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    1. Phone on Fire

      by , 06-04-2018 at 11:27 AM
      Night of June 3, 2018. Sunday.

      This brief vivid lucid dream was triggered by a lapse into unconsciousness while I was contemplating liminal space while still semi-conscious. I was actually thinking about a telephone and its autosymbolic meaning in representing potential communication between dream self and conscious self, though was visualizing a rotary telephone sitting on a table with my dream self in the room and my conscious self on the other side of the wall. It is rendered as a simple sketchy diagram (with the correct waking orientation layout, the dream self room with the telephone on the left and my conscious self’s room on the right).

      Eventually, I am within a vivid lucid dream. Zsuzsanna’s cell phone is sitting on the top of the couch and very soon catches on fire for no discernible reason. I find this intriguing and immediately wake.

      No mystery here, as waking processes of shorter dreams since early childhood have often involved fire suddenly starting as consciousness initiation autosymbolism, not quite as common as vestibular system correlation though sometimes combined in waking process synthesis with such as a meteor or falling and burning airplane and many more forms of inherent autosymbolism of which is unrelated to waking life in most cases (other than when prescient or as a literal carryover).

      This is additionally validated by the cell phone being in the fictitious location atop the couch where I had just otherwise had my head in reality prior to going to bed (thus my lucid dream self was focusing on the last place my physical brain was before being in bed in addition to thinking about communication through liminal space of which the cell phone represented).

    2. Cell Phone Flashlight

      by , 10-01-2017 at 01:50 PM
      Night of September 30, 2017. Saturday.

      I am sitting on our couch in the darkness in our lounge room in our present home. I am on the right side of our couch facing the north end of our lounge room.

      I feel very peaceful and in a state of well-being and bliss. I soon become aware that our oldest son has come out of his room (from our lounge room’s access door on the west of his room). He has a pale yellow cell phone with a flashlight beam coming out of the top edge of it (not an item he has in real life). He moves it around, mainly in a horizontal semicircle from his right to his left, as if searching for something or someone, apparently me. He seems very cheerful though about five years younger than he presently is (though my dream self does not consider this distortion as such). I quickly wake as a result of RAS (reticular activating system, which is what biologically controls the dream state dynamics and inherent waking symbolism), still feeling very peaceful, calm, and happy.

      I had this longer microdream while actually sitting on our couch (same position and orientation as my dream) after the power had been out this evening for over an hour (the result of a regional blackout). I was so relaxed sitting in the darkness that I slipped into a microdream within a few minutes upon sitting down on our couch (which usually only happens as I am watching television). Our son carrying the flashlight “looking for me” was simply the biological RAS activation (otherwise typified as “searchlight waking symbolism” of the passive and positive kind). The emergent consciousness factor was quite brief and the preconscious dynamic was non-aggressive as this was not a dream of a longer sleeping period. (In actuality, our youngest son had used a flashlight but not on me during the period of my dream.) The cell phone feature is present due to RAS mediating consciousness (as a type of communication with the transient fictional dream self).

      The strictly biological RAS “searchlight effect” has occurred in hundreds of dreams since early childhood, including in documented dreams online such as “Steering Clear of a Laser Tracking Weapon” from 2013, “Spacecraft in the Alley” from 1997, “Not Exactly the Three Musketeers” from 1988, “Laser-Eyed Alligator” from 1979, “The Beam” from 1977, and a number of other dreams.

      For the majority of people who have no understanding of dreams, it may be important to address why this biological RAS activation is different in this case from other dreams that utilize the same basic waking symbolism (the dawning consciousness metaphor), for example, how does this dream differ from “Laser-Eyed Alligator” or other dreams of the same type?

      The most obvious difference here is, I expected and wanted the power to come back on. In “Laser-Eyed Alligator” and “Steering Clear of a Laser Tracking Weapon”, my dream self, at a subliminal level, did not want to wake yet. This is what RAS and the transpersonal preconscious are for. It is not rocket science unless one is superstitious and clueless.

      On a side note, I talked with my lovely wife Zsuzsanna tonight about a possibility of perhaps editing and resupplementing all 4,000 or so of my dream journal entries presently on the Internet to make them more “idiot-proof”. Alas, this seems next to impossible. No matter how much clarity and accuracy I include in some of my entries, based on over fifty years of experience, there are people who do not get dreams at all (or of whom are of the unfortunate mentality to believe in “dream interpretation” in the various superstitious or pseudo-psychological ways the term is misused). There always seems to be one person (usually a male with obvious personal issues) who somehow feels the need to contradict the obvious or add to my post in various ways. I am stating that here just in case such a comment appears on an entry.

    3. If The “Subconscious” Answers, Hang Up

      by , 05-19-2017 at 07:37 PM
      Morning of May 19, 2017. Friday.

      This dream seems related to the SAT dream of the same day (but not directly connected). The setting is not the same but seems like a classroom with at least four rows of school desks. An unknown person on my immediate left calls someone (on his cell phone) to give him answers for mathematics questions. Snoring comes over the phone. This seems amusing at first, but the person keeps talking into the phone. It is established that the person he is talking to is somehow communicating from a dream. Somehow, the caller believes he can get answers to the math questions from the other person’s dream. (Curiously, I am not actively lucid.)

      Over time, I realize that the person he is talking to is a couple seats behind him, but not on a cell phone. He has his head down, asleep over his desk.

