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    1. 18-09-09 College

      by , 09-10-2018 at 12:53 AM
      I was in a corridor of what appeared to be an office building, making out with a REDACTED sex doll. The doll was very advanced and had a weak form of AI. More of a robot than a doll. I quickly hid her under a table because I knew the people who worked in the office would return.

      In another scene, I was with a bunch of college students. I was doing front flips (I could never do that in real life). Not far away, a band of college cheerleaders were practicing. At some point, I asked one of the guys where to find 'building F'. I had to be there for class, I guess. I went outside and saw that it was night. I started flying. My powers weren't fully developed yet, but enough for me to show off by flying low over people's heads (sigh). I glided down a hill and found a large bear cage. Well, more like 'bear habitat'. Like in a big zoo. I flew above it, and landed on a tree inside the habitat. Only then did I notice the bear. My powers weren't strong enough yet and I didn't trust my ability to fly up out of there. I felt a little stuck.
    2. 17-05-01 Too Many Dreams

      by , 05-05-2017 at 02:22 AM
      Boatload of dreams this night, a lot of it XXX-rated so expect to see a lot of "redacted". We start with a fully redacted sex dream featuring REDACTED.

      I'm held captive in a room up high in a skyscraper. I remember seeing a painting (?) and thinking the bad guys are the developers of the game "Hitman". Random, I know... The jail had bars that somehow "rotate" (hard to explain) which makes it impossible to break out. A jail guard sees me move and assumes I wanted to escape, so he comes in and installs an additional neck restraint which secures my neck to the wall. At some point I escape anyway, and jump through a window and fall down. But I somehow knew I'd be fine. The skyscraper looks quite futuristic.

      In this dream I was flying outdoors, using a poncho I was wearing as a cape that helped me fly (it generated lift, somehow). I landed, and continue a previous plot by talking to a Spanish girl (something about her high-heeled shoes?).

      Zombies attacked our old house. I was in the garden with my mom. I tried to fight, but my guns would not fire (I couldn't pull the trigger, typical in scary dreams), so I had to resort to using an improvised melee weapon.

      I remember REDACTED & a T-Rex, and I saw in first person from her perspective how it bit her, holding her in its maw (still on the ground). Her sight went black, and I saw her body on the ground with a bite taken out of it.

      I was watching TV, watching REDACTED by dinosaurs and giant wurms (like the ones from 2005's King Kong). REDACTED, thinking my dad and his wife Debby (who were in front of me, also watching the movie) wouldn't notice. I asked them what these wurm-things were. My dad simply said (in that typical tone): "Could you stop that, please". I knew he knew REDACTED." I simply replied "I'm not doing anything".

      I remember a scene in which I recalled I'd forgotten my bicycle somewhere in southern France... I figured I should leave it there, as the cost of retrieving it would be higher than the price of the actual bike.

      Dream that started in a gym and has way too many small random details, I will not bother to even *try* writing this all down. REDACTED on catwalks above the ground, waiting for them to start fighting (and REDACTED), but it doesn't happen.
    3. 00:00 Wednesday 2013-12-18 comp #16 night #6 LD #12 cheerleader induced lucid dream

      by , 12-18-2013 at 03:23 PM
      00:00 Wednesday 2013-12-18 comp #16 night #6 LD #12

      01:37 bedtime. Exercised late, had to do late shopping afterwards, ate very late, sat around digesting until after good bedtime.

      05:47 a long dream about something.....just couldn't get it! Only two really really vague fragments Spent 30 minutes trying to recall, resulting in being VERY awake.


      F1) there were experts and there were newbies

      F2) pigeons

      06:40? out of bed, into rocking chair

      07:06 BTB-1. Room feels too hot, bed uncomfortable

      07:15? feel no progress, not sleepy at all, a bit hungry, to kitchen for cereal

      07:27 BTB-2
      feel some sleepiness on tap as I get into bed, comfortable, will get to sleep I predict.

      07:45? almost asleep, wife starts snoring put in earplugs.

      08:00 wife up to do breakfast duty, bed to myself, let's get down to business I think.

      09:25 LD #12

      1) on a wide tall circular spiral slide/"staircase". I'm sliding down the staircase slowly. There are girls spaced along the railings in provocative poses. I try to slide closer to one to cuddle, but she keeps sliding away from me. I give up eventually and imagine "OK if you don't want it, fine." it's just not meant to be, I slide farther down the slide, with my hand held behind me in case my "girlfriend" wants to come to me. A moment later I feel a hand in mine and I smile thinking she's interested after all.

