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    1. The Rain

      by , 08-10-2020 at 11:38 AM
      Morning of August 10, 2020. Monday.

      Dream #: 19,593-02. Reading time: 2 min 50 sec.

      While comfortably re-entering light sleep by choice, I summon my favorite scene - a light rain in an urban neighborhood. It is in the late morning. As I float into the extraordinarily vivid setting, flying slowly about four feet above the street, I choose to remain incorporeal, without summoning and integrating imaginary physicality. Even so, imaginary kinaesthesia becomes a factor of my navigation through the fictitious environment. I indulge in the astounding detail and beauty of raindrops falling into puddles.

      Eventually, there is an incidental recall that Zsuzsanna and I had briefly discussed the Netflix series “The Rain” last night while scrolling through the content. (We had only seen the first episode weeks ago.) Two people (implied to be from the series) walk into the previously unpopulated setting, strolling off to my left, eventually no longer in view. I consider whether my dream will amalgamate the backstory of the series in implying the rain is dangerous.

      American actor Jack Albertson (June 16, 1907-November 25, 1981) is lying on his left side on the ground (concurrent with my sleeping position). He is inside a fenced area not much longer than his height, the top of his head directed to the sidewalk. The fenced area is otherwise for either recyclables or junk from the adjacent service station. I wonder if sleeping in the rain will be problematic for him during my distracted association with “The Rain.” His eyes roll up with his visage like Elise Rainier’s from “Insidious: The Last Key” Zsuzsanna and I watched last night.

      Soon, the young Elise Rainier forms from droplets of rain flowing over a tree and hovers in the air about three feet from the sidewalk (typical reinduction as the Naiad factor common since childhood) and vocalizes the melody (with only tenuto “oo” sounds) of Jim Reeve’s “The Blizzard.” (My dream self does not make the association with that song or its implications during my dream.) This factor stabilizes the original peaceful essence of the dream state.

      Even so, after about fifteen minutes, cerebral nuances begin to activate wakefulness, resulting in text of various colors appearing on the street in paint and chalk. (Despite the rain, it does not wash away.) I float over an area where the word “leveling” features in white paint. I focus more on my usual seeking of text in this mode, but nothing relevant is in my view after this. I see what I first think might be a word, but it transforms into a series (about five of them) of the letter “i.” I see the character “o” in a set of three. Probably every letter of the English alphabet, in various colors, features at varying angles to each other on the street’s surface.

      Notes on this dream’s no-brainer causality:

      The essence of water (both summoned and spontaneous) begins the majority of my dreaming experiences in this mode as virtual melatonin. The Naiad factor is the pineal gland personification but also has mystical implications with the so-called third eye (as well as the Eye of Providence).

      Note the incidental play on “Elise Rainier” as “release rain” (“produce more melatonin to sustain my dream”).

      “Leveling” is concurrent with the transition from the imaginary kinaesthesia of floating into legitimate physicality without myoclonus. (There is probably an association of the balance between serotonin and melatonin).

      Jack Albertson’s role as this dream’s sleep simulacrum ties with several threads of dream state causality. Firstly, he remains in bed in the first scenes of “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.”

      Secondly, that association was recalled from me posting an image of Willie Talk (a ventriloquist dummy) on Twitter yesterday, a doll being the signification of the absence of mental and physical viability while sleeping.

      Thirdly, his visage is as Elise Rainier’s in a trance (yet another play on sleeping and dreaming).

      Fourthly, the fenced area signifies both the virtual division between dream space and the threshold of wakefulness and, in this case, is also indicative of how the physical body is restricted in its movement while sleeping.

      Everything in this dream stems from the same causation factors as the tens of thousands of other dreaming experiences I have studied and resolved daily for over 50 years. Even so, the uniqueness each time is surprisingly admirable.

    2. Superstition is for the Birds

      by , 12-07-2017 at 02:17 PM
      Morning December 7, 2017. Thursday.

      With water induction, I find myself walking over a walkway made up of boards of various lengths. It is also implied to be a road (or low-set bridge) for cars (though only one passes from the opposite direction at times to where I move out of the way a short distance), over water (either the ocean or a large lake), though I remain unsure of the location. Walking with me to my immediate left is an unknown male in his late twenties. He reminds me of an otherwise younger John Leguizamo (though I seem to be much younger as well).

      “Be careful, it’s a pigeon,” he tells me. A mostly black pigeon walks across the walkway, perpendicular to us, and from my left to my right. John’s spoken statement causes me to become a bit more aware, but I do not understand the relevance.

      Looking at him, his face seems to remain frozen, with an annoying grin. “Is it now?” I say, but he does not respond.

      I am trying to grasp the situation when I realize that it has something to do with “not letting a pigeon cross your path”, though this is otherwise distorted from the nonsensical “black cat” superstition.

      Looking at him again, his face is in a different annoying expression, also somewhat like a grin.

      I decide to “not let the pigeon cross my path” by turning right and following the pigeon, as it had apparently stopped and is walking slowly. Still, this will lead me off the side of the walkway if I continue. Instead, I find myself walking on my bed. There is a strange falling sensation as if my body was not fully perceived. I am concerned that I fell atop Zsuzsanna, but this is only a false awakening.

