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    1. Bar Chess Night

      by , 09-18-2018 at 05:57 PM
      I'm in my bed sleeping at my parents' house. My mom comes in, and wants to know if I want to call my brother in right now to have a talk before I have to go. It's the middle of the night, but I say sure and she goes to get him. I'm out of bed when she comes back with him and an assortment of chairs is arranged in a circle around my room with other people now sitting in them. I take a chair across from him and Mom tells me I can start. I begin telling him about his attitude and actions that he's taken and how if he could see what he was doing, he would be embarrassed. He chooses to ignore me though so I walk away. I find myself in a dark room with a girl I know and someone else. Although I can barely see anything, I become aware that I'm dreaming. I immediately go for the finger push reality check and it works, but the room is dark, and without many senses engaged, I soon lose lucidity. I emerge in a new place walking into a bar of sorts. I see a group of friends who want to play a game with me. I think it's either pool or beer pong. Before I go play with them, I see a few people setting up a chess board. The pieces are fairly large, but are laid out strangely. I question this for a while until rationalizing that the pieces are laid out in the other orientation than I first thought. Looking back at the board, it now looks fine. There are some missing pieces though, 3 pawns, and I look for them. Next to the board is a box of heavy whipping cream and inside, I can see all three pawns covered in it. I slowly take them out with the guy next to me helping to clean them off. He has a very heavy English accent making it difficult to understand what he's saying.
    2. #40: Stations / Sales

      by , 11-26-2015 at 09:55 AM
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in a train. I'm on my way to my hometown. The train stops at a train station with the name of my hometown on it. Heh.. no way. This station doesn't like it at all. It's a tiny station almost in the middle of nowhere. I think an elderly couple gets off. I'm still a bit confused over the situation. It's one thing to get the wrong info from the on board announcements, but to have the wrong namesign up on a train station... Suddenly I see the area from an aerial perspective. Ow I get it now. They've added 2 new train stations in this city, to increase accessibility. Apparently they all have the same name.

      At the next station now. I clearly see a shop on the other platform. The building is very rectangular. I'm standing on a different platform. I look at the announcement board and see that the next train will go to my hometown. I start walking towards the correct platform. I will have to check out and check in again.

      » I'm with my cousin. She takes a look at my dreads. She gets all excited and sort of states that I've fixed them. I tell her that my mom fixed them up a bit, but not entirely. Somehow I feel a bit embarrassed with the attention.

      » I'm with my mom, grandma and aunt. My aunt is blind.* We were walking around the house and my aunt had no problem moving about with the same speed as a non-blind person. We're then all seated at a table and I'm playing chess against my blind aunt. Instead of black-white, the board is black - light blue. The position of the pieces changes ever so slightly during one of my turns, causing me to take a very long time to think about what move I want to do. At some point one of the pieces is a squished little tomato with some other stuff mixed into it. It's quite messy.

      *My aunt's not really blind.

      » I'm walking along a trail in the hills or on a mountain. I'm hiking with a group.

      » Not sure if it's the same group, but we're in a cave with a lot of people. We're playing a type of infected tag game. If you get tagged, you become one of the growing group of taggers. The purpose is to make it to the other side. I think I get tagged at some point, but somehow have a retry. It's easy to tell who is infected as they have a certain light around them. I think I dive to make it out of the cave on the other side, but I'm a bit too late. I finish in 3rd position, which I can clearly see displayed as if I'm playing a video game.

      » I'm talking with my ex girlfriend on whatsapp. It's about a mountain and a volcano I've been to in Indonesia. There are pictures. Our replies are somewhat normal, but at the same time it feels like there's a sub-meaning as the situation feels a bit hostile. Did I go to these places with Christina?

      » Writing Christina's name triggered the memory of a plane, though I'm not sure if I dreamt about one.

      » I'm scrolling through LinkedIn. I've added one of my lecturers. I think I see her scrolling to hers and her ignoring my invitation. I reason that she probably doesn't know who I am, as I've omitted some information from my profile.

      I'm standing inside a small shop. It's supposed to be an office for a street sales company at which I will start working. I know it will be different than the last time, because this time I have my housemate Quint with me who will also work here.* We're standing in front of a type of post-mix machine with the manager, who is our age. He offers us some cola. I'm not really into cola because it's unhealthy, but I don't want to be rude. We get it in a big cup. Quint prefers dr. pepper, but the manager is not allowed to pour the same quantity of dr. pepper as cola. A rule from his uncle, who is the owner. We watch the television which is mounted a bit above our heads. It's an event in a stadium. There's a group of perhaps 100 people in the middle of the field. It has to do with mourning for a terrorist attack. I see an old friend of mine, Tris. Wauw.. it looks like he hasn't slept for days. Then the whole thing turns into a performance, with riot police and such. At some point it turns into a form of rehearsal, as one thing is done again and again to get it right.

      *We don't live together. He used to work at the previous street sales company.
    3. #34: Chess theft

      by , 11-20-2015 at 09:28 AM
      I didn't really feel like writing today Sorry if this is a bit unreadable.

      » I'm in a restaurant with my mom and a lot of other people at our table. We're with at least 8 people. We're there for lunch I guess. At least not for dinner. The prices in this place are ridiculous. I think I'm not really hungry... At some point some more people join

      » I'm entering a minivan. There are at least 2 girls in there which I know, as well as some other people. One of them tells me that I smell. Well obviously! I wanted to shower but the shower was occupied.

