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    1. Monday, August 19

      by , 09-09-2019 at 11:15 PM
      I am with some unfamiliar blond girl about my age. I think each of us are sitting on a bed. It seems like we’ve been talking or on a date. There is a sense of this coming to an end when I look over to my left and notice that her small breasts are out. I think the moment was something innocent, such as her changing, but I have noticed them and she is doing nothing to cover them. I am now by her and, without saying anything, have taken her breasts into my hands. They are very small, but just perky enough to stick out from the roll of skin on her stomach from her slouched posture. Though there is nothing said, I think this is okay with her. Now, she is completely naked. Still not sure if this is okay so soon, I have my fingers inside of her. It seems shallow; without full insertion, I start reaching a point where they won’t go any further. She starts moving my hand, either for this reason, because she doesn’t really want this, because I don’t know how her body responds to what might please her, or a possible combination of any of these. I had also noticed that she was very thin, my hand and fingers seeming large in comparison. Now that it is done, I realize that I have cheated on Melissa. I have to reconcile this with the fact that I never wanted to do this. I contemplate telling her and how to tell her.
      Tags: cheating, naked
    2. Boyfriends or Crystals?

      by , 07-28-2019 at 09:43 AM
      Boyfriends or crystals?

      I dreamt that I had a boyfriend that was blonde, I can't remember his face tho but he liked me a lot. But I didn't feel anything towards him at all. There was this other dude that I really liked that confessed his feelings to me. He had dark brown hair, a multicolored leather jacket and was always smiling like the world were a perfect place for us. Even tho I liked the brown haired guy, I couldn't break up with my boyfriend. Also I tried real hard not to act upon my feelings for the brown haired guy but it was difficult. I asked my sister for advice and she only said: "Take a look" and I looked around when I discovered that there were crystals all over the ground. I quickly picked up as many as I could and tried to take them with me home not caring for any of the guys.

      I'm single IRL and couldn't find any meaning with the dream since all dream dictionaries suggests that such dreams are only for people with partners.
    3. April 18, 2018

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:19 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The idea was I was a child of Chris Brown and I was taking an exam. I must've been 3 or 4 years old. In this suburban house was a room on the first floor with a bunch of other kids taking the exam except they were cheating. We were afraid the teacher would come in and catch us. I went to the third floor and went to the back of the room to cheat on the test by using my phone. I remember someone telling me to use quizlet to cheat but I never brought my phone up to look up answers. The test was about 50 questions but I only managed to get through 15 or so. On the top floor Chris and a bunch of other adults came up and a lot was going on.
    4. A Visit to Alternia

      by , 10-06-2016 at 07:36 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      (Alternia is the planet of an alien species known as "trolls", from the webcomic "Homestuck")

      Before all this, I vaguely recall in my dream going on Bay12forum and finding that a new version of Dwarf Fortress was released.

      My dream is set after the ending of the webcomic, Homestuck. The main characters have settled in a village. I am Vriska Serket, one of the characters. For some reasons I am seen as a bad person in this dream and so I can't live in the village. There are snow everywhere and the village is consisted of straw huts and bamboo houses you would expect to see in seaside communities, except that it is in a... tundra? taiga? instead. (There are trees) When I try to approach the village, Bastion (from the game Overwatch) who was situated on the perch of one of the bamboo houses, shoots at me with his machine gun, so I escapes and hides in the thick snow.

      At some point the dream transitions to an adult troll, an alien, landing in a building in what I believe is Beach City (from Steven Universe), there was some links of him to Steven Universe but I'm not sure what. In my dream, he was an adult troll, even though he had fruit-green skin and was completely hairless, like a Namekian from Dragon Ball Z.

      We end up being in a car with him. I am now John Egbert (also from Homestuck, getting tired of my references yet? I didn't ask for this either) and the car is travelling through space to Alternia. I ask him a lot of questions. I don't remember most of them, except that when I ask him about Her Imperious Condescension (the Empress) he does not appear to be much of a fan of her.

      When we reach Alternia, we must present ourselves to a man, who is apparently the highest ranking officials who would deign to deal with visitors. We have to dance for him, and the dance was supposed to have been prepared, but I didn't know what to do. I became semi-lucid and I "cheats" and goes on autopilot. I dances very well and some people throw money at me.

      My dream transitions again. I recall meeting a small shapeshifting creature, who apparently gets special "birthday candles" when it is older. The dream transitions to a third person perspective of Route 66, a map in Overwatch. Overwatch heroes run over and are stunned by a multitude of giant pink birthday candles that explode into harmless but dazzling pink light.
    5. Normal Dream (Scarlet A-suna)

      by , 06-16-2016 at 09:36 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      Haven't typed up my dreams in a while, but have still been DJing. Just wanted to type this one up, so my buddy could read it if he wanted, haha.