      Decoding template follows:

      • Dream type and explanation: This dream uses “return flight waking symbolism”, which is created when the physicality of the conscious self identity is ambiguously perceived prior to the RAS (reticular activating system) neural gating that regulates the sleep-wake transition. Consequently, the dream self identity subliminally anticipates falling, rising, sustained flight, or other illusory movement based on the misperception of the vestibular system’s equilibrium dynamics.
      • Dream state induction type: Water (most common, at least once per sleeping period).
      • Dream state indicators: The bed (in the false awakening).
      • Liminal space symbol: The walkway over the water and the false awakening setting.
      • Preconscious factor: John Leguizamo.
      • Liminal space cessation trigger: Contemplating illusory nonsense while in the dream state itself (yet not realizing it).
      • Flight symbol to dream exit point (symbolic waking transition): The pigeon as “returning” me to my bed, symbolized in my dream by the false awakening. (Typically, the preconscious points out this dream feature as such, which here, I become annoyed at, probably out of liminal dream state awareness in not wanting to wake yet.)
      • Liminal dream control seems to be a partial element, evidenced by my “freezing” (and sustaining) of the preconscious and implementing my own focus of choice, even though it otherwise manifests my false awakening into the offset dream.
      • “And they try to pigeon hole in you in hollywouldnt but dont u let them!” - John Leguizamo.

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    3. Dream - Accusations Ahoy

      by , 04-29-2017 at 10:40 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 3 APR - 2016

      Dream No. 74 - Accusations Ahoy

      I'm only writing the segments of this dream that I can remember... So, let's begin!

      To start off with, Taylor Henderson was bound to perform on stage somewhere with a group of 4 or 5 other girls. So they did their thing but when they finished, there was a fairly large riot and people who claimed to be the police were also involved. Now almost everyone was fighting and arguing, all except for me who was trying to break up fights between couples and small groups, and Taylor who was just standing there, looking quite scared and unsure of what he had done and if he had done anything at all.

      One of the police approached Taylor and and actually accused him for being involved in a crime with the girls he performed with. When Taylor left to go somewhere, I approached the policewoman who had also told Taylor of my supposed crime, saying “and look at the girl over there”, pointing to me, “she's also guilty of something”. I had a piece to say to her! I said, “Excuse me, but you don't do that alright?” and as I was saying that, I noticed Taylor watching from within the fighting crowd. I then continued, “Just look at all these people, and you make accusations of the ones who are innocent. They're all at fault but Taylor and I did absolutely nothing. You look at yourself twice!” and I think that was enough to make the policewoman shush up.

      Later on, in the same location, there was one row of seats facing another row of seats. On one side was Taylor, his mate and then his “girlfriend” who was actually light blonde in the dream. Then in the other row, slightly diagonal but more on Taylor's end was me and then a few seats away from me, there was the police woman but she did not move or speak... It's like she was zoned out or a not a “significant figure” anymore. I looked over at Taylor's side, noticing that they were paying no attention as though this side of the chairs was not there, so I say to myself, “I hope it's not true that he thinks I cease to exist”.

      Just then, they all get up and move to my side with the girl, then the mate and then Taylor sitting next to me. Just then, Taylor turns to me and says, “I'm really proud of you”, as he spreads his arms out to give me a massive hug and I'm not joking when I say massive. It's like he pulled me really quickly towards him that my left shoulder went up against his chest with quite an impact (but it was a soft landing). His chest was quite “hollow”, as if someone had dug a trench through the middle of it but this made it so my shoulder and that part of him locked in perfectly. Then just as I start to “relax” and almost actually fall asleep in the dream while he's still holding me, I bloomin' wake up! Much to my disgust and disappointment...
    4. Felicia Day and Ketchup Reggae

      by , 01-28-2017 at 11:04 AM
      This dream was very creativity oriented. Felicia Day was visiting at a house/apartment where Peg and I lived. I asked her if she could recommend any good new video games to play. I mentioned that Peg was becoming bored with World of Warcraft. Felicia answered, “Oh anything.” Which I did not find helpful and which made me feel less connected with her, like she was aloof. The three of us were sitting on a big white couch watching something on TV. I was sitting in the middle. At one point Felicia re-positioned herself so that her head was resting on my knee. This made me feel more connected with her. But I was concerned that Peg would thing she was being overly familiar with her husband.

      Felicia shared that she had been feeling creatively blocked. I suggested that she tear up slips of paper, write down names of things on half of them and musical styles on the other half. Then pick one slip randomly from each half. This would produce results like ketchup and reggae. Then she should go and make herself write a song about ketchup in a reggae style.

