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    1. A distraught movie character time travels in search for her missing husband.

      by , 07-23-2019 at 01:42 PM (Exterminate)
      I went to find and talk to someone my oldest brother was in love with. My goal was to ask her if she had feelings in return. She gave me a blood bag and told me she did not like him.

      Someone jumped from the 5-6th story of a hospital. there were about 3 witnesses. A boy around 11-12 was on the same level as her and took responsibility for calling 911. Moments later a bunch of fireworks "resumed."
      Someone's house caught fire from the fireworks and they ran up instead of downstairs

      I was a female movie character and was running away from a villain with my husband. As we ran out of the hospital the entire thing collapsed toward us. I was running away from it, but my husband grabbed me and pulled me into a pool for cover. The pool was too shallow and provided little protection. He died, but I survived. I wasn't the same. I had severe tinnitus and felt I had debris in my right ear. I think I lost hearing in left ear completely. I felt like I had an emotion change. I warned those around me that I might now be evil.

      I entered the past trying to find my husband. I was in a home my parents used to live in before I was born. I tried talking to those present but they ignored me. It was as if nobody could see or hear me. I shouted at the top of my lungs in desperation. My mom took me aside and asked me who the hell I was and what my intentions were. She freaked out and told me to stay away from her kids. I tried telling her I was their kid, but she didn't buy it. I found out through conversation that everyone present was younger than how I saw them in front of me. They could hear me now, and I asked everyone how old they were. I determined I was in the year 1994, a year before I was born. I gave my mom the details of the name of the person I lost. I couldn't think of his last name, it was never said in the movie. I looked him up on imdb and gave the movie name.

      My oldest brother "woke me up" and complained that I slept on his request to find his lover. I told him I did in fact meet with her in a dream, but she wasn't interested. He insisted on going down there himself and asking. We went down to a high school and found this woman who worked there, but again she turned him down. She offered him a solid handshake and wished him luck in his future searches. She then gave me a giant stuffed teddy bear. She said they had to get rid of them and felt I would like it.

      I was a passenger in a car going down a dark highway. The road had many sharp inclines and declines. It was so bad you couldn't see the road ahead as you had to go up. Then it would go down so sharply you felt as if the car would tumble. I noted how scary this road seemed and as I did the road got smaller and the surroundings got darker and rounder. We had entered a limestone cave. There were parts of the cavern road that only had one lane cause that's all there was room for, and we had to hope nobody was coming the other way. We ended up at a small room with old cars. It was so cramped you could barely fit our car inside. There was about 6 cars parked around, and an exit on the other side. It was decently well lit, but I had a feeling I needed to get out. When I did the driver of the car tried to make it around the cars parked there and through the exit, but the exit was blocked by some of the parked cars. I dragged and pushed the cars out of the way. They were 1920s model Ts. Very nice, and easy to move. I noted there was a workshop down here with so much dust on it nobody had probably been down here in ages. It was weird though, cause we took the highway to get here and there was no exits off the highway, it led 15 miles straight to here.
    2. Sunday, June 3

      by , 06-04-2018 at 04:56 AM
      I am in a fairly large subterranean cavern. It is very dark, with the dark stone walls and the dark water of indeterminable depth. Somehow, I am afloat on the surface of the water (whether by myself or on top of something). I pull out my phone to use its flashlight, but the screen’s luminescence is enough to enable to water, stone, and sparse vegetation along the walls to come eerily into view. I am slightly upset about this, as I wanted to see it first or only by the flashlight? Now, I am by a stone wall. It is featured enough to enable me to start ascending it, and I do so. The ridges are just close enough and just good enough, though they are a little small to be completely secure footholds. Still, I am too high to easily come back down, so I continue to the top. I climb up and over and am on a stone walkway traversing this wall. I follow it and find myself inside of a room (it looks like the office at Dad’s house? though blended into this area). Makayla is here, seated at a desk. I find it bizarre that I came up from a subterranean cavern and found myself here.
    3. Not Exactly a Deadly Cavern

      by , 01-01-2017 at 07:01 AM
      Dream #NYMC53

      Morning of January 1, 2017. Sunday.