      It seems obvious that the caller will get all the answers wrong since the dream state usually has no math skills, problem-solving skills, sense of logic, or critical thinking skills. (Again, somehow I know this without being actively lucid.)

      Soon, the personified preconscious walks into the setting. He is Lieutenant Fuzz (from the “Beetle Bailey” comic strip). However, the front of his face is that of an aardvark or anteater. (An aardvark or anteater has appeared as the preconscious waking symbolism in previous dreams, including a precognitive one, though not in the manner here.) I find it very amusing as he walks about sucking up ants from the floor and pencils that had just been dropped by students. He also sucks up the cell phone of the caller. He somehow sucks up desks and students, walking about slightly bent forward, with his hands clasped behind his back, and eventually, I get the impression that he sucks up the dream itself. I find the whole situation hilarious.

      This imagery seems quite familiar but I cannot determine why or from what source. I do not think it comes from the “Beetle Bailey” comic strip; perhaps Mad Magazine. The preconscious has several recurring waking elements here, an authority figure, a fictional character, and initiating coalescence of the dream self into whole consciousness (which is what dreams basically are for in the last scenes).

    4. Sky tower!

      by , 01-08-2017 at 07:42 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      This was from my dream journal notes from the night of 1/05-1/06. Unfortunately I did not remember any dreams from last night. Even though I got a good amount of sleep, the quality was poor and I woke up a lot.

      Dream 1: I was riding an Evolution ride, with a bunch of people. This included my tulpa, Tess, and an African American gentleman. I don't remember who else was there, but I remember many of the seats were filled.

      The difference was that we were inside, with a floor beneath us, so it wasn't as scary as the one I rode in the waking world a few years ago. Anyway, after a while it started going higher, and we realized that it was actually on the inside of a sky tower. So cool So we were actually riding a ride inside of another ride. Some weren't too happy about this, but I was excited. We reached the top of the tower, and then our cabin containing the Evolution dropped and free fell, which took me off guard. I wasn't expecting that at all!

      After the ride finished, I got off and I found my brother and sister waiting for me by the exit. I'm not sure if they rode the ride too or not. There was an exit sign that said to exit through certain shapes (there were differently-shaped holes in the fence). I found a random hole in the fence and exited the ride, and then the dream faded.

      Dream 2: False awakening! It was a Sunday morning. I was lying in bed, sort of waking up, but it was still like 6 AM so I decided to go back to sleep. I was looking for something in my bag. I found a thumbtack in there for some reason, and I immediately started having OCD fears about poking myself in the eye with it. I remember finding it weird because prior to that point, my OCD hadn't bothered me with that. But it wasn't quite enough to make me realize that I was dreaming. I got very close, though. Then I accidentally turned a kids' meal toy -- a puffball -- into a purple-black color, and it yelled out something. So now we have talking toys. Then my brother responded to the toy and then he woke up. (?) Oh, right! We BOTH woke up at an apartment in college, but we were roommates (not true in the waking world). Then he said "Oh no it's like 9:39!" and apparently we had church at 11 and ran the risk of being late. I freaked out for some reason, even though that should have been sufficient time to get ready, and then I woke up.

      Dream 3: Okay, I don't actually have any personal recollection of this one, but hey, it's in my dream journal.

      I was working at an office. There were a lot of people. Including an African American guy. (Same as before, maybe? I don't know why my brain keeps brining that to mind, of all things). Someone asked "Will you take the plates?" so maybe I went to a restaurant? I don't remember.

      Dreams from 1/06-1/07: I had already packed my DJ for college, so I had to type these into my phone, and boy is that annoying when you're half asleep!

      Dream 1: I was chased by some "sketchy people". One of them had an accent. I nimbly jumped away.

      Dream 2: I was on a boat, and it was rocking quite a bit in the water. I talked to a friend of mine that I haven't seen in forever.

      Dream 3: I was at a zoo. I can't remember which one. I was trying to talk to a lady there (an employee), but she was not interested in interacting with me or anyone else there. There was a panda that had been transferred from the Santa Barbara zoo. There were some little kids who I thought were annoying who wanted to watch a movie. Just a disclaimer: IRL, I actually don't find little kids to be annoying at all. I think they're cool. But we have different opinions in our dreams, I guess? :O

      This is the part where I became lucid. This is the gist of what I said: Within a dream, I was walking fully clothed in a river with many other people. There was an attraction of some sort. Might have been the river itself. Then, a typo reads "Loodpskarr mentioned case which I forget. My phone amen skethblkm are sodden." I have no idea what I actually meant by that, but I think I must have gotten my phone soaked in the river. OH! It was a Samsung! That's how I realized that I was dreaming!

      I talked to my aunt, who just randomly happened to be there, and told her that I thought I was dreaming, since I don't use Android phones IRL. I'm an iOS kind of guy. And then I woke up. :/ No time to do anything cool! D:

      After only 20 minutes, I had another dream. I was taking a Spanish class, and could do it but I was rusty. However I was confident that I could improve with time.
    5. Cell Phone Flight

      by , 02-20-2015 at 08:20 AM
      Morning of February 20, 2015. Friday.

      Dream #: 17,595-02. Reading time: 1 min 26 sec.

      It is a physically uncomfortable dream, though not intense, that occurs only when an object aids my flight. I mostly fly around in a standing or cross-legged position. Most situations occur in the early afternoon in unfamiliar commercial areas.

