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    1. Tearing Up a Catwoman Photograph

      by , 12-17-2015 at 06:17 PM
      Morning of December 17, 2015. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am aware of our family as they are now, though our house seems somewhat different, with typically rotated or mirrored features in relationship to other rooms (not rotated or mirrored as a whole). The back story seems to imply that we had been to some sort of carnival earlier in the afternoon or similar type of event related to television shows or movies. There were a few celebrities there. (The event took place a few blocks south of our house.)

      Meanwhile, there is a leak in a small pipe in our bathroom, seemingly from one corner of the room and from the water main - with only clean water (no awful plumbing mishaps as some dreams dictate). At different times, there is more water on the floor than at other times, but it does not seem that problematic or have a potential for a greater degree of flooding throughout other rooms.

      I have a black-and-white photograph of Catwoman (though I am not sure of which actress; possibly any one of several, including at least three from the 1960s). It is mostly a head and shoulders shot, mostly facing forward. It seems autographed on the lower right but I do not attempt to check the name for whatever reason (it may read “Catwoman” in part rather than the actress name). It may in fact be a “new” fictional version of Catwoman (with an unknown or unfamiliar actress), since we apparently had met her and a few other characters at the showgrounds about an hour or so before (though I do not directly recall the event even in my dream).

      After interacting with my family for a short time in our house, I notice that the photograph has a few drops of water near the right side, about halfway down. Carefully wiping it off with my right shirt sleeve, it leaves blank white circular spots on the photograph in a triangular arrangement over the otherwise black Catwoman outfit. This makes me so angry that I slowly but deliberately tear the photograph in half from the side, soon followed by tearing it up completely, saying that it was ruined. I then say how it was a waste of time going to the showgrounds (which is not all that logical, as a photograph does not have to account for time spent, especially if the day was enjoyable during a family outing). Around this time, I notice more water coming out of the pipe and a few puddles on the floor, but there is never a problematic flooding. (The toilet itself is mirrored in the bathroom from south to north in respect to the otherwise seemingly correct orientation to other rooms.)

      If a cat (when it does not represent an actual pet) sometimes symbolizes curiosity, then what would Catwoman represent? Since Zsuzsanna often dressed up as Catwoman when she was young, the act of tearing up the photograph may relate to my awareness that everyman honestly does not have the capacity to either believe or understand our lifelong unexplainable mystery (and there is no indication that humanity will be more aware or intelligent as such in my lifetime to utilize their own connection to the Source), though could also mean that, as my lifelong “mystery girl” was validated, she is no longer a fictional character on paper but my real soulmate.

      Water is the nature of consciousness, sleep, and memory (and ever-flowing “fluid” thought even in sleep), the main metaphorical essence of the dreaming mechanism itself. A leaking pipe may imply the dream state becoming stronger or clearer on some levels (even implying a closeness to Universal Mind) - though when utilizing a negative connotation, could imply problematic memory (as one supposedly has when they get older). However, I tear up the photograph (again, a static image) and so this incarnation of my dream self does not go further into the dream state in a more imaginative or surreal sense as it might have when more clearly focusing on the mystery (in this case, an “exotic” photograph) of the dream state. It stops, in fact, in a familiar environment (and accepts the setting as “real” and present - with only a vague implied back story of the previous showgrounds) where only some energies of deeper levels of the mind are present at some points. Water as memory begins to dissolve (or “whiten”) the static image, which is also a static “memory” at some levels - a balancing or phasing, perhaps - or simply an indication of the dream state itself.