      Reading time: 50 sec. Readability score: 80.

      I first focus on a big eagle when I am within a tunnel in a cavern, looking out through the entrance when farther inside. It seems to be an influence from making an image from a 1968 dream that had a giant bird that resembles an eagle. It seems to fly towards the entrance yet the distance does not seem to change.

      I see a clear pool of water. Something that looks like a snake is swimming in the water, but it soon seems to be a belt somehow moving on its own. Eventually, there seem to be at least a dozen identical venomous serpents that I have no concern about in my lucidity. They are like small coral snakes. They slither in and out of porous rocks. I am eventually aware of Zsuzsanna.

      There is a scene where I see an unknown young girl in a plaid dress (yellows and greens). Down past her knees, she seems to be growing out of another girl, and that girl, in turn, grew out of another, and still another. The fourth girl is lying on the cavern floor. They all seem cheerful. This “human tree” reminds me vaguely of a scene from George Harrison’s “When We Was Fab” music video from 1987.

      Tags: belt, cavern, eagle, snake
    4. [10-10-2016]

      by , 10-10-2016 at 07:46 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      With my mother and some another woman we were deep underground in some cavern system. There was water flowing rapidly on the ground and dripping from the ceiling. It was dark, but the water was strangely illuminated. It was also in a deep blue colour, contrasting highly with dark surroundings. We were climbing up some rope, but mother said that it won't lead us far and jumped down into water. I jumped after her and stream of water took me to another cavern. We landed on a small rock from which a rope led to exit from cavern. We were climbing, and when we were halfway there my mother said to that woman "We won't get out of here. It's prohpecised that we'll die here!". They disappeared, I still climbed but when I reached exit, it was blocked by a black and soft substance that I couldn't break through. I moved back to the cavern and jumped down to water on the bottom of it, then get out of water. There were some chests and barrels scattered around, I checked what was inside them and then I saw a dark elf with his vegetables stand. A dialogue window appeared with his name and why he was in the cavern.

      Second dream

      It was a really hot day. I was outside neighbor's house, standing with mother on the roadside. Neighbors left their house and relaxed with us on the road, then a truck appeared. It drove right through neighbors, but haven't hurt them. It just passed through them.
    5. [30-03-2016]

      by , 03-30-2016 at 07:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a huge library, there were many people sitting near tables and reading. Someone came closer and gave me an "Underground admittance". I took an elevator and quickly arrived in a dark cavern room built over with wood. Some parts of it were lit. As soon as I left the elevator, everybody rushed inside it to get to the surface. Only I and manager of this level stayed. He was a black man, wearing a green uniform. When he saw me, he said "Welcome to the underground level! We are surrounded by endless darkness, and as you can see, only this wooden construction protects us from perilous danger!"

      I wandered around the cavern, wondering what's going on. In one place I looked in between wood beams, staring at the strange blackness. I moved somewhere else, and between the beams I saw a beautiful tropical beach at sunset. Another look - and another beach. There were dangerously looking storm clouds gathering upon it. I called the manager and asked "Are our brains generating these beautiful landscapes as a way to deal with this unusual darkness?" He looked a bit surprised and said "I'm not certainly sure, but it is possible."

      A sudden earthquake occured, lights in previously lit area turned off. Manager shouted in panic when he realized that we were stranded down there. I tried to open an evacuation shaft, but a chandelier almost fallen on my head. I tried again and opened it, only to discover that no human is able to climb up through it. He said with hope "They are preparing to save us... they really are!" I said "You know what? They really do, because I expect it, and in lucid dreams, expectations and belief are the most important factors!" I didn't even noticed that I'm back in my house and that the man turned into one of my classmates.

      We talked for a while in my kitchen. We both wanted to go to toilet, instead of it we both peed there. Suddenly he turned and shouted "Oh shit! Grandma!". We ran to another room, I held the door so nobody could enter. It was my parents' bedroom, but only mother was sleeping. Suddenly I heard a shout "Hey! What are you doing!?" - it was my father going back from toilet. I tried to explain "I thought it was grandma!" to which he replied "How could she get here?"