      I have a cell phone that serves as a flying device. (I do not own one in reality). It is uncomfortable in that I have to hold onto it as it lifts me into the air. For the most part, I only fly above the rooftops of two-storey buildings. At times, my speed picks up, but I mostly fly slowly, sometimes pulling my legs up into a cross-legged position. There are a few times where I need to rise above utility lines.

      My sense of touch is vivid as I feel the device buzzing and vibrating in my hands as I hold onto it. The faster the vibrations, the quicker and higher I fly. There are times when I relax, resulting in a more elevated flight. At one point, Zsuzsanna is holding onto me (mostly my torso) and we fly together.

      I notice two compartments accessed by a thin detachable lid (opening from the left). Each holds an AA battery. They are vertical on the back, near the edge of the right side, divided by a featureless surface of about the same length as the compartments. I notice, after having used the cell phone to fly for some time, that there is only a battery in the bottom chamber. I decide to add a new one in the higher compartment (taking it from my shirt pocket). I do this while in flight while only about two feet above the sidewalk. It results in the cell phone lifting me higher and for longer.

      Typical dream fallacy dominates this experience. Not having all the batteries in a device would result in it not working. I have always found it intriguing how erroneous dreams are. Although I was physically uncomfortable while flying around with my arms up holding onto something small, it did not bring about lucidity.

      This dream is similar to one from December 21, 1969, where I held onto a book to fly.

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    6. They have an app for that?

      by , 07-03-2014 at 06:18 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Standing in a large warehouse, I hear a lot of noises and yelling up on the next floor. Some guy is really angry up there. I look up the stairs just in time to see a Molotov cocktail bounce down the stairs without breaking. My cell phone manages to allow me to create grenades, which I throw up the stairs at the angry guy. I can't see what happens, and then remember the Molotov cocktail seems more like a bomb, with a burning rag as the fuse. As it explodes, the shock wave sends me flying 15 meters through the air, landing face down in a man made river. I lay there disoriented for a bit, until I need to breathe again, and pull myself out.

      The dream sort of resets a bit here, and the angry guy is not trying to kill me. We both need to charge my phone so that we can again have access to machine guns, grenades and other weapons. I must have an app that makes all this possible. We are riding in the back of a pickup truck to some place to plug my phone in. Arriving at my back porch in the winter, I plug it into an electrical outlet outside the house and let it charge.

      The guy with me runs down the hill to my neighbor's house and starts destroying their yard. He pulls the fence out of the ground, throws it into the yard, and starts digging large holes quite quickly. I run down there to try to mitigate the situation. Holding part of the fence to try to put it back where it goes, my neighbor comes outside, sees me with the fence, next to the chaos, and assumes I am responsible for all of this. Before he gets a chance to say anything to me, a motorist pulls into his driveway, and asks how to get out because there's no room to turn around. My neighbor tells him to turn around in the street. The motorist doesn't listen, and instead turns around in the yard, leaving deep tire tracks that tear up the grass leaving deep ruts behind. My neighbor just gives up on his yard at this point, shaking his head in disappointment with humanity as he goes back inside.

      The angry guy, still visibly angry, seems satisfied with the destruction he has caused, and gets back into the pickup truck. I'm standing in the back of it, looking over the cab as we drive off. My friend is driving us, and just as we turn onto a more substantial dirt road, his dog runs under the truck, out the front end of it, and down the road ahead of us much faster than we're driving. Briefly looking back at us over his shoulder, the dog gives us a look as if to say, aren't you coming with me?

      The scenery instantly transforms into a cell phone store, where the salesman is talking me into upgrading my phone to a Galaxy or something like that for $35. It takes better pictures, but I don't know if it works like the iPhone in terms of music playback capability, so I hesitate to go for it. I ask the salesman about the app I currently have for explosives and machine guns. He tells me that one is no longer available on these newer phones. I am a bit bummed out about that.
    7. Blueberries

      by , 06-04-2014 at 06:49 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 04, 2014

      I was a male farmer, and was for some reason put into jail. I was in a solitary confinement, too. I must have done something pretty bad. But I can't remember what it was. I kept flirting with the guards, who were also mostly male. I get the feeling I was House (the Television Doctor, yes) for some reason. Maybe I started the dream as House and morphed into a Farmer as I often do during my dreams (well, not to farmers. I change form quite often in my dreams. Maybe it's just multiple dreams weaving into each other).

      Anyways, I was always trying to escape. At some point, when I was getting my dinner, the two guards who brought it to me were new, and looked young and stupid. They opened the barred door to give me my food, and I shouted "Oh thank GOD you guys are here! The bastard stole my clothes and ran off! He went that way!" I pointed down the hall, from whence they'd come. "You gotta go get him before he escapes for real! Don't worry, I'll watch the door."

      And they were all grateful and went off after "me."

      So escaping was really easy. I left, walked down the hall, and down the stairs to the front door. It turned out the prison was actually at the top floor of a mall. The security guards at the front door didn't even look at me as I exited the building.

      Once I'd turned a corner, I started to run down the street. I jogged as far as I could and found a delicious looking food joint. It was run by this really sweet old lady, who gave me some blueberries when I asked for some and explained I didn't have any money because I'd just gotten out of jail on good behavior. She gave me a glass of water, too.

      But I left, because I was suspicious of her. She started looking at me funny, so I thought she had called the cops. I thought she might have seen me on TV on a breaking news report or something. And so I continued jogging away, and got a text from a friend asking how I was. I was about to reply when I woke up.

