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    1. The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway

      by , 01-02-2016 at 10:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway (DILD)


      Iím transitioning into a dream somehow, maybe through DEILD when I set an alarm to wake me up. The first immersive sensation that Iím experiencing is the smell of blood. And itís so overwhelming, I couldnít help but wonder whatís really going on. I didnít feel it translated in waking life, even though the smell was potent, and I realized Iím inside a fancy castle-esque hallway.

      Itís grandiose in size, and seems to be highly maintained in spite of the smell of blood engulfing the area. The main attraction of this hallway is the black and white checkered tiling thatís about three or so feet in width. The external tiling from that is your simple dirty vanilla color thatís just as clean as the checkered region.

      I navigate the hallway, quickly glancing over the sections with fancy chandeliers, and the bright little speckles or yellow light with a subtle presence of orange for the rim lighting. I noticed diagonally to the right of me, a female wearing a red dress is trying to get some other male entity off her body. They were grappling her shoulders, and she managed to push them off, and somehow comes to my path as if she knew I was already there.

      She gets closer to me, and she has an uncanny visage that Iím trying to figure out who she could be an amalgam of. I paid attention to my breathing for a moment, and felt at ease with her, but she still looks like the perfect stranger, and yet the moment she was next to me, itís like there was this invisible veneer that diluted whatever feelings of anxiety I had along with the smell of blood that was so dominant.

      I donít think it was an infatuation with her, but more of a camaraderie type of relationship with her that could easily bleed into romantic undertones. Sheís folding her arms together, and hands her hands near her cleavage, and sheís looking up at me with this distinct smile that also seems to be recovering from the previous attack from the male entity that looks like those Las Plagas monks from Resident Evil 4.

      Sheís trying to ease her breathing a bit, and I told her that I thought she was Ada at first glance. I didnít know what I meant by professing ďAda,Ē at first, and presumed later that I meant Ada from the Resident Evil series. Her red dress was pretty interesting even though I couldnít absorb a lot of detail in it. But, I could tell that it mostly entailed of a mťlange of lingerie near her breasts, and silk for the rest of it; mostly the leg region.

      We had a quick conversation where I initiated with a question, and I canít remember what it was in particular, but I do know her response emotionally was being perplexed as to why I would presume such a thing. Weíre running towards the nearest exit, which is literally straight ahead, and the dream transitions to where walking through muddy water thatís thigh deep.

      In front of us is this large brown mountain, and thereís a cave entrance with an uphill to it that eventually looks like stairs made out of stone, or the natural material from the mountain itself. There are a few people inside trying to get us into the cave to escape whatever it is. But for some reason, weíre having a few problems.

      As weíre on our way, some person is shouting from the background of how Shia LaBeouf is needed for something, and the more this is professed, the more I see the person doing this is actually him to some extent. However, this could just be a misinterpretation as the individual was far away from us.

      Some other points:

      - There was mentioning of Fallout to some extent as well.

      While Iím trying to navigate the muddy waters, I lose sight of the person that was following me, but I had a feeling she was still with me. At least, she was probably behind me trying to fight through the streaming water. I donít know what weíre doing together, but this person seems oddly familiar, and I canít help but feel we planned out an adventure like this in the first place.

    2. Three Dogs

      by , 03-19-2015 at 08:12 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with a group of friends (unfamiliar IRL) inside a darkened room. Night. While I was sitting down on the floor/couch, I saw Nimz and another guy. They stood on the bed, I think, and were trying to fix the chandelier. Nimz didn't notice me, and I just looked at him amused. After a while, he saw me and he was surprised.

      I was lying down beside a guy. A lover? He was to my right. We were about to sleep? We were (or at least he was) covered in bed sheet. I was talking to him. I told him I have to leave with Nimz coz he's my best friend.

      Somehow, I went ahead and forgot Nimz. I was in my unit. Night. I was right in front of his house. I opened the lock and the gate, but I stopped at the entrance. I think he wasn't there. I went out and closed the gate. I saw a dog running towards me from... west side. At first, I thought it was hostile, but as it came closer, it just played around me. There was another dog from the west. I thought it was hostile to the dog with me and therefore with me as well, but it paused a bit upon seeing me. The first dog jumped around all of us. There was a third dog. It seems they're friendly. They jumped around me, bumping to me. I went out to the street via the east-side entrance/exit. There was a gate there, unexpectedly.

      I went out to the street, and I just went out of the house in my hometown. It's still night. I looked down up east, then felt something and looked down west. I felt/saw Nimz walking up. I went to meet him. When he saw me, he was almost bouncing while walking. I had a flashlight-view of him. He was wearing very short shorts (black?) and a shirt that's mainly white with other colors (circles?). We talked a bit.