      Thoughts about the failure of product longevity were a previous focus in real life just prior to sleep. For example, my very expensive monitoring headphones that are only about two years old are disintegrating around the headband into what resembles very thin larger ashes. However, more relevant to my dream’s situation, there is also a reflection on how printer ink now vanishes from commercial receipts after a short time, so that now you cannot even keep a receipt as proof of purchase. This seems to at least partly be a vague focus of my dream self at one point.
    2. #121 - Hero kind of dream

      by , 10-04-2015 at 01:05 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream - Hero kind of dream
      I seem to have entered a warehouse in the dark of the night. The place had some lighting from the moonlight outside. It was quite open and spacious with a ground floor and upper floor (not separated by a floor, more like iron bridges and railings). I felt like I was a batman-esque type character who had infiltrated the place to fight evil. There were 2 other characters there, one was sort of like the joker, his style was to plant fireworks as bombs in order to kill you. I don't remember much about the other person, only that I think it was a girl that resembled Catwoman. I run up the stairs as I enter the warehouse, I think I even spar with the joker a bit. He's laid down some traps at the top of the staircase which explode mercilessly. I survive pretty easily, almost like nothing even happened...
      The jokers weakness was that he couldn't do long drawn-out battles or close-combat effectively. So as soon as I cleared his fireworks and moved towards him I immediately had the upper hand. He was low on fireworks and started panicking. For some reason I think the warehouse was starting to collapse and we all had to make our escapes, I jumped back down to the ground floor and turned left to a tunnel underneath the staircase. I think I just remember running down the tunnel and then waking up.
    3. Everything I Never Wanted (#230,231,232,233)

      by , 07-31-2015 at 07:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I kind of stopped caring about getting lucid these past few days. And of course, lucid dreaming works in mysterious ways because just as I stopped caring, a flood of lucid dreams started to come. I can't remember what days these are from, except for the last one that I know for sure was last night.


      I remember some dream involving being on a school bus that had broken down in my town. Manei and Marcus were there along with other dream characters. I became lucid upon recognizing my two dream characters were present. Marcus was talking to me about some new technology and, but I was distracted and wasn't listening. The little bit of hair on the right side of his head was sticking up funny. I kept trying to tell him but he kept talking for a few minutes. When he finally finished he asked me what I was trying to tell him, I told him his hair. He looked in the mirror above the drivers seat and laughed and flattened it out.

      Manei then asked some question about the story that I was writing based off of lucid dreaming. (actually doing this) She told me that I shouldn't mis-potray the characters since doing so would be a disrespect to myself. I told her I had no such plans. Why would I use my dream characters for inspiration if I didn't like who they were and was going to change it? There is really no logic in that. Also for some reason in the dream she was wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

      I can't remember but I think that the dream continued on for some time semi lucid. It was a school anime that DawnEye11 had animated and she was in it too. I don't remember any of the specifics about it but I didn't like the way she portrayed my character.


      I remember I was at this museum, but some of the security guards had turned out to be evil and decided to trap us inside, and kill all the good security guards. It was some kind of hostage situation and they wanted the government to pay them a large sum of money to get us out. I recall the dream vaguely feeling like when my family visited the planetarium in chicago a few years back.

      Me and some of the other people had found a way out. Though it was dangerous. We had to escape through this very large concrete room that was filled halfway with water. There were all of these large egg-shaped structures in the room made out of red bricks and held together with cement. Some of them were attached to large steel beams connecting them to the floor or ceiling. Others were hovering on helicopter propellers. It was only appropriate that
      I became semi lucid upon seeing this very dreamlike and unusual room.

      People began making their way across the room to the other side. Most people just would swim, but this one guy said that a lot of people had cell phones and stuff that he would offer to carry over for them, and he would try to jump across the brick eggs. Also, the guy had a medical implant that he couldn't get wet, so he figured it only make sense that he do it. I remember the guy looked similar to my dad. Not identical, his voice was deeper and he was a little taller and fatter, but he gave me that same vibe.

      I remember watching him make his way across. He made it about 1/3 across of the way then he slipped and started to slide down the brick egg toward one of the propellers. I remember hoping that the dream wouldn't start to become a nightmare with this guy falling into the propeller but sure enough, he fell into the propeller and was ripped apart in the most gruesome way right out of SAW or something. lots of blood went into the water and people all started swimming away because they were afraid that the blood would attract sharks. At first I was confused since the water in the room was a closed swimming pool and I could see there were no sharks or even a way for sharks to swim in. But, because dream, about two dozen little sharks appeared in the water and started attacking people.

