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    1. Hole in the Floor, Yard Sale at Childhood House, & Rivalry

      by , 07-19-2016 at 08:59 PM
      2 cats shape-shifters.
      There was a hole beneath toilet in Mom’s house. My dog saw it and started to crawl down it– it lead to the basement. One of the cats started to come down too. The cats liked like giant Abyssinians.

      I worked for a guy, I think a chef. It seemed like my husband sometimes. I was outside and there was a yard sale. This was on a road where we lived when I was 10-12, in a house where the worst things in my life happened. A guy pulled up in his car and through the rolled-down driver’s side window inquired about a poster that was for sale at the yard sale: He asked if it was the kind made on pig skin. I assumed he meant vellum. I can’t remember if I answered him. This guy owned a ‘greek pastry’ place. I saw this guy again later and my boss/husband told me to just stay away from him. The guy also told me to stay away, it seems that there was some kind of rivalry going on between him and my boss/ husband.
    2. Could we say... love brings lucidity? Kinda?

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:47 PM (Here be dragons)
      Woke up after last dream at 7 am, went back to sleep.

      I'm in the family house with my mother and sister, there's lot of stuff to do to fix it up. the garden is a mess, and the inside isn't in better shape; there's rumble everywhere and the place is basicaly gutted. However, it's full of light, and all the the french windows are open, letting summer heat come in with the light. I open the front door, and there's a group of people in working clothes, her to help fix the house. One of them is vaguely familiar, but the other are a faceless crown men and women alike. I let them in to the living room, where my mother and sister are waiting. We start giving out taskes and I ended up in the garden with the familiar man. We're moving the outside furniture, sofa and armchairs of forged iron, alongside table and chair mae of the same material. The sofa and armchairs are only frames and relatively light, and the chairs are easy. Then it's the table, and it's the heaviest piece. We westle it to the back of the house, close to the empty pool. On this side of the pools the only windows are those of the bedrooms, and nobody is there for now. The man mopes his brow as I strip off my jacket and drop it on the table. We're resting a little before going back to work.

      Spoiler for There was a reason he was familiar...:

      Suprisingly, I don't wake up; I become lucid instead. I slip off the table and decide to get out of the garden and into the street to clear my head a little. I open the portal and step out. I end up in the street in front of my actual house, and from the corner of my eyes I can see that I'm in front of it. Rather that getting in I turn to the left, to the end of the street. The house next to mine is completly different; now it's a two stories house in white plaster and black logs, with a cute balcony full of bright flowers. The day is ending, and the tiny front garden is full of lights along the gravelled path to the front door. I go in, singing Eli name. He open the door as I reach it and pick me up into a hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face against him. The house is full of golden light and fairy lights suspended off the ceiling, and the living room ceiling is all the way up to the roof.
    3. Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.

      by , 10-08-2015 at 01:57 PM (Here be dragons)
      Some dreams are like old, abandonned cemetary; old bones laying under the soil, mostly forgotten but lingering still.

      I am in the old house, with my family. My sister and father are cooking, the table is dressed in the kitchen. Their part of it is bathen is a golden glow, but it fade before reaching my mother and me. Nobody seem to notice, and they bring the food to the table, and everyone get a hearty helpful of pan roasted potatoes and bacon bits. It smells wonderful, my family is joking around and laughting, but I can't. Deep down, this feels sublty wrong, like I'm seeing everything through a deforming glass. The food taste good, but my stomach is tight. I feel cold and remote, I want to leave.

      I wonder how many time my subconscious is going to dig up the ghost of my childhood and the corpse of my parent's marriage.
    4. One Groggy Morning (18.7.14)

      by , 07-18-2014 at 12:46 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Recorded at 8:50am

      I'm at Blaxland house and I'm awoken by friends. We're in the lounge room talking.

      I'm now in a car park with Dad and others. We're parked far away from where the main entrance. A girl comes up to us and encourages us to follow. We follow and she acts a bit strange. Seems to be falling over often. Game of thrones?