      » I'm somewhere alone with my girlfriend, watching a movie. She decides to sit on my lap and kiss me. She makes a comment about me still trying to watch the movie while kissing. I decide not to watch, but to listen instead. At some point later on she says she missed something in the film.

      » Something to do with a train or a train station.

      » I've entered a building, or I'm standing in front of it. It's already evening. I'm not sure what it is exactly that I'm doing. It has something to do with KPN [telecom provider]. My bike is parked here, as well as my moped and the motorcycle I just arrived on. Either the bike or the moped falls over. I place them somewhere where they won't fall easily.

      » I'm in the house where I used to live in Indonesia. I'm talking with one of the Dutch girls who's living there right now. There's a guy present who I believe is also Dutch.

      Chess theft
      It's daytime. I'm driving around the city I used to live in, in Indonesia. There's nothing about it that looks like that city, I just know that I'm in that city. I'm with a couple of friends first. We all have our own moped/motorcycle. I feel like the same thing happens twice: we split up at a certain point, leaving me with Daniel. The roads are empty most of the time. I feel like we are driving through a shopping street at some point, where you're supposed to walk. We stop at a small shop. There's a motorcycle inside. I think that's what's caught Daniel's attention, though I'm not sure at what point Daniel turned into someone else. He sits down on a barstool in front of the shop, takes a pad of receipts from the shop and a pen and starts writing some info down. One of the two ladies running the shop tell him he can't do that. He keeps doing it anyway, not even bothered by their protests. At some point it's now my Indonesian friend. She knows just a few Dutch words, mostly swear words and she starts talking to the shopladies that way. I intervene quickly and tell them that she has no clue what she's saying and knows just a few words. She's very proficient in using those few swearing sentences she knows. I try to make her say a sentence she hasn't practised yet, to prove to the shopladies that she isn't Dutch and this is all a big misunderstanding.

      I'm riding again. Not sure if it's still Daniel or already Sven who I'm with. We ride through a supermarket. At some point he has a car. I'm thinking to myself how stupid it is to have a car in this city. It's totally not convenient with all the traffic jams. But for now it's fine. I'm driving a semi-automatic motorcycle. I feel that I'm shifting gears with my foot every few seconds. We drive on the left side of the road, as we should. We go through some corners and end up at a sort of junkyard. It's definitely Sven who I'm with now. We enter the junkyard. It's inside a dim warehouse. There are a lot of racks divided over different aisles like a supermarket, all filled with oversized chess pieces. Somehow Sven steals some, despite their size. I walk away to another aisle. If he gets caught I can at least say I'm innocent.

      A kind of cat and mouse game ensues, with Sven hiding from the owner and the owner suspecting, but not being sure that someone is in there, taking his things. I talk with the owner to distract him. His name is Ivar or Ivan. There are 2 pawns on the ground. Very small ones. One is purple and is made from furry material. I hand it to him. I also hand him the other one, though I don't recall what that one looks like. We talk some more and he hands me a USB stick which has the shape of an envelope. I recognise it and he allows me to have it. Nice! I still needed one. I walk outside. Sven tells me I did a shit job in there. I tell him I managed to distract Ivan/Ivar, so he should be happy.

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    4. Two board games

      by , 01-25-2015 at 11:01 PM
      I'm playing go with an old friend, and off to my left there's a woman who's thanking me on her hands and knees. I've just told her about the arrangements I've made to get her and her unborn child out of their current situation. I'm looking at the board, not at her, waiting for my friend to make his move - I'm smiling throughout this scene, since it irritates my friend. I haven't looked at the woman throughout the conversation. This was business, although I did take a personal interest since the father wasn't human. As she starts to leave, I tell her I'd like to see the child when it's born. Take it to a specific temple - I don't mention this last part, but there's a particular fox demon who lives behind that temple, a relative of mine, and I think he would take an interest in the child.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      The spirit of a certain man has been released and possessed someone, and since I and a friend of mine are the ones who bound him in the first place, a woman's asking me how we managed it the first time. I'm telling her it won't work again - we were relying on his trust in us. We prepared a meal and my friend put sleeping drugs in his soup. Scene changes to show that night - the three of us are having a casual conversation. I'm arguing against some point he's just made, and to illustrate my point, I compare it to chess players - although the point of the game is to defeat your opponent, it doesn't follow that a chess player would hate everyone else who plays chess, just because they intend to defeat them.
    5. Chess, Vegas and Role-playing

      by , 11-09-2014 at 05:01 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Chess, Vegas and Role-playing (Non-lucid)


      I was in a park and I was playing a very odd game of chess. It was like checkers, but the checkers had different shapes and drawings, but it was played different than chess. I was with two friends, chatting with one of them while the other one was finishing playing a game of what I believe it was Magic the Gathering:

      The other friend was going to play a game of chess with someone else. I did felt like playing chess and I wish I knew he liked chess. A young made up friend came up, who was going to play a role playing game with me. He was going to be the GameMaster and I was filling up the stats of an elf that I was going to use as my character. I was rolling dice to add my stats, etc. I was now at a hotel in Vegas and waiting for him.

      There was a lady who was fliting with me and we kind of connected, but then, after a while she was interested in someone else, apparently an old boyfriend.