      2) In a large indoor area walking with a bunch of other young guys, in like a mall. We're playing football. We're horsing around with the ball making mock football plays. We're moving farther down the hallway. At one point the play starts suddenly going in the opposite direction. I'm running along back the way we came with the guys, and I'm running through a group of cheerleaders. All of a sudden I stop dead in my tracks. I look to the left and see some cute cheerleaders. I instantly take one of them into my arms and think, "I'm dreaming." and I'm lucid immediately, quickly. The view becomes super clear and vivid and totally lifelike right away. There are a bunch of people all around. She has her arms around my shoulders but she's standing at a distance. She's looking into my eyes with an expression of amazement/shock/annoyance/confusion/what-are-you-doing? with kind of a frown. She's young and cute. In a few seconds her expression softens and she "melts" into my arms, and we're holding each other tightly and we enter into a deep passionate kiss. I keep my eyes open! I'm enjoying the kiss but I'm thinking ahead. "OK, dream goals!" I think. I feel like I have good waking life memory connection. The dream feels very stable, very solid, I feel like I can indulge for a little. I'm taking in the surroudings around me, and I notice that a second cheerleader is standing directly behind "my" girl. Girl #2 is looking directly at me with a very mischievous "hey baby" expression, and then flashes her eyebrows at me 2-3 times comicly/suggestively, like she's saying "I'm next! Let's have some fun" I want to get to competition goals but here I am in a passionate embrace with a super cute cheerleader. It's interesting I note that the girl I'm still kissing is "fuzzy" and "out of focus" in my "peripheral vision" while I'm looking at girl #2 and around the mall. "OK," I think to myself, planning out my actions, "open eyed kiss with this one, then an open eyed kiss with you [#2], then..." ... and I'm awake in bed. ARGH! Total lucid elapsed time, ~15-20 seconds.

      Decsion: Cheerleader. Competition points. CHEERLEADER. OK that's settled, easy decision .

      Way too excited to DEILD back in but I try anyway for maybe 30 seconds. I felt totally in command/control, confident, and the dream stable, but looing at the time of the dream it appears to be right at the end of a 90 minute sleep cycle so it may just have been "end of dream time." Or perhaps I was just getting too stimulated by all the noshing...

      Really short memory of non-lucid leading up to lucidity, unusual for me...
      I have a suspicion that I may have "willed" myself lucid, it did not feel like a MILD trigger or a slowly building awareness, in fact right up to the moment of lucidity the dream felt very zombie-like, just-go-with-the-flow. Maybe the first ADA/RC LD?
      I have recently been using daytime mantras walking around imagining becoming lucid, e.g., "wait a minute! I'm dreaming." And "Stop! I'm dreaming!" So they may have kicked in!

      Normally I do not remember dream faces well but I got a good look at girl #2's face and I think I have a slight memory of it. (No idea about #1, except I think short haired blonde). Short-medium length brunette hair. A very pleasant face, not super-model-sexy, but very nice girl-next-door, *real* girl look. More like in her 20's than teen.

      Girl #2 eyebrow flash was actually really funny in retrospect.

      09:38 back to sleep again. too excited. up for a bit.

      11:07 trying for "nap" still feel sleepy

      11:28 wife comes in, wakes me up.
    4. Eating Popsicles, Random Jury Duty, Pissed off at Cheerleaders and Black Dachshund Dog Licking Me

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eating a Green Apple Flavored Popsicle (DILD)


      I don't know where in the world I had lucidity, but the experience was so real that it just felt really out of place compared to waking life. And this dream probably occurred after the one I had where I was inside of a room where I was probably doing jury duty or something.

      I'm hanging around with some male child, and I believe I'm with one or two more individuals about my age or much older as well. It seems that we're preparing to go to an ice cream truck, and it definitely feels as if this dream initiated after the weird jury duty related dream.

      It seems that we're at an area that is close to a forest that would be fairly difficult to traverse through, and although I didn't pay attention anything beyond my horizon for too long, it was clear things were a bit foggy. I was standing on dark brown dirt and could hear the small cackling, snapping, and grinding sounds of the surface as well.

      Me and the 1-2 people along with the random child proceeded to the ice cream truck, and the person inside the vehicle immediately prepared ice-cold popsicles for us to have. I think it was for free as well, and we all ended up eating green apple flavored popsicles for some reason.

      I don't know how I came to the conclusion that it was green apple since I could barely manage getting anything with my taste buds within this dream. Either it was a random association with something I heard on television with green apples helping with claustrophobia, or something else entirely. It seems I was quick to finish the Popsicle and probably managed to eat it all in maybe 3-5 bites.

      I guess brain freeze is non-existent, and I guess if it were to occur in the dream, it would just be a psychosomatic experience. After that,
      recall of anything else after that is a bit blurry and too difficult to extend on.


      Random Jury Duty (DILD)


      Throughout the dream, I seemed to have went through random climbing with boxes and trying to reach edges of higher flooring that had 3 feet of space between us.

      It felt like this area was fairly busy with random dream characters, and I managed to see one entity that looked like an individual I met at a wedding one time. She seemed to represent her waking life counterpart fairly well, and I recall she was looking up at me for a few seconds before going about her separate way.

      The boxes I was climbing on top of seemed to be fairly heavy in order to actually stay solid and firm. They looked like regular office boxes with the base with a U-shaped edge loop on the two sides or something. After having constant struggling with trying to get to the higher edge flooring safely, I decided to call it quits and resorted to asking random dream characters.

      I managed to encounter a dream character that looked like the boyfriend of the same female I mentioned above me. It's abbreviate him as "Rl." He was wearing a gray suit with a yellow dress shirt and a red and black striped tie going diagonally from the top right to bottom left along with gray dress pants. He has dark brown shoes as well, probably lace-less, but I didn't bother to pay attention to his feet for too long.