      I'm at Rodney's house but it's not his. We're all in the lounge room watching TV. I see Rodney on the couch and the ladies at the dining table. I see DVDs on top of the TV.

      I walk around for a minuet and see a mix of peanuts. Rodney had honey macadamias next to him.

      Rodney asks what I got up to this morning. I tell him that I got up, felt pretty groggy, noticed the fellas were over, didn't talk much due to being so groggy.

      Side notes

      Dreams have been hard to remember. Which may be due do stopping my auto suggestion before bed or because I haven't been feeling the best as of late due to distilled water detoxing.
    5. 6/28/14 - Monster Child

      by , 06-29-2014 at 05:41 PM
      My little sister and I are walking towards Almond Drive. I keep looking behind us. It feels like something is coming. I notice a small boy. He's no more than five years old with blond hair and blue eyes. He's not right. We start running. We make it to our house and try to shut the door. It won't shut. There is a gap about two or three inches wide. As we struggle to shut the door, the boy appears in front of it, snarling and trying angrily to get to us. We keep pushing him back and hitting him and doing everything we can to keep him away. He just keeps coming back.

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    6. 8/7/13 - missiles

      by , 08-07-2013 at 10:16 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my family are at my childhood home, and the new owners must be on vacation or something, I beg our my mom to let us move back here, we're walking throughout the house, and we have the garage door open, just walking around and reminiscing. Then suddenly I get a weird feeling, so I walk out of the garage a little ways and around to were we used to roll the trash cans and I see many thin white slivers in the sky, soooo many, I begin to panic, my family asks me what are those, I tell them they're heat seeking missiles and that it looks as though they are being sent somewhere far, but then I swallow my words when I see all the missiles that are moving slow and shark like begin to stop and turn slowly back and forth as though they are searching out heated targets on the homeland, I see one way from above has spotted me and my family and it goes into great speed at us but we run out of the way just in time and we went into our house and they all huddled together, I told them urgently to separate to different parts of the house because that would make one big ball of heat, then I ran to the refrigerator and opened the freezer hoping to find ice and ice packs so we can cool our body temperature but everything in the freezer was melted, then next thing I know there's a missile slowly scanning through the house, so I lead it the the left side of the house where non of my family is, and i see the missile scanning and finding me then I'd quickly run to another place,, and the missile would scan and find me again, then finally it flew at me and I jumped out of the window, and it exploded and caught fire. I jumped up and ran to go back into the house to check on my family, but somehow I accidentally went into my neighbors house, their house is huge three or four stories, I see the family hugging and I run up to them and apologize for coming in the house but a missile exploded in mine, they say it's fine and hope my family well, but then a boy walks up to me and asks me what is going on outside, I tell him they're sent the missiles on their own people and as I'm telling the boy this his father enters with many body guards, he knows who i am somehow, he calls the boy over to ask him what I've told him, then I run up the stairs and suddenly a friend is with me, we keep running up but now it turns the opposite way but still up but it's an escalator and we;re going up the down one and not the up one but we make it a floor up anyways. We feel we are being pursued by that man but we know we are safe from the missiles as he would not blow up his own house surely. Finally we go up to the last floor, there's book in the middle on shelf's, we feel he's on our tail, so we see what looks like more stair cases to the side of the wall ans jump through the hand-bars only to land on tracks and we realize it's some sort of train and we want to catch it so we climb back up and a train passes by without stopping at top speed, then we see that you have to pay quarters through this machine, then we see the next one stop and that man is on it, so we run around the room and see doorways that you cant see into because of the white paper streamer like things hanging down, they are fluttering as if it cold in there so we enter, their blue plastic paper stapled to the walls and it's a restroom, there's this woman washing her hands, then there's this big cold water fountain thing and my friend grabs a cup and collects water and drinks it, i put my hands in and cup water and splash my face wet, then when we look up all the people are pissed at us so we go through the bathroom more to another door way back into the floor, through this doorway there are three booths for radio station people and at one of them are little girls chanting something and I think wow that must get annoying and i look at the radio guy and he looks frustrated. We continue through and get to this souvenir shop with crappy toys, a girl is there and tells the worker girl that she doesn't have enough money, then the worker says its fine and to take it, then my friend picks up stuff, a mask and glasses, and says she doesn't have money and the worker says that its fine and just to take it, I then ask the worker why she is giving away everything wont she get in trouble, the the worker says she lost the money from before anyways, so I tell her I will buy stuff and I will pay for it, I spend a long time picking out the best tech-deck and wheels and carry case for it all and my friend shows up to rush me so I hurry up and pay the girl for my, my friends, that first girl and the money she lost and then we run down all the stairs and escalators, but the nice people down stairs are gone and it is much more empty than I recall and i am worried about that.
    7. It's Just a Phase

