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    1. Ghosts Took My Car Keys

      by , 04-03-2018 at 09:25 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m in a car with my mother, driving down an unfamiliar road towards the house where she's living—it seems that I’ve come here to visit her and will be leaving soon. We aren’t far from the house, but she indicates that I should turn off to the right, where there’s a cemetery. I already have some idea what this is about since I know there’s a grave here that she’s been taking care of. We’ve already visited a couple times during the course of this visit. I turn into the entrance.

      Now we’re both walking through the cemetery. It’s a bit overgrown, but a livelier place than you might expect since there are kids running around doing kid things and other people who are here visiting.

      Some of the children are decorating the grave we’re headed for. They’re debating over where to put a special artifact—it looks like a small spiral seashell, only brown and lightweight like a cicada skin. Right now, they have it set on the leaf of a flowering plant, but it seems to be bending the leaf back too far.* (At some point, I couldn’t say exactly when, I seem to have become a different person—a friend of my mother’s, a man, maybe in his 40s or older.)

      Eventually, somebody gets the idea of calling up the spirits themselves and asking them how they want the grave to look. Now there are a number of them floating around, including one that is just a disembodied hand. They ask it to point to what it wants on the grave—but, unexpectedly, it goes straight for my car keys. Really? But I know I have to give them up now.

      But I also know—not from the man’s perspective, but from somewhere outside it—that they are laying claim to the keys because they like him, they think he’s a great guy, and by doing this, they can prevent something bad from happening to him that they know is in his future otherwise. The fact that he is massively inconvenienced in the process is completely incidental.

      *Note: I had spent a few hours of the previous day on website design, a lot of which is figuring out how to get thing A to location B without messing anything else up. An interesting parallel here.

    2. Dream - Cemetery Confusion & Family Holiday Capers

      by , 07-27-2017 at 11:56 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 15 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 154 - Separated Sections

      Dream 154 A - Cemetery Confusion
      I forgot how the dream started but I do remember that my brother and I were supposed to find our way from Springvale to some far away suburb. I thought the quickest way to get to the other side was to go through Springvale Cemetery. I thought we were on the right path but just shortly near the entrance, we came across a dead end and couldn't go any further. I said to my brother that we should go back out before we get lost.

      Back at outside the main gate on Princes Highway, we looked a map of the cemetery and tried to point out all the exits. I then told my brother that if we ever did get lost in there, I could call my “Dream Guide to come and show us the way”. For the rest of the dream, I didn't have to call Dreamy WB as we didn't get lost yet. I don't remember what happened next.

      Dream 154 B - Family Holiday Capers
      The whole family was on a holiday at the Grampians, I forgot where the specific tourist place was though. When we got back to our accommodation grounds, I heard that there was a good café on site and so I went by myself to check it out. I went in and spoke to the lady who told me that I apparently needed a membership card. The dream quickly showed snippets of some other girl who already had a full membership with the café and so was able to get all the luxuries. I pulled the card out of my pocket with a few math sums on it and the lady said that it was the right one... She said that I now had access to all the red cakes. The lady put 6 cakes on a plate for me, 2 large and 4 small.

      Mum then came in and she goes for the 2 large cakes, I have to shoo her off before she could take more. Then we left the café and started talking outside, telling me that she needed to go to Waverley Gardens to buy groceries. I asked if I could come with her but she said that she didn't want me with the adults but rather for me, my brother and his friend to stay back and do something like read. Because Waverley Gardens was really far away, I asked her if she at least wanted to take one of my planes and she said yes. I protested due to the fact that I couldn't go but she just kept saying no. Eventually, I thought to myself that I could smuggle myself into the boot which was basically a sheet of swiss cheese. I then woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    3. Putting the visions to paper