      June 16, 2016
      Normal Dream: Scarlet A-suna
      Series: Friends, Episode 16

      Me and a bunch of my buddies were at a big weekend getaway house that we all chipped-in to rent. It was basically a small mansion. Me and Gez were playing a competitive game in a small white room. It reminded me of racquetball, but not exactly. Anyway, we were listening to music as we played and I had just selected a random playlist on my laptop. On that playlist, however, was a special, unreleased song that Asuna (Sword Art Online) had sang, recorded, and dedicated to me. I didn't know it was on the playlist as Gez was currently dating Asuna. The song was about dating one person, but being in love with another. The music station was too far for me to turn it off in time, so I just tried to distract Gez from paying attention to it, but it didn't work. I could see the expression on his face change from confusion to shock to a cold fury as he paced back and forth listening. I waited him to say something, but he never did. The song got to a tasteful part about making love with the secret and I just had to get the fuck out of the room. I couldn't think of an excuse, so I just said, "Hold on a second," as I opened the door to exit the room. He responded in a calm, but tone of impending doom, "Sure." I exited the room.

      In the hallway, I took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off of my brow. That shit was way too intense. I muttered, "Fuck," under my breath and headed for the main party area. Most, if not all, the rest of our friends were in this room. I quickly approached Asuna and the look on my face must have gave me away. Before I could speak, her expression changed to a look of concern and she said, "What is wrong?" Shamefully, I was half thinking of a way out of the situation and only half paying attention to the words I spoke. "He knows," I replied. "Who knows about what?" she said as the look on her face turned to pure confusion. "Gez knows that you slept with what's his name," I replied. She paused for a split second and then shouted, "YOU MEAN YOU!?!" I didn't look at her face as I softly replied, "Yeah." She cursed and immediately took off out of the room to talk to Gez. This wasn't good I thought.

      I walked across the room and sat beside my buddy Diddy. I told him the situation about me fucking Asuna. He gave me his "you are in some shit and I'm amused" laugh, then asked what I was going to do. I told him it wasn't funny and I think Gez may actually shoot me. Moments later, the door opens and Asuna walks in holding an AR followed by Gez and his close buddy (I didn't know him very well). His buddy was holding a hunting rifle. I leapt to my feet and asked Asuna, "What the fuck are you doing? Why do you have guns?" Gez's buddy began setting up targets across the room. Asuna told me that Gez said he wanted to shoot some targets. I carefully took the gun out of her willing hand, laid it on the nearby bed, took her hand and lead her out of the room. "I'm sure he fucking does want to shoot guns right now." I lead her by the hand outside of the house and into the parking lot. I asked if she could take me home and she nodded. My heart is still racing as I see her car is blocked-in by about 10 cars. I then, cartoonishly, grab her car by the bumper and began maneuvering it around the other cars as if it was merely a wheelbarrow. Once we were in the clear, we jumped in the car and drove off.

      "We are fucked," said Asuna, the first words any of us had spoke in the car. I asked what Gez had said when she told him and she said, "He looked at me as if I were an annoying bug he wanted to squash and calmly said 'I mean, of course I am upset about it, but it happens.' And that was it." My eyes widened and I replied, "Shit, yeah that isn't good." We drove in silence for a few moments as I tried to think of a what to do next. I then asked her to move-in with me. As I asked her I felt my body start to warm-up and a sensation of love overcame me. It was a sensation I hadn't felt in a long time (in real life). As she was about to reply, my roommates woke me up. I tried to jump back into the dream after shooing them off, but no dice.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    6. Josh May Have Fallen To His Death, Arcade Zone (8.11.15)

      by , 08-10-2015 at 11:58 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Josh May Have Fallen To His Death
      I'm with Josh and Dave at a house. People start rocking up, including my cousin Jon, Ben, Tommo. They have all bought Find Surfboards. I go check out Tommo's first, it's huge. It's a different sign to mine, from whah I can see on the packaging. The tail looks different and the logo itself. Once we take it out of box, I realize how big it is. It's absolutely massive, at least 12+ foot. I guess it makes sense as Tommo is a tall dude. The design kinda sucks, due to having his discount printed on the board. I rub my hand over it to see if the discount print is a sticker, but it's not. It's in yellow writing and it's up the middle of the board.
      I go into the other room and see that Ben has a box. I figure it's his surfboard ad help him unpack. I soon realize it's a side table for your bed. I didn't realize that Find did these.