      The guys' head landed right next to me on the platform that I was standing on. The left half of his face was completely gone leaving only the skeleton. His head turned and started looking at me. The mouth opened and the head screamed at me.

      Somehow or other I found myself in the water that was now all pigmented with blood. I was actually standing on the bottom and some of the sharks started to swim toward me when I realized I was not holding my breath and I realized that I was
      dreaming. I told myself that I was not scared of the situation and the dream would change to something better momentarily momentarily.

      Instead, the dream decided to be a dick and get worse before it got better. The red water got darker and the floor went away and I was floating in a void of red energy/water. I could still see some of the sharks swimming around me slowly. I then saw Manei but she had been shredded up like the guy who fell into the propeller and half her face was a skeleton. Her body was stitched together in places. She said something to me but I can't recall what it was.

      I tried to do something or say something, but I couldn't move, speak or influence the dream in any way. I was annoyed by this fact. I remember thinking. "Okay, either I wake up or I dream about something that's not this!"

      Then metal spikes burst out of her chest, expanding and growing like branches all around me. Then all of the spikes started growing in as they would all hit me at once, but they all stopped right before they went into me and the dream faded away.

      The dream shifted. I was in a futuristic looking white hallway. I felt like I was still in the planetarium. This girl in a catwoman-like costume that left nothing to the imagination had her hand on my body and was transmitting the dream to me.

      "Stop! This nightmare! What does it represent?"

      The dream switched into third person. She put her hand on my chin and made me look her in the eye.

      "Oh, baby, wouldn't you like to know."

      She then kicked me back and threw me to the floor. I tried to fight but I was in third person and couldn't control myself. 'I' got back up and she kicked me agian, then scratched me across the face. I then started to feel like I could control myself. I remember the scratches closed with wolverine-style healing and as I spit down to the side. I went back into first person view.

      She tried to cartwheel toward me and kick me again, but I grabbed her foot and flipped her over my shoulder. She landed on her back and before she could get up and I stabbed her in the stomach with my hidden blade. She scratched me again and started to run away. I decided I would try something new. I shot my blade out on the end of a chain and it stuck into the exposed skin on her leg. I tried to crack the chain like a whip and pulled her up then slammed her into the floor. I then pulled her in and let go of the chain so she was flying toward me. The dream went back to third person but I was still in control. I jumped into the air and fire boosted toward her, then flipped around and kicked her with both legs.

      After thoroughly kicking her mostly-exposed butt, the skimply-outfitted catwoman lady morphed into a small boy of about ten who was crying.

      "Why weren't you scared? What are you?"

      (Paraphrased.) "Because I knew that it was all a dream. Even now, it is all a dream. And the scarier it got, the more I knew what I was experiencing was not real. That, and the fear you created didn't represent anything in my life. Nightmares only have power if they represent something. Everything in dreams is like that. If it doesn't represent something important, it can be easily removed or defeated."

      "That's no fair! Please don't kill me!"

      "I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to do something much worse... (<- Joke) I'm going to let you live so that you can learn from this. (Paraphrased from here on out, I remember roughly what I said so.) So, stop going around causing nightmares or your going to get what is coming to you."

      There was some story behind the boy that he told me. He tried to convince me that he was another dreamer who got bullied a lot during the day, so at night he would use shared dreaming to go into peoples dreams and make them have nightmares to make things fair. He thought that what he was doing did justice and was really angry because if made things fair. I remember posing the question of how this made him any better than the bullies.

      The dream actually continued on semi-lucid for a very long time after that and the boy became a lucid dreamer and had his own dream guide and everything. Like the last lucid, I don't really recall the details.