      I think she liked the idea. I started considering using the idea myself. Then I was experimenting with art techniques like using static electricity to create patterns of strands of hair or fabric on a canvas. And I was walking through an art gallery where the paintings were large soft pastel-ish caricatures of rock musicians and I was thinking about doing a painting in a similar style.
    5. Baby Unplugged Gibson Star

      by , 09-22-2016 at 01:53 PM
      Baby Kennel: I go visit my niece in the hospital. Incubators with malformed and sick babies line the halls. The incubators are stacked three high. Some of the babies wake and stare at me. I should acknowledge them all but if I do I will never get to visit my niece. Perhaps on the way out I will talk with the babies. I get to my niece and my sister tells us the hospital has changed to a sick baby kennel.

      Unplugged: Noise in my basement leads me down to it. The lights won’t come on. The whole basement is pitch black except for a single beam of light shining through the window onto a very old Kurt Cobain. He sits wearily in the old armchair. I ask why he is in my basement and he answers with songs from the unplugged album. I sit and sing with him.

      Fat Gibson: At a gala and people gather around a celebrity. It's Mel Gibson. He is very fat, his belly literally looks as if a giant beach ball is stuffed inside it. The shirt has jumbled flags, stars, and stripes all over it. He acts like a pig.

      Star Search: I spend too much time with my telescope trying to find an elusive comet in a night sky overly packed with stars.

      Dreams for Sept 21st
      7 hours sleep

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    6. Ellen Degeneres & Steve Moses from Big Brother Season 17

      by , 07-13-2016 at 02:08 AM
      D1: Non-lucid- I was granted access to the Ellen Degeneres set & became friends from her. She showed me around in the building into secret hangout places & into a hidden parking garage. We hung out for quite a while but there was nothing remarkable about it.

      D2: Non-lucid- I was hanging out with Steve Moses from season 17 of Big Brother. I don't remember much of the detail but we watched him sitting on the block waiting to see if he was going to be voted out, lol.

      I have no idea what either of these dreams even mean.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    7. Back after 4 weeks of no LDs :)

      by , 01-03-2016 at 10:55 PM
      It has been around 4 weeks since my last LD. I sleep much deeper than before now that winter has started, so it is getting harder for me to DILD.

      I woke up at 7:45 am and felt more awake than any other day at that time, but decided to sleep more before getting ready for work. The alarm woke me up at 9 am after a long LD
      , so I think I had my REM in less than an hour.

      I was in the middle of some weird dream about schools and so. I dunno why I always dream of school and people from school although college is a closer memory. Anyway, I was going down some stairs with a school friend to do something that I can't recall now, and suddenly I realized that this all not real and I'm dreaming. I love when I realize it like that without reality checks. I just notice sometimes that things are unrealistic, but that doesn't happen as often as I'd like of course.

      As the last LD, I was moving fast between rooms trying many things, and when I do that I usually don't remember most of the dream. Maybe I should focus next time on a few things that I can recall later.

      I recall failing at flying as usual . I also tried to make the things I was carrying fly behind me, but that didn't work so well. Then I tried to run fast as a boost, and I got in the sky for a moment then ended up somewhere else on a floor like I teleported but against my will .

      I tried to summon a celebrity behind a door and that actually worked, and I interacted with him for some time then he disappeared. I tried to summon someone I knew in the past, but I got other DCs instead of him. They were standing in a queue for me to check them , and they all looked the same, but not him, Maybe I didn't want it enough. I was just messing around.

      For the first time, I shouted my requests in the dream. I think I read that here in the forum. I shouted that I wanted to stay more, when the dream seemed to fade, and it worked . I also shouted some things I wanted. Some worked, and some didn't.

      I remember telling a dream character that we are in a dream, and he was shocked and his reaction was loud so others overheard, and they were in shock too. I left them and moved on though. It was the first time I tell DCs the harsh truth that they only live in my mind.

      There is one thing that bugs me. When I have a long LD, and I try to remember later the decisions I made there, I can see that my memory of my real life there is good, and I usually try things that I read about or thought about when I'm awake, but I don't recall my thought process, so sometimes I don't know why I did some of the things I did. Like now I don't remember why I chose this celebrity and not another. It was Kenny Taylor btw . He guest stars in some show I am watching currently and I just saw him the night before, so maybe that's why, but the thing is I don't remember how I reached that decision in the dream.

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    8. 171115:A Bunch of Parties, an Old Woman Turns into a Postcard, mini-Wayne Knight and Skinny Big Show

      by , 11-17-2015 at 01:40 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in the back yard of a house, it's a summer night, I think it is midsummer's eve. The sky is a slight purple, very gentle. There are some tables, chairs, made out of wood. I see that is held by a couple but I'm not sure of the pronouns I'm supposed to use with them, I don't want to offend them or make them feel uncomfortable. I try to find ways to not have to drink during the party, trying to talk a lot.

      I take a train and make it to a train station. There are a lot of inspectors, good thing I have a ticket. It is now the toward the evening of a winter day, the sun is about to set, getting darker. There is a lot of people around, there must be some kind of celebration, like Mayday. I walk around trying to avoid all the drunken people. I go up the escalator into the station. I pass an old couple, man and a woman. The woman falls over, as if having an episode. As she hits the ground she turns into a postcard on the ground. I'm alarmed and go up to the card, the man has disappeared. I try to call the emergency services. The voice on the line tells me that because of the festivities they are unable to send anyone but there should be police at the station to get assistance from. Before she hangs up she asks if I am foreign and I try to keep it light and laugh saying I am. She says she just wanted to know.