      Im outside and I can see some surf. It's in a weird location. The waves are breaking cleanly and are a decent size. I imagine myself getting a few of the waves. I see a snowboarder in the distance, drop from the top of the wave, which is up on a mountain. The wave is elevated off the ground. The snowboarder hits the ground nicely.
      I'm walk towards Josh's car and he seems to be on a phone call with Rach. They must be fighting, because I hear the door lock. I'm sitting in another car, next to Josh's. I can hear his convocation, and it's about Centrelink payments. I wind down the window and Josh gives me the phone to explain. I can't figure out the paperwork u need to send it to get paid, but it comes to mind sooner or later. I send Rach a picture of what it's called. I can now hear Dad coughing in another car. It sounds pretty bad. Rach seems to have hung up. I think maybe because I was texting her while, instead of talking. A solid Arab guy comes up to the car and says goodbye. I get really good vibes from this dude. I shake his hand. A few people I know come up to him and give him a hug. I get out of car and think about doing the same thing. We begin to move on and I'm walking with the solid guy, I put my arm on his neck and massage if a bit. I ask if he gets massages much, due to him being such a giving guy. We are walking into a work sight. It's a bit dusty and can see machinery and steel structure. Im with Josh and both are looking for Ben, he's working here. I'm following Josh and he jumps straight off a vertical drop. I watch him fall at last 50 ft. I'm helpless and feeling terrified. I expect the worse. I try and get down somehow, but can't find a way. I begin feeling calm and carefree almost, which is odd considering my friends either dead or in terrible shape. I look closely around every corner, incase it has a drop like the other. Some do.

      Arcade Zone
      I'm tying to get home and am feeling a little lost. I look around and it feels familiar, I think I'm at down Germain's Court. Things look different
      I do a RC and it semi passes (nose plug), they Seem quite enhanced. I walk passed Shonnie's and he's on the steps with a women, which is probably Claudia. I hear him say that might be David, but I ignore and keep walking. I see cars at the end the court with people around. It's night time so, it's hard to see who's who . I reach a undercover area and see that my brother is talking to some girl that looks familiar to me. Looks like the girl that I went to school with. I tap my brother on the shoulder and he looks surprised to see me, as if he has been sprung cheating. I look closer at my brother and it's not him. I tell him I've got the wrong bloke. He's all cool with it, and she's I look like someone he knows too. As I am walking away, I see my brother and that girl, near the mistaken identity. Brother walks off shortly after. I get really excited and have a burst of energy. I run down which looks like a shopping centre. I begin yelling out.

      I'm at a house now, and I see Dennis.
      We're talking about something. He seems very relaxed. I'm sitting down next to Eddy, watching Bro on a car simulator. He's waiting for his Shot, as there's an elderly couple playing. Eventually bro gets a chance.
      He takes his time setting things up.

      Bro and I are in an arcade centre. There's machines everywhere. I do a RC again by trying to put thumb through hand, which passed again. I stop at an arcade game and try to see if it works without credits. It works. The game has a ski handle that u hold onto and u shoot water at the screen, it's a strange combo. Devin walks behind me and starts encouraging me. I show off and shoot the screen that's not meant to be sprayed. There's people rock climbing close by, and someone looks to be in trouble. They're trying to rescue them. There talking about noises of hitting the ground or bouncing against the wall when falling. The guy doesn't like the sounds if they were to happen. I look up and can't find the guy in trouble, but can see others.

      Dream Fragment
      I remember betting on Dad's horse he thought would win the Melbourne Cup. Josh asks me to put some money on for him, I'm unsure if I placed the bet or not. I use the money that's in my online account. I don't think I place a bet for myself, as I only have bros money in my account. The horse wins the Melbourne Cup at odds of around 13/1. The return of my bet would be around $1000+. I think to myself that I should ask Josh if he did in fact wanted me to put the $50 bet. I was eager to let bro know that he won.

      Side Notes
      Almost become lucid but failed both RC. Need to be more thorough with my RC.
    7. Help me figure this out please!

      by , 12-29-2014 at 11:44 PM
      I am a 15 year old female . I have a boyfriend named Terry, and we have been together for about 10 months. Last night a had a dream that i did not like at all!