      I was walking around because it was sunny and warm. I saw several hotels around me with some pools. Some of the hotels had portable pools. I was going with this guy now, who I was going to play the roleplaying game. He told me that (while he pointed at a pool) that was portable. But it did not look portable to me.

      We went to a room and I was waiting for someone else, so more people could play. The box said that a solo player coudl help, but I personally found that to be boring. Suddenly, the room's phone rang and a recorded message started to play, saying the name of my wife and talking about pressing 6 if she accepted the loan. I wondered what was going on.

      I saw again the lady that flirted with me. There were some portuguese guys and they were laughing because this lady was complaining about the bread.
    6. Competitive Streak

      by , 06-06-2014 at 01:06 PM
      I was in a classroom with a lot of other people and somehow instantiated a competition between me and a fellow computer scientist. A woman was standing before us and decided to ask us each a series of questions Jeopardy style (on a powerpoint appeared to be a Jeopardy board). We both agreed and the questions began:
      1. Name a program in Unix
      2. Why do people program

      For the first question I buzzed in quickly, as my partner didn't know anything, and said "grep, which is a regular expression tool to find..." or something similar. For the second question I responded, "To bring down the system, and similar." The subsequent questions had an additional property of being able to "own" whatever it is that you answered correctly. For example, the next question was of a girl dancing, and, while my opponent took a guess and failed, I decided not to answer as I was unsure of what to expect. I don't remember what the answer was (or if there was even a question), but I remember she was assigned a value of $60 for a date.

      After this I came up to a window, and tried making my old friends laugh. They were sitting on a spinning table, and I was outside peering in. In the case I remember, I had to make #9428-31 laugh, as well as #36. As they spun around, I would stare at them very seriously, and while #9428-31 maintained a straight face, #36 did not. As a result, #36 actually won and when I opened the door in between, I had to give #36 $200. As I opened the door though, a group of my friends came out, asking for an autograph. I remember writing on one of their forehead's in particular (that of #740-8421), which was incredibly pimply.

      I made it in and #9428-31 came and asked me to sign this piece of paper, which I did, as well as writing $200 on top. I realized I shouldn't have done that, since #36 won and told him this, to which he agreed. I noticed further down this room were people playing a variety of board games. Before going down that route, I explored the kitchenware and the shower, which were right next to each other and had no curtain. I washed my hands, remembering that the water each of us use was the same as in our dormitories. I turned around and walked back to where people were playing board games and saw #6412-91234 playing chess and #27-570214 playing #641-102 in a game of army men. #6412-91234 told me he was playing with the other two, but he didn't understand the game. My viewport jumped to them and became black and white, as one of their "army men" died, and simultaneously, #641-102 cut his finger with one of the pieces.
    7. 7-21-2013 Double Lucid and lots of nice sleep

      by , 07-21-2013 at 05:09 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      SO! Tonight, i finally got a ton of sleep! I'll start going to bed earlier i promise! Either way, i had a ton of dreams tonight, probably more than my record of twelve but some of them were stupid and i didn't want to log every single one of them so i just logged the lucids and some other ones in this log. Yeah, i know it's a bad habit to not log all of them but i will from now on, don't worry.

      Mysterious night ship and end of the world dome fields!:
      It's day time and i'm at some building in a part of my town. Some people from out school are asking who owns some computer parts they had. One part was a gpu with two fans on it. It definitely looked like a piece of trash but i went home and that night i looked it up on my computer. Turned out, it was a piece of trash. Either i then went on to eat some garlic bread and maybe the next night. I was alone and i looked out my front window and saw cars on a road not too far away.

      The cars looked like they had been in a wreck and had been abandoned, no one was in them, it was strange. I then looked out my back window, and in the night sky, i saw some spaceship in the sky far away from my house slowly moving across the sky. I went to door to get a better look at it, it was still moving but behind the clouds now, although i could still see it because of it's lights. Then, all of a sudden, the sky erupted in explosions, and a glowing dome shaped forcefield sprang up and covered the main part of town which i could see over the woods on my farm.

      I thought about what it was for, maybe our country was getting attacked and that would keep the city safe but at the same time, lock them out from the outside world. I also wondered if the dome was meant to lock the city and slowly kill the inhabitants because of lack of outside contact.

      I then found myself in a nice sports car under the dome. Everything looked futuristic. How did i get here? i wondered. I drove around and then wondered again, Do i really want to live like this? under a dome?

      A game of chess:
      I'm playing a game of chess with somebody, but it had some weird rules so i ask him how to play. As i do, the chest board forms an environment and i get sucked in and before i know it. I'm in what looks like a theme park but the people i'm with are sad because a person just died and they were attending a funeral.

      Alien death:

      I'm in a desert at some government test facility. They have these aliens lined up. The aliens have powers that let them control smart people. The government wanted the aliens dead so they brought in basically barbarians which killed the aliens. The government people then took the dead bodies for testing.

      Required skills:
      I'm with a smart girl who is older than me. And by smart, i mean really smart. I'm also with a group of other people. We're about to get on this platform that rises and acts as an elevator because there is a hole in the ceiling which allows the platform to rise through. I attempt to get on but i'm not fast enough because it went up too fast. Then, another platform with people on it comes down and hits the platform that's going up. This causes both the platforms to start going up again but since they hit each other. The platforms were damaged and were slanted sideways. The top platform then ran into the ceiling and crushed the people on it.