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    8. Afraid of the Dark

      by , 04-01-2013 at 03:07 PM
      I was really going for the "sand" trick that I used in The Sands of the Colosseum but I never could figure out how to capitalize on it. I need to learn to be a bit more flexible and much less fearful of the dark. Given what I've learned, all of that concern about the dark is nothing but a bad habit. This was a good learning experience though!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #82: Afraid of the Dark

      I believe that this was a DILD, but my first memory is of being lucid in a huge, empty office space with plain white walls, harsh fluorescent lighting, and blue-gray industrial carpet. It looks like a place where there'd normally be a cubicle farm, but the floor is totally clear.

      I'm happy to be lucid, but I want a new location. I want to perform the "sand trick", which involves focusing on the floor and rubbing it until I'm convinced that my hands are digging through sand. I start crawling around on the floor, find myself a spot, and start rubbing.

      Nothing happens at first, so I focus harder on the thought that this is sand. Unfortunately, I'm looking right at industrial carpet and the thought won't go away. Finally a bunch of disgusting dust and dirt puffs up from the carpet and blows around, but it's not what I'm looking for. I try for a while longer but I feel myself becoming obsessed.

      I get up and notice a set of doors in a far-off wall. I run over to it, place my hand on the doorknob, and imagine that the Colosseum is on the other side. I throw the doors open and instead of the Colosseum I see a darkened warehouse. I can't see in too far but I do make out a few scattered cardboard boxes.

      "Too dark", I think. "Not going in there." I close the door, think about the Colosseum, and open it again. This time the boxes are gone and the room looks even darker.

      I give up, close the door, and follow the wall to a closet-like cubby hole. I crawl around in here and again try to produce sand from the carpet. Even though this cubby is set off to the side, the lighting is unbearably harsh and I just produce more puffs of dust, like the carpet needs a good vacuuming. I try to close my eyes but they won't comply. It seems like this office scene is burned into my brain.

      I jump to my feet and run around a bit, doing a quick dive-roll just for kicks. I round a corner and find one of my Siberian Huskies locked in a big cage. He whimpers and paws at the door. I fumble around for a latch but don't see anything.

      I'm preparing to open the crate via telekenesis when Wife appears from behind me and says, "Oh here, let me take care of that!" I almost tell her that I'm having a lucid dream but I figure that she already knows. She crouches down and starts working the lock. I make the mistake of waiting around and
      lose lucidity.

      The lock pops open and our dog comes bounding out. He runs past us and buries his face into a used-up paint can that's nearby. I look to see what he's doing and am horrified to see that he's happily chowing down on a couple of dead roaches. I'm about to tell him to stop but Wife hugs him around the neck and says, "Oh, such a good boy!!" I feel ill. Still, I decide to let it go because he's probably hungry.

      Wife wanders over to a nearby window and I follow her. There are a pair of laser gun emplacements on the window sill. We each take one and she points across the dark city to a tall office building. Wooden boxes float silently out of the office building, flying off to destinations unknown. Wife explains: "Those boxes have dangerous cell phones in them that will give people cancer." We start firing our laser cannons at the evil cell phones, destroying as many boxes as we can. We get most of them but, I'm sorry to say, many get through.
      The dream ends...
    9. The adventure to the bar of ancient spirits

      by , 10-16-2012 at 12:46 PM
      This dream takes place in several different areas. It was kind of like an adventure and felt like i was learning about some history in the process. It felt like there were a lot of possibilities, some thinking, making decisions (more lucid), and some familiar faces from college.

      The dream started out at the college i was going to in read life. I noticed that it was snowing outside and wondered why.

      As I recall, i was near the upper parking lot on the right side or (the North side) of the residential hall that i was living at. When i looked up, the hill that i took the stairs to walk up, was much steeper than in real life and was loaded with several feet of snow. That was so random.

      I was aware of this because, as i climbed the steep snowy hill, a few college friends passed me. Talking may have been involved. This i am not certain of.

      As i got to the top of the steep snowy hill, i encountered a man who (not able to recall what his name was) seemed like he was lost, or that he was not aware of the below freezing temperature it was outside. This man, for reasons i am not sure of, jumped in a snowy wet trench or hold in the shape of a rectangle. In the process, he froze into an icicle.

      While the man froze in the trench, a yellow school bus was parked at the top of the hill in the parking lot. I was slightly aware that i made the decision to get on the bus. The bus left, yet i was not aware that i was moving.

      From what i remember, after i got on the bus, i noticed there was a lot of people. The bus took everyone to a bar-type place that had really tall stools and a tall bar counter, almost as tall as the ceiling.

      I do not remember getting off the bus, or seeing the bus leave the place i went, because, somehow, i was automatically in the bar area. The bar was in, what looked like a secluded area.

      I remember climbling the stool to sit down. It was similar to climbing a very sturdy ladder, because it was such a tall stool.

      When i got to the top of the stool, i met a young boy who did not speak. I am thinking he may have only spoke one specific language. From looking at him, it seemed like he was 8 or 9 years of age. After i glanced at him, i diverted my attention from the boy to a really tall shelf.

      In this shelf, there appeared to be historic documents and pictures of an ancient Indian tribe. One of the objects i noticed was a statue of an old Indian who may have lived near the bar that i was in. That was interesting to think about.

      During that period, my cell phone lit up. I was not certain why this happened. Something that came up in the dream included an ancient Indian spirit who had the last name "Tutrak" or "Turtrak" and a first name that faded after trying to regurgitate the dream situations.