      I pick up the grandma/postcard gently into my hand and try to find a police officer. I see a female officer but as I try to get to her I lose her in the crowd. I walk and walk trying to find anyone, how can they all have just disappeared? I end up having to walk almost to the center of the city until I find a group of officers talking to a group of teens. I try to explain the situation, the postcard/grandma in hand. The officer looks apprehensive. a teen comes up and messes with with, calling me all sorts of names. I try to stay strong and stare him down.

      I walk down into the metro tunnels. I'm on the second floor, I can see the large square down below. Beyond a railing I see stairs that look like they are going down. I go up to them and see that the stairs end in a sheer drop to the ground, I start to get a sense of vertigo. I see a guy sitting on the stairs casually, why isn't he scared? Children, little ones, come over the railing to play on the stairs. I'm really concerned, what if they fall off? I don't know what to do, I try to tell them to be careful and to shoo them to the safety beyond the rail but I don't want to shoo them too much in case they fall down. They play and slowly move toward the railing. I try to make it very slowly to the platform. I see a guy who is hanging out on the stairs. He speaks in an American accent and says he's in the Marines. I try to be really friendly and talk to him with ease.

      I get over the railing and onto the second floor platform. As we walk I see a really small guy, like a little over a foot tall. He's Wayne Knight, the actor. I have to stop and say "hi" to him. As the Marine and I walk away I say that it must be weird for celebrities, people know them but they don't know who anyone is.

      I walk down with the Marine until we reach a hallway that looks like it belongs to an old building, grey light comes from the windows to the right. I see a really tall guy, like Big Show the wrestler but he is really skinny and has long blonde hair. I say "hi" to him as well and tell him we're going to my friend's place. He knows my friend and wants to walk with us. We walk about a minute and we are in the hallway of my friend's apartment. I'm amazed, I thought the trip by foot would take an hour and we did it all in a hallway! We go up the stairs and skinny Big Show wants to come along, hope my friend doesn't mind, it's pretty early in the morning.

      We go to my friend's place. It is small, like a cabin of a cruise ship, no windows. It feels like there is a party going on, some people are also in the cabin. I see an ad for a Pepsi rave in a club, apparently it's a big deal and a lot of fun. I recall going to one years ago, didn't think it was too special. Must have gotten bigger with time.

      We go up stairs to the roof. It's dark and marvelous, the lights of the city light up the sky gently, there is some kind of magic in the air that I sometimes feel during Friday night. We go back inside and as we go into the fall and through a door to the stairs a woman comes up and loudly complains that we can't drink in the corridor. She hands me a little Chick tract kind of comic outlining this point. I snap back saying that we are not. I ask why she has such a rotten attitude? She should calm down, jees. We go back into the cabin/apartment and I tell the others of how nasty the woman was.
    9. 011115: X-Files on VHS, Jurassic Park Mayhem, Eating Canned People

      by , 11-01-2015 at 10:22 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1: X-Files Taped on VHS
      The first episode of the new season of X-Files is on. I try to get to the living room of the old apartment from my childhood but I'm somehow stuck in my old bunk bed. It's dark outside. I'm missing it! Somehow I get up and I see that my mom is watching it on VHS, she taped it. I see the episode, it's in amazingly high quality, no distortion to speak of. I look at the VHS player, it's pretty new. That must be the reason. Mulder by the edge of a forest at night. I try to rewind it to the beginning but my mom says she wants to watch it to the end since she started. Using the rewind and fast forward features are hard. It goes back but then forward all of a sudden. It starts to speed forward out of control, what am I going to do? I try to stop it but it stops in a stomach-lurching crash, that sounded like it wasn't good for the tape. Now I can see distortions in the tape as it plays back. Now since I've seen the whole video is rewind it's like I've seen the episode and there are no surprises anymore.

      Dream 2: Dinosaurs on the Loose in Jurassic Park
      I'm in Jurassic park, it's been renewed and looks new like in the Jurassic World movies. I'm in an area that looks like a modern airport terminal, lots of windows. Outside where one would usually see the tarmac of the runway there is thick jungle, the sky is dark like a storm is brewing. There seems to be some problem, an emergency and staff try to cram people out into a safer area. There is however a group of rich tourists who refuse to move, having paid a great deal to get to the park. A fat tourist guide like Dennis Nedry sides with the rich tourists and tries to come up with a tour on the spot. As they start to get together to move I see dinosaurs outside are getting agitated, the sky is getting darker than it was, lighting is striking making the dinosaurs even more upset. Nedry says that usually they let tourists take pictures during thunderstorms, the pictures are way more impressive. He can't give an answer as to why the rest of the staff doesn't want them to now.

      The dinosaurs rush the terminal. Pandemonium breaks out. People are running around, dinosaurs are running down the halls. I first try to run to one end of the terminal but Nedry yells that there's a T-Rex there. I run in the opposite direction. I see large dinosaurs running down the hall that looks like the malls that can be found in many airports. Some of the dinosaurs are still skeletons, running down with massive amounts of energy. Where am I going to go?