      I asked him a question on where I could find a particular individual/room/event/etc., I can't really pinpoint my actual query unfortunately. He started to point in some directions and informed me I could start by going up the sloped floor that was about 30 feet away from us. I leave, but I'm not sure if I said thanks to him, and proceeded to go up the slope.

      Seemed I had another fiasco with finding where the hell I was trying to get to in the first place. Seemed pretty futile asking questions for a place when all the dream character does is pointing you in one direction and not giving a detailed set of information. The overall environment for the dream was fairly bland with walls consisting of milk turquoise textured painting and regular gray floors.

      After going around like a headless chicken, I miraculously found some area I felt I was "supposed" to arrive at. At this point, it felt like it was a jury duty in a regular high corporation office. I'm not sure when I was lucid, but the
      cluster of emotions ranging from anxiousness, feeling rushed, worried on the arrival for another dream character and such made me lucid at some point.

      I wasn't fully aware of my body moving, I just seemed to shift my awareness towards the head focal region and just scanned the area. I was waiting for a certain dream character that presumably is a doctor of some sort. It seemed that they were arriving pretty late, and it seemed that they were most likely important for whatever event was occurring in here.

      The room itself had a seating format where it would be a | _ | arrangement. Imagine that same format flipped over the Y-axis. Now imagine me on the left side sitting down looking down towards nothingness with the flooring desperately wondering if the random doctor dream character would show up.

      Eventually, I see an individual in a white coat and presumed that was the doctor. I believe he was a Black male that looked oddly familiar to a character from the "Meet the Browns" television sitcom (or lame-com) that was one of the main characters and a doctor. He was holding a document in his hand, and it didn't seem like he had a lot of information contained in it other than a dark gray piece of paper in between the manila folder.

      After that, I had a sigh of relief, though I never contemplated why in the world I would be relieved to know a random doctor showed up. Either way, whatever happen, if this was even a jury duty in the first place, happened.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Cheerleaders, Guards, and a Black Dachshund Licking Me (DILD)


      Wow, I guess all those hours of militant image streaming training is starting to help tremendously with the dream recall and filling in the gaps that would've taken longer just to recall decently. I thought I wouldn't be able to devote so much time into recall this, but it seems my mind is connecting things at a faster rate, which is always good I guess.

      It's getting easier to know when I'm lucid now, which is another bonus, but even though I did at least 20+ hours image streaming, I might have to push it more in the near future if I ever get as much time. Or maybe I can just go back one hour of image streaming a day instead of doing like 3 hours one day and 1 hour the next, and then nothing for a few months.

      I'm outside with a group of people, one of which resembled one of my close relatives. It seems that there was some kind of rush built up throughout the dream, as if I wanted to start a raid that would descend into some short metaphorical adventure into exploring deeper into my mind.

      I believe I'm wearing some type of milky cool colored dress shirt that was most likely blue or something of that nature along with a dark vanilla suit and dress pants. I also was wearing a light brown shoes with a yellow rubbery sole texture on the bottom as well.

      The environment surrounding me was a mix of two High Schools that I used to go to. The ground itself consisted of a light gray color, but the sky above me seemed to have some sort of ambient lighting to it that made it look a bit more of a very milky and light violet color.

      It was very spacious, and I there were all sorts of structures surrounding me that I didn't bother to absorb them into my perception in great detail. What was about 30-40 feet away from me was a building where the front had a series of glass blocks. There was double glass door with light gray metal bars for the door handle to push in, and the tint of the glasses consisted of a dark brown color.

      The individual that accurately resembled a close relative of mine was wearing a simple black shirt along with Khaki-colored long pants that was a little baggy around the knee and ankle regions. He's wearing a pair of glasses and has a hairstyle that looks exactly like what my relative would conform to if he got a haircut.

      The hairline makes an "M" shape that's more rounded and spread out which leaves a pretty large gap around his forehead. I forget what color the shoes he's wearing, but I'm presuming he's wearing something similar to mine.

      I get closer and closer to the double glass doors and pushed them in an aggressive manner and I heard the clashing sounds of the small metal gears opening the door. The area inside was pretty dark, but in the dream setting, it seems it was early morning I believe.

      It was easy to spot some backlight that was probably 100-200 feet away from my current position within this school building. The area I'm at looked like a cafeteria similar to what the two High school had the same model for.

      It was very spacious, and continued to become more spacious the more I paid close attention to the environment with peripheral vision. There's some weird dark brown atmospheric overlay as well that adds on to the darkness in the middle of the cafeteria that was fairly empty.

      In front of me were a group of females that looked as if they were practicing some choreographed moves for cheerleading or for some kind of dance squad. There were about two females that I was able to identify on the spot without actually having to pay attention to their visage in extreme detail.

      The contours of their face had an immediate association to the ones I had some interaction with in waking life in the past. The first contour was one of a Black female that was probably around the age of 16-17, at least based on her body composition alone. I'll just label her as "Chels" for the sake of anonymity.