      by , 10-14-2016 at 08:54 AM
      I've had numerous reoccurring dreams over the past decades. I tend to hold onto what some may consider nightmares. But I have made efforts to try and retain that information by sharing with personal friends. Many of them have heard my ramblings of the Black House and the more recent above ground cemetery of the dead. I have met and talked to a few family members who have passed and passed their messages onto other members in which the message made some sense to them. I'd like to note the martial arts guy whom I've seen there. He's goofy and a prankster. No one comes to visit him though. He seems to appreciate me noticing him.
      Other projects that I need to write about include a breathing church and a couple other hellions that are products of torment. Not to spill all the beans at once, I want to explore these places further and more importantly record what I find.
      Lastly, I'll make note of the Fields. I'm sure that it's not the actual name of the place but more so a name to reference that vision in my life. While the fields doesn't seem to be a reoccurring dream/nightmare (thank God), but it is an experience that I had when I was extremely sick and delusional. My belief is that I had died for a short period of time. So, the fields is that special place in Hell for some.
      Again, this is me putting the mind to paper. Not expanding on this now but pushing out important topic that need covered.
    4. [The Underground Club (A Subtle Death)]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:11 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Friday, August 31st, 2012]
      I'm now a member of an underground club (that I can't help but relate to WoW guilds) that meets online sometimes... but this is just a ruse/disguise. The real club is located just outside of town, off the out-of-town highway. I go in the first time and I'm pretty awkward. I ask for a cigarette and someone gives me a halfie. I have trouble lighting it but do it a strange way... it impresses someone. (By the way, we are inside a strange warehouse-hideout with ramps and rails like an indoor skatepark. There is a control room elevated on a platform in the center of the warehouse.) Suddenly it's time to go, so we all slowly make for the exit. I notice a blonde hair girl walking way ahead of me and say something to one of the members beside me. The dream fades.


      Now I'm at school. I'm broke and lost, and I'm trying to find my way through a hallway filled with countless kids I know. I come to a fork and follow Jessie Brumley to the right. It leads outside with a sign that has 4 numbers, some of them double digit. These must be room/class numbers. I realize this is the wrong way because of how few classes are that way. I return to the left to find Malakie, she's standing by a set-up table and making sure that kids get food tickets for lunch. Apparently, it is lunch time right now. I approach and am next, but 3-4 girls cut me off by making a line and take my place. I make it obvious I'm annoyed but get back in line. This time when I get to Malakie, she hands me a $5 bill and then a $20 bill. I'm surprised, but thrilled. She notices my confused face, "You have no money! Take it." she insists. I'm grateful, "Thank you." I say politely. I walk out the door behind her.


      [Dream memory first starts to become clear here]
      I'm with my Dad, and he's unhappy about something. We make our way through the same dirt road from the same out-of-town highway. We walk in silence and he slowly morphs into the leader of the Underground Club. We reach our hideout and he takes me to the center room and (memory is kind of foggy here again) he talks to me for awhile. Very slowly and calmly, he turns into a ghost. He's dying right in front of me. When he's dead, he makes me leader for some reason. I only understand that he's dead and he gives no apparent sign of being dead, other than now being very quiet. He doesn't vanish or fall over... I ask him, "Can you at least walk with me?" I'm referring to outside. He stares at me and nods...

      Once we're outside, we meet an RM member outside who is unaware of the ex-leader's condition. He must be early to a meeting. I take a closer look at him and he has a Renji/Excelzior feel to him, as if he's important and experienced within the Club. The ex-leader speaks to him, "I'm done and gone. I'm out of here." Renji casually nods, "Okay." and waves us off. I start to walk a little prouder. I am the new leader after all.

      My memory skips a bit. We're still just outside, but now I'm in front of a fenced off area. To the left beyond the fence is a hole in the earth. It's enourmous. There's one on the right too. Suddenly, I'm with the club, or at least with some of them. I'm extremely different, I have my personality back: I'm Moki, and I talk cute, but with an aire of confidence and knowledge, and a hint of mischief. (Like the Cheshire Cat, or ___ from Tiger/Dragon) In front of eveeryone, I'm so happy I could fly. So I do. I flap my arms and hover face-foward to the ground for a moment before slowly/surely lifting up higher. Except for one Galkan-looking man, the rest of the club is sitting on a platform next to the fence. I try to fly up but the big Galka man snatches me out of the air and sets me up on the platform with the rest of the members before I can make it myself. I wake up.

      + [I record the first half of this on paper, then fall asleep again after failing to WILD.]