      I was at school with my boyfriend,Terry, me and him do not go to the same school in real life though. In the dream i was in my third hour class (social studies) i had him in that class but i couldn't find him through the whole hour. After the period ended i waited for him outside. While waiting a guy i knew in elementary school who also goes to my current school starts talking to me;Greco. In the dream though he looked completely different, his teeth were black almost falling out he was taller than usual and he talked different. Terry saw that he was talking to me and i was talking to him back, I was able to see myself from his eyes! i felt his anger too. Then i turned around i saw him staring he looked angry but yet he was about to cry. Seeing him like that made me tear up and feel like somehow i betrayed him. I ran after him calling his name once i caught up he didn't talk or walk anymore. I asked him what happened and he just quickly walked into his next class. I followed him determined to figure out what was wrong. He was talking to a girl, one i've never seen before with his eyes watery. I grabbed his arm and slowly pulled. My goal was to get him out of the room to talk it seemed like he was actually going to come outside with me but instead he slapped my hand and sat at a nearby desk. I looked back at him he didn't want to look at me. I left the room crying , i stayed outside his class just crying. At one point he realized i was crying and walked out of the classroom. The only thing he said to me was "im aloud to leave the class whenever so it's okay." Suddenly two of his friends appeared they all walked me to class but Terry did not say a word to me he just continued to talk to his friends with his arm around me. Then time in the day passed and it was time to go home. I left the classroom ten minutes early along with my friend Perla. We were outside playing soccer (We both are soccer players) then she tells me shes going to go use the restroom she never came back so i left to the buses and there she was waiting for it. i got mad at her for a second . Then the bus came and as i was waking in she quickly turned into my other friend Itzel . I was still a little mad at her then i saw Terry's best friend; Frankie. Since he was also my friend i sat with him on the bus. He looked at me in a strange way. This is the weird part. I heard noises coming from his backpack so i got closer to it. He asked me what i was doing and i told him. Then after a few seconds of silence he said "Dude smell my shirt it smells really good!". The area he was pointing to was an area between his shoulder and neck. As i was going in to smell it all i could think was "Please don't kiss me,please don't kiss me." Then the first thing he does was kiss me. The kiss was a really passionate one too. In my head i saw and felt like i was kissing Terry so i kissed him back. He slowly laid me down i opened my eyes and pushed him off. I couldn't believe what i did, i was devastated i felt sick but yet he still kissed me once more. Again i kissed him back. I stopped him again and asked him why. He then old me it was all going to be okay that he would ask TERRY'S mom to marry us !! Nothing made scene to me! All of a sudden i woke up but i knew i was still dreaming. I was on a bed with my hands on my tummy, pregnant with Frankie at my side and Terry's mom marrying us. She called me a bunch of nasty names making me fill up with anger and tears. Then i gave birth, the baby came out looking exactly like Terry but girl version. Frankie automatically loved her. We named her Terresa. I did not see Terry throughout the whole rest of the dream. Apparently we lived happily ever after.. well he did .

      Can somebody what this all could have meant? One thing i forgot to mention in real life me and Frankie don't talk the last time we talked was before me and Terry started dating. Thank You.
    8. La'ulb, clipped wings, avoiding huli jing

      by , 11-22-2014 at 07:14 PM
      A young woman's confronting this guy, a friend of hers, though she's annoyed at him at the moment. He's arranged things so as to create this sort of antichrist kid - it doesn't really have anything to do with her, but she's angry about it anyway, and is feeling tricked and betrayed by him in general. She asks him if he's Lucifer, expecting the answer to be yes.

      "Nope. One of the major demons." He says it casually, he's smiling easily through this whole conversation. He's doing some kind of work in a manhole, and she's standing up on the surface with her arms crossed.

      "What did you (word that means both infect and possess) my boyfriend with?"

      "La'ulb. But it's clean, and I can take it off."

      There's this young musician trying to get permission to leave a royal court - he wants to travel to a different country. He has to make a plea before the king, and he's deliberately trying to emulate the speech of an older man, a traveler passing through, who'd impressed him - as a disembodied observer, I'm amused, but I think it's a bad idea; it'll just make him sound artificial. He makes a comparison to a young bird having its wings clipped.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      After a short scene in which I'm reminded that cheating on a god out of boredom is not the best of ideas, followed by a shapeshifting fox turning up at my IRL door, I've wound up in a bit of trouble.

      I'm now heading for the rear exit of a theatre, trying to avoid being seen by the group of women - not humans - who are coming up behind me; but through the glass door, I can see a pair of fox demons approaching - a pair of women all in white, dripping in silver jewelry. After hesitating, I decide I'd rather take my chances with the fox demons. There's a crowd of people, mostly girls who work here, coming in through that door, but I don't feel very optimistic about my chances of getting lost in the crowd - until one of the girls quickly slips off the blue robe she'd been wearing over her clothes and wraps it around me, and someone else puts an arm around my shoulders, pushing my head down so my face can't be easily seen.