      He talked about getting a touch stone (sparkly crystal looking object) as a prize for a game. I thought I played that game before and won but didn't know there was a prize. There's also mention of the Mortal Kombat game. We walked on.



      - Slept at around 3 a.m.
      - Woke up around 10 a.m.
      - Slept to Sam Harris' audio.
      - I had another dream before this, but I woke up and didn't write it.
    3. Rough Nap :(

      by , 06-24-2014 at 04:20 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I went back to bed after an hour or two of being awake cause my training got canceled. 40 minute nap right here from hell:

      This dream is like...the reason why you do a reality check every time you wake up.

      I "woke up." There was a chandelier in the middle of my room. It was swaying back and forth. Ugh. That's creepy. I got my camera so I could show Kestrel later, cause that thing was moving on its own. As I recorded the video, I looked into the display. Through the camera, I could see something pushing the chandelier back and forth. It looked like a dementor.

      I decided now was a good time to leave this room.

      I "woke up." Ugh thank god, I thought. I sat up in bed. There was a chandelier in the middle of my room....swaying violently. WTF? I did a reality check...dreaming. Honestly, this is not how I wanted to spend a lucid dream. I sighed, and left the room immediately. The halls were really dark and it was hard to see. A cat ran past me. I heard a laugh.

      I "woke up." Was this over yet? I did a reality check....dreaming. I needed to go find a dream character to hang out with. Maybe that would take my mind off of the creepiness of this entire dream. I waded through the dark hallway until I found the bathroom. There were some housemates in there. Good. I started talking to them about wonderful nothingness and my mind was happily distracted. That was, until it came and found us in the bathroom. A bleeding cat walked in the bathroom.

      I "woke up." I could feel myself waking up in reality, but it was so hard to get up I felt glued. I felt myself being pushed back into the dream, or maybe I just never even left it. I did a reality check...dreaming. This was such bullshit. It's really easy to say, ohh but Zukin, just distract yourself, do something fun! No...lucid nighmares don't work like that. You can forget, but you haven't really forgotten. And when its an invisible fear like this, it's hard to fight. Anyways, I went downstairs to the living room. It was full of light. My crush was there, and that made me supper happy. I felt safe. I hugged him. I put my hand against the glass window, and willed the glass to slowly crack. Cracks originating from my hand slowly formed until the glass became too weak and I pushed my hand through. It was really beautiful and I did it a few more times. I was having fun with this, until I heard that desperate meowing.

      The cat, still covered in blood, jumped through the cracked holes in the window. The cat looked at me, and it menacingly smiled. The cat fucking smiled a bloody toothy smile.

      I "woke up." I did a reality check....dreaming. I left the room immediately, I wasn't even going to look to see if that creepy chandelier was still there. I walked through the halls until I found a fire extinguisher.

      Foam, foam everywhere. Fuck you creepy ass chandelier-bloody-cat demon. Foam > you.

      I played in the foam.
    4. Lucid Deams 518 & 519

      by , 06-16-2013 at 09:58 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 14, 2013
      Lucid Dream 518: Castle Love'n
      Series: Sexcapades, Episode 12
      Technique: ADA

      Clarity: Moderate
      Recall: Low
      Enjoyment: Moderate

      I was at some sort of lock-in playing basketball in a gym. Part way through the game, I realized I was dreaming. I convinced everyone that we were dreaming and I told them all, "Welcome to My Castle." I noticed the walls wee made of large stone blocks and the basketball court had now disappeared. I stated giving a tour of my castle (from my "108 Stars of Destiny series") and, at the same time, exploring the castle. I lead the group of people into the kitchen which was awesome. White Marble floors and stone-like counters. There was a large gold chandelier hanging in the middle. I looked around at the group and noticed some very attractive females amongst them. I picked out a group of 3 of them and said, "You 3 can come see my bedroom next." I led the 3 girls into the next room. The entire floor of this room was a mattress instead of a normal floor. I began undressing the chicks and I went down on one of them. She had a clit piercing. At one point, I was banging a chick doggystyle and she suddenly was only a bottom half. There was no top half whatsoever. Only the waist, down, lol. At some point during this sex scene, I began to wake up. I immediately prepared to DEILD.