      I am on this steampunk airship where this quadrillionare makes his full-time residence. The airship is actually in the atmosphere of a gas planet, but the planets' atmosphere has oxygen like the earth. The airship had ion thrusters where the propellers should have been, mounted on gold nacelles. The body of the airship was a dark red fabric. There was a large inverted pagoda tower on the underside and the guy lived in the very bottom.

      I remember we were flown in by this butler guy who flew this odd spacecraft. It was an octagonal frame with windows on every side, except the bottom. It was gold too, and had little maneuvering rockets on all sides. We docked with the big airship and the butler gestured us to go onboard and meet him. The airship was empty and quiet, but occasionally made creaking and buckling sounds..

      We made our way down through each floor of the tower. I remember on one floor there were a whole bunch of boxes of legos. I thought it was kind of funny that this guy who was apparently so gentlemanly had so many kids toys. I figured he might have kids or something that come to play with them.

      We finally got to the bottom level of the tower. It was like this big foyer styled room with stairs on either side and a big glass wall. The dream character was standing there looking out at the storms and swirling clouds. I remember he had a black suit coat and a top hat. He was looking out over the storms of the gas planet. I cleared my throat to get his attention and he turned around and walked over. He had a cane in one hand and walked with kind of a hobble. I could tell one of his legs was a prostetic by the way he walked and the clanking noise it made. I also remember knowing that this character was connected to Marcus somehow. Maybe his father.

      I greeted him as he got close. Manei said hello as well and told him who we were and that we had been invited to see him.

      "What is wrong with all your dreamers these days? Cut your hair and grow a pair, boy!" He proceeds to try to poke me in the nose with his cane I backed up. He then went over to Manei. He said something perverted to her, but I can't remember what it was. She gave him this really dirty look. He then proceeded to poke her in the stomach and say that she was too skinny anyway. He said he wasn't interested in talking to us anymore.

      "Oh, great. He's annoying. He's perverted. and he invites us over just so he can decide he doesn't like us. Why does every dream character other than you or Marcus have to be a dick?"

      I guess he didn't like me calling him a dick, because he threw his cane at me but I caught it. I told him I was going to break it if he didn't shape up. He said it was made of unbreakable [something]wood from the planet [i forgot]. I took that as a challenge and broke the cane partially over my knee. It was still held together by a little bit of flexible wood but it was more or less useless. The man got mad and said that the cane was worth more than me.

      He sent a his bodyguard out. He was this huge, 8 foot tall man who looked like alex armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist but had four eyes in two rows. He had an eye-patch over his top left eye. He told the guard to attack me. He charged at me, and I threw him over my shoulder and he went through the wall.

      The guard started to get back up and the dream suddenly ended and I woke up.


      Though the dream that moved me the most, or was the most profound in my opinion was a conversation that I had with Manei. The dream had started out with me being on vacation with my parents at this mountain lodge location. I became lucid when I saw that I had my bracers and my dad told me to stop lucid dreaming because it was bad. My mom and dad got into a fight about whether or not lucid dreaming was bad or not. I acknowledged that this was probably a message about lucid dreaming, but moved on to manifest Manei.

      We started walking and talking about something in the mountains. I remember saying something to her like this.

      "Don't be offended by this, but you're everything I never wanted when I started lucid dreaming. I find it kind of funny. So many dreamers want to find their guides so badly, but get nowhere. I was that one in a million who was more than happy happy to go alone. Yet you have been right here all this time."

      We were now in the soccer field in a park across from my house. There were some kids flying very odd dream kites in the breeze. I remember Manei had a kite too. She seemed to be thinking of what to say.

      "Often, those who want to be alone are those who need a friend most badly."

      The dream was hazy and my lucidity wasn't clear. The dream carried on semi-lucid for a few more minutes after that.
    4. Batman, Catwoman, Blue Grass, Penguin, & Booby Traps

      by , 12-21-2014 at 05:55 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Batman, Catwoman, Blue Grass, Penguin, & Booby traps (DILD)


      I’m apparently Batman, and I’m walking through a large field of sky blue grass with a slight hue of turquoise. It seems fairly ominous, but seeing how the pathway seemed very clear, I went ahead with confidence. It seems a dream character that looks like Catwoman in the Arkham Asylum game I never played is joining with Mr. Penguin to try and lure me into a trap.