      He pulls me over to a side hallway and gives instructions to one of the showgirls to fetch the change of clothing he'd arranged for with her earlier. I know him - he's vaguely sinister but not in a way that I consider a threat to me personally, and I generally admire his skill at getting things done. It's a bit like having Hannibal Lecter on your side.

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    9. What Happens When You Lower Your Ambien Dose...

      by , 10-22-2014 at 01:36 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Alright. So I'm trying to wean myself off of my Ambien. I took a half of one last night and fell asleep no problem, but I woke up at around 2:30am, remembering only fragments about work, and started freaking out a little, thinking I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. I took a benedryl and went into the other room (my husband was breathing very heavily in his sleep and it was also keeping me awake). This is what happened after I fell asleep.

      I was lucid, but I don't remember if I entered the dream lucid or if I became lucid later. I am having a lot of trouble recalling the specific details of this one, other than we were in a house, and I was trying to cheat on my husband with this guy I knew in middle/high school named Carter H. My husband was around during the dream, and we were trying to avoid him by going into different rooms and such. I do remember at one point Carter expressing how he would treat me well and was excited about being with me. I told him I was excited too. I think I was topless during that part in a bedroom.

      There was a point where I was outside in a garden, and I was afraid of losing the dream, so I took some advice from Hyu and started touching everything around me. There were plants in the plowed ground. I touched their leaves, feeling their realness. They felt a little muted, but it wasn't bad. It helped me to stabalize the dream.

      This dream was quite long, and I can't recall the little details of it all. It was a very...strange LD for me. I seemed to be in a weird mindset (I would never cheat on my husband IWL, especially with someone I barely know and have no interest in!).

      I then woke up.


      I was in a fairly normal-looking room; nothing weird was going on at all, but I decided to do a nose pinch RC just to keep my awareness up. I did it, and...I could breathe! I was super surprised; I thought I was awake! I think I said "What??" or some kind of exclamation. I did it again just to be sure, and sure enough, I was dreaming.

      Spoiler for Explicit content:

      I woke up and wondered why I did something so superficial with these LDs. I wanted to have another one where I summoned Mike or delved into past lives. Sadly, I didn't get to. :/

      Again, I would like to reiterate that I really don't have any interest in cheating. I love my husband very much. I am really kind of taken aback by these dreams, especially since I was aware that I was dreaming for them. I'm actually a little embarrassed to post them.


      I was in a dressing room at a department store. I had these black and white comics that I had made that depicted my cheating LDs. One was only a page long, the other a few pages. I taped them to one of the dressing room doors. I then watched people pick the comics up and read them. Some teenage guys read them and laughed. I left the dressing room for a bit. I didn't really want the comics there anymore. I went back and took them down.


      I was laying in the guest bed with my husband. We were getting ready to go to sleep. My husband put on one of my sleep shirts similar to one I actually own IWL but not the same. It was black with 3/4 length sleeves and lacy shoulders. It was tight on him, but he didn't seem to mind. I was wondering why he was wearing that (he usually doesn't wear any kind of shirt to bed). I guess he must be anticipating a very cold night. I said something about it being a girl's shirt. Again, he didn't seem to mind.


      Something to do with typing these entries up and an Animal Crossing game that you could only play with a wireless controller and could only play online for a certain amount of time. I was called by a video/game rental place and was asked if C (the assistant CS manager at my job) was my sibling. I told her no, she was my boss. I thought they asked me to verify the spelling of her name after that, but I couldn't hear them very well.
      "What?" I asked.
      They said something again, but it didn't sound the same as before.

      My DJ entries were all centered and spaced like I was writing them in poetry format. I was typing them up. I didn't want them centered, I don't think.

      I then was signing on to play League of Legends. They had really updated the game. My friend Jeremiah was online, and sent me a game request. I was in the middle of doing something else, but I guess I could play a game with him. I accepted his request. I picked my champion, a female one that doesn't exist in the game IWL, and we were then playing. It then looked very cartoony and very much so like FFII graphics. I started getting attacked, but the map controlled so weird. I didn't die, but it was a close call. I went to the settings, and I couldn't change the graphics back; I had to do it outside of game. There were two options I could have picked from, Cartoon or Realistic. It was a new feature that I didn't know about. Cartoon was checked by default. I considered quitting and taking the penalty for it.