      After that, our group went on the regular elevator. As we got to the top and walked out. The girl told me she has enough skills to survive. I didn't have near as many skills as she did, it was weird talking to her.

      The paintings:
      I just got back from martial arts. I'm at my house now, it's night time. I look outside my window and i see black portals appearing all over the sky, cars were flowing out of them. I then yelled for my sister to come watch. She came but appeared outside sitting in a chair. I then wondered how she got through the window. I then realized that i must be dreaming, but first , i had to take this stupid retainer out of my mouth. I was too focused on that to solidify my lucidity so it went away and then my dream self went to bed. I woke up. Then went back to sleep, and woke again.

      This time, people i knew were in my room and i thought i must be dreaming. This got my lucidity back. I then wanted to change settings so i spun around on my bed. As i did that, i imagined a city. The city at first wasn't detailed, but i kept on imagining it and it soon got pretty detailed and eventually, poof! i was there! I then started to walk around, i stopped at the corner of some street to test my senses, it was pretty cool really. I was aware. I could hear, smell and etc. I then tried to rub my hands together, this felt a little weird but way better then my previous lucids.

      I kept on walking and eventually made my way to like a gallery of paintings. I then focused on the hallway lined with paintings and the detail instantly increased. I then walked up and checked out the paintings. The first set was the same painting but the face of each figure was different. At this point, i was completely amazed at the detail in the paintings. Then somewhere along the lines, i must have woke up or something because i can't remember past this except for a different dream that came after.

      Boss fight:
      I'm in a room, it's dark, and only me and this girl are here. I have a gun and she has a laptop. We're fighting some sort of boss monster. We eventually kill it.
      I then realize i must be dreaming. As i do, i try to change the scene to a beach but i didn't focus it like the last one so once i started talking to people on the beach, i transported right back to the room, except this time it had windows, it was night outside, and it was on top of a really tall building.

      A girl was tied up on a chair next to me. why she was tied up, i have no clue. either way, she wasn't the girl i wanted to ask but i'll talk to her anyway. I asked her what my true name was and she then started trolling me and giving me stupid responses like 'princess' and 'quantesia'. I wasn't getting any where with her so i decided to try it in a later lucid dream.

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    8. 24th July 2012 - 16th Lucid Dream [My sub-conscious sure is creative....]

      by , 07-24-2012 at 11:42 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I'm at a convention of sorts, similar to ComicCon, there's people all around in costumes and lots of booths for all different kinds of TV Shows and games.

      I'm fighting my way through the hustle and bustle when I realise that I've lost my friends. I look around for them but can't seem to find them anywhere, when I notice a board that mentions a chess tournament will be happening in a few minutes, something that my dream self was really interested in going to. Though I don't know why, I never play chess in waking life!

      I head to the conference hall where the tournament was being held and queue up. There are a lot of people apparently wanting to play chess, as the queue is ridiculously long. Eventually when I get inside I'm guided to a table and sit down with this old man and a girl with long, ginger hair.

      I immediately notice the intricacies of the table and the chess board that's built into it. It's made of some kind of expensive wood and looks like it must have taken hours to craft all of the details in the chess pieces and the table itself.

      The tournament is about to start when I notice I'm missing a sheet of paper, which was required to partake in the tournament as we had to note something or other down, though, I forget what exactly. I ask for a piece of paper from the tournament host, she walks away and brings me this blank sheet of paper.

      I look up, thank her, and when I look down again my sheet of paper is now filled with text that I can't make out, besides the name "Jane" signed at the bottom. I flip it over and it's blank on this side, but I'm becoming suspicious. When I look away and back again, this side is now filled with words too.

      The ginger girl sitting on the table turns around and mentions that I got handed an already filled piece of paper to the tournament host, while I look down at my hands and reality check. I become lucid, though because of the long dream beforehand I guess I was nearing the end of my dream and I can feel the dream fading after the bump in consciousness.

      I'm focusing on the wrinkles in my hands to stabilise a bit, before swiping my hands over the wooden table to solidify my presence in the dream world and everything comes back into view.

      Ginger girl is still talking to the tournament host, I stand up and for some reason my not fully conscious lucid-dreaming self decides to attempt to blast wind from my hands to make her hair poof up, as if she was in a hurricane. I set up expectation and imagine how it would occur and gesture my hands towards her. Nothing happens with her hair but she simply shouts out "POOF!" in the middle of talking to the tournament host.

      I try again and again, "POOF!, POOF!, POOOOOFFF!" until she turns her head and glares at me, clearly angry that I keep interrupting her conversation. I'm somewhat startled and the dream fades to black and I find myself back in my bed.

      I briefly attempt a DEILD but my mind seems to wander too much and I can't fall back asleep anyway, presumably because of how late it was in my sleep cycle (already about 8 hours) and decide to just get up and write down my dream.

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    9. Don't wake the sleeping monster, The game of life, And twin flames.

      by , 04-30-2012 at 10:46 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now grab a snack or something and enjoy!

      Dream #1 Don't wake the sleeping monster.

