are barely touching each other, we look in each other’s eyes and we kiss. He whispered “My god, it’s so good to kiss you.” and I smiled, my heart thumping. He says ”Marry me.” I don’t know what to say and I say it’s complicated. He knows, he gets up, determined about something. I don't stop him, but seconds later I decide to go after him. On the corridor I remember to do a reality check . I put my hand on the wall and it sinks. I get lucid and for the first time on a lucid dream I actually feel frustrated that it is just a dream but I still decide I want to see how this will go on.
      I find him on the next room with Riverstone, who is completely focused on something like a book and holding a cup of tea in his hand. I put my hand on the wall, I make a hole on it and I ask them “Do you know what this means?”. Riverstone looks totally disconnected and doesn’t react. Nighthawk has a misterious smile on his face and I don’t understand what goes on on his mind. I grab a piece of dissolved wall on my hand and pour it into Riverstone cup of tea telling him “This is just a fucking dream!”. He says I’m telling nonsense. I turn to Nighthawk and I say “He is always like this, he never believes me!”. Nighthawk, on the other hand, seems to be understanding exactly what I am talking about. Then he surprises me by replying “Well, I, on the other hand, know for sure this is damn real! I am really here with you!!! And I know we're dreaming!” Really? WOW! I was amazed.
      I ask him “How...?” and he continues saying that he doesn’t recall those many dreams, but he does recall a few once in a while and that this might be one of those he will remember. I tell him he must absolutely remember this one!
      At this point I realise that Riverstone is no longer with us. I turn to Nighthawk, absolutely thrilled and exhilarated with this totally lucid dream encounter. We smile and we kiss each other again, more passionately. We fall on the bed. I feel delighted with everything. Then his image starts to flicker and we realise he is losing lucidity and waking up. He says “Damn, not yet! I want to stay with you!” and I try to keep him there with me, grabbing him firmly. But he becomes just a blur, a shadow, until he totally disappears, like sand through my fingers. I find myself in this empty room, happy and sad at the same time. I sit on the floor and I stay there for a long time, hoping that he might re-enter the dream. But when I no longer feel the residues of his presence I decide there’s no point in staying longer, so I also wake up.

      5:00 GMT

      Excursion on the USA
      I’m with Riverstone on some excursion in the US. We’re on a bus. A pregnant lady is just sitting in front of us. We’re passing by N.Y. and Riverstone is screaming joyfully every times he sees a landmark he recognizes. Later we’re outside any city, on some road leading to some other totally different place. We find ourselves in a swamp area. We see alligators on water and for some strange reason there’s a black guy swimming bravely among them. I worry for the guy but also comment that is so funny to be seeing alligators as I just had some conversation with someone about alligators during the day.

      6:35 GMT

      Love letter
      I am again on a bus and some stupid guy/kid reads out loud a love letter I wrote to someone else. Although he doesn’t mention my name, he knows it’s mine and I believe everybody else will also know it’s mine. I wonder how he got it and feel terribly irritated. But instead of reacting, I just ignored him. I guessed this way I wouldn’t actually reveal myself and people would be in doubt. Only when the bus stops and we start coming out of it, I step on the guys passage and confront him with his action. I put my finger on his nose and make a threatening look and tell him something that scares him. He looks asian and familiar, but I have no clue who he actually is. He doesn’t like being threatened and tells me “Ok, ok. But why don’t you just tell the guy your feelings?” And I respond “But I did! What do you think that letter served for! I just wonder how you ended up with it in your hands.” He doesn’t confess.

      Camp of giant cats
      When we get out, we’re in some kind of camp and everybody starts smoking or is coughing. I comment it must be the lung cancer camp and the joke is not well received. Someone scolds me. We walk a bit further and I start to see lots of big houses, like an entire village and the most surprising of it is that I see giant cats looking behind them or inside them. Cool! I don’t kno if the cats are dangerous, but I start taking pictures of these amazing site.
      [inspired by the cat sanctuary of this guy in the US, that collects abandoned and wild cats and takes care of them in this lovely sanctuary with tiny houses for the cats, as a real village.It even as a church and a wall-mart.]

      8:30 GMT – Wake up

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