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    1. cccxiv. Underground cult

      by , 08-05-2021 at 06:41 PM
      4th August 2021

      Poor recall, didn't feel particularly motivated to write initial notes either.


      First I'm in some kind of hidden little place. It reminds me of a chapel. Arabesque. There's a woman and she helps me in some way? I stop some psycho in our midst from killing someone because I already knew he was going to try something, as I saw a hidden blade in his hand, but I wait until I can catch him in the act.

      There's some context of a cult. Cho'Gall makes a brief appearance, we speak or maybe I eavesdrop, not sure. At some point I'm getting ready to leave and everyone is wishing me goodbye. I have a lot of things to carry, two backpacks and some other items, plus my old boots to carry in my hand because I'd put away my newer ones in the backpack by mistake. I feel pressed so decided I should swap them later on.


      I'm outside, at the entrance to that place. It's a little secluded cove bit, with sand, water and so on. It's sort of below a bigger hotel complex that is on top of a reinforced hill. (certain aspects remind me of old home but details are gone)

      At some point, I start jumping from place to place, over the water. I find some secret collectible books and think that they are quite obvious finds and that they need to try harder. At the edge of town(?) or something, there are some ancient ruins, half Greek, half Elvish. On some level, I dismiss this as part of an asset mismatch or incorrect loading (as if this was part of a game).

      (another dream later on but recall was lost)


      - It's peculiar that Cho'Gall appeared in the dream. He's not a character I've ever had any particular attraction to but also not an unmemorable character for me. Considering his intellect in lore, I feel that his symbolic meaning may relate to brutish wisdom or some part of hidden wisdom, a concept a bit reinforced by the fact that he is a cult leader, both in this dream and during certain events in WoW lore (i.e. Cataclysm for one?).

      - There was something familiar to the architecture both of the hotel and the "hidden" chapel place, reminds me of some hotels I remember we stayed at when I was a kid.
    2. ccxxxv.

      by , 03-08-2021 at 12:22 AM
      4th March 2021


      T needed a bug killer or repellent? Asks me for guidance on soldering and installing a micro noise generator PCB.

      Something Dark Souls-esque. I remember interact with a user interface menu, mostly having a look?

      6th March 2021


      After some sequence about trucks and driving and a very vast area in some kind of half-real/half-game world, exploring a map or level? Me and H are arriving at the building door for my old apartment building. There's a man in the lobby and I don't feel like going in? A car drives past, going up on the curb. It sounds like dad's car and is the same colour so I tell H to look. But then I realise it's not dad and his car because it's actually a Toyota (though in the dream I mistake it for a Mitsubishi, a mistake I commonly make in waking life, but for some reason realised instantly to be wrong as I wrote the recall).

      The car makes laps around the cul-de-sac. I remark that it must simply be using the same engine. At this point it feels like just before sunset. The shadows' directions in the dream would be agreeable to this.

      Then me and H are going around a mix of my old home town/L. We're checking off things from a checklist on my phone. It's night time and the area we're in is a busy part of the city. There seem to be festive decorations of some kind.

      I have some subconscious awareness of Covid but nobody is wearing masks, including myself. The next thing on the list is that we have to visit a chapel. I want to loop up the nearest one on my phone but I have a feeling there's one nearby, maybe an in-dream memory of one.

      We walk towards a riverside/quay area and H leads. As I try to look it up on the phone we gain some distance from each other but I also feel awkward looking things up on my phone, I feel embarrassed of someone looking for some reason.

      (recall gap)

      We are inside a chapel, it's really small and cramped. The ceiling isn't much higher than head level. There's a small altar with some stained glass behind it, making it evident that it is now day time, though I don't realise this change in the dream itself.

      I have an in-dream memory or something of talking to mom about this chapel and we discuss(?) something about the chapel being more valuable not for its physical worth but because of how it brings people together. Something then happens and there are a lot of people in the church now, getting into all the pews and some communal discussion is had?
    3. lxxiv.

      by , 02-01-2020 at 01:13 PM
      Small parts of several dreams from today.

      Dream Fragment:

      My friend L tried to contact me. Somehow we were communicating by typing on our computers on notepad, on a shared .txt file, which we would save in turns to effectively "send" messages. Despite being a plain text file, I remember L used emojis, something she'd probably find pretty silly for the specific situation.

      I have forgotten most of this dream's content but I remember L had an overall feeling of concern, and equally I realised I felt somewhat neglectful.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was outside, in a mix of my old home area and of some other place more like where I live now. It was daytime, there were bits of settled snow here and there and the pavement looked completely dull to me at the time. There was a row of terraced houses on one side, with an inordinate amount of front yard space. The pavement was unusually wide too.

      I was out here with someone, either my aunt or my mother, or some kind of blend. There was this tiny ancient and ruined chapel and we were sort of investigating it for whatever reason and there was supposed to be a secret passage that we had to activate from the outside. We walked around it several times and eventually I pointed at this crude square shape covered by dirt and grass on the floor, which I'd noticed several times when going around the chapel's exterior, finally insisting that maybe it was what we wanted to check, as at this point I felt that any observations I made were being dismissed entirely.