      Now I'm back on the dirt road, but this time with Alex, Nathan, Casey, and two other RM's, and it's dusk. I'm going to show them the hideout and the holes. We make our way down the road which seems to take longer than usual. It's different. We finally make it to where the club house is and there's only a... shack. It's not here now. I turn to the holes behind the fences, and instead of finding what I remember, I see a cemetary. We approach the cemetary anyways; I'm not giving up yet. The others stoop down to read the stones while I enter and walk through the gate. Once inside, we don't find what we were looking for... but a normal looking man walks in front of me and says something ironic. (I wish I could remember.)

      (I can't believe I didn't become lucid in the last dream. I had JUST recorded this dream in my journal... )
    5. 3 Dreams: Dog, Cloud, Vampire

      by , 09-17-2011 at 12:06 AM
      In the first dream a dog spoke to me, an entire sentence. I was surprised. Now I cant remember what she said.

      in another dream I was laying on a hay bale in my field, it was dusk I believe, looking up at the whisps of clouds. and I noticed one whisp of cloud moving very fast due west, then it made a sharp right and was moving due south and it didnt slow down. and then I saw another whip of clouds moving very fast. they did a small waver and there was a flash of light in the clouds followed a second later by a pop of thunder. I saw some smoke coming from the direction of the clouds the smoke covered me. I made it hard to see and I felt strange.

      in my last dream before I woke up I was tracking a vampire. tracking near my house. I saw two paths going through the woods and wasnt sure which he went down. I chose one and soon found it lead to this creepy old back woods cemetery where some of my family are buried. The Grim Reaper use to be visible at dusk on the one of the trees in this cemetery. as I was coming out of the woods to the cemetery I noticed this old rifle I was carrying had the barrel full of water. I doubted it would even fire. and if it did shoot how much damage would it do to a vampire. I was looking out through the cemetery but didnt see anything. I think thats when I woke up, I dont remember anything else.
    6. Gauzed Man

      by , 09-15-2011 at 11:42 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I´m in a cemetary, watching someone´s grave. I´m not alone, but i can´t see who´s with me.
      The person who´s with me lift´s up the marble stone of the grave and drops it with a deafening, huge bang.
      The dreamscene changes, and i´m with H and E near an old, big house.

      We were in the middle of a psychic session and suddenly this humanoid falls next to us.
      The humanoid figure was all wrapped in gauze, and the only thing we can see from his body is the nose.
      He was dressed with a pajama from some sort of hospital.

      The dream "told" me that that person is my grandfather, and at the same time my and H´s father.

      We took him to a madhouse. When we got there, H, E, me and the gauzed humanoid sat in some sort of waiting room with
      dirty benches. The floor has white and black tiles.

      Suddenly one of the patients asks for my help to peel off a pear, because he´s afraid of the pear´s peel.

      I looked at H and he assured me that he would take care of the gauzed man. I got up and went to help the patient.


      Comments: This dream is part of dateless dreams series.
    7. Graves, CatPelts, Closet Void, Blizzard

      by , 09-13-2011 at 12:41 PM (A's Night Lives)
      1. I was cleaning up a grave yard. Someone had tipped over all the tombstones and I took it upon myself to right them. At some point I also fell into a grave that was half dug open.

      2. I was at a house helping someone with repairs. We came into a room to discover hundreds of cat pelts laying all over the floor. Some still had the heads attached. I had to find out who would do such a terrible thing.

      3. Lucid: Woke at 3:13am, drank, back to bed
      Dream started off OBE like. I floated out of my body and into a vertical position before landing on the floor. I began looking through drawers and cupboards with the feeling that something important was waiting to be discovered. A hallway closet was empty, a void. I picked up a shoe and tossed it into the void. It disappeared into the darkness. I don't hear it land anywhere. I decide to just do it and jump in. But I didn't fall down. I fell forward and horizontally into the blackness. I keep falling and I do not recall if I fell into a new dream or if I might have awakened.

      4. I was outside when a vicious blizzard decides to strike. I can't even see a foot ahead of myself. When the blizzard finally dies down I am surrounded by giant snow drifts. Shapes adorn the drifts. Some are just hand prints. Others are names. One is a large heart that is a message to me. I can't remember the message but I stomped through the snow to write a message back that said, "I know. See you soon." I then tried to find my way to shelter.