      Im in some house in a kitchen looking for something to eat, when a lady (Possibly Italian)
      Walks in and starts telling me careful not to wake the sleeping monster. Im pondering who exactly is this sleeping monster and ask her.
      "Uh...who is the sleeping monster and where is he?"
      "Oh no, it is not a he..it is a she." And she, is my daughter.
      "Uh..so your daughter is a monster?"
      "Only if you wake her."

      Now feeling a bit afraid to even be in that house, the lady assures me to stay and that she is off to go shopping. She asks me to stay because of something about me meeting some people or something. (Damn i should've did a reality check)

      So i decide to fix me some cereal and i accidently drop a spoon on the floor and it was LOUD!

      I froze as i hear it coming from a bed room. I hear footsteps sounding like a 808 drum walking towards the kitchen. The whole house shakes and glasses and plates fall off of the counter, i am trying to hold my balance and keep from falling. I hear the footsteps getting closer. I turn my head towards where the footsteps were coming from i look.

      Its only a barefoot hot teenage blond girl in pink booty shorts and a white sports bra.
      "Oh, im sorry its just th.."
      "Stay here."
      "STAY HERE!!!"
      The windows shatter and car alarms go off when she yelled.
      (Gulp) "k..."
      I remember her coming back with a long whip and chasing me around the house until i woke up. =/ (Damn i was such a pussy in that dream!)

      Dream #2 Chess the game of life.

      Im in some huge temple or empty church, sitting at the very center across from a man who looked like a Guru or a guide of some sort. He had long grey hair down to his stomach area, He looked possibly Indian, had a long grey silky shiny grey beard he kept stroking each time he made his move. And wore a long white and red robe, with stripes on the shoulder parts. We sat in chairs across form eachother playing on this medium size table. There were animals in the temple walking around casually like nothing. There were deers, lions, tigers, bears, panthers, monkeys, and all kinds of birds just fying around in this huge temple we were in. It was as if every animal in there was tame, and was just as calm and were just roaming around the temple. I remembered a wolf came up next to the table and i petted it on the head, And a hawk came and landed on the Guru's shoulder while we played.

      He was explaining to me, about chess being the game of the Gods, and how it relates to life. He mentioned something else to me about, how chess pertains to life, and the paths that we come across while meeting certain people. I remembered moving different pieces and he would tell me to really examine each move i make, as it pertains to life.

      I don't really remember what else was said. But i did wake from that dream feeling like i learned something new.

      Final dream fragment: Twin flames/Twin spirits

      Don't really remember much here. Only talking with a Native American woman about Twin flames/Twin spirits. (Wish i would've remembered more)

      Notes: The second dream really had alot meaning in it. And even though i was not lucid in any of these dreams, i am still happy with what i got. Only wish i would've remembered more of the third dream. As i am aware of Twin flames/Twin spirits.
    10. Fragments for July 28-29 2011

      by , 07-31-2011 at 04:52 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm attending Cincinnati Opera's production of "The Magic Flute." It seems to take place in a great hall instead of the traditional auditorium, and our seats have rather bad views. However, the ambiance is very nice, a candlelit affair. Plates of food are brought out with appropriate themes for every aria, and each patron is given a book with explanatory notes to the action.

      2. I'm playing in a chess tournament at the local library, and I manage to win the whole event. I get $100 from a large roll of cash as my reward; I notice that there are ticket stubs and coupons attached to the end of the roll as well. I start to browse the library, which has recently expanded its collection to include food and wine. Little samples can be "checked out" for tasting purposes. I sample a decent white wine, and as I do the old lady who organized the chess tourney asks me to complete her bridge foursome. I'm reluctant, but I eventually agree and text my mom that I'll be late to meet her.
    11. The Morphsuits

      by , 06-05-2011 at 06:40 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      It was a relatively hot day, and so everyone decided to wear breathable tight fitting clothing. I chose to wear my brand new thermal pajamas, and felt as though people were looking at me kind of funny because of it. When I got to roll call (in my old roll call classroom) Armstrong had shown up wearing his red morphsuit. Mr D, Tim, Armstrong and I had a discussion about how morphsuits were more suited than thermal pajamas. More people started showing up, all wearing morphsuits. We then proceeded to a lesson in the classroom. It was about maths, and decision making. We learnt a formula which was quite difficult, and then a second formula with everyone said was much harder. It was explained with a 2x2 checker board with chess pieces on it, with arrows pointing all different directions.
    12. #181. Eternity

      by , 01-28-2011 at 05:56 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      The ballroom explodes into chaos as the giant chess set dismembers the guests, forcing me to escape with the elderly ghosts of the manor who then try to trap me as I escape through the cracks in reality with the maid and her sister who don't trust me after I rescue them from drowning because I can't die (from that point on, we're followed by their zombie-like blue-tinged doppelgangers who are haunting their mostly-dead father who says, "This is our eternity," and means, "This is Hell.")

