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    1. Futuristic Aldi's- Gone Sailing- Main Street Carnival

      by , 06-22-2016 at 08:37 PM
      Dream 1: Non-lucid, then Lucid- I was in an Aldis store but instead of it being just isles like the grocery store only it had storage spaces, elevators & escalators. The parking lot was really vast & had valet's & a parking garage. My oldest friend Christian was there & I was so surprised that he was there.. I became lucid because there was no way any of this was possible. I knew he lives so far away & that this Aldis was some kind of futuristic thing. It all screamed technology that just isn't there yet. I didn't have enough money for the valet & he saved me from the embarrassment & paid the valet. Then the dream turned into a birthday party for Christian (not the one I really attended as a child but very very close) & then I woke up. Then the chaining began.

      Dream 2: non-lucid, then lucid- I went to the bathroom & came back & laid back down & started with Christian being there & then he was gone & I was on this sailboat. It was so detailed! It was glamorous & the guy on the boat was not someone from my real life. I was trying to take a bath but he kept wanting to know what was taking so long. I was trying to masturbate, lol. In real life I would never try to do this in the bathtub cuz it just isn't comfortable, lol. But in dreams I frequently have pent up sexual energy. Then I was lucid cuz I new the scenario was crazy. Finally I came out & we were just living a life on the boat. We were sailing along like this was just an every day thing in this glamorous lifestyle. I awoke again & went straight into the next dream.

      Dream 3: Non-lucid, then lucid- I was on our main street drag here in my town but it had different things from different places I've lived in. I had 3 kids & we were enjoying the day because there were vendors & a couple of rides like a small carnival was going on. It was extremely vivid. Then I realized the guy I was with took my kids & I was frantically asking people from the booths to help me. First they finally gave me an old rotary dial phone but it wouldn't call anyone. Then some of the people thought I was crazy. I realized that about half a mile away up a hill that actually looked like our main street here that there was a bigger carnival going on. I became lucid (DILD) & wasn't upset about the kids like before. Instead I started walking towards the carnival with curiosity because it looked so pretty. I went & walked around the fair grounds & just enjoyed the place with all of it's rides. I was noticing that some of it reminded me of a lucid dream I had had a crazy long time ago when I was in middle school. It reminded me yet again that I had spent so many hours as a kid sleeping. I used to sleep to escape my real world where so many things had gone wrong. My happy family wasn't happy anymore & I was acting out. I loved to be up at night & sleep after school & have these amazing lucid dreams. Everyone said I was sleeping because I was depressed & it used to drive my mom crazy. I was depressed but the dreams were a really great escape & now I understand them better.

      Yesterday was a long hard day which left me worried for my mother n law. We had to go one town over because she is just so confused about her thermostat & had it on 45 & is froze up. It could actually catch on fire. I know this cuz my own house caught on fire a few years ago because of my Central Air Unit & I just recently got the air back. Was only able to afford the heat at first. Anyway I'm worried she's gonna burn down her house in an array of possible ways. Dreading going back today because I'm going to need to break down & call my sister n law & initiate a conversation about what the next step is with her. I have a heavy heart right now. It's my husband's mom but since his dad died around 10 or 11 yrs ago he's rather indifferent to the whole thing.

      When I first tried to go to sleep I tried to go to sleep listening to a new lucid dream binaural beats from YouTube. Waste of time & sleep. So when my husband woke up at 2:13 I just sat up & started surfing the net on my phone reading random article's that I hadn't come across before & when he went to work I went to sleep which attributed to today's list of dreams.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    2. TKD and Jacob

      by , 04-07-2016 at 06:23 AM
      D₁-I was at my sisters TKD school watching people break cement plates (with their fingertips, heel kicks, etc.) whenever I decided it looked fun so I started screwing around and breaking some. There was this metal wall with parts of it had hollow cement plates so you could work on accuracy, thinking it'd be interesting to see if I could actually break the cement plates I started fingertip thrusting and bladder striking the plates out of their socket. The plates wouldn't break but would fly out and spin like crazy in the air. My sisters instructor asked me if I wanted to actually go to the class and I was feeling happy-go-lucky so I agreed. He started showing me how to stretch for a 180° round kick. He kept repeating, slow and steady, slow and steady.

      Dream skip

      D₂-I visited a church I went to as a child and started going to the youth group regularly (even though I'm in college). My friend's brother, Jacob, started to sit beside me whenever I came. One day (mind you this is all a dream) a girl started hanging all over him before our bible session started and he looked over at me with a *please help me she won't get off* kinda look. Feelin bad for the guy I walked over and said," Oh hey mind if I borrow him for a bit, his boyfriend texted me the other day and you know how catty he can get if he's given the silent treatment for too long." The girl scrunched her face up into the ugliest, snobbiest look a person could possibly make and got up out of his lap (she had previously straddled him). Jacob's face was bright pink the whole time.