      I seriously felt like I was having fever dreams all night. I'm not sick, no fever or anything, just...what. I don't even know. It probably has something to do with lowering my dose of Ambien and taking that benedryl. It affected my recall as well. I have to stop taking the Ambien though, so my entries may be like this until I even out. I will eventually go down to taking a quarter of an Ambien, then eventually completely being off of it. I am actually happy for that. I miss sleeping naturally; I haven't since November/December of 2011, so for three years.
    10. Strange cart/running race

      by , 10-14-2014 at 10:16 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Strange cart/running race (Non-lucid)


      I was on a track and apparently I was on a race, but I had a hard time to control my cart and people was passing me. I focused on my driving and I realized I had a small cart:

      I started to race and to cut on the turns until I started to pass several other racers, getting to the end in a pretty good position, but suddenly, my cart stopped working and there was sand undr me, so I decided to start running.

      As I was running, some other guy started to pull my shirt back in order to slow me down. I found that to be very unfair and suddenly, I could not run as much as I wanted, I was going like in slow motion. This guy was passing me and I could not catch up. There was a huge bush ahead that was a blend of poison ivy and lavender. I figured that there would be a ton of bees and I would freak out and run faster, but as I got into it, even that I saw the bees I did not feel scared and I could not run, in fact, I was getting stuck out of the poison ivy for some reason. I ended up 5th on the race and I was pretty upset from the cheating from this guy, however, on the standings I was still at a better position than him.
    11. My Wedding Photographer Runs a Roller Coaster, Apparently

      by , 07-14-2014 at 12:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something about two guys.

      When I woke up, in the middle of the night, I told myself I'd remember this dream. I think it's time to start keeping a notebook beside me again to take brief notes between awakenings...


      I was swimming in an in-ground pool with my friend Courtney S. It was sunny and beautiful outside.

      I then remember thinking about my wedding photos, and whether or not they were edited yet. I was in line to speak with my photographer, who had just gotten back from vacation. When I saw her at the front of the line, we were inside and she was sitting behind this counter/podium. I said hello to her, and something about the photos. She smiled and was excited when she responded, but I don't remember exactly what her response was, though I feel as if I misunderstood her, thinking that she had finished editing the photos. I saw her handling photos, many of me when I was a child. I "remembered" them being in an album at my wedding for the guests to look at, but I did not see any photos from the wedding itself.

      I remember doing more things involving my wedding, though I can't remember much of the specifics. My old work friend Nicole may have been there at some point.

      Then, I was hanging out with someone I knew when I was in elementary school, Alex H. We were having fun, I don't remember what we were doing, we may have been swimming. I had a feeling he was ready to leave. I asked him if he wanted to stay longer, but he said he had to go. I understood. We had a good time, and I was not disappointed that he wanted to leave.

      I then was waiting in line to ride some really fast indoor roller coaster with some friends, though the only one I remember knowing was Courtney S. It was a ride that usually had a very long wait time. I remember the colors being shades of purple and blue with dim lighting. The ride had something to do with the photographer/photography, though I couldn't tell you what the connection was, other than the photographer was the ride operator. Though this photographer was not my original one, but she was someone that my wedding photographer had hired. It was a woman around my age (25) or maybe a bit younger, and she looked very bland; her face had a blank, dull look to it. I remember hearing an old woman asking her a question, and her responding with a quick "No". The woman asked her another question, and received the same response. I walked away before I could hear any more of the conversation.

      Anyway, the negative photographer (ha, see what I did there? ) was standing behind a podium, though this time it was a roller coaster operating panel. We did not wait as long as I had remembered waiting for the ride before. At the end of the ride, you would win a lot of coins, mostly silver coins like quarters and such, because it was apparently also some sort of race. One of my friends in the dream, a short, chubby girl about my age with a dirty blonde ponytail and round glasses who resembles Kristin, a girl I met at at my old job IWL, said that if you were on the last cart on the roller coaster, and you finished last, somehow cheating the system, you would win double the amount of coins as the winner.

      We were then boarding the coaster. I got on the last car on the train. The shoulder straps came down, and the train started to move up. The chubby girl then jumped from somewhere on my right into my car with me. She was trying to cheat the system to get more coins.
      "Get off!" I said to her, more than once. I was concerned about her safety.
      She finally jumped off as the train was moving towards the main track. She jumped onto the last bit of floor left beside the car. When she jumped, the train was moving a little faster, so she had to run a little after she landed, and came very close to falling off the edge.