      I left him and went to toilet, thinking if this is a crazy dream that could become lucid, but I woke up soon.
    6. Messed up dream

      by , 02-20-2015 at 10:50 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark all around, but I managed to open the door and go outside. Where should I go? I thought. Then everything changed. I saw myself running on the desert from top-down view. I was avoiding spike traps and boulders rolling down from hills in my direction. I barely escaped when almost all the place was filled with traps. My point of view changed, and I saw my moves like it was a side-scrolling game. In the middle of an underground cavern I found an entrance to a forgotten city. When I tried to enter it I was attacked by hordes of small weasels weilding bows. I ran deeper into the caverns while escaping from flying arrows. I saw an entrance to a dwarven fortress. I jumped into the moat under the drawbridge, and climbed up that bridge. When I was climbing I felt the weird structure of the drawbridge. It was somehow soft and slimy. I entered the dwarven settlement. It was made of dark-gray rock. Dwarven masons were the best I've ever seen, I was in awe and wanted to share my thoughts with two dwarves standing nearby. It was a king and his advisor. We haven't talked about anything in particular, but then the king mentioned that he wants to make a wedding of me and the princess. We talked about that wedding while we were going down strange stairs - a maze of handrails without steps. We had to climb the handrails to go down. When I appeared in a chamber below the entrance the dwarves disappeared. I saw a group of adventurers standing there. They told me that their quest is to help me marry the princess. We moved from the chamber to a tunnel. I saw gigantic set of stairs carved in rock. The stairs were reaching high up to the surface. One of the adventurers told And now we have to go up these stairs?! I told him Don't worry. These stairs have over two hundred ad twenty steps!. We moved up. I had troubles with climbing the stairs, but we've reached the surface. Rainy afternoon. It was cold, the dense fog was covering the horizon. I could feel the water flowing on the road with my bare feet. I was wearing only my underwear. The stairs led to the street. I looked back and saw that the entrance to the tunnel with stairs was a phone booth. The street was empty, and I saw only a few persons there. A man wearing gray hoodie and glasses. He had dark gray beard and was smoking a cigarette. When I looked at him I knew that he was on of the adventurers, making a distraction so I could enter a nearby palace. It was high building made of white marble, ornamented with exotic wood, silver and gold. Near the gate made of finest steel I saw a couple. A man wearing black trechcoat, glasses and black fedora hat. The woman was wearing a white, long gown. She had dark-brown hair and blue eyes. I saw them from the distance, they were kissing. When I came closer I saw that the woman was lying in a stroller and eating chips, and the man was kissing a barbie doll resembling the woman. They were also making a distraction for me. I entered the palace without much trouble. Inside I saw a dwarven king sitting on a throne. The place was made of white marble and granite; and random ornaments were made of exotic wood, silver and gold. There was no trace of his advisor. He had someone different instead. A president of Poland was one of his most loyal servants. The president was wearing dark-orange sweater, glasses and blue jeans trousers. I asked the king about my wedding with his daughter. Then the princess appeared. A yound girl in light-blue gown. She had light-brown hair, pale skin and green eyes. She came closer to me and told me that she wants to escape with me. Her father was mad after hearing this, and swore that he'll stop this by any means necessary. I ran to the street, and head for a barn standing on the north side of the street, west of the palace. The rain was getting stronger. The water was slowly gathering inside buildings. I entered the barn. There was a wooden plank leaning over the old wooden wall. I took it and placed it on the ground, so I could sit down on it. I looked around the building. It was divided into two parts. A storage area filled to the brim with wood and hay. There were also other object. A metal drill to make holes in the ground, and a some shelves. There was also a garage part, which I was sitting in. I took a small pebble from the ground, and tried to make a fire, so I could warm myself up. I was unable to do it. I sat alone in the cold, dark barn wearing only my underwear. After a while I decided to go back to the palace. This time however I avoided the main entrance, and went to the backyard. There I sneaked into the dining room through the kitchen. It was a large chamber. There was a long table in the middle of the room with a set of chairs standing there. They were made of exotic wood, and standing on a red carpet with a golden outline. The corners of the carpet were ornamented with gold. The dwarven king was sitting near the table and waiting. After a while the president appeared. He was carrying a silver platter, and was happy. He thought that the king would enjoy the meal made by him. The king was mad, he was still thinking about me and the princess. I came closer to the dwarf, but he pushed me away. I escaped to the street. I looked to the right, and saw a TV reporter talking about mercenaries hired by dwarves to kill civillians. For a while I seen the reporter from cameras point of view. She was a woman in her late twenties, wearing a trenchcoat. She had dark-red hair, pale skin and brown eyes. I seen again from my point of view. I looked to the right, and saw SEALS soldiers waiting for something or someone. I decided to run for it, and ran to the barn. I get there without any action from their side. I sat down on the plank, and tried to make a fire again. It was vain. I thought the end this madness. I got out of barn, and walked straight the treet. I entered my home. It was early evening. I thought about taking a bath. Then my father appeared and told me that he's going to take a bath first. I agreed and went to the living room. I sat on a couch, and was wondering if I left something in the barn. Suddenly I saw a glass of tea, and fire set up by someone. Then I felt strong, piercing pain in my index finger. I looked at it, and saw a huge, dirty nail sticking out of my flesh.
    7. Fishing