      Not sure why Selena is pairing up with Mr. Penguin, but it’s completely irrelevant at this point because I know what it is they’re trying to pull by shifting into a grandiose spectator view to see what will be ahead of me. After going through the blue grass field, I will encounter a group of random dream characters that look human that will try and gang up on me, and an onslaught of traps would come after me should I avoid those dream characters as well.

      For some reason while I’m still in spectator mode, the more I go through this environment, it sets off a chain reaction as if the dream body I would be in if I shifted awareness to it actually traversed through these areas. It was somewhat hilarious to dream characters trying to gang up on someone that isn’t even there.

    5. Past Lives of Liam and Saja...kind of.

      by , 10-16-2013 at 04:56 AM
      I'm not exactly sure where to start.

      Tortured Ghosts

      I have a thin thread of lucidity during this part, otherwise it would have been terrifying. There's something happening with the earthbound spirits, they cluster around a traveling man. They can't help it, they want to be near him and they don't at once. They don't because they relive the accidents that killed them. I become each of them in turn, a blond woman turns her hand over again and again, each time she twists her wrist the hand disappears and becomes a stub, then returns.
      Another woman, a red head who looks a little like Kate Winslet relives the moment when she found out she had died. She stands over a tub, now empty of water, but full of her corpse. Her face is missing, like her head was cut away in jagged layers from nose to ear. Since I am her (and I am not) I wait for the terror to hit me at finding my own body, but my subconscious is just lucid enough that I tell myself to close my eyes and take a deep breath. That it isn't real. The scream I waited for never comes.
      I'm in a living room at dusk, shadows are slowly leaching the light from the room. A blonde ghost sits on the couch, another is crouched behind me beside the door.
      They say these words in unison "He has another passenger, no others can ride.", then go stiff and dead eyed and move no longer.

      Liam, Saja. Kvothe, Batman, Sylar/Silas
      While I am glad Liam has made another appearance, this dream was really strange. It tried so -hard- to have a storyline. Here's what I remember:

      I am in an odd combination of Walmart and Lowe's, a crazy woman keeps sending me and my friend to fetch her things from other parts of the store but she doesn't give us details, she
      just says "Get me something with a hook on it." like it is a scavenger hunt. So we do, we run to Electrical. My friend is wearing knee high brown suede boots, black tights, a jean skirt and tank top. She is several inches taller than me, with long brown hair and brown eyes.
      "Okay, she said something that glows like a firefly, something with a hook on it, and a reflective surface." My friend says as we rush down one of the aisles. "Remember that
      there are cameras everywhere, don't put anything in your pockets."
      Instead of thinking that is ludicrous, it makes complete sense and I thank her for reminding me. We head down one of the aisles, it's all open and has no racking but the products are stacked like they would be on shelves, in big organized piles. She grabs a lamp and tucks it under her arm, waving at one of the cameras. There's an endcap with hand mirrors, I grab one. We head back to the main aisle which now opens up into a mall-like area.
      "I'll go get the hooks." My friend says. The crazy woman runs back up to me, she has long greying blond hair pulled back into a
      thick ponytail and bangs that run straight across the top of her wire glasses. She's wearing a white shirt and a pink jacket.
      "What the hell is that?" She demands, pointing at the lamp and the mirror.
      "The things you asked for..."
      "No no NO." She shouts something about wanting all of those things in one object then turns and runs away as a man comes
      to stand beside me. When she gets about 20ft away she starts skipping.
      We stare after her with identical expressions of amused dismay.
      "Remind me why we're fetching her things?" I say to him.
      "What else would we do. Where's Kara?"
      "She went to get the hooks....which I see you already have. Not that it matters." I reply, gesturing to the white boxes cradled
      against his chest. I finally look up at him and my heart turns over. He's wearing a white suit with a black shirt. It is Liam. Same crooked, infectious smile, red hair falling into his eyes which are a familiar vibrant blue. I see myself from the side and see that I am Saja, my hair now long and curling to my waist, wearing a dress with a thin belt and cropped sweater. I want an excuse to touch him, because we are not quite who we feel like we are, we are still playing characters. I reach up to take the white box from him, when my hand gets close he takes my fingers into the hand that's pressed tight to his chest. He smiles at me.
      Kara comes to join us and he releases my hand.
      "I got the hooks!" She exclaims, then sees the box he carries and lets out a disappointed "aaaw.."
      I start to explain that the crazy woman is asking for something different, when she reappears and looks over our gathered objects. She sighs loudly.
      "Fine fine, I guess it will have to do. We're out of time. Follow me."
      ((Now it gets really confusing)) We follow her down the corridor, part of me understands what is happening. That we are in her thrall and we are wanted for a spell of some kind. I understand why she would want me but not Liam. He shouldn't even be here. I glance over at him and he's wearing a dazed, troubled expression which mirrors my own.
      Then I am Liam, glancing over at Saja and thinking that I understand why they would want her, but not me. I shouldn't even be
      here. We walk down a dark narrow hallway, the others are further ahead of me, so that when I finally reach the door at the end they are already inside. The door stands open and there is so little light that I can't see anything of the layout. I step inside though, because Saja is in there. It's not her fault they used her to lead me here. I can feel the spell pressing down on my consciousness, making independent thought heavy, like walking through mud. A portly man dressed as an 1800's gentleman complete with a monicle and handlebar mustache emerges from a deeply shadowed corner. The women each carry a large bell jar with a lit candle inside.
      I follow the man with my eyes, frowning fiercely.
      "I am sure you're wondering why you're here."
      I think something sarcastic in his direction and he chuckles at me.
      The women take a step closer, revealing a twin bed with a two woven blankets on top of it, a green and a dull burgundy.
      I know I'm supposed to lay down and find myself climbing onto the bed as a child would, on my hands and knees. I resist the pull and the world tilts. I see the cuff of my jacket, and see my hands as Saja would see them.
      "Here, let me help." The man pulls back the blankets, then shuffles to the shuttered window at the side of the bed and opens i
      t letting in bright daylight. Something in me eases, I can't tell if it is my resistance, or the thrall.
      "You are here because of your singular nature, who you used to be. Who you are now." He says and instructs me to lay down.
      I comply, my eyes sliding over the dull-eyed Saja who still stands at the foot of the bed, holding a jar.
      The world suddenly feels compact, compressed, the pressure of the wind as it rushes through the open window and the
      weathered wood of the walls withering away (alliteration!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself). Then we are flying. All of us, the two thralled girls off to the side, the old crazy woman, the portly gentleman and myself. There are numerous strings dangling around us attached to all different manner of coins. We rise into the sky. His reason doesn't really explain why I am here, but I understand anyway. I hold the name of the wind (this is where Kvothe comes in) inside me, and the wind will not harm me, or those with me. It's why we can defy gravity and why the strong gales outside the border of coins does not sweep in on us. I take a deep breath and speak the name of the wind, it rushes from my mouth and the man commands me to stop. I don't listen.