      There is some sort of dream transition and there's a different feel to things, and I find myself sort of manipulating wall segments as if it were a strategy game; the placement ghost for wall sections changed dynamically based on whether I was placing it close to existing walls or apart from any walls.

      Dream Fragment:

      Something about a blonde or fake-blonde woman, lying in bed. She was reading a book about things she'd done right? Or about things she had to pay for. This was in some sort of birthday party setting. It felt cheesy and crowded, inside a bedroom that somehow reminded me of a hospital room.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was in bed with H, who was reading something on the phone. It was around morning time by the looks of it and I was lying in bed in a funny way, because I was also reading a magazine of sorts. But the magazine was about as thick as my thumb is wide. It had all sorts of articles, about everything and anything, though I've forgotten most of it now, I remember the last one I was reading before closing it and looking at the cover. That article was about how an older Spain had convinced everyone during the exploration of the Americas to "drink this swill" that we call cocoa and how it's rival neighbouring country of Portugal had done little during that time to stop it too. It was like a sponsored article about an anti-cocoa cult of sorts and I found it to be pretty ridiculous even in the dream. It mentioned they already had hundreds of followers and hoped to expand them greatly in the coming times.

      After I shut the book/magazine, I gave H a cuddle and that's the last thing I remember. Somehow I didn't realise the irony of the very dream-like situation at all.

      Some notes:

      • The text in the fourth fragment was very consistent. I remember reading and going back to re-read something I'd already read to make sure I was getting it right. In that dream I should have realised that no magazine would ever be so thick.
      • The magazine cover was a cream or khaki colour, with a picture of a large manor or something on a sunny day in the front, with some smaller squares of other scenic views.
      • I remember seeing bits and pieces of the book in the third dream by myself. It didn't make any sense, it was like a children's book but with tasks and questions. The pictures were all sort of life-like, but drawn.
      • The very first dream fragment was one of several that I could still vaguely recall from the early morning before I fell asleep again, the other three fragments being ones from after falling asleep again.
    4. 26 Nov: Vision at a spanish cathedral

      by , 11-26-2019 at 09:27 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Visiting a cathedral in Spain. A catholic nun takes me on a tour and shows me a secret chapel behind a rock wall. She opens this rock and shows me the little chapel. She says a miracle makes appear Jesus Christ's image on this rock sometimes. I look at it and I see it, but it doesn't stay still, it changes into a woman, then a baby, then at very high speed, I see like the whole evolution of life on Earth, all animals and all plants species morphing from one into another. I tell it to the nun and she says I must be hallucinating.
    5. Monstrosity from swamps

      by , 11-13-2015 at 07:24 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      The swamps took enormous territory. All the nature around was dead, no vegetation except almost dying trees, no animals, it was a watery wasteland. It all started with an expedition sent towards swamps. There was a small village in central part of the swamp. There were many ruined buildings, but the most interesteing of them was a chapel. It was smeared all over with dried blood, and cross inside was turned sideways. Abandoned for many years, the village was just recently took as a warehouse for one of national companies. Workers appeared quickly to fix buildings, and a priest was sent to clean out the chapel. They didn't know that they have awakened a demon. I was that priest. One evening, the demon just ran out of chapels basements, and slaughtered everyone except me. I had to pray, and try exorcisms to weaken him, then I took a shovel and finished the demon.
    6. Ceremony of purification

      by , 02-08-2015 at 10:41 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a priest in a chapel of some kind of elder god. It was in old, victorian village. The chapel itself was built from marble, granite and gold, stylised as a gothic cathedral with baroque elements. The altar was really high, it had a fountain of purifying water on top of it. There were also channels carved within it, so if priest opens it, the water can flow. I was a new priest there. I thought about making a challenge, and it was about shooting the highest possible with a catapult. Only a few could accomplish it, and if they don't they would evaporize. The reservoir went dry, and I had to go a long way to get a huge cistern with purifying water.
    7. Knowing things in dreams you don't know in real life

      by , 06-09-2013 at 12:16 PM
      This is a dream I had a few nights ago:

      In my town there is a petrol station on the corner of a cross road and I dreamt that the petrol station was now a small white wooden chapel. It didn't really have a main large room it was more like lots of small, home like rooms, but it was definitely a chapel. I went in and I was much younger than I am now (16), in the dream I was about 8 years old and dressed like Alice from Alice in wonderland, in a dress, long blonde hair the ribbon and everything...

      Anyway I was with a friend who I don't know in real life but I knew very well in my dream, he was a young boy, also dressed in very posh clothing, and we both ran through all the rooms right to the back room of the chapel which was a small toilet. I had an urge to move one of the tiles from the wall of the bathroom which revealed a wooden box, probably the size of a shoe box, but it had no openings.

