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    1. Tuesday, February 5

      by , 02-15-2019 at 11:38 PM
      I am going to go to Beer NV with Brittney and a group of her friends and I think also to celebrate Makaylaís birthday. Iím in the process of walking to the car with Makayla outside of Dadís house when I realize I havenít gotten anything. Now I am at Beer NV (Makaylaís not here). It is smaller and almost seems more like a converted house. The tap list is on a smaller screen, and each has a thumbnail picture to go with it (*not pictures of the brewerís logo or the beerís logo like in reality). I notice Brittney and Chris, though there may be others. I end up with two beers, I think the second coming after my first is close to empty. The first is a beer dark golden in color but milk stout in taste. Itís smooth and tasty. The next beer is a juicy/hazy IPA, and it is in a small milk carton. Thereís a glass with a sip of orange juice left in it; I get the idea that combining them might result in something tasty. Now we are going to go somewhere for a bit, so I get the idea to put this carton in the fridge before we leave (not sure if I actually do). When we return, I walk up to the couple-seat counter, from behind which the owner greets me. I ask for the beer with the picture of the band, saying I canít see which it is from here. He grins and says the band name (something both Irish and punk sounding, starting with an L). Heís saying that itís pretty strong, as if I wouldnít like it. I tell him Iím fine with that, and itís almost like he doesnít believe me, but he still pours it. It is in a simple and smaller glass stein. I finish it fairly quickly (it tastes like the Brewerís Cabinet scotch ale) and go back for another. Now everyone is trying to leave to go out someplace else. I think theyíre going to be drinking there too. I close the tab and see the total on the receipt as $96 (or $98). I think it should not be that high, going over whatís on it. Iím not sure how much to tip either. I think I now leave with both copies of thee receipt. I think Iíll need to bring it back and also leave my phone number on it for rewards
      Tags: beer, celebration
    2. Dream - The Kitten Craze

      by , 06-01-2017 at 02:20 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 1 JUN

      Dream No. 123 - The Kitten Craze

      All of the dream took place in my old house. I was in my bed with a giant Super Mario and giant Dr. Neo Cortex plush toy. While trying to give them equal amounts of affection, I heard my mum yelling at my brother somewhere else in the house. As I was in bed, I was planning what I was going to say to my mum in defence. I eventually got out of bed, swung the bedroom door open and jumped out of the bedroom while shouting ďengarde!Ē. When I question my mum, she denied yelling at NB but I threatened her with something, I forgot what though, and she gave up on denying. I then went back into my bedroom to pick some clothes to wear. I had a range of clothes in my wardrobe but what's weird is that some of the ones I picked were size 26.

      I then was in the kitchen and our cat Geej was there. I look over to the Christmas tree in the sitting and the grey cat is sitting under it. I then came to the conclusion the Geej and the grey cat had kittens, five of them. I eventually got to see what these kittens looked like. They were all mostly white with just tiny patches of grey and ginger. Apparently there was going to be some sort of welcome ceremony held for these kittens. This ceremony was set up in the kitchen, with these kittens being in a tub of greeny-bluey looking, jelly-like water. One part of the ceremony is where my dad's friend GC was going to read a bible passage. On the completion of him reading it, my dad complains from the couch, saying he would have rather preferred a Christian passage than a Jewish passage.

      My mum went up to take the bible from GC and I followed. At the end, I ended up having the bible and reading the passage. I do remember that this passage was distinguishing between goodness and badness. The bible had more of a layout like a children's storybook with some very good artwork in there. I remember enjoying reading the passage. When I was done, Gavin was amazed and made the comment that he wanted to get me on TV. The dream then skipped to my mum saying that some of the kittens had to be put up for adoption and I was a bit sad about this. Apparently five young stranger girls came and took a kitten each out the front door.

      The dream scene then changed to something unimaginable. Both my grandma and Ms D were playing together in a playground! I came up to my grandma and was returning her sunglasses to her. Then my mum made a big fuss about how I was being so nice by giving them back. I don't remember if anything else happened in this dream.
    3. Age of Valentine Hearts

      by , 04-09-2014 at 10:09 AM
      Morning of April 9, 2014. Wednesday. (Wedding anniversary; married April 9, 1994.)

      I am at a basketball game (yet I have not been to a real one in many years) and over time, I notice people leaving. I focus on the player with the number twenty-two on his top for a short time. Outside, floating above the landscape, I see that a hundred or so people are standing about and form a heart symbol in honor of our wedding anniversary.