      She had the same radiant personality she used to exhibit to others in general, and the second person that I recalled was a blonde female. Since her name is a bit shorter than the previous, I'll just label her as "Sarah."

      She had the same hairstyle as her waking life counterpart, where most of her hair was bundled up into a ball. Then there were regions of her hair that were spread out and had a tangle, wavy, and spiraling effect at the bevels of the ball's curvature.

      Other than those two, the rest seemed to have a very opaque composition, almost to the point of being pure silhouettes. It was almost as if they barely had life in them, and I wonder as I'm recalling this why I wouldn't be able to identify the other visages except for the two noticeable ones when I was probably a sophomore or junior in High School.

      The cheerleaders or dance squad seemed to be performing very mechanically, almost to near perfection with synching, though this was all presumed based with a mix of peripheral and 360 vision that's fairly difficult to articulate properly into words.

      I believe there's a series of light brown cardboard boxes that were flattened and spread out and most likely taped to the floor as some kind of cheap dancing pad for them to practice on. The floor itself consisted of a weird milky mix of light pink with a barely noticeable overlay of light milky violet as well.

      The tiling for the floor consisted of maybe 3x3 inch squares that were separated with black lines that had a few inches depth to it as well, which adds on to how it matched perfectly with the sounds of footsteps and echoing as well.

      Now, let's focus back to my perspective of being filled with a cluster of emotions in relation to adrenaline, passive-aggressiveness (somewhat), and just a few seconds from a monumental rage that would end off anticlimactically with submissiveness.

      I asked the blonde female Sarah a general question in a fairly rushed and aggressive tonality on whether or not if I could proceed further into the building. She immediately shifts her awareness to me and makes a head motion for "No." I believe she was saying something after doing so, but by then, my emotional responses were so quick that I ended up drowning out my auditory awareness of her voice tremendously.

      I was already in rage and started to scream abruptly which ended up with the room being in complete silence for a while. As I'm reaching the apex of the scream, the same relative I mentioned before seemed to have an expression that seemed intimidated or irritated slightly from the scream.

      To the right of me at about 20-30 feet away from me would be a small set of stairs that would lead to a slightly higher flooring that would be maybe 3-4 feet tall. There were metal bars that were spaced out 6-10 feet wide and had a weird contour where the pole on the top region would go straight up, horizontal, diagonal to be parallel to the small set of stairs, and then downwards to the lower floor.

      I make a power walk towards the stairs while sustaining the weird cluster of emotions, and then I noticed that my close relative started to get ahead of me. He proceeded to the top of the stairs and scanned left and right.

      He seemed to have been paralyzed for a few seconds, and I wondered what was going on. He ended up turning to his right and trying to make a dash towards some area. Most likely the other set of double doors presuming this dream modeled the two High Schools to exact specifications in generalizations.

      I could sense there were going to be a group of individuals where a huge column to my left was blocking me from visualizing. That column and the rest had the similar color of the tile flooring inside the building as well, and for some odd reason, my emotions shifted abruptly.

      From the auditory awareness of a group of men yelling at the dream character that resembled my close relative, I decided to prepare for an immediate surrender. I probably even had a mental rendering within the dream of how it would turn out to be as well, which just added on to me promptly lowering my body slowly while having my hands up.

      Sustaining the 360 vision while having my back facing the set of dream characters that would eventually find me, I paid attention to their details. They were fairly bland and dull for the visage aspect and had a default clothes setting of black shirt and black long pants. I believe there was a white font across their chests, but I can't recall what was stated specifically.

      And as I'm continuing my descent to the floor, I'm finally down on my knees and end up lying down on my stomach. At this point, this is where things started to get really awkward. I have my hands placed on my back and the top of my rear waiting for the guards to do whatever they needed to do since we seemed to have been intruders.

      But it doesn't seem they're coming in my direction, and were probably busy taking care of the relative of mine that probably escaped already. In the meantime while I'm still lying down on the floor, a random Black Dachshund dog appears on my right side.

      I found myself in a fairly awkward position where I was worried that this dog would probably maul my entire face off or something. Fortunately, it seemed the dog had a liking for me and ended up just licking the right side of my ear and face occasionally while looking up.

      I wanted to look up to see what it was looking at, but I was paying more attention in making sure the dog wouldn't do something random and change its demeanor from friendly to rip-your-face-off. I could feel the body head for the dog as well, and I could tell that out of all the dream characters within this dream, this dog had more lively nature to it.

      It's almost as if I could feel its tail wagging and breathing to some extend compared to the lifeless and air-filled dream characters around me. After a while, I can't recall what happened next because things ended in a blur.