      by , 09-09-2014 at 05:36 PM
      NLD: I was in large cavern with pools of water on either side of a land bridge and wanted to go fishing. I found a rock-lobster tail on the ground and since I didn't know where it had been or how old it was, I didn't want to eat it, but thought it might make useful bait for fishing. I baited my hook with a small piece of the lobster meat and cast the line. I wasn't sure how deep the water was but let the line sink naturally. I wasn't using a modern fishing rod, but the old-fashioned kind made of a single long bamboo cane with a simple length of cord attached to the tip.

      Soon I got a bite, and from the degree to which the pole was bending, I knew it must be something big. I didn't want the pole to snap so I rapidly moved up to the end where the cord was tied and started drawing in the line directly, folding it around my elbows like rope as I was able to pull it in (it was a rather thick cord, closer to thin rope than the modern fishing line filament).

      When I had drawn in enough cord to see my catch surface, I was startled to see the shape of a giant lizard breach the surface of the water. I momentarily wondered whether it was an alligator or a crocodile but couldn't remember how to tell the difference. Right after that I realized that the difference didn't matter—this thing was dangerous either way! I needed to cut the cord and quietly back away before it recognized me as an antagonist.

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    8. Two Keys

      by , 09-08-2014 at 11:42 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2014. Monday.

      I am in some sort of underground chamber with a group of people. We had somehow gotten to the area in a van (going down an inclined road inside a cave or some such). At some points I seem disembodied but at other points I am more integrated with the flow of my dream. The main character, a younger male of perhaps about thirty, has found a large skeleton key of nearly two feet long. It has a texture (very slightly bumpy) and color similar to an old-fashioned black skillet and has a few patches of rust, the patches primarily of somewhat of an elongated diamond shape. It apparently leads to treasure and an ancient city where one may still be able to live and thrive.

      He manages to open a secret wall by using the key. The opened wall leads to the abandoned underground city and there is likely to be valuable treasure and even special foods to sustain anyone who travels into the region. However, some sort of geological events (including at least one geyser) are beginning, making it difficult to continue. Some sort of gas and ash, possibly volcanic, begins to be present in the area. The others are concerned about leaving the idea of exploration for later. The male seems to vanish after he goes into what may be an unstable area, possibly killed by falling rocks.

      It is then known that the key he found was possibly some sort of “decoy” and was not of the most valuable potential. I walk over to a rectangular rock that is somewhat diagonal and on a larger rock. I sort of absentmindedly tap the rock (as if entering a code on invisible buttons), expecting something to happen (not sure what) and a smaller rectangular groove appears and turns into a small “door” that slides back to reveal an oversize shiny gold key, also about two feet long as the first was (as if some sort of advanced technology was involved and built into the rock to reveal the hidden key with the right focus). The door is then gone and the rock is again seamless but with the key on the outside. This is the right key, so I take it.