      In real life several months back, I grouped all the standing villagers (including the hundreds of additional ones converted by the monks) in the expansion pack of ďAge of EmpiresĒ (Aztecs) into a heart shape, as well as others standing about in a formation that read ďI love ZsuzsannaĒ. It is one of the only computer games I have ever played much in the last twenty years and played around with because of how easy it was to not only win, but to go to extremes with resources and hundreds of extra villagers (or soldiers) long after the game has been technically won (where only one more easy step is required to actually finish it and end the game play itself if or when desired).
    4. 1/24/14 - deteriorating robot

      by , 01-24-2014 at 09:16 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and timmy turner from fairly odd parents are walking on a sidewalk along backyards wooden fences. It is sunset and the sky has shade of pink, orange and purple with dark blue at the end. We go around the corner and there is a small grass field, we decide to walk across it because maybe it will be a short cut. Timmy doesn't talk to me the entire time. He stops at the end of the field and turns and looks behind me with horror on his face. So I turn also and see a huge red and silver robot taller than a two story building just standing there staring straight ahead. Then timmy runs and kicks it in the shin and it completely fall into pieces on the grass. Then timmy finally talks to me and we high five each other because the demise of the robot was so enthralling, then in the middle of our celebration timmy stops and has a weird look on his face, I follow his eyes to where he is glaring and see the robots parts dissolving into nothing on the grass, then me and timmy give each other a confused look and continue walking home silently.
    5. July 4, 2012

      by , 08-24-2012 at 01:48 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      8:07 a.m.

      A house. Renovation. Map. Travel. Swim across a a steady sea. Walking on the water. A bed being made. A guy.

      Rob and Mysterium? 11 p.m. A celebration.
    6. Dinosaur (frorm childhood lucid dream) enters the stage and crashes the party

      by , 03-28-2012 at 07:21 PM
      We are in a house that could be a hybrid between where I live and the Twilight-vampire-mansion. Bright white walls, windows and corridors with smaller rooms.
      Maria having a party, entering a singing contest.
      I wish her luck, and hope for the best.
      She is making new and other friends, and I accept that, I am glad for her.
      But I have the feeling that something will go wrong soon.
      And suddenly I am moved to third person view watching a kid in front of the small crowd's skin suddenly rip apart in the middle of his face, neck and stomach. I think he is me.(I'm a girl btw.) I can see the red flesh at the edges of his skin, but there is no blood or screams, no agonizing pain.
      Out of where his guts (in reality..) would have splatted out, rises a giants head. And now I am the giant, as the boy has changed into it like a butterfly growing from it's cocoon.
      Everybody is watching me, I am a little surprised and feel like the situation had just taken a turn of the worse. I roughly slide out of the room and hurries to a window. I now know that I know that something bad is coming. And am I right!
      In the shadows of the forest outside the dark window I can see a dark creature keeping watch over the house. When I understand it's form, my heart jumps. The familiar T-Rex, from my first brief lucid as a kid, is out there, hunting me. I see it disappear among bushes, before I run over to a window on the upper side of the house. At the left sits my father. I make sure to keep close watched over the forest outside, and any suspicious shadows there might be, as I discuss the dinosaur with him. During this tense conversation I can't recall, I somehow understand that it is my job as a giant to defend the house and the people that are inside. I must meet the dinosaur at it's arrival and hold him back with all my fight.
      Most of all I had wanted to hide in the corner of a locked room.
      I again spot a darker shadow in contrast to the trees, and know that the dinosaur is coming closer.The dinosaur is coming for me. It's coming for the glass of the window.
      I run to another room nearby, and know that the dinosaur had already leaped trough a now shattered window. I hear steps and feel it's presence like an unavoidable truth.
      I hear loud cracking noise as the T-Rex heads in the door separating us and get's trough. First, it is just his giant head in a hole of the door, with green shells and sharp teeth. Then it is his full-sized ancient body, as the once most infamous predator of the earth he were, standing before me. It is almost as looking into a gun pointed at your head, only this time it is highly aggressive and a little bit taller and larger than the average giant.
      We threw ourselves at each other, wrestling, but it didn't last for long though.
      I had something he wanted to get; a glove. And the rest of the dream circled around me; The giant, watching a fighting and how-to-use-your-magic-glove instruction video together with another person, knowing the dinosaur could break trough the doors any minute.
    7. Longest lucid adventure so far

      by , 02-10-2012 at 04:59 PM (cinema of the mind)
      This dream lasted really long, i had to chain it several times because of loosing my surroundings but i kept it up until my alarm went off.

      I wake up in my room. I can barely see anything and I'm very tired. I have to force myself to write into my DJ. But the light switch isn't working. When I'm switching hysterically, i get really angry. It must be a power blackout.

      Wait a moment - I've had that situation over and over again for years - I must be dreamin! I need a moment to catch my thoughts but the i get out of bed. In the hallway i ask a friend to turn up the lights, and so he does.