      When my phone lit up, there was a fiery glow coming from the phone and directing its focus to the statue of the ancient indian. I was not sure what to think about it.

      Shifting from the focus of the glow, i directed my attention away from the bar (maybe in the same building), where i saw a picture of an Indian who was a part of the statue that i saw earlier.

      I felt like the picture i saw was vivid. A lot of what i experienced in this dream felt vivid.

      When i woke up, my body temperature rose, and i think i was sweating a lot.
    10. Stolen luggage

      by , 09-05-2012 at 02:48 PM
      I was getting ready to take a trip. At night I stashed my luggage in an alley because I didn't have anywhere else to put it. The next morning all of the stuff that was in it was gone. The suitcase was zipped back up by the thief.

      I was trying to call a co-worker (MB) to get some extra clothes. I was using his phone which was old and nearly dead. I wasn't getting through with him, finally finding out that he was away. Meanwhile, a middle aged woman was trying to hit on me at the bar. She was eating a strawberry.

      Later, my girlfriend was walking down the street with a co-worker who is also the mayor of his town. They were going to New York or Atlantic City and asking me when they should leave. I said, "NOW." Then me and my girlfriend began holding hands in front of him and you could tell he was disappointing that she was taken but he didn't get angry at me. I remember thinking in the dream that she would think it an honor to date the mayor; who am I compared to him?
    11. Morning sky of rapid repatriation

      by , 01-22-2012 at 07:21 PM
      Dream: January 21, 2012

      In the dream, this occurred between 1 am and 3 am. It was probably a bit later in waking life, though, as my dreams always occur in the morning hours.

      It ended with sleep paralysis, or maybe it began.

      Either way, this was my first episode of paralysis since November. It was night in my dream, morning in waking life, and I felt smothered by my sinus infection and the pillow. Lying down, as I was the previous time. Maybe this time I woke up, or went back to sleep, or woke up. I guess I will never know. Tried to move some of my appendages, but it was late.

      At my house, my parents were preparing to leave. Yet I was out of bed, wide awake, past midnight. One of them would accompany the other to another country, as they loaded and packed up the car to go to Detroit (facade?). Something earlier happened too, but the details of that were now missing. I had a cell phone, and they had a cell phone.

      About an hour passed, then half an hour. I took some baking soda, and did a line in the fridge, preserving something that would otherwise rot if the power went out. No idea why I did that, but it was suiting.

      Picked up my cell phone, either to make a call or receieve one. My mom was on the phone, though it was difficult to hear, probably because of the great distance. The voice was becoming more static, and fading.

      Just staring at the wall, none of it made any sense.

      I looked at the time. 2:32, 2:34, 2:38. How much more time would pass, me sitting here, alone?

      I knocked on my parents' door, as it was closed. They opened it, and were still inside the room. "But weren't you just driving to the airport?"


      "But what about the cell phone?!"

      That was weird. They were also disappointed about the baking soda, as I headed to bed, and they began to argue.

      Outside, the sky had a purple glow, and the streetlights were orange. I had tried to close my eyes, run into the window, because I knew it was a dream at that point. Yet however close I was to pronouncing it a dream, I just couldn't convince myself, for I was unable to escape through that window. There was an extra tree in the street, too, a sure sign that it was a dream.

      I ran again, and they just kept arguing. Waking up, they were still arguing about some of the same things as during my dream, as I drited in and out of sleep on a weekend morning.
    12. Pokergame

      by , 12-30-2011 at 01:55 PM
      thu 29 december 2011

      Drank some water before bed, didn't wake up at night though. What's a good amount to drink?
      Had my alarm set for 7am, woke up to turn it off and failed recall. Went back to sleep after bathroom.
      After waking up a second time, still no memory. Then, suddenly something triggered it. Can't really be sure which dream it was, or whether it was just my imagination.

      Me and two of my best friends are sitting at a table ready to play some poker. We are in a cafeteria-type room, with the dimensions of something you could compare to a train wagon, but I seem to be under the impression that we might be on a boat. We are dividing the chips, but since they're not labeled we're trying to figure out their value. I'm trying to make stacks, but because of the shape of the chips the stacks keep collapsing.

      At the other table there is a girl, who I recognise as someone from primary school (I used to have a little crush on her). I know it's her, but her face looks different. We exchange a glance. She's with a group of people (girls) and they're not playing poker.

      I get up to walk to another room and when I'm in that other room I see a big box, like a laundry trolley, but it has no wheels. When I try to pee into the box, someone behind me says something along the lines of: "I never thought you would stoop so low". The face is not recognisable, neither is the posture. Not even sure if it's a man or a woman but it's some kind of teacher. As the teacher tells me this, I see there is a bathroom at the end of the room. I attempt to fake my intention of peeing in the box, by dropping to the floor pretending I'm searching for something on my cell phone. There is a map on my cell phone, with some locations marked on it.

      Might be too soon to recognise a pattern, but so far school was somehow always involved.
      The need to pee was probably induced by my blatter in reality, though it wasn't strong enough to actually make me wake up.
    13. brother forwards cell; my darling basketball boys; she sees different worlds

      by , 12-18-2011 at 03:44 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a living room with my little brother. There was probably a sharp, but pale incandescent lamp on somewhere. A TV was blaring on a small TV stand. And the living room was littered here and there with things like blankets and clothes.

      My brother was being really annoying in some way or another. At one point he was really annoying me by doing some weird kind of walk away from me and then back to me really fast, as if he were going to crash into me.