      by , 01-31-2013 at 05:05 PM
      This was a fairly short little lucid, but I did get some phasing in and felt really happy throughout. And I guess I really like galantamine. LOL.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #60: It's Just a Phase

      I'm walking around in my childhood bedroom, practicing lucid dreaming skills. Somehow, though, I'm not actually lucid. (This was a strange feeling.) I'm trying to fly around the room but keep bouncing off of the walls and ceilings. I try shouting "L-dopa!!" like in my previous lucid dream, but even this doesn't do much.

      After a while, I feel discouraged. I'm standing by the window wondering what to do
      when I realize that I wasn't really lucid yet, and everything that had gone before was just me robotically acting out some sort of pseudo-lucid script.

      I'm suddenly on the bed again, and everything now feels really vivid. It feels like an OBE except that I'm getting up out of my childhood bed, not the one my physical body's actually occupying. I move to the window again and look out into the street.

      The mini-blinds are partially closed but I decide to phase through both them and the glass, get outside, and go play. I push myself through the window, right hand first and pop out in the front yard. It's pretty dark out but when I look at my hands, they're clear and detailed. (Undistorted, too, just like the previous lucid dream.)

      I start running, overcome with joy. As I race down the empty street, I gush without a hint of irony: "Galantamine, how I love you!"
      (That is so freakin embarrassing to type now! ) Darkness descends before I get very far, I don't properly prep for DEILD, and the dream ends.
    8. Lost dog

      , 10-07-2011 at 03:24 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Just a regular dream.

      I was back home in the house I grew up in. Somebody found a brown dog and we were trying to figure out, how to return him to his owner. While everybody in the house went nuts, talking at the same time, suggesting how to find his owner, I yelled out "shut up everybody", there is a phone number on his collar, let's just call and have the owner come and pick him up. Then later, my mom was telling me to dress warm, because it's getting cold and I yelled at her to leave me alone, I know how to dress myself.
      The scenery was interesting, because it was a mash-up of real house and street as it exists in Slovakia, but across the street, where there is a small park, in my dream there was a rolling hillside with houses, in classic Southern California style. I live in SoCal now.
    9. Testing a car with TopGear, and seeing my old Dog Cruiser

      by , 07-30-2011 at 11:38 PM
      It was a scene from Top Gear, they were testing a car that was supposedly a Lotus/Subaru hybrid its a white hatchback style car with a black bonnet. They take off and I see the badge s they drive past. Its the Subaru logo with something like an eagle wrapped around the circle.
      I am now in the back seat and we are heading down my old street I grew up in. He is driving the car really fast we are admireing the sound of the engine. We pull up out the front of my house. I get out some one else owns the house now. I look at it and want to go inside and have a look. My dog ( who is now dead) is at the gate really excited to see me I want to pat him but can not. One of the top gear guys says 'look that dog, it is going absolutely crazy!'
      It was a nice dream I miss my dog.