      To stabilize the dream, i rub my hands. But it barely helps. As i greet my friend, we shake hands, that feels very realistically.

      We get downstairs and theres a celebration going on. It's already daytime when i get downstairs. I don't join the party, i have to do bigger things in a lucid. I look outside the window and enjoy the warm sunlight, like on those beautiful summerdays. Another friend passes me, he asks why I don't get over to the others. I tell him that we have to enjoy our time here, so let's get outside. He doesn't want to.

      I also remember a fragment where i jump out of the second floor and just before i hit the ground the dream vanished. I could reenter it again inside.

      Another fragment was that i wanted to teleport. I used the moment of my jump to slide through a mirror. It didn't work as expected, i blacked out.

      When i had no dreamscape again, i tried to imagine something. It was a big well with a fountain in the middle. As the dream formed, this became more or less a small technical thing with gear wheels in front of me on the table. I showed it to my sister and decided to stop trying teleporting.

      Again in the hallway i meet two friends from an earlier dream. I only remember we had a funny time and why not take them with me? The two girls and a boy get outside with me.

      I try to convince them that flying we fly a round, but i can't get up at all.
      The next part i can barely remember but we drove somewhere with a car.
      The two girls were really cute and we were talking a lot.

      At some point we are on a ship. there are guards like at customs. They say the crossing of the lake will take three hours in total. I say no, i haven't got that much time. I tell my friends that we should jump into the water. We can walk on the water. They don't believe me first, but then all four of us jump out. And yes, we can walk on the water

      My memory of the last part is also very foggy i can only say we got on land and met some soldiers.
    8. Just a General Lucid

      by , 01-08-2012 at 11:14 PM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      Poor recall continues, but at least I've managed to recall something every single night this year so far. But we have plenty of dreams to look into in the meanwhile from the past three years, so I'll continue with those. This one's very basic though.

      Just a General Lucid
      Date: May 23rd, 2009
      Lucid: Yes
      Method: DILD

      I attained lucidity after WBTB by making a reality check after noticing something was off.

      I was outside and it was winter. My brother was laying in the snow and I threatened to give him a snow bath. I didn't do it though. I looked inside through a big window in our house. There were some weird duded. They made the peace gesture with their fingers. I answered back with my hand, then turned it into \,,/ and then reversed the peace gesture into something less cordial.

      The dream was fading though. I tried to spin to restabilize it, but it didn't work. Then I tried throwing myself into the ground back first. Boom! That worked and the dream got clear again. Crystal clear, should I say.

      It was still dark and wintery. I went inside the house and it seemed like there was somekind of party or celebration going on. I presumed it was Christmas, but didn't delve into it any further, as I remember the challenge - as in the monthly lucid dreaming challenge in my own forum. It was to get my hands to one of my friends, Niko and ask him something.

      I relied on the passive control to make him appear. I started shouting "Niko are you there?" to the toilet. "Yeah, I'm here", my brother answered sarcastically. Somehow he had managed already to get in.
      "Have you seen Niko?" I asked, but I was given no answer. I kept going and trusted that he is bound to appear if I keep up.

      Finally I found Niko near our shower. He seemed unnaturally happy. I went right into it.
      "As you remember Niko, there's the challenge in our forum. So could you tell me some kind of advice for life or something."

      I don't remember the exact answer, but the message was, that "if you do something, do it right."
      "YOU BETTER CRAM IT SO YOU DON'T FORGET IT", Niko advised then, shouting manically. I went it through once in my head before moving on.

      Now that the challenge was out of the way I decided to find out what day it was in the dream. I went to kitchen and asked my mom. She seemed tense, but finally answered to me: 5th of June 2010. What? It is summer? Then why is it so dark and why is there winter outside?

      There was no signs of dream fading, but I wasn't used to dreams lasting so long. So I decided to stabilize it further just in case. I touched all kinds of surfaces and then found some bottle on the floor. I picked it up and took a sip. Eww, it tasted bad!

      Finally I realized that just wandering around in the home isn't exactly what I want to do in a lucid dream. I can do it enough in the waking life as it is.

      I went outside, started running and then just leaped off the ground. It was awesome. Gravity was in effect, but I could do long and high jumps, much higher than the treetops.

      But by the time I dropped I had exited my body and I was losing my lucidity as well. No I was instead playing some game where the character flies with a hang glider. Soon he hit the ground and was surrounded by enemies. He was filled with arrows.

      I then woke up from my game death in front of some kind of firing squad. I told the guy next to me that I'm not going out without a fight. I moved my hand to my sword. What, I had a sword now?

      It turned out to be duel to the death. I was up against some kind of... maintenance guy. What the hell is up with these dudes? He seemed kind of tough, but I just told him to go fix a lamppost. The fight never commenced - I woke up before that