      There was probably a dream shift where I was captured and in a different location, but that's all I remember unfortunately.
    5. 6/5/13 - hypnosis

      by , 06-06-2013 at 09:54 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My dream begins at a school, it's this school that is in many of my dreams, I think it's just all the schools I've been to mixed into one making it look like a place I've never been. I'm with friends but I pay so little attention to them I don't know which they are, I seem to have an urgent purpose. It is lunch time, because kids are walking around with trays and the campus if crowded. It has all grades it looks like, because I see what look like elementary aged students to teen students. I walk away from the people that I suppose were talking to me, I couldn't care less because I had to find someone, I didn't know who because I wasn't clued into the part of me that was so urgent with a purpose, it's is like there is two separate minds working within me, I literally don't know what and why I am doing, but I rode along with my body nonetheless. I see cheerleaders practicing cheers and I walk up to them I find a girl and I place my hand on her shoulder for her to turn around and when she does I here the other minds thought, that this is the teen sister, I need to find the younger sister. The girl seemed exited that I might need her for something but the other mind says I need to know where her younger sister is. The teenager seemingly disappointed points to the direction her little sister is, and says she's at her own cheer practice. So on goes my body with purpose again, I see a crowd of people within this cement room area outside, when I walk in all the people move their attention off of the cheerleaders over to me and give me a weird look, I think because I am older than them, they think a senior is in their area or something (I'm not a senior, I'm not in school anymore), but I walk around what's happening in the middle and I spot the girl I was looking for, she looks 10 or 11 years old, has very light brown long hair that's slightly wavy, unlike her older sister who had medium length straight dark brown hair. I admire it as I stand on the sidelines waiting, I guess for her cheer practice to end. (This part is weird to me, it is as though I had amnesia within my dream) Next thing I know I'm at the front exit of the school, I can see outside and the sun is starting to set, I decide to head out and walk for the door, but I get a feeling, I look to my left and about 25 feet away is the young cheerleader with her mother, they are in the attendance office line. They are both looking at me intently, I assume it is like when you see a friend and you stare at them until they see you and you both wave, so I smile at them and keep walking on my way. This time it's like I know who they are but it's not all my will or attention on the girl, I feel like kind of just an acquaintance and walk off outside. While I walk out I make my way to the sidewalk and begin to turn and walk the way down towards where I think I live I guess, but I'm stopped by the mom and daughter, I can see they're both panicked, the mother is carrying her daughter in her arms, I very worried ask them what is going on, are they okay, and do they need help, then the mother tells me I need to take off what I did to her child...I being majorly confused ask her what is she talking about? She then goes on to say that I need to un-hypnotize her daughter, I need to undo what I did to her daughter.. I feel I've never been more confused, I don't understand what she is talking about, I tell her this, I tell I didn't do anything to her, I didn't hypnotize her, but she just keeps on insisting I undo what I did to her daughter and then she places her daughter in my arms and hastily walks off. I look down at the girl and I see she is in distress, I ask her whats going on and then the second the girl opens her mouth, a memory hits me like the clearest vision, I see what I did I assume after the cheer practice. I see that I took her somewhere quiet and I hypnotized her to love me, I hypnotized her to love me greatly, I did it over and over. Once I realize what I've done, not my mind, but personality changes I suppose into the personality the other mind had, I now have somewhat the motives the other mind had. I look down at the girl and I see her struggling in her head, she loves me but because it's hypnosis she knows I'm only making her do it and she knows she doesn't, she doesn't want to feel what she's feeling. At this point there is a part of me judging me for what I've become while I am doing and thinking things. Instead of help the girl and un-hypnotize her, I feel I need to defend myself even though I know I'm wrong. I stare at her and think of my options while I'm still telling her I didn't hypnotize her even though I know damn well I did. A memory comes into my head, one of a man who taught me the specific hypnosis for the girl. I decide I will find him and tell him I need to hypnotize her again, I need to hypnotize her to forget I ever hypnotized her and to still love me, I don't want anyone to know this awful thing I've done. I carry the girl with me and start walking back to the school doors so I can find the man. (Then I wake-up)
    6. Knives In Deltoids, Akashic Records Attempt, Clapping and Bellyslapping, RS Acc Hacked, Loose Shorts

      by , 11-07-2012 at 03:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Knives on my Deltoids (DILD)


      I have a false awakening, and I noticed that on my left deltoids, I have some kind of knife object on my arm. It's not causing any pain for me, and I slowly take it out, no kind of pain at all.

      I even take it near my mouth to see if I can taste something out of it. It's really dark in this area, I can barely see anything except for what's contained on my bedroom, which makes sense for the dream to have the same dark environment at night in waking life.

      I look at my left Deltoids once more, and there's another oddly shaped black knife object. I do a reality check,
      realized that I'm dreaming. I feel like I can't move the lower regions of my body, or maybe I was just too sleepy to care.

      I take the knife out again, and decided to not lick it this time, I took out several knives that appeared out of nowhere back to my left deltoids again.

      It got annoying, so I decided to go back to sleep.
      Akashic Records Attempt (WILD)


      I noticed I felt intense vibrations all over my body, I don't know how, but I guess that 5 hour sleep that I didn't want helped at some point. I guess I got around 10 hours of sleep last night, excluding the 1 hour unintentional WBTB I did.

      Now, if I wasn't so bothered on how lonely I felt in this dream, I could've found my Akashic Records, or the location of it, or at least, a guide that can help me access it.