      Eventually I just tried to ignore my brother altogether, and I started trying to pay more attention to the TV. But then I felt bad for treating my brother so coldly. So I figured that if he started acting nice to me, I'd be nice to him, too.

      My brother now came up to me and asked me if he could take a look at my phone. He was just curious to see what it had on it. Having told myself I'd be nice to my brother, I handed my phone to my brother.

      My brother walked over to the couch and sat down with my phone. A little while later my brother was standing up and walking around the room, doing some other stuff.

      I was wondering where my phone was. My brother may have told me he'd left it by the couch. I saw it on a desk that stood before the couch. I grabbed it.

      I saw that I had either an email message or a text message from somebody (or a few people?). I was about to look at the messages. But my brother, looking at his own phone, at the other end of the living room, said, "Oh, did I just get a message from ----? Saying -----?"

      This was the person I'd just gotten a message from, and the subject of the message the person had sent me. My brother said something else to make me understand that while he had been "looking" at my phone, he set it so that any texts or emails I received would be automatically forwarded to his phone.

      I was really mad. I didn't want my brother in all of my business. I felt like it was stupid to give my brother my phone in the first place -- even if I had thought I should have been nicer to him. But I was mostly concerned with how to stop my phone from forwarded all my info to my brother.

      Dream #2

      I was on an indoor basketball court with a group of boys. But I'm not sure whether we were playing a game, or just waiting around for some other people to lead us in some kind of event. I'm pretty sure we were all milling around. I was just milling around by myself.

      I saw the basketball hoop and wondered if I could jump and touch the rim. I'd never been able to do it before. But I felt like maybe I could now.

      The rim seemed a bit higher than normal, and it was a really bright orange. The net was also torn to shreds, so that now only a couple ratty inches hung below the rim.

      As I was getting ready to jump, a bunch of the boys all gathered around me. It was like they had all suddenly decided to start playing a game.

      I felt a bit self-conscious now that all these other boys were around me. I had thought that maybe I could jump and touch the rim. But now I knew I probably couldn't.

      But I also having a hard time even jumping, because I was getting all tangled up in all the other boys who were trying to play a game. But, at the same time, I was already in the air, and so absurdly high in the air -- yet nowhere near the rim -- that all the boys were already beneath my feet.

      One of the boys said something like, "Oh, he's trying to touch the rim! Let's see if we can do it! Or let's see if we can do a slam dunk!"

      Apparently now the other boys were now already doing slam dunks and touching the basketball hoop's rim, while I was apparently still floating my way on up toward it! (But strangely enough, I don't think, all throughout this dream, that I actually ever saw one of these boys.)

      Finally I reached the tattered net of the hoop. I grabbed onto it and pulled myself up to the rim.

      The other boys were now saying things like, "Oh, look! He's holding onto the rim! Is he going to try to do a slam dunk?"

      I didn't really know what I was going to do. I didn't know where to go from here. I didn't know how to get down. I felt like I was up way too high.

      But now I thought I should climb down. First I did this by inching my hands down the couple inches of tattered net.

      Then I saw a pole in front of me. It was like a brass coat rack, or some kind of lightpost. It had one central pole. And off from the pole, on either side, set one below the other, like rungs on a ladder, were little loops of brass. But every once in a while the brass of this structure was black, like it was coated in a think layer of tar or plastic.

      I started climbing down this pole. As I did, I noticed that on the other side of the pole was something like a shopping mall. Apparently this indoor basketball court was right in the middle of a shopping mall.

      About twenty meters away, there was also a long folding table, at which sat three or four older adults, nicely dressed and very serious looking. I could tell these were the judges. Whatever event the boys and I were at, we were going to be judged on our performance.

      All this time, the boys were saying, "Oh, look! Now he's going to climb down!" I climbed down to about two or three meters above the ground. There were no more rungs on the pole. So I either had to jump down or slide down. I think I chose to slide down, even though I may have thought that I was still climbing down.

      When I got down, one of the boys (whom I'm pretty sure I didn't see) warned me, "We aren't supposed to be climbing on the pole. You're gonna get in trouble when the judges come!"

      I was kind of shocked. I looked up at the pole, which now seemed extremely thin and weak, as if my weight should probably have snapped it off at its base.

      I wondered when the judges would come, and what kind of trouble I'd get into. But I also wondered what the heck I was supposed to do, anyway. How was I supposed to have gotten down from the rim, if I wasn't allowed to climb down the pole?

      Dream #3

      I was in a movie theatre, I think, watching a movie. I already had some idea of the plot of the movie. I knew it was about two girls, probably sixteen or seventeen years old, who, after some kind of accident, were now able to see into a different world.

      This world was either a different dimension or the dream world. But the girls would see the dream world or different dimension in waking life, while they were going about their normal lives.

      It was like the different dimension or the dream world was overlaid on our world, but invisible to most people. According to what I knew of the plot, the two girls now had to fight some battle in the middle of the two worlds to save our world.

      I was now watching the beginning of the movie, which was kind of showing the origin of the two girls' powers.

      The girls were out driving on a highway at night. The streetlamps over the highway were different-colored, like lights on a stage at a rock concert.

      One of the girls was a troublemaker. I think this was the girl driving. She looked kind of like the avatar Mayatara has on the Dream Views site, of the girl with the white flash coming from her third eye -- except, of course, without the white flash.

      I think the other girl was a troublemaker, too, but not as much as the first girl.