      The cavernous area is filling with supposedly poisonous ash and one male seems to be slightly ill from the increasing toxic particulates (being more affected than the others for some reason - perhaps in having asthma), but we are able to leave in the van, deciding what to do about the artifact. Apparently, the key opens the door to paradise or even “Heaven” (in a different area of the cavern), but one person suggests it should be put in a museum instead and that seems to become the present choice (though by people not really in charge - I seem to be in charge now) even though it will lead to treasure and healing. My dream loses cohesion from that point though I get the sense of a room full of light being available to explore now.
      Tags: cavern, keys
    9. Day 15 - A giant spider inhabits the house

      by , 05-15-2014 at 01:56 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I go downstairs of a house where we live. The ground floor is a huge cavern and I get lost looking for something. It's all dark and I want to turn on some light. The ceiling is high above my head. I find a corner with a light switch. I turn it on and I see a light has turned on somewhere but it's difficult to see because of my hair falls on my face. I remember somebody told me about a big spider inhabiting this place. I want to get back upstairs to our room. I try to free my view but it's a mass of hairs in front of my eyes. I hardly find the stairs and go up, hoping not to find that big spider. I don't know how big could it be, when I feel some spider web falling on my face. I think it could be just my hair. Finally I get to our room. The door is a closet which doors are made of glass. I have to open them with a little key to get in. A soft moon light get through the windows, I see some shadows in the corridor. My wife gently sleeps on the bed. I cannot close the lock when I see a spider which body is the size of a basket ball, running along the hallway. It gives me the creeps, I want to close the damn door but its lock seems to be broken/...

      * The dream is abruptly interrupted by one of my kids
      * I consider that as a nightmare because of the uncomfortable feelings.

      .../It's night. I'm walking on the streets close to the informal market, playing with my shadow on the lines of the slabs. I'm hearing the song Black Sabbath playing on the background while someone tells something about the band/...

      * Alarm went off. I know there was more but unfortunately I wasn't able to remember more...

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    10. Secret Cave Concert

      by , 04-30-2014 at 12:40 PM
      So I am with all my friends at the gathering in this big cavern, where this one band is playing. So I needed to walk out side (can't remember anything before this) and when I was back, I saw my girlfreind practicing bells in the snow. She sees me and says, "Check this out!" Then she plays a middle G, a high g,and middle E. It didn't sound that good. Her bells were blown out of glass and were colored blue and there was only one octave well kinda. Also there were no flats or sharps. I kinda think, hmmm is this a dream? I don't do a Reality check but I kinda have this sudden albeit murky awareness that this is a dream. Maybe it was the concentration it took to focus on the bells and what notes and whatnot. So I leave her there and go inside and when I go inside, she is again practicing inside, right next to the stage . I don't think anything of it and ask her if she wants to go sit down. She says yeah sure. And puts up her stuff and while she's carrying it away she says, "Thanks a lot, Trey," I think o gosh she's gonna hurt me now. I walk to our table and start whistling the tune from Zelda Ocarina of time. Then the stereo starts playing it. This assures me that this is a dream and makes me wanna do one of my tasks. So I sit down and think. What I write down on this post-it note I will become. But then oh that would be weird with all my friends here. Lol? So I tell them I'm going to the bathroom and one justs shakes their head at me. So I go through this one door and I think there is going to be a bathroom through this door and sure enough there was. I go to the mirror and see my reflection. Perfectly normal. So I try to change it. I try to change my hair color from dirty blond to black and it works. Then I just try to think of someone and see if the mirror looks like that. But I ended up looking like Adam Levine crossed with a hillbilly. Then everything in my dream went dark. I think o gosh the dreams over. I try to reeneter it but no luck. So I open my eyes and write my dream down. Then I realized, I could of tried a DEILD there's.

