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      by , 01-22-2013 at 01:16 AM
      First Dream
      I was bored,talking to someone in a old telephone,and teleported to where he was.It was a beach place,there was people I know from different schools,and a teacher I have a bit of a crush on,he hugged everybody as we were coming closer to him.Later I was in this room in a colorful square pattern(ground,walls and ceiling)mainly of blue,red and yellow.There was some videogames there,but it was suffocating,and I decided to leave.The hallway was the same pattern,and suddenly I was in a pine forest place,with long bodies of water with a bridge to connect the land.I tried to go back but fell into the water.A guy helped me,I asked where I was,I was worried on how I would go back home.He said it was a viking country in Central America,and dunno why,I got relieved.

      Second Dream
      I was on a family meeting,the house was a fancy beach house with bright colors on the wall such as red and purple,dark wood furniture and moroccan design.I was in a room talking to my mother and the same teacher from the first dream(it happened the night before this one) came into the room and started to talk about something

      Those dreams were not lucid,but very vivid.They happened a few night ago.