      I run into the women's bathroom, I hope no one is in there. It's a cramped toilet, my head almost hits the ceiling and my shoulders scrape on the metal walls of the stalls. I run into one stall to hide, maybe I'll be safe here. I try to duck down so women who enter the bathroom won't see I'm here. I see Jerry Seinfeld in the stall in front of mine, the walls of the stalls are so low I can see over them. Another guy enters, I wasn't the only one to have this idea. The bathroom is so claustrophobic and cramped I begin thinking that being outside is the better option.

      I'm in a dark room, trying to remember a dream. I start writing it into my journal?!

      Dream 3: Performing with Friends
      I'm in a small venue, it's dark and windowless like a basement. I'm going to perform with two of my friends. There are a lot of bands lined up to play before and after us. I talk to a woman about getting her bass amp working. It's a "virtual" amp and can be used as a program or as a holographic projection, I pull the amp out of thin air. (???) After some talk with my friend about what we are going to play and talking to some of the patrons we get up on stage. We start to play and it's going really well, really getting into the vibe of it, we get a a good beat going. I play a solo that goes really well, but gets a little crummy to the end. After the first song I realize my guitar isn't plugged in. I try to put it into the amp behind me. As I try to play there is some kind of distortion like a song is playing in the amp that isn't in synch with the song we are playing. Is is radio distortion. I see on the face of the amp that a video image is playing like a TV, how do I turn this off? I ask my friend who is in front of me and we try to pluig my guitar into the other amp. It also is playing the same TV program on the face of the amp, two people walking in a yellow field on a grey day like a documentary on rural life in the UK.

      After our set I see that one band made of girls has drawn little cute female characters in colored pencil on paper, it's on the table. Someone submerges the paper into water for the effect of the characters swimming in the water, they shine. This angers the band, the drawing is ruined. I think it looks pretty cool.

      Dream 4: Eating Canned People
      I'm a a friend's place. She is there with her husband and oldest son. I'm playing withe kid as the two of them are sitting on the sofa by the window of the balcony. (not its usual place). She talks to me about the stuff I'm learning, maintenance and fixing things. She and her husband start fighting when he mentions that learning to fix things is useless since everything breaks at some point anyway. I try to remove some of the pressure of the argument by saying that it's precisely that things break that I want to learn how to fix them. Despite this, my friend is still angry with him.

      On a sofa across from them, I take out a small can that has a person inside. It looks like a sardine can and I ask their son if he's interested in trying some. The person is small and smooshed into the can, the head and face take a lot of room, and the face is all messed up. I pull out a piece, and despite my trepidation about eating something I've never tried, I try the piece I tore off, just to show a good example to the kid. It's always good to try new things. He looks nervous but takes a piece anyway. I begin to wonder, isn't cannibalism taboo?

      I go outside to check on my motorbike, it's cold, dark and snow is on the ground. It looks like where my grandparents lived up north. The bike was my grandfather's from the war. When I get to it I see it has been stripped for parts, the motor stolen. The saddle, like a bicycle's, is balanced on the top of the frame. I'm really angry and sad, how did this happen? It wasn't out for a very long time. How am I going to break the news to my grandfather, I'm sure I locked it. I'm about to go inside but I'm scared to break the news to him.

      I pace outside, now I can't even leave this place, that bike was my only way out of here. I'm really upset about the whole thing. I wake up feeling some relief.
    10. 191015: Soldiers Defend with Snowballs and Cheap Lard Coffee.

      by , 10-19-2015 at 03:30 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream: A Continuous Trip in the City
      I get on a tram in the center, right as I get in and the doors close, I see that there are ticket inspectors standing in their blue uniforms. I don't have a ticket! I panic and try to open the door of the tram but it starts moving. Defeated, I wait for them to come and give me a fine. They stand there, doing nothing, not checking anyone's tickets. Outside, I see the streets are chocking with blue uniformed ticket inspectors between the tall buildings. Is this some kind of campaign?

      I get off the next stop, it's right by the large cathedral. It's a grey day, snow is on the ground. I see that a paramilitary nationalist group is attacking a ministry building. It's a stand still, the nationalists wait outside as the soldiers in fatigues defend the ministry in a snow fort kind of thing. The nationalists have a snow complex across the road as well. I go toward the nationalists line, as if I was a bystander just looking around. I keep in mind that I shouldn't say anything, my accent will aggravate these people, they're usually racists after all. The soldiers defending the ministry pelt me with snowballs from across the street, they all miss. As one comes in I'm able to catch it in the air. This impresses the nationalists.

      I walk down into the snow complex, as if I'm an embedded reporter, I think to myself, reporting from the front lines. My friends will be jealous. I see people inside, there is a ceiling and everything, this place looks like a room from the inside. I hear a woman in fatigues, surely a part of the group, speaking with a Russian accent. How are they OK with that? Is it that she gave up her Russian identity to join them?