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    11. Polar Bear in the Cave

      by , 05-07-2013 at 04:01 PM
      I was exploring a cave with my friends, well they were my friends in my dream though I don't know any of them in real life. It was a cave in the mountains and we were finishing up looking for an exit. As we were going along, a polar bear came from a side tunnel towards us. I kept going forward to get away but none of my friends followed me, it seems they went back a little down the path we just came instead. After I had lured the bear off with me, my friends were able to escape up the side tunnel where the bear came and get outside the cave. I manage to elude close contact with the bear, and I'm almost able to go outside too, but the sheer dropoff is preventing me from exiting quickly.

      My friends are around the exit where I'm trying to get out and I can hear them call to me. They are giving me encouragement and advice how to get out. At this point I'm holding the rock face on a steep slope to the dropoff. The bear notices that it can get closer to me if it circles around by going back down the tunnel and coming outside. So I go back inside. The polar bear is on the left side ledge which is higher that me, swiping downwards in my direction. I get lower and there is this pool of water there, so I get halfway into it. My friends start telling me, "hey notice those stones, they seem to be holding the water in. If you can move them out of the way the water will rush out and you can escape." I'm yelling back while counting "the stones seem to be stacked in a wall four to six stones wide. I don't know if it is doable." I get fully down in the water and give a push. The rock wall gives a bit under my force. I yell out "I'm doing this!" then give a mighty shove. The rocks go forth out the side of the mountain with the water and tumble down the mountain. I manage to stay put though.

      With the water gone, I'm able to exit again, but there is still this dropoff there so I need to take care and go slow. The bear is above me again, growling and pawing about. I try to ignore it and just focus on what I'm doing. Suddenly the bear loses it footing when it tries to get too close to me and falls down the slope, flies over my head, then continues to fall down the cliff bouncing along the rocks as it does so. It looks like a horrible way to go, but at least I'm safe now and join my friends.

      Although I really didn't go lucid in the dream, I do know I made a conscious decision by using what seemed to be super strength in pushing the rock wall apart. My DC friends were only suggesting that I move the rocks one by one. That process would have taken forever.

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    12. Tues Oct 2 (11:03-7:05)

      by , 10-02-2012 at 02:30 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Cave Channeling (6:58)

      Rand al'Thor is in a giant cavern, being attacked by a fairly weak enemy creature. He tries to use the One Power to make its brain explode inside its skull. The first one or two tries are unsuccessful, and in the meanwhile, the creature is hurting him. But eventually he succeeds.

      At another time, someone is trying to levitate a giant rock and drop it on his head. But he manages to deflect it and send it into the depths of a chasm.

      There is a dock in this cavern that seems suspicious. Rand does something to it, and a round, apparently dead fish pops out of the water and lands on the wood. After making sure it won't suddenly come alive to attack him, Rand takes the fish back to the place he's made his camp, wanting to cook it. It seems like too much effort to conjure an entire stove to heat the fish, so instead he just warms up one patch of the rocks.

      At another time, there is some kind of confrontation on a rock platform jutting out from a wall. The camera for this scene is level with the platform, but a great distance away. You see a woman run from the platform into a doorway in the wall, followed by a man. A heartbeat later, the man comes flying back out and slides backwards along the platform as though punched with considerable force. A few moments after that, there is a burst of fire from the doorway and the woman comes running back out, crying or screaming or in any case in desperate need of healing. I'm impressed by the creativity of the cinematographer, to shoot the scene from such an unusual angle as that.

      Back on the platform, there is a discussion going on. One of the Forsaken, Sammael, is lying to a main character. He claims that he's not Sammael. There's another person from the Age of Legends present on the platform who knows the truth of Sammael's identity, though. That person frowns at Sammael whenever he lies about himself, but doesn't immediately say anything to the main character.

      Asmodean and Sammael get to talking, and eventually it comes out that one of them is gay. He turned to the shadow mainly because of the difficulty he had in admitting this fact, and also because the other one didn't return his feelings. While watching this, I think wonderingly that it really has become cool to include gay people in all the new TV shows. I also hope that somehow having had this important discussion, the two of them will make up and get together and join the good side.