      What a waste of potential, but I guess I have to take baby steps, considering how I was able to change my dream scene pretty well. Didn't really have to worry about stabilization, I just engaged into passive thinking while having some kind of focus of movement, since I could walk and run just fine.

      It's hard to recall how I was able to become lucid from this, probably from a micro-awakening that I just was fortunate to be cognizant of, or maybe through those same vibrations, but I have full control of my body throughout the course of this dream.

      The same kind of emptiness I experience when I pull off a WILD. No one is there, it's all me, this definitely doesn't feel like a lucid dream. It feels so different, no signs of danger, no signs of people, nothing, just me, and the environment.

      It's so quiet, that I found it a bit scary. It was a bit dark, but there was adequate lighting here and there. I'm inside of a fancy house, I'd go as far to presume that this was a mansion that had several empty houses next to it. I walked slowly, not at a reasonable pace throughout the dream.

      I ask in a moderately loud voice,

      "Is anyone there? Anyone?!?!?"

      No response at all, not even a cricket sound from outside, not even a simulated buzzing of the A/C in the house either. Complete solitude.

      I decided to go to a random exit from the house, and headed outside. It's still dark outside, and I noticed the surface is covered with autumn leaves all over. There's random slopes around the area, and I'm currently going down a slope of autumn leaves, and find that there's another house within my linear path. I can hear slight sounds of my feet crushing on the dry autumn leaves as well, and even a little friction between each one I step on

      The door is opened already, and there's even more lighting inside. There's all sorts of accessories and furniture here. To name a few:

      -Grandfather clock
      -China set within a Cabinet (or at least the cabinet to contain them)
      -White cloth over a fairly long dining table.

      It's like I'm at an environment with more than enough houses and a mansion, except there's no one to share it with. I start contemplating more on the deep solitude I'm in, and finally, took the initiative to try and change things.

      The thought of the Akashic Records came into my mind. Thank goodness I remember that. However, at the same time, I started to have other thoughts competing for my acknowledgment, maybe 3-4 thoughts in total. I decided to start things off by doing a lucid dream scene technique for once.

      I take my right foot out, then I put my left foot on top of it, and started to do a dream spin rapidly with my arms spread out. I can hear the SWOOSHING sounds and rapid lines forming around me that represent strong winds circulating around my field of vision. There's an orange background surrounding me while I'm seeing my arms go around with my body in first person view.

      For once, I do a dream spin for the first time that ends up in a successful dream change. The environment feels familiar, but it's definitely different than before. I'm on a set of stairs, half-way from getting to the floor of this big house full of items and furniture, but no people.

      That's what I thought for a few more seconds, until I looked down, and saw someone below me on my right next to the wooden bars supporting the wooden railing on the stairs. The man is wearing a black shirt, and in the middle of his chest, there's a red font bordered with a contrasting color from the black shirt with the letters "OT" on it.

      He looks up at me, and I realized he looks a lot like my previous Pre-Calculus teacher before I moved to my last High School before graduating. The visage looks similar, except he had a darker tone than Mr. S.

      He tells me to follow him, and I slowly go down the stairs, having growing suspicions on his slightly authoritative declaration.

      But since this is a dream, I just went with the flow, and from there, I forget what happens next. All I remember from this point is that I'm right behind him, and we're headed towards a beam of light within a room. Possibly somewhere that can help me find my Akashic Records....but I don't know...

      Clapping and Belly slapping (Non-lucid)


      I know this isn't the initial point of the dream, but I'm following a female, and we're both headed for some kind of Science Lab for class. We reach the building, and we presumed that there's no lab today, but then someone informs us that we should check the upper floors. So we go to an elevator together, and found there's people going inside a fairly large lecture room.

      Inside the same room, it's saturated with orange-yellow lighting, and all of the seats are dark green with a plumped cushion type of material. I go inside, and sat next at a random area out in the front. There's so much shit going on in this dream, I don't even know where to start.

      Okay, we're required to do some kind of simulation where we have to beat these girls in pink who are cheerleaders of the University/school/college/whatever. We have to slap our bellies and then clap after that, and we have to chain this for as long as we can.

      I end up doing pretty good, but the moment I screw up and have to pause, the points on the screen in front of me that's set up like an electronic voting booth goes down dramatically. I have to keep up the pace, and I know that somewhere, the cheerleaders are doing their part of the simulation just fine.

      Everything ends, class is over, and I'm the last student in there. My professor is an Asian man who looks like that guy from the new Hawaii 5-0 show. He took out a sheet of paper with my results, and I think it was a 314 or something like that. It was a fairly low score, at least to me, and I started to comment on how much of a failure I am.

      He begs me a pardon, and I said, "Oh nothing!"

      Then he starts talking about random things that I can't recall.
      Dioscar steals my Runescape money and items (Non-lucid)


      In short, Dioscar, a friend I had in middle school, decides to hack into my Runescape account. I don't know how he does it, but he tells me he does, and he starts running off like crazy.

      I started to have a memory that I had 30 million gp in my bank before, and probably a few other valuable items. I get pissed, but I can't get to him. I open the door to get into my room, and I see a Yu-Gi-Oh! character that looks like the bald dude with the black marking on his face who was probably a relative or servant of Marik.