      Next thing I know I'm in a forest. I was almost as if everyone knew what this forest was as if it was like a tourist attraction but I was in there for another reason. In my dream I was fully aware that there was a murderer in the forest dressed as someone like the Game Maker from the Hunger Games, and another murderer assistant person dressed in a scraggly dress, with boots and a rabbits head on her head. They were both after me and my young friend in the forest. We still had posession of the box and were running in all directions trying to lose them in the forest.

      Eventually we ended up running into them directly, I dropped the box and that was when I woke up..

      The thing I'm most curious about is the fact that in my dream it's like I have a completely different mind. I know things in my dreams like facts and locations and people that I don't know in real life. Like I know them from other dreams. But I don't know them or can't remember them in real life. It's like I'm a totally different person in my dreams but still me..

      does anyone else have this?
    8. [The Owl (Host of Strange)]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:08 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, August 29th, 2012]
      (Three dreams. My dad was in some of them. But overall failed recall.)
      (EDIT: I just remember one of the dreams. It was a nightmare.)

      The entire dream was me trying to complete some strange paranormal competition event. There were thousands of participants. It consisted of a number of phases and it was spread out over an open scene with changing environments. For instance, most of the land was forest, but just up north, there was a line that seperated icy wasteland from it, and to the south; desert.

      The earliest stage I really "remember" was Phase 6: We were transported back in time to World War II and were in front of an enormous cathedral. I walked in with a group of 3-4 other RM's, us being way behind the rest of the crowd. There were no guards in the first room, in fact there wasn't anyone. The rest were all in the next room with the pupit in front and the benches facing it. Everyone had crowded in there for some reason, and Hitler was giving a speech to them. I remember hearing screams and suddenly there was growls and gunfire. (I was so thankful for being slow.) We turned to the left and followed a short hallway to a few joint-bedrooms where we discussed what to do next. For SOME odd reason, the rest of the group came up with the BRILLIANT idea that two of them would have sex in the bed as if it would solve anything. I went with their plan. I was to have guard duty outside in the hallway. The man who was going to have sex with one of the women asked me if it was okay that he was doing this, as if this woman was my lover or something. I shrugged; I didn't know any of them. They were all unrecognizable DC's. They started and I walked out of the room and sat down in the hallway with my back to the wall and waited.

      The next thing I know, we WON. We advanced to the next round, and I wasn't even sure how. Maybe all we had to do was survive. Our group somehow also aquired a map that was coded that didn't help us in any observable way.

      Onto Phase 7. The host (who happened to be an Owl-being) told us that we would have to find the next area on our own. At this time we were standing by an old rotting two-story house and the forest around us was in just of bad condition. Spooky. But the house was locked all around. 4 ninjas (probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too.) seperate from our group, walked past and I overheard them trying to figure out what to do next. They were stumped like us. Once they were gone, I climbed the building to the roof and climbed in through the belltower's window on top. The rest of my group followed suit. Once in, a few more people leaked in, but there had to be less than 10 total. When our group reached a familiar hallway that resembled my old home's hall, we all split up and took a different room. The room I had was my old bed room. There were two others in the room with me. We were tearing it up looking for a clue... a treasure... anything. Suddenly, a loud buzzing noise erupted from outside the room. I ran out to hear screams and laughter and my heart skipped a few beats as I listened. Everyone in my group was already dead. The two people in the room I had just been in had vanished. I was alone. I heard a sick laugh again and suddenly the darkest music began to play and I heard someone screaming, "TATTOOS AND CLOWNS. TATTOOS AND CLOWNS." It was a fucking demon clown. He was coming for ME. I thought about hiding behind a propped up mattress, but scurried to the doorless-closet instead. There was a small bit of wall to hide behind at least there. Back to the wall and out of sight, I waited in silence. My heart began to race faster and faster and faster until I couldn't take it anymore. I woke up; my heart still beating out of control.
    9. Shotgun Wedding

      by , 05-06-2011 at 01:51 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 07-30-10
      Length: 2 Days
      Vividness: 6/10

      The first place I remember being is at my Chinese grandparent's house, except everything was a lot bigger.
      Dakota (my girlfriend) was there with me, as well as a couple other people whom I forget.
      We were hanging out, but I remember feeling frustrated at some point, so I believe Dakota and I were arguing.

      Some events passed, of which I don't remember, and we wound up in a chapel, just the two of us, and a priest.
      We asked the priest to marry us, so he began the ceremony.
      We were both so happy walking down the aisle and getting married together, bound to spend the rest of our lives with each other.

      More events that I don't recall passed, and I found myself on a bike, Dakota gone, on my way to my new house, where I currently live.
      I got there and my 7th grade Life Science teacher (Mr. Croshaw) sneezed into his hand.
      I was about to shake his hand, but he told me to shake his left one instead of the right.
      I walked inside the house with my mom, and she began telling me about how Mr. Croshaw had to look at dead animals every time he shook hands with anyone.
      I believe my dream ended there, but as it was fading, I felt a feeling of being worried that me and Dakota could never have a real wedding with our family.

      This was the first dream I ever wrote down in a dream journal.


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