      But now another car drove up, first really closely tailgating the girls' car, then finally driving up right beside the driver's side of the girls' car. This car was like a 1970s style car, green, but with a big, white racing side across each side.

      The drivers of this car also appeared to be girls, about the age of the main character girls. But the audience was supposed to get the feeling that the girls in the green car were demons from the other world, sent to make the two girls angry, so they'd do something stupid that would lead to their own destruction. Apparently the demons of the other world already knew that the two girls were going to work to save the two worlds.

      So the girls in the green car began really agitating the two girls. Eventually the girl driving just told the girls in the green car to screw off. The girl stepped really hard on the gas, speeding way up ahead of the green car.

      But now one of the girls in the green car pulled out a gun and began shooting at the main girls' car! But when she shot her gun, a whole bunch of stuff came out with the bullet. The bullet, actually, didn't get very far. But the other stuff did, breaking through the back window of the main girls' car.

      There was something like a centerless coin, or a washer, among all this stuff. The camera closed in really tightly on the washer and followed it in slow motion. The washer hit the left temple of the girl in the passenger seat. It hit with the same speed of a bullet, but the impact didn't do more than just knocking the girl out.

      The girl in the driver's seat saw that her friend (maybe they were more than friends?) had just been injured. Now she was really ticked off!

      The green car pulled up beside the girls' car. The girls in the green car were now wild -- bashing and pounding against their own car windows, almost like caged wolves trying to attack a person outside.

      But the girl was so angry she just wanted to kill the girls in the green car. The highway was now driving on an overpass that went high over a wide, black river. The girl figured she'd just smash the green car right off the highway and into the river.

      The girl began slamming and slamming against the green car. Eventually she drove the car right off the highway. But somehow the demons had a hand in this, too. And the girl's car went off the highway, too.

      I watched as both cars plunged into the river. I thought to myself, It doesn't make sense that this is happening. How can these two girls go on fighting with their powers if they're dead? But they must be going to die. There's no way they could survive something like this.

      The camera view was now of the girls in their car. The second girl was probably still knocked out. The first girl was possibly trying to find a way to save her friend and herself.

      But the girls' car was probably right up on the side of the demons' car, so that the driver's side window of the girls' car was right next to the passenger side window of the demons' car.

      The demon-girl on the passenger side of the car now bashed on her window to get the girl's attention. The girl looked over. The demon-girl now let something go from herself, an aura-esque, holographic kind of expansion of herself, which may also have morphed into a demonic shape.

      I think I now got the idea that this was what had given the two girls their power. The demons may actually not have been against the girls. But the only way the demon girls could have given the girls their powers was by putting them into a situation like this.

      I was now sitting outside, in a hallway between movie theatres. I sat on a couch-like bench. Just to my left was a doorway to another movie theatre. And just to the left of that, I think, was a small concession stand.

      The hallway was well-lit, with peach-orange walls. And, far down to my left, at the end of the hallway, was a smallish window letting in a lot of light from the grey day outside.

      A guy, maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, stood to my left. He was white, with his head shaved, but some black stubble now growing back onto it. He also had a shadow of stubble on his cheecks, even though he may have had a pretty full mustache and some pretty full hair below his bottom lip.

      The guy wore a green t-shirt with white lettering on it. He wore a long-sleeved shirt under that. He wore slightly baggy, black jeans. The guy, I somehow knew, was a popular movie critic. He may have had some blog that everybody paid attention to, when it came to movies, even though I hadn't ever read it before.

      The guy seemed lost in some way or another. Since he seemed lost, and since he was famous, I figured that maybe I would see if I couldn't help him. If I helped him, maybe he'd be able to help me get a job.

      But the guy was only concerned because his friends still hadn't arrived for the movie yet. There seemed now to be a whole bunch of people standing around the guy, as if they were all standing in line to get into a movie.

      I told the guy not to worry. The movie didn't start until 2:53. So he still had plenty of time to wait here for his friends. But somebody near us was saying, in a kind of tone of urgency, that he and whoever he was with had to get to the theatre. The movie had started at 2:35. So they were already late. And the guy didn't want to miss any more than he'd already missed.

      I got kind of panicked, too. I'd been excited to see this movie, too! But I thought it started at 2:53, not 2:35! I looked at my watch (? - don't wear one). It was 2:53 right now! That meant I'd already missed a lot of the movie!

      I ran down almost to the end of the hallway, to get to my movie theatre. As I ran in, I saw that the movie had already started. I was coming in after the whole origins scene had come and gone.

      Now I'd never know how the girls had gotten their powers! This had been my biggest question!

      The theatre itself was kind of disordered, as if there were a lot of parents their with their little kids. So each family, or maybe small group of families, was in their own little space, making clumps of noisy areas, and whole sections of empty seats.

      But a lot of the audience didn't even seem to be focused on the movie. The atmosphere was like a big picnic inside of a movie theatre.

      I went up toward the front of the movie theatre and sat near a blonde business woman wearing a white blouse and khaki-colored skirt or trousers. The woman's hair was really thick and flowing. The woman may have been in her early forties. She may somehow have acknowledged me and then gone back to watching the movie.

      The scene was now a daytime scene. A man and a woman, maybe in their late thirties or early forties, were out on some promenade on the side of the same river that the girls had crashed into.

      The man and the woman were both teachers at the high school the two girls went to. The man had a kind of Joe Piscopo look about him: curly, brown-red hair, kind of tan face, but a little reddish, too. But he looked a little more worn out by life, and he had slimmer, paler eyes.