      With the help of a good person in waking life, it's Odion. Odion has the purple robes, and has the hood over his head. He seems to be bending down near the bed, and turns around and looks at me. I look at him for a while to see who he really is. He doesn't seem to want to attack me or anything, so I close the door quickly and got out.
      My Pants are Loose (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm shaking hands with someone that looks like Jerry in waking life, and as I'm doing that, I feel like my ass is exposed for another guy to see.

      I can just feel it, and I noticed he was looking at my exposed ass, so I quickly pulled up my pants, which were black shorts by the way. I also was wearing a black shirt with a gray vertical line on the left and right side of the shirt starting from the collar until the bottom of the shirt.

      I tried to play this off like nothing happened, but the moment was awkward either way.

      Three Types of Woman (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much, other than I have to meet three types of woman.

      There's two women, that I can't really describe, and the last one is a pre-op transwoman. For some reason, the moment I hear that, I had a mental image that she would be anally raped by men.


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    7. The Netball Train Journey...

      by , 06-01-2012 at 02:37 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      1st of June, 2012

      Nooks, Acka and myself were in a different city. Adelaide, I think. We went to the train station to get home and on the tracks a group of girls were practicing for a big cheerleading competition that night. We decided to go along and see what it was like, then
      I woke up.

      Drifted back to sleep about 30mins later and entered the same dream except this time it was a netball tournament instead of a cheerleading comp. In America.
      It was at this huge arena and I said I needed to find a parking spot (even though I was already out of the car) so I knew where to park. I walked down a hallway and past a shopfront with glass cabinets full of guns. I stopped and checked them out and noticed these ones that were painted anodized metal. Like those colourful iPods. (I'd been watching sciency videos about that just before bed, really should've picked up on it!)

      I ended up buying this mini BB gun from the guy who would NOT stop talking and went back and found Nooks who said that by that time the game had finished. We left via train and then I woke up.

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    8. Oprah needs a knife, or How I learned to make a cheerleader cry

      by , 03-22-2012 at 05:37 AM
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]I’m in a bus with my son filled with students from hismiddle school, but they look like high school students. It is at least 3:30P.M.,and the bus is driving south on Lamar Blvd. near Shoal Creek. We pass a building/housethat is on fire on the 2[/SIZE][SIZE=2]nd[/SIZE][SIZE=3] floor and I remark that it is still onfire. I believe I had seen it, perhaps passed by it, earlier in the dream, butthis may be a false memory. We continue along the road and I begin talking witha girl in front of me, and then I have some words for a nearby boy. I can’tremember what I said to the girl but I told the boy something in a very frankway, possibly something hurtful. I even thought about why I was saying what Isaid in a mean way, yet decided to continue saying it. The boy got up, cried,and wandered off. He was skinny, had glasses, and sort of wavy dark hair. Thegirl, who turned out to be a cheerleader, got mad at me and said, “Thanks a lot!He was one of the nice ones!” and she left.[/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Just remembered when I sat down on the bus with my son hestarted talking to a cheerleader and I was impressed he was talking to such apretty girl so casually, and comfortably, and he wasn’t awkward or shy. She wasreplying to him and he told her that she was, “…such a dumb bitch.” And she wasjust “really dumb.” I was now equally impressed and dumbfounded that he wouldsay this to her face, such a pretty and nice-sounding girl. I never got todwell on this in the dream.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Somehow we ended up in a flat-bottomed ferry-boat on theriver in Austin, which was bigger than usual. It was operated by a hefty, shortblack lady, who turned out to be Nell Carter. She had made her home on the boatand was using it to ferry people across the river, which somehow seemed a lotwider than normal. Outside the boathouse, on the aft deck, was a shallow pool,or fountain. The interior of the boathouse had chairs, plants, cabinets, andmap drawers along the walls.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]We cruised around on the boat for some time, taking considerabletime to get from one side of the river to the other. I recall chasing mydaughter around the boat, inside and out. She was younger in the dream,perhaps 2 or 3 years old, but Iperceived her as being 10 months old or so, and capable of decent speech. Myson was not aboard. After catching up to her (still chasing) I was talking withher and she asked me, “Why did we stay in the overflow annex for Aquafest for10 months?” I started to reply and then remembered she wasn’t alive back then.How could she know about that? We had indeed lived in the annex for 10 months,when I was a kid, but I didn’t even remember it because I had been little. Iremarked to the people in the room, “She’s right, but how could she know that?”(these are all false memories) I decidedit was important to look through the map drawers and found some maps thatseemed significant, and Nell Carter thought so also. Another person on the boatwas also looking at the maps and seemed worried about what they meant.[/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Dream-shift happens here.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]Suddenly we were interrupted by a gang of mean men. Therewere skinny white guys and very large black guys, all wearing menacing leatherwith points and spikes. We (the group I was in) all picked up knives thatseemed to be lying around on the floor and prepared to defend ourselves. Thebad guys had knives also, and weren’t afraid to use them. We started facing offagainst different people and I took out a skinny guy and then another mid-sizedguy, and then I was left facing the giant black thug all by myself. He pulledout a knife that was more machete than anything, shiny and sharp. He tended to move stereotypically slow, and Inoticed I was wielding a heavy-handled 5” knife that had a nice heft to it. Ithrew the knife at him and it stuck in his chest, deep, but not completelyincapacitating. It slowed him a little, and as I was backing up from him Ipulled another knife out of the back of a slain thug that was lying on the groundnext to me. I prepared to fight, but I was clearly outmatched. He wielded hisbig knife and I had my little four or five inch knife, which made me feel likeI was about to die. Somehow, despite its size, I used the knife to block acouple of his attacks, and I finally stabbed him around the collar bone.[/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Though a decent wound it still did not stop him. I backedaway and noticed some gay male cheerleaders were part of the fray, and they wereclearly on the side of the bad guys with murderous intent, though it was likethey were infected with the urge to kill rather than being inherently bad. Theywere on a hill, one holding the hands of the other, keeping the lower guy fromsliding down the hill. I stabbed the upper cheerleader in the back of the neckand they both went down. They were still smiling, and doing “gay” cheers andwere clearly affected in the head, possibly by the zombie virus. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Stabbing the cheerleader was a weird sensation. Pushing theknife into his neck didn’t feel like I thought it should, slightly yielding yetmy knife didn’t seem to go in as far as I felt it should.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]Just remembered I slit a couple throats during the fracas. The first throat I cut didn’t bleed like I hadhoped it would and I had to stab that person with a little more force. Thesecond person I grabbed and turned to face away from me so I could slit theirthroat properly. I drew my knife across their neck and blood gushed in asatisfying manner.[/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Now I had to face the big black thug one more time. I’m notclear if I stabbed him or threw another knife into his chest, but the knifewent in pretty deep, and he seemed to be bleeding from his neck, and possiblyhis mouth. He stopped, looked down and pulled out the knife, dribbled out someblood, turned around and just walked out. He was unhappy, hurt, seriouslybleeding, and he had endured enough.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I began searching through the knives left on the ground andfound a few folding knives and some cleavers with handles that covered aquarter of the blade. Knives were everywhere, the battle between groups havingbeen quite intense. Out of nowhere Oprah Winfrey shows up and starts lookingover the knives on the floor. She tells us we had good taste in knives and ifshe ever needed any cutlery she would come to us.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]This was such a weird dream, so odd that punks, gaycheerleaders, and massive thugs all were focused on the same killing task. Tome, it had felt as if all the bad guys were infected by some malicious virusthat turned regular people into homicidal maniacs. Additionally, all thecharacters were stereotypical in action. The gay cheerleaders were flamboyant,the skinny punks seemed incompetent, and the big black thug was very strong butmoved slower than I could.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Oh, and the soundtrack to my dream was a song by DrowningPool, called Bodies (“Let the bodies hit the floor!”) Very appropriate.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
    9. More issues