      Now it gets even weirder.
      Something about Liam becoming Batman and Saja being Catwoman. I try to get a better angle as he leans down threaten her but kisses her instead.
      I am outside, flying. I see a long bridge connecting a fortress to the city and a moat. I fly down because I see a small figure
      crouched on a rock jutting from the water. It is supposed to be Saja...and in a way, it looks like her, I guess. I drop down in front of her. She's wearing an elaborately layered red gown, each layered part of the skirt fringed in black lace, she's wearing half of a plague mask and a red wig with black fringe, that matches her dress. She's completely soaked and frozen like a statue. I can tell she's breathing though. I reach over and remove her mask. Water drips down her deathly pale face and her eyes are silver. Her face isn't how I recall it from other dreams, more narrow and plain. I notice she's holding an axe in one hand, like she's waiting for the go to attack the enemy. I can see her black hair underneath the wig. Huh.
      Then I am in the bedroom from before. Liam is sitting on the end of the bed with a thin knife in his hand. He is clutching the handle
      and I know he is resisting his past life as a serial killer. (?! I shouldn't take this too seriously...considering he was batman 10 minutes ago.) Another face flickers over his own, black eyes, black hair slicked back, wearing a big loose navy blue t-shirt.
      "Don't be who you were...be who you are."
      I insist, Liam is having trouble fighting it and his face keeps flickering from the dark eyed man to the one I know.
      This is also confusing because I am the silver-eyed girl from before. I'm wearing a black tanktop and dark gray pants. I have no idea who this is supposed to be. I feel like Saja but I don't really look like her.
      The gentleman from before appears, telling me that he's fighting his nature for my benefit. That if we hadn't interfered, Silas
      would have emerged and started killing again. He calls me Julie.((I have only ever been called my WL name a handful of times. So this is pretty strange.))
      I rush across the room from where I crouched next to the bed where Liam is sitting.
      "Stop calling me that, my name is SAJA." I yell at him. I must look pretty disconcerting because he backs away with his
      hands before him in a placating gesture.
      "Alright, alright. You're Saja. Let us help him."
      "NO. Only I can help him."

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    6. Prison Camp and Dying For the First Time!!!

      by , 12-23-2012 at 08:11 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Prison Camp and Dying for the First Time (Non-lucid)


      Just a mere nap, and I have this crazy experience, damn, it felt like it was at least a 10 minute dream, or even more. It felt so condensed, a lot of gaps in between, but those parts I recalled had huge significance in my overall experience.

      And I died, which is a first thing, and I was in prison, so obviously, my feelings of being trapped is related to how I feel about people in general and the image I'm trying to sustain, but knowing that trying to do so might actually send me into deeper and more difficult tasks to get out of.

      I was meditating, and what a perfect dream to signify that I'm trying to get out of, my thoughts and attachments of life.......And to finally reach freedom in this dream was so amazing, until a small ad hoc of soldiers shot me down like I was nothing.

      Now on to the dream. There's a lot of sexual references here, but there wasn't anything sexual, just a lot of representations of how I conceptualize certain things, and the mere mentioning of that representation isn't going to be a bother, except the death of course, or it could be a joy to some sadists.

      So, let's go on with the dream.

      I'm on the run, I don't know where I am, but I do have a weird connection to this place and the nooks and crannies of a few specific areas. It's like a dungeon, and I'm constantly finding myself going up stairs, random hallways, reaching upper levels where there's natural sun light, but never going too far into the light.

      My mind is mixed at this point, so many interchanging thoughts at once ranging from the fear of possibly being found out, captured, and recieving a more cruel punishment for endorsing the escape of other prisoners. I felt I had obligations, but at the same time I felt I needed to engage in this neutrality of trying to help others or save myself.

      I needed other people to find ways to know more about the large Prison/Dungeon Camp I'm in, and the gargantuan size of this area, the many areas within it, all too much for one person to even conceptualize possible escape tactics for freedom.

      There's too many things going on at once that it's hard to keep track off and make it into a cohesive and comprehensible chain of events. I remember someone in a black latex suit, a female, probably resembling Catwoman, that I would end up helping or trying to avoid.

      Her role in this was temporary, and I feel I also met Robin as well, but his purpose fades away quickly. There are guards coming after us, and I remember that each time that I run, I end up going to a specific set of stairs that leads me to a myriad of paths that I can take.

      I also noticed that there are anal toys laid of on the right side about 2 feet away from double doors consisting of dark red colors with 4 rectangles going vertical formed as if they were split from a bigger rectangle on the door.