      The man was telling the woman that she needed to stop messing around with the two girls. Apparently the woman had been in the car with the two girls during the crash into the river.

      The man was telling the woman that things the woman had lately been involved with with the two girls -- some kind of weird adventures that the man vaguely knew about, but which generally appeared to the world like nothing but close scrapes with trouble -- were hurting the woman.

      The adventures the woman was involved in, the man said, were distracting the woman from teaching her students. And if she got too distracted from her role as a teacher, there were people in the administration department of the school who would be more than happy to fire her.

      The woman listened to the man and sympathized with him. But she couldn't really do anything about it. It was fate. She was meant to have the adventures she was having.

      I knew that the woman had been sitting in the backseat when the car had gone into the river. She had received only a part of the power that the two girls had received. But she'd received enough to see what kind of trouble the two worlds were in.

      And she had a part in saving the two worlds. So she didn't have a choice. Regardless of what happened to her, she had to have her adventures. She wished that she could tell the man about all of this. But the man could only know so much. And so he'd just have to be worried for the woman.

      I could see that, off to the right, the main girl was walking toward the promenade from a stone bridge that crossed the river. I could tell that the girl was already seeing a new batch of holographic demons. I could tell that a new fight was already about to begin, and that the woman would be involved.
    14. Dancers/Puppy/Guy

      by , 09-13-2011 at 03:16 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      No luck again last night I will try harder tonight. I am determined!

      Anyway. First dream:

      I am in a store (Nordstroms, I think), in the back. It doesn't look like a warehouse, but that is the purpose it serves, this is where they keep all their items before putting them on the shelves. It's also connects to some sort of performance hall. There are dancers around. One of the dancers is talking to me, and tells me that there is a special discount magazine for people who have been confirmed dancers for two years. I want to get the discounts, but I have not been a confirmed dancer for two years. A big group of girls is by me, and they start singing. They are mostly Latina. A large black girl in the front is singing a solo.

      Second dream:
      I meet a boy. Me or my sisters have recently started playing some new game, and the book we use is open. Me and the boy are talking about it. I have a baby with me, and he takes it from me and walks somewhere. I follow him and see him exit a building. I go back to my original spot, (but I know that he will be coming back there soon) and my younger sister comes up and coaches me. She points out that I am wearing socks that say "Blondes" on them, and this boy is a brunette, and that might hurt his feelings. I put my shoes on to hide my socks, but she tries to convince me to put on one of her shoes, which is velcro and much too small for me. This confuses me.

      Third dream:
      I'm riding in a car with E, S, and probably A although I don't really remember who the third person was. It's more like a sled though - it has no roof or doors, and I feel concerned about this. I drop my cellphone off the side, and we pull over and I run back and get it.

      At some point in one of my dreams I think I had a new puppy, but I don't remember.
    15. 9 Sep: Marathon and a camp

      by , 09-09-2011 at 08:16 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream lucid false awakening


      Bank sale
      With my mom on an auction of a bank. I buy a share, because it is so cheap. I'm imagining becoming rich with it, but someone tells me it is more likely to devalue than otherwise, shattering my optimistic feeling.


      On a room full of people. I become lucid but I struggle very hard to remember tasks to complete. Every time I focus on what I had planned, I feel lucidity fading. I move on to another dream in which I'm on a really dark bedroom, making out with some guy, but the dream is a bit unpleasant. It becomes early morning and I go to the window and see people running a marathon on the street. It is sponsored by a known bottled water company. My cell phone rings on the background and I get lucid as I recall the instructions I had received from a guy in RL to notice colors, textures, sounds, smells, etc, on dreams and since sound is one thing I rarely notice, I decided to play with it. I answered the phone, curious to see if I could really hear someone talking on the other side and I could. It was a lady asking to speak with some boy I don't know. But I turn around and he is there. He is fat. I hand him the phone. I think about doing something more with the LD. I try to teleport to Denn, but it fails and I almost wake up. My lucidity fades a bit and I just stay around this dream. I go outside to see the marathon. No longer lucid, I follow the people who walk at the end of the race after the athletes and I talk to some of them. Then I see a horrible scene with two stray dogs, who look more like a bag of bones and open flesh. I want to take them to the vet. People on the street tell me they are very sick for many years and no cure is possible, but people feed them and they are happy together, supporting each other. I want to give them something to eat, but I have nothing. So I regurgitate a placenta-like discussing stuff and at least one of the dogs comes to sniff it. But he doesn't seem very interested.


      On a sort of holiday camp with children and adults. it's a celebration day and everyone is very busy and excited. I'm just trying to figure out my role in it. I see some cute kittens hidden under a table, I try to play with them, but they run away. I then see some friends who are all fascinated by a tiny little camel that appeared on the site. It is hardly taller than 20 cms. I say something like "I've seen really tiny ponies before, but this camel is just ridiculously small."
      I notice a kid who's taking pictures of me obsessively and I ask him to stop. I ask for his camera to delete the pictures he took without my permission, but I realize he has a crush on me, which I find sweet, so I decide to leave at least a couple of pics on the memory card. His mom appears out of nowhere and doesn't know why I'm holding the camera, so she is very obnoxious, accusing me with her eyes of trying to steal it from the kid. Nasty broad.
      Then some native americans appear on a stage, performing songs and dances. They invite people from the audience to join and before they drag me along, I move on to a nearby swimming pool with water slides. I decide to have a bit of fun on the slides.


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