      Eternity. Scare Factor: 5. Rating: Awesome.
    13. 30 Nov: Art inspired by meditation and lucid Reiki

      by , 11-30-2010 at 10:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      22:30 GMT

      Group trip on a van
      (Potential SD)--> I was interacting with some group in a van. Like a 9 seat van. I was outside of the van but talking with some guy sitting in the middle row. He is handing me over something. I think there are two girls by his side, but anyway he was in the middle seat. He had a very strong and sexual presence and I felt both intimidated and attracted to him. Then he tells me to hand over or say something to the guys on the back row, so I slide the door to see who's there. At first it’s undefined. I just notice some younger girl near the door but the other people are not yet clear to me. But as I focus, the person in the middle becomes Marco Polo, my ex-boss, ex-crush. Behind him is a guy from the board of his organization. I’m doing whatever I was instructed to do by the other guy and it puts me in a position power towards Marco Polo. He looks me in the eyes and I see he hasn’t forgotten me and he is hoping I also still nurture feelings for him, so I ease the whatever pressure I’m putting on him. I look cold and distant, like he doesn’t mean anything to me anymore, but inside I feel glad that he misses me. I ask them to get out of the van, which they do but he is using his diplomacy and charm to try to soften me. He asks me if I know about the latest project his office is working on and I say no, that I read their newsletter regularly, but either haven’t read the last one or I just missed the news. But I don’t show any interest in knowing anyway. Then the other guy that gave me whatever mission I was accomplishing was also outside the van and we go arm-in-arm guiding the group to some place. It’s some sort of company building and I can only tell it’s in Japan, because they ask us to take off our shoes and put them in a locker they have in the lobby. I had just picked some brochures from the front desk trying to figure out what this place was. I noticed they were written in Portuguese but before I manage to read anything the lady guide really pushes us to take our shoes off. I tell her I worry my feet might smell and she says there’s nothing to worry because they have refreshing wipes in the toilet room for cleaning the feet. Much better.

      00:30 GMT

      So much wrong put together
      At some house with some guy, my dad’s friend I think. This guy is abusing me, he pulled my pants down and he his touching me. I don’t know how I allowed it to happen, I just was there in the middle of it when I became aware of it. My dad comes in exactly on that moment and sees it. Unfortunately he seems to be more embarrassed that I’m half naked, than with the fact this guy is abusing me. The guy loses his grip so I run and cover my body. The guy then leaves and my dad goes to sleep. I play with the dog. To my horror I notice that the dog has his jaw dislocated and I go wake up my dad to take the dog to the vet. But then my cat is also in the picture and I find out he just broke my dad’s chess marble pieces he kept under the bed. He says I must discipline the cat and then I see more broken pieces. On his bedside table I find a particularly weird object – a crucified Buddha - beheaded by the cat.

      02:00 GMT

      Book of memories
      On my way to some classroom (not in school anymore, something for adults) but I want to arrive there flying to impress everybody. Inside the classroom I see Benny, a co-worker with whom I have a communication problem. I want to use the opportunity to break the ice, but I chicken out and first go to toilet. Inside it I enter the first toilet compartment, but I almost can’t move inside so I get out and try the next one. Better, but then I’m being pressured by some lady who’s also in need to use it. Back in the classroom I see some books that were left on a table – I guess related to our class – and I find one which includes a detailed report from a camp retreat where I was as a child. The date on it is 1995, but I know it was even before that, more likely 1991. As I go through it and see the pictures I am immediately transported to those days and I relive the events. Then I realise this book is from Nighthawk. I didn’t even know he was around. I ask him why he has that book and if I can keep it. It includes group pictures where I appear and it’s both embarrassing that others see it and I would also like to have it for myself as a souvenir. But he says no, he won’t give me the book. He knows how much this upsets me.

      Daycare lady
      On a bus or train with my BF and with my cat on my lap. My BF wants the cat to get fresh air from the window, but I say this is no dog and he might jump out, so I actually ask everybody to close the windows that are open. Some people only then notice I have a cat with me and come to cuddle him. One of these persons is Dulce, a lady that took care of me in the daycare when I was a kid and that keeps showing up in my dreams. I never spoke to her on dreams before, so this time I say hi. As I say hi, she seems to notice me also for the first time and makes a big smile and asks me what have I been doing all these years.

      5:00 GMT

      A mystical surreal painting
      I just remember the dream from when I became lucid. I was at a empty room, with a big window with no glass. Outside is a golden light shimmering through the leaves of a tree. I decide to sit to meditate and there’s a pillow right there in the middle of the empty floor. I sit but I don’t feel comfortable. I ignore that and focus on visualizing a Buddha I'm supposed to visualize. I face the naked wall, so it becomes easier than on previous occasions. I see his contours starting to form on the wall, like an ethereal coloured outline. But never a solid figure. Suddenly it becomes a ball of light that hits me and knocks me down. I have this freefall sensation I get when I am falling from the dream but I hold on and I get back in. Once again facing the wall, I visualize this Buddha but his outline figure gives rise to a painting, a perfectly drawn, detailed and clear surreal painting. I feel so surprised that I try to memorize it in all details. I go from the centre to the left and then right trying to memorize the figures, the tones and the words written on it, but it’s not easy. It’s in beige and mocha tones. In the centre a bit tilted to opposite sides are the Pisa Tower and the Eiffel Tower. On the side are the names of European cities, like Paris, Rome, etc. Below a giant pair of eyes and this is landed on a flat terrain with a sea on the left. On the right there are buildings and people, like scenes from an urban landscape and on the left facing the sea is Obélix a bit slender than usual and Astérix with a donkey’s head and wings, hovering above the floor. There’s a black guy in the first plan and on some rocky island in the middle of the sea are some nymphs with wings. Sparse along the picture are what seem to be random words, which I tried to memorise, but forgot. I woke up before I got to memorize all the details.