      by , 01-24-2012 at 02:09 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Scattered dream...maybe I was waking up and that's why I can't piece everything together....anyways.

      Come at me BRO

      I'm watching someone fight, some random cat...and I don't jump in because I don't know who the heck they are. One guy wins, and he's mad at me...apparently he's J's brother. J magically shows up, and starts punching me. He yell's something about not helping out. I told him what the deal is...and it's me vs. them two for a while. Fight of my life type shit...since he's waaaaaay stronger than me IRL. I was just trying to defend myself for the most part. D shows up...and we square off. D talks them out of it for a second. Then asks me to drop his kids off....then I'm like...hold up, isn't that just running? I might as well finish taking this ass whooping now than leave.

      Can I stop dreaming about this?

      There's this guy preaching about something at my house....he walks inside. My pops arrives and tells him to get out...I was really surprised because he was mad. The guy leaves...and then J's kids come over to eat. I think I serve them hotdogs, and one of them just pours a pile of salt over the hotdog and doesn't eat it. I obviously got mad and yelled at her...telling her that she needs to eat her food, or not ask for so much. I felt bad after words and told her I loved her.

      Something else about walking through a field....but I turned around because I had a feeling I was going to see snakes everywhere.

      I'm in a crowded room, and we're watching these highlights of the NBA Playoffs. Specifically when Jordan was playing against Alonzo Mourning's and Charles Barkley's (my two favorite players) teams that they were on. Something else came up about genealogy...and I had to remind two people they were related. We kept watching it and sat down, and there was cheerleader sitting in my lap. I had one hand on her thigh, and on on her back. I could tell she was cold and what not, but I tried to pay attention to the game. I moved my arm around her, my hand off of her thigh because I noticed my hand was pretty high up there. She leaned forward so my arm wouldn't be touching her at all. Then she said something like don't try anymore of that stuff. Which was kinda weird...cause I thought I was the one moving away....hell whatever.

      There's a guy sitting in front of us with a clean cut afro who she's practically sitting next to now because of the leanage. He asks her "so who you wit". Or something cheesy like that...she says no one. And I told the guy "I'm still Mr. Solo...she's just a friend or whatever". I was a little upset at how sneaky the guy tried to be...but at the same time I was just like "fuck it".