      The ride was very fast, but very short. I had remembered it being a longer ride, and then I figured out why: The photographer who had run it the last time was the main photographer, the one who shot my wedding. This other girl was just trying to get us in and out of there as quickly as possible.

      I then was at a machine that was dispensing the coins to those who won. I cupped my hands under the dispenser, and it started to pour coins out. I had quite a few, just enough to overflow my hands a bit.

      I remember the chubby girl had gotten on a car behind me so she could cheat the system.

      Remembered much more from last night than the past few. Just goes to show how journaling your dreams really aids in the recall of them. Hoping to step back into lucidity more often again, especially with the new mindsets that I've adopted. I'll keep you guys posted.

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    12. Cheating is not fun

      by , 11-14-2013 at 08:18 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had this dream this evening about cheating on my husband. We recently got married a month ago on the 12th, and his dream really disturbs me. The dream starts where I'm with my family and my husband at this Summerhome. There are a few other people there that are not related to my family, and I have no idea why they were there. We're standing outside talking about something when I see this little girl and her father. Something I was talking about caught his attention, and we start arguing because he thinks he knows more about the subject than I do. I start saying how I definitely know more about the subject because I've had three years of classes on it and since it's been a while since I've had the classes, I have had years and years of experience on the matter. He asked me if that is true, and when my mother backed me up he seemed impressed. We start getting along a lot better after this and his young daughter and I become quick friends. We hang out throughout the rest of the day and things keep happening that needed me to resolve them and he seems like he is becoming more and more impressed with me. Suddenly, he gets serious and asked if he can see me inside alone to talk with me. His daughters watching like she's really excited and knows what's going to happen, and I follow him out of curiosity wondering what's going on. We go into a room where he stops and admits to me that he is falling in love with me. I realize that I'm falling for him too, and he becomes very happy that he has finally found someone that he could be with after his wife passed away. That's when I realize something: I can't be with him because I am married. He can tell that I have become incredibly sad and asked me what's wrong. I show him the ring on my finger and tell him that I am married. He seems taken aback and becomes upset telling me that should not have let him on. I did nothing of the sort! I was hanging out with him with every intention of just being friends and he was the one he was interpreting something out of nothing. We go our separate ways, but I cannot take my mind off of him. I suddenly become very sad that I had to be married and cannot be with him and realize that I may like him more than my husband. This thought upsets me because I'm very deeply in love with my husband, and henceforth become very confused about everything. I start wondering to myself why me and this man can't have an affair? He seems much too honorable for something like that, but I keep wishing he will come to me and tell me that he wants that. I go back outside when my husband arrives From wherever he was beforehand. We walk around, hanging out, all the while realizing that the guy who likes me is watching me from a distance. I realize that the only reason I am hanging out with my husband is because I feel obligated to. We go into a room and start talking when the man enters because he needed to get something out of that room. My husband starts talking with him, because he's just one of those people that likes to be friends with everybody. The entire time me and this man are looking at each other with heavy intensity and I suddenly send my husband out of the room to get something for me that I know will take him a while to get. As soon as he leaves, the man and I start making out until my husband returns. He said he could not find what I wanted and continues the conversation with the man. I start talking to my husband to distract him from the looks that I'm giving the man which indicate that I want him and me to have an affair. The man nods and I realize that it would be hard because we live so far apart but it can still be done, and I get him to give me his number without my husband knowing. I feel incredibly rotten about everything thats been going on and the arguments with myself inside my head never seem to cease. suddenly, my husband wants to go to the park and the other guy asks to come along, so we take separate cars and start driving to the park. When we get there we meet an old dream ex of mine. She keeps talking about her lingering feelings for me and the only thing I have to say to her is I don't know who you are over and over again. My husband is becoming upset that she's there when suddenly she sees the look that the man is giving me. She asks me if the man and I are seeing each other, and of course I deny it, but she keeps insisting so intently that finally everything becomes revealed. She gets upset and leaves and I realize that my husband now knows everything. I am so ashamed of myself that I can't even turn to look at him, but I know that he looks very betrayed. The man, seeing how I treated my ex so badly, decides that he doesn't want anything to do with me. So him and my husband get into their cars and leave me stranded at the park. I don't know how I got back, because I'm suddenly back at the Summerhome, but I got the feeling my mom picked me up. I am incredibly upset realizing how much of an idiot I was and that the only reason I wanted to be with the man was because I wanted to be a mother to his daughter and felt sorry for her being so young to have lost her mother, and that I should never have tried to cheat on my husband, when I see his mother sitting down against the wall looking at an iPad. I ask her if she knows where he is and my mom says that he went to one of my old hometowns and is going to live with another woman who has the same name as me. I ask if he is going to be involved with her and she says no, the woman already has a boyfriend. I feel relieved but then I suddenly become very intent on getting a hold of him and ask his mother if she has had any progress finding him. She says not yet and I start freaking out, screaming find him! She smiles and says that she has found a number that she believes is his and calls it, handing me the phone. Somebody answers and I realize that it is him. I say his name and he suddenly becomes very hurt sounding and says he does not want to talk to me. The rest of the dream is me begging him over the phone to forgive me and trying to explain to him the situation, when I wake up. I become incredibly relieved that it was all a dream, but this really confuses me because I know I would never ever do this in real life and I'm wondering why I had this dream.