      Doing Reiki to my mom
      (FA)--> I slide in again but I get convinced that I woke up for good, because I “woke up” on my bed on side position as I had fallen asleep and I do a RC to confirm. I conclude I’m still dreaming. On the bed by my side is my BF, but as usual he is just to inside the dream and kind of dragging me down. I almost wake up again but I hold on and find myself lying down again on the bed. (FA)--> Once again I do RC just to be sure and I find out I am still dreaming. I get up and realise this time I’m not in my room, but in my mom’s. I see her on the bed. She woke up and I go to her side and tell her this is a dream and ask her if I can do Reiki on her. She is again not believing me this is a dream but she agrees with the Reiki. She turns belly down and as I channel energy to her body I wish and visualize that all illnesses and bad energies are cast away, that all obstacles to her health and life are removed. But I strange that I’m not feeling any actual energy flowing, so I decide to do an experiment. I ask her for her flask of vitamins she has on her bedside table and she hands it over to me. I try to energize the pills so they become more powerful and they start moving fast inside the flask as if stirred in a washing machine. It’s so crazy to watch. I try to channel energy to objects and that’s what happens to all of them. So I go back to her and do more Reiki, confident that there is energy flowing, but she is very quiet, as if she fell asleep and then she totally faded away, leaving only the clothes behind. I guess she probably woke up, into the RL. I also slip into waking up, but then slide back in. I find myself in some place with other people, like the empty room where I was first lucid this night, but now is full of people and there’s some event going on. I don’t feel interesting in whatever it is taking place so I decide to keep working on my chi. I remember I did a kamehame in some dream before, but now I want to do it in a serious, non-cartoon like version. Just projecting the chi, not balls of fire. So I target objects that are around in the room and I try to knock them down with chi projections. After a while, the objects started to shake, hit by something, but none actually fell. The blasts were too weak. I felt disappointed and thought that at this pace, I will never actually be able to do this in RL, if not even in dreams I master it.
      I fly through the window, pass by the tree branches of that tree I had seen before through the window, but on the ground a guy I know, Fernando, is calling me. I stop and ask what’s up and he introduces me to some geeky guy he says needs a tour around the town. I agree to do it, just so he would let me go. From above the tree I see a fantastic landscape with green hills and valleys. The sun is already setting and it is becoming dark, but on top a hill I see a flat garden and decide to land there to sit a bit more and continue meditation. But when I arrive there, some blond lady jumps from out of nowhere and tells me this place is closed and I must come back during the day. Then I woke up for good.

      7:00 GMT

      NOTE: Good news is my mom felt the effects. I asked her once again if she had anything to tell me and she just said "I don't recall any dream, but at 3 am I went to sleep full of pain in my shoulders and at 6 am I woke up so refreshed and inspired!" She wrote a 5 pages letter between 6 and 7 am, which she was delaying for about a year (delicate issue with a friend) and she said the words just came out flowing like a river, with no hesitation or corrections. Good for her! Then I told her about my little experiment, she was thrilled and asked me to do some more

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    14. Dream Journal: Grandparents, Chess, Lower School

      by , 11-14-2010 at 06:39 PM
      Dream 1-- Gettin Girls with my Grandad

      So it's me, my dad, my grandfather, and my grandmother. We are walking around some place that isn't distinct. There isn't much going on in this dream. Basically we walk the same path over and over, as if it's like a level in Mario that you keep playing until you win.

      In this path, I find different girls every time and it's like I approach them really easily and casually, with confidence that they will just want to talk and we will get along. We talk for a little bit and then I bring the girl up to my dad at first. I say "Jeff, Sarah, Sarah, Jeff" they shake hands and then my dad makes the whole situation awkward. I have this feeling like I did the whole thing wrong that I if I could do it over again I would do it better.

      Restart the level.

      We are walking again and I see this really attractive blonde girl. I walk up to her and we start talking. I then bring her up to my dad and do the "Jeff, girl, girl, Jeff" routine. And the same thing happens. This time when I go through the sequence though, I notice that my grandfather is with us and could provide an alternative approach to the problem. It's like I'm in Ender's Game, where I keep replaying this level and trying new things.

      Restart the level.

      We are walking and I spot this amazing brunette. We start talking, and there isn't even anything going wrong when I talk to the girl. She and I are getting along really well and I'm like introducing her to my Grandfather just to seal the deal in a way. So I walk over to my granfather, and his face looks tanner and darker than usual. His teeth are more golden and it's like his face is almost blotting out the sun from the angle I'm looking at him. It's glorious and weird simultaneously. Anyway, I do the whole introduction but this time its "Mel..vin, girl, girl, Melvin." They shake hands and my grandfather starts teasing her and having a good time with her, it's great! He's the best wingman ever.

      I think this represents how I see my dad/grandad in real life. My dad is socially awkward most of the time and doesn't handle conversations with attractive women very well. Instead, he will just gawk at them from afar and comment at how beautiful they are. My grandad, however, is the most social person ever. He will just talk to whoever is in front of him. I know he is cool and outgoing, and my subconscious obviously agrees! Awesome, now I have gathered some more information about how I feel.

      Dream 2-- Playing Chess with the Wrestling Team

      So, I used to play Chess. A lot. It was my main passion for about 2 or 3 years. I would go to tournaments and they would all follow basically the same format. There would be a bunch of people just spread out across a wide open room. They would set up a line of chess boards over these white tables, and there would be two chairs on either side. It was always the same.