      Series Details
      Class is thrown out the window in the dream series, "Sexcapades." Not unlike your favorite porn video, I unleash my inner "Ron Jeremy" and give those DCs what they are looking for ! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      June 14, 2013
      Lucid Dream 519: Let the Buzzard Be Your Guide
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 14

      Clarity: Very High
      Recall: Low
      Enjoyment: Moderate

      I tried to imagine a Shingeki no Kyojin setting during the transition back into the dream state. I felt like I had woke up completely and failed the DEILD. I sat up in bed and realized I was still in my castle and I had actually succeeded. I got up and exited the room. I walked down the hall and there was a set of double stairs. I walked down the steps to the floor below. There was a large sliding glass door that led to a huge deck. I walked out on the deck. All around me was forest and jungle. The deck protruded out over a huge cliff. Apparently, my castle was on the side of a huge jungle cliff. I saw birds flying around the deck and I decided to use one of them to travel. I held out my arm as if I was a falcon trainer and a really ugly turkey buzzard bit my arm. I pulled it off and grabbed it around the neck. I said, "Take me to the dragons!" It squawked and took off. I held on as the buzzard easily flew me off the deck and into the sky.

      I looked down and I was now a few feet above a huge swamp. The entire environment was a huge swampy area. The buzzard began weaving through trees and I had to contort and shift my body in order to dodge the many limbs, vines, and trees. I felt like the buzzard was trying to slam me into a tree, so I lost my grasp on its neck. I squeezed the buzzard's neck a little harder and said, "Hurry up! I want to see the Dragons!" It started flying faster and the clarity of the dream went into "beast mode." Super, super vivid and clear. "Better than real life" clarity. We flew upon, what appeared to be, a carnival/amusement park. There were tents, rides, clowns, fountains, and all sorts of random structures. Everything was colorful and the area was so full of things that I couldn't remember everything even though I was trying to soak it all in. There was a group of people in panda costumes. There were three Statue of Liberty's and one of them fell down and broke their arm off. The other two Statue of Liberty's were trying to help the other one up. We flew over a huge roller coaster and I could see a volcano off in the distance. I could see the dragon's flying around the top of the volcano. I got excited thinking about riding on the dragon when I felt myself waking up. I attempted to DEILD, but I was woken up by Niece who was visiting.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    5. ??th ??? 2012 First Lucid

      by , 03-12-2013 at 03:03 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I managed to recall this lucid fragment randomly yesterday when i was going through my old dream memories, and i had it before i got into lucid dreaming, making it possibly my first lucid experience, unless i had one even earlier and just can't recall it.

      I was at home and then suddenly HUGE blades were retracting from the walls/floor/ceiling, i was dodging them at first but then i started thinking, 'But this is a dream', and started ignoring them while they were going through me with no damage at all. There was that recurring chandelier thing and then i woke up.
    6. 27th Dec 2012 Dream Fragments & first successful DILD!

      by , 12-27-2012 at 07:47 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      My dream recall seems to be pretty meh today, but oh well.

      Dream 1:
      Don't remember most of the dream. There was some stuff/events happening inside some sort of spaceship. Later i was at home doing stuff at my comp(I am sure there's some stuff between spaceship events and that, just can't remember it...). Then i was on the street intersection, where my mom was arguing with someone that he was driving incorrectly or something, and eventually more and more people was around and i ran away for some reason. Then i was at home again watching some videos on different PC. Something ticked me off about these videos and i was like "I must be dreaming...", and then "Wait a second...", "I am dreaming!". As i was about to do some dream stabilization i turned around and i saw chandelier that was in that room, and it was moving and felt 'alive'(seems to be recurring DC in my dreams once in a while actually). As soon as i looked at it, my vision was like i was looking from three different places at same time(trippy! hehe), and everything went dark, and then i woke up.

      Note: I prolly should have done WBTB at this point, since i had like one more hour of sleep left, but i completely forgot to and instead went to sleep after writing what i could remember from that dream.

      Dream 2:
      There was some sort of race and apparently racers had a break so i was trying to show them what i created in fraxy. Ended up misclicking and showing someone else's creations, though eventually i did showed what i wanted to show.

      Note: Don't remember much of this dream prolly because alarm woke me up, it tends to murder my dream recall at times.
    7. Chandeliers, Cotton Candy

      by , 11-07-2008 at 12:13 AM
      Something about... a museum... or some kind of exhibit... there were menacing punk rockers... or really like a combination of that and 50s greasers...

      Me being upset because they turned my sculpture into some sort of weird hanging chandelier piece and it wasn't accurate to the concept drawing at all...

      Something about... I don't know, Broadway opera singers in weird pink fluffy costumes and big fake wigs floating through a giant cotton candy machine.

      Then I was fighting with Mom about plane tickets, she'd bought tickets home for everyone but me...