      A middle-eastern man is there, which surprises me. He is there with an elder from his village, he wants a divorce from his wife and they are in negotiations. What a weird group to negotiate something like that. The place has lots of shelves, it looks like there are manga and comic volumes in here.

      I meet my sister in the city center where she worked in a courtyard. I see how one of the women who works at a store locks up for the night, a long process. Turning off the lights, the shop is going to reopen in two hours. What's the point of closing for only two hours?!

      Inside a shop my sister shows me the inside of a discount coffee machine. I look into it and it is covered in a white grease, lard, that has brown discoloration. It must be a cleaning agent. I see the lard coming out of a nozzle like soft-serve ice cream. It's actually making coffee out of lard. My sister says this coffee is free that comes out of this machine. Seeing the process, I understand why.

      A stink begins to creep in the store. I go into the hall where the other store entrances are, it's like rotten eggs. Where is it coming from? My sister tells me to go find out. I walk down the hall and to the end I see some middle-aged guys in glasses looking at a ventilation vent. They work at the photoshop at the end of the hall, they are going to fix it. Walking back I see Rick from Rick & Morty has a shop here too, it's is a dark blue shack with a tiled hexagon design to it.

      I go to the store in the hall, it has sandwich coolers full of lunch items. There is a lot of fruit there. I see Jennifer Aniston by the checkout lines she's eating a bowl of corn flakes and says that they are a new kind of cereal she eats. What is she going on about? Corn flakes have been around for over a hundred years!

      I look at the fruit in the coolers, lots of exotic fruit as well. I'm glad they have this option these days. I talk to my sister, I mention wanting to eat only fruit for lunch. She is skeptical of the idea.

      We go downstairs with an escalator, there is a bookstore there that also sells art supplies, it looks very modern. I look at some of the stuff. I flip through a comic book volume with a distinctive style. The lines are bold and the shading is delicate. The main character is a anthropomorphic illuminati sign, like Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. How isn't this copy right infringement? I see A3 paper and coloring pencils going for less than a euro a piece. I fish through my pockets and find two euro coins, I can get them! I pick them up but the paper is hard to get out of the sales bin, I then give up, I want to save the money for coffee with a friend later. Walking away, I tell my sister I already have a lot of art supplies, in a way I just wanted to buy the idea of making art, instead of the hard and sometimes frustrating process of actually making it.
    11. 141015: A Mess of Weird Fragments

      by , 10-14-2015 at 09:47 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:ish
      I'm walking in someone's backyard in a garden along a stone path. It's a party run by Bill Cosby. As I walk down the path made of individual stepping stones I feel that they are very hot and have to walk briskly so I don't burn the soles of my feet.

      In an old villa, there is an exhibit on show that describes the haunted history of the place. I see old grey pictures on displays, a door is presented as a part of a haunted house, it's white and sepia from dirt. Getting too close to it is not a good idea.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a house on the second floor. Train tracks run through the house, the far wall is almost gone and I can see the cool blue summer sky at night. I run to put something onto the tracks and as I do I see a train rumbling down. I try to place the object (a ceramic key, perhaps?) so it stays on the rail and then run for it. The train swooshes by crushing the object. I do this again with another object as well. It's rewarding and therapeutic.

      I'm with an older guy, like a dad. He looks like Jefferson D'Arcy from Married with Children. This is his kids room. I see Marcy D'Arcy as well. As they leave the son, a kid who's like 14, hands me a bong and wants to play video games. I reluctantly carry the bong around as he gathers some games to play. I leave the bong on the floor as I gather some stuff on the ground. I follow the kid down to his room that's now to the right.

      His parent's come back and as they enter the room from the hallway the kid asks me about the bong. I realize that I left it on the floor in the other room. I try to walk out past the parents and to the bong. I pick it up and try to hide it by carrying it behind me at an angle. The parents come and ask me why I'm standing so oddly. Defeated I show them the bong. They are shocked and I immediately take the blame, saying that it's mine. I don't want the young kid to get in trouble and it's my fault they saw it as I left it so carelessly. I tell them I'm about to throw it out as I don't do that stuff anymore.

      I plan to go outside and hide it so the kid can pick it up later. The dad follows me and offers to show me a place I can throw it out. I insist that I don't need any help and I find it really annoying that he is following me so very closely to ensure that the bong gets thrown out. I walk somewhere toward the kid's room and now it's dark and shadowing and jazz musicians are playing in the back-lit shadows.

      Dream 3
      Phasing straight from the previous dream, I'm outside in a concrete city suburb. Large daunting concrete apartments rise from around, a few trees in concrete planters. I walk up to a skate park, I see concrete skate ramps covered in tags. Can I put mine there somewhere? There's no good places, I lack the courage anyhow.

      Dream 4
      I'm walking down a gravel path down the forest by my house. It's a very sunny autumn day. I find a place by the rocks to crouch and drink a beer. (???) I'm supposed to meet a woman soon, I'm somehow Skyping with her. She is a hardcore, tough as nails kind of person that reminds me of a friend of mine.