      In this dream, I'm playing chess against somebody I can't remember, but I'm 99% sure he was from my high school, which is a DreamSign I can't seem to remember to RC when I see!! He pulls out this black clock that has a little screen, and he obviously doesn't know how to use it or what the rules are. He tells me to set it for thirty minutes, so I set it for 20 each and tell him we will get 10 extra minutes at a certain time in the future. It didn't make sense at all, but he bought the excuse.

      We start playing, and as we are playing, the pieces disappear. This reminds me of when I used to play mental chess, where you had no pieces on the board but you would just write down moves to double-check what move it was, etc. So, the dream seems to fast forward to this really weird position, where his king is in the corner. I can't tell where my pieces are or what to do, so I take a really long time thinking about the situation. I'm trying to checkmate him, but as I analyze the situation there doesn't seem to be a move.

      I look over at the clock and I have 11 seconds, so I immediately make a move that wasn't thought out. Suddenly we move to differently table and the pieces reappear. My opponent then takes one of my pieces, but the move was totally illegal. I call him out on it and it doesn't understand so I stop the clock, which hit zero on my time, raise my hand and call over a TD. This was classic procedure during a tournament.

      The TD walks out of thin air, and happily listens to my request. The opponent moved one of my pieces and should be DQed or have to take his move back and I get more time. The TD says I'm right with a little laughter.

      I look back and the chess set it gone. Instead, there are members of the wrestling team all sitting around in various spots along the table in front of me and on the right hand side of the room. Apparently they are serving dinner, and I know full well that I won't be having any somehow. As they each come out, one by one, with their plates we all comment on the size of their meal. All of these people are in my high school, which is my largest Dream Sign, GRR!! Alex Chuka, who isn't on the team, has a large pastrami sandwich and a bunch of mac n' cheese on his plate. Will Hicks, who also isn't on the team, has a lot of meat on his plate. There are more but I don't remember any specifically except this one baldish kid who was always really intense and didn't talk much. He got a moderate amount of food, and sat down right next to me.

      The whole time I was jealous everyone got to ate but I was also adamant in not eating food and resisting the temptation. Maybe I'm thinking about how I had to cut weight when I was on the team or how I'm on a diet now, either way the whole self-restraint thing was brutal. I went Passive Observer at this point.

      Dream Fragment 3-- Lower School Quizzes

      So I'm back in Lower School, and I'm taking these quizzes that don't make any sense to me. I think this is the first dream I've ever had where I actually attempted to do math problems. I'm in lower school, but the quiz has Calculus questions on it, but I don't register that as weird. I'm taking the quiz and I get stuck on this one problem that has three options for answers.

      I look at the problem, and back at the answers, and back and forth. As I keep switching, in hindsight I can see that the answers would change as I kept understanding the problem better and got a better idea for what the correct answer would be. One answer turned into something that was blantantly wrong, so I could stratch it off the list. The other answers remained possibilities, but I remember finally coming to an assured conclusion after maybe 3 minutes of trying to solve it.

      I think this is a classic example of how text will shift and move when you look at it twice. I didn't pick up the dream sign though. I really need help figuring out how to actually notice my dream signs while I am dreaming! I can see them all afterwards, but that doesn't help!!

      My dream recall was kinda shoddy tonight. I'm trying to do a WILD technique but when I wake up I can't fall back asleep for like an hour!! My roommate breathes really loud and there is the noise coming from the road right outside my dorm room. Either I need ear plugs or maybe I am just not completing the transition phase correctly. I'm going to read up on WILDing today.
    15. What have you done to my horse??

      by , 08-04-2010 at 10:15 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      I was floating over a preschool which had various Mario video games in floating boxes. I landed on the box for Super Mario Bros (for SNES) and beat most of the game using cheats.

      I floated some more and came to a ranch-like place. Behind one of the buildings there were people selling jackets. I told my mom that I didn't want one, but then I saw that they had one that was the most beautiful periwinkle. The person selling the jackets explained to me that it was one of their two blue ones, called lilac.

      I walked around to another building, where there were a couple of my cousins and some DCs I didn't know. There was a cord you could pull that made a chess board appear on the wall, which people could then walk on to control their pieces. Every now and then, though, a shock wave would go over the board, zapping everyone who didn't jump fast enough.

      I went over to the open pipe we were using as a shower and wet my hair, then went back to the place near the chess board. A bunch of my friends had turned into cats made out of a bunch of little metal spheres.

      We went over to where our horses were. There was a really, really short horse. At first I thought it was my horse, but I remembered him being taller. I found my horse a little ways off, but when I got closer I saw that he was super thin and the wrong color. I led him over to the other horses and (literally) jumped onto his back, but he collapsed before I'd even touched him. I pulled him up and got on a second time, and he tried to bite me. Something seemed weird... I was facing backwards, but his head was in front of me. If I turned around, he would keep biting me. Then it dawned on me--the saddle was on the wrong side of his neck! The people in charge started discussing which horse they could put me on instead of LJ.

      "Umm... Can I get down?" I asked.
      They were like, "uh, if you can."
      So I jumped down from him, nearly getting squished twice, and got a safe distance from LJ. I wondered what had happened to him to make him so bony. He was like a skeleton. I decided not to try riding him again for awhile.