      Seeing the anal toys kind of bothered me, and I won't go into full description of what they looked like. I remember running up stairs that are made of concrete or some kind of gray marble materials with a red carpet in the middle of the stairs going all the way up and down the areas of this huge prison camp.

      When I go through the double doors, random things happen. I remember falling down a deep ditch, feeling perfectly fine, and them climbing my way up to get to more doors to have to choose randomly.

      Basically, the whole dream was full backtracking and pinpointing important locations and adding on to the mental map I had in my mind. It involved a lot of practice, a lot of trail and error, but I eventually learned the nooks and crannies and found myself at higher places in less time than I thought.

      Then I tried helping a few random people escape, and when I tried to escape, I felt I needed to go back to the prison to help more people.

      I don't know why, but I just felt I had to be responsible for saving some people. I keep using that area with the double doors and the anal toys randomly placed 2 feet away from the doors as the major reference point because I know anything beyond those doors is has subjective outcomes.

      I eventually meet an old man who I'm confused as to whether or not I'm helping him, or he's helping me. Anyway, after escaping guards inside the large building, I head outside and find an Asian man is coming inside the base.

      The electrical wired fence opens, and my perception of it opening or closing is a bit skewed. It looks like it's opening, and the old man dashes for the gate as the Asian man goes through it; he's wearing a gray hoodie, and he looks like he's in his mid 20s.

      I can feel the electricity surging in my hands for a while, but I took my hands off the fence quickly and dashed a bit to avoid it completely closing in on me and possibly shocking me.

      I follow the old man while looking both ways on the highway.

      The cars are kind of going slow at the moment, and I head to the left side of the highway where the rough part of the part is. I see a vehicle that crashed for a while now, and decided I should hide there , but I wanted to catch up to the old man.

      I saw soldiers coming up, and as I'm trying to play things off like I'm a normal citizen, things start getting hectic. I turn to the right to get a peek of the soldiers, they were wearing dark gray uniforms, and they're holding to old rifles that look like they were from U.S. Civil War times.

      A random soldier starts screaming, and everything goes in slow motion for me. I turn my face to see what's going on, when in fact the soldier is screaming in a foreign language while pointing at me. I become shocked, and I tried to run, but it's too late.

      The soldiers, at least 10 of them, shot me right where I was standing. I immediately drop on the floor with no control whatesoever, and I remember being dragged immediately by someone, and that's all I remember.

    7. Megaman

      by , 02-01-2012 at 07:18 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm out with a bunch of super hero's, and we're fighting a shit load of Dr. WIley's robots. Land, sea, air, you name it. I'm not sure exactly who I'm with, but there was this one girl who reminded me of catwoman. She was wearing a skin-tight suit, and she had a black mask. When we were almost finished with everything (huge freaking war going on....only think there were a few scattered skirmishes going on) she went into this hut.

      I followed her, and she got out these medallions with symbols on them. I couldn't read them, but they reminded me of kanji. I don't know the exact number of them, but when she bought them out they started glowing green, and floating evenly out in the room. For some reason I knew what she was going to do, and said "you're going to summon Mephistopheles aren't you"!? She said she needed to change the past, and I told her that things may even be worst off. I asked her if she gained any new powers since the war, and before she could answer me, he entered through a white portal. He was short, almost reptilian looking. She told him what she wanted, and he granted the wish before I could intervene.

      Now I'm back in the water, and there are natural animals there thriving. No psychopathic robots there to kill me....no more heroes either. Then I heard in sort of a voice over that the Krogan race had been spared.
    8. Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne and Catwoman and A Mugging At a Bar Saint's Row Style

      by , 07-21-2011 at 04:43 PM
      I was just there in what looked like the Fortress of Solitude and Bruce Wayne was talking to Catwoman about their relationship I guess. Anyway Catwoman stormed off and Bruce Wayne was like She walked down the stairs and left.

      Then I was in a bar where some guys came in and mugged someone at gun-point like Saints Row 2. I even saw the money fall out.