      Passing the Time with Lanfear (6:58)

      [Major spoiler for book five of WoT! Also, this dream involves sex.]
      Spoiler for Passing the Time with Lanfear:
      Gendered Web Browsers (6:58)

      I'm talking to my grandma when she says something about web browsers "for girls." With an internal groan, I try to explain to her that web browsers aren't gendered. I realize that she's from an earlier time, where the distinction between the sexes was more marked, but I have to do what I can to advance the cause of gender equality. I expect to have to repeat myself a few times, since she's hard of hearing, but to my surprise she understands me pretty well. I look at her ear to see whether she's wearing her hearing aid. Her ear looks strange--it's more like a cavity in the side of her head than a projection on the outside of it--but yes, the hearing aid is in. Well, good for her.

      Grandma takes me to a room full of computers to demonstrate her point. All of the computers are showing the desktop, and most of the desktop backgrounds are pictures taken by the computer's user. The pictures tend to feature moments from family history--birthdays, vacations, that sort of thing. Admittedly, a lot of these pictures look like they could only have been taken by a female. Grandma sort of has a point, but I still feel like there's something she's not understanding.

      Urine (6:58)

      Someone from my family is trying to shoot a pet video about a dog. We're all outside in the back yard. They try to get it to do some cute tricks and then howl for a while. They're going to autotune the howling into a cute melody. [Actually, while I'm watching them shoot the video, the howling is already autotuned. It's like I'm half watching-them-shoot, half watching-the-video.]

      Later, there's a pet rat sitting at the top of the hill. It's about two or three feet tall. Its trick is that it can pee on command. When I learn that Mom and Dad are planning to have it do this trick, I try to dash out of range, but I'm not fast enough. It feels like I've been hit by a sprinkler from behind. That rat has demonically good aim, and it always makes sure to hit absolutely everyone in range. Well, crap. Now I'm going to have to take a shower.

      I look around to see how fared the rest of the family. Mom's not wearing any pants or lower underwear, and she's peeing while standing up. [For some reason, I just take this in stride.] I start walking back to the house, carrying a jar of the rat's urine. My sister is saying something about how we should have collected more urine to donate, and my mom is disagreeing with her. She says that the place accepts only a small amount of urine with each delivery, so there's no point collecting more.

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    13. Creepers gun' creep! (no date recorded)

      by , 09-22-2012 at 07:40 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      This dream perspective was me and a friend of mine, sitting in the dark on a laptop, and I was watching him play minecraft. About when he started playing, the perspective changed to the players screen being all I could see hear or feel. He was with other players and they were on an expedition to find diamond (pretty average for minecraft actually). He went underground and eventually lost his group. When he got plenty of iron, he started digging faster and faster and then...


      *picture sums it up*

      He started finding creepers everywhere and they weren't hard to fight off at first, but they got to be in groups of two or three at a time. Digging became difficult and soon they're everywhere and we could only run. We ran for a good while, but not back the way we came, but down further into the mine.

      We hit a room that had some sort of vessel in it and creeper print on the outside of it and two diamond were inside! Then, a super creeper came out of this vessel and he was dark bluish colored and had bright green eyes! We found two diamond in the room before the creepers came in. He ran back the way we came, dodging creepers left nad right, but when he reached a dead end, there would be a dark brown block that would teleport him to a higher section of the mine and closer to the start. He grabbed the last one and we teleported out.

      We weren't exactly back with the expedition as we planned, but instead the start of the mine was flooded! We swam to the base (a floating ship) and told the crew of the vessel that contained two diamond. They excitedly stored them in a vault. We found out we could craft movies and dvd discs out of iron on minecraft next, and we started making minecraft videos on minecraft with the craftable dvds and playing them on the minecraft ship's dvd player (still in minecraft game). The rest of the dream was us making videos of minecraft, on minecraft.