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    13. 3/25/13 Taking on someone elses life?

      by , 03-26-2013 at 01:44 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      (In this dream I am not me, I am someone of the opposite gender, and about 35 years old, but It takes place in my house...weird.) I'm in the bathroom with my cellphone texting with some woman, apparently we're are in love and I'm cheating on my wife with her. I convince her to come visit me even though she resists. She thinks I won't love her anymore when we meet or something. When she arrives I can't see her, but her friend who looks exactly like Jennifer Lawrence tells me that she is in the room, confused I ask her where>? The friend says she's walking around, at that moment I realize why she was worried about meeting me, she think I won't love her since she is in another realm or spirit world, But she has sent me pictures of herself on the cellphone, so I ask her if I can see her in picture why can't I see her here? then the friend says because she isn't making it so. I ask her to, then she becomes somewhat visible to me and she walks up to me. I'm still confused about the whole thing, but her friend says she is the energy bringer and she loves energy and drains some from everyone and she can make her appear or disappear, the friend says her name is Aphrodite. Then they both disappear and leave more alone than I've ever been.
    14. Does He Love Me?

      by , 02-26-2013 at 01:38 PM

      I'm sure some of you are tired of posts about "Cheating/Love" dreams.
      But the dreams I have are so realistic, and frank that i really need answers. My great grandmother had a gift of premonition , and i was always told to listen to my dreams. Well not every single dream. But the real serious ones. Like the one i had last night ...
      This dream was about us going out to a resturant to celebrate my birthday, we were walking to the resturant and suddenly he started speeding up his pace (which is something he really does in public when we're out and i hate it) so i started to get frustrated and reminded him "we are a couple, we should be walking together hand in hand". He brushed it off. Before we could get to our destination a girl caught his eye. A smiled appeared across his face, and no matter how i reacted he would stop not smiling. He then informed me that she was an ex, who he loved dearly. He went forward with saying "she loves me a lot," getting panicky i shouted "But we are in love, i love you!" He still didnt stop smiling. Then he shouted out her name "Jazz! Jazz! Jazz!" (he doesnt have an ex named jazz in reality) She kept walking, then out of no where a microphone appeared in his hand, and he continued to shout her name over the mic. I was astonished. So when he caught up with her they said their hellos, and he went in for a hug, but i stepped in the way. A bracelet he gave me latched onto her and fell off my wrist onto the ground. She picked it up and handed it to me, then walked off. He was still in a daze... i cried so hard i woke out of my sleep crying.. Ugh, i hate these type of dreams.. But should I be worried? Some of the things he did in the dream are thing he does in real life such as, brush me off when im making a point, walk ahead of me when we're out and about, and ignore me when something bothers me. I know he loves me, but i wonder if he's falling out of love with me. By the way, im 5months pregnant and it scares me to think my fiance doesn't want me. Someone Help!

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    15. A Little Bit... Confused.

      by , 09-24-2012 at 09:46 PM
      I've just had a dream, that I cheated on my boyfriend. This concerns me, even though my boyfriend and I have only been dating for a short time (maybe a few months).
      This wasn't sexual, and I cannot remember the full dream. It was quite odd, because the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with, I've never talked to. He's in one of my college courses, and I see him everyday, we even live streets apart. We've never talked, or anything.
      This guy, picks me up in his car. Though I don't quite remember everything that was said beforehand, he kisses me, and I pull him in for another. He then said "that settles it then," while grabbing my hand. I tell him of my boyfriend at this point, saying that I just couldn't do this.
      The guy then goes quiet, but asks "How could you be in love with him, when.." And with that my dream abruptly ends...
      What is my subconscious trying to tell me?
      I would never cheat in my life. Being cheated on before myself, I could never bring myself to do so. I do find the guy attractive, but even still, his personality seems quite plain and boring, and have never had any thoughts of pursuing the man.
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