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    3. [Non-Lucid] Sleep Over With Royalty

      by , 03-08-2016 at 10:57 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I'm visiting a friend, I think It's Jack from HS. Except his family aren't the people I remember, they're royalty. I walk into their yard and hang out there, they have four dogs. Two adult dogs and two puppies, one belonging to teach adult dog. One of them is a black Labrador and It seems to like me the most. I'm playing with them when the Mother comes out, and begins talking to me. We chat for a bit, then I go inside. The Dad is sitting inside on a lounge watching television, and I tell him something about the yard or his kids or something.


      I ask if I'm allowed to have a shower and the Mother says yes, and leads me to their private suite with a shower and a room coming off adjacent. I'm looking out the window at all the city lights in the distance, the two-storey rich people houses across the road and a factory a little further away. It's beautiful to say the least. The black lab in the yard is just hanging out below and I watch it for a second as it walks through the yard, which now that I think about it doesn't fit with the house at all since it's just a normal middle class yard. I walk into the bathroom and take off my pants in preparation for having a shower when the Mother comes in, and asks to see if I'm allergic to anything. She walks me back into the bedroom has me sit down on the corner of their bed, and opens my legs. She takes a marker and begins writing something on my inner thigh, It's kind of like an autograph, and she signs it saying she's a doctor or something like that. She makes a comment about my, uh, organ as well and then leaves again. I decide to try taking a picture of the writing since I'm about to take a shower, but none of them seem to turn out. I step into the bathroom, and It's all extremely well decorated.


      I'm out of the shower now, two people I know are now in the bedroom, rummaging through the drawers and whatnot. I get angry, and tell them to get out, and they begin getting really angry back as if what they were doing wasn't wrong or out of the ordinary even. I get them to leave eventually, and walk downstairs, wondering where my friend is. This is all I remember.
    4. Cant remember most of my dreams :(

      by , 10-14-2013 at 05:40 PM
      I need to write more of my dreams down in my dream journal, i just go right back to sleep and I can only remember the last dream..

      one of my dreams had andrew matthews in it, childhood friend

      had some others but COMPLETELY FORGOT THEM

      last dream I was in looked like a school and I was walking around in it. Looked like some sort of combination of the middle school and high school I went to. I remember going into a room full of computers and my friend Anton gave me a key that just looked like a tiny black rectangular prism and he said to use it to get another key from the PC (personal container). So I went looking around outside and went through this cafe and he asked me telepathically or through some earpiece somehow if i found it and I said I couldn't find it so he was gonna come down to show me. By that time I was outside and a bunch of other guys were hanging around. We were in the grass outside of the school and we all decided to go find it. Eventually we found this old abandoned wooden house in the middle of nowhere and the other guys wanted to use the PC to skate all over and Anton said no. We went into the house and looked around and I was following Anton along this incredibly weird and complex second floor pathway that looked like scaffolding except wooden. Then I saw this huge spider web and I asked Anton how he got past it. It was like this huge spiderweb that went in like a sideways pyramid from where I was standing. I didn't want to walk through it so I jumped down to the first floor and there were spiderwebs all over the floor. I tried to leave but my hands started bleeding from the spiderwebs and I finally made it outside the gates of the house where there were no spiderwebs. I think I met some girl outside the gate but I'm not sure, thats all I remember.
    5. The Spider/Dream Fragment

      by , 10-02-2013 at 12:45 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at Jamie S house. We were trying to figure out something to do with lucid dreaming. It may have been a new technique? In the end, we figured it may of been impossible. We may as well just watch the rest of the demonstration, and hope for the best.

      I saw a spider on his couch. At first, I thought it may have been a white tail spider, but it just looked similar. I flicked it off the couch. I couldn't find where I flicked it, until I felt something on my hand. I quickly flicked it off before it could get it's fangs into me. I tried to stomp on it, but I think it had no effect?. I stomped it again with effect, it's blood and guts were showing. I wandered off and tried to find some paper to pick it up with.

      Dream Fragment
      Marliegh was laughing at how I spelt goal. I spelt it right, but she insisted it was wrong. I started second guessing myself and basically convinced myself that it was spelt as goul.

      This fragment seemed to have incubated. A ex girlfriend Marleigh had messaged me about a dream she had about me (wild sex supposedly). Also I was in bed setting my lucid dreaming goals. All this happened just before going to sleep.

      Tried to DEILD a few times during the morning with no success. I swallowed when attempting, which put me off. I've noticed improvement in reality checking when I awaken, in case it's a FA

      I had a average amount of water before bed, hoping I would wake up during the night. Never really had the urge to pee through out the night

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