      May not look like it, but this dream was pretty intense! Creepers everywhere O_O
    14. The Decent

      by , 05-03-2012 at 04:38 PM
      After the gator dream, I found myself on this small wooden platform, about 5 foot across and 8 foot long, with my 3 friends. It was attached to a rope and we were being lowered into a dark chasm. It stopped 4 times on our way down, where I needed to do stuff by swinging around on a rope in a giant roomlike area. The chasm often narrowed, then expanded back out again forming rooms or cavernous area. There was stuff in these areas, like objects on tables and shelves. I had to swing around on this rope and gather certain things before we could proceed downward again. It was very deep and dark, and we all were concerned that we could fall off this thing, or the rope would break, or whoever/whatever was lowering us would just let the rope go and we would fall. Good thing none of that happened. The second area down is where I remember swinging around the most and gathering stuff. At the third area, I had gathered a pack of stuff and handed it to my friend Michelle. She was holding one from before, and when she took the one I gave her she almost fell. Good thing she grabed the swinging rope in time. She swung out and was really scared, but she stopped and her reverse momentum carried her back to the platform where I could catch her and then she was safe again.

      We deceneded into the fourth area, it was opening up so much you couldn't see very far in the dark. Obviously we had some kind of light source, not that I paid attention to it. I grabed the swinging rope here and swung around but didn't find anything in the darkness, not even the sides of the cavern. Once I returned to the platform, we decended again and finally made it to the bottom. It finally opened up to daylight near the bottom of what could be described of as a huge overhanging cliff, we were going down through it vertically. Well we were on the ground again, and made it back to the SUV. This time I sat in between the two girls, and they were pressing against me as we rode in the back seat. We were on the move again. I was setting against a pillow, so I handed it to Michelle to use instead. She thanked me for it, and curled up against it to go to sleep.

      This seems funny now, a DC going to sleep.
    15. Familiar Caving Area / Rock Horn(?)

      by , 11-09-2011 at 08:03 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: November 9, 2011 – 1:15AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: · NON-DREAM · NOTES · DREAM · LUCID ·

      Notes: This is quite the timing for a dream. I was very tired this evening and was falling asleep in my chair while surfing eBay. I laid down at around 12:30am and had quite a vivid dream where I visited a place I remember from a previous dream many years ago. I fully realized that it was a dream, but I didn't quite become lucid - well, maybe a very low level of lucidity.

      I am walking down a dark concrete corridor with a couple friends. We walk through an industrial steel doorway and into a small room which has a low-hanging natural rock ceiling. We walk around the low center, then see that there are a couple of crevices in the rock which we can climb through.

      One of my friends takes the lead as we crawl through the larger crevice and end up in a small cavern area. There are bright rays of light shining in through a couple of cracks above which slightly illuminate the area. There is a small amount of water trickling down the wall. I look around for a bit, then realize that this area looks very familiar.

      I look at my friend who is standing closest to me and say, "You know, I've been to this spot before. I'm pretty sure I was in this exact spot in a dream many years ago." He looks at me slightly puzzled and asks, "Are you so sure it was a dream?" I reply, "I'm sure it was. It was a dream which I had many years ago and still remember very clearly." He asked, "If you remember this spot from a dream, was that thing there before?" as he points to something behind me. I turn around and look to see that there is a large electric motor hanging from the rock ceiling in the corner of the cavern we are standing in. I say, "No, that wasn't there before."

      I crawl over to examine the strangely located motor. At a first look, it appears to be glued to the rock. Upon a closer look, I can see that it is bolted to the rock by a steel flange. The motor is coupled to a shaft which disappears into the rock. I look at it for a bit, then decide that I must find out what it does. I tell my friends to go back to the entrance of the cavern and look for a switch box.

      As we walk back out, I find an electrical disconnect switch bearing a label that reads, "Rock Horn." Wondering what the heck this thing does, I switch on the disconnect and hear a slight humming noise coming from behind me. There is another electrical panel on the wall with a sign that reads, "To Activate Horn, Use Remote." I look around for a bit, but do not find such a remote.

      My friends walk away and leave me behind as I'm looking for the remote. When I give up and walk back out of the corridor, one of my friends says, "Is this the remote you're looking for?" as he is pointing to a push-button control box hanging at the entrance to the corridor. I walk up and look at it to see that it has a green start button and a red stop button on it. Out of curiosity, I push the green start button and nothing happens. I push it again and a strange sound fills the area. It sounds sort of like a fog horn, but much lower in tone. I push the stop button and the sound slowly fades out - along with the dream...
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