      I walk down the path and see ice slicks in the yards. I walk down one, it's the yard of an old woman, she has a little frozen gnome statue. I slip and fall on the ice.
    12. 111015: Long Trip To The Terrace

      by , 10-11-2015 at 09:17 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm out in a place in the desolate north, a motel of some kind. The sky is grey and there are tree and gravel around. I'm with my family, like a family trip from back in the day. I go inside and see my cousin and my sister. It is as if this is our last day here and we are about to leave. My sister pulls out a Go board and want to play a game, to my complete surprise. I agree and we start playing. My sister is playing black and we play, I'm able to get a strong opening going. I've always wanted a Go board. A thought flickers through my mind, doesn't Go have a white starting stone?(it doesn't IRL) My sister captures stones incorrectly and I yell out lightheartedly, you have to surround the groups before you can take them!

      She asks if she can take the board with her, I say yes. I'm with my bike and I want to ask my sister if I can get a ride back with her in her car. She is passive-aggressive and just walks away. I ask my mom when she is leaving and she says Thursday. I'm shocked, that's almost a week away! I can't wait that long here! With little preparation I have to make the long journey home on bike. I mentally prepare for it, I've done this before, I can do it again.

      After thinking about the trip, going through the whole trip in my mind I find myself in the center of a city, as if I just transported there from playing the route in my mind. I enter a clothing store, a fancy one you'd find in a shopping mall and I see a friend of mine working behind the counter. There is a window behind her and I can see the street and cityscape through it. I begin talking to her and I mention the crazy trip I'm about to take on the bike. There are a lot of nail products in front of her and I reluctantly show my nails, thinking they are going to be full of grime. Showing them I'm amazed that they are very clean, almost pristine. It must be my diet or something. MY friend shows some new nail products.

      A woman with dreads come in. She's from St. Petersberg. She tried to call my friend a few months ago for work. They walk off to talk business and I'm not sure what to do, should I handle the register? I would want to but I'm not too sure as to how to handle it. A bunch of her friends from work, fancy cultured types dressed in hipster garb, come in. I'm swept along with them.

      We are in a fancy car going down a gravel road lined with large, decorative trees. Are we going to a spa? My friend is there with her other friend and Dr.Christian Jessen from those British medical shows. Our rich patron, fat and in a suit, sits somewhere. in this limo. They all begin to talk about the state of the world. Each person gives a vox pop style snippet of what they think is wrong with the world, my friend mentions ecological issues and Dr.Jessen mentions health (I think?). I begin to talk about how the Western world exploits poorer nations to get cheaper raw materials and labor costs. Dr.Jessen asks me what "exploits" means and I explain it to him, I feel smart and a bit surprised why he wouldn't know it's meaning.

      We stop and get out of the car. We are at some kind of sunny terrace, cobblestone street, very French. Jim Carrey is sitting at a table and gets up. One of his friends is in the car. His friend has a red clown nose on and he gives me a black curly hair wig I put on. In my reflection I look like a teacher I know. How odd.

      As they talk I try to get a table to the left in the shade. Two people I know sit there. There is no more chairs and I turn around to ask the people sitting there if I can take a free chair. An elderly African American woman is sitting there with her grandchildren and I ask if I can take one of the three free chairs. She corrects me and says they are not her chairs and that I can't take one, but I can borrow one from the restaurant. I politely thank her despite this snarky response. As I take one and turn I realize it's a children's highchair and turn to take a normal chair, the elderly lady looking smugly at me.
    13. Semi Lucid Dream: Waking up with the Powells

      by , 10-09-2015 at 05:40 PM
      Here is a Semi Lucid Dream I had about 5 days ago. I sort of knew I was dreaming, but I wasn't thinking real coherently like I woudl it I were totally lucid.

      Waking up with the Powells

      This dream started off at the beach. As I was walking along the shore I stared noticing that it was full of life. I remember looking into a pool of water in the sand and seeing a tiny octopus. I pulled out my camera, but it was having some issues, and I wasn't sure it was getting the pictures (Total dream sign).

      I also saw a sea otter and a bunch of other life that I no longer remember.

      At some point in the dream I meet up with Chris And Heidi Powell and their kids. Somewhere in here I start to become lucid. My memory isn't the best here.

      But I remember that I had us all stand in a circle and hold hands. I had told them that we were all dreaming. I wanted to do an experiment. I wanted us to all suddenly try to wake up, and as soon as we woke up I wanted us to touch our fingers to our noses. For some reason, I pictured all of us waking up somewhere else, but still all standing together and holding hands. So I had thought it would be cool to see how long it would take each of us to wake up and remember the task of touching our nose. And we would all still be there and we could discuss this.

      Seemed like a good experiment, right?

      Well, I then tried to force myself awake. Thoughts of Poet went through my head as it was harder than I remembered to make yourself wake up from a strong dream.
      But after a few more seconds I did wake up. Waking up like this gave me the impression of moving myself through a solid object--which I have done in dreams before, and it has a "thick" and "slow" feeling about it. But I finally burst out the other side.

      ....And I found myself in bed. And the Powells were nowhere in sight. And I had a "What was I thinking?" moment.
    14. 091015: On the brink of lucidity, tuning a car radio/TV, psychonautics manuals.

      by , 10-09-2015 at 04:10 PM (The Dream Journal)
      All these are fragments.

      In the dark, I realize that I'm asleep. I see only darkness. The state I'm in is very fragile, I spin in a circle to try to stabilize the dream but then darkness swallows me whole and no memory remains.

      I'm in a car going down a desert road on a grey day. I'm tuning a car radio. It has a small TV screen. I see Christina Aguilera on the TV screen. She is on the panel of a talent show. She begins to suck on the microphone stand in front of her on the desk very suggestively. All I can think is that the microphone stand must be pretty dirty, why put it in her mouth? For the shock appeal?

      I'm in a cabin kind of place, although the place looks pretty modern. On the floor I find three colorful manuals on psychonautics, they look very interesting. I take them with me and put them in a black velvet bag. My trip to the outskirts of society won't be boring after all, I am sure to learn some very interesting skills.

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    15. 260915: A weird girl, getting shot by a helicopter, new X-files episodes.

      by , 09-26-2015 at 07:43 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a fancy department store by the magazine racks. Down the fine wooden spiral staircase I hear some commotion. I see a group of security guards carrying off a bald, young hooligan. He is trashing around a lot and they are having a really hard time getting him out. I see some of his friends around him as well, some girls as well, they all have the same style. I can't help but keep staring at the scene, despite knowing better. They end up having to drag a few other guys from the group away as well. I watch them drag them to the front door that's by the magazine racks and to my left. It's a grey day.

      I see Hannibal Lecter at the magazine racks (the Mads Mikkelson version) and he talks about a dinner party he is going to throw with his psychoanalyst.

      I am on the drive outside a very American looking house in a suburb. It's a blue summer evening. A young woman comes up to me, she seems a bit quircky and spontaneous. She offers me line of cocaine on a wooden coffee table she has on the drive, there is a sofa next to it. Looking a the lines they are made up of mangled letters like they were cut out of a magazine.

      She sits on the sofa, now pretty messed up, laughing. As she goes picks up some beer from a crate to the left I remember (in the dream) that we used to date. How weird.

      On the table there are some cough drops she says will really mess me up. For some reason, I take one. I turn my head to the right and see a bunch of of people dressed like gang members swarm on a house across the road. I panic and I try to usher the woman and her friend into the pickup truck behind us to hide, maybe they won't see us. Inside the truck the women panic, they are on the driver's seat, and try to get out to sneak into the house. I try to follow them but I'm not fast enough to follow, the car door slams and I can hear the gang members surround the truck. I have my hands over my head, telling them not to shoot, I'm in the passenger seat, feeling the tension of the situation bearing down on me. After a while of verbal threatening they let me out, they are all laughing. Outside the car they show me a picture of myself in the passenger seat they had taken, my expression is fearful. I wonder how I can make sure to never end up in a situation like this ever again.

      I'm by a small bridge going over a snowy river in the country. It's a grey day. I'm walking over it with Kelsey Grammer. I sense it's war time. A helicopter is coming right at us and we panic, where to go? My body feels heavy like I can't run or dash anywhere. I follow Kelsey Grammer into the water as he jumps over the bridge, I fear that the water is going to be cold. Underwater I try to swim away, hearing the helicopter shoot at the bridge and hearing rounds entering the water. A few of them hit me, I feel them pass through my arm and body with a sharp pain. A peace comes over me. Did it kill me? I breathe in, I worry about getting water in my lungs but as I slowly breathe in no water comes in. (!) I must be on the surface. I wake up.

      I'm in a diner kind of place in a desert. I meet Mulder and Scully, there are new X-files episodes out. I see some large boxes, like over-sized season boxes, they are black and look fancy. Each has a new episode on it. I pick one up that has a formaldehyde container in it, the episode is called "The Bone King" and the vile has the monster of the episode in it. It's a boney, tough worm. Looking at the boxes I realize that I missed the new episodes when they came out, how is that possible? They apparently came out years ago.

      I hear about an episode that had Eminem as a guest. The episode is the reason he can't make any movie decisions by himself again. Suddenly I'm in the episode and outside the diner. I see agent Reyes. We are to go hunting for a type of monster the locals have been using to make a popular kind of deep-fried nuggets. To a open space to the left of the diner I see lots of the monster walking around, they look like chicken nuggets with legs and a thin tongue coming out. I dash into the herd. I then see one of them that looks different, is he mutated or something? It has many segments to it. It is grabbing people with a tentacle ans swallowing them whole, where they go into a stomach portion to get digested. Agenet Doggett gets swallowed. How will Scully save the day? She shoots the stomach portion, blowing it up.

      Fragments: See the Cigarette Smoking Man outside a dark house at night with rest of the crew, he looks very ghastly and disgusting, must be a spirit form of him. For some reason Doggett has some loyalty to him.

      In a tour bus, I see a picture of Mulder and Scully with Chris Carter. Wait a minute, aren't Mulder and Scully real? Chris Carter is written into my dream (?) as having written the X-files based upon the "real" thing. Mulder talks to Chris Carter, gushing with excitement.
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